Blasphemy and Bullshit: Muslim Migration and Leftist Malice Fuel Islamic Intolerance, Not “Liberal Cowardice”

Regicide — the killing of a king — is at the heart of chess. But most people don’t know that. When a victorious player announces “Checkmate,” he’s really saying “Shah mat,” which traditionally means “The king is dead” in Persian.

Slater self-slaughters

The Trotskyist libertarian Tom Slater has recently got it the other way around. He knew he was saying “Shah is dead,” but he didn’t realize that he was also announcing “Checkmate” for himself and his comrades. What am I talking about? Well, seven years after it happened, Furedi’s fanatical freedom fighters have finally given the horrible murder of Asad Shah a little of the attention that it has always deserved. Tom Slater is the editor of the web-magazine Spiked Online, where cognitive clones of the Jewish sociologist Frank Furedi gather to demand the greatest possible freedom for the greatest possible number. Inspired by the mass-murdering Jewish megalomaniac Leon Trotsky, they are particularly vocal about free speech. They want lots more of it, but they can’t be honest about why there’s lots less of it in the modern West.

Frank Furedi’s ferocious freedom-fighter Tom Slater

Some of the Muslims whom Tom Slater wants to enter Britain in unlimited numbers (Photograph: EPA)

Slater’s recent article at Spiked was a good example of that dishonesty and of the bullshit peddled by libertarians who warmly welcome mass migration from the Third World, but don’t welcome its inevitable consequences. The article is called “The shameful story of Britain’s backdoor blasphemy laws.” It should be called “The entirely predictable story of Britain’s backdoor blasphemy laws.” Slater wrote well and reasoned woefully as he finally broke Spiked ’s “shameful” seven-year silence on the horrible murder of a gentle and tolerant Ahmadi Muslim called Asad Shah. He described how Shah was stabbed and stamped to death by the mainstream Muslim Tanveer Ahmed in 2016, but he wasn’t honest about why the murder happened. Slater said that the Ahmadis are “a small Muslim sect deemed to be heretical by many Muslims.” In fact, they’re deemed heretical by all orthodox Muslims, and in Pakistan Ahmadis are forbidden by law from referring to themselves as Muslim and practising the standard Muslim faith. Slater didn’t mention any of that, for obvious reasons. I give him credit for finally discussing Shah’s murder, but he is still being dishonest and evading the truth. The subtitle of his article ran like this: “Liberal cowardice has fuelled Islamic intolerance — and cost lives.” In fact, the only role played by “liberals” in the murder of Asad Shah was that of allowing Tanveer Ahmed to enter Britain. He came here with his “Islamic intolerance” fully formed and was ready to accept any judicial consequences for putting it into practice.

Islam + free speech = Islam

In other words, no amount of “liberal courage” would have stopped him stabbing and stamping Asad Shah to death. After doing that, he waited calmly at a bus-stop to be arrested, put on trial and sentenced to life in prison. In the eyes of other orthodox Muslims, he was now a ghazi, a “hero” who had defended the honor of the Prophet against a blasphemous Ahmadi. If Britain still had the death-penalty, he would have accepted execution just as readily. That would have made him not just a ghazi but also a shahid, a “martyr” for Muhammad. After all, Pakistan still honors the sacred memory of Ghazi-Shahid Ilm-Deen, a Muslim saint who stabbed a Hindu blasphemer to death in 1929 and was executed under the British Raj. A few years later, in 1938, Muslims living in Britain “ceremoniously committed to the flames” a copy of H.G. Wells’s A Short History of the World (1922), because it contained what they considered to be offensive references to the Prophet Muhammad. Muslims attack free speech because they are Muslims, not because they are emboldened by “liberal cowardice.”

