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The ADL’s Queer Deer Is Censoring Speech at Twitch

Many things can be said about Jews. However, it is rare to find a Jew that is so blatantly stereotypical for people clued in on the Jewish character, yet is just considered mentally ill by those ignorant of the Jewish question. Enter Steph Loehr, also known as Ferocious Steph, a transgender Jew who identifies as a deer. Steph Loehr is also a new administrator on the gaming platform Twitch. Loehr was hired as a Twitch moderator to be a part of their “Safety Advisory Council,” which in essence is Jews shutting down free speech. Not surprisingly, “they” or whatever his pronoun-of-choice is, is listed as a “Professional Community Leader” with the ADL where she is described as “Transgender, and an advocate for authenticity, challenging herself and others to find and express truth through vulnerability.” Shocker, I know.


Amazon-owned live-streaming site Twitch has reportedly appointed a transgender “deer-girl” with links to the ADL to its “Safety Advisory Council.” The streamer, known as “FerociouslySteph” on the site, argues that voice chat in video games is a tool of oppression and that “a lot of you gamers are actually white supremacists.” …

Twitch’s Safety Advisory Council described Loehr as an individual whose “fight for inclusivity includes creating a competitive team composed entirely of marginalized gamers, and vehemently opposing non-inclusive mechanics such as voice chat.”

Loehr has argued that voice chat mechanics in games negatively affect people from “marginalized groups” as they do not have a typical “cis white male” voice, making them a target for harassment.

“The concept that voice chat requires people to reveal their linguistic profile, which can contain a lot of identity information people can target you for harassment or judgment in game,” Loehr told Newsweek. “When using your voice provides a competitive advantage, marginalized gamers are placed in a lose/lose situation.” …

[In a video clip], Loehr states “I’m just not cool with white supremacy y’all…it’s really not that…I think a lot of you gamers are actually white supremacists, sorry, just a fact…of how I feel…which is my opinion.”

Loehr has spoken to Newsweek about his experience joining the council, stating: “I am getting harassed because I represent a lot of things people hate about diversity and acceptance.” Loehr added that the cause of the harassment is because “I am different and twitch has platformed me.”

Loehr continued to tell Newsweek: “People believe me to be mentally ill for being different. People believe I am a threat to their video game mechanics. People also don’t like me for my pride, and they don’t like that they have so little power over me.”

Twitch told Newsweek on Friday: “It is unfortunate to see a member of the advisory council targeted for harassment. The safety of our council members is our top priority and we’ve taken preventative measures to help ensure their safety and well-being. We are in close communication with each of the members and are working diligently to provide them with whatever support they may need.”

When I first read about this special deer, I couldn’t help but snicker. But it’s actually no cause for humor. Steph is neurotic, sexually deviant, and power hungry, all rolled into one dangerous package.  Loehr even stated, “In my spare time, I go outside to my yard, and I prance around, and I eat grass. And I just munch it, because it makes me in tune with my deer self” — all while pretending to eat grass on a live stream.

It has been scientifically proven that Jews are more likely to have schizophrenia than any other ethnic group.[1] After all, these are the people that spawned psychoanalysis, gender theory and radical feminism. Today, low-level Jews find all kinds of ways to infiltrate, gaming administration being one niche. Steph Loehr displays these traits of power lust when she proclaims on a live stream, “I’m not going anywhere. I have power. They can’t take it away for me. And honestly, you know, there are some people that should be afraid of me. And they are, because I represent moderation, diversity,” and “I’m going to come for harmful people If you’re a really shitty person, I’m going to stand up against you. Period. And Twitch has endorsed me to do that.”

This has the potential to be a second GamerGate scandal, and it doesn’t look pretty. Steph Loehr is very neurotic and very Jewish—obviously a very strongly identified Jew. And the fact that the ADL can get someone like that appointed to be a censor of online speech is chilling indeed.

[1] Efrati, Ido, IE, 10.04.2018, Scientists discovers gene that predisposed Ashkenazi Jews to schizophrenia

A Modest Proposal to End Systemic Racism

“It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into.”
Jonathan Swift

It is truly a melancholy sight to walk through the great cities and towns of the West today and observe the countless corpses of Black scientists, engineers, and philosophers left behind by the brutal White officers of the law. In the long illustrious history of the African, replete as it is with towering artistic and architectural genius, and the most humane social advancements, we see him now at his lowest and most persecuted ebb. This is our bitter and enduring shame. We have, of course, always attempted to render this noble people completely unable to employ their myriad talents. For more than a century we’ve stopped them from working in the higher echelons of our society by requiring of them something entirely invented and fictitious (so-called “aptitudes”), and we have exerted our fiercest efforts in preventing them from gaining footholds in maths and physics. Even when they engaged in a race-wide conspiracy to consistently fake their test scores in order to come out lowest of all groups, we weren’t fooled by their attempt to sneak to the top of our society. Although stubborn in the past, we must confess now that we have blocked their progress at every turn, and we did this for the selfish reason that we always wanted a large, welfare-dependent class into which to dump our vast unwanted excess tax revenue.

Quite why the apex of our White fanaticism distilled in the police force remains, for now, a mystery. I think it is agreed by all parties, and attested by the celebrated African Studies pioneer (and, some say, a 17th-generation Holocaust survivor) Herschel Hertzberg, that the first Christ-like Black fell under a hail of malicious bullets sometime in the early 18th century, when the LAPD launched a daring and brutal raid for slaves among the skyscrapers and opera houses of placid Togo and Sierra Leone. It is a barely suppressed secret that these slaves and their technological prowess were later put to work designing and constructing every building in America. It is a sad fact, however, that even though Africans built America, from that first sorry moment in West Africa to the present, history has witnessed a steady progression of unwarranted and unnecessary police violence against this most peaceful and prosperous population. In fact, all current social problems in our deplorable civilisation can be attributed to this one pernicious reality. Gender bigotry, pay gaps, and even diabetes all have their origins in the fact our police forces have become obsessed with preventing Black people from breathing.

This sordid and murderous fixation among the police is the major question of our time, and since it strikes me that whoever could find out a fair, cheap, and easy method of solving this matter of unceasing systemic police racism would receive much public acclaim, I now venture my own modest proposal. I do so having turned my thoughts for many years upon this important subject, and maturely weighed the proposed schemes of our esteemed experts — all of which I have found lacking. Most important of all, I have carefully examined the apparent aims of Black civil unrest to determine precisely what it is that this oppressed people really desires. I believe my proposal will satisfy all parties and finally bring peace.

1. Reject Equality Under the Law

The foremost aspect of my scheme, and one of its great advantages, is that it finally aims to release the African from the bigotry of equality. It was one of the greatest tricks of the sneaky European to convince the African that being equal under the law was a good thing. Being “equal” was the bait, but the law was quite obviously the hook. The roots of our historical racial conflict are unquestionably that Blacks are unfairly placed under a system of laws in which they are asked to adhere to the same behavioral standards as other groups. This same system craftily paves the way for Blacks to become regarded as “criminals” when they innocently stumble into such commonplace situations as rape, robbery, and murder. The bigoted subjection of the gifted African-Americans (and their counterparts in Canada, Europe, and Australia) to equality under European-derived law has led to such injustices as disproportionate incarceration, and the spreading of fantastical stereotypes of Blacks as prone to violent and impulsive behavior. Only knowledgable observers, aware of the peace, prosperity and innovation that has come to be the byword for modern Africa, can discern that there is something horribly amiss in this situation.

The Black population has cried out, and I alone seem to have listened. The first step of my proposal is therefore to remove the burden of law from the Black population. The immediate benefits are obvious. The phenomenon of malicious “Karens” calling the police when they feel intimidated by loitering or advancing Blacks will disappear into history where it belongs. These bigoted women can call the police all they want, but upon receiving an elementary description of the stalker, the police would be forced to hang up. The law will simply not apply to those of African origin. It should be obvious that no harm will come from such a simple and beautiful measure, and only benefits can abound. Under the existing system, Black men who corner and verbally or physically intimidate White women can be made to feel vulnerable and alienated when that woman calls the police in sheer terror. This dynamic is obviously a major driver of Black emotional damage, and other forms of social injustice. Under the new arrangement, however, Black stalkers would be spared such indignities, and the woman would be secure in the knowledge that no matter what happens to her thereafter, at least no crime will be committed.

White female fear must be ignored if social justice is to prevail

 2. Adequate Compensation

A potential problem might arise in the event that a police officer accidentally but fatally harms an African-American during the course of his duties policing the uncontrollable behavior of Whites. In this regard, my careful analysis of recent Black demands leads me to suggest a scheme of social and material compensation for Black lives. Black Lives Matter — we know this, but how much do they matter? Only once the current phase of peaceful protest comes to a conclusion will we know the true tally, but rough guidelines can be discerned in the compensation thus far acquired for the life of St. George of Floyd. Using a combination of estimates and confirmed city figures, the average African-American death at the hands of a White amounts to around 1,569 pairs of athletic shoes, 2,962 gallons of alcoholic beverages, approximately 865 high-end phones and tablets, around $2 million in designer label clothing, between 30–50 badly beaten Whites, the entire contents of several low-cost supermarkets, and somewhere in the region of 100 fully incinerated buildings.

London Riots, 2011: Sports footwear has long demonstrated emotional healing properties for the African

Under my proposal, and for the sake of future social justice and harmony, a reserve of compensatory items must be held in the care of every city government, where they can be dispensed in the event of an accidental Black fatality. A suitable area within the city, comprising roughly of six or seven blocks, should be set aside in such fashion that emotionally-attacked Africans can, at a moment’s notice, assuage their mental anguish by, for example, breaking into a pre-prepared warehouse full of well-displayed sports footwear, and launching cathartic raids on faux Target supermarkets replete with actors portraying fleeing staff. Local shooting ranges might also be converted to offer the therapeutic breaking of glass to Black citizens. Through their use of such edifying provisions, Black people can not only display their maturity and ancient wisdom, but also set a stellar example to other groups about how people should react when they feel aggrieved. 

