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The Way Life Should Be? Vol. VI: The Way Life Should Be Critiqued

Never Again Is Now, protestors affiliated with Jewish Activists in Maine (JAM) are adamant that you understand. The Jewish Executive Director of the Capital Area New Mainers Project (CANMP) Chris Myers Asch agrees:

Like many Jews in central Maine, I felt connected to the Jews at the Tree of Life not only through our shared faith but also through our shared commitment to welcoming refugees into our communities. I work with the Capital Area New Mainers Project (CANMP, pronounced “camp”), a local nonprofit that welcomes immigrants and works to build a thriving, integrated community here. Temple Beth El was a founding partner of CANMP, and Jews represent a disproportionate share of our volunteers…On my computer, I proudly display a HIAS sticker that proclaims, “My people were refugees too.” For much of Jewish history, we have indeed been refugees, forced to flee from our homes as one authoritarian leader after another made us scapegoats for economic misery or political scandals. For me, and for many Jews, being a refugee is not part of the distant past. My grandmother, Berta Asch, escaped from Nazi Germany in the 1930s and made her way to America, a country that promised freedom, opportunity, and, above all, safety…We know what it is like to be driven from our homes, to be a stranger in a new land. That is why we place a high priority on “hachnasat orchim,” or “welcoming the stranger.” Embracing refugees and helping them grow comfortable in their new land is part of who we are as Jews. Our history and traditions help explain why Jews are so disproportionately represented in various social movements that seek to build a more just, more equal, more welcoming America. From gay rights to civil rights, Jews are on the front lines fighting for justice and working to help America live up to its ideals…Like other religious and racial minorities, we need allies and advocates in the broader community to stand with us, speak with us, and act with us as we battle against white supremacists, anti-Semites, and the politicians who encourage them [Ed.’s emphasis—this is a succinct one-sentence explanation of Jewish activism in the U.S with the understanding that “white supremacists” are Whites who identify as White and act to pursue the legitimate interests of White people]…Support the values of an egalitarian, inclusive, welcoming America all year long with your time, your money, and your votes. The Jews of central Maine — and all racial and religious minorities — need you.[1]

Based in Augusta, CANMP “embraces immigrants as New Mainers who bring much-needed diversity, energy, and vitality to our area.” It was the 2017 Irving J. Fain Award recipient from the Commission on Social Action of Reform Judaism. It is another of these 501(c)(3) tax-exempt “charitable organizations.” It is backed by the United Way of Kennebec Valley, one of the most active organizations in attempting to transform idyllic Maine into a cesspool. Once again we find the usual suspects providing financial support: TD Bank, 3M, Bank of America, Garmin, AT&T, Allstate, Eli Lilly, Bowdoin College, Bernstein Shur, FedEx, ConAgra Foods, TJ Maxx, Verrill Dana, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Key Bank, Unum, UPS, the University of Maine, IDEXX, General Electric, and Target. The United Way of Mid-Maine is partnered with—wouldn’t you know it!—Catholic Charities, the Jewish Alfond family, and the University of Maine. The United Way of Androscoggin County? That would be Catholic Charities, Bates College, and Pine Tree Legal Assistance (PTLA). Almost its entire board and staff is from the banking and investment sectors. The United Way of Greater Portland works with Catholic Charities, ILAP, LearningWorks, MaineHealth, the Opportunity Alliance, IDEXX, LL Bean, Unum, the John T. Gorman Foundation, Texas Instruments, Verrill Dana, Sappi, Bank of America, ON Semiconductor, Bernstein Shur, UPS, Drummond Woodsum, and the University of Southern Maine. The following organizations have representatives on their Board of Directors: Verrill Dana, Portland Public Schools (Xavier Botana), Unum, the John T. Gorman Foundation, Bernstein Shur, MaineHealth, Lincoln Financial, Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce, TD Bank, LL Bean, IDEXX, American Roots Wear, and the University of Southern Maine. The Jewish Community Alliance (JCA) works closely with the University of Southern Maine. The Harvey and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation is another major donor to the United Way, as are a number of other Jewish groups.

Again and again and again you’ll find Jewish fingerprints all over the push to throw America’s borders wide open, and once again in our study of their efforts to transform Maine we find the same bedfellows of Jewish Money Power. The World Affairs Council of Maine, located on the University of Southern Maine’s Portland campus, seeks to educate students to become “global citizens” and have held symposia “problematizing” nationalism, advocating for free trade and the movement of refugees and other migrants into the West, “liberal democracy” for Eastern Europe, climate change, and “women’s issues.” They are partnered with Verrill Dana, Bernstein Shur, HeadInvest, Maine North Atlantic Development Office, Maine International Trade Center, Unum, Global Ties USA, the World Affairs Councils of America, and the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE). Another representative organization is Maine Initiatives, part of MaineShare, a 501(c)(3) partnered with the Maine People’s Alliance, Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), Center for Community Change (CCC), and National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA), which seeks to “end family separation, build resistance and a unified front, and protect and defend Maine’s immigrants and their families” from the U.S. president Nazi-in-chief Blormpf. Their cohort all have a similar mission and are all part of this vast matrix of organizations dedicated to White population replacement. Maine Initiatives has dispensed over $3.5 million-worth of grants in the last twenty-five years. Their Board President is the Jewish Suzy Sonenberg, and the Jewish “community organizer” Charlie Bernstein recently served as Executive Director. The Jewish Communal Fund, with an obscene $300 million in annual dispensable charitable assets, is another financier of organizations active in undermining the way life should be, such as the Jewish Federation of Portland, the NAACP, the National Immigration Forum, Inc., Media Matters, HIAS, CJP-Boston, the American Jewish Committee, and the ADL, as well as Bates College.

Maine’s community college system is also corrupted, and works in tandem with a host of groups and organizations to push the immigration agenda in various forms; this is little surprise given their major sources of their funding: the Jewish Alfond family, Key Bank, the John T. Gorman Foundation, the Jewish S. Donald Sussman, Bernstein Shur, the Sam L. Cohen Foundation, Unum, TD Bank, Verrill Dana, Nancy Cohen, Elaine Rosen, Pratt & Whitney, LL Bean, IDEXX, Bank of America, Walmart, Shimon Cohen and Rosa Galva de Cohen, Elmina B. Sewall Foundation, and Poland Spring Division of Nestlé Waters North America.

At the four-year university level, Colby College is one of the state’s premier liberal arts schools. Colby’s Maine Jewish History Project, which “promotes sustained Jewish studies programming in small to mid-sized communities” and multi-cultural advocacy derives its funding primarily from Legacy Heritage Fund, Ltd., run by the Jewish Susan Wexner, sister of Les Wexner. Legacy Heritage Fund’s CPO, Ari Rudolph, has previously been on the Board of Directors of HIAS, and has worked for the Jewish Community Relations Council and the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Department for Combating Antisemitism. The Legacy Heritage Fund has an endowment of $25 million and has given substantial funding to the David Project based out of Newtonville, Massachusetts for educational programming relating to the state of Israel on college campuses.” The Legacy Heritage Fund’s Board is almost exclusively Jewish and hails from the legal and financial sectors of the economy.

Colby College’s Center for Small Town Jewish Life National Advisory Board includes Ellie Miller: board member of the Sam L. Cohen Foundation, former president of Temple Beth El, and, until the fall of 2017, Executive Director of the Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine. She also served for 28 years as Assistant Director of Pine Tree Legal Assistance. The Board also includes David Pulver, President of Cornerstone Capital, Inc., a private investment company. Cornerstone is of note because, much like other groups such as Legacy Heritage Fund, Ltd., it brings a profit-motive to what appear to be philanthropic endeavors, a cornerstone—if you’ll pardon the pun—approach of neo-liberal capital, colloquially called “Woke Capital,” moving forward. The self-described “Jewish lesbian” (but she repeats herself) Erika Karp is the CEO and founder of Cornerstone Capital Group. We will be returning to Karp and the idea of “philanthropic capitalism” in this series’ final piece.

With funding from Berman & Simmons and partnered with the University of Maine Law School, Pine Tree Legal Assistance (PTLA), Maine Equal Justice Partners (MEJP), and the Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project (ILAP), the Maine Justice Foundation counts among its bar members Joe Bornstein, Howard H. Dana of Verrill Dana, Kenneth W. Lehman of Bernstein Shur, James I. Cohen, and Jewish State Senator Roger Katz. William Harwood of Verrill Dana, LLP is its president, and its mission is identical to those of the aforementioned individuals and institutions. Immigration law is big business and we see many of the big players getting involved in the “activism” side for this very reason.

Potential employers also understand the benefits of the current system. The New Mainers Resource Center (NMRC) in Portland facilitates potential employers’ access to migrant labor under, naturally, the guise of humanitarianism and “diversity.” Greater Portland has around 20,000 refugees (double the number of just six years ago) and immigrants from 82 different countries. Portland, mind you, is by far Maine’s largest city with just 67,000 people, so this is a huge percentage of migrants we are talking about. NMRC helps expedite asylum applications to get these people into the workforce. Partner organizations include: the City of Portland, Coastal Enterprises, Inc. (CEI), Catholic Charities, Bernstein Shur, New Mainers Fund, Bank of America, John T. Gorman Foundation, the People of Color Fund, Key Bank, MaineHealth, Barber Foods, Welcoming Immigrant Network, Diversity Hiring Coalition, LearningWorks, H&R Block, Maine Immigrant Rights Coalition (MIRC), Asylum Seekers Working Group, Francis Hotel, Bowdoin College, Residence Inn Marriott, Taco Bell, Pratt Abbott, Tyco, and ON Semiconductor. In a one-year stretch, they had over 2,000 migrants, asylum seekers, and the like enrolled in their programs, most of whom were from sub-Saharan Africa or Iraq.

All of that said, a huge percentage of these people do not actually work; in 2009, for example, the national refugee employment rate was between 31.3%-47.1%, depending on the survey. 84% of refugees from the Middle East used public assistance. The employment rate for those from the Middle East was 29.1% and from Africa 38.3%, which, along with Haiti and Jamaica, is predominantly where Maine has been sourcing its would-be scab labor from for the past fifteen years. Somali unemployment in Lewiston has consistently hovered around 50% since they started arriving.

