Facial, Racial, Spatial: How Human Faces and Brains Have Taken Different Routes through Race-Space

Eyes, nose, mouth, chin, cheeks, brows — all of those words are home-grown English. But when you put them together and view them as a whole, they turn French in the word “face.” That doesn’t happen in German, where home-grown Augen, Nase, Mund, Kinn, Wangen, Brauen come together as home-grown Gesicht.

Faces, Races, Spaces

German is less of a hybrid language than English and I’d like to know how that affects the psychology of native speakers. The geometry of the two languages became much more different after the Norman Conquest and that must affect the way that minds move through them. If languages had faces, the German and English languages would look much less alike than the German and English peoples. I mean the real peoples: the white Germans and the White English. I’m a racist, which means I’m also a “facist” (i.e., face-ist). I think race is a biological reality with enormous — indeed, decisive — consequences for culture and civilization. And races are inescapably connected with faces. Evolution in different physical and cultural environments has sculpted faces in different ways just as it’s sculpted every other part of the human body, from the bones to the brain.

Composite faces of male athletes from different European nations, including Germany and the UK (from Dienekes Anthropology blog)

The outcomes of those different evolutionary paths are just much more obvious in the face, which is, after all, the most obvious part of the human body. That’s why so much of our brains is devoted to reading other people’s faces (and to controlling our own). Our intense interest in faces arises from the important information that they carry. Not that leftists like us to see some of that information. They hate the way we can tell Swedes from Somalis from Samoans at a glance. Sadly for leftists, it’s clear that facial is racial is spatial, because races and their faces have evolved in different places and taken different routes through genetic space. That affects more than the geometry of faces. The color of faces has important information too, both in subtle ways, like the intra-racial differences in the face-colors of men and women studied by the maverick anthropologist Peter Frost, and in gross ways, like the inter-racial differences in the skin-color of Blacks and Whites. When we look at a face we’re looking not just at geometry — the shapes and relative sizes of noses and mouths and eyes — but also at chemistry (which is geometry at a microscopic scale). The color of hair, skin and eyes says something about the chemistry of the body. You could say that a human face is like the cover of a book. It gives you imperfect but important information about the contents of the skull: the geometry and chemistry of the brain, and hence the psychology and cognition of the face’s owner.

The leftist miracle of an unbreakable brain-barrier

That’s why facism is an essential part of racism: the differences between the faces of different races convey real and important biological data. But leftism denies the significance of faces just as it denies the existence of races. Leftists can’t deny that evolution has sculpted faces, but they do deny that evolution has sculpted the brains that lie directly behind those faces. Or rather, they say that the same evolutionary forces that made the faces of Swedes, Somalis and Samoans so different were somehow prevented from working on the brains that lay directly behind those faces. After Homo sapiens evolved in Africa, the skull became an absolute and unbreakable barrier, sealing the brain off from all further evolution as Homo sapiens migrated into environments as different as the tropical, ocean-kissed islands of Tahiti and the icy, oxygen-starved plateau of Tibet. Bodies changed, but brains didn’t. That’s why the Psychic Unity of Mankind is a central axiom of leftism. According to leftists, the brains of all humans, Blacks and Whites, men and women, Finns and Fijians, are capable of exactly the same high intellectual endeavor. We have exactly the same cerebral hardware and we run exactly the same psychological software. Only racism and sexism can explain why Black women have never won Nobel Prizes for Physics or Field Medals in mathematics. Racism and sexism are also shamefully and solely responsible for the myth that White women are more attractive and more feminine than Black women.

Leftism says that Black-Jewish Afua Hirsch is just as beautiful as all-White Aphrodite

Well, that’s what leftism says, but leftism is a lie. Our faces are different and so are both our brains and our beauties. If we’d evolved to read the geometry of internal organs as easily as the geometry of external faces, we’d be able to distinguish between the brains of Blacks and Whites at a glance. And not just the brains but everything else in the body, from the liver to the lungs. To the dismay of leftists, artificial intelligence (AI) can now do exactly that: it can assign internal organs to different races with very high accuracy. As I described in “Biology is Blasphemy,” leftist scientists have been “shocked, confused, and frankly horrified” to discover that AI can read the reality of race in X-rays and other medical images. As one researcher despairingly concluded: “There is no easy way to remove racial information from images. It is everywhere and it is in everything.”

Ugly, asymmetrical and alien

But why would we want to “remove racial information from images”? Well, I don’t and I hope that you don’t, but lying leftists do, because they want to deny reality in pursuit of what really matters to them: power and the chance to scapegoat non-leftist Whites for the failure and criminality of Blacks. Take this photo of ten vibrant faces that recently appeared in the British media:

The ugly, asymmetrical and alien faces of a violent armed gang in racially and facially enriched Britain — the White-looking criminal is called Ihab Ashaqui

The faces are ugly, asymmetrical and alien (ugliness and asymmetry go together, in fact). If they were the covers of books, then the books would be in the genre of true crime. And they’d be autobiographies, because the faces are those of a violent armed gang who “used guns, knives, hammers and crowbars to terrorise [their victims] before fleeing in a fleet of stolen vehicles.” Leftists would say that the men are completely British and that they’ve been turned into violent criminals by living in a White-supremacist society that refused to nurture their innate intelligence, civility and potential for high achievement. I say: “Face the facts and see the facts in the faces.” And the facts are that both the faces and the brains behind the faces have followed very different evolutionary paths to those of the genuine White British. Nine of the ten men are obviously Black and Blacks haven’t been through the process of genetic pacification, whereby strong and stable states have weeded out genes for crime and violence in their subjects by executing and imprisoning violent and lawless men over many centuries. On the contrary, Blacks have evolved in environments where violence and selfish, impulsive behavior are advantageous.