3. Symbolic Change

Simply freeing Blacks from the law and providing them with the healing tools of chaos is, of course, far from sufficient to redress the many thousands of years of oppression that we have brought upon these children of the sun. It should be obvious to any sane observer that the best way to heal racial divisions is to encourage, and even force, one of the opposing parties to kiss the feet of the other. Only by such open displays of subservience and submission can we achieve true parity in social relations. A recent, and related, heartwarming development has been the removal of statues throughout the country, especially those of the notorious police officer Robert E. Lee. Along with righteously purloined Gucci accessories, this will go some way towards further soothing Black pain, but the question remains as to what might occupy the newly vacant plinths. My suggestion? That in the name of ending systemic racism, every plinth formerly used to commemorate White race-terrorists should be home now to a giant sculpture of a black foot. This black foot can then be ceremonially kneeled before, and White citizens of especially high standing can be made to approach and kiss the foot in an act of solemn racial reconciliation. This ceremony could be performed on one of the many days and months now dedicated to the Black population, especially on St. George Floyd Day which should surely now be instituted without delay.

An artist’s impression of what might soon be called the “Joycean Method” for social harmony

4. End of all Physical Contact Policing 

This aspect of my modest proposal isn’t directly linked to ending systemic racism, but it is an essential step in improving the social environment and making it safer for White allies to protest on behalf of Black victims. Social media has recently been awash with horrific footage of police officers touching, holding, and even moving or pushing peaceful protesters. These unprovoked assaults normally occurred in the midst of efforts at Black emotional healing, such as arson, looting, mass vandalism, and attempts to breach Secret Service barricades and encroach on the White House. While the measures proposed here would remove Black people from the burden of laws, White allies may still find themselves being physically touched by police while in the course of peaceful allyship. This can no longer be tolerated in a sane and just society. Moves must urgently be taken to end all unwanted physical contact between police officers and suspected “criminals,” with interaction between parties now based on one of the key precepts of our times: consent. Police officers can and should ask all suspects if they have permission to touch, hold, or restrain them, and they must be instructed during training that “No means No.”

5. Confront Capitalism

All progress on the proposals outlined above will, of course, depend on a successful confrontation  with capitalism. Thankfully, Blacks as revolutionary subjects of the class struggle have thus far been supported by the power of labor, in the form of Amazon, Apple, Coca-Cola, Ford, Facebook, LEGO, Sony, Microsoft, Citigroup, Nike, YouTube, most banks, the entertainment industry, and the overwhelming majority of the political establishment. Only by enlisting the support of brave allies like these can we ever hope to overcome The Man and topple the power structure. We obviously can’t ignore the equally vital contribution of our friends in Antifa, who innovated some of the early strategies that will undoubtedly lead to the collapse of the status quo. Consider, for example, the effectiveness of destroying the few examples of Black-built economic infrastructure in many towns and cities, along with the major stores that provided low-skill employment to the Black demographic. Sure, the major companies will have adequate insurance for all their liabilities, and probably won’t be harmed at all. But they may well decide that these areas are now too high-risk to attempt a re-opening, and so they’ll take their filthy capitalist jobs and facilities elsewhere, leaving Blacks to bask at last in freedom from local services, retail stores, and gainful employment. This was quite the stroke of genius from Antifa, and is one of the main reasons they’ve been applauded and supported by the groups listed above. They are simply indispensable to the cause of social harmony and the overthrow of capitalism. 

6. Clarity of Message

A particular concern of mine in recent days has been the lack of clarity surrounding the name “Black Lives Matter.” Africans have long been renowned for their high regard for the sanctity of the lives of their neighbors, something attested to by the famously low homicide rates within their communities. We see this also in the parasitical phenomenon of “White flight,” whereby Whites constantly seek to move to Black-dominant areas to share in the quietude and safety offered by those locations. Some doubts remain, however, as to the clarity and reach of the message of Black Lives Matter among Whites.

Is this clear enough? Unfortunately not.

Although streets in Washington D.C. have been renamed “Black Lives Matter,” and then literally covered with the slogan, it’s clear that someone, somewhere doesn’t understand that Black lives matter. They may not have heard the slogan. We know this because Black people continue to die in homicides, and the only explanation is that White people, and especially the police, haven’t received the message and therefore don’t value Black lives. It really shouldn’t need to be repeated here, but even when an African-American is peacefully protesting against the systemic racism of a police officer by passively rushing him and attempting to take his gun, the first thought in that officer’s head should always be: “Black Lives Matter.” It urgently needs to be made the first principle in all law enforcement training, and all self-defense methodologies at police academies should be adapted to include the “take the knee” posture. Only by total acquiescence to the physical assaults of so-called Black “criminals” can our communities find peace and security. To this end I’ve developed and copyrighted a short mantra that could be repeated by anxious police officers confronted by extremely peaceful protesters:

Forget the guns, Forget the knives,
What matters most are
Black Lives!©

Some law enforcement volunteers enjoying a mantra rehearsal session

 7. Dump Trump

This is one of the more controversial aspects of my proposal, but please bear with me. First, we have to acknowledge the fact that President Trump has single-handedly lowered Black unemployment since taking office by creating beautiful jobs, often in marketing the peaceful and much-loved State of Israel.

Towards Meaningful Black Employment: Marketing the Diverse, African-Loving Sate of Israel

Trump also recently took the unprecedented step of proclaiming June to be African-American Music Appreciation Month. Trump’s message: Black Music Matters. In the middle of a worldwide health scare, an economic crisis, and escalating systemic racism, we should concede that Trump offered thanks to Sam Cooke, Little Richard, Ray Charles and others for their “classic guitar riffs, memorable hymns and uplifting beats.” We also can’t forget the recent justice system reforms that released many Black “criminals” from prisons.

Trump, however, is not a friend of African-Americans. He repeatedly called for the National Guard to be deployed against peaceful African-American protests throughout the country, and expressed horror and disgust at the perfectly natural need for Blacks to find solace in Smart TVs and several new pairs of shoes. This should never be forgotten, and it has proven what Jewish and Antifa allies have often asserted: Orange Man Bad. We should, of course, always have known this. We can’t plead innocence now. All the hallmarks of Fascism were there to see:

  • Open opposition to intermarriage with Jews, especially in his own family
  • Repeated hostility toward Israel, our greatest in the Middle East and a beacon of human rights
  • Unwavering hostility toward LGBT+ dogma around the world
  • The launching of a worldwide campaign to promote anti-Semitism
  • Total suppression of Antifa, our greatest friends in the war against capitalism
  • Open support of pro-White activity
  • Repeated public opposition to multiculturalism and diversity
  • Opposition to all forms of immigration including hundreds of thousands of “skilled” foreign workers

We sleepwalked into the second coming of Hitler. We desperately need to get this man out of office.

8. Jewish Exemption 

It should be universally acknowledged that Jews aren’t White and should therefore be exempt from the obligations suggested for the White community. Jews have a long and storied history as friends of the Black community, from their ancient texts that lovingly jested that Blacks were cursed, to their attempts to bring huge numbers of their African entrepreneurial trade partners to the New World (under the guise of “slaves” to dupe the White oppressors). Even today these bonds remain strong. Where would Black people be today if it were not for the Jewish landlords, store owners, and pawn brokers that shape the very best of the world they live in. Even in Israel, African needs are met without even a request needing to be made. Just consider, for a moment, the thoughtfulness of an Israeli government that took the initiative to inject Ethiopian immigrants with birth control without troubling to ask. No other government would take such concern in the reproductive health of its Black population. And during the peaceful protests of the last week, we can be sure that Jewish allies were strongly represented among the Antifa peace brokers, urging Blacks again and again to take their rightful share from the bigoted Whites.

Natural Allies

9. Segregation of Problematic Whites 

This is probably the harshest and most radical of my proposals, and the one most likely to be fiercely contested by racists. It seems clear to me that some elements of the White population will simply never accept the proposals made here, and wish to irrationally remain in their bigotry. They will never agree to do their part to end systemic racism. At a certain point, I argue, we will have to accept that, and leave them to wallow in the decrepitude that their civilization is certain to decline to. One only needs to look at the European past to see the degraded state of the European without African influence.

Chaotic and disorderly scenes in a primitive medieval European shanty town

If Black lives don’t matter to these people then we will be forced to say that their lives don’t matter to us. They should be apportioned a vast tract of land in which they would be forced to live with one another, attempting in the inevitable chaos to build their own infrastructure — this time without Blacks building their entire country. You can already imagine their horror at the news that they would be condemned to an existence without the beneficent hand of multiculturalism. It will be a Hell on earth, but they will deserve it. For the rest of us, the end of systemic racism will usher in an age of beauty and peace, harmony and good will.

More on a Recent Article About COVID-19

In late March, I wrote an article, posted here, on the public response to the COVID-19 virus called “Thoughts from a Leather Couch on Covid-19.”   My focus was on the U.S., as it will be in this writing.  I saw COVID, as I will call the article, as being about a breaking news story and felt pressed to get it out quickly, and I wrote it in a day.  I’m prone to be in-a-stew regretful about everything I write—“Why’d I say that?” “Why’d I leave that out?”  “What a piss-poor sentence that was”—and this rush job resulted in more than the usual number of laments.  But re-reading it now to put this article together, I’m OK with it, or sort of.