Nevertheless, this is a good thing because supposedly Maine has too many old White people and needs those industrious migrants. No worries because the state will pick up the tab for Sam Hyde’s “Permanent Leisure Underclass,” padding the bottom lines of the major corporations by subsidizing low wages. That the economic factors that produced the conditions of an aging and/or absent workforce in the first place are to blame is willfully ignored, and the “necessity” of importing an entirely new population to fill these jobs a direct consequence of neo-liberal economics. A necessity it is not, nor is it even desirable for the people of Maine, or any other state or country for that matter. Only a small few stand to gain while the rest are pitted in economic competition against each other and, so distracted with growing resentments,[2] fail to see who has engineered the entire process in the first place.

[1] https://www.centralmaine.com/2018/11/01/community-compass-stand-with-us-for-a-different-america/

[2] Because when you import large numbers of people and inculcate a doctrine of multi-culturalism, which always leaves the host population ceding ground, the new population won’t try to change their new environs at all, right? Isn’t it also interesting that a mass infusion of alien people—each more low-IQ and violent than the last—has led to Portland and Lewiston’s public schools being among the most segregated in the nation? Jewish College of the Atlantic adjunct professor Steve Wessler blames Lewiston’s uptick in violence on whites. You see how that works, right?

The Way Life Should Be? Vol. V: Bad Blood

“As usual, Jews see refugee issues in terms of their own history and perceived interests, not what’s good for the country or its traditional White majority, and ignoring the fraud and economic motives. ‘The Jewish people know what it means to be turned away and to be denied protection.”—Kevin MacDonald

We continue now with the vast network of individuals and organizations working to “diversify” the state of Maine, maintaining our focus in this installment on the outsized Jewish role in the process.[1] Colby College in Waterville, Maine held a conference in 2015 entitled, “Maine Migrations, Past and Present,” organized in conjunction with Colby’s Maine Jewish History Project and co-sponsored by the NAACP, Catholic Charities, Documenting Maine Jewry, and the Jewish Community Alliance (JCA) of Southern Maine, along with several other organizations. Among the presentations were: “Art, immigrant history, and political engagement” by the Jewish Jo Israelson, Compagna-Sennett Artist-in-Residence at Colby College whose research and art seek to raise awareness of historical Jews in Maine who have helped to “welcome the stranger”; “Children of Holocaust Survivors”; “German Jews of Bangor, 1849-1856”; “Jews in Lewiston-Auburn during the early 20th century” by David Freidenreich, the Pulver Family Associate Professor of Jewish Studies at Colby College and director of its Jewish studies program; and the “Refugees and Asylum-Seekers” symposium moderated by David Greenham, Associate Director of The Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine, featuring presentations on the experiences of refugees and asylum-seekers in Maine from Somalia and Burundi, the “experiences of Soviet Jewish Refugees,” and a joint presentation by Catherine Yomoah of the Maine State Office of Multicultural Affairs and Tarlan Ahmadov, the State Refugee Coordinator for Catholic Charities of Maine on refugee resettlement and asylum trends. Greenham has been organizing seminars in the state capital this summer to educate teachers on how to teach the Holocaust and slavery, and how to incorporate advocacy for immigrants’ rights into their lesson plans; there were also “anti-bias” training sessions.

The Maine Jewish Film Festival (MJFF) works with Colby College, the University of Maine Law School, University of Southern Maine, MECA,[2] Bates College, the Maine ACLU, Portland NAACP, the Museum of African Culture, EqualityMaine, Interfaith Youth Alliance, and The Holocaust and Human Rights Center. Among 2019’s distinguished guests were included:

·        Lana Alman, HIAS board member, former legal adviser to illegal alien minors, and, as Lead Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton, Lana focuses on projects related to healthcare and immigration, recently overseeing a team of Spanish-language writers and translators for Obamacare to ensure that millions of Spanish-speaking consumers had access to healthcare.

·        Alison Beyea, Executive Director at the ACLU of Maine and former employee of the University of Maine Law School.

·        Shenna Bellows, state senator and Executive Director of The Holocaust and Human Rights Center; she led the ACLU of Maine as Executive Director for eight years and served as Interim Executive Director for LearningWorks, where Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling served as CEO for 19 years. Most recently, Bellows owned a nonprofit consulting firm providing services to a range of nonprofit organizations ranging from the Maine Women’s Lobby to the Maine Immigrants’ Rights Coalition. She was a key leader on the successful 2012 marriage equality campaign and co-chaired the successful 2011 statewide ballot campaign to restore same day voter registration.

·        Lisa Mayer, former Madison Avenue denizen now residing in Auburn, Maine and contributor to the Jewish Daily Forward and the Huffington Post.

With funding from Hyatt, the Law Offices of Joe Bornstein, the Consulate General of Israel to New England, HeadInvest, Epstein Commercial Real Estate, Alliance Bernstein, Colby College Center for Small Town Jewish Life, Documenting Maine Jewry, the Sam L. Cohen Foundation, the Robert and Dorothy Goldberg Foundation, the Moser Family Foundation, Jewish Community Alliance, the Bernard A. Osher Foundation, the Lunder Foundation, the Morris J. and Betty Kaplun Foundation, and the Albert B. Glickman Family Foundation, the MJFF:

supports dialogue and engagement across the state by providing a forum for the discussion and exploration of challenging issues…through [its] educational outreach programs and community partnerships, [it] strives to educate and inspire a diverse audience…In recent years, waves of immigration and shifting demographics have reshaped many parts of our state. MJFF regards these changes as an opportunity to create programming and events that celebrate and build community within an increasingly diverse population…Through new outreach initiatives and strategic partnerships [it] will continue to expand [its] reach and remain at the vanguard of Maine’s cultural community.

The MJFF’s Board of Directors includes representatives of financial institutions, such as Aurora Financial Group Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer, and Investment Advisor Kim Volk. It also includes lawyer Randi Greenwald, short-time Maine resident and volunteer on Obama for Maine and Hillary for Maine Finance Committees, Maine Immigrants Rights Coalition (MIRC), and “other social justice efforts through Congregation Bet Ha’am.”

This phenomenon of out-of-state Jews (to say nothing of the affiliated banks, firms, corporations, and other organizations) relocating to Maine and promptly working to transform their new environs to become more “cosmopolitan” was introduced in the previous installment of this series, and is a pattern of Jewish behavior at least 3,000 years old. Once again Maine serves as a perfect microcosm. Judith Sloan, who is Jewish, is from New York and was drawn to Maine from summering there. She is an immigration advocate and does performances of “Stories of Migration, Refuge and Finding Home. … Co-sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Church of Brunswick and Beth Israel Congregation in Bath…[with] proceeds to benefit EarSay’s work with immigrant youth and the The Midcoast New Mainers Support Group…an interfaith collaborative offering resettlement support to asylum seekers and refugees in the Bath-Brunswick area.” Also in collaboration is New Mainers Speak, a pro-immigration and -diversity radio show which advocates for the “internationalization” of Maine. Another New Yorker, Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling, was the catalyst for this entire series.

Strimling, it may surprise you to learn, is Jewish, and is not the city’s first Jewish mayor. “Coincidentally” James I. Cohen, attorney specializing in banking and financial services, oversaw Portland becoming the home to the largest community of Sudanese in the United States in his brief stint as mayor of the city. Strimling has ties to the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) party, and just 22% of his re-election campaign donations so far have come from Portland residents and businesses. Major Strimling donors in this campaign cycle include: the Jewish Jeffrey “Sleazy” Solomon, Democratic candidate for the Florida State House of Representatives, Miami-Dade County, lobbyist, grifter, and tax evader; the Jewish Marc I. Gross, senior counsel at Pomerantz LLP in New York, board member of T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights, and President-Elect of the Institute for Law and Economic Policy (ILEP), a 501(c)(3) we will return to in a later piece; Jewish psychiatrist Marc Shinderman; the Jewish Marc Cohen, Executive Chairman of C4 Therapeutic, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bublup, Inc. and COBRO Ventures, Inc., co-founder and Chairman of Acetylon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and ONCOPEP, Inc., and co-founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of OPNET Technologies, Inc.; Roberta Lipsman, Project Coordinator of the United Way of Greater Portland; Kenneth Lewis, Senior Director of MaineHealth; Yusuf Yusuf and Abdullahi Ali of Gateway Community Services; Amod Damle, Senior Recruiter for MTS Systems, a company that relies heavily on H-1B visas; the Jewish attorney Joe Bornstein; Tae Chong of Coastal Enterprises, Inc. (CEI) and Catholic Charities; L’Africana Market LLC; Immanuel Herrmann, digital strategist for the notorious left-wing organization MoveOn.org; notorious political consultant Rich Schlackman; Tim Shannon, attorney at Verrill Dana LLP; Suzanne Botana, wife of Xavier Botana, who is on the Board of Directors for the United Way of Greater Portland and is the Superintendent of Portland’s Public Schools (“as a Cuban refugee, Botana is proud of his district’s diversity”); and Linda Larkin, voice of Princess Jasmine in Disney’s Aladdin (1992).

Strimling is quite the piece of work. While running for office in 2016, Strimling was carrying on an affair with his campaign manager Stephanie Clifford, spending his nights at the Hyatt Place in Portland, where rooms cost close to $1,000 a week. It gets better, as Chris Busby reports:

Clifford is a partner and president of Baldacci Communications, a public relations and lobbying firm [my note: they have donated heavily to Strimling’s reelection bid campaign]. One of her two co-partners is Bob Baldacci, the former governor’s brother and a real estate developer who previously led a high-profile effort to redevelop the publicly owned Maine State Pier. The firm’s lengthy client list includes Cate Street Capital, Central Maine Power, the National Resources Council of Maine, and numerous political figures of the past and present. Baldacci Communications continues to do work for Strimling, but the mayor said their role is now limited to filing campaign finance reports. Strimling recently raised the issue of revisiting development of the Maine State Pier. Up till now, his discussions about this inside or outside City Hall have taken place without the participants’ knowledge that Strimling has a romantic relationship with the business partner of one of the prime movers behind the previous effort to privatize this public asset.[3]

Strimling’s co-ethno-religionist James I. Cohen, mayor of Portland from 2005-06, is a partner at Verrill Dana LLP. We will see—and have seen—Verrill Dana crop up again and again throughout this series. Verrill Dana has a robust infrastructure for immigration law, supporting the obtainment of green cards and H-1B visas, corporate Petitions for Immigrant Workers (I-140 petitions) with USCIS to sponsor beneficiaries for U.S. permanent resident status, and the like. It is unsurprising they would have a vested interest in the presence of more immigrants and refugees in Maine. Verrill Dana donates large sums of money to pro-immigration groups such as the United Way, LearningWorks, the Campaign for Justice, Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project (ILAP), the Maine Civil Liberties Union, and the Maine Women’s Fund. Many of Verrill Dana’s attorneys serve on the board of directors or are trustees for organizations such as ILAP, Jackson Labs, MaineHealth, Pine Tree Legal Assistance (PTLA),[4] the Maine Chamber of Commerce, and the United Way.

