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Why I Write

I have been reading, with great interest, the articles recently popping up on TOQonline that answer the question, “Why We Write?”  I tend to concur with the assessment that the “most interesting thing about the writers of TOQ isn’t why we write, but why we came to write from the perspective that we have.” Here I […]


Resurrecting Woodstock?

Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. A time-proven recipe for poor choices. Forty years ago this summer a group of young promoters organized what is regarded as a milestone in popular music history. The result was a celebration of free love and tuning out. The Woodstock Music Festival’s original producer Michael Lang had planned a revival […]


Speaking Truth to the Emperor

Most children have read (one hopes!) Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale, “The Emperor’s New Clothes” (and if you have not read it in a while, read it again; it will pay dividends).  Our modern-day emperor (think of all those in positions of authority or influence within the media, politics, entertainment, academia, etc.) has no clothes either, […]


The Beauty and the Beast: Race and Racism in Europe, Part III

In April 1988, several weeks before I was awarded a PhD degree in political science at the University of California–Santa Barbara, I had a private and casual dinner with a famous author of human ecology, professor emeritus Garrett Hardin. After a beer or two, he told me, if I recall his words well: “Look, Tom, I […]


Signs of the Times, Part I: Postmodern Moral Panics and the Manufacture of Virtue

It has been suggested that we live in an era of postmodern moral panics — bouts of moral horror directed, inter alia, at contraventions of elite values related to race, racism, and ethnic and gender identity politics. Kenneth Thompson has pointed out the “increasing rapidity in the succession of moral panics” and “the all-pervasive quality of panics that […]