Luscious Lesbians with Female Phalluses: More on Transgenderism, Trans-Westernism and Jewish Subversion

“Preach equality, practice hierarchy.” That’s the hidden core commandment of leftism. It’s mendacious and malevolent, but so what? Like a clown offering to shake with one hand while concealing a cream-pie behind his back in the other, the left have defeated the right with it again and again, decade after decade. “We believe in equality!” say the left. “So do we!” say the right, extending their hands with bipartisan goodwill. And splat! The cream-pie of leftist hierarchy goes straight in the face of the right and the left roar with laughter, knowing that the right have fallen for the same stupid trick today as they did yesterday and will tomorrow.

WHAMs with Wings

Take the lie of racial and sexual equality. Leftists preach it and get the right to take it seriously, but they don’t practice it, because leftist governments privilege Blacks over Whites, women over men, and gays over straights. Leftists claim to believe, for example, that Whites and Blacks are equal in all ways: “There’s only one race — the human race.” But if Blacks are capable of the same high achievements as Whites, it automatically follows that Blacks are capable of the same low misdeeds attributed to Whites by the left. But leftists don’t accept that Blacks are imperfect like that. Instead, they believe that, because all races are the same under the skin, the innate evil and envy of Whites must be crushing the innate saintliness and cerebrality of Blacks. Otherwise Blacks would be perfecting cold fusion and proving the Riemann hypothesis. This leftist reasoning doesn’t make sense, of course, but so what? Logic is racist and all that matters to the leftist elite is power, which means, inter alia, the power to privilege the virtuous and punish the villainous. Preaching the lie of equality has been an excellent way for the left to win power and practice hierarchy.

Luscious Lesbians with female phalluses: some bearded and balding male perverts invade female territory on a lesbian dating-site

White heterosexual able-bodied men (WHAMs) are right at the bottom of that leftist hierarchy. Or most of them are, anyway. So perhaps it’s typical White male ingenuity that has enabled some WHAMs to hack the hierarchy and soar from the bottom of it to the top. These WHAMs with wings claim to be members of a persecuted and misunderstood minority whose welfare and concerns must be the first priority of leftism. They might look like men, but they’re not: they’re transgender women or transwomen, male on the outside, female on the inside. And transwomen, in orthodox leftism, must be accepted and treated as full and authentic women, even if they’ve retained their apparently male genitalia. That’s why the 21st century enjoys the hugely comic sight of ugly straight men with beards and male-pattern baldness on lesbian dating-sites. These White male perverts would normally be right at the bottom of the leftist hierarchy, but the magic of transgenderism has allowed them to soar to the top. They use female names, demand to be referenced with female pronouns, and are ready to denounce as “transphobic” any genuine lesbian who objects to their fully functioning female phalluses and refuses to have sex with them.

Bow before the female penis

But would these translesbians be happy to have sex with one another and use their female phalluses in tandem? Of course not. They’re straight men with the fetish of autogynephilia, that is, they’re aroused by the thought of themselves as women. That’s why they and their supporters promote such risible concepts as the “female penis.” I’ve argued elsewhere that this is a blasphemous parody of the Christian concept of transubstantiation, wherein bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ at Eucharist whilst remaining indistinguishable from bread and wine by all sensory and scientific tests. Similarly, the penis on a transwoman is female according to leftists, although it remains indistinguishable from a male penis by all sensory and scientific tests. And so, when a tranny threatens to rape a TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist) with her “girl-dick,” this isn’t misogyny or an intimidating invocation of male violence. Not at all. It’s a light-hearted satirical rebuke of a bigoted woman who refuses to embrace transwomen as her oppressed and suffering sisters.

Pedo-promoting Professor Gayle Rubin, a Jewish giant in the cult of transgenderism

Trans-Western transwomen: the ugly Jewish perverts Jessica Yaniv and Eliana Rubin

That’s the magic of transgenderism. But is its parody of transubstantiation accidental or deliberate? It may be the latter, because in fact we don’t owe the lunacies and lies of transgenderism to the ingenuity of WHAMs, but to the malevolent subversion of Christophobic Jews like Gayle Rubin and Judith Butler. These Jewish charlatans argue that the binary sexual categories of male and female are a social construct, erected (as it were) to buttress and benefit the cruel and uncaring institutions of patriarchy and male supremacism. If you’re a kind and caring leftist, however, you must believe in compassionate gender-affirming care like cutting the breasts off teenage girls and sautéing the bodies of children in powerful puberty-blocking drugs that may render them sterile or psychologically handicapped for life.