Slater did not mention any of that highly relevant history in his article about Asad Shah. Nor did he explain why leftists have imported Muslims into Britain in such large numbers. If he’d done that, he couldn’t have pretended that “liberal cowardice” was to blame for Islamic intolerance. And why have leftists imported Muslims? Because they want to use Muslims as footsoldiers in the leftist war on the Christian West, of course. That’s why leftists don’t want to challenge Muslims in any way. The rape-gangs of Rotherham operated with impunity under a Labour council and a Labour MP called Denis MacShane. When MacShane was jailed for fraud in 2013, he was saluted at the Jewish Chronicle as “one of the [Jewish] community’s greatest champions.” In other words, he’d done what he became a Labour MP to do: serve rich Jews and spit on working-class Whites. As its very name proclaims, the Labour party was founded to champion the White working class, but it was long ago subverted and taken over by Jewish money and Jewish ideology. Now it hates the White working-class and works to harm their interests, even as it works to import and privilege non-Whites from the violent, corrupt and diseased Third World.

Cognitive controller Frank Furedi

Tom Slater and his comrades at Spiked haven’t merely celebrated Third-World immigration: for decades they’ve demanded open borders for Third-Worlders to flood in without limit. That’s why they have to pretend that “liberal cowardice has fuelled Islamic intolerance.” It hasn’t. Leftists hate free speech and have imported Muslim enemies of free speech as allies in their battle to censor and silence their right-wing and race-realist enemies. Libertarians have played the role of useful idiots in all that. And when Slater complains about “state multiculturalism” encouraging Muslims “to see themselves as separate and distinct,” he fails to mention that leftism in general, just like Trotskyism in particular, feeds off division and separatism. Migration and multiculturalism go together as naturally as Marxism and mendacity, because the same anti-White elite that imposed non-White migration on the unwilling White majority was, naturally enough, eager to begin privileging non-Whites over Whites. When Slater’s cognitive controller Frank Furedi celebrated the resistance of his birthplace Hungary to “all the crap” of wokeness, he didn’t mention that Hungary resists wokeness because Hungary is still overwhelmingly White.

And Hungary intends to remain that way, because it isn’t ruled by lovers of open borders like Frank Furedi. The Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán believes in “procreation, not immigration.” That’s why he’s denounced as a racist and anti-Semite by minority-worshipping leftists in the ethnically enriched West. The Whiteness of Hungary explains why subversive, anti-White organizations like Black Lives Matter (BLM) aren’t able to take root and metastasize there. There aren’t enough Blacks and other non-Whites in Hungary to provide fertile soil for pernicious Jewish ideologies like Critical Race Theory (CRT). But there are more than enough non-Whites in Britain for CRT to take root. And more than enough Muslims for “Islamic intolerance” to flourish here. Indeed, Slater inadvertently explained another big reason for Muslims to be “intolerant” in defense of their faith:

Freedom of speech would not exist without blasphemy, without radicals and troublemakers who dared to say heretical, rude and offensive things about Gods and prophets. This is what freedom of speech is built on. To throw all of that out in an attempt to shield a religious group from offence is not caring or anti-racist. Quite the opposite. It smears all Muslim Brits as hardline and intolerant, incapable of having their views challenged, incapable of being full and equal citizens in a modern liberal democracy, relegated to the status of overgrown infants or volatile brutes who must be tiptoed around forever. (The shameful story of Britain’s backdoor blasphemy laws, Spiked Online, 12th March 2023)

Muslims and the leftists who import them don’t want Muslims to be “full and equal citizens.” They want Muslims to be superior to Whites and Christians. And Muslims don’t believe in “modern liberal democracy.” They can see very clearly what has happened to Christianity thanks to free speech and secularism. Christianity has degenerated and now grovels before secularism and before other religions. Here, for example, is the degenerate Justin Welby, the current archbishop of Canterbury, literally groveling before non-Whites in Hindu India:

Justin Welby grovels before non-Whites in India (Photograph: Narinder Nanu/AFP/Getty Images)

Justin Welby, “the definition of all that is wrong in modern Man”

As Andrew Joyce has said of Welby at the Occidental Observer: “At the heart of this disease [of GloboHomo in Christianity] is the Archbishop of Canterbury and leader of the Church of England, Justin Welby, a man who looks [as if] ten minutes of manual labor would actually kill him. He is the definition of all that is wrong in modern Man.” Compare Welby with the imam who sat beside a white policeman performing the kaffir krawl in the latest case of “liberal cowardice”:

A black-clad imam secretly laughs beside a krawling kaffir

Would that imam grovel before non-Muslims? Of course not. Would he apologize for any of Islam’s numerous crimes? Of course not. Unlike the vast majority of modern Christians, he would happily die for his faith. It’s also obvious that he would happily kill for it, like these energetic and enthusiastic Muslims in his Pakistani homeland:

A mob in eastern Pakistan stormed a police station on Saturday [11th February 2023], snatched a Muslim man accused of blasphemy from custody and lynched him, in the country’s latest religion-linked killing. Muhammad Waris, in his mid-30s, was in police custody in Nankana Sahib, in Punjab province, for desecrating pages of the Qur’an.

