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Back with a Bangla: “Zionist Filth” vs a Tower of Power

Peter Golds is a Conservative politician in London. He’s also gay and Jewish. So, given the positions of the Board of Deputies, you would expect him to be delighted with the racial and religious vibrancy in the borough of Tower Hamlets. Thanks to mass immigration, White Christians are no longer dominant there and have lost the power to persecute and oppress Jews and gays.

But alas, Mr Golds is not delighted at the fruits of vibrancy. A Bangladeshi Muslim called Lutfur Rahman has just won a second term as mayor of Tower Hamlets. Has he turned the borough into a shining beacon of tolerance, equality and Islamic probity? Sadly, it doesn’t seem so:

December 2010-February 2011: At council meetings, Shiraj Haque and a crowd of other Lutfur supporters shout homophobic abuse at the mayor’s opponents from the public gallery. They abuse Peter Golds, the Tory leader, as “Mrs Golds” and a “poofter” [= “faggot”]. They heckle another gay councillor, Labour’s Josh Peck, and a gay local resident speaking at the meeting with animal noises and cries of “Unnatural acts! Unnatural acts!”

January 27, 2011: An official Labour Party inquiry finds a “concerted effort” to add fake members to the party during the campaign to select Labour’s candidate for the Tower Hamlets mayoralty.

February 23: Lutfur’s voting bloc on the council passes a motion to “campaign against the pariah state of Israel.”

March 8: Lutfur gives a character reference on Town Hall notepaper for Zamal Uddin, a minicab driver who had six weeks earlier pleaded guilty to a serious sexual assault on a woman passenger. When the press finds out, he claims that he did not know the nature of Uddin’s crime before agreeing to provide the reference.

March: Shiraj Haque is appointed chair of the advisory board for a major council-subsidised festival, the Baishakhi Mela. The council had previously removed him from all involvement with the festival and severed relations after allegations, which he denies, of massive financial irregularities and immigration fraud, with the Mela used as a front to bring in illegal immigrants under the guise of performers. (Lutfur Rahman: some facts the Guardian forgot to mention, The Daily Telegraph, 27th January 2013)

As Francis Carr Begbie has pointed out on TOO, modern Britain faces a baffling question: Why are Muslims behaving like Muslims? Peter Golds has said that Tower Hamlets is a stage for “third-world village politics” (see here). Mary Dejevsky, a journalist at The Independent, thinks that the recent elections there reflect the “worst of Bangladesh,” not the “best of British” (see here). Read more

Britain baffled by Muslims being Muslims

One of Britain’s most senior woman police officers has been on television explaining why she wants to help young British lads from going off the rails. “This is not about criminalising people.” said Deputy Assistant Commissioner Helen Ball. “It is about preventing tragedies.”

And what is the nature of the delinquency that these young men are in danger of falling into? Drugs? Downloading internet porn?

None of that. These young “British” men are Muslims running off to Syria to take part in the savage civil war there.

About 400 young British Muslims have joined the Jihad to Syria and police say the number of “Syria-related arrests” has increased substantially this year, to 40 between January and March, compared with 25 in the whole of 2013. Some 20 have turned up dead, some get arrested at British airports and some turn up voicing the terrorist videos that are so much part of Islamic warfare.

None of this should have caused any surprise. These young Muslims are doing no more than following the precepts of a religion which encourages adherents to go on Jihad for the glory of the Prophet. But the discovery that Muslims act like Muslims has however, taken the British authorities entirely by surprise. So they have hurriedly formulated a strategy for dealing with this entirely unexpected and baffling phenomenon. Read more

Race in France: A Sketch based on First- and Second-Generation Immigrants

France, notwithstanding its monarchist, Republican and Gaullist traditions favoring a centralized and sovereign Nation-State, is subject to the same globalist tendencies as other Western countries. There is the same trend towards borderlessness in all spheres, notably demographic, economic and political. The result is the constant undermining of the French nation.

These trends are interlinked and mutually reinforcing: European free movement rules outlaw systematic immigration checks at the country’s borders, economic elites demand low-wage immigrant labor to stop companies from bleeding out of the country through offshoring, and the European Union’s ideology of total disregard for ethnic and cultural realities — all peoples being equivalent and interchangeable — prevents any serious discussion of immigration and ethnicity.