My surface impulse for writing COVID was to report what was going on with me sitting on my leather couch in my living room where I spend most all of my time in retirement with my laptop when I’m not trying to get some sleep and failing at it.  Enjoy your youth, because I’m here to tell you that if I’m typical, insomnia is a bitch in old age.  I was getting from politicians and big media that there is this giant menace threatening to wipe out millions of people if we didn’t stop everything we were doing and hide out in our basements.  Businesses were shut down, and the schools, and don’t you dare go to the beach, and the stock market had gone south.  I read The New York Times every morning over breakfast even though I know it’s a sophomoric propaganda rag.  I can’t shake the idea I grew up with that it’s the newspaper of record, and I like some of its non-front-page features like the movie reviews and, especially, the obituaries, which at my advanced age are the first things I read.  It’s sobering to get to where not only are you older than the president, you’re older than just about everybody that’s dying.  The Times was coming on about the virus like we had been invaded by Martians.

In my geriatric-and-counting long life, I’ve never experienced hysteria like the reaction to COVID-19.  I referred in COVID to the swine flu outbreak in 2009 and to the seasonal flu that kills tens of thousands every year, and made a brief allusion to a polio epidemic in my childhood—no lockdown with any of those.  I could have also referred to other virus outbreaks, including the Asian flu in the 1950s, and SARS and MERS and Ebola in recent years—no lockdowns there either.   Even the Spanish Flu in 1918, which killed millions, no lockdown.  I had assumed you quarantine sick people, but this time everybody was getting quarantined.   Really something else.

I Googled around on my laptop and it appeared to me that the numbers of deaths from COVID-19 didn’t support the gigantically-over-the-top response to it.  It looked as if the people dying were primarily old with serious pre-existing health conditions—in nursing homes, a lot of them—and even with them, I was wondering if most of them hadn’t died with COVID-19 rather than from it.  As far as I could tell, virtually nobody under forty—or was fifty, or sixty?—was dying from this virus.  Yet I went to the supermarket and everybody was wearing a mask and the toilet paper was sold out.  It looked like a movie set; I half-expected Tom Cruise to come around the corner.

Nine weeks later, I’m still mightily intrigued by the COVID-19 phenomenon—which is starting to wind down some–but I’m clear now that what most propelled me to write COVID was to get into authoritarianism and statism.  Both of them rub me the wrong way, and they’ve been concerns of mine for a long time.  This writing expands on my basic impulse for writing COVID.

By authoritarianism, I refer to the unquestioned obedience to authority; somebody “higher up” calling the shots at the cost of someone’s personal freedom and self-determination, and that person going along with it.  Statism gets at government overreach in its control of social and economic affairs.  It especially grates on me when the government is just a few people, or even one, making decisions and dictating to people, and when it is distant from everyday life in the home, the neighborhood, and the community.

With both authoritarianism and statism, there’s invariably someone one-up on you in worth.   He (or she) is more informed than you, or smarter, or wiser, or on a higher moral plane, or something, and knows how you should think and conduct your life better than you do.  With COVID-19, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is on the news way more than you or I are, steadily made pronouncements on COVID-19.  I remember Dr. Fauci from way back—he had dark hair then—saying that AIDS was a heterosexual disease.  I’m serious, I went straight to my doctor and blurted, “I have AIDS!”  He replied, “Ah, go home.”

Sometimes they don’t even pretend to be worthy.  They have simply gotten themselves into a slot in the social machinery that makes them think they are a big deal and can play God.  “I’m Governor Cuomo.  Look at me when I’m talking to you.  Quit checking to see if I have nipple piercings.  Shut up and do what I tell you!”   As Aristotle once said, what is, is.   Bernie Sanders may be my senator here in Vermont, but I knew him back when he was on welfare and trying to get a job as a carpenter.  Even though Bernie has filing-card-shouted his way to a successful political career, it’s still him, he’s not fooling me, and I not deferring to him.

A feature of authoritarianism and statism is intimidation.    Don’t get the idea that what’s coming at you is merely a suggestion. You’d better do whatever it is or else, with the “or else” ranging from disapproval and condemnation and exclusion (which includes “Clean out your office and hand over your keys, you’re gone”) to jail time.

COVID dealt a lot with authoritarianism and statism.   I used the metaphor of people becoming race horses with blinders, only looking straight ahead of them as they are driven in the direction their jockeys (politicians, the media) want them to go.  There was the example of the horrific and barbaric firebombing of civilians in Tokyo by killer supreme, General Curtis LeMay, during WWII because Franklin Roosevelt “knew” that kind of atrocity was our only recourse.  In 1950, Harry Truman decided (where was Congress? where were the American people?) to give American young men no choice but to travel 6,000 miles in order to kill and die in 25 below zero weather in North Korea.  54,000 Americans just starting out in their lives were slaughtered in Viet Nam because super-intelligent Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara thought it was good idea.

In COVID, I said I was getting a distinct déjà vu feeling with this COVID-19 response.  Judging from historical precedent, standing aside and letting the “smart guys” and “top guys” order people around might just get you unemployed and standing in a bread line and me trying to figure out how to pay for my daughter’s college education with my retirement account reduced to a dollar-and-a-half.

During the COVID-19 mania, state governors have had a good time—I think they get off on it—playing dictator.   Besides New York, I’m thinking particularly of the governors of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Washington. As I write this, the governor of Pennsylvania is in a total snit because a professional football player for the Pittsburgh team in the National Football League, Ben Roethlisberger, got a haircut without his permission.   A couple days ago, it was, “Close that beauty salon down this minute or I’ll castigate you and put you behind bars!”  What is it about hair care that especially energizes them?   Something all these governors have in common is that they are Democrats (as were FDR, Truman, and Lyndon Johnson during Viet Nam).   Lately, I’ve noted some voices of protest to what is going on and it’s been heartening.

Speaking of Democrats, in recent days as I have been putting this article together, the death in Minneapolis of a black man after a white police officer knelt on his neck to hold him down when he allegedly resisted arrest has resulted in massive rioting and looting in multiple cities across America.  I was sickened and angered by the first impulse of the Democratic mayor of Minneapolis and the Democratic governor of Minnesota to stand aside and let rioters burn and steal what others had created, and for the national Democratic Party leadership to cheer them on.  When will whites get that modern-day Democrats disparage and diminish and, when things get tough, abandon them?   I’d like think that this latest tragic racially-charged episode in American life will prompt whites to wake up to reality.

If nothing else, the COVID-19 crisis has surfaced the dream come true of the left: East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Check out the 2006 German film “The Lives of Others,” which is set in East Germany.  There it is: the same smug, self-congratulatory, authoritarianism and statism.   And I’m not just referring to electoral politics.  What’s gone on over the past few months in my daughter’s public high school is an illustration of what happens when you unleash NPR listeners and Obama fans (that’s who school people are).  As I reported in COVID:

With this health crisis, it has been a series of edicts from the school administrators and teachers in my daughter’s school; no explanations, no rationales.  No more classes until, first, March 23rd, and then April 27th, and, now, June 19th.  No teaching the regular curriculum until April 20th, which will then be taught on a remote basis.  Why, you ask?   None of your business.  Don’t contact us.  We’re working on it; we’ll get back to you.   

I ended COVID with a quote from a journalist from the ‘1920s and ‘30s, H.L. Menken.   “The urge to save humanity,” Mencken pointed out, “is almost always a false-face for the urge to rule it.”  I would modify Mencken’s quote to bring it up to date: “The left’s professed aim of saving humanity is a thinly disguised effort to rule it, and in the process, bring white people to their knees.”

A Fish Called Wakanda, Part 3: The Riots, the Virus, and BlackRock

Go to Part 1.
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While everyone is parsing the details of these incidents at face value, the Jewish capitalist class has quietly consolidated its control of the country in a process that has been a long time in the making, since at least 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve. The American military and its client states and proxies have subsequently been used to erode national sovereignty and opposition to the new world order with intermittent aggression in the century-plus since, the country having tragically been coopted and colonized, the body doing the bidding of the parasite-riddled brain, sometimes even causing significant self-harm. God forbid Whites try to defend themselves while Blacks and other non-Whites are goaded into racially-motivated violence, either—the judicial branch will throw the book at the Whites! A terrified and cowed native populace is beneficial to the ruling class in all sorts of ways, from the economic to the population control and demoralization aspect.

In the midst of all of this manufactured racial tension, lawmakers have actually advanced the idea that Whites’ calling the police on non-Whites can be scaled-up into a hate crime, meaning we would literally have no defense against these people in any official capacity. We would be the ones punished for being attacked and far from even defending ourselves, requesting law enforcement’s intervention! Granted the punishment would be for if “bias is involved…[in] the charge of fabricating a criminal report,” but given what we’ve seen regarding the flexible definitions (and very often fabrications in their own right) of bias, and the coercive methods of law enforcement in treating White victims of non-White crime, this is a potentially massive land mine. Even if nothing happens, you’re now on the radar as a thought criminal for daring to inform the police of threat to your person by one of the protected individuals who also cherish self-governance, the Constitution, family values, and free market capitalism by way of Steve Sailer’s Magic Dirt. It’s a pretty remarkable thing. We must be able to defend ourselves, and the increasingly totalitarian government is trying to make that as difficult as possible, especially through the restriction of firearms.

These further “hate crime” proposals following the incident between Amy Cooper and the individual The Washington Post characterizes as “a birdwatcher”—a lie so preposterously egregious it nearly rivals that of the jogging enthusiast Ahmaud Arbery—are the definition of anarcho-tyranny, but Jewish Director of something-it-sounds-like-the-ADL-created at Cal State-San Bernardino called the Center for Study of Hate and Extremism Brian Levin believes that, “A close, if uncomfortable, examination of racism’s prevalence might be more fruitful.” Indeed, fruitful for further control of the White population. Those who “hate hate” have, per The Washington Post, proposed:

Legislation that would criminalize calling police as an act of racial prejudice… New York State Assemblyman Felix W. Ortiz (D-Brooklyn) on Wednesday revived a bill he first proposed in 2018 to add a hate-crime enhancement to the charge of fabricating a criminal report if bias is involved…Four states — New Jersey, Minnesota, Oregon and Washington — have recently considered bills that would criminalize calling the police when crimes haven’t occurred, some specifying calls that “unlawfully discriminate” or target “protected classes.”…Lawmakers wrote in the bill that false reporting has been “weaponized” and often against “protected classes.”[1]

So there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth: Blacks and Browns are, in fact, protected classes, jockeying for position with homosexuals as favored, but always below Jews in the pecking order.