“The angry mob stormed the police station using a wooden ladder, dragged him out and beat him to death,” Waqas Khalid, a police spokesperson, told the Guardian. “After lynching, they were still not satisfied and tried to burn his body,” he added.

There have been a number of cases in Muslim-majority Pakistan of angry mob killings of people accused of blasphemy, the most high-profile among them the lynching of a Sri Lankan citizen in 2021. Blasphemy is a highly sensitive issue in Pakistan, where even false allegations can stir violence. Under Pakistani law, charges of blasphemy carry the death penalty. Video of the incident posted on social media showed hundreds of young people surrounding a police station. There was footage of people dragging a man by his legs in the street, stripping him naked and beating him with metal rods and sticks. (Mob storms Pakistan police station and lynches man accused of blasphemy, The Guardian, 12th February 2023)

That kind of thing happens regularly in Pakistan: see Wikipedia’s “List of blasphemy cases in Pakistan.” But you won’t see any mention of such things in Spiked, because Tom Slater and his comrades prefer to ignore how Pakistanis and other Muslims behave on their home-ground. After all, it’s embarrassingly clear that “liberal cowardice” in Britain does nothing to “fuel” “Islamic intolerance” in Pakistan. The same kind of Pakistani Muslims are now destroying free speech in Britain because of mass migration, not because of “liberal cowardice.” The only way to avoid conflict with or capitulation to fanatics like that is not to let them enter your country. Leftists, of course, want to collaborate with fanatics like that in the leftist war on the White West and its Christian heritage. And how have the libertarian Tom Slater and his comrades responded as, decade after decade, leftist enemies of free speech have imported Muslim enemies of free speech? They’ve warmly supported it. Now Slater is lamenting the entirely predictable consequences. He’s also asking: “Did we learn nothing from Asad Shah?”

Well, Tom, it’s difficult to learn lessons from a murder if for seven years you never acknowledge that it took place, let alone discuss it and stress its horrible significance. In all that time, Slater and other senior writers at Spiked never did acknowledge the murder of Asad Shah. By contrast, I’ve been discussing it at the Occidental Observer and stressing its horrible significance ever since it happened: see here, here, here, here, here, here and here. To his credit, Tom Slater has now broken the “shameful” silence at Spiked. To his discredit, he is still refusing to be honest about Asad Shah’s death. It was not the product of “liberal cowardice,” but of Muslim migration and leftist malice. You cannot protect blasphemers with bullshit. The self-proclaimed libertarians at Spiked support both free speech and open borders. That’s not merely stupid: it’s suicidal.

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  1. George LeRoumain
    George LeRoumain says:

    My post is a bit off-topic, tangentially touching the subject of our cowardice.

    I’m of Romanian origins, I’ve worked and lived in places like Afghanistan, Qatar, Algeria, Reunion island and now I reside in France.
    I’m race conscious since….forever. Because we Romanians have a major Gipsy problem. They are overwhelmingly Christians, most of them Orthodox, but some of them find it useful to join Protestant churches so they can use the donations for real estate speculation.
    Here in France I’ve observed Arab Muslim behavior and I find striking similarities, despite different religions. Both, Christian Tzigani and Muslim Arabs utilize methodical, unnecessary violence as means of intimidation of White majority. They both show solidarity with their own and leave aside their internal differences when dealing with Whites. Both peoples spend their life on the streets, men would congregate naturally on the sidewalks of their neighborhoods. Both peoples glorify violence and manliness. Both find satisfaction in having sex with White women, but don’t respect her enough to marry her. They have the same inferiority complexes towards Majority Whites and exhibit same hatred and will to dominate and replace them.
    Tzigani are just as clannish as Arabs.
    My point is that whenever a people that surpassed tribal organization and evolved into a nation, when in contact with a Tribal population has but two options: either place them in an inferiority position by law (segregation, reduced or no political rights) or be dominated and destroyed by the Tribals.
    We cannot devolve back to tribalism and show the same solidarity and cohesion as Tribals. We must find political means to dominate them, because civilized men are atomized and cannot deal with clans on their own. Religion is irrelevant when peoples organized in Nations are dealing with Tribes.