Thames Valley police images of (top row, left to right) Adrian Thomas, Indirit Krasniqi and Jamaile Morally, and (bottom row, left to right) Joshua Morally, Llewellyn Adams and Michael Johnson

An Albanian face in an otherwise Black gang: the torturers, rapists and murderers of White schoolgirl Mary-Ann Leneghan

The one White face in the gang isn’t the product of genetic pacification either. The White-looking thug is called Ihab Ashaqui, which may well be a misspelt Albanian name. Like mountainous Chechnya — which produced the Boston Bombers for America, a head-chopping young art-critic for France, and the most furious fighters of Islamic State — and mountainous Georgia — which produced the Machiavellian mass-murderer Josef Stalin, mountainous Albania has bred men who would rather feud and fight rather than obey laws. And so Albanians behave more like non-British Blacks than British Whites. That may be why Ihab Ashaqui appears in an otherwise Black gang just as Indrit Krasniqi, another Albanian, appeared in the Black gang that raped, tortured and murdered the White schoolgirl Mary-Ann Leneghan in 2005. Unlike the murdered Black and now-sainted schoolboy Stephen Lawrence, she has long been forgotten by the leftist media. After all, her death revealed the truth of how dangerous Blacks are to Whites, whereas the death of Stephen Lawrence can be used to promote the lie that Whites are dangerous to Blacks. Leftism hates truth and loves lies.

Jewish faces in the highest of places

And leftist lies killed Mary-Ann Leneghan, because she spent her short life saturated in pro-Black propaganda designed to persuade her that Blacks were cool and fascinating and perfectly suitable for White girls like her to be friends with. That’s how she ended up raped and tortured for hours, then stabbed to death in a park as she pleaded desperately for her life. By any objective standard, her murder was far worse than the murder of Stephen Lawrence. And it involved misogyny and patriarchy at its most brutal and femicidal. But leftists don’t apply objective standards and they don’t genuinely care about misogyny, patriarchy and femicide. They apply the standard of “What advances the cause of leftism and helps leftists like me gain more power?”

Bland Biden, bland Blair, unthreatening goyish frontmen for a hostile Jewish elite

Jewish faces in the highest of places: How Jews are in charge of the so-called Biden administration

Merrick Garland, chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, is a former prosecutor who’s viewed as a moderate.

The sly and sinister Jew Merrick Garland, anti-White American Attorney-General

But it’s because leftists love power that they’re careful about the faces that front their parties. Like the Blair government in Britain, the Biden government in America is disproportionately staffed by Jews, particularly at the highest levels, and follows an anti-White Jewish agenda of open borders and plutocratic enrichment. But in both cases the Jews who ended up running things chose a bland and unthreatening goy to front their election campaign. After all, if the sinister Jew Merrick Garland had been the Democratic candidate for POTUS, even the dumbest goyim might have felt a chill down their spines and understood that voting Democrat was not in their best interests.

Three Jewish faces, three Jewish fraudsters: Bernie Maddoff, Sam Bankman-Fried of FTX, Caroline Ellison of FTX

Another Jewish face, another Jewish fraudster: the anti-White, anti-Christian Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky laundering money through FTX

And how do I know that Merrick Garland is sinister? Well, it’s there in his face. If that punim were the cover of a book, the book would be a torture manual or a grimoire of Black Magic. This is me being facist again: the faces of Jews often give me the creeps. And I’m not unique in that. In Western culture there’s a long and shameful history of Jews being represented as or likened to vampires, ghouls and other evil creatures — see Andrew Joyce’s “On Jews and Vampires.”

Cannibals, vampires and Princes of Darkness

At least, leftists and Jews call it a “shameful” history. As both a facist and a racist, I’d call it a healthy and appropriate response to the alien and predatory nature of Jews, which is plainly visible in their faces and body language — and also audible in their voices. In America, the bloodthirsty Jewish neo-con Richard Perle is nicknamed “the Prince of Darkness.” By no coincidence, the Machiavellian Jew Peter Mandelson received the same nickname in Britain (Mandelson was one of the hostile Jewish elite who pulled Blair’s strings). Elsewhere in Britain, the Jewish politician Gerald Kaufman was nicknamed “Hannibal Lecter” (after the cannibal serial-killer created by the writer Thomas Harris). And the Jewish politician Michael Howard, who headed the so-called Conservative party and failed to beat the bland and unthreatening goy Tony Blair at the 2005 election, was nicknamed “Dracula.” One of his own shadow-ministers, Ann Widdecombe, said of Howard that “there is something of the night about him.”

The ugly, evil and truth-hating Jew Jonathan Greenblatt, head of the anti-White ADL

Again, I think this is a healthy and appropriate gentile response to the alien and predatory nature of Jews. But healthy and appropriate racial responses are abhorred and abominated by media and business in the modern leftist West. Kanye West, the Black American musician, has learned that very strongly in recent months, as Andrew Joyce explained at the Occidental Observer in “Jewish Troubles with Uppity Rappers.” West is very intelligent and articulate by Black standards, and he’s very courageous by White standards, because he’s said things that no White of remotely comparable status has dared to say. The ugly and sinister Jew Jonathan Greenblatt, head of the totalitarian Anti-Defamation League (ADL), says that Kanye needs to be crushed because he’s accused Jews of having the power to crush their critics. The ADL is pro-LGBT and anti-BTG — against Beauty, Truth and Goodness. It’s no coincidence that Greenblatt is ugly, evil and a liar. As the great Catholic writer Hilaire Belloc said long ago in The Great Heresies (1938): “[T]here is (as the greatest of the ancient Greeks discovered) a certain indissoluble Trinity of Truth, Beauty and Goodness. You cannot deny or attack one of these three without at the same time denying or attacking both the others.”

The ugly, evil and truth-hating faces of American antifa

You can see Belloc’s words brought to life in Jonathan Greenblatt and in the ugly, evil and truth-hating faces of American antifa. But the converse of his words also applies: to promote any one of that “indissoluble Trinity” is to promote the two others. It’s also no coincidence that Whites have evolved the brightest and most beautiful faces, created the best art and the least corrupt and criminal societies, and pursued truth so successfully in science and mathematics. Faces are themselves works of art, sculpted down the millennia by the aesthetic choices and preferences of men and women competing for mates.