All of this while the usurious usurpers privatize what they can and dictate terms to a government that is bought and sold. Contemporary tensions stoked to the boiling point whenever it serves the ruling class, in the midst of inevitable race riots and media-generated hysteria directing eyeballs away from the seismic shifts behind the scenes as “money managers” like BlackRock become, to quote William Birdthistle, “a fourth branch of government.” BlackRock, Vanguard Group Inc., and State Street are called the Big Three because they hold roughly 80% of all indexed money. Graham Steele, formerly of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, says, “They are so intertwined in the market and government that it’s a really interesting tangle of conflicts. In the advocacy community there’s an opinion that asset managers, and this one in particular, need greater oversight.” With corona collapse imminent, as Annie Massa and Caleb Melby write, the government went back to the same polluted well as in 2008:

When the Federal Reserve needed Wall Street’s help with its pandemic rescue mission, it went straight to Larry Fink. The BlackRock Inc. co-founder, chairman, and chief executive officer has become one of the industry’s most important government whisperers…Fink possesses a power that’s more technocratic. BlackRock, the world’s largest money manager, can do the things governments need right now. The company’s new assignment is a much bigger version of one it took on after the 2008 financial crisis, when the Federal Reserve enlisted it to dispose of toxic mortgage securities from Bear Stearns & Co. and American International Group Inc. This time it will help the Fed prop up the entire corporate bond market by purchasing, on the central bank’s behalf, what could become a $750 billion portfolio of debt… BlackRock…was handed three Fed assignments without any competitive process—though the Fed plans to rebid the contracts once the programs are in full swing. BlackRock will manage portfolios of corporate bonds and debt ETFs. It will do the same for newly issued bonds—sometimes acting as the sole buyer—and for up to 25% of bank-syndicated loans. And it will purchase commercial mortgage-backed securities from quasi-government agencies such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac…[BlackRock] scooped up Barclays Global Investors, including its iShares ETF division, in the fallout from the 2008 crisis. That gave BlackRock a stronghold in low-cost index funds, transforming it into the world’s largest asset manager almost overnight—and supercharging more than a decade of growth..[2]

So BlackRock exploded in profitability while the average American’s net worth sharply declined, followed shortly after by their life expectancy thanks to the same group pushing opioids on the White population. And while the media incessantly pumps race war porn and the population is sufficiently distracted—and nearly just as usefully divided—the Judeo-capitalists are able to further tighten control:

[BlackRock] is ubiquitous in markets for everything from passive, index-linked products to hands-on mutual funds, with $6.5 trillion in assets under management…Beyond money management, BlackRock’s software platform, Aladdin, appealed to the Fed…Bloomberg LP, the parent company of Bloomberg News, sells financial software that competes with Aladdin…One arm of BlackRock knows what the Fed is buying, while other parts of the business participating in credit markets could benefit from that knowledge…BlackRock’s contract with the Fed also acknowledges that senior executives “may sit atop of the information barrier” and “have access to confidential information on one side of a wall while carrying out duties on the other side.”[3]

There’s your free market at work! Further exposing the sham of any real Democrat-Republican divide, Massa and Melby continue:

The money manager built a powerful advocacy arm. Its sphere of influence reaches beyond the central bank to lawmakers, presidents, and government agency heads from both political parties, though its hiring leans Democratic. Bloomberg found only a handful of current BlackRock executives who came out of the George W. Bush administration, but more than a dozen Barack Obama alumni. These include Obama’s national security adviser, senior adviser for climate policy, the former Federal Reserve vice chairman he appointed, and numerous White House, Treasury, and Fed economists.[4]

Oh yeah, and this sphere of influence now encompasses most of the Western world:

The Bank of Canada tapped BlackRock in March as an adviser for its purchases of commercial paper, the short-term debt that companies use to fund day-to-day expenses such as payroll. Last month [April 2020] the European Union hired the money manager to advise it on how to incorporate environmental, social, and governance practices into the way EU banks manage risk.[5]

On top of all of this, or more appropriately tying into all of this, the coronavirus continued to rage, with its spread used as a pretense to funnel more money to migrants who very possibly doubled as carriers of the disease! In late March, NGOs Islamic Relief, Save the Children, and Catholic Relief Services ensured through the Start Fund that 7,000 Roma and “new migrants from Greece” in Albania received cash payments ostensibly as a response to the coronavirus. The Start Fund is collectively owned and managed by the Start Network’s members; these include in addition to the aforementioned three organizations World Jewish Relief, ActionAid, CARE, Muslim Aid, Oxfam, several Caritas branches, War Child, and the International Rescue Committee (IRC), among others. Its primary donors are: the Rockefeller Foundation, Dutch Aid, UK Aid, the IKEA Foundation, Irish Aid, the German Federal Foreign Office, Jersey Overseas Aid, the Government of Belgium, the Republic of Estonia, and the European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO). There is also the Migration Emergency Response Fund (MERF), “a rapid response context-specific contingency fund operated and managed by the Start Network, its members, and in collaboration with its donor, UK’s Department for International Development (DFID)…and is delivered as part of a consortium project with the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) and the International Rescue Committee (IRC)…The objective of the MERF is to rapidly respond to acute and emerging gaps and changes in needs along [the] migration route.”

As I’ve said before and I’ll say again: the population replacement project stops for no pandemic. Clearly the same goes for media-fomented race riots and the machinations of the plutocracy.

[1] Sacchetti, Maria, Shayna Jacobs, and Abigail Hauslohner, “Public outrage, legislation follow calls to police about black people,” May 27, 2020. The Washington Post.

[2] Massa, Annie and Caleb Melby, “In Fink We Trust: BlackRock Is Now ‘Fourth Branch of Government,’” May 21, 2020. Bloomberg.

[3] Ibid.

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[5] Ibid.

A Fish Called Wakanda, Part 2: The Pervasiveness of Neo-Liberalism

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So the Chamber of Commerce Republican talking points have even infected the Eastern Bloc. Even Italy has announced a pathway to legal residency for tens of thousands of “undocumented migrants” through work permit applications in the agricultural sector and for “domestic helpers.” Most agricultural production of seasonal fruits and vegetables in the EU Mediterranean region relies on migrant labor. In 2015, just under half of the workforce employed in agriculture was comprised of foreign nationals; 430,000 workers—over half—did not have an official contract.

It is not my intention here to demoralize the reader, but simply to illustrate how pervasive neo-liberalism has become, and how it poses an existential threat to the survival of Occidental Man. It is so dangerous because it is a total system encompassing ideological and economic aspects, much like communism but more insidious because it is less obvious and does not call attention to itself as revolutionary, though its beneficiaries are the same. It works in inversion and “soft power,” and whether it be the laissez-faire religion of the faux-Right that “necessitates” Jamaican apple-pickers in Massachusetts and North African strawberry-pickers in Spain or the re-distributionist and “global uplift” siren song of the Left, they inevitably converge in the tight grip of the ruling class.

Migrant labor, especially, has proven extremely useful to the ruling class for a variety of reasons:

In the mid-twentieth century, guest-worker programs were popular in both the United States and Western Europe, where labor shortages frustrated seasonal labor recruitment. Such programs came to an end in the 1960s and 1970s as political opposition grew and economic crises deepened on both sides of the Atlantic (Martin, 2003; Castles, 2006). But talk of guest workers resurfaced when the agri-food industry reorganized in the 1980s. By the 1990s, countries like Germany and Spain were reinventing guest-worker programs for twenty-first century economic needs and political realities (Castles, 2006)…The contemporary appeal of guest workers is more or less the same as it was mid-century. Employers can access a steady supply of low wage workers, control workers through the terms of the contract, adjust the size of their work-force with ease, dismiss guest workers as they see fit, mitigate anti-immigrant sentiment in the local community, and avoid some of the social anxieties that surround undocumented migration. The advantages of guest workers are perhaps all the more critical in an era of ‘lean’ agri-food production, since securing a flexible, low-wage work-force is central to employers’ ability to provide quality, low cost products to the market-place (Rogaly, 2008). Guest workers may also prove critical to new immigrant destinations, where the presence of immigrants has become politically and socially contentious.[1]

This strategy of doing an end-around people’s concerns regarding immigration while still serving both the ideological impetus and the Chamber of Commerce interests is central to neo-conservatism; in essence, one gets the “deep concern” voiced over immigration, and maybe token resistance on that front, but the numbers still come, just in a different form. Thus the totally useless distinction of legal versus illegal immigration, for example, especially in the U.S. where powerful forces are acting to erase the distinction (drivers’ licenses, medical care, etc.). In a demographic war, and with a totally illegitimate system, who cares if the invading force is arriving via “legal” means if the legality itself is questionable at best?

What’s more, in an anarcho-tyrannical system, one where the favored population groups are given carte blanche to assail the native populace with impunity, the act of defending oneself finds them in the grips of this illegitimate system where judicial warfare has become yet another open front to attack Whites. The judicial branch has become not just subject to politicization and agenda advancement— “lived experience” a substitute for knowledge, expertise, capability, and objectivity (e.g., Sonia Sotomayor) becoming more prevalent, more pronounced, and more nakedly partisan—but when the constitutionally-enshrined protections of our society are no longer respected, when the laws no longer apply to certain people and justice is no longer blind, when the system itself can be perverted to create a privileged class—that system has been corrupted and is fundamentally rotten.

