Jewish Double Standards on Immigration and Multiculturalism in Israel vs. the Diaspora

Review of John Glad’s “Jewish Eugenics”

Jewish Eugenics, by John Glad. Washington, DC: Wooden Shore Publishers, 2011; 464pp. (Downloadable at either www.whatwemaybe or These sites also have Glad’s Future Human Evolution.)

John Glad begins Jewish Eugenics by noting that “much of what might be termed  ‘accepted eugenics narrative’ is in crass discordance with the historical facts” (p. 8). In other words, we are about to enter one of those academic minefields where “truth” is rigorously cleansed to make sure it is compatible with ethnic interests. Indeed, “writing books about Jews used to be a far easier undertaking than it is today, with Jewish anxieties over ‘anti-Semitism’ having been so elevated as to render dispassionate scholarly discourse nearly impossible” (p. 8).

I am not so sure that dispassionate scholarship is impossible, but it is surely the case that findings that diverge from the self-image desired by any ethnic group will surely be vigorously contested by academic activists or, more probably, consigned to oblivion. Dr. Glad assures me that in his case, it is the latter, writing of his frustration at the silence that has greeted his work. Welcome to the club.

As a university professor, Glad is quite attuned to the politics of having a good career. Critics of eugenics, like the notorious Ashley Montagu (a disciple of Franz Boas), get fat honoraria for delivering superficial, factually challenged lectures sponsored by numerous academic departments and programs. (Glad characterizes a lecture by Montagu as “an impressive demonstration of indoctrination” [p. 91].) On the other hand, those who defend eugenics “are subjected to academic shunning” (p. 91), their books are not used in classes and not purchased by academic libraries. They get no invitations to attend conferences or deliver lectures. Read more

Happy Easter from Israel

Just in time for Easter,  a video from Gilad Atzmon’s website that was aired on Israeli TV mocking the crucifixion of Jesus. Jesus is described as “an enemy of the Jewish people” and a Nazi.

As also indicated by public manifestations of Christmas-phobia,  Israel is rather intolerant of religions other than the official state religion.

Meanwhile, there is also a war on Easter and Christmas in the US, as documented by’s James Fulford (“Yes, Virginia, there is a war on Easter–and a war on Easter denial“). And so it goes.

Ritual Slaughter and Minority Politics in Amsterdam

As mentioned previously, Wilders’ pro-Zionist Freedom Party in Holland is supporting a ban on ritual slaughter thatopposes both Muslim and Jewish customs. Now that the ban is closer than ever, Jews are franticly trying to prevent it, but by their efforts they are showing their true colours: They pursue their self-interest under the flag of tolerance and are playing a dangerous game by making alliances with other non-Dutch minorities against the native Dutch.

Firstly, Jews have tried to appeal to the perceived ‘Dutch tolerance’, an image of Dutch history which is heavily promoted by the book The Dutch Republic by the Jewish historian Jonathan I. Israel. In fact the Protestant Dutch Republic stripped all Roman-Catholics (30%-40% of the native population) of their civil rights and heavily persecuted other sects of Protestants, but allowed the Jews to settle in Holland and enjoy special privileges. Shmuel Katzman, the chief rabbi of The Hague, defines Dutch tolerance in an op-ed in the Volkskrant of 11-04-2011 in terms of what is good for the Jews: “At school we learned how Holland was the beacon of freedom and democracy in Europe — before this idea was implemented in the rest of the world. We felt admiration of the opportunities offered to the first Jewish residents of the Low Countries, in a time when they were driven from other lands.” Read more

Paying their share? Jewish-American Military losses in the “War on Terror”.

Paul Wolfowitz, neocon architect of the Iraq war, consoles Andrew Buehring, 9, during a funeral ceremony for his father, Lieutenant Colonelt Charles Buehring, Monday, November 17, 2003 in Arlington National Cemetery.

