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  1. Joe Walsh and the 9/11 cover-up: Jewish power on display

    Congressman Joe Walsh has a sure-fire way to end the Palestinian/Israeli conflict: Palestinians move to Jordan, and those who don’t move reconcile themselves to permanent second-class status. As Robert Wright notes,  Offhand, I don’t recall a member of Congress in my lifetime saying anything so grotesquely at odds with American ideals about ethnic relations and […]

  2. 9/11: The Media Ignores Evidence of WTC Explosives

    Persuasive evidence exists (see Christopher Ketcham’s “High-Fivers and Art Student Spies”) that Israeli intelligence was aware of the 9/11 plot well in advance. Not only were Israeli agents found to be tracking alleged Muslim plotters, there was “intense political pressure apparently … brought to bear” to release the five Israeli spies caught filming the event, without any […]

  3. Rob Lonaker on 9/11

    Kevin MacDonald: Rob Lonaker’s current TOO article “9/11: Media Ignores Evidence for WTC Explosives” was a difficult editorial decision. I have long been very sympathetic to the idea that Israel knew about 9/11 in advance. This was based on reliable descriptions of the Israeli filming crew and the art students, as briefly summarized in the […]

  4. 9/11: Burning Bibles, Burning Qurans and the Victory Monuments at Ground Zero

    September 11 has become a milestone in modern America and is both the symbol of the War on Terrorism, the symbol of America attacked, and of the Cordoba Mosque, a symbol of the Muslim triumph over both Spain and the United States. September 11 is a monument to the comprehensive defeat of the Euroepan-American people, […]

  5. Manchester Malady: Traitors Lie, Children Die

    “Diversity is indeed a strength, not a threat.” That’s a line from the Queen’s Christmas message in 2004. “I love the diversity of London — I just feel comfortable.” That’s a line from the former immigration minister Barbara Roche in 2011. “Our priority as a government must always be to keep people safe.” That’s a […]

  6. Liam Neeson in the Flying Film “Non-Stop”

    In February I reviewed the film Sully, a tale of White heroics on the Hudson River. Director Clint Eastwood cast Tom Hanks as Captain “Sully” Sullenberger and managed to keep the entire film a White affair. Today I have a less profound flying film to play with, but still one with a pro-White perspective, which […]

  7. How to Cure a White Zombie: Ants, Crabbs and Societal Control

    If grovelling ever becomes an Olympic sport, Britain has a potential world-beater ready and waiting. He’s called Stephen Crabb, and he was a minister in David Cameron’s Tory government. Here he is displaying his skills before an appreciative audience at Finchley Synagogue in London: Israeli Independence Day: Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb leads UK […]