Furthermore, the laws themselves are meaningless in such an environment. How can you respect the ever-changing code of a system that exists to destroy you? It’s hard to feel anything but contempt when the same higher-ups of “law enforcement” who ensure that our people are thrown in jail for being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong skin color is drawn into open conflict with the combatants the ruling class has imported and/or catered to and encouraged with their rhetoric. It is especially difficult to feel anything but contempt when the Jewish mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey claims that the rioters torching police headquarters are morally justified. My only sympathies lie with the regular people caught in the crossfire, and this includes some of the rank-and-file police put in the impossible position of their sworn duty to serve and protect, and what they’re being demanded to do (or not do, as the case may be in standing down). They never asked for this and they do not deserve it.

James Mason wrote about the first stages of open war over thirty years ago with the Vibrants as Richard Houck calls them in his excellent Liberalism Unmasked, acting out their hostilities against the system’s other phalanx of soldiers. What we need to do at this juncture is very simple: get out of their way, consolidate, and fortify ourselves. Get yourself into a position where you are near family and friends in defensible locales, away from the blast radius of “diversity,” and become as self-reliant as humanly possible. The system is doomed to fail, and you do not want to be dragged down with it. It’s only a matter of time, and whatever we can do to hasten the process, the better, for the collateral damage will be extensive and will only get worse the more time goes on. I am not saying we should be moved to violence—this is foolish for a host of reasons. What I am saying is that we must continue to expose the system for the sham it is, and make people see the illegitimacy of the arrogant ruling cabal who barrage us with trash about being “all in this together.”

The US government itself is financing the migrant invasion the tough-talking Donald Trump was elected to stop! The State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) spends over $3.2 billion annually to help fund mass migration projects—and even in this endeavor, Israel finds a way to get a slice of the pie, as in $7.5 million in fiscal year 2018 for the Humanitarian Migrants to Israel (HMI) Program, which “provides financial resources for the resettlement of humanitarian migrants from the Former Soviet Union (FSU), Eastern Europe, Africa, the Near East and other countries of distress [read: Jews] in Israel.” The grant is implemented by the United Israel Appeal (UIA) through Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) who manage a network of absorption centers throughout the country.” Almost $1.6 billion went to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and nearly $188.5 million went to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in FY2018.

From the “philanthropic” side, the MacArthur Foundation has given several grants to the UN for the Global Forum on Migration and Development as well as sponsoring workshops and seminars on “international migration law” and for the United Nations University’s Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS), in collaboration with CARE International, to “undertake a special outreach effort for its Guatemala case study on the impact of climate change on migration in the region.” As we will see shortly, it is the US government and the World Bank, not climate change, that is facilitating Guatemalans’ migration north. CARE received nearly $12 million from the PRM in fiscal year 2018. CARE International’s multilateral funding partners are:

  • European Union (EU) through the European Commission Humanitarian Office (ECHO)
    and Directorate General for Development and Co-operation (DG DEVCO).
  • Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
  • International Labour Organisation (ILO)
  • International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)
  • United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
  • United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM)
  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  • United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
  • United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT)
  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
  • Steering Committee for Humanitarian Response (SCHR)
  • The World Bank (WB)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • World Food Programme (WFP)

Their bilateral partners are:

As one example of a CARE project, the NGO in partnership with the UK Department for International Development runs a cash transfer project for women in rural Zimbabwe, where each month, households receive a cash payment into a virtual wallet on their mobile phone. That’s it.

The State Department’s PRM also disburse funds to several of the major NGO enablers of migrants into Europe, such as the Norwegian Refugee Council (nearly $11.9 million), Caritas Switzerland (nearly $1.5 million), Première Urgence Internationale in France ($4 million), and the Danish Refugee Council (nearly $9.2 million), and other major NGOs facilitating mass migration into the West such as the International Rescue Committee ($40.7 million), Catholic Relief Services ($10.2 million), the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS—over $8.1 million),[2] and the Pan American Development Foundation ($6.65 million).

Another US State Department PRM funding priority is the Refugee Solidarity Network (over $1.6 million in FY2018): “Since 2014 RSN and sister organization Refugee Rights Turkey have benefitted greatly from PRM support, with the goal of assisting Turkey implement its new migration and asylum framework.” Also partnering are Naripokkho and the Center for Legal Aid Bulgaria, whose mission, per their website’s description:

Is to promote the rights of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers on the territory of Bulgaria, through legal aid and advocacy. Since 2009, the CLA has promoted progressive legislative reform and raised awareness on asylum, migration and integration. CLA provides pro bono legal consultations to asylum seekers, refugees and migrants, as well as legal representation in administrative and judicial proceedings on the national and European levels. CLA also engages in research and monitoring, to support their advocacy initiatives, and participate in national, regional and Europe-wide networks.

RSN is a member of:

  • International Detention Coalition (IDC): “A unique global network. Of over 400 civil society organizations and individuals in more than 90 countries, that advocate for, research and provide direct services to refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants affected by immigration detention.”
  • International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA): “A platform for increased collaboration and coordination between NGOs and other humanitarian actors, which is crucial to improving the lives of communities affected by humanitarian crisis.”
  • The Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network (APRRN): “An open and growing network consisting of more than 340 civil society organizations and individuals from 28 countries committed to advancing the rights of refugees in the Asia Pacific region. APRRN aims to advance the rights of refugees and other people in need of protection through joint advocacy, capacity strengthening, resource sharing and outreach.”

They have also received support from: Google, as “RSN benefits from the support of Google Ad Grants for Non-profits, which supports RSN’s outreach, information dissemination, and fundraising activities”; BannerBuzz, which “supports RSN with marketing and communications needs”; the Tent Foundation, “The grant provided an opportunity to further develop programming at RSN’s sister organization Refugee Rights Turkey, and make connections with advocates working on child protection in neighboring Greece and Bulgaria”; and the Open Society Foundation Justice Initiative: “Since 2018, OSJI has worked with and supported RSN on efforts to respond to the Rohingya refugee crisis affecting South and Southeast Asia. OSJI and RSN are carrying out research and capacity development with civil society actors in the region.”

In Central America, the US government and the World Bank have been very active in subsidizing migration north into America. As Kevin Sieff reports:

The winding roads into the valley of Nebaj are lined with advertisements for cheap loans. Banks and cooperatives and microfinance operations make their pitches… here in the Guatemala Highlands, the epicenter of the country’s migrant exodus, those loans often fund a different activity, the region’s most profitable: smuggling migrants north to the United States…What enables those payments is a vast system of credit that includes financial institutions set up and supported by the United States and the World Bank, part of the global boom in microfinance over the past two decades. The U.S. government and the World Bank have each extended tens of millions of dollars in funding and loan guarantees, money that helped create what is now Guatemala’s biggest microfinance organization, Fundación Génesis Empresarial, and backed one of its largest banks, Banrural…The International Finance Corporation, an arm of the World Bank, lent the foundation $10 million last year [2018] to “broaden access to finance for micro and small businesses.”…Compartamos, a Mexican bank…  also received a flurry of USAID grants. It later stirred controversy for imposing interest rates of roughly 100 percent per year… Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, development organizations devoted growing resources to what advocates called “access to credit” or “financial inclusion.” In 2006, the Bangladeshi economist Muhammad Yunus, one of the forefathers of microfinance, won the Nobel Peace Prize for his “efforts to create economic and social development from below.”[3]

So this is what “financial inclusion” looks like. Once again we see the ideology of liberalism and the realities of neo-liberal economics working hand-in-glove to advance the interests—with interest!—of the ruling class.

Speaking of interest, just as with the Great Recession, instead of genuine conversations occurring in the mainstream about the detonation of the standard of living in favor of an almost-unfathomably wealthy plutocratic class and a Ponzi scheme masquerading as an economy, Americans were treated to various manufactured “incidents,” such as the one involving a man with a variety of pre-existing conditions who somehow was able to say “I can’t breathe” a chemist’s dozen times; and then there are the “hands-up-don’t-shoot” and “honest conversations” about the “difficulties of race in America”—destructive nonsense that masked trillions of dollars being funneled into the hands of the private equity magnates scrapping the country for parts.

With Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd, plus the Amy Cooper Central Park dog-pile, the media created massive outcry against “systemic racism” and stoked anti-White hatred as perfect outlets for the frustration felt by so many with a system that is in fact using and exploiting them, but in ways that are clearly not understood. In buying into the media narrative and acting out their grievances in a typically violent fashion, the ruling class’s favored voting blocs/hyper-consumers/foot soldiers unwittingly do their bidding, acting out not against the system that is exploiting them, but the extant population the ruling class is trying to replace! Adding insult to injury, virtually all of these would-be martyrs are felons and general low-lifes. Their biographies sufficiently sanitized, these aspiring rappers or whatever the media says rather than their actual “professions,” the Democratic establishment shamelessly panders to the “demands” of the mob without ever meeting them, their “concerns” given frustration through looting and wanton violence. This rioting is often also encouraged by Black political figures in a weird kind of infantilizing where they must be given “space to vent their frustrations” or some such thing, although the torching of their own environs does in fact resemble a lethal version of a toddler’s temper tantrum. Interestingly enough, the mob’s concerns over “systemic racism” always seem to involve looting stores for televisions and such.