The specialness of European female beauty

But the anthropologist Peter Frost argues that male choices were particularly important in Europe, where women competed more intensely for fewer men in a much harsher and colder environment than that of tropical Africa. That’s why the color of women’s hair and eyes is most varied in Europe: women benefited by standing out from their rivals in the competition for mates in an individualist mating system in which personal preferences rather than family strategizing was paramount. Indeed, Frost says that “eye colors … have diversified only in Europeans and more so in women than in men. Specifically, the range of eye colors is more evenly distributed among women: they have the less frequent colors more often and the more frequent ones less often.” The eyes are windows to the soul, so it’s said. They’re certainly a window into evolution and the gem-like eyes — sapphires, emeralds and more — of European women are the result of a distinct and uniquely beautiful evolutionary path. But what have Jews, whose faces and brains are the product of a different evolutionary path, done with the beauty of European women? They’ve turned it into the drug and dross of pornography. The vast majority of the alien-faced young men migrating into Europe have undoubtedly seen White women in Jewish pornography and had their rape-culture strengthened and stimulated by it.

Facial (and racial) propaganda from the anti-White, pro-migrant Guardian

Again, leftists don’t care. Their pro-migrant propaganda studiously ignores the predominance of rape-inclined young men and pretends again and again that non-White migrants are helpless women and children. We often see crying women and children in the pro-migrant leftist media. It’s facial propaganda that’s also racial propaganda, exploiting our instinctive sympathy for distressed human faces to promote the invasion of White nations by hostile and dangerous outsiders. Facism is always racism, whether it’s the healthy, truthful facism that helps Whites by recognizing that non-White faces go with non-White brains, or the unhealthy, lying facism that harms Whites by pretending that non-White faces go with brains that are just like ours. No, they’re not like ours and they don’t fit in White societies. The faces of different races belong in different spaces.

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  1. Hitmarck
    Hitmarck says:

    Eigentlich wäre es statt des Naseums wohl der Gesichtserker, der da in der Mitte sitzt.
    Trauriges Englisch.
    wie schön ist’s doch einem Lied ein Jahrtausend in die Vergangenheit zu folgen.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        A notch on your face would be an indentation or hole, not a protuberance, though I haven’t checked in the mirror recently.

        Leaf blowers at Target are ” nice “.

        How wistfully gratifyIng it would be to trail a song a thousand years back.

        POOR HITMARCK NOT POOR ENGLISH; which I speak pretty good for being in the country only a short distance.

      • Hitmarck
        Hitmarck says:

        I came to the conclusion, the reason Esperanto isn’t pushed any longer is because English is sufficient in keeping people dumb.
        Monthy Python seem to – subconsciously – agree.
        Philosophers Soccer – A few good jokes are what u can be reasonable expected intellectual. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfduUFF_i1A

        I skimmed a bit down, u mention another observation I made too, there’s a granite like quality to a German Wortschatz a language like English misses.
        Might be a reason why gods word found its way into Greek and German.

        Further down a white guy writes he likes Rap Music.
        Turns out white guys invented Sprechgesang 400 years ago.

        How interesting would it be, to add Jiddish into the conversation. The Pidgin German without a Genitive. How convenient given their behavior.

        This translated so fine my initial post.

        Google.translate abused it even worse.

        ‘Actually, instead of the nose, it would probably be the face bay that sits in the middle.
        sad english
        how nice it is to follow a song a millennium into the past.’

    • Strange World
      Strange World says:

      Mr. Goad says he won’t have his “racist jokes” banned. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the wording of the joke about Jewish noses. https://odysee.com/@countercurrents:6/8bitrate_1:5

      But I can imagine, for example, that also their notorious gigantic mouse ears developed evolutionarily. First, they were used for eavesdropping to ward off danger, to get their gathered coins to safety in time; second, to spy on their neighbors as members of the Cheka, NKVD or Stasi; third, to detect the distant crackle of bills like a sonar before anyone else.

      • Hyacinth Bouquet
        Hyacinth Bouquet says:

        I think Mr. Goad’s joke was: Q. Why do Jews have such big noses? A. Because air is free!

        • Strange World
          Strange World says:

          Very right, thx, whereas I suspect the Jew will even soon sell us the air to breathe, because then it is just as little for nothing as everything else he has to cheat the world out of.

  2. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    A liberal middle-aged white woman, programmed to be xenophilic, is in extreme time trouble. She has promised to deliver the day’s receipts in three minutes at the latest to her boss, whose office is a few blocks away.

    Knowing that only her own race harbors innately bad intentions, she approaches a bearded Negro on a bicycle, who is apparently also a Muslim. The Jewish press has drilled into her for decades that all these “disadvantaged people” are just as lovable as Jews.

    Couldn’t he take on a small job, she would pay him $20 for it? The Negro hesitates at first, but finally agrees immediately after the client says:

    “In this envelope are all our day’s earnings, about a thousand dollars. It is imperative that they be locked in my employer’s safe in a few minutes, please handle them with extreme care! I hope my confidence in you proves to you that I am not a racist, and the discrimination against the colored population of the world is an unprecedented disgrace.”

    The Negro never arrived at his destination with the money. The woman was promptly fired by her boss. Police reluctantly launched an APB only months later, but concealed the ethnicity of the perpetrator. It was said to be “a man.”

    Only after the woman called in a lawyer did the police publish a heavily pixelated mugshot, and added a warning: “This is once again an absolute isolated case that should not be misused for political purposes! We ask the population for their assistance but also for their prudence!”

  3. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    @ Tobias Langdon

    According to my sprachgefühl https://www.dict.cc/?s=sprachgef%C3%BChl, words that have a Germanic stem are linguistically more profound, more unmistakable, more direct and more effective. They seem to speak to deeper layers within us. I wonder in many cases that native English speakers with their highly Latinized vocabulary can acquire any conceptualization of things at all, when their language is still based on the sentence structure of Old Germanic.

