Hate-Filled Hindu: Priti Patel is Sycophantic to Jews, Psychopathic to Whites

Shakespeare got it wrong. “There’s no art to find the mind’s construction in the face,” says King Duncan in Macbeth (c. 1606), meaning that psychology can’t be read from physiognomy. But Shakespeare never saw Priti Patel, the British-born Indian Hindu who currently serves as Home Secretary. When you look at Patel’, do you see gentleness, humility and good-nature? I doubt it:

The pernicious punim of Priti Patel, high-T fem-pol

No, Priti Patel looks like what she is: a nasty piece of work. As I said in “A Shameless Shabbos-Shiksa,” she’s a high-T fem-pol, that is, a female politician with typically elevated levels of testosterone. She’s aggressive, ambitious and entirely without principle or loyalty to the country of her birth. That makes her an ideal shabbos-shiksa, or gentile servant, for Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI), which the Jewish Chronicle described as “the biggest lobbying group in Westminster” (i.e., British politics). Lord Polak, CFI’s very powerful but little-known chief, steered Patel to a long series of secret meetings with important Israeli politicians. That definite conspiracy was finally exposed in 2017 and Patel lost her job as International Development Secretary in Theresa May’s government of grovelling goys.

Working for Jewish interests

What happened at the meetings? Only Patel and her Jewish puppet-masters know, but she certainly wasn’t conspiring with Jews to benefit British Whites. After the scandal broke, she should have been prosecuted as an agent of a foreign power and permanently excluded from politics. But that isn’t how things work in Brave New Britain. Instead, Patel bounced back to a much bigger and better job in Boris Johnson’s government of grovelling goys, in which the very powerful but little-known treasurer is the Israeli plutocrat Ehud Sheleg. Patel is now Home Secretary, supposedly overseeing law, immigration and border security for Britain, in reality working for Jewish interests as she has always done. And now she’s back at the centre of another scandal, this time about her obnoxious behaviour towards White civil servants. An official report found that she had broken the ministerial code of conduct by bullying staff and should therefore resign for the second time from the cabinet.

However, Boris Johnson decided that the rules needn’t apply to his fellow Friend of Israel, and Patel is still there. There are rumours that she’ll lose her post soon for incompetence, but obnoxiousness was not a problem. After all, she’s not been obnoxious to the only people who matter in Brave New Britain: the tiny Jewish minority that funds and controls the Conservative Party and that wields hugely disproportionate influence in the media and academia. Patel has risen to high office by being sycophantic to Jews and psychopathic to Whites.

Death-goddess Kali with White men’s heads

And she may well be a full psychopath, like a disproportionate number of politicians and of the lawyers who are massively over-represented in Western politics. For example, Patel has a psychopathic indifference to truth. She knows from the inside that Jews have controlled the Conservative government under Johnson, May, and Cameron just as they previously controlled the Labour government under Blair and Brown. That’s why she had so many secret meetings with Israeli politicians. But she would instantly condemn anyone who named and opposed the very Jewish control that she has so carefully allied herself with and worked to strengthen. Indeed, she would be happy to imprison anyone telling the truth about Jewish control. Psychopaths don’t care about truth or morality: they care about power. And some psychopaths like to exercise power in sadistic ways, as Patel did when she shouted and swore at her White staff. Which brings me to another image from Brave New Britain:

Death-goddess Kali with White men’s heads

That painting, called Housewives With Steak Knives (1985), is a “self-portrait … as the multi-armed Hindu Goddess Kali” by Sutapa Biswas, another Indian Hindu currently enriching Brave New Britain. Do you think the painting shows hostility towards White men? I do and I would link the psychology of Sutapa Biswas, as revealed in her painting, to the psychology of Priti Patel, as revealed in her behaviour towards White civil servants. Of course, no mainstream commentator in Britain would dare suggest that Patel’s Hinduism and Indian genetics have played any role in her obnoxious behaviour. But here at the Occidental Observer, the Home of Hate, I’m suggesting exactly that.

Pernicious parallels

After all, a very similar scandal has happened before. In 1998, a female Hindu lawyer called Kamlesh Bahl was appointed Deputy Vice President of the Law Society and was expected to rise swiftly to become its President. But Bahl was dismissed in 1999 after accusations that she was a power-crazed bully who terrorized and humiliated her White staff in just the way that Priti Patel is accused of doing.