Said concerns are favored even by the champagne socialists’ Messiah the Jewish carpenter Bernie Sanders, who despite being a buffoon, once addressed genuine working-class concerns and raised important questions about wealth inequality and the practices of Wall Street; he now seems to have been co-opted and before meekly conceding his presidential bid yet again was running a campaign around the same manufactured social issues as the rest of the Democratic field. This noise obscures real issues caused primarily by global capital, and, for what it’s worth, Sanders’s particular ethno-religious identity—despite it not appearing to inform much of his self-perceived identity—awarded him far greater latitude than if I was in the same position. In-group differences are generally dealt with much differently than genuine threats to the status quo, and Sanders’s inherent meekness and sound and fury signifying nothing were never a genuine threat.

The public-private debate is another false dilemma. Real nations with racial and ethnic identities, traditions, and values have become nothing but GDP farms; screaming about privilege and various inequalities—easily explained by biological differences between the races and sexes—masks the real inequalities generated by a society predicated on nothing but corporate tax cuts and investment banking. Brown people are being exploited, but not in the way the establishment spins it. White people are being exploited, too, and Blacks, and Yellows, and Browns…If there is a commonality between the races, it’s this: we’re all being screwed by the same people.

The difference is, in Western nations, indigenous Whites are being targeted for oblivion, and the government bestows special privileges in hiring and college admissions and Whites’ largess via taxes, sweat, and blood on—and a dual legal system that grants special latitude to—non-Whites. For now. In their own countries, however, self-determination is not allowed. Any nation that tries to wander off the neo-liberal plantation is either destroyed or quickly brought to heel, or else feels the combined weight of the globalist establishment in the form of economic sanctions, media vilification, espionage, et cetera. Remember when Bolivia’s former President Evo Morales cut ties with Israel and recognized Palestine as a sovereign state? Well, one of the first moves of the “new government” after the American-, Brazilian-, and Israeli-backed coup was successful in November 2019 was to “normalize” relations with Israel; the reader may recall concurrent “unrest” in Venezuela fomented by the globalist axis as well the presence of IDF forces on Brazilian soil in January 2019 under the pretense of a “search-and-rescue” mission. (Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is extremely close with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.) If you believe these events are all happening independent of each other then I have a Joe Rogan podcast for you to listen to!

The ultimate goal is the erasure of all distinct groups of people into a global mélange of deracinated serfs, minus one group of course. They bemoan terrorism in the country they stole, yet facilitate it abroad! In addition to the Jewish role in transformative immigration across the West, their use of the Western military apparatus to wreck and Balkanize every non-compliant country in the Middle East and increasingly South America has generated millions of real refugees who have to go somewhere right? And those numbers are then of course swollen by multiples with subsidized economic migrants.

Go to Part 3.

[1] Mannon, Susan E., et al., “Keeping Them in Their Place: Migrant Women Workers in Spain’s Strawberry Industry,” September 2, 2011, International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture & Food, Vol. 19, No. 1, p. 84.

[2] According to HIAS, “In 1891, Jewish residents of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev were expelled and many came to America. Ellis Island was the place of entry for these new arrivals. The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society was there to facilitate legal entry, reception and immediate care for them.” According to their Wikipedia entry, “Working with the U.S. government, the government of Israel, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and a host of non-governmental organizations, HIAS assists refugees with U.S. resettlement and follows through with immigrant integration and citizenship programs…In the United States, HIAS helps resettle refugees from around the world through a national affiliate network of Jewish agencies. It coordinates resettlement services, provides extensive integration and citizenship programs for Russian speaking refugees and immigrants, and gives scholarships to refugees. HIAS also advocates for immigration laws with a network of Jewish, interfaith, and other partners in Washington, DC and nationwide. Additionally, HIAS promotes educational initiatives that encourage Jewish communities to engage in refugee aid and services…In Latin America, HIAS provides full-service counseling, legal services, and humanitarian assistance for Colombian refugees fleeing to Ecuador and Venezuela. It also facilitates the resettlement and integration of refugees in Argentina and Uruguay. HIAS opened its newest Latin American office in Costa Rica, in February 2017… In Vienna and Kyiv, HIAS helps Jews and others from 43 countries receive protection and seek asylum or resettlement. In 2016 HIAS opened an office on the Greek island of Lesvos to provide legal services for refugees arriving by sea, predominantly from Syria.”

[3] Sieff, Kevin, “The migrant debt cycle,” November 4, 2019. The Washington Post.

A Fish Called Wakanda, Part 1

“You’ll say we’ve got nothing in common
No common ground to start from
And we’re falling apart
You say the world has come between us
Our lives have come between us
Still I know you just don’t care…

So what now? It’s plain to see we’re over”–Deep Blue Something, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

Reliably, right when discontent with selectively-enforced lockdowns and the collapsed fake economy was approaching a boiling point, the media lapdogs dutifully stepped in with a pair of incidents meant to distract from the real issues at hand and continue to stoke Black racial grievances and anti-White sentiment. I’ll admit, I do not know all the details nor am I here to weigh in on exactly what happened, as the specifics vary even though they generally adhere to a specific formula: The vast majority of the time, the White (or “White Hispanic” as the case may be) perpetrator or perpetrators is/are being railroaded for an incident taken out of context and wildly distorted by the media, be it edited 911 calls, conveniently neglecting to report that there were the two other people who complied with the police officers and did not resist and were thusly not beaten, or claims of leisurely jogs in work boots cut short in a hail of White bullets. It is the narrative archetype, its function, and its timing that are important to understand, not whether the media lies and pre-programmed “activists” like LeBron James start whining on Twitter. That is a given.

As Jean Raspail wrote, “The important thing about oppression, if you’re going to keep it panting in the public eye without killing it outright, is to make sure there’s plenty of variety.” So the narrative and the course of events follow a predictable pattern while the details and the specifics change just enough that it feels novel if you’ve been sufficiently programmed, which unfortunately a huge number of people have been, through various mechanisms including but not limited to the media. The narrative supersedes all facts; in fact, the narrative usually exists in direct opposition to the facts.

Myself and others have spilled a lot of ink over the consequences of the manufactured coronavirus that got away from the Chinese lab operating with significant US funding, including the sudden evaporation of tens of millions of jobs, the consequences of the outsourcing of virtually all industry, cavalier governance and insider trading, and the fact that the US military will not accept anyone in the future who’s contracted the coronavirus, which leads to some rather uncomfortable questions that are beyond the purview of this piece. Most crucially, however, all of these aspects are of a piece, and they add up to the exposure of just how fragile the neo-liberal system is and what mechanisms function to continue its predominance. Americans are rightly furious, and the distractions are necessary to pull attention away from gross malfeasance and the fact that the government itself exists to do the bidding of the capitalist class. This has been the case for over a century, but the rendering of America into a portfolio asset has intensified with the commitment to neo-liberalism and the erosion and often erasure of points of resistance, both within the government and the general population. Much of this lies with the importation of millions of proxies, but many average Americans have also been indoctrinated, and the general default to squishy liberalism and crony capitalism as a given is a major issue. Any premise that starts with liberalism and especially neo-liberal economics as its baseline is doomed to fail.


Poland, which has resisted European Union “refugee” quotas and large-scale immigration for the most part, nevertheless stands poised to make the same suicidal decision to start importing “temporary workers” just as Germany, the US, the UK, and many other Western nations before them have in the name of a “worker shortage” and various other thin justifications for the corporatocracy to pad its bottom line. Indeed, the economists are adamant: old, White Europe and its progeny need infinity immigrants to buoy their economies. Stefan Hardege, head of labor market and immigration at the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK), agrees that the 260,000 annual equatorial imports calculated by Bertelsmann Stiftung’s migration report is “realistic.” From this year, Germany has announced plans to bring in an increase of 25,000 “specialized” workers per year of non-EU origin. Sounds an awful lot like the American H-1B visa, which is a total scam. There is a veritable plethora of various visas in America designed to import as much scab labor as possible (not to mention the “investor” visas, student visas, chain migration, illegal alien migrant labor, et cetera, et cetera). According to Michał Wysocki, an expert on immigration law, Poland’s major companies increasingly prefer to hire workers directly because “those employers who invest in importing a foreign worker from so far want to create a bond between them and a company so that they can stay in Poland and bring…their families over.” As Marta Kucharska writes:

In 2017, Poland granted residency to 683,000 foreigners, according to Eurostat— one-fifth of all such permits issued across all the EU-28 member states and by far the biggest number for a single country. Eighty-seven per cent of those visas were for work. In addition, according to the OECD International Migration Outlook 2019, Poland has welcomed a record number of migrants in recent years: in 2017, with 1.1 million registered migrant workers, Poland was the world’s top destination for temporary migration, ahead of the United States. Despite receiving record numbers of labour migrants, Poland still needs more workers to power its booming economy – 1.5 million more by 2025, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers.[1]

Most of these migrants have traditionally come from other European countries, albeit poorer ones, such as the Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, and Belarus, but the “pull” factor of higher wages and the easing of visa-free entry to Ukrainians to the EU has found workers pushing west. Consequently, this manufactured “need” has unsurprisingly found a goldmine in the fecund Third World. Kucharska continues:

The number of Asian workers in Poland is currently still small but this is expected to increase significantly in the coming years. According to data from the Ministry of Labour seen by Equal Times, the second highest number of work permits granted to a single country in 2018 went to 22,336 Nepalese workers. … In addition, 10,002 Bangladeshi workers and 9,706 Indian workers were granted work permits in the same year. … There are small numbers of foreign nationals from Africa and even smaller numbers from the Middle East who were granted work permits in 2018…but existing recruitment networks in south-east Asia make the region an ideal source for qualified workers. … The hiring of overseas workers is unlikely to stop anytime soon, especially as business representatives are currently lobbying the government to ease the procedures for hiring migrant workers. The Polish embassy in New Delhi, for example, which covers India, Nepal and Bangladesh, currently has more visa applications than it can process. As a result, many recruitment agencies are now pinning their hopes on workers from the Philippines to fill jobs in the IT sector and workers from Vietnam to fill vacancies in factories and construction. “When we take into consideration the needs on the market resulting from demographics, the emigration of Poles and the labour shortfall, Poland has no choice but to bring in workers from Asia,” says Grzegorz Tokarski, a private sector expert and CEO at Filipino Overseas Workers recruitment company.[2]

