Islam + Western Civilization = Islam: The Evil Equation that Delights Leftists and Dooms Libertarians

Malignant tumors. In the modern West, there are two competing ways of responding to them. The first way is practised by leftists. It involves praising tumors, telling them what a vital and valued contribution they make to the body, and refusing to let tumors be criticized in any way. For example, if lung cancer or liver cancer causes problems, it’s clearly the fault of the lungs or liver. That’s why it’s so important to crush hate-speech about tumors. Can we not all agree that carcinophobia has no place in a decent society?

Words are all it will take

The second way of responding to tumors is practised by rightists and libertarians. They claim that, in fact, the real carcinophobes are those who don’t allow tumors to be criticized. Banning criticism of tumors implies that tumors aren’t grown up enough to accept criticism. But the very essence of tumors is that they grow up (and out and left and right and backward). We are actually respecting tumors if we speak sternly to them when they misbehave. And how else are we going to stop them misbehaving?

An enriching tumor surrounded by carcinophobic lung-tissue (from Wikipedia)

After all, words are the only way to respond to tumors. Either you praise them or you criticize them. Those are the only ways to respond. Certainly we can’t remove tumors from the body. What kind of bigot wants to do such a cruel and mean-spirited thing? All decent people agree that tumors enrich our lives and make a vital contribution to the body. Nor can we try to prevent tumors forming in the first place. That’s not just bigoted: it’s impossible. You cannot prevent tumors. As Sadiq Khan, the Muslim mayor of London, once said: “Part and parcel of living in a great global city is you have to be prepared for tumors. You have to be vigilant.” And Khan is certainly right about “great global cities” like London, Paris and Madrid. Sudden tumorous outbreaks have killed hundreds of people in those cities.

No Third-Worlders, no Third-Worlding

But Khan isn’t right about “great global cities” like Tokyo and Beijing. Tumors haven’t struck there at all. So what’s the difference? Well, Khan wasn’t really talking about tumors, of course. He was talking about Muslim terrorism. And Muslim terrorism doesn’t strike in Tokyo for the simple reason that Japan has not allowed mass migration by Muslims. In other words, you can easily prevent tumors like Muslim terrorism and other Third-World pathologies. Japan has done it by refusing to allow Third-World migration. If there are no Third-World folk in your nation, there are no Third-World pathologies. Enriched London doesn’t just suffer from terrorism but also from gang-rapes, acid-attacks, stabbings, female genital mutilation, and massive political corruption.

All of that is a consequence of Third-World migration and the Third-World pathologies it inevitably spawns in what is rapidly ceasing to be a First-World city. The same is true elsewhere in England. The small Yorkshire town of Rotherham has become infamous around the world for its Muslim rape-gangs, which have been raping, beating, prostituting and occasionally murdering underage White girls for decades.

Authentic Muslim menace

Despite its infamy, Rotherham is only a small part of sexual jihad being waged by Muslims in Britain. Worse things are still going on in bigger towns and cities. And no-one in mainstream politics is prepared to do anything about it. Politicians, journalists and academics don’t even speak the truth about it. And the truth is that the only way to end the pathologies caused by Muslims and other Third-World people is to expel them from your territory. Refusing to admit this, the mainstream left and mainstream right advocate the two competing policies I described above. Leftists believe in curing non-White pathologies by blaming them on Whites. Rightists believe in curing non-White pathologies by talking tough about them. And we’ve just seen excellent examples of these two failed policies in a story from another Islamically enriched Yorkshire town called Wakefield.

As part of a game with his friends, a 14-year-old autistic White boy purchased a Koran and took it to Kettlethorpe High School in Wakefield, where it was accidentally dropped and slightly damaged. There was no malicious intent and the Koran does not appear to have been disrespected or vandalized in any way. But Usman Ali, a local councillor for the Labour party, immediately spotted another chance to intimidate the infidels and assert Muslim dominance. He tweeted the following, using smarmy left-speak to convey authentic Muslim menace:

After todays [sic] events at Kettlethorpe High School, where a Quran has been desecrated are [sic] a serious provocative action which needs to be dealt with urgently by all the authorities, namely, the police, the school and the local authority.