And just as Patel got her big job despite being known to have bullied staff in her previous ministries, Bahl got her big job despite being known to have bullied staff when she was head of the Equal Opportunities Commission. Like Patel, Bahl had non-White privilege. And to round off the parallels, Bahl denied that she had done anything wrong just as Patel has done. I don’t think these parallels are coincidental. Like Kamlesh Bahl, Priti Patel is a hate-filled alien invader whose genetics and psychology are rooted in India, not in Britain.

Don’t accept immigrants from India

India is a fascinating and complex region in all manner of ways, from religion to genetics (as I acknowledged in my discussion of the Parsi Indian Freddie Mercury). But one thing is certain amid all that complexity: India is a very bad place for any Western nation to accept immigrants from. Its culture is both hugely corrupt and horrendously cruel, as one of England’s greatest writers saw long ago. Rudyard Kipling (1865–1936) was born in India and recorded life there with sharp insight and understanding. Leftists call him a racist; I call him a realist. You can see some of his realism about India in the short-story collection Plain Tales from the Hills (1888). One of the stories, with the ironic title “Beyond the Pale,” begins with these lines: “A man should, whatever happens, keep to his own caste, race and breed. Let the White go to the White and the Black to the Black. Then, whatever trouble falls is in the ordinary course of things — neither sudden, alien, nor unexpected.”

Leftists would call that racist; I call it realist. And I think it applies to the trouble caused by Priti Patel and Kamlesh Bahl. Kipling would have been horrified to see mass immigration from India into the West. And rightly so. His story “Beyond the Pale” is about a love-affair between a White British man called Trejago and a Brown Indian widow called Bisesa. At first Trejago sees some of the beauty and charm of India. Then, following a quarrel with his brown-skinned lover, he sees a little of the horror:

A week, and then three weeks, passed without a sign from Bisesa. Trejago, thinking that the rupture had lasted quite long enough, went down to Amir Nath’s Gully for the fifth time in the three weeks, hoping that his rap at the sill of the shifting grating would be answered. He was not disappointed.

There was a young moon, and one stream of light fell down into Amir Nath’s Gully, and struck the grating, which was drawn away as he knocked. From the black dark, Bisesa held out her arms into the moonlight. Both hands had been cut off at the wrists, and the stumps were nearly healed.

Then, as Bisesa bowed her head between her arms and sobbed, some one in the room grunted like a wild beast, and something sharp — knife, sword or spear — thrust at Trejago in his boorka. The stroke missed his body, but cut into one of the muscles of the groin, and he limped slightly from the wound for the rest of his days. (“Beyond the Pale”)

“Genius” is an over-used word, but I’m happy to apply it to Rudyard Kipling. His ability to understand the multitudinous realities of India was matched by his ability to describe those realities. He didn’t portray Whites as inexcusable sinners or non-Whites as immaculate saints. Instead, he was a realist, which is why he’s now called a racist. But I can see no hate or malice in his stories about brown-skinned Indians. Indeed, “The Story of Muhammad Din,” about the life and death of a tiny Muslim boy, must be one of the most moving and compassionate stories ever written – and without the insincerity and sentimentality that accompany leftist minority-worship.

Leftism mandates blindness to reality

But although Kipling could sympathize with brown-skinned Indians and recognize their full humanity, that did not make him think that Indians and Whites are the same under the skin (or that White Germans and White Brits are the same). Like Charles Dickens, another literary genius, Kipling did not allow his enormous powers of sympathy to blind him to reality. But modern leftism mandates blindness to reality. That’s why the leftist Guardian can report that “India remains the most unsafe country for women in the world, with a woman raped every 20 minutes,” while simultaneously supporting unlimited immigration from India. This would ensure that India’s vibrant rape-culture found new settings, just as Pakistan’s rape-culture has been successfully transplanted to Britain.

In short, the Guardian claims to oppose rape while supporting the non-White immigration that massively increases rape. Its readers and journalists don’t recognize the contradiction. Thanks to minority-worship, leftists apply the Orwellian principle of crimestop, which “means the faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of any dangerous thought. It includes the power of not grasping analogies, of failing to perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest arguments if they are inimical to [minority-worship], and of being bored or repelled by any train of thought which is capable of leading in a heretical direction.”