Obviously this influx serves an ideological function as the ruling class’s orientation is obviously anti-White (Kucharska’s article quotes a “migrant” complaining about “racism” and a dearth of “diversity,” as according to imported invoice analyst Latika Bhardwaj, “Poland is not used to brown and Black immigrants”) yet without confronting the economic aspect, we stand no chance. Despite Poland’s avowed resistance to fake refugees being dumped within its borders by the EU, it is being eaten from within by a push to “internationalize” and feed the neo-liberal economic machine with cheap, disposable labor:

“Workers from Asia are solid, thorough and accurate, the result of their Asian upbringing,” claims a recruiter named ‘Jack’ from Gdańsk, pitching his services as a recruiter of workers from Nepal, Bangladesh and India on the jobs board of Lento.pl. “They are good at doing repetitive physical jobs, requiring manual skills, stamina and attention.” Jack offers companies a ‘try before you buy’ guarantee – if after a month, a labourer doesn’t meet the employer’s requirements, the company will get another worker without bearing any costs. Equal Times also saw an advert from JDM Poland, a recruitment agency from Warsaw, advertising migrant workers on Gumtree as being “100% available and willing to work more than 200 hours per month”. According to the Polish Labour Code, as a rule, working time may not exceed an average of 40 hours in a five-day working week. The agency assures prospective employers that “overtime is at the same rate [as normal pay]”. Grzegorz Sikora, communications director for the Trade Unions Forum (FZZ), tells Equal Times: “We are dealing with the next stage of the post-colonial world division”. While trade unions acknowledge that Poland needs migrant labour, the concern is that “the policy of hiring and the management of these workers does not meet European standards”. Social dumping, as well as the driving down of wages and working standards are all dangers that the unions are trying to prevent. “The further east Poland hires its workforce, the graver the problem becomes,” says Sikora.[3]


I’ve addressed this economic aspect in great detail with The Way Life Should Be? with Maine as a microcosm, and as we can see, it truly is a microcosm for the Western world. Like Poland, Romania’s economy is experiencing a major uptick, and yet despite the “increasing pressure on employers to find skilled workers in order to expand their businesses, recent official data show Romania is far from being considered in a ‘workforce crisis’ situation.” Nevertheless, the imports have begun to increase with the usual thin justifications. As Sorin Melenciuc reports:

Romania issued work permits during the first two months of this year [2018] for 1,174 foreign employees which came mainly from Vietnam, Turkey, Nepal, China and Serbia, according to General Inspectorate for Immigration data sent to Business Review. Morocco, Bangladesh and Brazil enter for the first time in the top 10 countries of origin in Romanian statistics regarding foreign workers. These figures show a record request for foreign employees in Romania, where businesses struggle with workforce shortages in sectors such as construction, HORECA or logistics. … But the real number of foreign workers in Romania is much higher, due to unreported work. “We mention that during the year 2017, the police officers of the General Inspectorate for Immigration carried out 994 actions and controls on the fight against illegal work, at 1,559 companies, which resulted in the detection of 515 foreigners who were engaged in non-legal gainful activities,” General Inspectorate for Immigration said to Business Review.[4]

Shortfall, shortfall, shortfall: in 2019, Hungary issued 75,000 work permits to Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, and Ukrainian nationals. And yet, as SNB Romanian trade union head Dumitru Costin states, the employers are abusive toward their scab labor who are “much, much cheaper than the local[s]” and that “it is obvious that they will obey without flinching and work unpaid overtime for fear of being sent back to their country.” Hungarian construction worker union head Gyula Pallagi states that employers “exploit the language barriers by faking even their working papers,” and Zoltan Laszlo, the head of the Hungarian Metallurgical Trade Union, says that employees are often pushed to work under less-than-ideal conditions under the threat of being “easily replaceable” with Mongolians or Vietnamese.[5]

Germany and the Czech Republic.

The rhetoric is all-too-familiar; for Jens Kastner (this is a longer quote, but worth excerpting at length):

The Czech Republic and Germany are also trying to attract workers from the Philippines and other Asian countries to fill local positions, as their labor markets face aging populations, a brain drain and lower birthrates. Analysts say that Slovakia, Hungary and Romania will also be forced to open their doors to Asian workers. … Some analysts estimate that Poland will face a shortage of four million workers by 2030. As such, the government is particularly keen to attract Filipino workers to its IT, construction and medical sectors, including caregivers for the elderly. “The Deputy Labor Minister [Stanislaw] Szwed has approached us, and in early August we responded with a draft agreement stipulating the protection mechanisms we expect for Filipino workers, which will hopefully be signed during the remainder of this year,” said Patricia Ann V. Paez, Philippine ambassador to Poland, in a recent interview with the Nikkei Asian Review. … Paez said: “Poland will be an attractive destination for our workers due to its strong labor rights, the shared Catholic faith and strong family values, the only possible drawback being the cold weather.” … The Czech Republic has the lowest unemployment rate in the EU of 3.1% and is facing a shortfall of 310,000 workers. To this end, the government loosened immigration rules for Filipino and Mongolian workers in January. It will now take Filipinos just three months from the time of job application to landing in the Czech Republic, half the time it used to take…From Mongolia, the Czech Republic is hoping to draw in workers in the meat-processing and dairy industries. Both countries signed an agreement in November to train Mongolian workers in those sectors. Vladan Raz, a Czech recruiter with Manila-based EDI Staffbuilders International, said that he is looking to employ Filipinos for local e-commerce platform Alza for a variety of logistics positions. He is also preparing to recruit Filipinos for Czech Airlines Technics and German wholesaler Metro Cash & Carry. … In Germany, the “Triple Win Project” agreed between both countries in 2013 is also coming to fruition, with one of the major hospital operators, Asklepios, welcoming its first six Filipino intensive care and surgery nurses in July, and another 253 to follow in the coming months [2018]… Daniela Zampini, an employment specialist for Central and Eastern Europe at the International Labor Organization, said that acute labor shortages in some industries may push the private sector to challenge some governments’ anti-immigration stance. Zampini pointed to Hungary as an example. Construction wages there have been growing at double-digits year-on-year, pushing industry associations to pressure the government to open the door to more Asians to keep costs low.[6]

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The Shadow Over England: H.P. Lovecraft and the Conflict between Civilization and Savagery

Howard Phillips Lovecraft, born 130 years ago on August 20 and dead only 46 years later, continues to be one of the most prominent American writers of horror fiction, and his ideas form a key part of popular culture. Along with fiction, rock music, and numerous films, at least 60 video games have shown the influence of his work. One reason for this is doubtless that the major themes of his “weird tales,” although superficially fantastic, were not so far from human realities which persist to this day.

Lovecraft’s work was undoubtedly influenced by his own personal experiences with mental health problems. When he was only two years old, his father, Winfield Scott Lovecraft, was institutionalized for mental problems apparently caused by syphilis, and five years later died in the institution. When Lovecraft was twenty-eight his mother Sarah Susan was committed to the same hospital and died there two years later. It has never been specified exactly what her condition was, although a neighbor recalled that she had spoken of seeing “weird and fantastic creatures.”

H. P. Lovecraft himself suffered from health problems which were never entirely understood. He was taken out of school several times in his youth, and at one point before graduating high school in 1908 he experienced what he described as a “nervous collapse.” He later wrote in a letter that he was still plagued by “intense headaches, insomnia, and general nervous weakness which prevents my continuous application to any thing.”

It is likely that he inherited a predisposition for mental illness from his mother. Considering this, it is easy to see how he developed an interest in some of the persistent themes in his work. Many of his characters lose their sanity, but mental illness is also analagous to two other connected themes in his work — inherited evils, which often persist over many generations and the conflict between civilization and savagery, both of which end in tragedy. Lovecraft’s focus on these themes can also be read as a comment on race and ethnicity. Although Lovecraft identified more with Anglo-Americans and the British than with the White race as a whole, his concerns were similar to many intellectuals of his generation concerned about immigration and culminating in the 1924 immigration restriction law. His concerns resonate with the racial tension experienced today by many White Americans and Europeans, who see their society as under long-term threat by backward outsiders.

These should be familiar to racially conscious readers today. Our society suffers from a multi-generational affliction which leads it to disregard the natural boundaries between groups of people. The results have already been tragic, eroding civilization and enabling barbarism.

“Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family” deals with a man whose ancestors have had an unusual appearance for several generations, as well as cases of insanity, severe disabilities and violence, including murder. Ultimately he discovers the cause — he is the descendant of a union between a man and an ape. The revelation drives him to suicide.

“The Rats in the Walls” deals with a man named Delapore who through a tragic fire is deprived of a sealed envelope from his father which was meant to inform him of a family secret. Three hundred years before, his ancestor Walter had murdered his entire immediate family; they had been so hated that he was able to escape punishment entirely. The cause of this crime, though, was still unknown.

The contemporary Delapore becomes curious about the house in which his ancestors lived and eventually leads a team of investigators into a hidden cavern beneath the cellar. He discovers that his ancestors had for centuries maintained an entire city of human cattle – people raised to be eaten. Some of them had even devolved to the point of walking on all fours. Walter’s crime, although it had led to the starvation of these people, had been excused because he had put a stop to the crimes of their masters.

Delapore is called into the darkness by the imagined sound of rats. He has increasingly strange and disjointed thoughts, and soon reverts to savagery. He attacks one of the party members and begins eating him, uttering a mix of human languages and gibberish, before being taken to an insane asylum. Those who take him away are heard whispering something about his “heredity,” as if he still carries a cannibal gene.