A major organization to which Ethan Strimling financier Marc I. Gross belongs is T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights, whose mission statement is unanimously-echoed in some form by the Jewish organizations or affiliated organizations we’ve already covered in-depth (CJP-Boston, JCA, Catholic Charities, etc.) and the multitude we haven’t been able to due to length considerations (Lewiston-Auburn Jewish Federation, Portland NAACP, HIAS, the various Jewish congregations and synagogues, the ADL, Bates College, etc.):

The Torah teaches the obligation to love and care for the immigrant, just as God does… The ancient rabbis taught that the city of Sodom was considered the epitome of evil because the residents made laws prohibiting kindness to strangers. Welcoming immigrants and strangers remains a core Jewish value, as well as an American one. … Too many Jews died after being trapped in Europe after the U.S. borders closed in 1924 to Jews and members of other ethnic groups. We know that immigration policy can be a matter of life or death. T’ruah takes an immigrant-led, human-rights-based, and Jewishly-informed approach to immigration issues. We support comprehensive immigration reform in the United States that will provide a path to citizenship for our country’s 11 million undocumented immigrants…[We] oppose the use of the criminal justice system as a means of immigration enforcement…Campaign decisions are influenced by the direction of the movement from those most affected by immigration and refugee policies; we strive to ensure that our actions align with and further the goals of immigrant-led organizations.  Doing so strengthens the fabric of our interfaith, interracial, interclass society, and close collaboration demonstrates an understanding of immigrant communities as neighbors and friends — not as “others.” T’ruah works as part of an interfaith network to mobilize synagogues and other communities to protect those facing deportation or other immigration challenges. Through our Mikdash (Sanctuary) Network, communities pledge to take concrete actions, which may include legal support, housing, financial help, and other assistance for immigrants at risk of deportation. We connect congregations to local sanctuary networks, so that our communities can be in relationship with immigrant communities and with other communities of faith, and can provide the most effective support for neighbors facing immigration challenges.[5]

This is obvious sophistry to anyone aware of the “Jewish Question.” However, their propaganda is sufficiently effective as to deceive the majority of the goyim. Look no further than the Holocaust—which has become the supreme cultural icon of the West with the power to end any and all arguments related to diversity (again and again and again). Of course, no one ever invokes the Shoah when White minorities are dispossessed and slaughtered unless it’s to somehow implicate those Whites and justify their destruction.

The charade is not always so explicit, however; as Mark Steyn put it, “No one ever complains about the lack of French restaurants in Mogadishu,” but the (former) lack of Mogadishu in Acadian-French regions of Maine is a serious problem the Jewish organizations and neo-liberal establishment have been more than happy to rectify, even if it means destroying the Acadian-French ethnos. The ultimate erasure of this unique ethnicity with its own culture, heritage, and the like in the name of “diversity” is tragically just one more of the morbidly-perverse contradictions of laissez-faire genocide. As George W. Bush once taunted the Iraqis in his administration’s post-9/11 bloodbath by saying, when he may as well have been also talking about their decision to green-light the flood of Somalis into America: “Bring ’em on!” Would that we had a say in the matter, but in neo-liberal democracy that’s simply not possible.

Reposted with permission from The Anatomically Correct Banana.

[1] Though remember, there are ample non-Jewish beneficiaries of the neo-liberal machine. The Jews could not do this alone. In any case, what’s good for the Jews is virtually never good for the gander, though if one is willing to collaborate they might well enjoy the privileges of being a philo-Semitic courtier insofar as they remain useful.

[2] The Maine College of Art (MECA) sponsored an event entitled “Making Migration Visible: Traces, Tracks & Pathways,” with an infusion of funding from several Jewish philanthropic organizations; the tone of the event was very much in line with the seemingly-ubiquitous open borders propaganda we are being conditioned to believe, and there was, as one might expect, a heavy reliance on exhibits connecting the “Jewish experience” to the “struggles” of today’s state- and corporate-sanctioned arrivals to Maine. Some of these exhibits included “Dorothea Rabkin: Tragedy to Transformation” about Holocaust refugees; “Maine + Jewish: Two Centuries”; and a documentary series by the Jewish David Grubin “reflecting that ‘once, there was no such thing as an illegal immigrant. If you could get here, you could stay,’ Prof. [Donna] Gabaccia notes that, from the start of U.S. history, immigrants were recognized as necessary to the country’s economic growth.”

[3] https://thebollard.com/2016/02/24/the-strimling-affair/

[4] “Pine Tree Legal Assistance (PTLA) is a non-profit law organization dedicated to ‘providing high quality, free, civil legal assistance to low-income people in Maine.’ Committed to the principle that ‘all Mainers have access to justice,’ PTLA aims to ensure ‘that state and federal laws affecting poor people are enforced while also addressing the systemic barriers to justice that low-income Mainers face.’” https://www.lewistonmaine.gov/DocumentCenter/View/8885/REPORT—ImmigrantandRefugeeIntegrationandPolicyDevelopmentWorkingGroupFinalReport

[5] https://www.truah.org/positions/


The Way Life Should Be? Vol. IV: Bête Noir

At a recent symposium held at the University of Southern Maine (USM), “Economic Necessity: Workforce Development and Immigrant Integration,” the “necessity” of “internationalizing” Portland was echoed by a variety of figures from Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling to David Brenerman to David Zahn of Southern Maine Community College[1] who:

connected the college with various committees in the Portland metro area (Catholic Charities, One Westbrook, Maine Immigrant Rights Coalition, etc.). David was instrumental in initiating working relationships with numerous community partners allowing for innovative workforce training initiatives to develop between the college and other entities in the greater Portland, Maine region.

Also present were several representatives of the University of Southern Maine itself, Tae Chong of Coastal Enterprises, Inc. (CEI) and Catholic Charities (who “wants to see Portland rebranded as an international city, well-poised to compete for human capital; supports an Office of Globalization”), the Maine Immigrants Rights Coalition (MIRC), the Immigrant Legal Aid Project (ILAP), SIGCO, IDEXX, and the J.T. Gorman Foundation. The Jewish Brenerman, a Portland City Council member, concluded that a “broad-based collaborative” must:

Rebrand (my emphasis) Portland as a multicultural, international city…celebrating the mosaic of ethnicities and nationalities here…strengthen Portland’s image as multicultural and international…Maine International Trade Center…re-engineer (my emphasis) the work force pipeline…[expand] USM (and SMCC?) role with training ESL teachers…support including microfinancing (Opportunity Alliance, Living with Peace, CEI, Community Financial Literacy, Portland Development Corporation, SBA) and proactively connect to employers’ needs (Diversity Hiring Coalition)…Ensure optimal coordination of the many service providers.

These service providers are legion—many of them we’ve previously discussed, and many more will be detailed. They are absolutely essential to the vast matrix of “philanthropic capitalism,” a very Jewish concept we will be “unpacking,” to use their parlance, to a greater degree in the final installment of this series, “Get Woke, Shoah Invoke.” It should be abundantly clear by now that all of these organizations from the “charitable” to the state- and corporate-sponsored are inter-connected and their machinery is geared toward first splintering and then eradicating the native white populations of the Western world. Understanding the mechanisms they employ is absolutely essential to counter-acting their destructive agenda.

Despite the fact that immigration to White countries today is predicated on economic exploitation and racial animus, it is the host population, seeing their opportunities and way of life evaporate before them, who must adapt, who are “hateful” and must confront the “systemic racism” of a society built by their ancestors for “themselves and their posterity”—not imported peoples from the dark recesses of the equator.

In a recent paper published by Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, entitled “New Mainers’ Barriers to Access Healthcare,” twenty-five medical professionals were interviewed on “systemic bias and disparities” in healthcare in the state of Maine, despite the fact that, as one informant put it, “Immigrants don’t prioritize wellness.” Never let facts get in the way of a good narrative.

Now, something about the names of the interviewees stuck out to me: Abshiro Ali, Hassan Mahmoud, Ghassan Saleh, Tho Ngo, Asha Suldan, Nelida Burke, Dancille Nshimimana, Jovin Bayingana, Claude Rwaganje, Tarlan Ahmadov (State Refugee Coordinator for Catholic Charities of Maine), Damas Rugama, Mufalo Chitam (Executive Director of Maine Immigrants’ Rights Coalition[2]), Heritier Nosso, Hawa Abdouckader, Sana Osman, and Nadine Twagirayezu. Of the two authors, one, Darlene Ineza, is from Rwanda, and the other, Kathleen Fairfield, supervises a clinic that works with Catholic Charities to bring refugees into Portland. I cannot imagine what their bias might be. Naturally, according to the authors:

A perception of scarcity and isolationary beliefs sometimes lead to an environment of xenophobia. Multiple informants shared stories of implicit bias (my emphasis), stereotyping and prejudice by health care providers and community members towards New Mainers. This is particularly heightened for Muslim immigrants in the current political environment. The instances of violence in Lewiston’s Kennedy Park this summer are one example of this (my note: in a bit of Orwellian flair here, the authors have seen fit to re-cast the dynamic of violent interactions in Lewiston, as Kennedy Park’s violence is almost exclusively perpetrated by Somalis, not whites.)… By recognizing the power of societal structures in their own lives, and working on individual bias and stereotypes, then a medical provider can become more attuned and empathetic to a patient from a whole other culture and upbringing.[3]

Aside from the fact that the writing is atrocious, even for a paper such as this, the conclusions—totally expected, of course—are illustrative as a case-in-point. Similarly illustrative are two other notable names from the paper: “feminist scientist” Heather Shattuck-Heidorn, Lecturer in Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality at both Harvard University and the University of Southern Maine, and State Refugee Health Coordinator for the Office of Maine Refugee Resettlement (“I study how our biology is mediated and influenced by our environments — especially our social and gendered environments. I also teach women and gender studies, about feminism and science, and write about how science and society interact.”) and the obligatory Jew, Debra Rothenberg: Democrat, “gun control supporter, marriage equality supporter, healthcare reform supporter, pro-choice supporter,” and recipient of a tidy $90,000-plus salary. The authors of the paper even admit the political purpose of these “New Mainers”:

Right now at the Immigrant Welcome Center, the major focus has been on registering 11,000 eligible immigrants to vote in the upcoming elections. Immigrants themselves consist of a sizeable portion of Portland and Maine’s voting population, and thus should be educated and sensitized on policy change so they can have a say in the overall structures shaping their lives.[4]

Interesting that they have a say “in the overall structures shaping their lives” and you don’t.