“Borders are bad for you, goyim!” — the ethnocentric Jews Emma Lazarus and Israel Zangwill

After all, what kind of monster could object to such procedures and such drugs? As the smiling Jewish plastic surgeon Katherine Gast has said: “It’s a happy day for everybody” when she performs a double mastectomy on a teenage shiksa. Well, I think the monsters are those who support the mastectomies, not those who oppose them. I also think it’s no coincidence that Jews have been behind transgenderism just as they’ve been behind what I call trans-Westernism. Transgenderism is the lying claim that female identity is fully open to men; trans-Westernism is the lying claim that Western identity is fully open to non-Whites. When Laura Rosen Cohen, Mark Steyn’s “resident Jewish mother,” mocked “the schmaltzy poem on the statue [of Liberty]” for facilitating Muslim migration — “give us your poor, your expert headchoppers, etc.” — she failed to mention who wrote the poem and whose ethnic agenda it is intended to serve. Her failure was perfectly understandable, because the schmaltzy poem on the Statue of Liberty was written by the ethnocentric Jewish poetess Emma Lazarus (1849–87). Lazarus joined the ethnocentric Jewish playwright Israel Zangwill (1864–1926) in the highly successful Jewish campaign to falsely portray America as a “nation of immigrants” and a “melting pot” for all creeds and colors.

Noble non-Whites vanquish villainy: Black actors invade White territory and seize White roles

Like transgenderism, trans-Westernism seems to promote equality but actually enacts hierarchy. In leftist eyes, groups that are lower in the leftist hierarchy have no right to maintain borders against groups that are higher. Ordinary women are lower in the hierarchy than transwomen, therefore it is bigoted and hateful of those ordinary women to protest when a transwoman with a penis triumphs over them in sport or enters “female-only spaces” like toilets and dressing-rooms. Similarly, Whites are lower in the hierarchy than non-Whites, therefore it is bigoted and hateful of Whites to protest when non-Whites enter Western nations and enjoy the unearned benefits of full citizenship. But the same hierarchy dictates that Whites cannot enter non-White territory. White actors are now forbidden to play non-White roles, while non-White actors can take on any White role they please. And so, just as the 21st century witnesses the ludicrous sight of bearded and balding transgender “lesbians,” so it witnesses the ludicrous sight of non-Whites playing White characters from literature and history. From Achilles to David Copperfield, from Guinevere to Anne Boleyn — the prestige and greatness of White characters is being seized by non-Whites.

“An entirely unbidden wave of pride”

This is part of the Judeo-leftist war on the West. Whites have to submit to cultural as well as physical colonization, because they’re villains who are lower in the leftist hierarchy than virtuous non-Whites. So-called conservatives, who conserve nothing and concede everything, often welcome this kind of “color-blind casting.” Even when they object to it as inauthentic and anti-historical, they fail to understand that it is part of a wider phenomenon. It is indeed ludicrous when a Black actress plays the White role of Anne Boleyn, but no more ludicrous than when a Black like Barack Obama plays the White role of American president or an Indian like Rishi Sunak plays the White role of British prime minister. I’ve sometimes praised the half-Jewish writer Peter Hitchens for repenting his youthful Trotskyism and refusing to follow his gasbag brother Christopher into neo-conservatism. But Peter Hitchens isn’t a true conservative and doesn’t truly understand the malignancy of the left. If he did understand it, he would never have written this self-indulgent (and self-pleasuring) celebration of the latest shabbos-goy to rise to the top of British politics:

I have no time for Rishi Sunak’s politics and I think he wrecked the economy while he was Chancellor. But even so I felt an entirely unbidden wave of pride when I saw him performing at Prime Minister’s Questions last Wednesday. It is quite marvellous, and a disproof of all the lies the Left tell us about this country, that a British man of Indian heritage should be Prime Minister of this country. (Peter Hitchens in the Mail on Sunday, 13th November 2022)

Rishi Sunak performs the goy-grovel at Conservative Friends of Israel

In pornography, White cuckolds experience perverted pleasure when they see Black men possessing their White wives; in politics, White cuckservatives experience perverted pleasure when they see non-Whites ruling Western institutions. Hitchens is clearly a cuckservative. It is not “marvellous” that Rishi Sunak has become prime minister: it is disastrous. If Sunak claimed to be female, Hitchens would quite rightly reject the claim as leftist nonsense. But because Sunak claims to be British rather than female, Hitchens stupidly and self-indulgently accepts it, failing to see that the two claims are equally baseless, equally leftist, and equally corrosive of sanity and morality. Rishi Sunak is no more British than balding men on lesbian-dating sites are female. Instead, Sunak is trans-British, with no roots in or loyalty to the four White nations that constitute Britain. He’s proved his rootlessness and disloyalty to Britain by possessing American citizenship at the same time. That is, Sunak is also trans-American and may well one day take up permanent residence in California with his trans-Western wife and trans-Western children.

The dam of lies is leaking and weakening

Peter Hitchens used a smarmy leftist phrase when he said Sunak is “of Indian heritage.” But Hitchens was right all the same. Sunak has a “heritage” of racially distinct genes selected in the distinct environment of India, not of Britain. If leftism and race-blind cuckservatism were correct, it wouldn’t have mattered in the slightest if all White babies after 1900 had been miraculously replaced by brown Indian babies or Black Somali babies. But leftism and race-blind cuckservatism are wrong and it would have mattered hugely. Although the non-White babies would have been raised by White parents, nurture would not have trumped nature. If the Western world had become racially Indian or Somali at such speed, it would have collapsed very quickly. Today the Western world is collapsing less quickly, but only because the racial replacement of Whites isn’t happening all at once and everywhere.