Racism is realism

And although British leftists have condemned Priti Patel and her bullying, none of them would acknowledge that she is yet another example of the harm done by mass immigration. As an Indian Hindu and shabbos-shiksa, Priti Patel supports the highly ethnocentric governments of Israel and India while working against the legitimate ethnic interests of Britain’s fast-shrinking White majority. Patel is bad for Britain, like the part-Jewish, part-Turkish prime minister Boris Johnson and like her fellow Indian Hindu Rishi Sunak, who came to the post of Chancellor from Goldman Sachs and the highly Jewish and globalist world of banking.

It is not racist to say that these aliens are bad for Britain: it is realist. Or rather, racism is realism. It is both rational and realistic to understand that race is a valid scientific concept and has huge consequences for politics, culture and criminality. Rudyard Kipling understand those obvious truths and Rudyard Kipling would have been entirely unsurprised by Muslim rape-gangs and the malign behaviour of the Indian Hindus Priti Patel and Kamlesh Bahl. But the West is no longer governed by the thinking of far-sighted White geniuses like Kipling and Dickens. Instead, the West is governed by the thinking of subversive Jewish charlatans like Karl Marx and Franz Boas.

Priti Patel pleads for power at Conservative Friends of Israel

And that’s why Britain has a hate-filled Hindu called Priti Patel at the top of government. Her sadistic behaviour towards her White staff is a portent of what will happen right across the West as Whites lose control to their non-White enrichers. Patel is bad for Britain and doesn’t belong here, which is precisely why, in true psychopathic fashion, she sniffed out and bowed before the hidden centre of power in her party: Conservative Friends of Israel. And Jews were delighted to recruit her as a shabbos-shiksa. They know that outsiders like Patel have no loyalty to or concern for British Whites.

But you won’t see anyone in the mainstream media speak these obvious truths. After all, this is Brave New Britain, where it’s against the law to speak the truth about Jewish control and minority malice. And who oversees the law in Brave New Britain? You’ve seen her pernicious punim already in this article: it’s Priti Patel, Home Secretary, Friend of Israel and Foe of Whites.

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  1. Jeremiah Alphonsus
    Jeremiah Alphonsus says:

    King Duncan, not Shakespeare, got it wrong. And this led him to be vulnerable to murder. He was innocent as a dove, yes, but he forgot the other needed half: to also be wise as a serpent.

    The speaker must always be taken into account when reading Shakespeare. For example, “To thine own self be true” is spoken by the buffoonish Polonius in Hamlet. Shallow, relativist modern man swallows such tripe without question, not realizing that Shakespeare himself rejected it and thus put it in the mouth of the buffoon Polonius.

  2. Alan Donelson
    Alan Donelson says:

    YOU WROTE: Shakespeare got it wrong. “There’s no art to find the mind’s construction in the face,” says King Duncan in Macbeth (c. 1606), meaning that psychology can’t be read from physiognomy. But Shakespeare never saw Priti Patel, the British-born Indian Hindu who currently serves as Home Secretary. When you look at Patel’, do you see gentleness, humility and good-nature? I doubt it.

    I do not think Shakespeare got much wrong save for interpretations of his work that followed. I myself would interpret the quote as “you don’t need a degree in psychology to assess the state of a human’s soul and consciousness from their face, especially when looking into their eyes”.

    In my view, Priti Patel has a gracious, even ingratiating façade. She manages her mask in public very well, I suppose. The nose is a dead give-away. Phoenician Navy, per Miles Mathis and contributors.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Alan, I concur with your second paragraph entirely. A degree does little or nothing; except generate fees. A good eye, experienced age and innate empathy is far more promising of a valid assessment.

      The previous photos of the aberrations in Portland are interesting. One girl is likely blameless for her appearance, like many different patients, and deserving of help. The remainder a drain on the budget, augmented by income from crime.

    • Dave Bowman
      Dave Bowman says:

      Your comment is very pertinent and perceptive. I certainly agree that the Patel creature has, at least to many people’s eyes, a “gracious, even ingratiating façade”, and “manages her mask in public very well”. I also believe that, by most men’s (questionable sex-focussed) standards, she is very physically attractive as a female (dark hair and dark eyes go a long way with many men, even me). But your remark that “the nose is a dead give-away” is absolutely spot-on. Her nose is a very typical large, hooked Pakistani / Moslem nose, bad enough on a male but even less appealing on a female, and is always better seen as a direct Semitic type than as a genetic derivation from the Indian sub-continent itself. Therefore I have no doubt of her family’s long-distance genetic relationship to the sailors of the “Phoenician navy” – the bands of armed merchants from the west side of Lebanon and northern Palestine who for 900 years traversed the eastern Mediterranean coasts for wealth and slaves, and spread their genetics far and wide..