Maine’s “Whiteness” is oft cited as a problem in these types of studies, but why, exactly, that is problematic is never explicated, beyond vague references to systemic racism, discrimination, and the like—all without concrete evidence. That institutions of higher learning such as USM and Bowdoin are attached to these papers and symposia lends them a legitimacy they otherwise might not have. The “Culture of Critique” in these places is well-documented and the purposes clear—despite the cooption and even creation out of thin air of different disciplines in the academy the public generally still treats academia with a degree of deference. Using the universities for their propaganda provides an artificial intellectual heft to their arguments while at the same time using the campus as a forward operating base to inject their social engineering and importation of alien peoples into areas far beyond the usual reach of the cosmopolitan urbanite. This goes for the student body as well—a scant 10% of Bowdoin, Bates, and Colby Colleges’ students actually come from Maine. The numbers for the professoriate and administrators are similar.

Academia is an essential arm of the neo-liberal establishment. Not only do the universities promote the “right” ideas, they serve a variety of networking functions, support for privileged groups, and financial backing at least once-removed from the original source in collaboration with a number of what are euphemistically called pro-immigrant and/or -refugee projects. Once again we can see how enmeshed all of these organizations and institutions are. From the “Immigrant and Refugee Integration and Policy Development Working Group Final Report” for the City of Lewiston, December 2017:

A variety of institutions and local colleges including Kaplan University, Maine College of Health Professions, University of Southern Maine’s Lewiston Auburn College, Central Maine Community College, and Bates College all serve to connect members of the immigrant and refugee communities to opportunities for higher education in the area. … There are a variety of local organizations dedicated to providing support and advocacy services to the immigrant and refugee communities in Lewiston. Organizations such as Trinity Jubilee Center (TJC), Pine Tree Legal Assistance (PTLA), Maine Equal Justice Partners (MEJP),[5] the Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project (ILAP), and Western Maine Transportation Services (WMTS) represent valuable resources for both the native and immigrant and refugee populations, and address basic needs such as food, housing, income support, legal services, and transportation. The City itself provides both services and advocacy through its General Assistance Office.[6]

The Maine Immigrant and Refugee Services (MEIRS), also based out of Lewiston, “promotes a pathway toward citizenship and community engagement, creating opportunities for inclusion and meaningful participation for immigrants and refugees.” Its funding is derived from George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, which also provides financial support for the Maine People’s Alliance, the ACLU, the NAACP, and a slew of other open-borders, anti-white organizations. The Maine People’s Alliance runs the Maine Beacon, a propaganda rag committed to libelous accusations of “white supremacy” against anyone who professes pro-White or even immigration restrictionist views. These types of “nativist” sentiments are highly problematic, and their racism and xenophobia are the sole cause for individuals from sub-70 average IQ countries failing to achieve parity with the 103.4 average IQ population of Maine. The ACLU concurs, from a 2017 study:

In February of 2017, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Maine, in partnership with Disability Rights Maine and Kids Legal at Pine Tree Legal Assistance, released a well-publicized study that investigated racial disparities and identified five primary areas of concern: lack of teachers who share the cultural background of students; discipline disparities; differences in special education identification; programming for ELL students; and insufficient interpretation services…Lewiston Superintendent Bill Webster has confirmed the district’s need for more black and minority teachers, and conversations are taking place in relation to the recruitment and hiring of a more diverse workforce within Lewiston Public Schools. The district is seeking to work in partnership with the University of Southern Maine and other partners to design a recruitment program to attract more minority instructors. The district also seeks to promote careers in education to Lewiston High School graduates of color…Discipline disparities in Lewiston schools are greatly impacted by three factors: lower special education identification rates; limited cultural competency; and the incidence of trauma in many students. Cultural competency will improve with additional training of teachers and educational technicians. In addition, school staff would benefit from increased understanding of trauma and how adverse childhood experiences (ACES) impact learning. Schools need to continue to provide more training in these areas and have recently secured the assistance of a local facilitator/consultant to work on educator cultural competency in multiple schools.[7]

Their importation of diversity must beget more diversity to cope with the diversity. See how that works? Curious, though, that the lack of diversity in the first place is such a problem when:

Anaam Jabbir…a refugee from Iraq…and her family first settled in Georgia. They moved to Maine in 2009 because she heard that the schools are better in Maine (my note: “The schools are better” is, as we know, a euphemism for demographics) …Secondary migrants move to Maine for various reasons, including a belief that it’s safer here than in urban areas like Atlanta or Philadelphia (my note: Maine, the nation’s Whitest state, is also its safest—a correlation? Surely not.).[8]

Because Maine is so safe and has such good schools, and is therefore such a desirable destination for immigrants and refugees, it stands to reason that it must be a rotten place with systemic racism and all kinds of obstacles for the saintly people of color we’re reminded at every turn are so morally superior to us whites. Ipso facto, the ACLU of Maine is strongly in favor of more immigration into the state because…racism? In a September 2017 paper entitled, “We Belong Here,” author Emma Findlen LeBlanc concludes:

That our state (my note: not “our,” as LeBlanc is not from Maine) remains overwhelmingly white does not mean that we do not have an urgent problem with racial discrimination that demands collective action. In fact, the centrality of whiteness to Maine’s cultural identity often exacerbates the obstacles that immigrants and other people of color face. There are special challenges associated with being non-white in one of the whitest states in the nation, from greater ignorance about multiculturalism to fewer specialized services. Being a less diverse, whiter state doesn’t exempt our schools from the responsibility of grappling with race and racism; in fact, it demands a greater commitment.[9]

Because of course it does. LeBlanc’s offering is nothing more than a fifty-two page onslaught against whites for every Cultural Marxist, critical race theory invention you’ve been smashed over the head with for what feels like forever—insufficient diversity anywhere and everywhere, racial disparities in discipline and performance, the injustice of Maine formerly requiring a perfect score to test out of ELL classes, et cetera, et cetera. Don’t believe me? Read it yourself. LeBlanc concludes:

The structural and personal discrimination that this report documents is alarming, and we hope it will disrupt any complacency about the state of our schools. No person, and certainly no child, should feel as vulnerable, excluded, and victimized as many immigrant students in Maine described themselves as feeling.[10]

And of course it’s not just immigrants who experience pernicious racism while living voluntarily amongst whites; “Black Girl in Maine” blogger and Executive Director of Community Change, Inc., Shay Stewart-Bouley (“a Chicago-born, Chicago-raised chick”) moves about the state with the nation’s lowest crime rate in abject terror seeing all those white faces. Offering the typical crater-brained takes you’d expect to find at The Root, Stewart-Bouley aims to solve “the white problem” while her blackness serves as a substitute for intellect or even coherent thought in our (post-) modern Talmudic zeitgeist. That her organization Community Change, Inc. was founded by a Jew named Horace Seldon (who hilariously refers to himself as a “fellow white” in their mission statement), utilizes the space and resources of the Yvonne (Blumenthal) Pappenheim[11] Library (“a free lending library of materials about racism and white privilege in the United States”) also established by the organization’s founder, and is affiliated with the Boston Foundation[12] is utterly unsurprising. It would seem that Maine, just like craft beer and yoga and genetics and objectivity, has a white people problem, one the Judeo-neo-liberal establishment is here to fix once and for all.

More on this next time.

Reposted with permission from The Anatomically Correct Banana.

[1] James Angelo Memorial Social Justice Scholarship  is a 2-year scholarship to attend Southern Maine Community College awarded to an African immigrant graduating from a Portland high school.

[2] “The Maine Immigrants’ Rights Coalition (MIRC) is a unique collaboration of leaders – a majority of whom are people of color – representing diverse ethnic communities across our state.” One of its primary financiers is the Sam L. Cohen Foundation. It will also shock you, I’m sure, to learn that Randi Greenwald of the Bet Ha’am Jewish Reform community is on the Board of Directors.

[3] https://community.bowdoin.edu/news/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Major-Barriers-to-Healthcare-Access-for-New-Mainers-2-1.pdf

[4] Ibid.

[5] MEJP sued former governor Paul LePage when his administration moved to stop welfare payments to illegal aliens.

[6] https://www.lewistonmaine.gov/DocumentCenter/View/8885/REPORT—ImmigrantandRefugeeIntegrationandPolicyDevelopmentWorkingGroupFinalReport

[7] Ibid.

[8] https://pinetreewatch.org/help-wanted-the-immigrant-opportunity-maine-employers-look-to-immigrants-to-fill-severe-gap/

[9] https://www.aclumaine.org/sites/default/files/webelonghere_report.pdf

[10] Ibid.

[11] Another Jew, Blumenthal was married to “German refugee” Fritz Pappenheim, who taught at a Jewish-funded black college in Alabama (for those aware of their history, this was one technique in which the Jews were able to propagandize Southern blacks and stoke or inculcate anti-white resentment).

