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Banned in America…A Sequel

Too White for Weimerica I was pretty excited this morning. After weeks of preparation, and months of discussions, I was getting ready to leave Europe for the United States. My purpose of travel was a week of talks and co-operation with the leadership of the National Policy Institute, with a view to significantly expanding the […]

Review: Leaving the Jewish Fold: Conversion and Radical Assimilation in Modern Jewish History by Todd M. Endelman

Leaving the Jewish Fold: Conversion and Radical Assimilation in Modern Jewish History Todd M. Endelman Princeton University Press, 2015 “A Jewish question would still exist, even if every Jew were to turn his back on his religion and join one of our major churches.” Karl Eugen Duehring, 1881 At the heart of the Jewish Question […]

An Epigenetic Explanation for the Decline of the West

Jim Penman, Biohistory: Decline and Fall of the West (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing), 2015, $5.92. In 2009 I wrote an article outlining the emerging field of biohistory.[1] So when I came across a book written by Jim Penman entitled Biohistory: Decline of the West my interest was immediately piqued. Published in 2015, I wondered how the book […]

Dianne Feinstein: An Exemplar of Our Hostile Elite

Occasionally an example of the embodiment of an abstract idea comes along that is so perfect, one almost wonders if it was invented. Senator Dianne Feinstein is such a case. More than just about anyone, she embodies our hostile elite. Should Whites be lucky enough to one day find a new land of our own, […]

Homage To The Post-First World: My Wanderings in Europe

Many famous writers chronicle the events that influenced the rest of their life’s thinking for posterity. We read them afterwards to understand the mentality of the author and the people at the time. I have read many books like Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell or Motorcycle Diaries by Ernesto Che Guevara to get the […]

Blight unto the Nations: Anti-Racism and the Dual Nature of Jewishness

In the Book of Isaiah, God promised the Jewish people that he would make them “a light unto the nations” — that is, to the goyim, or the non-Jewish peoples of the world. Many centuries later, Jews are certainly behaving like light. After all, light famously has a dual nature. Is it a wave or […]

Polarization is good

The assault by the left on pretty much every shred of traditional American culture is speeding up dramatically. Just in the last few months there have been well-publicized attacks on Confederate statues that quickly morphed into attacks on Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Christopher Columbus. Inviting anyone remotely associated with conservative ideas — much less […]