    • Lady Strange
      Lady Strange says:

      Merci pour cet intéressant commentaire.

      I would add that their inferiority complex plays a very big role in their apparent disrespect for white women. They know that sane, proud and intelligent white women want nothing to do with them and they take their revenge on the ones who are degraded enough to accept their advances. They are ugly, their women are ugly and they know it. ( exceptions : the very rare ones who look like europeans ) .
      Same behavior and hypocrisy with Jews and their obsession with “shiksas”.

      Let’s be serious: if you really despise a nation and its people, would you do everything possible to live there and have sexual contact with them ? Of course not. I would be paid royally to live in Saudi Arabia that I would still refuse and it would be even worse to consider having sexual relations with the Saudis ( beeeeeeerrk ). Idem for Israel.

      The economic pretext is not valid either, there are some non-Western countries where life is not so bad, with a wonderful climate, but they all want to live with the whites and try to have sexual access to them.

      As for the clannish vs national spirit, I don’t quite agree. Up until the 50’s in France, for exemple, whites were still self-confident and wouldn’t have put up with a tenth of the bad behavior of the parasitic non-whites of today, but decades of conditioning to destroy all their defense faculties – by whom we know – are now bearing fruit. Anti-racism, holocaust cult, victimization, etc,,, it’s
      ingeniered and not natural.

      • George LeRoumain
        George LeRoumain says:

        Merci pour votre appréciation !

        “Up until the 50’s in France, for exemple, whites were still self-confident and wouldn’t have put up with a tenth of the bad behavior of the parasitic non-whites of today, but decades of conditioning to destroy all their defense faculties – by whom we know – are now bearing fruit. Anti-racism, holocaust cult, victimization, etc,,, it’s
        ingeniered and not natural.”

        Well, we were not subjected to the same propaganda. We didn’t have any colonialist past to feel guilty about, and the Ceausescu regime suppressed any information regarding the Jewish beginnings of the communist regime. Romanians do not feel any guilt and regard miscegenation with disdain. I’m not ruling out being cowards, but we had the same reaction as the French when dealing with a tribal, formerly dominated people. That led me to believe that if a Tribal people (or former slave, like the Blacks in the US) has access to Citizen status within a nation other than theirs, they will dominate it because of the remnant cohesion that the Majority lost when it became a Nation.

      • John the First
        John the First says:


        There appear to be a number of causes of atomization.
        First of all: classical liberals already pointed out that big government leads to an atrophy of functions normally performed by a community. This atrophy causes a weakening of bonds in society, and a weakening capacity.

        Secondly: egalitarian mass democracy and it’s popular culture, popular culture being globalistic. Some people are never tired of pointing towards globalist elites who are imposing globalism on the world, but the major force of globalism is actually the culture (actually anti-culture) of the democratic masses. These masses are no longer rooted in local culture, they are atomized, but at the same time their anti-culture is a uniformizing (binding into one) and rootless culture. Local culture which binds people in a community, but at the same time allows for the expression of individual traits, is exchanged for a global popular uniformist culture (the variety in pop culture is merely superficial).

        The third and very aggressive force of atomization, disintegration of culture, is of course accomplished through mass immigration, which makes society unsafe and alienates people even more from each other. One of the main weapons of further destruction of culture is the obsessive anti-discrimination activism and policies, people are no longer allowed to discriminate (to distinguish, to discern) themselves, which is a deliberate strategy because it is exactly discrimination which is the basis of a specific culture. The anti-discrimination activism and policies are designed to make people totally dumb, totally devoid of any capacity of proper distinguishment, so that they will accept anything. The poison of moralism is the way to accomplish all this, and for those who are not into moralist virtue signalling, a snakepit of moralists will start spitting at them.