Britain’s first trans-Western prime minister: the ugly and ethnocentric Jew Benjamin Disraeli

But now racial replacement is quickening and so is collapse. Trans-Western Barack Obama as American president was one potent portent of doom; trans-Western Rishi Sunak as British prime minister is another. But Sunak hasn’t been the first trans-British prime minister. That honor went to someone in the nineteenth century: a Jew called Benjamin Disraeli (1804–81), who served as prime minister twice from 1868. He had British citizenship and dominated British politics, but he wasn’t British. Instead, as Andrew Joyce has described at the Occidental Observer, he was an ethnocentric Jew steeped in Jewish supremacism and in self-serving Jewish claims about millennia of unjustified gentile malice towards innocent Jews. Disraeli’s rise to the top of British politics had been predicted by a far-sighted anti-Semite decades before:

Sir Robert Harry Inglis was an English Conservative politician, noted for his staunch High church views. He was strongly opposed to measures that, in his view, weakened the Anglican Church. When Robert Grant, MP for Inverness, petitioned for Jewish relief in 1830, Inglis, who believed that British Jews had funded the philosemitic Napoleon during his war with Britain, was violently opposed. He alleged that the Jews were an alien people, with no allegiance to England, and that to admit Jews to parliament would “separate Christianity itself from the State. … Not content with admission to the profession of the law, to corporate offices, &c., the Jews appeared, by their Petition, to demand admission to the highest executive situations in the State. It was not enough to say their number was small; it was well known that a small number of men, acting in concert, might exercise considerable influence, beneficial or otherwise, over the State.” He also alleged that if they were admitted to parliament “within seven years … Parliamentary Reform would be carried”. Inglis was joined in his public opposition by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Henry Goulburn, and the Solicitor General and future Lord Chancellor, Sir Edward Sugden. Although the Jews were not emancipated fully until 1858, Parliamentary Reform occurred in 1832, only two years later. (Adapted from Infogalactic and quoting Hansard’s Parliamentary Debates, Vol. XXII, February 22nd, 1830)

Sir Robert Inglis was perfectly correct: a small number of Jews, acting in concert across national borders, have indeed exercised considerable influence over the West. And that influence had been “otherwise”: not beneficial but harmful. By admitting Jews to full citizenship, the White West welcomed in its worst and most vicious enemies. And just as Jews have been behind transgenderism, the false and pernicious claim that men can become full and authentic women, so Jews have been behind trans-Westernism, the false and pernicious claim that non-Whites can become full and authentic Westerners. The difference between the two trans-ideologies is that transgenderism is far less harmful: there are too few male perverts to swamp female territory and wipe out female identity.

But there are enough non-Whites to swamp Western territory many times over and wipe out Western identity forever. Even today, however, millions of Whites who reject the lunacies and lies of transgenderism are failing to reject the lunacies and lies of trans-Westernism. They fail to even see the parallels between perverted men claiming to be women and hostile non-Whites claiming to be Western. But this blindness will lift. When transgenderism is discredited and defeated, trans-Westernism will soon be discredited and defeated too. After the so-called Enlightenment, the left built a dam of lies to hold back reality. Today the dam is leaking and weakening. The weaker it gets, the more it leaks. Collapse isn’t far off. Leftism and its lies will not survive the catastrophic but cleansing flood that follows.

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  1. Pauley A
    Pauley A says:

    The question of the influence of Jews upon, first of all, domestic US policy must be discussed openly and frankly.

    Otherwise, the US will be destroyed internally by these forces and their allies.

    It must become a concern of mainstream media even if they are afraid to address it.

    The sickness of LGBTQI must also be discussed openly. The two go together.

    These things must take place even if Jews control nearly all of mainstream media. Ways must be found.

    Peaceful demonstrations against such influence must become widespread by right-wing groups. They must be intelligent events, not ones that the media can easily pick apart.

    This can begin to be accomplished if media begin to discuss anti-Christian hate and ask WHO is behind it.

    The background and goals of such people as Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, must be discussed.

  2. Full tee
    Full tee says:

    In fairness Boris Johnson also had American citizenship but by birth and gave it up to become prime minister of Britain.

  3. JoaoAlfaiate
    JoaoAlfaiate says:

    The Scots (??) National (!?!) Party is now led by Hamza Yousaf. You can’t make this kind of stuff up!

    I understand members of the SNP from Glasgow object to special subventions to encourage the learning of Gaelic in the Isles unless special funding for teaching Urdu and Bengali is provided in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth, etc.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      When I saw that regarding who was the head of the Scottish National Party, I thought that tragic irony had reached a new low.