With the American campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq about to have their 10th and 8th anniversaries The Jewish Daily Forward has published Profiles of Our Fallen By Maia Efrem February 09, 2011. This is a series of profiles of the “37 American Jewish Service Members Who Died Fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Like all similar collections — of which the English-speaking nations have generated far too many in the last century — this article offers a powerful combination of pathos, gallantry and drama. No one with sons can read it unmoved.

But being moved is exactly the wrong way to approach thinking about these weird public policy disasters. Viewed objectively the article is analytically useful. The Forward says

The Department of Defense reports that, as of February 7, 5,775 members of the U.S. armed forces have been killed in these theaters of war. Read more

Imperial Jews and International Jews

Michael Colhaze’s recent Wikileaks Leaks article highlighted a growing rift within the global Jewish community, with the “Heebies” and “Izzies” increasingly at odds over strategies, tactics, and even goals. Shortly after that post was published, the Egyptian protests have blown that rift wide open, making it more apparent than ever. This dichotomy between Diaspora Jews and Israeli Jews is the single greatest fault line in the Jewish world. Given their out-sized leverage and influence, it’s perhaps the most consequential political fault line in the contemporary world.

This rift within Jewry is as old as the Group Evolutionary Strategy itself. In traditional Eastern Europe, there was an insular core of ultra-religious Jews in shtetls who spent most of their time studying the Torah, as well as a subset that interfaced with the non-Jewish population. From the moneylenders of yesteryear through the Madoffs of today, this small core of wealthy and worldly Jews have played a pivotal role in supporting the reproductive core of inward-looking Jews, resulting in a two-pronged reproductive strategy where one component is highly fertile and the other has low fertility and high-investment.

The same basic pattern has replicated itself on a global scale — with Israel emerging as a sort of sovereign globo-ghetto. and the Jewish communities of Western Europe and America becoming vast reservoirs of wealthy and worldly Jews who are a substantial component of the financial, academic and media elite throughout the West. Both sub-communities have been more successful than ever in the wake of WWII, but they’ve been growing increasingly alienated from one another.

Read more

Is walking to Canossa the right direction?

“I can assure you, we will never go to Canossa!” exclaimed chancellor Bismarck, referring to Emperor Henry IV’s walk to Cannossa in 1077 to do penitence in front of Pope Gregory VII. When the leaders of the European nationalist parties from Flanders, Austria, Germany and Sweden went to Jerusalem in the beginning of december 2010, it was if they were going on a pilgrimage to do penitence. After years of being accused of being Neo-Nazis, Mr. De Winter and Mr. Strache were paying lip service to Israel: “If Jerusalem falls, Amsterdam and New York will be next.” Are they doing the right thing? Read more

Geert Wilders’ Unrequited Love

Geert Wilders loves Israel. He lived there for two years in his youth and sees it as a bastion of the West in a sea of Muslim barbarism: For example:

“If Jerusalem falls into the hands of the Muslims, Athens and Rome will be next. Thus, Jerusalem is the main front protecting the West. It is not a conflict over territory but rather an ideological battle, between the mentality of the liberated West and the ideology of Islamic barbarism. There has been an independent Palestinian state since 1946, and it is the kingdom of Jordan.” He called on the Dutch government to refer to Jordan as Palestine and move its embassy to Jerusalem.

Wilders also includes Judaism as part of the European cultural tradition, expressing his desire that “the European Judaeo-Christian tradition to be formally recognised as the dominating culture.”

Wilders also rejects certain elements of the right that are particularly offensive to Jews:

‘My allies are not Le Pen or Haider,’ he emphasises. ‘We’ll never join up with the fascists and Mussolinis of Italy. I’m very afraid of being linked with the wrong rightist fascist groups.’ Dutch iconoclasm, Scandinavian insistence on free expression, the right to provoke are what drive him, he says.

One would think then that Wilders would be popular among Jews, but he is not. It’s one thing to support Israel, but the problem is that he has the outlandish idea that Europe should be for Europeans and that immigration from Muslim countries should be halted.  Read more