This terrible event could destroy all the good progress that has been made in Wakefield to highlight and combat Islamophobia.

I have been in contact with local leaders to ensure that swift and appropriate action is taken to deal with this grave situation. We all need to work together to make sure that this terrible provocation does not set back community relations for years to come. (Tweet by Usman Ali)

Councillor Ali later deleted the tweet, but it had had its desired effect. I’ve often written at the Occidental Observer about the goy grovel, that is, the sycophancy and submission of White gentiles to Jews. Now meet the kaffir krawl, the sycophancy and submission of White infidels to Muslims (kaffir is the Muslim term for a non-Muslim). The kaffir krawl was energetically performed in Wakefield by “all the authorities” and also by the mother of the autistic schoolboy, who has reportedly been “forced to flee his home and go into hiding, fearing for his life” because of death-threats.

Whites perform the kaffir krawl in Wakefield flanked by secretly laughing Muslims

Making death-threats is a crime in Britain. Slightly damaging a Koran without malicious intent is not. But the police in Wakefield acted as though it was the other way around. They performed the kaffir krawl to Muslims and confirmed once again that Britain has a new and unofficial blasphemy law. The old and official blasphemy law, which was abolished in 2008, protected only Christianity. The new and unofficial blasphemy law protects only Islam, because it has been created by Muslims and their readiness both to threaten and to commit violence in defense of their religion. Leftists, who hate free speech and love Islam, welcome this new law. Rightists and libertarians don’t welcome it, but they can’t be honest about why the new law exists or about their own inability to combat it. This is how the Trotskyist libertarian Brendan O’Neill, a cognitive clone of the Jewish sociologist Frank Furedi, began his thunderous denunciation of the events in Wakefield:

Imagine living in a country so religiously uptight that even making a smudge on a copy of the Quran could turn into a police matter. A country so nervous of offending Islam that even kids could be punished for allegedly disrespecting that religion. A country so determined to ringfence certain religious beliefs from scrutiny or mockery that you might hear actual politicians denouncing as ‘provocative’ and ‘terrible’ any slight against those beliefs.

Well, if you’re in the UK then you live in that country. Forget Iran. Never mind Afghanistan. It’s right here in Blighty, a supposedly free, mostly secular nation, that all of the above recently happened. Let’s call it ‘Qurangate’. And let’s talk about just how messed up it is. (‘Qurangate’ and Britain’s new blasphemy rules, The Spectator, 25th February 2023)

Try and guess how Brendan continued his article. Did he point out that Britain now resembles the intolerant Muslim nations of Iran and Afghanistan because Britain has imported millions of intolerant Muslims? Did he issue a mea culpa for firmly supporting that influx of intolerant Muslims throughout his career? Of course he didn’t. Instead, he emitted hot air about “free speech” and condemned the way in which accusations of “Islamophobia” are used to justify censorship and blacklisting. He also plugged the useless and stupid line that protecting Islam from offence is “demeaning” and “infantilising” to Muslims.

Trotskyism and truth don’t mix

And to top it all off, he lied. Note the first adjective he used in this paragraph:

This strange and strict control of discussion of Islam can have dire consequences. Who can forget the case of the schoolteacher at Batley Grammar, also in West Yorkshire, who was hounded into hiding for the ‘crime’ of showing his pupils an image of Muhammad? Or the craven decision by UK cinema chains to pull the movie The Lady of Heaven last year after Islamist protesters kicked up a storm? In such a febrile and censorious climate it strikes me as incredibly reckless to treat four children as wicked defilers of Islam’s holy book. (‘Qurangate’ and Britain’s new blasphemy rules)

