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The Migrant Rape Epidemic in Germany and the Descent into Madness

QUOS DEUS VULT PERDERE PRIUS DEMENTAT — “Whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.”



“Merkel is at the risk of an imminent mental breakdown and now represents a danger to Germany.” — Hans-Joachim Maaz, top German psychiatrist and best-selling author

The staggering number of sex crimes committed in a single month in Germany (July 2016) by non-White immigrants will give us an idea of the scale of this problem on an annual basis. Never before in peacetime have the women of any single nation been sexually assaulted and raped on such an industrial scale. Females of all ages, from toddlers to women in their late seventies, are included in the grim statistics. Most of the victims are young rather than old; and their assailants, who are of all ages, are almost invariably single men who are described coyly in official documents as “Southerners”, or, more audaciously, as  “dark-skinned foreigners”.

Allow me to insert at this point the first of three lists of sex crimes committed by immigrants to Germany in the single month of July 2016. The three dates are randomly chosen at regular ten-day intervals: July 1, July 10, and July 20. This will give you a pretty good idea of what is going on in Germany nowadays.

First, then, the details for July 1, 2016.

July 1, 2016:  A 25-year-old migrant from Pakistan sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl in a public square in Perleberg. A “southern guy” (südländischer Typ) sexually assaulted a young woman in Nürnberg. A “dark-skinned” man (dunkelhäutig) groped a 15-year-old girl in Magdeburg. A 34-year-old migrant exposed himself to passersby in Oldenburg. A man speaking “broken German” sexually assaulted a 20-year-old woman in Ibbenbüren.

Police were searching for a “southern looking man” (südländisch aussehende Mann) who assaulted a 73-year-old man walking his dog in Sindelfingen. The migrant came up behind the elderly man, grabbed his crotch and demanded to have sex with him. The elderly man tried to get away by getting into his parked car, but the migrant jumped into the passenger seat and again demanded sex. The migrant ran away when a passerby walking her three dogs approached the parked car.

Meanwhile, a 32-year-old migrant from Afghanistan photographed two girls, age 12 and 14, who were swimming in the Iller River in Illertissen. As they got out of the water, the man offered to pay them for sex.

(See Appendix, here)

The sexual assault on a 73-year-old German pensioner by a male asylum seeker is not only highly exceptional but probably unprecedented in the annals of German history. Attractive little boys often feature as objects of migrant sexual ardor, especially in swimming pools, but wrinkled and tottering old timers in their seventies?—this simply has to be a first. Something perhaps for the Guinness Book of World Records or Ripley’s Believe It Or Not. Read more

The Fall of London: Thoughts on White Dispossession


Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

Ruin’s wheel has driven o’er us,
Not a hope that dare attend,
The wide world is all before us—
But a world without a friend.
          Robert Burns, “Strathallan’s Lament,” 1787.

Of all the great sorrows that may attend a dispossession or defeat, perhaps the greatest is that it should go unmourned. Few examples in the annals of poetry come as close to capturing this particular sense of despair as Robert Burns’ “Strathallan’s Lament.” The poem recalls the efforts of forces in Britain, especially Scotland, to restore a Catholic British monarch, and later his descendants, to the throne of Great Britain after they had been deposed by Parliament during the ‘Glorious Revolution.’ The last gasp of these ‘Jacobite rebellions’ (1688—1746) took place at the Battle of Culloden in Scotland in 1746, where the army of ‘Bonnie’ Prince Charlie was conclusively routed. Although William Drummond, 4th Viscount Strathallan and one of Prince Charles’ leading warriors, died valiantly on the field, in his poem Burns imagines Strathallan surviving and finding refuge in a cave after the battle. Embattled by storms outside the cave and by the tempests within his own psyche, Strathallen is left alone with the anguish of a cause utterly vanquished and “without a friend” — and a defeat destined to be forever unmourned.

This powerful poem came to mind one evening recently as I pondered the loss of London, an ancient and pivotal capital of our people and our culture. Much worse than the events recalled by Burns, there have been no rebellions attempting to hold back this awful dispossession. The city was scene to no last stands; no immortal final words were uttered. “Ruin’s wheel” has driven over us too subtly for there to be any hint of the epic or the romantic in our creeping racial death. Across the broad spectrum of our movement, and its multiplying media platforms, there is indeed a great rage against our broader demographic decline. Yet accompanying this rage is a less articulated feeling — the feeling that unless we bring about a great awakening we shall all be like Strathallan in our own way; our cries struggling to reach beyond the cave our enemies have pushed us into. Meanwhile we are only too aware that the fate of London will be replicated at an ever-increasing pace and in disparate and formerly White enclaves over the next few decades. Read more

Low Propaganda: “Report” Claims Illiterate Refugees Will Net Europe Big, Big Profits

The Guardian has coverage of a new report by an NGO arguing that, while the bringing in of African and Muslim refugees into Europe will worsen budget deficits, this will be more than offset by rising GDP growth.

The migrants, we are invited to believe, are quite the bargain:

Refugees who arrived in Europe last year could repay spending on them almost twice over within just five years, according to one of the first in-depth investigations into the impact incomers have on host communities.

Refugees will create more jobs, increase demand for services and products, and fill gaps in European workforces — while their wages will help fund dwindling pensions pots and public finances, says Philippe Legrain, a former economic adviser to the president of the European commission.

Simultaneously refugees are unlikely to decrease wages or raise unemployment for native workers, Legrain says, citing past studies by labour economists.