[12] The Boston Foundation (TBF), Greater Boston’s community foundation, is one of the largest community foundations in the nation, with net assets of over $1.3 billion. President and CEO Paul S. Grogan is on the Board of Trustees at Brandeis University (oh gawd). Grogan used to be a part of the Local Initiatives Support Foundation, financed by the Ford Foundation. TBF finances such projects as the Immigrant Family Services Institute and receives major funding from a host of local universities, Fidelity Investments, Combined Jewish Philanthropies (as discussed in Volume II), and the United Way of Massachusetts Bay, which is itself funded by Bain Capital, Raytheon, the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Bank of America, Ropes & Gray LLP, Gillette, Wells Fargo, Berkshire Partners LLP, Liberty Mutual, the Federal Home Loan Bank, Fidelity Investments, and JP Morgan Chase, among others. The Chairman of the Board for the United Way of Massachusetts Bay is Steven D. Krichmar, Founder and Managing Principle of Krichmar & Associates and Independent Trustee of the Goldman Sachs Trust II Funds—as well as a member of the Board of Directors of Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Boston.

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The Way Life Should Be? Vol. III: With Palms Outstretched

“The Jews were the first people to undergo globalization. They had a network of global connections way before other nations, and a strong and supportive community. The Jewish communal organization is considered a role model for all other ethnic groups. It helped the Jews everywhere and especially in the US, which was always more open than other countries and provided equal opportunities, while on the other hand–wasn’t supportive of the individual.”- Rebecca Caspi, senior vice president of the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA)

“The safety of a republic depends essentially on the energy of a common national sentiment; on a uniformity of principles and habits; on the exemption of the citizens from foreign bias, and prejudice; and on that love of country which will almost invariably be found to be closely connected with birth, education, and family.”-Alexander Hamilton

There is an extensive network of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and various other religious and secular groups masquerading as charities that are part of a vast global matrix dedicated to importing as many Third World peoples into the West as is humanly possible. Many of them operate in the shadows with questionable practices and sources of funding, others in the open under false pretenses, and still others are merely extensions of the government, “washing” taxpayer dollars in fraudulent humanitarianism, essentially acting as loopholes to bring in more people above and beyond legal proscriptions. Whether for ideological purposes, as a money-making scheme, or both, virtually none of these organizations is actually predicated on altruism or anything of the sort. As Ann Corcoran explicates:

[The UN High Commissioner of Refugees] “virtually calls the shots” for the US Refugee Admission Program (RAP). … The U.S. State Department brings in the refugees that the U.N. has largely chosen for us, and Homeland Security are supposed to screen them. I mean, how do you screen somebody from a failed state when you don’t even know who they are? Then, these are divvied up, literally, between nine major contractors that include groups such as the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, World Lutheran Service and Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society. There are six of them that are supposedly religious charities …funded by the U.S. taxpayer. They then divide up their allotment of refugees among 350 subcontractors in 190 U.S. cities. They literally compete with each other for these refugees, because money comes along with each refugee.[1]

Further, as Jerry Gordon and Mike Bates report:

Congress has never exercised effective oversight of the Refugee Admissions Program (RAP) through hearings and recommendations. The US RAP has been used punitively against political critics. One example is the assignment of large numbers of Somali refugees to the Congressional District of former US Rep. Michelle Bachmann in St. Cloud, Minnesota. The US RAP has been fraught with fraud. … 20,000 fraudulently admitted Somali refugees were never pursued or ejected. Given the world’s attention on the problem of illegal migrants crossing the Mediterranean, the State Department refugee program let in to the US hundreds of Somalis who fled to the Island of Malta without any clearances…[Growing numbers of refugees] will be “seeded” in American cities under the Fostering Community Engagement and Welcoming Communities Project of the ORR with the Soros-backed NGO, “Welcoming America.“[2]

As stated above, the refugee resettlement network is vast and has virtually unlimited resources. It is backed by some of the world’s wealthiest individuals, not to mention multi-national corporations, banks, private equity firms, and national governments. Furthermore, the interests of the money power and the state are inextricable from and/or coincide with those of the Jews to a remarkable degree. This synergy has produced the terrible monstrosity known as “globalism” or “neo-liberalism” confronting us today. Continuing with Maine as our case study, we find Jewish fingerprints all over the push to “diversify” America’s whitest—and safest—state, despite Jews being an even lower percentage of Maine’s population compared to the national average. That said, keep in mind as we progress that just as in the 1920s and 1930s Judaism and communism were virtually synonymous, so, too, are neo-liberalism and Judaism today. Thus, it isn’t “just” the Jews nor is it “just” capitalism. A rootless people are uniquely positioned to thrive in a border-less world. This is a Jewish response to Donald Trump’s so-called “Muslim Ban” in 2017:

Jeffery Young, a civil rights attorney, said that as a Jew, he sees Trump’s actions as “eerily similar” to actions taken during the Holocaust. At that time, he said, a fear that Nazi spies would infiltrate the U.S. prompted America to heighten security, tighten visa requirements and ramp up screening. As a result, millions of Jews were killed. “When I heard of the president’s order, I was reminded of my own ancestors,” Young said. “We can’t let him do it. We are all immigrants. We are all Muslims. We are all Jews. We are all Americans.” Leslie Silverstein, president of the board of directors of the Portland-based Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project, which provides free legal services to immigrants, sought to reassure the immigrant community.[3]

Note the lack of concern about American interests; everything is processed through his perception of Jewish memories and his interpretation of Jewish interests.

In response to the travel ban, the Maine ACLU issued a statement of open borders pablum co-signed by a number of individuals and organizations who will by the end of this series be very familiar to you, if they are not already:

·         Jewish Community Alliance (JCA) of Southern Maine
·         Maine Equal Justice Partners (MEJP)
·         Congregation Bet Ha’am
·         Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project (ILAP)
·         Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling
·         Immigrant Resource Center of Maine
·         Planned Parenthood
·         Welcoming the Stranger
·         NAACP
·         Maine People’s Alliance
·         Maine Women’s Lobby
·         New Mainers Resource Center
·         Hand in Hand (Mano en Mano)

MEJP’s Board of Directors includes representatives of Catholic Charities, Bernstein Shur, TRIO, Verrill Dana LLP, and the Opportunity Alliance. MEJP provides extensive resources to immigrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers, including specific information on how exactly to obtain a panoply of benefits and subsidies, including cash hand-outs from the Office of Maine Refugee Services’ offices in Portland and Lewiston.[4] Bernstein Shur, founded by Jewish immigrant Israel Bernstein, provides representation and counsel to a variety of industries, including finance, business, real estate, political campaigns, and human resources. Bernstein Shur represented Doctors without Borders nurse Kaci Hickox in her lawsuit when she decided to sue after being held in a state-mandated quarantine when she returned from volunteering to help treat a massive Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone in 2014. Many Bernstein Shur lawyers also assist with Silverstein’s ILAP. The Opportunity Alliance’s immigration advocacy is overseen by a Board of Directors staffed almost exclusively by men and women from the worlds of business, finance, law, and real estate. Why, exactly, that is the case should be abundantly clear at this juncture. This is neo-liberalism at its finest.

Mano en Mano / Hand in Hand is an organization created specifically to provide big agra with inexpensive unskilled farm labor, primarily from Latin America and Haiti. Based out of Milbridge, Maine, the organization’s recent efforts have been to use funding from the USDA to build subsidized apartments specifically to house migrant farm and aquaculture workers. Due to this influx of cheap farm labor, 24 percent of the elementary school students in Milbridge in Washington County are now Hispanic or mestizo, in a state that is 94–95% white. Migrant workers patch together seasonal jobs picking blueberries, harvesting and processing sea cucumbers, and processing lobsters. Immigrants from Lewiston recently relocated to Skowhegan in Somerset County in order to work at Backyard Farms, a hydroponic farm in Madison that “has had difficulty filling its job openings,” according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. The function, as is so often the case, is both economic and ideological, but not in the way that groups like Mano en Mano frame their mission; rather, instead of serving as a vehicle to destroy cohesive and high-trust white societies, provide mega-corporations and their executives with cheap help and ready consumers, and an 80% vote share of the immigrant population cast for Democrats (roughly the percentage of immigrants into the United States who are non-white, by the way), the “progressive nonprofit” Mano en Mano envisions:

A stronger more inclusive Downeast Maine where the contributions of diverse communities are welcomed, access to essential services, education and housing are ensured, and social justice and equity are embraced.

Plus, think of all that GDP, Republicans! You’ll be shocked—shocked, I say!—to learn who bankrolls Mano en Mano in addition to the USDA: Goldman Sachs, Charles Schwab, JP Morgan Chase, Elmont-Schwabe Charitable Corporation (donors to the Anti-Defamation League), the Boston Foundation, Maine Women’s Fund, the John T. Gorman Foundation, Fidelity Investments, the Emanuel and Pauline Lerner Foundation (of which the Jewish Eliot Cutler, who we will discuss further in an upcoming installment, is president of the Board of Directors), C.F. Adams Charitable Trust (whose trustees come from defense contractor Raytheon, law firm Ropes & Gray LLP, and financial advisory firm Lowell, Blake & Associates), TD Bank, the Maine Health Access Foundation,[5] Ian Yaffe (Executive Director of Mano en Mano and Board Member of Coastal Enterprises, Inc.), Coastal Enterprises, Inc. (CEI), Bowdoin College, the Larsen Foundation (with Marc Rosenberg as Administrative Director), Home Depot, the United Way, NAPA Auto Parts, and the People of Color Fund. Mano en Mano is part of MaineShare, a “progressive social justice network,” which partners with Bowdoin College, Cabot, and Coastal Enterprises, Inc., among others, and whose Board consists of members of the University of Maine Law School, IDEXX, Bowdoin College, and Harkins Consulting, LLC, founded in 1992 by Marvin Rosenblum. Other organizations in MaineShare include Maine Equal Justice Partners (MEJP), Maine Women’s Fund, Maine Center for Economic Policy, the Sierra Club, the Gay-Straight-Trans Alliance, Maine Access Immigrant Network (MAIN), EqualityMaine, the Maine ACLU, and, naturally, the Holocaust and Human Rights Center of Maine.