      Second only, of course, to having an overweight transvestite Jew as the American Deputy Secretary of Health.

      • JoaoAlfaiate
        JoaoAlfaiate says:

        Family name Nudelman, aka Victoria Nuland. And to complete the triumvirate of eastern European Jews in charge of the US’s Ukraine policy we can add Tony Blinken and Cindy Sherman. These folks imbibe hatred of all things Russian with their mothers’ milk: An obvious conflict of interest! They are probably pleased to see untold numbers of white Christians killed in a war they ginned up.

        • John Alder
          John Alder says:

          Zelensky is the real war criminal. Ukraine is losing. Neocons fomented this war. It is good to see them losing this war that USA/ NATO is pushing to get ww3 started. Very interesting month of April developing.

          • Giles Carpenter
            Giles Carpenter says:

            What do TOO supporters think of Benjamin Abelow’s “How the West brought War to Ukraine” (Siland Press, 2022)? Controlled opposition?

  4. Terry Bull
    Terry Bull says:

    I think Mr Langdon sees more Jews under the bed than really exist, but I am interested in his illustration which to me conveys one variety of the “Gay Face” (Boy George, Peter Mandelson, &c), although hooded eyelids and distinctive thick lips also characterise/caricature Jews, both Sephardim (slim and “aristocratic”) and Ashkenazim (gross and coarse). The Jewish writer William Kuhn has argued that Disraeli was homosexual/bisexual.
    Disraeli was an interesting personality (someone put a good booklist on another TOO thread) and quite revealing in his books about Jewish influence behind the scenes in politics; a remarkable politician in many ways.

    • T.Gilligan
      T.Gilligan says:

      Hi Terry,
      Your last paragraph prompts me to mention a book I’m almost half-way through, “The Women of Rothschild” by Natalie Livingstone. What a wealth of unbiased information contained within the pages. One such nugget is Disraeli and his Jewish propaganda expressed via his character ‘Sidonia’ in the book ‘Coningsby’: “Sidonia argues that Jews have been responsible for great intellectual movement in European history, and that English culture and history are grounded not in Teutonism – as many contemporaries wished to believe but in Herbraism”.

      • Terry Bull
        Terry Bull says:

        @ T. Gilligan
        A useful guide to Dizzy’s views on Jews and Gentiles is Simone Beate Borgstede’s “All is Race” [from “Tancred”] in one of the otherwise sadly numerous “anti-racist studies”. Additionally noteworthy are L. J. Rather’s “Disraeli, Freud and Jewish Conspiracy Theories” (online) & “The Dream of Self-Destruction”.
        His biography of Lord Bentinck claims that Jews are found heading head secret societies opposed to tradition, aristocracy, property and also religion, including Judaism as well as Christianity. “The people of God co-operate with atheists; the most skilful accumulators of property ally themselves with Communists [and] the scum and low castes of Europe”.
        A few years later Theodor Herzl in “The Jewish State” was to write: “When we sink, we become a revolutionary proletariat…and at the same time, when we rise, there rises also our terrible power of the purse”.
        “Why, when we consider social wrongs should the Jew in finance or in communism alone in the view of the old parties be immune from criticism?” (Oswald Mosley).
        Joseph Fels, Olof Aschberg, Armand Hammer….
        Personally I do not agree with the idea that all Disraeli’s Sephardim have been racial aristocrats, nor that all MacDonald’s Ashkenazim have been racial parasites, but one can see how these notions have arisen.

        • T.Gilligan
          T.Gilligan says:

          Terry, Thanks. Your reply was a seam of information of which I will mine for all the references. As you are aware that ‘Sidonia’ was based on the famous banking family to whom Disraeli was a particularly useful player.
          To educate oneself and others in the process in a key period Jewish and Gentile history is to keep abreast of this ever-changing dynamic in the present.

          • Terry Bull
            Terry Bull says:

            @ T. Gilligan
            Sidonia is also a female name (significantly?). This fictional polymath was said by biographer Robert Blake to be a mixture of Disraeli and Lionel Rothschild, but with greater powers. It is almost an acronym of Adonis, the handsome Greek, whose name is related to a Hebrew name for God.

      • Evan Jones
        Evan Jones says:

        See Harry Defries’ “Conservative Party Attitudes to Jews 1900-1950” quotes Tory leader Austen Chamberlain referring to Disraeli, loyal and passionately patriotic, but intellectually separate, and never “purely & simply English”.

  5. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    The trans movement is really an extension of Freudian theory.A product of the Frankfurt School.
    Keep in mind the considerable fees to the physicians and hospitals executing the anti- nature, multiple procedures and the cost to artificially maintain trans persons for their lifetimes. A cash cow for all involved:a huge new business for the medical-industrial complex promoted by academia and left NGOs.

