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Lee Rigby: A Memorial to Victory, not Victimhood

You’ll remember Lee Rigby, the unfortunate British soldier who had his head nearly hacked off by a couple of Black Muslims…in a London Street…in broad daylight…in full view of passing members of the public — many of whom treated the event with the same disinterest and disdain that Metropolitans reserve for panhandling street musicians and street […]


Moral Paragons Need No Facts: The Pathetic Apologetics of Jonathan Sacks, Part 2

Part 1 Rabbi Sacks’ “critique” of multiculturalism As he approached the end of his tenure as Chief Rabbi of Britain in 2013, Sacks became increasingly critical of Britain’s model of multiculturalism which, he acknowledged, had originally emerged “in response to the Holocaust.” While having been “undertaken for the highest of motives” and “intended to create […]


British clampdown on free speech accelerates

The long anticipated British government Counter-Extremism Strategy document has been unveiled — and it looks to aimed at unprecedented restrictions on freedom of speech, movement and association.  New Orwellian-sounding government organisations are being launched to target speech and behaviour online and off.  There will be the Extremism Analysis Unit which will exchange data on “extremists” with other […]


Emma’s Dilemma: Defend Europe or Destroy Europe?

In “Attitudes on Immigration,” I looked at how Jewish attitudes differ depending on whether Jews are a minority or the majority in a population. In European-majority nations, they tirelessly promote open borders; in Israel, they build big fences and drape them with razor-wire. One of the Jewish journalists I looked at was Emma Barnett of […]