Last Day: 2012 TOO Fundraising Appeal

It’s time for our annual year-end fundraising appeal—our only appeal of the year. I’d like to first thank those who have contributed during 2012.  Much appreciated . With your generous support, we have been able to put out close to 300 articles and blogs in the past year.

A very promising trend is that we are attracting some very smart new writers—people like Domitius Corbulo, Andrew Joyce, and Brenton Sanderson and Cooper Sterling. And we continue to post articles from long term stalwarts like Edmund Connelly and Tom Sunic. We now have a critical mass of writers on this site and on other like-minded sites—writers who are on board with our issues and are willing and able to write articles that provide insight into our malaise and provide the sort of cultural confidence that is necessary for long term success.

We are doing pretty well financially—we are definitely not going away, but we could certainly do better. Several of our stalwarts are providing material gratis, and others are underpaid in terms of their situation in life and need for income.

The page with information on donations is here. This page has been updated to provide greater clarity. There are two sections, the top section for tax deductible donations and the bottom section for non-tax deductible donations respectively. Let me know if any of the instructions are unclear.

One of the exciting things about the present state of the Internet is that there are quite a few outlets now for White advocacy as well as sites that are critical of Jewish influence and Israel. In fact, one has the feeling that Jewish organizations are on the defensive, particularly about Israel. Israel is increasingly showing its Jewish character as a hostile, aggressive, ethnonationalist state with all of the characteristics that make organized Jewish Diaspora communities in the West such formidable foes.

Thanks for thinking of TOO. And Merry Christmas!

Kevin MacDonald

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