      But that is only half the picture. The name “Patel” originated and spread first in the western Indian state of Gujarat, signifying one of the higher (and lighter-skinned) castes of traders, businessmen, merchants and land-owners. Even today across both India itself and also Europe and the West, the Patel surname still carries a high social and political value to many as a symbol of self-made wealth and prosperity by – seemingly legitimate – trade. And Gujarat is due south – though a very long way down the coast – from the border with Pakistan, one of the world’s homes of ethnic trickster commerce, sharp practice, financial deceit and massive business corruption. I have worked over 30 years alongside many of our enriching friends from the sub -Continent, and in many of even her most flattering handout photographs she always strikes me as looking very much more Pakistani (ie. Moslem) than Indian (predominantly Hindu). I believe that her nominal “Hindu” tag is just another part of her general crypsis.

      HMMmm. A centuries-old family line of committed (and always moneyed) merchants… A personality of habitual crypsis – pretending to be Hindu when her line is very clearly at least part-Moslem, and a carefully-manicured feminine appearance masking a ruthless, hard-faced, bullying feminist demeanour, even in the (overwhelmingly male) heartland of the Mother of Parliaments… A clear and obvious mover-and-shaker for Conservative Friends of Israel, actually culminating in a series of secret, unauthorised (and treasonous) private meetings with representatives of the Israeli foreign power whilst in office – hubris unlimited – and to cap it all, that godawful, enormous, ugly plasticine and wholly Semitic nose.

      I would be prepared to lay a large amount of hard cash that, if the truth were ever to be known, she has become very well aware of full Jew in her own lineage – and acts accordingly as one of the clan’s best and most hidden assets – naturally to the detriment of us all.

      Cherchez la femme Jew.

      (But none of this was anything to do with Miles Mathis, who is an intellectual charlatan, with delusions of grandeur and a very questionable interest in paintings of little girls naked. Avoid.)

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      I myself would interpret the quote as “you don’t need a degree in psychology to assess the state of a human’s soul and consciousness from their face, especially when looking into their eyes.”

      There are many contexts in which the quoted words or similar ones might indeed be read as you suggest—i.e., in the sense that reading a man’s character in his face isn’t especially difficult—but the specific context of act 1, scene 4, of “Macbeth” isn’t one of them. Take a look at the scene and see if you don’t agree.

      Still, it wouldn’t be a stretch to hint that in giving these words brimming over with double meaning to Duncan, the playwright is underscoring the man’s feeble powers of cognition, which will shortly cost him crown and life. Macbeth himself is certainly no master of dissimulation. Had Duncan had the wits of Hamlet or Coriolanus or Prospero, he might have spotted Macbeth’s grift a mile off.

      • jimmie Moglia
        jimmie Moglia says:

        Pierre, Thank you for the interesting clarification. In fact the related entry in my situational dicrtionary “Your Daily Shakespeare – an Arsenal of Verbal Weapons to Drive your Friends into Action and your Enemies into despair” reads:
        Physiognomy, p. unreliable
        “There’s no art
        To find the mind’s construction in the face:
        He was a gentleman on whom I built
        An absolute trust.” (M.1.4)
        Suggestions for use: Use the first two lines to counteract statements of the type, ‘He has an honest face’ or similar or to
        comment on the deceit committed by someone you thought trustworthy.
        In the play. Duncan did not suspect that his vassal Cawdor was a traitor. Macbeth discovered the
        treachery. Duncan, besides instantly making Macbeth, Thane of Cawdor (in recognition and gratitude),
        reflects on the unreliability of his (Duncan’s) assessment of Cawdor’s character.

        I will now amend the entry to reflect the dual interpretation of the quote.

  3. jimmie Moglia
    jimmie Moglia says:

    How in Heaven (or Hell) can this individual be called “English”? Has England such a poor esteem of herself as not to find anybody else to fill positions in government? Is no one able to put a stop to the Kalergi plan and the disappearance of the Europeans? This female individual is an ambulating example of the demise and decay (how else can we call it) of Britain.