“The Dunwich Horror” deals with the two sons conceived by a monstrous alien creature, Yog-Sothoth, with a deformed human woman. One son, Wilbur, has grown to adulthood at more than twice the normal rate, and is widely shunned due to his animalistic appearance and terrible smell. His brother is invisible, but perpetually growing, feeding on live cattle until he fills the entire house in which he has been kept. It is implied that he even devours his mother. While attempting to break into a library to steal a magical spell book, Wilbur is killed by a guard dog; the animal is enraged by his strange odor. The invisible creature ultimately destroys the house and goes on a rampage, killing several families before being brought down through magical means.

All of the above deal with the degeneration of human beings to a more primitive level, and characterize the resulting barbarism as genetic. The Shadow Over Innsmouth, one of Lovecraft’s few book-length works, makes a similar point, but presents this as a deliberate attempt by an alien group to assimilate human beings into their society.

Innsmouth locals pursuing the main character in The Shadow Over Innsmouth (artist’s impression). Image credit: Joshua Hoffine, 2015.

Innsmouth is the fictional name given to a declining fishing village in Massachusetts. The narrator is on a visit to investigate his family history, but immediately finds something strange about the inhabitants. He ultimately learns that almost no one in the town is entirely human. His great-great-grandfather Obed Marsh established a cult which offered human sacrifices to a race of amphibious creatures known as the Deep Ones in exchange for delicious fish and exotic jewelry, which the impoverished town greatly desired. When the police arrested the cult members, the Deep Ones attacked the town and slaughtered much of the population, so the survivors agreed to continue the sacrifices. They also agreed to breed with the Deep Ones once they learned that this would make their descendants nearly immortal.

The result of this miscegenation is that, while usually born with a human appearance, the townspeople gradually change over the course of their lives to resemble the monstrous fish-like Deep Ones, and finally join them to live under the sea. The narrator ultimately realizes that the same is happening to him, as he is a descendant of Obed Marsh and a Deep One wife. His uncle Douglas had committed suicide to escape this fate, and he considers the same course of action. But like the townsfolk, he comes to accept his future under the sea, and even plans to bring his similarly transfigured cousin with him.

The Case of Charles Dexter Ward deals with a long-term curse perpetuated by those who are not physically alien, but only morally inhuman. Still, they manage to reach across many generations to bring disaster on the protagonist. It is the story of a young man by the same name who becomes obsessed with a distant ancestor by the name of Joseph Curwen. Curwen, unbeknownst to Ward, had committed many atrocities including torture and murder in a quest to resurrect the long-dead and extract information from them. Two other necromancers also worked with Curwen on this project and have somehow managed to survive through the intervening years until the time in which the story is set.

Before his own death, Curwen had made arrangements to magically influence subsequent generations so that one of his descendants would resurrect him. Curwen died in the eighteenth century, and Ward was born in the twentieth, but strangely the two look almost exactly alike. It is implied that Curwen meant for this to be the case.

Ward studies Curwen’s techniques, locates his remains, and manages to bring him back from the dead. Curwen, though, does not see eye-to-eye with Ward. The young man’s refusal to accept or participate in Curwen’s unethical methods soon leads to the elder necromancer murdering Ward and impersonating him to cover up the deed. The new “Ward” is so obviously out of place in the twentieth century that he is committed to a mental asylum.

The family doctor, who has been investigating the case, ultimately discovers the truth and confronts Curwen, using the necromancer’s own methods to return him to dust. During the course of his investigation, the doctor had accidentally resurrected an ancient enemy of Curwen’s. The latter’s co-conspirators are soon found dead themselves, and it is implied that this entity was responsible.

Even one of Lovecraft’s more fantastic themes, that of alien beings lying dormant for eons before awakening to menace mankind, is arguably another expression of the two themes already mentioned — civilization versus savagery and inherited evils. The threat the aliens pose is that of savagery overwhelming civilization, while much like the long-term genetic pollution in The Shadow Over Innsmouth, the threat persists unchanged, albeit in a dormant state, generation after generation.

Cthulhu, priest-king of the Great Old Ones (artist’s impression). Image credit: Andree Wallin, 2019.

In “The Call of Cthulhu” we learn that millions of years before homo sapiens emerged, creatures called the Great Old Ones had come to Earth from elsewhere. For reasons unknown, they exist in a sort of suspended animation; although their minds continue to function, their bodies lie still in their houses in a city which has now sunk beneath the ocean. They have strange mental abilities, and have been able to influence the dreams of men, giving rise to many cults around the world who worship them and their priest-king Cthulhu. This influence over humanity began at the beginning of civilization, and even when the Great Old Ones have lost contact with them, the cults still pass on their strange traditions. Thus it is another example of a long-term inherited evil.

Many of the cultists are so primitive or deranged that they cannot speak, but, from a particularly communicative one, investigators learn that they anticipate a time when they will conduct rituals to awaken the Great Old Ones. At this point mankind will already be in a chaotic and degenerate state, and the aliens, being similarly amoral, will goad humanity on in its mindless violence and hedonism.

At the Mountains of Madness describes an intelligent race called the Elder Things or Old Ones who, like the Great Old Ones, populated the earth long before mankind appeared. Explorers in their former territory in Antarctica find what they believe to be ancient remains of the Elder Things, but learn at the cost of several explorers’ lives that some of the creatures are still alive. Like the Great Old Ones, they have been resting for millions of years, and cause problems for those who wake them up.

The Elder Things not only pose a threat to those who discover them, but represent Lovecraft’s main themes in another way. They had created a race of slaves called the shoggoths, who represent the threat of barbarism and chaos in contrast with the more civilized Elder Things. Even their physical form is chaotic, as they are like enormous amoebas, changing their shape at will. The shoggoths were originally mindless drones, but after millions of years, some developed independent thinking and rebelled against their masters, sparking a war. Ultimately the Elder Things defeated and re-subjugated the shoggoths, although many of their own race were killed in the process. But the shoggoths still pose a threat; the human explorers barely escape being killed by one such creature themselves.

Shoggoth (artist’s depiction). Image credit: Nottsuo, 2016.

Beyond the psychological chaos and decay involved in degenerative conditions like syphilis and dementia, there are other real-world parallels with Lovecraft’s main themes. The most obvious is interracial marriage, now increasingly common, which Lovecraft found repellent and damaging to the gene pool. However, most people at the time shared his view, making the practice quite rare. A more pressing issue was the influence of other ethnic groups on Anglo-American culture.

Lovecraft was very attached to British culture, to the point of even rejecting American English. Partly due to the influence of various immigrant dialects on popular American speech, he considered contemporary trends in the language to be another case of uncivilized influences causing degeneration. He believed that his countrymen should write and speak as the British did, and expressed this view as president of the United Amateur Press Association. His father had held a similar view and affected a British accent, so that he was sometimes mistaken for an Englishman.

Lovecraft wrote during the first decades of the twentieth century, a time during which, as in the present day, immigration was a very prominent issue. Popular opposition to mass immigration was so high that it led to almost all immigration being cut off in 1924, particularly from Southern and Eastern Europe. Many immigrants around this time lived in informally segregated slums which harbored organized crime, and Lovecraft considered such people a barbarous threat to civilization. Today, similar feelings are evoked by “no-go zones” throughout Europe, where many people from alien cultures live without even a pretense of assimilation into the host society. Like the shoggoths, then and now, these unofficial outposts of foreign nations have been created and tolerated due to a desire for cheap labor and left-leaning votes, despite the risks they pose.

Shoggoths represent not only an uncivilized and potentially dangerous underclass, but the replacement of one group of people with others who are fundamentally different and can only imitate the original group’s culture superficially. In At the Mountains of Madness, the human explorers examine the carvings made on the walls of an area of a cavern inhabited by the Elder Things. They conclude that these were the product of a decadent civilization, but soon enter an adjacent area where the artwork is of a very different type. One explorer guesses that this new set of carvings was created after removing an earlier design, and they seem to be a parody of the others, created by tasteless and crude minds. The implication is that they were created by rebellious shoggoths who had invaded an area inhabited by the Elder Things, killed them, and replaced the original inhabitants’ art with their own mockery of it. These creatures had no culture of their own, nor even their own language, but could only manage a primitive imitation of that of their creators.

Of course, the peoples comprising the current replacement migration throughout the West do have cultures and languages of their own, and many would like these to replace those of the native people. They can superficially adopt their host country’s identity – for example, many of the offenders in the Rotherham rape gangs have British passports. But this is only a mockery of British identity, considering what they thought of British girls — members of an out-group to be victimized.

Even when newcomers to the West are not hostile, they are still fundamentally different from the native people, ethnically and culturally. Things like classical music or freedom of speech do not fit equally well in every nation around the world, but are an expression of the psychology of particular peoples. Even if they wished to, others could not carry on the same cultural traditions, whether aesthetic or political, in the same spirit. Only a decadent society, lacking a healthy sense of itself, would welcome them in large numbers. This was a common attitude in Lovecraft’s time, and is increasingly common today.

It is easy to point merely at the most sensational parallels to Lovecraft’s horror in the real world — our own people being preyed on by outsiders in a manner hardly more civilized than cannibalism, for instance. There is surely some kind of curse on our civilization, but the curse is not the atrocities we hear of in the news, but what lies at the root of them.

Everywhere in the West we see a loss of connection with our nation, race, and spirit – everything which would motivate us to set boundaries between ourselves and others and act in our own defense. In their place, we get cheap consumer goods and “diversity.” Lovecraft saw the beginnings of this, calling the modern era “one of frank decadence,” but would have been shocked to see how far it has now advanced. Some say that this is a genetic weakness of Western white people, and in any case many parents pass it down to their children. But our quality of life, and most importantly our spirit, depends on our ability to resist it.