Brendan was lying when he used the word “strange” to describe the way Muslims are using intimidation and violence to control “discussion of Islam.” On the contrary, that control is completely normal and entirely predictable. Most of Britain’s vibrant Muslims come from Pakistan and, as I’ve pointed out again and again at the Occidental Observer, Pakistan has both harsh laws against blasphemy and a flourishing tradition of extra-judicial execution for alleged blasphemers. A Pakistani Muslim called Tanveer Ahmed brought that tradition to Britain in 2016, when he traveled from England to Scotland and stabbed to death another Pakistani Muslim called Asad Shah. Ahmed was an orthodox Sunni Muslim and Shah belonged to a Muslim sect called the Ahmadis, whom Sunnis regard as heretics and blasphemers. There was nothing “strange” about that murder, just as there was nothing strange about Brendan O’Neill’s refusal to discuss it at the time or later. Indeed, violence against Ahmadis is so routine in Pakistan that Asad Shah was granted asylum in Britain.

Absolute certainty of disaster

Unfortunately for him, Britain has been colonized by orthodox Muslim Pakistanis who, naturally enough, have brought their robust anti-blasphemy traditions with them. Not to mention their robust traditions of sexually enslaving infidel females and creating horrible genetic diseases by marrying close relatives. So would it be right to use another of Brendan O’Neill’s posturing phrases and say it was “incredibly reckless” to allow Pakistanis to colonize Britain? No, it wouldn’t be right to use that phrase. Doing so would imply that there was only a high probability of disastrous consequences, not an absolute certainty. But it was absolutely certain that allowing Pakistanis and other Third-Worlders to colonize Britain would have disastrous consequences.

Brendan O’Neill has supported that Third-World colonization every step of the way. Naturally enough, he’s also weaseled and lied about the disastrous consequences. Or has ignored them entirely. To the best of my knowledge, he has never mentioned, let alone condemned, the murder of Asad Shah. He certainly didn’t mention it in his article about Qurangate in Wakefield. “Who can forget?” he asked in the article before listing examples of Muslim attacks on free speech. Well, you could, Brendan. And you did. But that silence wasn’t maintained by Tom Slater, another Trotskyist libertarian and cognitive clone of Frank Furedi. When Slater wrote about Qurangate, he said this:

We’ve seen how this story ends far too many times now. The threat to those deemed to be blasphemers is very real. Batley Grammar School, where in 2021 a teacher was forced into hiding after he showed a cartoon of Muhammad to his religious-studies class, is a 10-mile drive from Kettlethorpe High School. That teacher is still in hiding, no doubt fearing he will meet a similar fate to Samuel Paty — the French teacher beheaded in the suburbs of Paris in 2020 for almost identical ‘crimes’. Those who refuse to believe that such a thing could happen here should Google Asad Shah, the Ahmadiyya Muslim shopkeeper from Glasgow who was stabbed to death in 2016 by a man who accused him of ‘disrespecting’ Islam. Everyone seems to have conveniently forgotten about that awful case. (When a Wakefield boy brought a Koran to school, Spiked Online, 27th February 2023)

No, Tom: not everyone. I’m a knuckle-dragging far-rightard, but I’ve never forgotten about the “awful case” of Asad Shah’s murder. And please feel free to draw on any of my articles about it when you and your comrades begin your unrelenting campaign to put Asad Shah where he deserves to be, namely, at the heart of all future commentary about Islam and free speech in Britain:

But I have to be honest about why I’ve never forgotten the murder of Asad Shah. That “awful case” is not at all inconvenient for me, because it proves I’m right about the lunacy of allowing Muslims to colonize a Western nation. It is certainly inconvenient for self-proclaimed libertarians like Brendan O’Neill and Tom Slater, because it contradicts all their weaseling and lies about why Muslims attack free speech and how we can stop them doing it. Muslims will never stop doing it until they and other Third-World enrichers are expelled from Western nations.

