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Rape-Gangs Revisited: Third-World Pathology Triggers First World Pathology, as British Authorities Ignore Asian Sex Trafficking of Children for Fear of Racial Unrest

When I was a leftist, I used to sneer at Christianity for being irrational and mandating belief in impossible things. Well, let’s compare the cults. Christianity mandates belief in a single miraculous birth 2000 years ago in Palestine. Leftism — the religion of the well-educated, morally superior elites who run the West — mandates belief […]

Predators and Propaganda: Minority Worship from Low Crime to High Politics

A noble Black lawyer prosecutes an evil White sex-beast, who receives 33 life-sentences for his cowardly and despicable crimes against eleven innocent women and children. What a potent and effective way to smash the vile racist stereotype that Blacks are prone to violence and rape! And what a heart-warming symbol of Brave New Britain, where […]

Unexamined, Unquestioned, Unchallenged: Jewish Power in Brave New Britain

Ehud Sheleg. Who is he? CFI. What is that? The vast majority of people in Brave New Britain still don’t have a clue, because the mainstream media completely ignored these very interesting and important questions during the just-ended general election. The biggest lobbying group in British politics But this is the Occidental Observer, the Home […]

Social Psychology As Anti-White Pseudoscience

For me, the most frightening thing in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949) isn’t the “men in black uniforms” mercilessly beating Winston Smith in the Ministry of Love with “fists,” “truncheons,” “steel rods,” and “iron-shod boots.” And it isn’t the silent machine that allows the inquisitor O’Brien to “inflict pain on” Winston “at any moment and […]

Jeremy’s Jackboots: Even More Jewish Hysteria about Jeremy Corbyn and the British Labour Party

“Gobsmacked” is a good English word that’s gaining ground in America, I’ve read. If it’s not familiar to you, it means “very surprised or otherwise affected,” like someone who has been unexpectedly smacked in the gob, or mouth. I’ve recently been gobsmacked not once but twice by a Scottish journalist called Stephen Daisley. Corbyn’s a […]