  6. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    Right after the Nashville Massacre perpetrated by a TRANS dem left Terrorists, a staged protest was held ate the Kentucky State Capitol NOT to protest the Killing of three children and three elderly CHRISTIAN people. The lelevl of orgnization/logistics/coordination points out that te keft dem TRANS movemnet is not spontaneous/grassroots. there are darkers forces$$ at work here. This massacre and the coming arrest of Trump, trhen one may conclude that CHRISTIAN AMERICAN Conservtaves Nationalists are facing a NEW phase escalation of Political confrontation. WE are in the midts of a LOW Intensity new CIVIL America. The DEM LEFT WOKE forces are implementing a multiform of PROXY wars, legal/illegal/…using violent mobs (gay/jgbt/blacks/mexicans) to wage “war” of fear/intimidation/TERRORISM to combat dissent. We are facing a Domestic TERRORISTS well organized/financed groups..that AG/DOJ refuses to investigate/prosecute..why???

  7. Stan Finn
    Stan Finn says:

    The Jews have completely wrecked western civilization. We are now living in the last gasp of the white world.
    Now, with Russia and China allied and the other BRIC nations going around the dollar, our currency will continue to inflate/devalue
    to God knows where.
    All because the stupid reckless Jews despise Russia. In their effort to destroy Russia, the insane Jews are destroying
    their white golem. And yet they think they are smarter than everybody!

  8. Mister Blaine
    Mister Blaine says:

    A Jewish guy I knew had, what I believed to be at the tIme, a rather weird fixation with “trannies” although he was married, and much enjoyed his not infrequent “little peccadilloes” with other women, Not so weird?

  9. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    If only one knew how terrified I am of a quote from the bible about and the two will become one flesh:

    For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.’ Mark 7:8-10

    The two becoming one flesh is seen of course in our children and so one needs to surely ask if the reason some are being born could it be because of a spiritual dimension that occurs between partners hence the fruit of the womb!?

    Isn’t this also why there is a prohibition within scripture that men are not to dress as women and vice versa! Reminds of the strange issue of Jacobs tree branches and the spot and speckled goats and sheep. Genesis 30:39.

    I actually came across a modern day version of this very thing on a TV show from my youth where someone witnessed this very thing unfold on some farm. I’m so angry with myself that I didn’t file away all the details of it for future use.

    In any case if true what society will face is something on a truly frightening scale. St. Paul and his turning the adulterous man over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh so that the soul can be saved should make us all realize that sin reaches a place of such pollution that what? Purgatory? Alas there is no purgatory on the other side just a meeting with ones King who determines your place in that other life. As for any purgatory, that unfortunately is in the here and now for a great many? That they are wanting “Preach equality, practice hierarchy” is just the human way of trying to stave off sadly the inevitable.

    Should have come across this blog years ago before writing my book on climate change lol. Much here to glean from here!!!!
    Further all toys of a sexual nature should be immediately banned and the rest banned as well.

    Otherwise face we will:

    “The word of the Lord came to me: “Son of man, if a country sins against me by being unfaithful and I stretch out my hand against it to cut off its food supply and send famine upon it and kill its people and their animals, even if these three men—Noah, Daniel and Job—were in it, they could save only themselves by their righteousness, declares the Sovereign Lord.” (Ezekiel 14:12–14)

    Climate change is not about industrial pollution but because of this pollution called sin and believe me there always arrives the day when its pollution gets so serious that the only thing left is judgment? And God knows very well how to end nations! Indeed are we not in full view of it currently throughout the world. Yes, I dare say those children and teachers who were murdered in such a callous way in America’s south ending up in God’s arms is not going to go so well is it? How does the Eternal describe tornado’s? “Whirlwinds!!!!” Check it out Jeremiah 23:19–20

  10. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    ” The difference between the two trans-ideologies is that transgenderism is far less harmful: there are too few male perverts to swamp female territory and wipe out female identity.
    But there are enough non-Whites to swamp Western territory many times over and wipe out Western identity forever. ”

    I also think that the promotion of transgender insanity is a way to focus white people’s attention on a “minor” issue (the more ludicrous, the better) and to distract them from the much more serious issue of the swamping of their countries and genetics by non-whites.

    We may remember Dominique Venner’s suicide, but we never talk about the real reason for his suicide. He decided to take his own life when he saw that the law for homosexual marriage brought more than a million French people into the streets while these idiots never demonstrated against the much more serious and irreversible issue of their country being transformed into a mixture of Saudi Arabia and  Congo.

    • What’s up Skip
      What’s up Skip says:

      I agree with you but the century long build up of ‘racial tolerance’ propaganda was much more powerful than the thirty or forty years of far less convincing ‘love is love’ nonsense. Also, at the time, homosexual ‘marriage’ was a subject on which one was, at least in principle, allowed to dissent.