        As of the third force, indeed we all know the most heavy hand behind it…. Some people claim that even the dumbocracy (democracy) has been widely supported because it is the most fertile soil for large scale culture destruction.

        • John the First
          John the First says:

          I remember that even a leftist friend of mine once remarked, when there were a lot of immigrants from a certain country on the streets, ‘whether someone opened a can of (insert people from a certain country of another origin here)’.
          What this means is that we can distinguish individual traits in the type of people we belong to, but ‘all Chinese people look the same’.
          Hence, through mass immigration, which is an extension of democratic egalitarianism, extended to the rest of the world, we are no longer able to recognize specific group and individual traits in the people we meet, because we are unfamiliar with them, which causes alienation and a weakening of human bonds. Stripping everything of its specific traits, of small groups and individuals is the strategy of those who are destroying white culture. Ultimately the goal is to strip everything of particular properties, to equalize everything, and the next step, when proper discrimination is made impossible, is to bombard society with ugliness, lowliness and deviance.

          • Aiden Lake
            Aiden Lake says:

            @ John the First
            This is a good analysis of atomization+democracy+globalization. There is a “Jewish” factor which should be neither ignored nor exaggerated, but thoroughly and realistically understood.
            The conclusion at the end of Gustave LeBon’s “The Crowd”, for instance, can be averted because we know better, by science: technology and eugenics. But it requires a political effort.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      I think you are right on target. Tribal affiliations and identity have always dominated human history, especially in conflict. Whites in Europe used to be tribal too. Now they are beyond National, and somewhat atomized as you say.
      I have long wondered why White men do not accompany their White women for protection, as Arab men do (more like ownership).

  2. Terry Bull
    Terry Bull says:

    The British have a Gypsy problem too. These people call themselves Pentecostals (Luke 13,23). The old vardo travelers of English children’s Rupert or William books have lost their charm. The more criminal their actions the more the woke nomenklatura pander to them. A raid on shops in a Norfolk town was largely ignored by police because of “community” relations. I know someone who was pocket-picked by a Zigani street gang and later attended in hospital in the same month by a wonderful true Romanian nurse, yet the media confuse the “Rroma” with white Romanians.

    • Mircea Albescu
      Mircea Albescu says:

      @ Terry Bull
      Some gypsies are now all too well organized – to push for their “inclusive [sic] rights” (e.g. their IRU), their history is given a one-sided positive make-over, and the woke crowd have automatically added them to the list of chiliad Nazi gas-fatalities (challenged by Guenter Lewy as well as Carlo Mattogno) along with other conveniently imagined victims like lesbians and blacks.
      On their history in Romania, see Viorel Achim. The biologist Cyril Darlington linked them, correctly, to criminal tribes as well as wandering untouchables in India, and I seem to remember John Keith Brierly in either “Natural History of Man” or “Biology and the Social Crisis” making perceptive comments on gypsy genetics.

  3. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 Very valid consideration as encapsulated in your last sentence: far from ” off topic ” !

    02 Of course at the top of your two tribe hiearchy sits the numerically inferior but supreme third tribe.

    03 I am conflicted by the factual history of the gypsies during the Third Reich. In 1943, at age 4, my aunt and I returned to our fourth condominium apartment after some local shopping: our previous three apartments having been destroyed by bombing raids.

    This four story building had a court yard enclosed by two apartments per story. There was a landing with a large window overlooking the courtyard. Attracted by noise, I looked out, only to see about twelve people, ranging from very young to very old, including small carts loaded with baggage.

    Asked, my aunt replied, that they were gypsies headed to Hamburg, where they were purportedly better treated by the authorities.

    Nevertheless, none of the other seven owners reported them or forced them to leave via the superintendent. Our Berlin burrough of Steglitz was easily upper middle class, which negates any explanatory left wing sympathies.

    The victors’ historiography has it, that by that time they were all being gassed at Dachau.

    04 On an also ” off topic ” note, allow me to recommend watching ROMANIA GOT TALENT, on the net. Unequalled talent, both young and old, including the classics. A unique insight into their full cultural life, helped by also watching their audiences.