  4. Trenchant
    Trenchant says:

    @ Mod.: Typo:
    “At first *Trajego* sees some of the beauty and charm of India.”

    [mod. thank you!]

  5. George F. Held
    George F. Held says:

    Superb article! But the Brits are no more than the other European peoples. They have all accepted idiotic rules about how human societies should be formed, esp. the idea that a racially diverse society is by its very nature ethically and culturally superior to one that is not racially diverse.

  6. Blake
    Blake says:

    If The Royals are not about the business of preserving England’s history, heritage, and culture what purpose do they serve? Find a Kipling prototype to serve as Home Secretary. And now the British people must decide how to get rid of their country changing immigration policies.

  7. nimroduk
    nimroduk says:

    “high-T fem-pol”
    There is a reason she looks charged with testosterone. Priti was not born a woman. Although it does not have a penis anymore for she is something closer to a hijra, but a bit trickier this time since she is, in fact, a work of the cult; the androgyne cult that rules the West

  8. HINO
    HINO says:

    Is she really a Hindu? India has an over-abundance of far-left Marxists, “secularists”, and so on who are more correctly characterized as anti-Hindu even if they may have a Hindu name. These people are thoroughly anti-Hindu, while at the same time also Marxist, far-left, pro-Islamist and anti-Western. But they are courted by the Western establishment. A typical example is Arundhati Roy.
    Calling such people “Hindu” is like an Indian characterizing agnostic Western politicians as “Christian”.

  9. Cameron
    Cameron says:

    The poor but honest Hindoo
    He does the work he can do
    He sticks to caste, from first to last
    And for pants he lets his skin do

  10. SB
    SB says:

    As a British citizen I can conform Patel is absolutely loathed here . My boomer dad , normally mild on racial issues , pleasantly shocked me with a rant against her. I find it funny that she thinks she can behave this way towards people of native blood. Her victims should have claimed she was racially motivated. I cannot wait for this vile individual to collect her karma.

  11. Robert S. Litoff
    Robert S. Litoff says:

    Regarding Kipling’s “Beyond the Pale”, the Spaniards (white Europeans) would cut off the hands of the Taino, natives of the Caribbean and let them bleed to death, if they failed to pay their tribute. And, that really happened, not a piece of fiction. Throughout history all peoples have been guilty of atrocities. The real problem for White people is that they do not reproduce even at a replacement level. They would rather take in immigrants than change diapers. And, they should take control of the media, academia and the banks away from the Jews.

  12. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    Almost all of the politicians have the same hand- and arm-gestures, which makes me wonder whether they all have the same coach, or two. Also whether they commenced their coaching careers after studying Hitler’s erstwhile successful gestures, practiced before a mirror.

    Look at Patel’s not so pretty cramped claws, but without blood dripping from their fingernails. So far.

    Not all politicians feel compelled to resort to these theatrics. The ” Come On- Man ! ” man-child was obviously programmed to include two brief jogging-spells, each comprised of five steps, while bouncing onto the stage.

    Except at Warm Springs, Ga., where the last three garden-steps he descended were so tilted as to inadvertently propel him into three jogs to display his youthful fitness..

  13. Lancashire Lad
    Lancashire Lad says:

    I sympathise, but frankly there are some white British civil servants who see themselves as servants of the world rather than “narrow nationalists”, who have enabled mass immigration and diversity and who surely need to be shouted at.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      I don’t know how many ” shouted ” at Cromwell, but it took merely a handful to sever his head and to impale it on a wrought-iron fencepost. His sympathizers took it down and encased it in a glass case, which, throughout, remained the property of a family.

      At least until said family died out. Its lawyer-executor appeared at the Gatekeeper’s house of Sidney Sussex College, at Cambridge, where Cromwell had studied for two years. The
      ” gatekeeper ” informed the Headmaster of S-S College, prolific historian Dr. David Thomson, about the lawyer’s request, that S-S accept this glass case.

      Initially Dr. Thomson responded, that the lawyer offer it to Parliament: then relented, accepting it, after the lawyer stated, that he had already done that, but that they replied: ” Oh no. Thank you Sir. He is a much too controversial figure yet !”

      After Christmas dinner, ’64, Dr. Thomson showed me several glossy, large photographs he had ordered taken for their archives, before he, the Chaplin and the gardener buried it in an unidentified area of the College. Commemorated by a wall-mounted plaque near the main entrance. Cromwell’s wart was in the identical place of contemporaneous drawings.

