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Jews, White Guilt, and the Death of the Church of England

“Wrong theology in this area has been bound up with wrong action, giving legitimation for Christian support for persecution and discrimination of Jewish communities and eroding the recognition of Jewish people as neighbours whom Christians are bound to love … Christian communities may wish to consider whether there could be suitable opportunities in their public […]

Slavoj Žižek’s “Pervert’s Guide” to anti-Semitism

“ [Kevin] MacDonald’s theory is a new chapter in the long process of the destruction of Reason.” Slavoj Zizek “Žižek is, at his best, a posturing charlatan.” Thomas Moller-Nielsen, Current Affairs, Oct. 18 2019.   This is an essay on anti-Semitism, but because it’s also about Slavoj Žižek we’re going to have to start with […]

“A necessidade do antissemitismo”

 Um abismo sempre existiu entre europeus e semitas, desde quando Tácito reclamou do “odium generis humani”. (Heinrich von TREITSCHKE) Em 1989, o roteirista e jornalista judeu Frederic Raphael foi convidado a proferir palestra no Instituto Parkes de Pesquisa das Relações entre Judeus e Não Judeus, pertencente à Universidade de Southampton, por ocasião do 25º aniversário […]

On Migrant Deaths

“I observe that men run away to other countries, because they are not good in their own.” Ralph Waldo Emerson, Culture, 1876. “Cast a cold eye On life, on death. Horseman, pass by!” B. Yeats, Under Ben Bulben The sight and smell must have been horrific. On October 23, the bodies of 39 East Asians […]

“Do Jews Think Differently?”: Aspects of Jewish Self-Glorification

“Do Jews Think Differently?”: Aspects of Jewish Self-Glorification   “What hollow, offensive self-glorification! Here it is ‘proved’ that the nation of Kant was really educated to humanity by the Jews only, that the language of Lessing and Goethe became sensitive to beauty, spirit, and wit only through Boerne and Heine!”            […]