    A guaranteed antidote at the end of an average day witnessing the unrelenting full spectrum, planned destruction of our own culture.

    • Gerry
      Gerry says:

      My father told me a story about the gypsies of Europe who had been forced to go to war. In the trenches with the approaching Germans the Gypsies would hold their rifles straight up in the air and then fire them. When they were asked why were they doing that, the gypsies replied, we hate the Germans so much that we can’t stand to even look at them so we aim the rifles into the sky and shoot.
      My father would then curse and swear the gypsies? etc, etc?

  4. Veronica
    Veronica says:

    Thank you, Mr. Langdon, for this cogent piece. You cut right through the bs of the dweeby Slater and his cronies. And a picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to the photos you included of the obsequious and smiling sycophancy of Welby and of the black-clad imam, whose deadpan eyes and demeanor convey that he feels no obligation to please or reconcile with anyone who does not share his religious affiliation. The juxtaposition of these two illustrates the irreconciliability not just of their personal worldviews but of the position of the unapolegic racially red-pilled White Christian in a world that has become unequivocally inimical to his values and his very survival itself.
    Thank you for your work and for your willingness to point out when the emperor has no clothes so that those in the crowd can say “yeah, you know I was wondering if the emperor was naked but I thought my eyes must be deceiving me.”

    • John the First
      John the First says:

      It appears to me that the essence of the whole thing is to blame whites, the usual strategy. The rest consists of arguments which are chosen to support this goal.

  5. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    Some Historians/Sociologists tell me that Countries go through Historical CYCLES. Other called them the Pendellum Effects swing from liberal/Conservative cycles. Those contentions may be/not be accurate. I have come to the realization that the USA is going through a dangerous cycle of self/doubt, trying to redefine itself going through internal growing pains of existencial psycho/sexual/cultural dark periods of Historical transitional phase. In this context TRUMP is the sympton of a bigger more profound mass cycle movement a redefinition of the American Conservative Christian Patriotism that has defined America since 1700s. It is no accident that this cycle coincides with the major DEMOgraphics in the country and the dark manipulations of the globalist financial elites (JEWS). Even if TRUMP is arrested. put in jail, discredited, push out of the coming electoral competition in 2024 ILEGALLY UNconstitutionally, a new TRUMP/like figure will emerge perhaps more radical, and willing to BREAK the rules just like his enemies are also acting fringe. By taking TRUMP illegally immorally and violating teh USA Constitution and as they say all bets are off. BUT I have news for the DEM NEOCONS TRUMP is the ONLY ONE right now, that can still INSPIRE RESTORE REUNITE REMAKE recover its sense of PURPOSE/RESOLVE/EXEPTIONALISM in the WOLRD…ONCE this cycle under TRUMP enters its resolution phase then I predict that TRUMP/America CAN and will face Putin/Russia/China/Iran/Nkorea assertively in a new perhaps form of COLD/hot? war..NONE of these nations separate or together can compete with America ECONOIC/Military POWER for now how much longer?..I would venture to say that under a TRUMP presidency Putin will be deposed, unable to be RE/elected, Russia will desintegrate again, Iran+NKorea will come to the negotiating table and USA/CHINA will settle the issue of Taiwan all peacefully. THE NEOCON/ism ENDLESS WAR$$ HAD RUN ITS COURSE America is on the brink of (cold?) Civil war, Financial/Currency collapse, run away inflation, and encouraging a NUCLEAR escalation of the Ucranian War..The NEOcons are finished/done/ and in their zombie/panic they will torch the country., the Neocon/Medea effects eating/cannabalising your own children. WE the people MUST STOP THEM.

  6. Carole Spart
    Carole Spart says:

    Readers, see Brendan O’Neill, “We are still in denial about radical Islam,” Spiked Online, August 28, 2022 & Frank Furedi, “Without borders, democracy ceases to exist,” Spiked Online, July 23, 2020.
    Who is the bull-shitter here?

    • negev nigel 8200
      negev nigel 8200 says:

      See Brendan O’Neill at Spiked:


      We shouldn’t demonise or infantilise African migrants. We should welcome them.