      I favor a similar life-cycle for all current reset warthogs.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        I should have explained how, at half of Dr. Thomson’s age, I landed at his Christmas table. His older son, who invited me home, was studying at Heidelberg and was among my circle of friends there, while I had a low-level job with United States Army in Europe, Intelligence H.Q., Patton Barracks; Building 13.

        Cromwell’s horse pistols were displayed in the two-story entrance of the Headmaster’s Lodge, as was his dining-room chair with OC carved into its back. Ever the gracious host, Dr. Thomson arranged this chair for me at dinner.

        As referred to here much earlier, I also sat in the kitchen chair on which Trotsky was ice-picked to death in his fortified compound on Vienna Street in Mexico City. And in Wittenberg, with four East German cousins in tow, I sat in Luther’s study chair, though roped off and verboten.

        As I said way back: I guess I prefer to learn History from the bottom up !

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        Charles Frey – so they preserved the mummified head for 300 years then the custodians of history buried it in the soil, without a grave? I am surprised the skin lasted three centuries – the glass case must have been very airtight. So the skull is still there? I suspect it is not far from the plaque.

        • Charles Frey
          Charles Frey says:

          The head was buried on March, 26, 1960, by Dr. Thomson, his Chaplain and gardener, in a wooden box, itself sealed in an airtight container.

          Plenty on Google, including good photos, to satiate your curiosity.
          However, one writer talks of hiring a local backhoe operator and displays photos of a number of test holes, allegedly searching for the final burial site.

          Said writer admits, that the exact location remained a secret among the three aforementioned. It is highly unlikely, that Dr. Thomson would have permitted all this digging, since he told me, that the final burial was done in secrecy so as to prevent yet another disturbance of Cromwell’s earthly remains.

  14. Leon Haller
    Leon Haller says:

    In my ignorance, I thought this woman was some kind of conservative. Of course, even if she were someone with whom I agreed ideologically, I still recognize that neither she nor any other nonwhite has any legitimate place in Britain, or any other European country. ALL nonwhites, whatever their status or characters, must be told to get out of Europe. ALL of them, no exceptions ever. I wonder, though, if there will ever be an indigenous revolution anywhere in colonized Europe. What’s the matter with these people? In America we had black slavery; in Canada (and US, Australia) they had tribal peoples to complicate the racial picture. But why were any nonwhites ever allowed into Europe? I STILL don’t understand the rationale for this, as I still don’t understand why immigration wasn’t halted decades ago.

  15. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    “And now she’s back at the centre of another scandal, this time about her obnoxious behaviour towards White civil servants.”

    Most of these whites high up in the civil service are of the treacherous type (as are the FBI in the US) who undermine any efforts to close the border, in the same way that the executive in the US do not carry out the Trump government’s wishes, and instead follow their own agenda – so I only wish someone would bully them or worse.

    However, the bottom line is that Boris & Priti are still luring soldiers of Islm to Britain, soldiers who are arriving daily by the boatload without passports, by their offer of free money and houses, beginning with sending out rescue boats off the south coast to pick them up for free, and followed by medical checks (ordinary whites cannot see a NHS doctor) followed by placing them in hotels and giving them an immediate income from day one, and legal aid to pay for lawyers.

    “the tiny Jewish minority that funds and controls the Conservative Party and that wields hugely disproportionate influence in the media and academia”.

    Perhaps there was an own-goal today in the MSM against the Jews, perhaps accidental or perhaps deliberate, where the media might have turned on ((them)) a bit. I watched Sky news (to see the crowd booing the Millwall footballers who were ‘taking the knee’ and doing the black power salute), when they had an item about Roald Dahl (author, deceased) whose family are currently apologising on his behalf, long after his death, for anti-semitic comments from decades ago.

    The tactful Daily Mail, perhaps so as not to offend, did not give us the full quotes, and limited them to: “Roald Dahl said ‘there is a trait in the Jewish character that provokes ‘animosity'”. Printing this quote was bad enough in the sense of planting negative thoughts in our minds about the nature of the Jews, but Sky News went further and decided to quote more details and put this on the screen: “Even a stinker like Hitler didn’t just pick on them for no reason.”