  11. ariadna
    ariadna says:

    Looking at the photographs of the trans-creatures I realized how unfailingly consistent all Jewish creations are in their adherence to the cult of ugly, something I would have expected Mr Langdon to mention. See:
    Trans-westernism has taken root in the western world but it has much less traction elsewhere, in less “western” countries with an ethnically homogeneous population and a strong sense of racial and national identity. Can you imagine Hungary with a Pakistani or even Turkish PM? I can’t.
    On the other hand can you imagine Great Britain, whose finances were dealt a huge blow by trans-western Soros declaring him persona non grata, as Hungary did? I can’t because it did not.

    I do not share the author’s optimism that “…blindness will lift. When transgenderism is discredited and defeated, trans-Westernism will soon be discredited and defeated too.”
    These noxious viruses do not disappear, they only mutate. Rabid feminism was not discredited and defeated, it was only replaced by changing the definition of “woman,” whereby men can be women too.
    What will replace transgenderism? Probably transhumanism, which will be be asexuate.

  12. John Alder
    John Alder says:

    We call cuckconservatives :Kosher Conservatives. They are too cowardly to admit that race is the issue and run like frightened roaches if you bring up the jewish question. In America the Republican party is chock full of kosher conservatives.

  13. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thank you Tobias for another really good one. I always love how you use analogy in your writing.

    A surprisingly optimistic ending from you Tobias. I pray that you’re right.

    It’s interesting to note, that when Trump was indicted this past week, his campaign headquarters reported to those who have already contributed to his campaign, that within 24 hours, $4 million dollars was raised. Of that 4 million, $1 million, was from people who had never contributed before, 25%.

    When Trump mentions Alvin Bragg, the D.A., who had him indicted, he always states; “the Soros backed D.A., Alvin Bragg. Trump of course knows what’s going on. I think a lot more people are becoming aware of the role of the Jews in destroying the U.S. and any other country that they inhabit.

  14. Flavia
    Flavia says:

    The absurd idea that all ethnicities could have created the modern world is safe as long as people are historically ignorant. Not even the fact that non-Westerners DIDN’T create the modern world in their natural habitats is enough to belie this inane opinion. But add ignorance of the most basic achievements of Western man to this mix, and you have a population blind to the fact that some people are innately incapable of civilization.
    I was watching a video on medieval castles, which delved into the different sorts of drawbridges that were built. Just a cursory look at a diagram of the system of winch, rope/chains/ and pulleys required should inspire admiration for this ONE achievement.

    And it’s only one.

  15. Gnome Chompsky
    Gnome Chompsky says:

    Kumar’s artictle, though interesting at times, fits your def. of a trans-westernerner. Does he have dual nationality, no, likely triple.

    Mayor of Greater London , First Min. of Scotland, P.M. of G.B. triple citizen,American passtort, Indian held or had at will, Taoiseach of Eire, all at the same time, for sure, odd.

    The Welsh leet would I’m sure love to join in through their own long-term fake nat. party, Plaid Cymmru, just not ready quite yet.

    The Lord or Lady Mayor of the City of London, not now.

  16. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Mr.Langdon, What a veritable rotten feast of imagery. Please keep them coming!
    The ‘asylum’ seekers wish to take over the asylum (Great Britain) and the trans-lunatics are convinced that more militant victimhood will get them/they the key to the asylum.
    ‘Comedian’ Eddie Izzard used to jest that he was a ‘lesbian’ in a man’s body; now I understand he’s gone taken that to the bottom of his heart and now has a ‘female’.
    Columnist Paul Flynn of the London Evening Standard writes in the Friday 31st March edition that “We need to channel Paul O’Grady’s boldness in our new ‘LGBTQ battles’. He states, “We have seen the abhorrent, draconian laws being passed in Tennessee to ban public drag performances. We have watched the confected outrage about drag story-time for kids..” He (Flynn) then attacks the hypocrisy – as he perceives it, of the failure to prosecute paedophile priests(?!)
    Writer Graham Linehan of “Father Ted” is challenging this absurdist proposition for the protection of children and particularly young female children. He has been ‘cancelled’. Not a mention of Marcus Hirschfield, the grandtrannie of the pervs parade, though.

  17. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    Peter Hitchens’ mother was Jewish so that makes him a full-blood Jew in my book. It shows. He got no friends to his right and no enemies to his left – only opponents, with whom he never tires of trying to ingratiate himself.
    The tight-rope he walks on issues like mass-immigration, Covid19 & this Ukraine War has to be seen to be believed. He even does a similar trick on WWII.
    It’s this mixture of admiration and revulsion he leaves you with that has me wondering if we’d ever have guessed he was Jewish if his brother hadn’t spilled the beans(much to Peter’s fury).
    Of course these guys write good stuff, they’re entertaining, etc. But as gate-keepers they’re an absolute curse and hurt us more than ten thousand leftists. It would be better if they weren’t so damn articulate & clever – if we had moron gate-keepers the normal conservative masses wouldn’t be kept in such a neutered trance.

