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Amy Biehl, Forgiveness, And the Nature of ‘Hate’

Amy Elizabeth Biehl (1967–1993) In 1993, an idealistic American graduate student of Stanford University, Amy Biehl, was brutally murdered by four Black males in the township of Gugulethu, near Cape Town South Africa during her visit whose purpose was to end Apartheid. Amy, the only White occupant in a car with South African Blacks, was […]


Amy Biehl Syndrome

Every so often, a tale from the world of current events manages to stand on its own as summation of the white genocide.  The murder of Amy Biehl was one such tale.  Biehl, a pretty, blonde Californian studying at Stanford, traipsed off to South Africa in the early 1990’s to assist blacks during the apartheid […]


Black people and morality

Images of Black people are pressed on us so insistently these days, usually as models of some kind, that it is natural to ask just how admirable Black people are. For example, are they especially moral? Are they especially industrious, especially respectful of other people’s property, especially reliable, especially good to children, especially merciful, especially […]


Thoughts on love and hate

The last time I saw the word “love” it was in the phrase “Love is love”, which, being meaningless, gave me no idea what it was supposed to be promoting. I thought it must be homosexuality because I’d heard Stephen Fry say the words, which was depressing enough. How could an intelligent man do something […]