Either way, the always idiotic and often evil ideology of libertarianism is doomed. If Third-World enrichers remain in the West, they will further assist the creation of a leftist tyranny in which sincere libertarians will be imprisoned (and insincere ones take their masks off to reveal their true leftism). But if Third-World enrichers are expelled, it will be because Whites who are serious about defending Western civilization have come to power. And Whites who are serious about defending Western civilization are not fooled by the thoroughly Jewish ideology of libertarianism, which warmly welcomes Muslim migration, then weasels and lies about the inevitable consequences.

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  1. Flavia
    Flavia says:

    Wow. That was an extremely vigorous essay! The metaphor of the tumor was perfect.
    It’s always been obvious to me that Islam and Western Civilization are incommensurable. I’ve only seen Fjordman take up the prospect of how this conflict will be realized. If repatriation is impossible, civil war will be inevitable–that is, unless Europe rolls over.

  2. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    Here in Canada I worked with a Syrian immigrant and we kind of became friends given I spent a month in Israel back in 1994. I traveled the country and entered Jordan to see Petra, and Egypt to see the Sinai Peninsula etc. Sam was blown away and couldn’t believe I returned home alive. We talked at length about a great many things and I was surprised he married a Canadian girl with no religious affiliation but after meeting me desired to get their kids into religious education didn’t matter Christian or Moslem? Wow, the ignorance and Sam tried to reassure me the Moslem faith was a beautiful thing. It went nowhere but what really got my attention was he worked as a doorman at a downtown hotel. He told me about one encounter he had with a guest who called for something. Upon arriving the guest opened the door and said to this Moslem look what i had last night? With that he ripped the bedding off of the bed to reveal a gorgeous woman sprawled out on the bed naked and asleep. After telling me this i looked at Sam and said so tell me would you or any moslem ever witness this back home? O no he replied and so I said back to him do you tell your friends back home what you experience in the West? He kind of nodded and then went silent.

    When I was in Aqaba returning to the border i did a walk about and one young moslem who saw me made a straight line for me mumbling something to himself which made me immediately make for the hotel which made him turn around and leave. Also the contrast between Israel and Saudi Arabia was stark. In Eilat which is the pleasure resort its a typical western beach like California with half naked people swimming and walking around. In Aqaba however, I witnessed some women swimming in the Red Sea completely dressed in that black clothes from head to toe. To towns joined at the hip literally but with a large wall and structures separating them.

    Before traveling to the Middle East I read a great deal and was especially struck by an article in a womans magazine about a lady who was from some university in the west and archaeology was her thing. She traveled to Jordanian capital to study the ruins there but made the terrible mistake of going alone and a single women. Big mistake!!! As she said in the article the more she tried to explain to the people she was there for university work the more jeering the women did believing that she couldn’t get a man back home so she was after a moslem man? She suffered such disrespect as one couldn’t imagine unless you lived in her shoes.

    Lastly, I got a job where I met this lady who worked at the front counter and lo and behold she was a christian but had married a Moslem man from Egypt? How in the world did that happen? She romanticized the bible and decided a trip to see Egypt was in order. Went alone and found a man of Egyptian culture and married him brought him back to Canada and gloats i suppose at her exotic husband. She nloves John Hagee?

    Lastly, the problem stems i beleive to what Dr. Willard Cantelon says about our modern world:

    The World Bank

    ln 1944 a World Bank was born, an infant that soon grew into a mighty giant. The national problems that had brought into existence a National Banking Act and the Federal Reserve System were identical in many respects to the problems that brought about the establishment of the World Bank. In the early pioneer days, men could do business with a local bank because few traveled far from home and seldom crossed the borders of another state. Even by the turn of the century, few men had traveled more than three hundred miles.

    Overnight, the entire scene changed. With the age of automation, world travel became common. Men traveled across the world as easily as across the street. In a single year,

    108 million Americans
    took 360 million trips
    totaling 312 billion miles.

    And McLuhan I believe referred to our world as little more than a global village?

    but I fear what was said is correct a civil was with much violence is brewing. Even Bible prophecy warns of this.