    • Strange World
      Strange World says:

      The reason lies above all also in the fact that in the Germanic word-stem the original meaning is tangible. Let’s take an example that applies especially to today’s world: “verrückt” (crazy). The word implies the stem rück (move away), when something is displaced, it means it has been removed from the original position.

    • Strange World
      Strange World says:

      German language, by its nature, invites to reflect on it. Americans have a habit of abbreviating everything (“Q&A”). At first glance, this seems like an immense relief, but it spares users active thinking.

      But you have to pay a price for everything, especially for your (not only mental) laziness. Shorter is not necessarily better in the intellectual sense if it does not contain any compressed, condensed truth.

      Our minds never get to the bottom of the mechanisms and interrelationships of this world on the basis of such phrases, never question them, which can only be a good thing for the Jews.

      Meanwhile, the everyday language in the country “FRG” is teeming with Anglicisms. No one understands their content or meaning (if that even exists), but everyone uses them because it’s “tremendously hip”.

      • Danielle
        Danielle says:

        Interesting you bring up abbreviations. As a 52 year old “GenXer”, I feel I’ve been living in a bizarre limbo world for close to 2 decades now. Technology was a huge part of my 30 years working in corporate America and I loved & embraced it until shortly after 9/11 when I could see things going in a dark, degenerative direction. I loved being a part of “paper to paperless” in the early days of the internet in the mid to late 90s, Y2K and all that – but it began to change right after 9/11 & I soon began to hate it. The changes started coming too fast to keep up with & I found that outside of my work, I was really starting to hate all things “technology” related. It stopped being fun and intelligent & became something even the dimwits were excited for – this was because they dumbed everything down so even the least common denominators could participate – I was turned off completely. What used to be known as “acronyms” all of the sudden seemed to become a whole new language of GARBAGE. Even now, I am so unfamiliar with most 3 letter abbreviations I struggle to read comments people leave in some of the articles I read or videos I watch. Nobody knows how to spell or properly punctuate anymore – grammatically correct is a thing of the past, as well, apparently.
        Fast forward to the past few years, and even commercials have taken to using hideous & disgusting “rap” as background music for consumer goods/cars/food, etc. They are reducing what’s left of our language to the grunts & groans of our ever-growing non-White population.
        Just like everything else that is being destroyed, the English language is just another casualty of the ongoing White genocide taking place.
        I’ve been an avid reader my whole life, starting with the classics when I was about 4-5 years old and my late uncle supplied me with the best classics of the 18th/19th centuries. I am finding people my own age even don’t seem to know how to write & speak properly anymore & are embracing “new technology” more and more due to their own laziness & lack of ability. I used to feel bad about myself for not being “in style” and keeping up with the new trends, but not anymore. I have yet to “scan” anything with my phone and hope to keep it that way. As things continue to become less and less “European”, it is no cohen-cidence that things are becoming more STUPID. Proper language, grammar, spelling, pronunciation, and punctuation are considered “inherently systemically racist”, don’t you know!

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          Huge numbers of whites of a certain generation have this hostility to rap music that is overdone, too much, it can’t just be the music itself, it must be what rap stands for in their minds – the replacement of their culture with the most offensive, alien thing possible.
          They are correct in this, it absolutely is designed to rub white’s noses in their replacement in their own societies.
          I don’t mean to be pedantic, but you should object to *this* and not just rap music per se.
          I’m as white as can be and I love rap/hip-hop music. Even the most basic tinny hip-hop beat from a £6 keyboard hits me in my bones and gives me the feels. So it isn’t a racial thing.
          I also despise techno/dance music, with it’s dull monotonous dumb-dumb-dumb-dumb beat, which is beloved of most young whites. Compared to that, a hip-hop beat is high culture.
          And rap rhymes, the only poetry(which our folk have always loved) you get these days comes from rap. Rhyming poetry died along with so much high culture after WWI.
          Even the Romans, when they wanted to get the party started brought on the blacks. And rap music wouldn’t be what it is if not for all the samples taken from white music, so it’s a real racial collaboration(with the Jews taking the profits, and pushing the most degenerative/violent stuff possible).
          So you have white inspiration, invention, skill and expression, the blacks ability to take what existed and repackage it in a pleasing and entertaining way, and of course the Jewish ability to exploit all this for money, while at the same time using it as a force to harm the host societies.

        • Strange World
          Strange World says:


          Thank you very much for your readable answers and warmest greetings! I can only fully agree with your observations.

      • Danielle
        Danielle says:

        Do you know that I do not even know what “FRG” stands for? I wish I had $100 for every “acronym” I’ve looked up over the past decade. It’s been a while now, however, as I’ve stopped caring for the most part.
        You said, “Our minds never get to the bottom of the mechanisms and interrelationships of this world on the basis of such phrases, never question them, which can only be a good thing for the Jews.” EXACTLY!!!
        I’ve been “jew-pilled” for a little over a decade now (it started much earlier for me, however, having gone to school with a lot of jews during my elementary and high school years in the 80s – very eye-opening experience for me). I’ve arrived at a point over the past few years, however, where I have a bigger problem with OUR own people who are very much aiding and abetting these parasites in our destruction.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          I agree Danielle, no matter what Jews do, no matter how disgusting, destroying, destructive they’re so often proven to be, they don’t even come close to how revolted I am by white treachery.
          It’s presumably why I could never be a ‘white nationalist’, and I wonder if it’s also why political ‘whiteness’ never catches on, despite seemingly all the necessary conditions for it.
          The crimes of so many whites against us you’d reckon would be enough to finish our race, if karma exists.
          Nothing against white nationalists, their heart is obviously in the right place mind you.

