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A Glimpse at the Art World According to The New York Times

Aporia Magazine has some really good material devoid of typical leftist nonsense. This article, by Bruce Gilley posted on January 4, 2024, skewers sections on art from the New York Times issue of October 22, 2023. If you ever had any doubt that the Times and the art world in general are entirely on the anti-White left, this should […]

Tucker on the Iowa Caucuses

A while ago I posted an article on deranged White women. The young White woman who much prefers Nikki Haley over Trump and even over Biden (“a little too old”) is unfortunately much too typical. Haley’s money is coming from Democrat donors, and of course, the neocons of both parties love her. WAR! And, as […]

From The Telegraph

Marine Le Pen already rules France                      Gavin Mortimer: When it comes to changing Prime Ministers, Emmanuel Macron has much in common with the Conservative Party. Both are on their fourth premier in seven years with the French President this week unveiling Gabriel Attal as the latest […]

Update on the AfD

From an email list: Despite the unprecedented agitation against the AfD in recent days, the AfD candidate Uwe Thrum won the most votes in the district election in the Saale-Orla district this Sunday (14 Jan, 2024). Thrum received the most votes with 45.7 percent, followed by Christian Herrgott (CDU) with 33.3 percent, the SPD candidate Regina Butz […]

Tucker Carlson and the Racist White Ladies

Rich white ladies pay $5,000 to be told they’re naughty little racists. What is that? Jason Whitlock knows. pic.twitter.com/rj2aQ6yUHi — Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) December 15, 2023 White women are a very difficult and intractable problem for our side. Here we have an account of White women, all of whom are undoubtedly wonderfully liberal and virtuous, […]