Another Jewish pro-immigration group is the National Council of Jewish Women-Southern Maine Section (NCJW), which describes itself as “a grassroots organization of volunteers and advocates who turn progressive ideals into action. Inspired by Jewish values, NCJW strives for social justice by improving the quality of life for women, children, and families and by safeguarding individual rights and freedoms” and “has advocated for immigrants for more than a century,” including large numbers of their co-ethno-religionists from Eastern Europe. They have worked to bring more Sudanese into Maine through the Darfur Project, and have donated ample resources to various immigration advocacy groups as well as to the facilitation of increasing outside immigration into the state. Historically, the group has worked on the creation of an interest-free loan fund for other Jews, endorsed legislation for birth control, started the Jewish Refugee Fund, protested British White Paper restricting Jewish immigration to Palestine and supported the foundation of the State of Israel, advocated for an increase in Jewish “refugees” from Germany around World War II and from the Soviet Union starting in the 1970s, worked with the Maine Civil Liberties Union and the Maine Women’s Lobby, took an “active interest in women’s issues, civil rights, and Israel,” and joined with Temple Beth El for feminist seder. Linda Rogoff, Bobbi Gordan, and Portland-born artist Jo Israelson of the NCJW recently hosted an event that chronicled the organization’s work dating back to House Island in the 1920s.  Israelson spoke about her multi-media piece “Welcoming the Stranger”: “Israelson contrasted the 1923 odyssey of Hungarian immigrant, Bela Gross, with the stories of those newly-arrived in Portland today.”

On Thursday, October 12th, 2018, NCJW Southern Maine Section partnered with the University of Southern Maine’s Jean Byers Sampson Center for Diversity to host a panel and community discussion about NCJW’s history “serving Maine’s immigrant populations from the early 1900’s through today.” The NCJW has a very close connection with the University of Southern Maine. The majority of the NCJW membership was born and educated outside the state, and they have actively worked to change their new environs to suit their particular goals, particularly in terms of demographics and social policy. On January 8th, 2017, at the Temple Beth El the NCJW held the Equal Justice Forum, featuring presentations on how tikkun olam is vital for “social change” and the importance of “reproductive rights,” plus:

Susan Roche, Executive Director, Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project, outlined ILAP’s work with 2,000 clients a year who are new to Maine. Volunteer attorneys help people meet legal residency requirements, and usher their asylum requests through the thicket of the courts. Her biggest concern is expedited deportation if the new administration adopts more aggressive enforcement policies. … Zachary Heiden, Legal Director, ACLU of Maine, brought some levity to the event by referencing an optimistic song from the musical “Hamilton.” He also took comfort in Martin Luther King Jr.’s observation that: “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”[6]

Maine Equal Justice Partners were also represented. Temple Beth El sponsors many events and programs advancing the causes of LGBTQ and supporting refugees, asylees, and immigrants to obtain social and economic resources, as well as publicizing the kinds of rose-colored portrayals of migrants to the public we have become so accustomed to seeing. The president of the Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine Bette Novick is a member.

The Jewish Community Alliance (JCA) of Southern Maine is the local representative of the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA); it allocates over $100,000 every year to causes related to “fighting antisemitism and bias and supporting refugees,” including donations to the Maine Jewish Film Festival and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS). The JCA, along with the Michael Klahr Jewish Family Services, was at the forefront of the most recent African migrant influx into Portland with funding, advocacy, press releases, and other donations—as well as the ubiquitous invocation of the Shoah—again illustrating how immigration to the U.S. is seen by Jews by whether it conforms to Jewish interests, not the interests of the traditional White American majority:

Displacement and migration are central elements of the story of the Jewish people, from antiquity through the modern era. Whether we draw upon the experience of the Israelites who were “strangers in the land of Egypt” or those who fled the horrors of the Shoah, an ethical and religious commitment to support and welcome immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers is fundamental for many Jews today. With the news last week of record numbers of asylum seekers arriving in Portland, our community sprang into action. We are proud to be a part of a strong network of service providers, including synagogues, that have prioritized this work for many years.[7]

Along with the United Way, the JCA has been instrumental in propagandizing Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling’s reckless call for migrants—supplied by Catholic Charities—and seizing the opportunity to use these hapless migrants as both sword and shield. The JCA has also worked with the Maine Association for New Americans (MANA) on “Hope Acts programs including asylum seeker housing, English classes, and individualized support.” In 2012, MANA paired up with Michael Bloomberg’s Partnership for a New American Economy (NAE), which will be covered in an upcoming volume of this series. Suffice it to say for now that NAE is very pro-mass immigration and lobbies relentlessly for more tech H-1B visas and other types of foreign worker visas. Hope Acts is run by Jewish Executive Director Martha Stein:

Previously, she served as Director of Communications for Maine Equal Justice Partners, Development Director for Tedford Housing, and Development Director for the Maine Council of Churches. Prior to working for non-profits, Martha held various management positions at AT&T and Prudential.[8]

Vice President of the JCA, Rachael Weinstein Alfond, is married to former Democratic State Senator and real estate developer Justin Alfond (also Jewish), who voted against a Penalties for Violent Offenses Against Fetuses bill and sponsored a bill in 2009 which would have allowed non-citizens to vote in local elections state-wide and another to amnesty illegal aliens. Jewish Democratic Representative Jared Golden, who you may recall from the previous piece received a campaign donation from Catholic Charities, joined Congresswoman Chellie Pingree in voting in favor amnesty for illegal alien “Dreamers.”  It might be worth considering who else funded Golden’s 2018 campaign. His top two donors were Google and Apple, his fourth-highest contributor was JStreetPAC, and others included: Facebook, Twitter, Cisco Systems, Rachael Weinstein Alfond, Harvard University, Stanford University, End Citizens United PAC, Bates College, Wicklow Capital, Berwind Corp., Berman & Simmons, and Drummond Woodsum. Drummond Woodsum Attorneys at Law’s immigration team

represents businesses, individuals and families on all aspects of immigration law and procedures throughout New England and the country. We assist businesses with immigration filings in all non-immigrant visa categories, labor certification, permanent residence status for key alien employees, and employment compliance including I-9 compliance reviews, trainings and defense in ICE enforcement matters. We also have experience in the complex area of export control licensing and its interaction with immigration law – an area of heightened scrutiny by the federal government. We also represent scores of individuals and families seeking marriage-based permanent residence, naturalization or family reunification.[9]

They also work on employment visa processing, corporate compliance, and various other immigration-related services, including representing high school students who can’t compete in local poetry contests because they don’t have green cards. Also from their site:

Our clients include companies in the following industries:
·     Information Technology
·     Software Development
·     Health Care
·     Colleges, Universities and Schools
·     Construction and Engineering
·     Supply Chain Management
·     Manufacturing
·     Financial Services Consulting
|·     Multi-National Corporations
·     Religious Organizations
·     Trade Groups[10]

Many attorneys at the firm provide pro bono legal services for the Volunteer Lawyers Project and the Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project. Drummond Woodsum received the Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project (ILAP) award for “excellence in providing pro bono representation to asylum seekers and other noncitizens” in 2009, 2010, and 2011.[11]

Berman & Simmons, another of Golden’s donors, has entered into a partnership with ILAP (introduced above) and aided in their endeavor to open a new office in Lewiston with financial support and pro bono assistance. Bates College, yet another donor, has also partnered with ILAP. ILAP provides free legal services to immigrants, including obtaining green cards or work visas, citizenship, and asylum claims.[12] ILAP is a 501(c)(3) with support from the United Way and Maine Women’s Fund, which dispensed $132,550 to “social justice causes” last year and an aggregate of over $2.4 million in its existence.

There are a slew of refugee/immigrant grants in the state of Maine, many of which are tied to Jewish or Israeli organizations: “Grants to US and Israel organizations for programs and projects that promote social justice and human rights…grassroots organizations for programs to strengthen minority communities against social injustice. Funding is intended to support organizations serving immigrant, Arab-American, Muslim, and Black communities, and all people of color, LGBTQ, etc.” There are at least twenty-five grants under the auspices of the “People of Color Fund” for 2019, which include:

·        Somali Bantu Community of Lewiston, Maine, to help create a sustainable goat farming and halal slaughtering operation which meets the cultural, dietary, and employment needs of the community.

·        Maine Access Immigrant Network, to improve access to, and use of, health and social services for refugee and immigrant communities in a culturally and linguistically appropriate way: $10,000.

·        Hand in Hand / Mano en Mano, to build community and organizational capacity around racial and multilingual justice: $6,000.

·        University of Southern Maine, to pilot a community engagement and leadership fellowship for young adult emerging leaders who are immigrants or other racial/ethnic minorities: $6,000.

·        Maine Community Integration, to expand cultural competency training for educators in the Lewiston schools and close the cultural gaps between white educators and students of color: $5,000.

·        Gateway Community Service Maine, to expand youth leadership programs to help young people from immigrant, refugee, and asylee families learn new skills, gain opportunities, and grow into community leaders: $10,000.

·        Indigo Arts Alliance, to host a symposium with scholars, activists, artists, and the public to explore the cultural traditions of the African diaspora and indigenous peoples: $5,000.

This is unfortunately not all—not by a long shot. But given the sheer volume of evidence and the fact that it takes some time to digest all of it, we will break here and continue tracing the web of Judaic neo-liberalism’s attempted destruction of Dirigo next time.

Reposted from The Anatomically Correct Banana, with permission.

[1] https://www.newenglishreview.org/Jerry_Gordon/Trojan_Horse_Federal_Refugee_Program_Brings_Jihadi_Threat_to_America%3A_An_Interview_with_Ann_Corcoran/

[2] Ibid.

[3] https://www.pressherald.com/2017/02/01/portland-crowd-protests-trumps-immigration-orders/

[4] “Maine Equal Justice Partners (MEJP) is a non-profit legal aid provider dedicated to finding solutions to poverty and improving the lives of low-income Mainers. MEJP provides direct legal assistance to low-income Maine residents related to public benefits, food, housing, and healthcare. In addition to direct legal aid, the organization advocates for “fair public policies in the legislature and with governmental agencies,” and partners with “diverse low-income communities and agencies through outreach, organizing, and education.” MEJP does not accept federal legal services funding and therefore has no limitations based on immigration status for the populations they can assist.” https://www.lewistonmaine.gov/DocumentCenter/View/8885/REPORT—ImmigrantandRefugeeIntegrationandPolicyDevelopmentWorkingGroupFinalReport

[5] Represented by Bernstein Shur and with financial ties to Catholic Charities Maine, EqualityMaine, Maine Immigrants’ Rights Coalition (MIRC), Maine Equal Justice Partners (MEJP), Maine Access Immigrant Network (MAIN), the University of Southern Maine Cutler Institute for Health and Social Policy, Maine Immigrant and Refugee Services, Maine Transgender Network Incorporated, and the list goes on.