    I wonder if Sky News were deliberately using this news story item as an excuse to put up on the screen some very strong criticism of the Jews (and even departing from the War narrative – that ((they)) were picked on for no reason at all – that we have all been taught), rather than just seeking to inform us, as after all they never did this in respect of a white person recently arrested for putting leaflets through letter boxes criticising immigration – in that case the MSM decided to keep us in the dark about the actual ‘outrageous’ comments, but in this case regarding the Jews, they were quite willing to give us all the juicy details.

    Perhaps despite the Jews have, by their ‘negative personal interactions’ with members of the elite (and not by differences in their politics), perhaps the Jews have antagonised certain of the lefty elite who currently supervise the narrative, such that these lefties are turning on them by giving us anti-semitic remarks in the guise of a news item. They never do this sort of thing usually, ie contradict one of the narratives.

    Also, note that Indians can own property and business in the UK, but the other way around it is not allowed by their laws.

    • T.Gilligan
      T.Gilligan says:

      I, like you, pterodactyl, did not see matters as brown power over white sub-ordinates but rather in terms of clearing out the broom cupboard of left-leaning idealists in the civil service who refuse to enact or implement policies that the ‘Conservative’ government were mandated to by the electorate at the last election.
      This article by Mr.Langdon surely reminds us that ‘conflicts of interest’ and ‘damaged by association’ are sorely relevant when it a source is a power with amply money, and shopping-lists for their political lackies.

      The writer William Dalrymple has made a career out writing about India/Pakista; his latest book being about the East India Company and read that his background is titled upper-class British Aristo. I failed to see an obvious trait of Indian heritage but in a newspaper magazine interview he states he has some Indian heritage; what was disturbing was his vindictive remark that the English had a ‘reckoning’ owed to them for their deeds in Indian.
      One act that was outlawed by Charles Napier in the 1840’s (in Indian) was Suttee- the ritual of a widow immolating herself on her husbands funeral pyre.

      • Non Occidentalist
        Non Occidentalist says:

        What on earth possessed Charles do this?
        When the Turkic Muslim dynasties who ruled North India for centuries never ceased this practice, what would compel the British Empire to do such a thing? Nothing but arrogance, me thinks.

        • Charles Frey [ Not Napier ]
          Charles Frey [ Not Napier ] says:

          What are your wife’s views and intentions on this ? The British also stopped tribesmen from boiling humans for consumption by humans, making them more human.

          I am equally glad, that some pre-Bauhaus esthete did not interfere with the design of Taj Mahal.

          • Non Occidentalist
            Non Occidentalist says:

            Neither of us agree with it [we are not Hindoos].
            An internal matter should be left alone by outsiders.

            IMHO the ***Gog and Magog*** led western European empires were all about transforming the rest of Mankind, at the point of a blood stained sword, to their way of life, so that one day Global Government could easily be set up…where one man would stand up in Jerusalem and declare he is the Messiah – but would he really be the True Messiah?
            We are now witnessing this part of the plan. Colonization/decolonization has player her role on the stage of history.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          … the Turkic Muslim dynasties who ruled North India for centuries never ceased this practice [i.e., suttee] …

          All the more reason for lamenting medieval European rulers’ inconsistent support for the Crusades. Would that the Crusaders’ numbers, supply lines, and mission statement had sufficed to exterminate Turks and Muslims en masse!

          In their absence, who would present-day Jews be recruiting to serve as cannon fodder for their war on the West? Burmese? Tibetans? Andaman Islanders?

          • Non Occidentalist
            Non Occidentalist says:

            These Crusades were Western Europe’s first foray into what would become colonization centuries later. Notice how the Orthodox Christian Roman Empire never launched any Crusade to capture Jerusalem and it was from them that the Muslims took control of the Holy Land, not from the Western [Latins] Christians.
            Also do not forget that when Salahuddin took over Jerusalem, the Orthodox Christian world including the Roman Empire breathed a collective sigh of relief as they would no longer face the bitter persecution they had faced from their Latin ‘brothers’.

            You might as well ask why did not the ***Gog and Magog*** led British Empire exterminate the largest Muslim population on earth, i.e. the continent of India?

            You ask “who would present-day Jews be recruiting to serve as cannon fodder for their war on the West?”.
            You do realize that ***they*** had already transformed and recruited Western European civilization for their war on the rest of Mankind in the centuries bygone? Now ***they*** do not need the Modern West anymore…all that remains is WW III and with Biden/Harris looking set for the WH… it seems ***they*** will get this.

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