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Dawkins’ Demon: The True Faith of Liberal Atheists

Men and Miracles Here are four highly important Western thinkers. Please pick the odd one out: 1. St Thomas Aquinas (theologian). 2. Charles Darwin (biologist). 3. Stephen Jay Gould (biologist). 4. Richard Dawkins (biologist). The odd one out is of course No. 2, Charles Darwin, because he didn’t believe in miracles. By contrast, supernatural intervention […]

Less is Moore: Men-Shuns, Pensions and Rape-Gangs

Languages never stay still. In one key dialect of modern English, meaning can be conveyed by the absence of adjectives. It happens with the nouns “man” and “men”, though you’ll also see it with nouns like “youth/s”, “teen/s”, and so on. Mentions of “men” are often men-shuns, because the media avoid describing the “men” any further. […]