No doubt the most serious trend, because it is irreversible barring a terrible civil war, has been demographic borderlessness and non-European migration. Discussion of ethnicity is barren in France compared to the United States. There is a virtual ban on ethnoic and religious statistics — notionally reflecting the official Republican ideology of absolute “colorblindness” since the French Revolution — meaning one is often left to speculate on the performance and status of different communities, or rely on potentially less-trustworthy non-official sources. There is little knowledge of research in human biodiversity and even a famous anglophile, relatively heterodox French demographer like Emmanuel Todd has only mentioned The Bell Curve to dismiss it as typical of the work produced by racist North Americans.

Notwithstanding this, many in France intuitively feel that the French population is becoming Balkanized through non-assimilable mass non-European immigration, resulting in a fracturing of the country along ethno-confessional lines. This process is probably more advanced in France than any other European country. As expected from a race realist perspective, the data show that, rather than interchangeable parts, non-White immigrants to France lag behind the native French in areas related to education and employment. Read more

Damning Indictment: Lying Liberals and Liberal Lies

So okay: Britain’s got rape-gangs. This is not so good from the feminist point of view. But look on the bright side: the ludicrous excuses about the rape-gangs are being made by powerful women. In “The Blessings of Diversity”, I looked at the weasel words of the glass-ceiling-smashers: Sue Berelowitz, Joanna Simons and Laura Johnston. Feminists will be pleased to hear that there’s more to come. Here’s another glass-ceiling-smasher with more ludicrous excuses:

Thames Valley Police Chief Constable Sara Thornton said she was sorry the paedophile ring [in Oxford] had not been brought to justice sooner. Asked if she had considered offering her resignation she said: “I think the focus for me is on driving improvements into the future.” She told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme the cases were originally looked at individually and added: “I don’t think we understood the extent that the abuse was systematic and it was organised. It was only when we sat down, pooled our information with that of the social workers, that we began to piece together the picture which explained what was happening in terms of this criminal network in Oxford.” (Sex gang victim accuses council, The Shropshire Star, May 14, 2013)

Chief Constable Sara Thornton’s words might look like English, but they’re not. They’re actually Weaselese, the special language used by liberals to evade inconvenient reality and escape personal responsibility. To understand what the Chief Constable really means, you need to read this:

Oxford sex gang: girls as young as 11 “forced into prostitution”

Girls as young as 11 were forced into prostitution and trafficked around the country by the Oxford paedophile ring. The gang of seven – convicted at the Old Bailey on Tuesday – used and abused their victims over long periods of time, subjecting them to “extreme depravity”, including biting and being horse-whipped. And, as with the Rochdale grooming ring, opportunities to stop the abuse were missed time and again. One of the victims described how she was even threatened with arrest for wasting police time when she tried to report the abuse. Read more

The Joys of Jihad: Islamentable, Isatrocious, Isbetrayal

A Few More Individuals

I was unimpressed by the murder of a British soldier in London. Two blade-wielding Muslims, one dead infidel? Come on, my brothers! Did you miss the extensive coverage given in 2012 to what a real warrior of Allah can do if he puts his mind to it?

Groomed for sex at 12, stabbed to death at 17: Shocking life of white teenage mother murdered after Asian lover rejected her child

… Asghar talked about buying a “shooter” for £400 and he boasted about bringing his “hit list” out. In fact, said Mr Campbell, the murder weapon of choice turned out to be a knife. In one message Asghar [sent] to Hussain the day before she died, [he said]: “I’m gonna send that kaffir (non-Muslim) b**** straight to hell”. Mr Campbell QC described Laura as “embracing life with gusto and she was an attractive and popular girl”…

Daily Mail caption: Daily Daily Mail caption: Ashtiaq Asghar (pictured) admitted killing Laura Wilson...

