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Poland Rearms in the Demographic & Cultural War (as EU and Germany Impotently Protest)


Sign unfurled by Polish fans at a recent volleyball match between Germany and Poland.

Last November, I was tentatively optimistic that conservative populists, particularly in Central Europe, could have a leading role in ending German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s catastrophic mismanagement of the migrant crisis.[1] In fact, developments are even more positive than we might have hoped, with the new conservative government in Poland opposing the reception of “refugees,” pushing to increase the Polish birth rate, and fighting to eliminate leftist bias in state media.

Poland has a long and proud history of resistance to communism inspired by Polish nationalism. The November 11 National Independence Day celebrations in Warsaw typically feature Europe’s largest nationalist demonstrations, most recently featuring over 10,000 protesters with slogans such as “Today refugees, tomorrow terrorists!” and “Poland, free of Islam!”

While Jarosław Kaczyński’s Law and Justice party (PiS) won an outright majority of seats in parliamentary elections last October, not a single left-wing party was able to enter parliament, despite there being only an 8% electoral threshold to do so. Read more

The Trouble with Tommy


Tommy Robinson

As striking as the initial silence over the Cologne outrage, the speed with which the media boycott suddenly seemed to crumble and fall was also remarkable.  Those media outlets, usually so quick to turn a blind eye, suddenly seemed to shake off their usual censorship reflexes and reported the story straight. Part of this was legitimate. The story was just too big to deny, the authorities behaviour too ham-handed, and the power of social media too powerful (despite Facebook’s frantic attempts to censor comments).

The resignation of the police chief, the crass behaviour of the Cologne mayor and the delicious embarrassment of Angela Merkel should not blind us to one overriding likelihood; for some people, everything is going to plan. Underneath the “Refugees Welcome” flim-flam, there is a conscious strategy that a society of different populations at each other’s throats is entirely in line with our hostile elite’s ambitions. An intimidated, demoralized people is easily dominated, after all.

All of which is not meant to decry the helpfulness of recent events in increasing White racial awareness. Anything that heightens tension is to be welcomed. But there are sinister hostile elite forces who are thinking well ahead of us and you can see that in the roots of the nascent anti-jihadist organisation PEGIDA as much as anywhere else. Read more

Introduction to “Germany Abolishes Itself: How We Are Gambling with Our Country”

Translated from the German by Gregory Ritter. Mr Ritter’s website, Atavistic Intelligentsia, covers a variety of topics, especially those that receive less attention in the Alt-Right, namely Russian and Near Eastern affairs. He writes that “we strive to make our articles and podcasts original, fast-paced and thought-provoking.”

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Sarrazin (1)

All political pusillanimity consists of concealing and veiling that which is.
Ferdinand Lassalle

Due to the economic and socio-political success of the post-war decades, a certain sense of pride has emerged in Germany. This pride is based on the diligence and efficiency of German citizens, in the steadily increasing standard of living, and the ever more developed welfare state. The four great economic crises — 1966/7, 1974/5, 1981/2 and 2008/9 — have hardly harmed this pride and Germans’ trust in the soundness of their economic and social model. Even the effects of globalization, the shifting balances of power, the environmental pollution and the feared effects of climate change have so far not had a lasting effect. This basic optimism has, after decades of almost undiluted success, clouded Germans’ view of the process of social decay and its hazards.

“Germany abolishes itself” might seem an absurd fear. Here is a country with a population of 80 million in the heart of Europe: with all its cities, industry, cars, trade and commerce, hustle and bustle … But a country is what its inhabitants make of it through their living traditions, both spiritual and cultural. Without its people, Germany would be merely a geographic expression. The Germans however are gradually abolishing themselves. A net reproduction rate of 0.7 or less, as we have had for the last 40 years, means that every generation will be half as big as that of its grandparents. The annual birth-rate in Germany fell between the early 1960s and 2009 from 1.3 million to 650,000. If this continues — and why should it change, when this trend has already persisted for four decades? — then after three more generations, in ~ 90 years, the number of births in Germany will be between 200,000 and 250,000 a year. At most, half of these will be descendants of the pre-1965 population. Read more

Europa ad Rubiconem – Europe awake!

The images of terror which we saw after the heavy attacks in the French capital are absolutely shocking indeed – but the events that took place were not at all a surprise! Nor was it a surprise that in the aftermath of the attacks it was discovered that most of the terrorists were French and Belgian citizens – born and raised in Europe. The existence of a fifth column is – and has been for a long time – ignored by the ruthless kind of politicians who hold power in most European countries, with the notable exception of Hungary. One need not be a prophet to foresee other terrorist attacks which will be quite similar to those of Paris.