    • What’s up Skip
      What’s up Skip says:

      Thanks for your connected anecdotes which really demonstrate the difference between a society blighted by liberalism and a traditional one. At the turn of the twentieth century European women wore ankle length skirts, covered their hair and bathed fully clothed. No young woman would be allowed to travel alone in a foreign country let alone a foreign civilization, precisely to prevent the scenario described. Even the exhibition of an impressive sexual conquest by one soldier on campaign to a fellow outsider seems pretty normal. The usual moral constraints don’t really apply to men in the ‘house of war’. Westerners surely acted similarly in the age of exploration.

      The problem is not them, it is us, largely divorced from tradional church and morality and under the sway of liberalism and the new state religion of deviant-worship, ‘The Science’ and holocaustianity.

      • RegretLeft
        RegretLeft says:

        I will make time to read this later -but as long as I saw “anecdote … liberalism … traditional …” I thought I would ask how this anecdote fits in: Fall 2022 – Dearborn Michigan (v high Muslim immigrant population) – furious Muslim parents (along, I think, with Christian parents) storming the local school board meetings and demanding that the homosexual and “transgender” grooming of their children – happening daily and routinely in the public schools – cease.

  3. Chris Moore
    Chris Moore says:

    The true tumor in Western Civilization is ((Jews)), of course. These protections of Islamists are ultimately designed to protect ((Jews)). And protecting ((Jews)) is ultimately designed to protect the central bank Ponzi, run by ((Jews)) and their stooges. So this is all about filthy lucre.

    But Christendom is about principle — first and foremost, keeping ((Jews)) and their stooges OUT, because if you don’t do that, you are finished, and eventually the entire world is finished. But nihilists apparently don’t care. So nihilists are also the enemy of salvation.

    There is no room on this planet for enemies of Christendom of any streak.

    • Robert Penman
      Robert Penman says:

      I agree with you on this point, if nothing is done about the Jews then Western Civilisation, and eventually the world, is finished. No other issues can be properly addressed until the Jewish issue is dealt with. We cannot afford, at this point in time, over doing the whole issue of Islam. Jews always stir things up, and in so doing divert attention away from themselves.

      I have even helped spread certain facts about Jews all to people of ANY background. Certainly can’t hurt.

  4. Monoculture
    Monoculture says:

    “After all, words are the only way to respond to tumors. Either you praise them or you criticize them. Those are the only ways to respond.”

    Besides flight (depression) or fight (aggression), there is another, third variable in nature to react to threat. In the human kingdom it can be called indifference, ignorance, closing the eyes, even acceptance, today often costumed with the vocabulary tolerance: “I have no opinion about it, and also do not intend to form one!”

    In the animal kingdom exists the apparent death reflex and/or the toleration reflex (numbness). Tolerance is actually a term from the building material science which designates the range which a material needs before he breaks under stress. For example, in structural engineering, how much load or vibration can girders of a building or bridge withstand.

    The white race is under attack and permanently under social stress, you could say, an engine that is permanently over 100 percent performance. Like a ball that must be constantly kept under water so that it does not rise to the surface, the demand to suppress the truth and swallow the lie costs an enormous amount of mental and physical energy. Energy can also mean coagulated manpower in the form of material and financial benefits for all the invaders.

    One must imagine that millions of foreigners exist for decades at the expense of their own population. A single “refugee”, as several serious studies have determined, costs the state about one million euros/dollars in the course of his life. And this does not even include all the damage that he also causes (a police operation costs at least hundreds of euros or dollars).

  5. Monoculture
    Monoculture says:

    Not to mention, for example, such costs as the consumed life time that people like us spend pondering how to cure this systematic social dysfunction. This time, of course, is missing for taking care of other things, such as starting a family, etc., and living a pleasant and fulfilling life.

    What is demanded of representatives of our race in the meantime is beyond the pale, and our unnatural passivity is of course mercilessly exploited by our genetic competitors, idiological enemies, personal detractors, and so on.

    For example, flooding our societies with alien male invaders also means curtailing the reproductive market for our own children. Young people who get infected by the Jewish insanity of the alleged “unimportance of our preservation” and get involved in family formation with aliens are of course no longer available for the indigenous marriage market.

