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Judeus Imperiais e Judeus Internacionais — por Matt Parrot

Matt Parrot: Imperial Jews and International Jews, The Occidental Observer, 1 de fevereiro de 2011 Tradução, links e comentário ao fim do texto: O Ocidental Lusófono Nota do Tradutor: este texto de Parrot é de 2011, mas o insightsubjacente a ele e expresso no título lhe confere um interesse permanente O recente artigo de Michael Colhaze Wikileaks Leaks [A vez do Wikileaks vazar] chamou atenção […]

Синдром Вилдерса: евреи, Израиль и европейские правые

Канцлер Германии Ангела Меркель недавно вызвала сенсацию, откровенно заявив, что интеграция мусульман «не удалась». Несмотря на поднявшийся в СМИ шторм, Меркель всего лишь сформулировала то, что уже является достаточно широким транснациональным консенсусом в Европе. Например, в Германии недавний опрос показал, что 55% респондентов считают, что мусульмане — это ярмо на экономике, а примерно одна треть […]

With a Whimper

This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but a whimper. — T.S. Eliot, The Hollow Men Just as the more harsh totalitarianism of yesteryear has been replaced by the soft totalitarianism practiced by our hostile elites, the harsh […]

It’s the Demographics, Stupid!

The paranoid worldview holds that secretive global elites who know the score are plotting world domination at their shady little international conferences. Personally, I believe this is only partially true. There’s definitely a cabal of global elites and they’re definitely plotting world domination, but I’m not convinced they know the score. I suspect they not […]

Robin Hood Belongs To Us

White Advocates don’t necessarily share political views beyond the immediate scope of our common defense of our heritage and identity. Heck, we can’t even agree on which aspects of our heritage are worth preserving or how to define our identity. Some of us would be within the bounds of mainstream conservative discourse were it not […]

Mugabe and the White African

Greg Johnson and Alex Kurtagic have been discussing a familiar witticism: worse is better. Axiomatically, reducing a concept down to three simple words necessarily strips it of nuance. Worse isn’t always better, but is it necessarily always worse? As Alex points out, we have to be capable of providing an alternative to the system for that […]

Review of Confessions of a Reluctant Hater

Greg Johnson is a radical, an elitist, perhaps even a dreaded “vanguardist”. He doesn’t waste what little patience he has on the myriad schemes concocted by White Advocates to compromise our goals, water down our message, or conceal our agenda. His debut book, Confessions of a Reluctant Hater, is ostensibly “some of [his] more introductory and […]

Superman Shrugged

The recent release of a film adaptation of Atlas Shrugged has brought Ayn Rand’s fantasy of the world’s supermen abdicating from the role of stewards and leaders to a much wider audience. Within her frame, these men are noble and their decision to retreat into “Galt’s gulch” is an honorable response to the indignity and […]

Tea is for Tribe: It’s About Race, Stupid!

Back when only the founding population had suffrage, the opposing political factions were often organized around alternative philosophies of government. Even then, ideologies were often stalking horses for individual, regional, occupational, or denominational agendas. Within the past century, both these sincere ideological differences and parochial interests have been overshadowed by a new force in American […]

Imperial Jews and International Jews

Michael Colhaze’s recent Wikileaks Leaks article highlighted a growing rift within the global Jewish community, with the “Heebies” and “Izzies” increasingly at odds over strategies, tactics, and even goals. Shortly after that post was published, the Egyptian protests have blown that rift wide open, making it more apparent than ever. This dichotomy between Diaspora Jews […]

How Jewish is The Social Network?

A recent article in The Jewish Chronicle asks, How Jewish is Facebook? Very. The basic idea of Facebook, creating a simple and exclusive alternative to MySpace, isn’t Jewish. But the project was hijacked when the gullible Winklevoss twins entrusted Mark Zuckerberg and his accomplice, Eduardo Saverin, to help execute the project. (See also Kevin MacDonald’s […]

George Washington Plunkitt on the Sausage Factory of American Politics

There’s a phenomenon among cave explorers called “the rapture“, akin to “an anxiety attack on methamphetamines”, that can overcome people in the claustrophobic depths. I believe a similar thing happens in the claustrophobic depths of our own struggle: some are overcome with frustration and desperation so overwhelming that they panic and abandon the movement altogether. […]