At the same time we are shocked by other images: images of hundreds and thousands of so called “refugees” pouring into Germany and into Europe as a whole. A large number of the illegal immigrants don’t even try to lie about why they are here and for how long they are willing to stay: forever! Who would have predicted the terrific speed all this is happening with ten years ago – who would have even five years ago? Everywhere in Germany the indigenous population is peu à peu being replaced by people from the Middle East and Africa right now; everywhere in Germany? Yes, everywhere! That Western German cities such as Bochum, Mannheim, Cologne or Pforzheim had already been half lost to the unarmed invaders called immigrants. It was all obvious for any person not walking blindfolded through the streets. But now we are doomed to witness the conquering and sacking of regions which are so far still mostly populated with Germans: Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern just to name three. Our elites don’t even want us to have reservations in which we can preserve our cultural and biological heritage in peace and security! Read more

The Very Large (Yuuuge) Upside of a Front National Victory for the Cultural Struggle in France

The decadence of a nation is visible in the quality of her leadership. The French Republic, Masonic and godless though she was, once gave us a Clemenceau or a De Gaulle. Now we have François Hollande, a man who right up to his jello-like physique conveys indecision and impotence (much like Jeb Bush). This is what you end up looking like if you never take a chance, never rock the boat, never assert your personality — not once. But Hollande is just the tip of the iceberg. Come, join me as we walk through the hallowed halls of the “French” government.

As a rule, ownership and direct control of media in France strikes me as rather less Jewish than in the USA. Of course the arms manufacturer Serge Dassault ( Bloch) owns the leading conservative newspaper, Le Figaro, Édouard de Rothschild bailed out the supposedly “left-libertarian” Libération, and Bernard-Henri Lévy presides over the Franco-German cultural channel [sic] Arte. (Probably not coincidentally, Arte has been noted for broadcasting highly degenerate and even pornographic content in recent years.)[1] Jews are of course an enormously disproportional percentage of journalists and even more of “public intellectuals” (pretentiously called “philosophes” in France). If anything Jews, making up 1 percent of the French population, probably are close to an absolute majority of the most media-promoted public intellectuals (just watch a French talk show), but it is hard to get hard data on this sort of thing. Read more

“A Europe of Nations”: Marine Le Pen’s Plan for the Old Continent


Marine Le Pen addresses FN rally, May, 2014 | AFP

Like the mass-rape gangs of Rotherham, the recent slaughter of 130 people by Muslim terrorists in the streets of Paris has again given us a quick glimpse, the briefest foretaste, of our coming multicultural future as indigenous Europeans are reduced to a minority. Europe once birthed the most dynamic and luminous of all human civilizations. But as her demographics progressively come to resemble those of the Levant and the Congo, so she will be cursed with the lifestyles and violence characteristic of those regions. No one has a right to be surprised at this development.[1]

We then need more than ever to have concrete and constructive thinking on how to build a new Europe in which our nations will survive and thrive. In this article, I will present Front National leader Marine Le Pen’s European policy: First to abolish the European Union and then to establish new forms of European cooperation to better fight immigration and globalism. I will also critically discuss the issue of “European solidarity” in the framework of the FN’s official civic nationalism which, while robustly opposed to immigration and perhaps necessary electorally, is not unproblematic. Read more

Introducing British Renaissance: British Nationalists Unite Against Islamism, Zionist Supremacism and Mass Invasion

BritishPoliceThe Enrichment of British Life

For several reasons, Britain has long been the “sick man” of European Nationalism. Aside from the British National Party’s string of local and European election victories prior to its spectacular electoral collapse of 2010, the story of British ethno-populism has, even in its earliest incarnations, largely been one of under-performance. Setting aside my own arguments and theories as to why this has been the case, one is astounded and horrified at the transformation that Britain is being subjected to. The Office for National Statistics has documented that between 2001 and 2009 the non-indigenous population of England and Wales increased by 37.4%. The mixed-race population increased in same period by nearly 50%. As of 2014, the non-indigenous population of Britain accounts for 80% of its population growth, with White births accounting for just 16.5% of the total in West Birmingham. White decline in Britain, as in much of the West, is not a putative future event — it is a contemporary crisis, an extinction in progress.

Despite media silence, Britain faces several existential threats. The character of the nation is currently under severe threat from Muslim immigration. The UK Muslim population is increasing rapidly and Britons are concerned. In 2003 a British Social Attitudes (BSA) survey highlighted that 48 per cent of the native British were concerned that an increase in the Muslim population would weaken Britain’s national identity. By 2013 that figure had risen to 62 per cent. Before and since the latest survey, the country has been rocked by the side effects of this population increase — Islamic terror, Muslim grooming gangs that have subjected thousands of indigenous British girls to rape and violence, the ‘Trojan Horse’ phenomenon where Muslim hardliners attempted to take over city schools, and the fact that a 2011 study showed that 21.3% of Muslims living in Britain have never worked. Muslims, together with Britain’s other ethnic minorities consume a disproportionate amount of welfare and tax credits, even relative to their swelling population.  Read more