  6. John Alder
    John Alder says:

    Bravo ! Your article would make an excellent leaflet for distribution. Every church should be sent a copy , worth it if all it does is cause the bible thumpers a nervous breakdown. Schools should be sent copies as well. Shake em up White Man! The threat against our race is a global one. The enemy wants us dead , will we survive and thrive or oblige them and die? The choice is ours to make.

  7. V Richter
    V Richter says:

    Some people don’t know this, but millions of Muslim Turks now live in Germany.

    They were first invited in in droves as “guest workers” in the 1950s. Huge mistake.

    Some are now high level politicians in Germany and Turks are very influential there. Dr. Oz is very close to the Turkish government and is a dual citizen. Look it up.

    The Turkish government itself – yes, the government – constructs mosques all over Germany and Europe.

    Turkey built a HUGE mosque and “community” center in Maryland. President Erdogan visited it and inaugurated it.

    You didn’t know that, did you?

    There are Turkish charter schools all over America brainwashing non-Turkish, non-Muslim American children. You didn’t know that either, did you? The teachers are often Turks from Turkey who are not real teachers.

    Also not generally known is that Germany has has a long history with Turkey, going back to the days of the Kaiser. Germany has long enabled Turkey even as Turkey has become quite radical.

    Jewish Americans, the Jewish lobby, neo-cons, and American energy/defense firms have generally supported Turkey, no matter how anti-American Turkey has become.

    Most Americans don’t know these things. This information has been kept from them, by and large.

    Now you know, but no much will be done about it because Turkey is regarded as “tough” by the U.S., and American politicians 98% of the time bow to Turkey, especially American presidents.

    These are facts. Look them up if you wish.

    • Hitmarck
      Hitmarck says:


      Turks entered after men had made the Wirtschaftswunder. They have **zero** to do with it.

  8. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    I have never had much liking for schools, colleges or academics. However, in the early 60’s I was awarded money to study for a degree.
    During my time as a student I attended a student meeting to discuss immigration.
    The meeting was opened by the President who said that the immigrants would work hard, making them, our country and their country rich. The VP said that if you were fortunate enough to have an immigrant living next door they would invite you in for delicious meals.
    Number 3 said that after you got to know them really well they would invite you to visit their countries, staying with their families.
    All of this was followed by the applause. of 400 students.
    I spoke some sense from the floor which was applauded by one student.
    A Jewess standing near me said that her father was a brilliant barrister but even he could not understand racists like me. I offered to go to her house and give her father an explanation. She said her family always invited a coloured person to every Sabbath dinner.
    That Friday the guest said that he intended to marry their daughter. They said no
    The next morning the guest arrived with friends and placards, windows were broken,a riot
    happened, a battle with the police happened., the neighbours were angry and nothing was reported in the local newspaper, local radio or nationally.
    This meeting was the beginning of the end of my academic career.

  9. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    The passage about this Brendan O’Neill reminded me of Jean Raspail’s book ” Le camp des saints “.
    So  I went to take it in my library and strangely, when I opened it, I just came across the page I was looking for.

    It is often believed that Jean Raspail’s book is limited to the description of the invasion of the West by the Third World, but in fact,  it describes all the universal types of traitors  in the face of the non-white tsunami .
    These archetypes of traitors, fools, envious haters and useful idiots are still recognizable today.

    In Jean Raspail’s book, Brendan O’Neill is called Boris Vilsberg, and like Brendan he makes a strong speech against mass immigration. He speaks, here in the context of the book, of the inevitable extinction of the white race if the invasion continues, and Raspail to say (  Through its main protagonist )  that one would  expect that, after such a speech full of ” bon sens ” , Vilsberg would ask to ” kill them all ” , but, but, Raspail continues: Vilsberg is ” un tordu”.

    And then,  effectively. Vilsberg delivers a completely opposite speech.  He demoralizes the whites, he tells them that anyway the invaders are too numerous, that there is nothing that can be done , that all these non whites will have to be integrated whether they like it or not, etc.

