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Disunion, Slavery, and the Causes of the Civil War By Steven Calabresi in Reason.com

The post Disunion, Slavery, and the Causes of the Civil War appeared first on Reason.com. Nikki Haley recently downplayed the role of slavery in the actual starting of the Civil War.  Technically, she is absolutely right.  President Abraham Lincoln in his First Inaugural Address said that he would fight to keep the Union together, and that he would ban […]

It’s Not Antisemitism. It’s White-Hating.

From AmRen, by Jared Taylor. The entire article is well worth reading. Jews need to decide whose side they’re on. Thumbnail credit: © Matthias Oesterle/ZUMA Press Wire This video is available on Rumble, BitChute, Odysee. There have been strange doings among America’s elites. On December 5, the presidents of Harvard, Penn, and MIT – all ladies – were […]

Is this the end of the NJP?

The NJP has had some very serious issues—not lethal—in the past year. Not surprisingly, it’s due to conflicts between personalities. However, the leadership is still intact and determined to push on. As this video indicates, the leadership is very intelligent and politically savvy. No illusions about the state of Whites in the U.S. and throughout […]