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  1. Frank Auerbach and the transformation of British cultural life by Jewish émigrés

    Interesting article in The Spectator by William Cook in the influence of mainly Jewish refugees from Germany who came to the UK in the pre-World War II period and had a transformative effect on British culture (“German Refugees Transformed British Cultural Life — But at a Price“). Next week Frank Auerbach will be honoured by the British art […]

  2. Notes from Distant Battlegrounds

      The historical mission of our time is to arrange a new culture of humanity, one that will replace the previous ruling system. This reorganization consists of two essentials: the destruction of the old order and the building of the new. To begin with, all physical border posts, ethical barriers and social definitions of the […]

  3. The One Hundred Fifty Million Dollar Sock (Part 2)

     Solemn DoSS Inauguration in New York’s fabled  MoMA I have learned the worst lesson that life can teach – that it makes no sense. Philip Roth The shyster’s name was Bernie Goldshtick, and he resided in an opulent office overlooking Central Park. Big in REPHAM (Reparations for mentally disturbed Third Degree Cousins of H. Victims […]

  4. Neal Gabler on Creating the Perception of Value

    Neal Gabler is the author of An Empire of the Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood, an essential text on Jewish domination of Hollywood. Now he sees Hollywood ‘s image factory spreading out over the entire culture (“Hollywood’s Perception of Value Versus Real Value: America emulates movieland’s way of measuring the worth of things, which teaches […]

  5. Mark Rothko, Abstract Expressionism and the Decline of Western Art, Part 3

    Abstract Expressionism and the Culture of Critique Abstract Expressionism was disproportionately a Jewish cultural phenomenon. It was a movement populated by legions of Jewish artists, intellectuals and critics. Prominent non-Jewish artists within the movement like Jackson Pollock and Robert Motherwell married Jewish women (Lee Krasner and Helen Frankenthaler). Willem de Kooning defied the trend, although […]

  6. Roger Scruton on Beauty

    A reader, Alan, pointed out that I did not call attention to this passage from Scruton: There is a liturgy of denunciation here that is repeated all across Europe by a ruling elite that trembles in the face of ordinary loyalties. But the fact is that national sentiment is, for most ordinary Europeans, the only […]

  7. Navigating Hollywood: Conservatives and Christians Need Not Apply

    From time to time I get letters from students who say they are on page with ideas like mine and want to pursue  a career in the academic world. I always tell them they have to be a secret agent, not only as a grad student but at least until they get tenure. And if […]

  8. Spitting Mad Jews and Angry Artists: Part 2

    In Part 1 of this article, consisting of email responses to The Plot Against Art, I tried to give the reader a cross-section of emails I had received. Most of these came from failed artists who felt aggrieved at the insults and humiliations heaped upon them by an art establishment almost entirely controlled by organized Jewry. […]

  9. The Roman Polanski Case: Once Again, It’s Hollywood vs. America

    Over 30 years ago, director Roman Polanski raped a 13-year-old girl. The details aren’t pretty. According to the girl’s Grand Jury Testimony, Polanski plied her with enough alcohol and Quaaludes to make her dizzy and disoriented. He then had oral copulation with her, followed by sexual intercourse, and ending with sodomy because he did not want […]

  10. The Plot Against Art, Part 2

    I hate to tell you this, but if you like modern art there has to be something radically wrong with you. To feel hostile towards it is as natural as being repelled by incest. Modern art is out to corrupt you. If it doesn’t do this, it will have failed to achieve the primary purpose […]

  11. Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Ethics: Gaming the System

    At TOO we have had several articles on the culture of corruption that pervades many traditional Jewish communities. Edmund Connelly’s “The Culture of Deceit” presents examples going back to the 18th century, citing Wilhelm von Dohm, a Prussian official that Jewish communities were engaged in “the breaking of the laws of the state restricting trade, […]

  12. The Fifth Column

    How must it feel to pimp for a slovenly whore, doped and ravaged and destroyed by her abductors, who was once the happiest, most innocent, most beautiful girl in town? He is Baselitz, a name tuberose, not only acoustically, with dirty connotations. He is Germany’s foremost Modern artist. He is one of those who accepted the […]