    In familiar French ” un tordu ” is a madman but also someone who viciously distorts reality. Same root in french and english,  I think,  from the latin torquere .
    So with boris and brendan we  are dealing with shameless LIARS .

    • B. Rockford
      B. Rockford says:

      Brendan O’Neill has several ideological faults over identity politics but he has a good article on the “B”BC in the Daily Mail, March 13.
      Strictly speaking, Muslims should not remain in the House of War unless they control it, or their occupation zones, and should return to the House of Submission. So one remedy is to impose regulations that restrict their anti-western behavior. Hijra or Jihad? I think that the Spanish monarchy insisted that all citizens should hang pork in their windows, as part of the reconquista, and something similar is needed. There is also the Islam v Gay Atheism issue.

  10. Gnome Chompsky
    Gnome Chompsky says:

    Great article Tobias. I don’t live there but am of and from in a way unlike any of the Pakis you mention.

    Spiked Magazine has an interesting history. Current minitwotsky, ‘Frank Furedi’ (not his real name) had been the Trokskyite Great Generalissimo of the Revolutionary Communist Party. He led his acolytes to publish a journal called , IIRC, ‘Living Marxism’.

    The RCP cadre had taken up fashionable styles of the time, mainly post-punk, so they were the coolest-presented Trots on the block.

    At some stage, they dumped ‘Living Marxism, and later set up ‘spiked’.

    Detailed accounts aren’t hard to find, so as I need sleep, am not posting links. Would hope others will.

    • B. Rockford
      B. Rockford says:

      @ Gnome Chompsky (not your real name?)
      What is Ferenc Furedi’s real name? His wife is English, though wrong about abortion.
      The thing is that his comments on the importance of borders, snowflake students and the woke plot to destroy English history, are all worth quoting, whatever motivated his apparent move away from alien communism.

      • Gnome Chompsky
        Gnome Chompsky says:

        You are correct re. Furedi’s name. I should have re-checked, I’d forgotten that it didn’t follow the usual pattern from Lev Bronstein to other chosenite Trot-cult leaders. He just changed ‘Ferenc’ to ‘Frank’, pretty reasonable.

        My u-name is so obviously a pen-name that your comment on it was totally pointless.

        As for spiked!, I read some, it has its good points, perhaps Mr. Furedi has had genuine conversion. Only three points:

        i. they’ll never go near any J.Q. points;

        ii; their line is multi-culti; and

        iii. can one trust something that grew from an absurd Trotskyite sect? After all, look at the ‘neocons’.

        • B. Rockford
          B. Rockford says:

          I don’t much care about a person’s motives, whether it is Furedi or Atzmon or Guimaraes or Unz or anyone else, but only what they say and do. If they can be quoted in any way to assist the “white nationalist” cause, I shall quote them, after verifying their authenticity.

    • TeeJay
      TeeJay says:

      not so, I may have the spelling wrong but kaffir is NOT the right word
      “Kuffar” a person not knowing the truth because it is hidden by a veil, they are “covered” Kuffar.

  11. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    In the previous post I forgot to mention that the riots in Chelsea lasted for a week with Africans continually calling the Jews racist.

  12. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Fine analogies to pin-point the bleeding obvious of what should be terrifyingly obvious prospect for the West. Bill Warner has set up an educational programme to inform people of the civilisational threat of this atavistic belief system with the Centre for Political Islam org.
    The fact that Great Britain sleep walking into a disaster aided and abetted by a puppet of the Jewish Council of Great Britain on his daily morning phone in show, Nick Ferrari on LBC, “We have to make the distinction between a muslim and an islamist”. As that upstanding holder of ‘European’ values, Recep Edogan states, “There is only one islam”.
    After the recdent inquest on the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing by a Libyan the Government were determined to rescue from war-torn because he was ‘British’, the mother of the young girl blown up by Libyan Salman Abedi, stated that the security services have ‘blood on their hands’. Unfortunately, the power and decision making is not in their grip but the traitorous and naive politicians.
    A couple of weeks ago I met a Pakistani Catholic Christian woman who now lives in my part of East London; she cannot comprehend the foolishness of the British (politicians). I mentioned to her another Pakistani Christian, Asia Bibi who was refused sanctuary in the UK by Prime Minister Theresa May for fear of causing tension within the muslim communities in Britain.
    Does it have to get worse before it gets better..?