      • Danielle
        Danielle says:

        Just so you know, not all of us Americans abbreviate everything. I’d say it is primarily Americans under the age of 60, maybe even 55. I know the way other countries look at Americans and how they tend to throw us all into the same festering jew stew pot, but I’m here to tell you that we all aren’t guilty of committing the atrocities in which the large majority are currently participating. I’ve been an “old soul” my whole life and as early on as maybe 8 years old, I had a profound sense of knowing I had been born too late – that I had been most unfortunate in having missed out on what were the best days of being an “American”.
        Also, for the record, the School House Rock bits that used to air on Saturdays during the 70s and 80s that featured “the great American melting pot” video – well, we kids knew that it meant a melting pot of EUROPEANS – it never once crossed our minds that this melting pot included non-White people.

        • Hyacinth Bouquet
          Hyacinth Bouquet says:

          @Danielle – Excellent comments, and I completely agree with you on the misuse of abbreviations, as well as the disgusting and alien “rap” “music” that permeates all commercials. Like you, I am Generation X and saw the heights achieved by technology closely followed by the closing of an iron fist of control.

          I see the deterioration of language everywhere, even in product reviews, often accompanied by obscenities. Our population is being systematically dumbed-down and degenerated, and it is alarming how many people seem to embrace this.

          Stay strong, good lady! From another Generation X, anti-technology

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            On the subject of dumbing us down – especially through the language, anybody else noticed all the emojis you can now use in your social media messages instead of letters and words?
            1st we wnt dwn 2 tx speak, now it’s little icons to express what you want to say.
            100 years from now the Jews will have reduced us to just grunting at each other.
            – I remember when a kid died in Liverpool, he got caught in gang war cross-fire and took one in the head.
            A TV show was made about the case and it was pointed out the assailant, because he didn’t really go to school, and didn’t leave his own little section of what Americans call ‘public housing’, he had developed a language amongst his friends that was a kind of pidgin English.
            The speed of the civilisational collapse in the UK is breath-taking.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        And your use of ” fuckery “, on this site, for our ears, including arch-clever ladies, is proof positive of your voluminous vocabulary.

        I am no prude, but haven’t even used such words when describng my most unfavored quasi-human in the world, Ilya Ehrenburg.

        Guttersnipes need not throw such rocks t through the window of Dr. MacDonald’s home, which he unstintingly shares.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          I agree Mr Frey, swearing is a leftist thing.
          It has it’s place, but it’s overuse is more likely a sign of leftism than of laziness or slow-wittedness.

          • Strange World
            Strange World says:

            Maybe you haven’t noticed it before: Not only “leftist” Americans use words like “fuck” “damn” or “hell” in every second sentence in their everyday language.

            As far as I know, humanoids have been swearing for as long as they have existed, not just since Marx. You should put a little more effort into using your brain.

          • Strange World
            Strange World says:

            Any rationalist (like me) at all wonders how people can seriously “believe” that curses and imprecations have any physically verifiable effect other than situational psychological relief for a biochemically unhinged person who emits them.

            It’s sort of like Boris Becker regularly accusing his tennis racket in play of “missing the ball” and smashing it on the court floor at Wimbelton in “revenge” for it (he always had several with him).

            They actually believe that if they shout “The devil take you!” their God will send that poor soul damned by them to hell.

            Life itself is not enough to free them from their incomprehensible stupidity or to heal them. As long as we still have to deal with such creatures among us, who do not even stand on the pure ground of reality, the victory of our race can only lie in the intangible distance.

        • Barkingmad
          Barkingmad says:

          You aren’t a prude? Well, I am. Prude and Proud. In public, anyway. At home – well, less so.

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            StrangeWorld – “Maybe you haven’t noticed it before: Not only “leftist” Americans use words like “fuck” “damn” or “hell” in every second sentence in their everyday language.”

            You cannot possibly think I meant the use of swearing in everyday discourse? I refuse to believe a reader on this site could be so autistic.
            It’s blatantly obvious I meant it’s use in forums such as this where it’s completely out of place, and absolutely is a leftist failing.
            Right-wingers find such things offensive because it is an ugly use of language, and we’re against ugly-ness, and for beauty, just as much as we’re for truth and goodness.

            “You should put a little more effort into using your brain.”

            You make this way, way too easy for me.
            My feeling is you should put LESS effort into using YOUR brain because on this showing your brain ain’t just not your best asset, in some cases it might be your enemy.
            My advice to you would be what I advise females, take a breath next time you see something you disagree with, don’t just pound out in anger the first dumb thought that enters your head. Or else you’ll get embarrassed like this again!

      • Strange World
        Strange World says:

        Aha, interesting https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pal%C3%A4stinalied

        I made another observation: In the lowlands people speak “softer”, while in the mountains they speak harder (compare Norwegian with Danish, or Dutch with Bavarian).

        Hungarian (are they descended from the Huns?), for example, sounds strangely like a non-European language to my ears, which is no wonder, since it belongs to the same language family with Finnish and Turkish. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkZ8RoaLKyw

    • Captainchaos
      Captainchaos says:

      Strange World seems to be conflating the German language’s penchant for compound nouns and a more streamlined etymology with a supposed greater resonance with platonic forms. As a strict materialist this is a form of mystical dabbling he is not entitled to. Very intellectually sloppy.

      • Strange World
        Strange World says:

        Yo, what else. He can’t even distinguish between “rationalist” and “materialist” (but claims to have “interpretive authority” over my own thoughts!). Maybe it is simply because his glasses are no longer able to withstand his age-related visual impairment.

  4. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    I do believe much of the anti-White hate stems from jealousy over the relatively good looks of White people when compared to the general homeliness of Ashkenazim Jews and non-Whites.

    I am grateful I had breakfast before seeing much of the visuals in this fine article.

    • Lady Strange
      Lady Strange says:

      I am deeply convinced, from my experience as a white woman who for all of her life, alas, has been confronted with Jewish individuals in the workplace and the massive presence of non-whites in a country that has been submerged for decades, that the source of the furious hatred directed at us is sexual and racial jealousy.

