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How COVID-19 Will Test the West

“If trouble comes when you least expect it, then maybe the thing to do is to always expect it.”       Cormac McCarthy, The Road Writing anything about COVID-19 at this moment is a daunting task since the situation is evolving so rapidly, and in so many different locations. Information contained in this piece […]

Jewish Crypsis in American Buddhism

“From my conversations with many of these Buddhist leaders, they have spoken openly about how their commitments to social justice are shaped by their Jewish upbringings.” Emily Sigalow, American JewBu: Jews, Buddhists, and Religious Change, 2019. As mentioned in a 2017 review of The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews (2010) by Boston College’s […]

Jewish Reactions to Black anti-Semitism

“Jews often become convenient stand-ins as the purveyors of the structures of systemic racism that continue to plague Black America.” Tema Smith, The Forward, 2019 As remarked in “Aspects of Black anti-Semitism,” it’s clear that visible and occasionally violent Black hostility towards Jews presents the latter with an objective problem in terms of their (publicly […]

Aspects of Black anti-Semitism

“[Jews] infiltrate the Negro neighborhood with stores, and they exploit the Negro more than any other White group — housing, food, clothing — controlling the three basic things Negroes need. They claim to be friendly with Negroes but, when pushed to the wall, they are more injurious, more ruthless, than other Whites.” Jeremiah X, 1965.[1] […]

Slavoj Zizek e o seu “Manual pervertido do antissemita”

“A teoria de [Kevin] MacDonald representa uma nova fase do longo processo de destruição da razão.” (SLAVOJ ZIZEK) “Zizek é, na melhor das hipóteses, um charlatão pernóstico.” (THOMAS MOLLER-NIELSEN) Este é um ensaio sobre o antissemitismo, mas como trata também de Slavoj Zizek, nós teremos de começar abordando a questão das relações extraconjugais. Bem no […]