  13. Aiden Lake
    Aiden Lake says:

    According to the handsome comedian David Baddiel (look him up on Wikipedia) Jews should count as an ETHNIC minority, obviously distinct from the white English ethnic (at present) majority. Jews have a movement called Jewish Continuity to stop leakage by marrying out, a “silent holocaust”. Sauce for the goose. So why not English Continuity? Or is that a racist crime?

  14. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    Sometimes I wonder what would happen if the situation about migration/multidiversity were reversed. How tolerant welcoming would Islamic/Muslim nations would be of non: arabs/muslims immigrants. What if 200K Christian Nigerians were moved into Saudi Arabia/India/ would they welcome them.???

  15. JM
    JM says:

    @Birhan Dargey
    “Sometimes I wonder what would happen if the situation about migration/multidiversity were reversed. How tolerant welcoming would Islamic/Muslim nations would be of non: arabs/muslims immigrants. What if 200K Christian Nigerians were moved into Saudi Arabia/India/ would they welcome them.???”

    The answer to that has already been given by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States where there is no citizenship and equal rights for the huge ex patriot Indian, Bangladeshi &etc workforce. And Indians hate ‘immigrants’ event from within India or the peripheral nations as indicated by the frequent hostile flare ups.

  16. ariadna
    ariadna says:

    When norms and traditions are undermined, the alternatives pushed are typically presented as some sort of “liberation.” In business environments employees were once expected to dress like professionals. And then they came up with “casual Fridays.” No more oppressive suit and tie, dress like slobs, hurray, it’s OK, it’s casual Friday.

    • JM
      JM says:

      I think the motive was to cut the middle and lower levels of staff down to size. In retrospect, (objectively) preparing them for Affirmative Action programs (though this may a long bow to draw if we were to say that this was consciously done for this purpose).

  17. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    I just finished watching Rabbi Youssef Shneichter? (Lubbabitc) according to this fanatical pychopath The JEWS which are the only holders of all universal absolute truth ..The Torah/Talmud commands the jews to start WW III so that the goyim idol wordshippers will kill each other and the jews will become the Global Olygarchy. The Rabbi clearly expressly labeled Christian/Muslims/Buddhists/Japanese/Chinese etc. all idol godless goyim, which means about 98% of Humanity..what kind of god would want to kill most of humanity.?,,,The USA Financial System is collapsing and the JEWS are stealing/robbing/raiding TRILLIONS from the US Treasury/FED/Gold reserves. USA Secretary Yellen is blaming Powell for the unrestrained money printing orgies to pay for the Ucraine War, the Green Transition, the Omnibus Budget, etc. The jews will start NUCLEAR WW III to wipe out the goyim..while at the same time hoarding/defrauding TRILLIONS from the USA to store them in ISRAEL…we are being played as the goyim patsies again as in 1930s.

    • Aiden Lake
      Aiden Lake says:

      @ Birhan Dargey
      Let’s have some common sense and self-control, please.
      If “the Jews” start a world nuclear war to wipe out all the goyim, how will they transfer usable assets to Israel under a shower of nuclear fall-out?
      Where does the Talmud or Torah advocate the murder of every Gentile?
      Who is this Lubavitch rabbi quoted here? Yosef Schneerson was an anti-communist.

  18. B. Rockford
    B. Rockford says:

    Moral revulsion against Western decadence and admiration of Muslim masculinity make converts, e.g. the British followers of the late Shayk Abdalaqadur as-Sufi’s anti-Jewish and anti-Masonic movement.

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