[6] http://www.ncjwmaine.org/?cat=3&paged=2

[7] https://www.mainejewish.org/supportthethejewishcommunityalliance/refugee-and-asylum-seeker-support/

[8] https://hopeacts.org/about-us/staff/

[9] http://www.dwmlaw.com/Immigration

[10] Ibid.

[11] http://www.dwmlaw.com/ABOUT-THE-FIRM

[12] https://www.bermansimmons.com/news/immigrant-legal-advocacy-project-opens-new-lewiston-office-support-berman-simmons/

The Way Life Should Be? Vol. II: Do Not Pass NGO, Do Not Collect $200

“We have a moral obligation to admit the world’s poor, they tell us, even if it makes our own country poorer, and dirtier, and more divided. Immigration is a form of atonement. Previous leaders of our country committed sins ― we must pay for those sins by welcoming an endless chain of migrant caravans. That’s the argument they make.”–Tucker Carlson

The moral argument for endless Third World immigration is completely disingenuous and only serves to mask the real reasons for the mass importation of an overwhelmingly non-white population through the “legal” route (just 13% of immigrants to the United States come from Europe and Canada) and an almost-100% non-white population through the “illegal” route. One of the most essential arms of the neo-liberal establishment is comprised of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) through which immigration and “refugee re-settlement” as it is euphemistically called can be cloaked in humanitarian terms. This global network of NGOs has a variety of functions, from ferrying African migrants across the Mediterranean in direct violation of safe harbor international law to purchasing bus tickets to send migrants to preferred destinations. In keeping with the close analysis of the current situation in the state of Maine-as-microcosm, we will start with Catholic Charities, the organization responsible for sending hundreds of Angolans and Congolese to Portland, Maine from San Antonio, Texas.

Catholic Charities is a network of tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charities with its headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. Forbes ranks it the thirteenth-largest charity in the United States as of last year, with a total revenue of approximately $3.7 billion for fiscal year 2017, $1.27 billion of which came from government funding. In 2010, Catholic Charities had even greater revenues of around $4.7 billion, with just over $554 million coming from federal funds, per the Catholic Charities USA Annual Survey. Total government funding to CCUSA exceeded $2.9 billion, however, if we include state, local, and “unspecified” government revenue. Though overall revenues are down, CCUSA increasingly derives its funding from private sources. Roughly 62% of its funds in 2010 came from the government, whereas that number now sits at around 34%. Revenue from the private sector has increased around $600 million in that time frame. Catholic Charities donated exclusively to Democratic candidates—most of whom are abortion advocates, which doesn’t seem very Catholic—in the 2018 election cycle. Many of the names will be familiar to you, including: Richard Blumenthal, Al Franken, Bob Menendez, Adam Schiff, Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren, Beto O’Rourke, Bernie Sanders, Keith Ellison, Amy Klobuchar, and Kamala Harris. They also contributed to the campaign of House Representative Jared Golden of Maine during the last election cycle.

Catholic Charities has publicly endorsed the DREAM Act and naturalizing DACA recipients, and supports a “just immigration process” which effectively means the kinds of open borders policies explicitly advocated for by Democrat Party leadership, including Kevin De Leon, another recipient of Catholic Charities campaign donations in 2018. Catholic Charities is one of the chief organizations involved in “refugee re-settlement” across the United States, including the state of Maine. Since 1975, Catholic Charities Maine Refugee and Immigration Services (RIS) has been the primary provider of resettlement services to refugees in Maine. In 2013, about 400–700 refugees arrived in the state through the Office of Resettlement at Catholic Charities (Portland Press Herald, 2013). These new groups of refugees coming from Burundi, Syria, and Angola joined the older immigrant communities from Somalia, Iraq, and Sudan,[1] among others. A large number of Congolese have arrived more recently still. Within the last two years, Catholic Charities has become the central “refugee re-settlement” organization in the state:

In 2017, after the withdrawal of the State of Maine from the administration of the federal Refugee Resettlement Program, Catholic Charities of Maine (CCM) established the Office of Maine Refugee Services (OMRS), which is distinct from RIS, to coordinate statewide infrastructure related to refugee resettlement and administer federal funds to subgrantees throughout the state…In March 2017, Catholic Charities assumed the administrative roles related to refugee resettlement that had previously been held at the state level. Upon establishing OMRS, the roles of State Refugee Coordinator, State Refugee Health Coordinator, and a data and contract analyst, were created to administer the federal fiscal resources and responsibilities associated with refugee resettlement…OMRS is responsible for infrastructure related to refugee resettlement on a statewide basis, including education, health, employment, and working with federal, state, and local officials. In this capacity, OMRS administers funding to RIS, to school departments with significant numbers of refugee students (including Lewiston, Portland, and Westbrook), and to the adult education programs, among others. OMRS coordinates planning for resettlement across the state, hosting the quarterly State Refugee Advisory Council meeting, at which upcoming resettlement is discussed with state, local, and community partners.[2]

Catholic Charities of Maine operates several programs dedicated to helping refugees and other immigrants settle in the state, including job counseling, mentorship, and interpretation services. Additionally, they provide legal services to migrants, as well as refer them to immigration attorneys to help with asylum claims and deportation defense. Catholic Charities of Maine also runs a corporate training “‘In Their Shoes’ Refugee Experience” whereby whites will be brow-beaten and guilted by the organization, their corporate overlords, and hand-picked holier-than-thou brown people. From the website:

How can you welcome refugees to “The Way Life Should Be” in their new Maine communities? This interactive exercise engages participants with Catholic Charities Refugee & Immigrant Services staff to actively learn about the refugee process, the populations currently settled in Maine, the services available, and the challenges faced by Maine’s newest arrivals.

Four key expected training outcomes:

1.    Help people to understand and generate empathy for the arduous path that refugees take in arriving to the United States

2.    Provide awareness of the various types of refugees and how this may influence their acculturation here in the United States, as well as which benefits they may be able to receive

3.    Explain the services offered to refugees who arrive in the United States

4.    Explain the legal and ethical use of professional interpreters when serving individuals who do not speak English well or at all[3]

Catholic Charities is also involved in a number of culturally- and morally-subversive projects outside the refugee racket, but that is beyond the purview of this piece. What is important is that in addition to the fact that the government funds Catholic Charities in no small part to serve as a loophole to import greater numbers of Third Worlders over and above legal restrictions as “private charity/philanthropy,” Catholic Charities also derives substantial funding from large corporations and financial institutions, such as SC Johnson, Costco, US Bank, General Electric, Wells Fargo, UPS, JP Morgan Chase, FedEx, Apple, 3M, Office Depot, and First Bank. We should also not forget the law firms that “generously” donate their time to organizations such as Catholic Charities.

Finally, private foundations and “philanthropic” organizations are also a significant source of revenue for not just Catholic Charities, but many organizations like them. Of particular note here is the substantial amount of funding Catholic Charities derives from Jewish sources. Combined Jewish Philanthropies’ Legal Aid Fund for Immigrants raised more than $600,000 for Catholic Charities of Boston within the first half of 2018. Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP), Boston’s Jewish Federation, and Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Boston (Catholic Charities) launched the CJP Legal Aid Fund for Immigrants in order to “enable Catholic Charities to meet the growing demand for legal assistance to those in the Greater Boston area facing immigration-related legal challenges.”

Through the CJP Legal Aid Fund for Immigrants, CJP will help broaden the reach of these services, providing additional support to the hundreds of people who are currently waiting to receive legal guidance, often at the risk of being deported or separated from their families with each passing day.  Many of these families receive other services from CJP’s partner agencies, particularly Jewish Vocational Service (JVS), who refer them to Catholic Charities for legal assistance…CJP will raise funds to support the well-respected and faith-based work in this area performed by Catholic Charities, one of the largest providers of legal aid to immigrants in the Commonwealth…“As Jews, and as immigrants and the children of immigrants, we have a responsibility to help preserve the rights of those who have come to America to create a better life for themselves and their families,” said Barry Shrage, CJP’s president. “We believe this is a critical time for our two prominent faith communities to demonstrate that we can stand and work together to assist immigrant families and individuals who are in urgent need of our help.”[4]

Catholic Charities works closely with a variety of Jewish organizations. This is a very close working relationship, shall we say:

Catholic Charities raised over $1 million at Spring Celebration to support its numerous programs. Catholic Charities also presented CJP’s President Barry Shrage with the 2018 Justice and Compassion Award at the event, paying tribute to his inspirational leadership and unwavering support of the two groups’ shared mission.[5]

The United Way, the Boston Foundation, and Catholic Charities were provided funding by CJP for the Fund to Aid Children and End Separation (FACES) initiative in June 2018. The CJP in Boston alone has access to funds nearing $68 million, which, in addition to Catholic Charities and associated projects, they donate to organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS).[6] The CJP also funnels money to other Jewish Federations, including: Palm Beach; Miami; Washington, DC; and Portland, Maine.