  18. Ron Chapman
    Ron Chapman says:

    Encouraging children to switch genders is criminal. So is legislating
    to prevent parents and others from counselling children about gender
    dysphoria. It is child abuse and a crime against humanity.
    Manipulating children and public opinion in order to virtue signal
    liberal mindedness on gender issues not only harms children with
    mental problems but weakens the community and destroys the moral
    fabric of society.
    Some discussion:
    Trans-sexualism: America’s Latest Advertising Coup:
    Exploiting Transgenders Part 1: Manufacturing an Industry –

    Exploiting Transgenders Part 2: Medical Engineering Origins –

    Exploiting Transgenders Part 3: The Funders & Profiteers –

    The Trans Ideology of Less Than 1% of the UK Population has bullied
    the other 99%. Here’s Why I, As a Real Woman, Reject it –

    J.K. Rowling Rebukes Trans Activists Attempting to ‘Police Speech’ –

    Trans Attack On Children –

    Transgender gas lighting constitutes a pernicious war on language, truth and reality See eg: Transgenderism’s War on Language is a War on Truth and Reality. Here’s
    Another Example:

    AND here’s clif high’s ‘take’ on the homosexuality and transgenderism mind virus aka weaponised societal Munchhausen by Proxy, as implemented in China:

    These absurd Newspeak, Double Think ideologies now underpin Anglo-US-EU anti-human and anti-national government policies that require Anglo-US and EU populations to “welcome” thousands of “refugees” to maintain community
    Requiring an influx of “refugees”*, ie traumatised people from alien societies having different cultural values, is only necessary to maintain community numbers because of the anti-life policies governments and WOKISTS virtue signal about and implement:
    but it constitutes slow-motion cultural and societal suicide for ex-Christian Western nations.

    Fortunately Tobias is right when he says: “When transgenderism is discredited and defeated, trans-Westernism will soon be discredited and defeated too. After the so-called Enlightenment, the left built a dam of lies to hold back reality. Today the dam is leaking and weakening. The weaker it gets, the more it leaks. Collapse isn’t far off. Leftism and its lies will not survive the catastrophic but cleansing flood that follows”.

    However, I quibble about use of the term “Leftism here. Arguably the whole stinking mess isn’t due to ‘Leftism’ which is merely the latest cretinous dystopian ideology foisted upon the Western world by the Talmudic Mafia. It is the diabolical Talmudists themselves who are being eliminated as we speak and their rotten dysfunctional plethora of anti-human ideologies from the money meme to Capitalism, Communism, Bolshevism, Fascism and Feminism etc will die with them.

  19. Aiden Lake
    Aiden Lake says:

    @ Emicho [a revealing pen-name choice]

    It is ridiculously exorbitant to say that the Brothers Hitchens “hurt us more than ten thousand leftists” because of their writings – or because they are not Pure Aryans like you & Tobias Langdon [?].
    Christian Peter uniquely has stuck his neck out over both the last Anglo-German war and the current Ukraine-Russia war, and others can fill in any Jewish specifics. A puritanical pessimist he may be, but his attacks on politicians, multiculturalism, drugs, porn, imported crime, child corruption, television trash, woke censorship, and neglected defenses, are comparatively rare in mainstream British media.
    Atheist Christopher (according to Benjamin Kerstein) portrayed “the Jews as preternaturally crafty, hypocritical, manipulative, supremacist, animalistic, and morally diseased creatures who, with the help of their corrupt talents, set themselves to exploiting Gentiles for financial gain….Hitchens’s attitude toward the Holocaust and Nazism…is of a piece with his general attitude towards the Jews, Judaism and their enemies….Hitchens hates Israel” (JC, October 15, 2011, online).
    “Le mieux est le mortel ennemi du bien.”