        • Junghans
          Junghans says:

          Hey folks, welcome to life in the inter-racial madhouse of the Western world. The not so blissful land of ignorance and unreality. A literal Fool’s Paradise of Jewish skewered fantasy and delusion. A seemingly Anglo animated, yet realistically and unfortunately,a de-facto Jewish colony. A place where Whites are deeply intellectually poisoned, and are obviously clueless about it! Where incredibly enough, the abnormal has been horribly ‘normalized’. A degenerate land of culturally corrupted White lemmings who, for some strange quirk of their nature, incredulously hold harmless and worship their subverters and betrayers! And they are furthermore, weirdly motovated to debauchery by the beat of Negro “music”, and simian like aping of every self-destructive, atavistic impulse.

          To save these people from themselves, (and their Jewish mind parasites), is going to be one hell of a battle royale.

  5. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    Here everything is completely reversed, the total brainwashing.
    “Show your face!” https://de.zxc.wiki/wiki/Gesicht_Zeigen!
    “School without racism – school with courage [sic!]”

    The academic neo-Marxist architects of a neutered “gendered” artificial language (Neusprech) also have to constantly change, “adapt” the vocabulary for foreigners, which is always falling into disrepute, although the reality of life of the population is a completely contrary one.

  6. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 I totally agree, that the eyes are the mirror of the soul.

    03 Eons ago, here, more than one commenter agreed with me on the importance of the ears as well.

    04 How large are they; on what axis are they attached to the skull; where are they attached in relation to the top and bottom of the skull.

    05 Hitler went one further and directed his personal photographer Heinrich Hoffmann, during a diplomatic do in Moscow, to provide him with a side shot of Stalin, in order to determine, or guess, Stalin’s ethnicity, by the shape of his ear lobe.

    06 I find,that often their noses are slightly pointing to one side and that their lips and mouths rise to one side. Certainly allowing for shots that are not directly frontal.

    07 Often their eyes are so different from one another, that one feels that more than one soul beats in their breast.

    08 I also find, that a person’s gait and gestures are indicative of their personality.

    • Peter
      Peter says:

      I wonder if he thought Stalin may have been a Jew. Considering how many there were among the Soviet leaders, I might have considered that a possibility too. You don’t often read that Hitler sometimes referred to Roosevelt as “Rosenfeld,” maybe because that might seem plausible to many Americans or perhaps more likely because it sounds like an insult.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        Hitler could have referred to FDR, quite correctly, by his forebears’ surname in both mercantile Lisbon, then mercantile/financial Venice: Campo di Rossi. [ Field of roses, then Roosevelt in Amsterdam and later NY. ]

  7. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    Having a relatively wealthy neighbor who reportedly made it with a comic book business, “Jew + comics + euphemism + adult” (if “pornography” is filtered) is an interesting subject-search to consider. And so is the image accompanying the following article:

  8. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    Why are unstable “individuals” a detriment to the whole? I like to compare this with two building blocks. If both stand upright, they have the possibility of the largest common contact surface and physical proximity and stabilize each other.

    If only one of them is rooted in the ground, but the other one is unstable and leans crosswise against it, the stable one must permanently catch the unstability directed against it, divert it into the earth (see statics of girders) and sacrifice its own stability for it. The contact surface is only given at the minimum point of contact.

    If even two unstable “individuals” stand opposite each other in a kind of desperate action, the tilting and pulling down of the other unstable one is physically only a matter of seconds (in human relations maybe a few weeks). So, in truth, there is no strong collective of weak individuals.

    If the alleged “individuals” therefore consist only of nothing but gutted and for themselves helpless unstable personalities (as for instance in the Jewish ill-designed “marxism”), they will fall down like the proverbial dominoes at the slightest occasion.

  9. Flavia
    Flavia says:

    This was absolutely marvelous!! How refreshing to hear someone speak frankly about beauty versus ugliness! Do you notice that the word “beauty” is almost never used in the media–TV or movies? The only compliment that we ever hear regarding women has to do with sex appeal. Beauty is something different, and it is so rare.

  10. RockaBoatus
    RockaBoatus says:

    Looking at the Antifa mugshots, you can more or less discern how utterly lost these young people are. They scribble on their face, oddly color their hair, as well as pierce and tattoo their ugly mugs making themselves even more repulsive than they already are. Males with makeup, females with shaven heads – what complete freaks!

    This is what Bolshevik ‘wokeism’ does to Whites, especially to our young women. It seeks to undue normalcy, reverse traditionally understood gender roles, and drive anyone gullible enough that adhere to it to insanity and, eventually, to death itself. It’s complete rebellion against the created or natural order of things. This is demonic at its core.

    I believe some of this (though not all of it) is partly due to the kind diet they consume with its sugary drinks, processed carbs, excessive soy consumption, and abhorrence of meat. This doesn’t even take into account that they likely smoke tobacco and are addicted to methamphetamine.

    Most of them are probably militant vegans. They avoid red meat and are thereby robbed of vitamin B-12 and other important nutrients that might help to bring them to some level of sanity. Everything about their lives, I suspect, is twisted and inverted, including their crazy worldview.

    Interestingly, I have heard that a good many of these living gargoyles come from upper middle-class White families (many Jewish families too!) which says much about the state of Whites in America today.

    • Lady Strange
      Lady Strange says:

      I don’t think this is the result of a particular diet, the real “diet” of these morons: low IQ, lack of personality, deep social and sexual insecurity, add a huge dose of Judaic propaganda since their birth.

      • RockaBoatus
        RockaBoatus says:

        “I don’t think this is the result of a particular diet” – One’s diet is a definite contributing factor, though you are correct that other important elements are involved in this entire scenario.

        Note also that in my initial comments I wrote: “I believe some of this (though not all of it) is partly due to the kind diet they consume.”

