Satire and Ridicule

The Hurt Feelings Scale


This is Canada and you have no right to hurt my feelings

Psychology professor Mark Leary of Duke University achieved notoriety for his construction of various “scales” for the purpose personality assessment. There is the “Interaction Anxiousness Scale”, the “Brief Fear of Negative Evaluation Scale”, the “Need to Belong Scale”, the “Blushing Propensity Scale”, the “Imposterism Scale”, the “Social Physique Anxiety Scale”, and something that appears to be custom-made for Canadian political culture. The “Hurt Feelings Scale.”

I believe that the “Hurt Feelings Scale” has the potential to become a mainstay of sound government emotional management. Think of the possibilities. A Hurt Feelings Form (HFF) could be handed out to every immigrant the moment he has been sworn in at the Citizenship ceremony. In fact, the government could send out this form to every member of a visible minority or identity group to monitor their feelings so as to determine if other Canadians are as racist, sexist, homophobic, trans-phobic, Islamophobic and micro-aggressive as they say we are.
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SNL spoof of Hagel hearings pulled

It’s often said that ridicule is a very potent weapon. Hollywood routinely makes fun of Whites with politically incorrect attitudes. Norman Lear’s Archie Bunker comes to mind, as well as the depiction of neo-Nazis in The Blues Brothers (1980) which I happened upon recently.  But that’s just scratching the surface.

The ridiculous fealty of U.S. politicians to the  Israel Lobby would be a rich vein to mine, and that’s exactly what Saturday Night Live did, in a sketch written by Jim Downey. A video of the dress rehearsal of the skit managed to get out.

The Republicans competition over who loves Israel the most is delicious, and the Lindsay Graham character can’t conceive of the possibility that U.S. interests could differ from Israel’s. Read more