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      You’re missing my point about Peter Hitchens. It’s his gate-keeping that does all the damage. He’s stated more than once the only acceptable discourse allowed in Britain should be from him on the right to Polly Toynbee on the left. And he calls himself a social democrat and not ‘right-wing’, something he regards – like the good leftist he is – as basically a form of evil.
      – “Christian Peter uniquely has stuck his neck out over both the last Anglo-German war . .”
      His WWII book was tepid garbage, he obviously knows so much more than he lets on. It doesn’t take a genius to admit we didn’t win WWII since it bankrupted us, we lost our empire, were occupied by foreign troops(American) were still on rations into the mid 50’s then had to watch as West Germany and Japan advanced right past us.
      Hitchens also states Eric Hobsbawm was a better historian than David Irving. This verges on blasphemy. He is psychologically incapable of saying anything good about anyone to his right.
      On this Ukraine War, it’s the same weak sh*t. He begins every sentence by pointing out Putin is a ‘sinister tyrant’. He obviously prefers a Yeltsin type so his ethnic cousins can rape the place like in the 1990’s.
      He’s constantly quoting Vicky Nuland’s husband, arch neo-con Kagan. It’s hardly brave to say ‘well there are two side to this story’. He can’t just come out and defend the side that fights for God and Motherland against the maniac satanic West. This isn’t impressive.
      Covid19 – Exactly the same. Wishy-washy ‘I think we are going a bit too far with this’ rubbish.
      Two sides, one globalist/leftist/Jewish & lunatic and the other patriotic common sense. Hitchens always takes a half-hearted fence-sitting position. He’s so enamoured of liberals, the MSM and the Establishment he obviously wants to take the Jewish line. But knows he’d lose all his readers if he did.
      – “. . but his attacks on politicians, multiculturalism, drugs, porn, imported crime, child corruption, television trash, woke censorship, and neglected defenses, are comparatively rare in mainstream British media.”
      Yes, this is his job, to harp on all these safe issues while at all times directing his readers away from the cause of all these disasters. To keep the down-trodden Brit in suffering and not give him a fighting chance to attack the source of all these problems.
      Don’t you know how gate-keeping works?
      One other thing about Hitchens Peter, ask him what he loves about Britain and he’ll wax lyrical about the scenery, buildings, religion, history, verse, art – “every field and hedgerow”. Very nice I’m sure, he just never mentions the actual people. If you had any love, in fact, if you simply weren’t repulsed by the British common man, there no way on earth you could dedicate your life to their downfall, as Hitchens has done.
      His brother was in many ways vastly more obscene, but at least he had the good grace to leave these shores and not sh*t on his own doorstep.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Oh, what was it Peter Hitchens said about the sexual slavery of over 100,000 odd little white girls over the last half century?
      That’s right, he’s never mentioned it!
      *Stunning and brave* I believe is what they call this.

      • Aiden Lake
        Aiden Lake says:

        The best cure for anyone who swallows Emicho’s gratuitous attack on Peter Hitchens is to read for himself his “Abolition of Britain” which shows deep concern for British PEOPLE and what has happened to them. Calling this son of a naval officer “obscene” is just silly.
        He has attacked the traffic in “refugees” and hitherto only made general criticisms of Muslim misbehaviour and multiracial censorship, but has often attacked the sexual depravity widespread in this country; child abuse grooming is done mainly by white perverts. He has not written about flood drainage, flying saucers or kirpan carrying either, so far as I know.
        It is not only far from “obvious” that Hitchens wants his “fellow-Jews” to loot Russia again, but this typifies false invention of Judeophobic fantasy.
        Readers can also judge for themselves whether his “Phoney Victory” is “garbage”,
        rather than a stone in the swamp of conventional myth, opening to gate to further study on the causes of the war, following Irving’s first volume on Churchill’s war, Schultze-Rohnof, Charmley, Meltyukhov, Kubek, etc. All grist to the mill.
        The quotation of Kagan over Ukraine is useful precisely because it is an exception to the neo-con consensus.
        Hitchens some time ago tried to kick start a proper conservative party, but found the BNP and NF people he approached as “nose measurers”.
        Emicho likewise seems the sort of person who would refuse the gift of a new car because the valeting had missed a matzo slice on the back seat.
        Wasn’t the original Emicho responsible for the mass-murder of Jews in Mainz 927 years ago? Lovely guy.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          – “Wasn’t the original Emicho responsible for the mass-murder of Jews in Mainz 927 years ago? Lovely guy.”
          Depends what you mean by “responsible” and also if you get your history from Wikipedia.
          – “Hitchens some time ago tried to kick start a proper conservative party, but found the BNP and NF people he approached as “nose measurers”.”
          He never tried to start any party what you talking about?
          And slandering BNP & NF folks as “nose measurers” is Hitchens in a nutshell.
          Of course these groups have bigoted people in them, like every other human institution on earth. It’s probably 1/1 anti-social freaks to state agents.
          But anyone with love for British people would see the average peasants that flock to such groups do so in desperation.
          Do you really put the industrial scale sex slavery of little white girls by Muslims alongside “flood drainage, flying saucers or kirpan carrying”?
          It was the BNP and the NF that finally got this issue out in the open. Hitchens, by ignoring the issue for the decades it was suppressed was doing EXACTLY what he is paid to do – if you had his platform, would you have raised this issue? Or would you have helped cover it up like Hitchens?

          • Aiden Lake
            Aiden Lake says:

            @ Emicho
            I did not keep the press references to Hitchens’ futile attempt to get an alternative movement going some years ago.
            I personally have never condoned or belittled Pakistani abuse of girls whatever the actual scale; nor “honour” killings, compulsory burqas, suicide bombings, Koranic jihadism, &c.
            Several modern Gentile historians, apart from the Wikipedia sources, can be quoted on your chosen namesake, such as the highly respected medievalist Geoffrey Hindley: “The fiercest of all the pogroms were under the aegis of Emich…an established brigand…many were murdered….Emicho and his bloodthirsty companions, killing as they went…pressed on to the Hungarian frontier” – “A Brief History of the Crusades” (Robinson 2004, pp.26-27).
            Raping English children is a terrible crime. Killing Jewish children was not very nice either.

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