        • James Clayton
          James Clayton says:

          An anthropology classic when I was in school, Ishi in Two Worlds [being a biolgraphy of the last wild American indian in North America] was throught provoking. It made the rounds among my associates at a California State then-college later “university” in the 1960s. There is a Kroeber Hall at U.C. Berkeley. https://archive.org/details/ishiintwoworldsb00kroe

          The paperback still on my shelves has a couple of interesting photographs and the subjects photographs of him having walked out of the woods into civilization versus having lived among the then dominant culture, teaching about AmerIndian skills, eating the White man’s food and drinking their drink obviously altered his appearance. Like not having had access to carbohydrates such as corn syrup and alcohol has not weeded-out, so to speak, the ability to handle them physiologically, psychologically. Ergo the inclination to diabetes, obesity, and other behaviors I’ve dealt-with over the years including interacting with the ancestors of local tribes having been given preferential hiring for certain jobs with the US FOREST SERVICE and NATIONAL PARK SERVICE with whom I worked in my yourth and today everywhere. Much has yet to be written of what is already understood if not studied systematically.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      During the 60s I took a course in SOCIAL MOBILITY.
      Like you, a chapter of one text spoke of the significance of nutrition.

      At times I accompanied my girl friend to her Episcopalian Sunday services. They were all at least my height, many taller and I had to stretch to see anything.

      When I accompanied my Presbyterian room mate, the opposite was true.

      Genes, affordability and cognizance of nutritious food and leisure time for sports were mentioned in the texts as responsible for height.

      At our local food discount store I had several minutes to observe a woman ahead of me at the checkout. Circa mid thirties, about 5 ft 5, blonde hair in a pony tail, sinewy, rough hands, alert, kind eyes and smile in a worn face. Despite the fact, that she undoubtedly just came from work in one of our local furniture factories and likely had impatient children at home, awaiting her.

      I thought her the most beautiful woman in the world: and still do.

    • Barkingmad
      Barkingmad says:

      “They avoid red meat and are thereby robbed of vitamin B-12…”

      It is not that simple. There are countless (yes, countless) meateaters (including red meat) who are deficient in Vit. B-12. Vit. B-12 deficiency is largely a digestive disorder. Read up on “intrinsic factor”. Some people, irrespective of diet, have none or can’t use it properly. Every generation is weaker than the one which came before, and it shows, especially in the digestive function.

      Further, meat, red or otherwise, does not necessarily contain B-12. This was discovered more than 30 years ago by a scientist who discovered that all meats she tested had absolutely none. This was written about prior to internet. I have the article in an old publication.

      Nowadays, farmers & ranchers give their animals a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals along with their regular feed. Also, free ranging animals will have no B-12 in their flesh (or eggs) if the grass, etc. which they eat is growing on soil low in, or contains no, cobalt. It’s about the cobalt.

      • RockaBoatus
        RockaBoatus says:

        “It is not that simple. There are countless (yes, countless) meateaters (including red meat) who are deficient in Vit. B-12” – My point was general in nature and, indeed, many of these Antifa folks are vegan, often militantly so. Because they avoid such nutrient dense food as beef and other animal products, it invariably effects their physical and mental health. Some meat eaters may indeed suffer from a vitamin B-12 deficiency, but this is not often the case with those who are strictly Ketogenic and Carnivore in their dietary habits. What you might consider a “meat eater” and what I would consider one to be is probably miles apart.

        “Further, meat, red or otherwise, does not necessarily contain B-12. This was discovered more than 30 years ago by a scientist who discovered that all meats she tested had absolutely none. This was written about prior to internet. I have the article in an old publication” – Respectfully, I would recommend reading something a little more current on the subject than thirty years ago. I won’t say expressly that’s she’s wrong, but I have my reservations. Everything I have read over the years has not challenged the notion that red meat has B-12.

        According to an article in the Harvard Medical School’s Health Publishing, 3 ounces of beef has 1.5 grams of B-12 (“The A-List for Vitamin B-12 Sources,” August 24, 2016).

        Even the anti-saturated fat advocate, Melodie Ann Coffman (certified nutritionist), in an article in the ‘SF Gate’ (2022) has stated: “All cuts of beef pack a high amount of vitamin B-12 into your diet . . . Whether you enjoy steaks or burgers, your favorite cut of beef offers lots of vitamin B-12. A 3-ounce serving of broiled beef sirloin has nearly 1.5 micrograms of B-12, or more than 60 percent of your daily requirement. Having a 3-ounce hamburger patty provides more than 2 micrograms of B-12, or over 90 percent of your daily needs. Enjoying 3 ounces of braised beef short ribs, which provides about 3 micrograms of B-12, offers more than 120 percent of your intake for the day” (“B-12 and Beef”).

        “Some people, irrespective of diet, have none or can’t use it properly. Every generation is weaker than the one which came before, and it shows, especially in the digestive function” – This is true, but in the greater majority of cases by far their digestive systems are out of whack due to high levels of processed carbs, seed oils, and sugar in their diets. The soil upon which much of our agriculture is grown has also been depleted which likewise impacts our health. The chemicals we spray on them also doesn’t help.

        The standard American diet is an enemy to healthy gut flora. Gut problems do not arise out of thin air but is the direct result of modern consumer foods that most people pay little attention to.

        • Barkingmad
          Barkingmad says:

          If meat has B-12, that is because the rancher/farmer gives his animals a vitamin and mineral supplement which includes B-12. In the case of what I fed my chickens, cobalt was added as well – just to make sure. I have no way of knowing if our soil has cobalt for my free ranging chickens. Analysis is too expensive.

          I do not think that those crazy looking people (antifa) are that way because of their diet; rather, they choose their diet (as do we all) because of their (our) unconscious drive to do so. In plain English, we are not what we eat; we eat what we are (spiritually). Eat meat or not? It is not about nutrition, ultimately. It is about attitude to animals. Consuming meat without a moral awareness is as bad as vegetarians who are obsessed with “health”.

          Many thanks for your response to my comment.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          I agree Mr Rock, though I’d put less blame on them themselves than on their government who if they gave a damn about ‘their’ people would protect them from all the crap that goes into the food.
          You can’t expect the peasant masses, with all their troubles, to be diet connoisseurs.
          What exactly is it they are doing to us making our testosterone drop 1% a year for decades on end?

