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TOQLive tonight, with Prof. Ricardo Duchesne, 8:00PM Eastern

Join me and @TOOEdit tonight when we present this month's installment of TOQ Live! Our guest this evening will be Dr. Ricardo Duchesne. As always, we will be taking your questions from chatroom. Show begins at 8PM ET. Don't miss it!https://t.co/D7vgYPkPGC pic.twitter.com/C0MoMIcPRI — James Edwards (@JamesEdwardsTPC) February 4, 2019

Perceptions of Jewish History Drive the War of the Hostile Elite Against the Trump Presidency

I begin with a thumbnail sketch of Jewish perceptions of their own history as a prologue to thinking about why a long-term goal of the organized Jewish community has been to make alliances with other groups with grievances against the traditional American nation. Jewish perceptions of their own history reflect traditional Jewish fear and loathing […]

Norman Podhoretz on Jewish Liberals

Editor’s note: This review is from 2010, originally posted at Altright.com, and it appeared in Radix. However, it seems to have disappeared from the internet. And in any case it raises important issues, particularly Jewish perceptions of their own history, that bear repetition. We Westerners have a sense of our history — a traditional pride in […]