Catholic Charities has deep ties with many Jewish Federations from the above locales to Cleveland to San Diego to Atlanta to Chicago to Portland, Oregon. Catholic Charities in South Jersey works with the region’s three Jewish Federations: Jewish Federation of Cumberland, Gloucester & Salem Counties; Jewish Federation of Atlantic and Cape May Counties; and Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey (serving Camden, Gloucester and Burlington Counties). But as stated above, Jewish support for Catholic Charities is not limited to just the local Jewish Federation. In addition to Boston’s CJP as just one example, we can consider several others. These are essentially randomly selected, but the point is you could repeat this exercise virtually anywhere in the United States and find similar results. Catholic Charities in Southwest Ohio works closely with the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC), the American Jewish Congress (AJC), Adath Israel Congregation, Congregation Beth Adam, Congregation Etz Chaim, Immigrant and Refugee Law Center, Isaac M. Wise Temple, Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, JustLove, Mayerson JCC, Northern Hills Synagogue, Refugee Connect, Rockdale Temple, and Temple Sholom.[7] In Palm Beach, Catholic Charities are provided support by the Walter and Adi Blum Foundation, Inc. and Temple Beth Shalom (in addition to Walmart, the United Way, Wells Fargo, and other usual suspects, as we shall see the pattern repeat). One of the major financiers of not just Catholic Charities but the Catholic school system in Baltimore is the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation:

“Now, there’s a very simple reason why a foundation with a definite Jewish background—you might even call it a Jewish foundation—gives to Catholic schools,” says Donn Weinberg, chairman of the Baltimore-area Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation. “It’s that the Catholic schools in Baltimore and across the country take all comers. They’re educating poor kids in Baltimore—predominantly from black families. In other American cities, they serve mostly Latino families. Either way, these are usually kids from very low-income families…There is another, somewhat intangible, benefit to Catholic schools. Part of their mission is to impart American civic norms and values to their students. Of course, they’re not the only schools that do this. But they definitely focus on the character, as well as the minds, of their students.” The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation ranks among the 20 largest foundations in the country, with assets of nearly $2.5 billion and annual giving of almost $100 million. It is dedicated to assisting the poor by funding direct service organizations; within its mission, an emphasis is placed on supporting the elderly and the Jewish community.[8] 

The United Way is a major supporter of Catholic Charities (and Caritas Internationalis,[9] of which Catholic Charities USA was a founding member) and like Catholic Charities it also has its headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. It should also not surprise you that, yes, the Weinberg Foundation donates annually to the United Way, as do a host of other Jewish groups, organizations, and foundations. The United Way, in turn, donates money to Jewish groups in a kind of circular money-washing scheme. In fiscal year 2019, they donated $500,000 to CJP-Boston, for example. These schemes are anything but straightforward, which is partly why they have been so effective. The United Way:

has roots in Denver, Colorado, where in 1887 Frances Wisebart Jacobs, along with other religious leaders, began the Charity Organization Society, which coordinated services between Jewish and Christian charities and fundraising for 22 agencies. Many Community Chest organizations, which were founded in the first half of the twentieth century to jointly collect and allocate money, joined the American Association for Community Organizations in 1918. The first Community Chest was founded in 1913 in Cleveland, Ohio after the example of the Jewish Federation in Cleveland—which served as an exemplary model for “federated giving.”[10]

The purpose of Jewish “giving” is framed as altruistic, but it is in reality totally self-serving. Larry Kaplan writes:

Traditionally, US Jewish philanthropy has been focused on Jewish communal organizations such as Jewish federations, the regional nonprofit “middlemen” that distribute funds to causes in the US and abroad…Typically, Jewish federations emphasize the ethnic and cultural, non-religious expressions of Judaism, and reinforce the Jewish community’s tradition of charitable giving as a group effort as an approach to social action.[11]

That seems fairly innocuous unless you’ve read Culture of Critique or understand the particular strategies Jews employ to advance their ethno-religious interests, but for succinctness’s sake, I find the following quote illustrative, from a New York Times feature published last year by Michael Steinberger:

Alex Soros said his father, “had always ‘identified firstly as a Jew,’ and his philanthropy was ultimately an expression of his Jewish identity, in that he felt a solidarity with other minority groups and also because he recognized that a Jew could only truly be safe in a world in which all minorities were protected. Explaining his father’s motives, he said, ‘The reason you fight for an open society is because that’s the only society that you can live in, as a Jew — unless you become a nationalist and only fight for your own rights in your own state.’”[12]

Speaking of which, CJP-Boston invests in bonds from the State of Israel, and contributed nearly $9 million last year to “empower people to advocate for Israel [and] create strong connections with Israel.” You’ll find a close relationship between CJP and organizations such as Friends of the IDF and others. If you are a nationalist and you advocate for the preservation of your own state, however, organizations like the ADL—recipient of donations from CJP—will hound you as a “white nationalist” and try to destroy your life, all while their affiliates such as HIAS and proxies such as Catholic Charities advance Jewish interests at your expense by importing as many people from the Third World as they can manage. It’s quite the racket they’ve got going.

We’ll investigate more of these Jewish organizations and their embedded relationships with and/or control over politics, private equity, banks, law firms, corporate interests, and more next time. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Reposted with permission from The Anatomically Correct Banana. 

[1] https://community.bowdoin.edu/news/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Major-Barriers-to-Healthcare-Access-for-New-Mainers-2-1.pdf

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[9] Caritas Internationalis is partnered with the European Union, which is another kettle of fish, but you can certainly extrapolate from the evidence being presented here.

[10] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Way_of_America

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Booty without Scrutiny: Ehud Sheleg and Other Examples of Unaccountable Jewish Power

If you own a guard-dog, you want it to bark at burglars and ignore dust-bunnies. When necessary, you want it to bite burglars and anyone else who’s up to no good in your house. That’s what guard-dogs are for, after all.

The overdue Over-Jew

That’s also what the media are for. They’re supposed to be the guard-dogs of society, ever-vigilant for wrongdoing, ever-ready to bark and bite in defence of the public interest. But that isn’t how the media behave in the modern West. As guard-dogs, they’re barking furiously at dust-bunnies and ignoring burglars rather than biting them. When they bite anyone, it’s the rightful owners of the house, not criminal intruders. The modern media are enemies of White society, not its guardians.

Financial wizard Ehud Sheleg, Tory Treasurer and “director of seven companies with overdue accounts

For a perfect example of the British media’s failure as guard-dogs, take a look at their reaction to the Resignation Honours List of Theresa May, the recently departed prime minister. Among the five new knights May has created, there’s a dust-bunny and a criminal intruder. The British media are, of course, barking furiously at the dust-bunny and resolutely ignoring the criminal intruder:


Geoffrey BOYCOTT OBE; Former Captain of the English national cricket team and Captain of Yorkshire County Cricket Club. For services to sport. …

Ehud SHELEG: Treasurer of the Conservative & Unionist Party. For political and public service. (Theresa May’s Resignation Honours List)

Geoffrey Boycott, the dour Yorkshire cricketer and cricket-commentator, is the dust-bunny. Ehud Sheleg, the Israeli millionaire, possible “binary options” fraudster and definite political puppeteer, is the criminal intruder. Boycott has been a household name in Britain for decades, but Ehud Sheleg is what you might call a “Jew Who?” Like Lord Feldman and Sir Mick Davis, he has wielded enormous power in British politics without becoming known to ordinary White voters and without being scrutinized by the mainstream media. Sheleg, Feldman and Davis are Over-Jews who have been seriously under-reported. Highly important questions about their power and links to Israel aren’t even asked, let alone answered.

Barking at Boycott

But the media have certainly been barking furiously at Geoffrey Boycott. Or you could say that they’re trying to bite him, as one of the White owners of the British house. He’s a true representative of the great English county of Yorkshire, gritty, stubborn and single-minded. And the same feminists who, decade after decade, ignored the Muslim rape-gangs in the Yorkshire towns of Rotherham and Huddersfield are now denouncing the knighthood he has received from Theresa May. You see, a French court found him guilty in 1998 of hitting a girlfriend during a quarrel, so feminists claim that the knighthood sends “a ‘dangerous message’ about domestic abuse.”

I believe Boycott when he says that he didn’t do it and that the French court was unfair and delivered the wrong verdict. He says that in France “You’re guilty until you’re proved innocent — totally the opposite of England. It is very difficult to prove you are innocent in another country, another language.” He has had many other girlfriends and never acquired a reputation for violence.  But he’s a straight White gentile male and so he’s a completely safe target for feminists. They’re making the most of their chance to attack him and his knighthood. But if they cared about male violence against women, why did they ignore the Muslim rape-gangs of Rotherham and Huddersfield? And why are they still ignoring the even worse Muslim rape-gangs that remain unexposed in Yorkshire cities like Sheffield and Bradford? Read more

Global Warming and the Leftist War on Western Industrial Society, Parts III-V

Maurice Strong, the father of the modern environmentalism


“Global Warming”: Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Western and Anti-White?

How anthropogenic CO2 can be a pollutant but non-anthropogenic CO2 not, even though both have the same molecular formulas and structure, is a mystery that not even the intellectual luminaries of the IPCC can explain. Of course, the evidence says otherwise; rising CO2, whether anthropogenic or not, has allowed modern farmers to increase crop yields simply because of its greater availability in earth’s atmosphere. Despite these obvious errors, the “Church of Climate Change” continues to demand that White Western nations – and only White Western nations – impose restrictions on industrial emissions of CO2 through carbon taxes and cap-and-trade policies. White Western nations are encouraged by environmentalists to squander trillions on unreliable “green” technologies and renewable sources of energy, yet environmentalists have consistently ignored one policy that has significantly increased global atmospheric CO2 in recent years, generating hundreds of millions of metric tons of the stuff annually: mass Third World immigration.

Environmentalists have long believed in the IPAT formula (I = P × A × T). Ecological sustainability is affected by Population × Affluence (per capita consumption) × Technology (environmental impact per unit consumption). In Paul Ehrlich’s original formulation (1968), the impact of population and the other two variables is not independent and additive, but interdependent and multiplicative; in other words, the variables increase or decrease in tandem with each other. If this equation is valid, as Ehrlich and his supporters believe, increasing population pressure on natural resources will accelerate environmental degradation. If impact is understood in terms of AGW, increasing consumption per capita will lead to higher industrial emissions of atmospheric CO2. If IPCC officials were objective, they would demand significant reductions in mass immigration instead of more carbon taxes and emissions trading systems (ETSs). In 2008, Kolankiewicz and Camarota presented empirical evidence that mass immigration was tied to rising CO2 emissions. For the United States, the authors conclude:

Immigrants in the United States produce about four times more COin the United States as they would have in their countries of origin. The estimated 637 metric tons of CO2 U.S. immigrants produce is 482 million tons more than they would have produced had they remained in their home countries. This 482 million ton increase represents about 5 percent of the increase in annual world-wide CO2 emissions since 1980. … If immigrants in the United States were their own country, they would rankseventh in the world in annual CO2 output, ahead of such countries as Canada, France, and Great Britain.

Although recent “increases in U.S. CO2 emissions have been driven entirely by population increases as per capita emissions have stabilized,” climate alarmists continue to overlook mass immigration, a significant driver of CO2 emissions in the industrialized West. Such obliviousness in the face of the evidence indicates that modern environmentalism was never about “saving the planet.” Environmentalists are just as committed to the racial dispossession of whites in their own countries as any other group of leftists, otherwise they would all be concerned anti-immigration activists. Read more