      Following a week in which an eye-watering 1,000 migrants are thought to have perished in the Mediterranean, European officials and observers are frantically asking ‘What can be done?’, as if it’s a difficult question. But it isn’t. If you want to stop these terrible deaths at sea, there’s a simple solution: liberalise Europe’s approach to immigration; be as open as possible to the arrival of these budding workers and aspiring citizens from Africa and the Middle East. That is what can be done, and must be done.

      When Dr Furedi, Brendan and the rest of the Continuity RCP issue an unequivocal condemnation of 3rd-world migration and their own support for open borders, we’ll know they’ve stopped their bullshit. Or some of it, anyway.

      • Carole Spart
        Carole Spart says:

        I take the point about O’Neill’s article, but a few pennies seem to have dropped in the last eight years. His attacks on “woke” and “identity politics” bypass the normative cultural identity of the indigenous. However, the immigration of fake asylum-seekers, spongers, criminals and terrorists into an overcrowded country will increasingly weigh upon his writers and readers. Personally I don’t like his enthusiasm for yobs either.

        • Terry Bull
          Terry Bull says:

          I’ll say this for O’Neill. He attacked the overpaid BBC celebrity Lineker and his metropolitan bubble, obsessed with race & gender. The football pundit’s comparison of the feeble effort to deter illegal seaborne migrants to Nazism suggested that thousands of Jews were risking life and limb to get into the Third Reich!!

      • Tim Folke
        Tim Folke says:

        I have relatives in Finland. For centuries there was very little crime, and most of that alcohol related. Then the EU forced Finland to take in some thousands of Somalian ‘refugees’. Crime spiked in the areas of rape, assault and armed robbery – the spike was caused by the Somalians.

        Blacks are by nature violent. The reason for this is physiological; the frontal cortex of their brain (upper forehead) is on average 14% thinner than on others. This is visibly noticeable when viewing most of them in profile or at 45 degrees – the frontal slope of the upper forehead is quite obvious. This part of the brain governs two things: self-restraint and creativity. Hence Blacks’ relative inability to restrain emotions, as well as their lackluster history of inventions, including the wheel or the sail.

        Yes, as with all living things, here are exceptions. With Blacks, Dr. Ben Carson comes to mind.

        So, Negev Nigel, yes, let them in! To your home, that is.

        • William Watts
          William Watts says:

          The Somalis are the worst of all, also in Britain and Sweden.
          Crime too is “multicultural”.

    • T.Gilligan
      T.Gilligan says:

      WCH, I tend to agree with that statement that all world religions are archaic dogma. Give me humanism and awe for the miracle and beauty that is on this planet.
      Tobias Langdon – you always pinpoint the major themes and the resultant problems arising from the betrayals and hypocrisies from the main political cesspool.
      Reading a news column from last Saturday’s Telegraph (UK) newspaper with the catchy headline of “Edogan challlenger hopes to steal votes with anti-migrant campaign” and that challenger is believer in another Islamic off-shoot that I’d never heard before: Kemal Killicdaroglu is an Alevi – “a religious minority that has faced systematic discrimination”. He want to eject from Turkey Iranians and Syrians back to their respective countries.

    • Jean Evans
      Jean Evans says:

      @ WCH
      You would get on well with the ubiquitous garrulous atheist David “Jew Face” Baddiel, author of “The God Desire” just published by The Times Literary Supplement.

  7. Manuel
    Manuel says:

    White Christian Americans, though still the majority, seem to lack the will to save themselves.

    It’s sad, but they have virtually surrendered to the dictates of liberal Jews and people of color.

    There is still time but very little.

  8. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    Very true: “Not all intelligent people have the belief gene, but a correlation does exist.
    Among the general public 96% have the belief gene. Among scientists the rate
    is 39%. Accomplished scientists come in at 15%. Among the most
    accomplished scientists, those belonging to the National Academy of
    Sciences, the rate drops to 7%. And if the fluffy disciplines could be deleted
    from consideration (sociology, psychology, etc) I allege that the rate would be
    even lower. These numbers imply that the “belief gene” is anti-correlated with

    But that fascism wanted to “exterminate billions of non-Aryans” and “despised the craft”, Mr. Gary seems to have taken from the world of thoughts of his Jewish astronomer role models.

