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Fraser Anning’s Open Letter on the New Zealand Murders

Fraser Anning is a Senator from Queensland in the Australian Parliament. His letter appeared in Pickering Post, March 27, 2019. AN OPEN LETTER TO PRIME MINISTER SCOTT MORRISON from Senator Fraser Anning Prime Minister Morrison, You are threatening to censure me in the Australian Parliament for statements I made following the mass murder of New Zealand […]

Interview with Edward Dutton, the Jolly Heretic

I thoroughly enjoyed this interview and thought it allowed me to get at some important questions in my research. Edward Dutton is an evolutionary psychologist whose book on Finland was reviewed on TOO by F. Roger Devlin. We discuss controversial issues related to The Culture of Critique, Dutton’s book on Finland, and my forthcoming Individualism and the […]

Amazon Bans Culture of Critique and Separation and Its Discontents

Twenty-one years after a respected academic publisher, Praeger, published Culture of Critique and Separation and Its Discontents, they have been banned on Amazon. A People that Shall Dwell Alone is still available. This comes only around two weeks after they banned books by Jared Taylor and Greg Johnson. This is an extension of the de-platforming from […]