  11. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    One out of the 19 woman (the ones I think are female) in the antifa composite has reasonable good facial features with an attractiveness: bottom row, second picture in. However, the jaw-dropping beauty of the two Margo’s takes some beating, Margeaux Hemmingway and the contemporary version Margot Robie, by anyones metric.
    When I peruse the woke Vogue magazine the volume of african ‘models’ and ‘celebrities’ wearing exhorbitantly priced clothes really shouts incongrous, both in an a environmental and contextural sense.
    While looking on the free-streaming on-line channel All4 I saw that a series call “Partisan” now has a season 2 available to view. Final episode of this Scandi- Noir has a pregnant woman ejected from the farming commune because her blood origins are Slavic and not Nordic. I read that the writer/director and actors is of Syrian (father), Finnish (mother) parents; the co-writer and actor is Lebanese. Both are described as Swedish.
    Well done, Tobias! The grinning Goys – Biden and Blair – what a pair.

    • Liam Kernaghan
      Liam Kernaghan says:

      The man top row, fourth from left apart from the rather affected ’80’s type mustache looks like a fairly regular bloke who wouldn’t give small children nightmares

  12. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    This reminds me of this quote from a French author from the 19th century, Léon Bloy, ( awful guy full of prejudices) and which could illustrate some pictures of this article :
    “The Jew, crossroads of all physical and moral hideousness”.
    This quote had impressed me a lot and often proved to be right.

  13. Tony W
    Tony W says:

    At several mainstream conservative websites, I have pointed out that, for starters, the current Secretaries of State and Treasury, the Attorney General and Chief of Staff, in other words, four out of five top Cabinet positions, have something in common without mentioning what it is. The comments have gotten no reaction whatsoever. Too many people are utterly clueless.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Next time mention the ” commonality ” of that traiterous scum. Dont forget Gestapo Chief of the DHS, which gave us the PATRIOT ACT post 9/11, and assured the Senate, under oath, verbatim: ” THE BORDER IS SECURE “.

    • WallaWalla
      WallaWalla says:

      I think you are better off posting stories about people like Barbara Lerner Spectre, Sam Massell (last “White” Atlanta mayor who lived in White Buckhead), Leo Frank and Judge Susan Dlott (Cincinnati judge who wouldn’t prosecute black criminals until 3 blacks robbed her).

      Normies will see White liberal politicians as just that, White liberals. They don’t see them as Jewish because those politicians don’t bring up their Jewishness.

  14. Susan
    Susan says:

    Thanks for the reminder about genetic pacification. I have probably read of it before but had forgotten.

    A few weeks ago, I was walking my daughter’s pit-bull-mix dog in her sketchy neighborhood. It was a Friday morning about 9:30, with few people out. I was entering a park via a pathway. A tall older black man with an intense look in his eyes was walking toward me on the path, holding a golf club at his side. (There was no golf course nearby. I do know some people carry golf clubs to fend off aggressive dogs so I thought of that possibility.) I swerved off the path in a wide semi-circle to avoid him, then got back on the path. I looked over my shoulder to check whether the man had left the park at the end of the path. He hadn’t. He had reached the sidewalk and swiveled around to walk in my direction. I again quickly walked off the path away from him and got out of the park. As I was walking by him, I asked, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” He didn’t answer.

    I was really glad that I followed the message from my gut telling me that it could be a very dangerous situation, that I had the dog with me, and that I hadn’t been brainwashed to feel I had to prove that I wasn’t racist by continuing to go into the park. My life could have ended with a bashed-in head that day.

  15. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Tobias, you know what I’m gonna say- great stuff as usual!

    Happy New Year beautiful dissidents! Keep fighting the good fight for truth, beauty, and goodness all day, everyday in 2023.

  16. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    Wanna hear a funny? I had a friend long ago now who horrified his wife to the point where if he didn’t keep some hairs on his face cut permanently she would divorce him and i saw it all go down. What hairs? Nose hairs! lol Poor guy had them so bad it was like a bush growing out of his nose. Wife couldn’t take even seeing it.

    In my teens while working in a Greek restaurant I met one guy Gus and when we first met he scared me. Pitch black hair and straight as an arrow and wow his beard that poor guy to stay clean shaven he would have had to cut his beard three to four times a day?

    Reading this essay brings it all back and raises the question of before personal grooming devices and such what did people look like and do? About becoming cro magnons lol, a question? Would any of us have fur problems lol if it wasn’t for our diets? When we eat meat are we not absorbing the genetic material of what we eat? Adam and Eve were never given meat as a source of their sustenance it was only fruits and vegetables? Even at the giving of the Law God made it clear to never eat the blood of any animal? I am always suspicious of food.
    Yikes all of it! and yeah tattoo shops I hate them enormously. A friend showed me the arm of a friend of his who had the faces of his 2 children tattooed on his arm and it blew me away. Photograph quality literally! but as I told Mike gee wheez if someone is that talented better to become another Michelangelo’ and give the world a culture a true culture. Like my mom said to me about churches here in Canada they are so plain and ugly.

  17. Santocool
    Santocool says:

    It is from this very low level of intellectual capacity that the fake left and their friends on the right, the globalists, will continue to shape the world according to their desires and that, even if the extreme right takes or reaches power, it will fall, just like it happened with the regime of Adolf Hitler, an excellent speaker, but a mediocre artist and [megalomaniac] intellectual.

  18. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/bryan-kohberger-stopped-police-interview-after-question-about-idaho-murders/ar-AA15UdAy?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=529fa07bff6b4bed880c347cb8b8ad68&fullscreen=true#image=1 [on 01032023 at ~0455 PST]

    Alleged University of Idaho murder suspect Bryan Kohberger (inset) pictured against a memorial for slain students Madison Mogen, 21, Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Ethan Chapin, 20, and Xana Kernodle, 20 on the University of Idaho campus.© Newsweek Photo Illustration/Getty Images

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