Daily Mail caption: Ashtiaq Asghar (pictured) admitted killing Laura Wilson…

Oh, sorry — my mistake. That’s the wrong kaffir bitch. This is the right one. The right two, in fact:

Sadistic Afghan asylum seeker made ex-girlfriend watch him stab her sister and friend to death because she wouldn’t take him back

A “sadistic” asylum seeker who forced his former girlfriend to witness him stabbing her sister and her friend to death after she refused to take him back has been jailed for life. Afghan national Ahmad Otak laughed and spat on 17-year-old Kimberley Frank’s body after stabbing her 15 times at her home in Yorkshire while her sister Elisa watched helplessly. He then tied his ex-partner up with electrical flex and lured her friend Samantha Sykes, 18, to Kimberley’s flat in Wakefield, where he stabbed the teenager repeatedly before slitting her throat. Read more

In Defence of Anjem Choudary


Anjem Choudary

The death of Gunner Rigby, mown down by a car driven by two Sub-Saharan Muslims and then cruelly butchered in the street, is not going to go away. And thank god or Allah for that, for the sooner Gunner Rigby is forgotten the more valueless his death becomes.

There are powerful interests working day and night trying to devalue that death, trying to make it seem like a random, trivial act of insanity or a deed of extremism only endorsed by a tiny minority of fanatics; most importantly as an act that must never ever divide the denizens of Britain’s multicultural paradise (now available as a mental implant following lobotomy).

As the cracks continue to appear thick and fast in the crumbling Victorian terrace house belonging to old Mrs. Britannia, the tendency to twitch the lace curtains and paper over the cracks grows strong and intense.

The old lady who lives there, obsessed with the appearance of decorum, has no wish to get the builders or pest control experts in to fix the rot, rising damp, rats in the cellar, subsidence, or other structural problems in the decrepit structure. She feels that might reflect badly on her, and she is hoping to eke out her last few years in calm respectability, even if the rats gnawing away under the floorboards and the cockroaches scuttling around in the kitchen at night disturb her sleep. Read more

Muslims dominate the natives on the streets of Norway

Gates of Vienna has an article showing just how unfathomably bad things are in Norway as a result of immigration and multiculturalism (“Everything You Have Learned in School Is Wrong“). The main story is the familiar one throughout the West: elites encourage immigration and are able to avoid the costs. As noted in Enoch Powell’s “Rivers of Blood” speech,  the costs are paid by those who can’t flee the areas impacted by immigration.  In Norway

well-off natives can afford to move to safe, pleasant white enclaves, where they may send their children to school among white native speakers of Norwegian. Less affluent citizens are not so fortunate, however, and are forced to endure the humiliation and degradation of the Multicultural behavioral sink in which their political masters have consigned them to live.

The costs for the less fortunate are dramatic. The article is important because it shows how aggressive the Muslim immigrants are, especially against the native boys. This is a Darwinian dominance struggle between males.

At TOO we often emphasize the individualism of Western societies and the collectivism of pretty much the  rest of the  world. This dichotomy is much on display here: Muslims have large social networks based on kinship and they are aggressive in groups, whereas they are cowardly when alone. The result is a very clear dominance hierarchy, with the natives at the bottom and groups of Muslims at the top. One of the informants, Andreas, says

“There is a hierarchy, where ethnic Norwegian boys are on the bottom rung on the ladder. They will be targeted unless they accede to their rules, if they don’t they become Norwegian immigrants. If a Norwegian boy gets into trouble, odds are that he has a small family and a tiny social network. Unlike a Pakistani or Somali boy, he doesn’t have a clan of brothers and cousins and uncles who come rushing to his aid in the event of a conflict. Most of the time the only thing he has is a single parent.”

An astute commenter on the article writes: “That atomisation and isolation celebrated as ultra-individualism and the contempt for association or commonweal, branded as socialist conspiracy in progressive conservative political dogma, is inhibiting the formation of a mass European opposition particularly at street level.”

The  article makes clear that not only are the Norwegians forced to encounter  hostile gangs of Muslims without social support from friends and relatives, they get no support from the schools (which accommodate Muslim culture and excuse Muslim aggression as resulting from war in their native countries) or the media (which refuses to publish accounts of the reality of life on the streets). (It should also be noted that the justice system fails native Norwegians by giving out lenient punishment and failing to invest resources against the epidemic of Muslim men raping Norwegian women). Read more