    • Space Cowboy
      Space Cowboy says:

      Mr. Bruce is saying things here that are now considered downright racist:

      “And gone astray they have! The long effort to understand “human nature” has had more false leads from well‑meaning professionals with social agendas than probably any other field. For example, some people contend that ‘human nature’ doesn’t exist, believing instead that our minds are “blank slates” at birth, ready to be written upon for the creation of whatever mental structures conform to the external world.

      Others state that ‘human races’ don’t exist, yet insist on affirmative action preferences for non-existing minority races. Such beliefs are congenial to those who secretly wish to fiddle with the social environment for the purpose of correcting social injustices. Marxist minds are naturally attracted to the humanities, and have tried for nearly a century to hijack anthropology and distort it for their purposes.”

      “Sexist” he is also in addition! “Men value women because they can make babies. Women value men because they can support and protect a family. The genes value both because their enslavement offers a prospect for genetic immortality.”

      I recently noticed again that women develop a kind of irrepressible brood care instinct towards men they consider genetically compatible, although this is an age-old general observation: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” They then start feeding you like their own (not yet existing) baby (e.g. with a fork full of salad in a restaurant).

      By the concession to accept this offer, the man signals that he not only “eats from her hand”, but she now has or holds him in the hand. For he who feeds you can also starve you. Not physically, of course, but emotionally and sexually. You have swallowed the bait and now hang wriggling like a fish on her hook.

    • Ariadne Oliver
      Ariadne Oliver says:

      Is there a “guilt” gene in Nordic peoples? It seems to have lingered on as the last bit of the Christian religion while the rest of it has faded away.
      They are now getting blamed for the industrial revolution and western science themselves.

      • Space Cowboy
        Space Cowboy says:

        Journo: “Mr. Wickert: National Socialist Germany and Imperial Japan both lost the war. National Socialist Germany perished, thank God, Imperial Japan still exists. Both have dealt with the defeat in a completely different way.”

        Wickert: “I believe that this is essentially due to the fact that the Japanese, the East Asians in general, cannot even know the concept of collective guilt. Also the concept of a guilt, a moral guilt, a sin, the original sin. It does not exist in Chinese or in Japanese.”

        Journo: “Can it be that these concepts have come to us through Christianity?”

        Wickert: “I certainly believe that this is connected with it. In Chinese, as in Japanese, there is the concept of shame instead. The defeat of Japan, in my opinion, the Japanese see as a great misfortune, just as they saw the war as a misfortune, the invasion of Pearl Harbor as a stupidity, a completely wrong policy, an unfortunate policy that brought Japan a lot of disaster, but they themselves do not feel guilty about it.”

  9. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    I don’t remember who originally said it, but
    RACE IS THE KEY TO HISTORY. This pretty well explains the current racial turmoil. Whites are currently in an induced state of race denial, and are intimidated, browbeaten, and guilt tripped by organized Jewry and their accomplices. At some point this state of White somnolence will change, and Whites will rediscover their identity and power.

      • Junghans
        Junghans says:

        Thanks for the reminder. Disraeli, being a savvy member of the Gegenrasse would have known better than most!

        • B. Rockford
          B. Rockford says:

          Hitler quoted this statement in the Reichstag 1941: “We National Socialists have grown up with this idea.”
          Worth reading together: Simone Borgstede, “All is Race: Benjamin Disraeli on Race, Nation and Empire” (2012); Sir George Stapledon, “Disraeli and the New Age” (1943); David Cesarani, “Disraeli: The Novel Politician” (2016); Nesta Webster, “World Revolution” (1921 ed); T. P. O’Connor, “Benjamin Disraeli” (1905); Tony Kushner, “Disraeli & the racial myths of Victorian Britain,” The Independent, February, 2005.

          • Aiden Lake
            Aiden Lake says:

            Race is not the only factor in the history of peoples, but it is important and has been played down during the past five decades. There are some useful past and even fairly recent contributions towards a resurrection; e.g. Cyril Darlington, Nicholas Wade, Stephen Sanderson, Heiner Rindermann, and notably the slim but vital contribution by the late Paul Colinvaux.

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