Most significantly, Legrain calculates that while the absorption of so many refugees will increase public debt by almost €69bn (£54bn) between 2015 and 2020, during the same period refugees will help GDP grow by €126.6bn — a ratio of almost two to one.

“Investing one euro in welcoming refugees can yield nearly two euros in economic benefits within five years,” concludes Refugees Work: A Humanitarian Investment That Yields Economic Dividends, a report released on Wednesday by the Tent Foundation, a non-government organisation that aims to help displaced people, and Open Political Economy Network, a new thinktank.

A fellow at the London School of Economics, Legrain says he hopes the report will dispel the myth [sic] that refugees will cause economic problems for western society. [. . .]

While their absorption puts a short-term strain on public finances, Legrain says, it also increases short-term economic demand, which acts as a welcome fiscal stimulus in countries where demand would otherwise be low.

In the longer term, refugees will increasingly contribute to tax revenues — and also create jobs.

Read more

Kooky Qatar — More dough than you can sheikh a stick at, Part 2 of 2


Part 1.

Minorities have no chance to become refugees in the Gulf Arab states since they have scapegoated sectarianism from the start. With Druze you lose and what about that Alawite privilege? Christians and Yazidis have had their skin in the game from the beginning, and if a Tunisian report is to be believed, have had some of it forcibly removed. For the BBC, presenting views that express concern for Arab security, identity and social harmony when the same but proportionately greater threats of terrorism and non-integration exist for Europeans beset by the immigration nightmare, must be their idea of “speaking peace unto nation.”

Qatar however reserves refuge for very special individuals, like last year’s break-out hoaxer, “Islamophobia clock boy” Ahmed Mohamed, whose bomb-looking clock in a suitcase provoked a reaction by authorities deemed racist and Islamophobic. Ahmed was uncooperative and passive-aggressive with police investigations, likely instructions provided by his Muslim activist father, who has previously been part of a media circus set up with Florida reverend Terry Jones of “Quran on trial” fame. Still, Ahmed became the improvised martyr for President Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Harvard and even NASA — perhaps envisaging a career in ballistics.

Striving for social justice in America appears not to have meant much to Ahmed’s family, who promptly pulled up stakes in Irving (Texas) and left for Doha in an undisclosed arrangement. However, the Texan predilection for everything bigger seems to have rubbed off on the Mohameds, as they are suing the school and city of Irving for $15 million. Read more

The Riddle of Rotherham: “Mad Ash,” White Trash and the Hostile Elite

The Yorkshire town of Rotherham, that hotspot of vibrancy, is back in the news. A gang of Pakistani Muslims (and two White women) have just been jailed for what the judge described as an “appalling catalogue” of sex-crimes against under-aged White girls. The ringleader, Arshid “Mad Ash” Hussain, received 35 years; his brothers Basharat and Bannaras received 25 and 19 years respectively. According to their victims, the gang seemed to “rule Rotherham,” committing brazen crimes “with impunity” for two decades. And there are lots more like them. A lawyer has said: “This trial is just the first of many and it is the tip of a very big iceberg.”

“Tip of a very big iceberg”: Mad Ash & Co.

“Tip of a very big iceberg”: Mad Ash & Co.

The Rotherham Triangle

And there you see one of the deep mysteries about the vibrant rape-gangs of modern Britain. In smarmy liberal terminology, the Rotherham criminals are of “Pakistani heritage.” Pakistan was once part of the British Raj, an empire created when India was conquered by relatively small numbers of Whites from vast numbers of non-Whites. Whatever your opinion of British imperialism, this was an impressive military and strategic achievement. The higher intelligence, technology and organization of Whites gave them a decisive advantage over less intelligent and less organized non-Whites. Read more

Trump’s Statement on Muslim Exclusion


Trump panic, complete with Hitler salute

Trump panic, complete with “Hitler salute

Once again, Donald Trump is ahead of the curve and taking all the oxygen out of the room for the other Republican candidates. His statement “calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on” is completely at odds with the West’s commitment to multiculturalism and diversity, the “we’re all the same” mantra, and the ideology that the nations of the West are proposition nations committed only to abstract ideas like “freedom” and “democracy” with no ethnic or religious connotations. Hence the outraged reactions of the media and the political class from left to right, with even “far right” Dick Cheney, a prime stalking horse of the liberals, claiming that it “goes against everything we stand for and believe in.”

Cheney is right of course if he is referring to elite attitudes, and his statements are a great example of how mainstream elites from left to right really have the same basic ideology when it comes to the most critical issue any society must deal with—the future composition of its population  and the legitimate interests of the native population in retaining their culture and ethnic predominance. Trump has doubled down on saying immigration-related things that have been kept out of public discourse for decades. First we had the statements on criminal Mexicans and the promise to build the wall, ending birthright citizenship and making US immigration (and trade) policy benefit US workers. But Trump’s December 7 statement goes even further, singling out a particular group for exclusion in a way that even his statements on Mexicans didn’t approach (especially given his “big, beautiful door” comments meant to soften his stance). Read more

Conservative Politician Punished for Pointing Out “France Is a White Country”

The Overton window appears to be shifting. The current migratory crisis has led to unusually explicit discussion of race in Europe even among our traditionally lackluster “conservative” parties (most spectacularly in Hungary). French conservative politician Nadine Morano recently argued during a talk show that France is a White country and should not become Muslim:

For there to be national cohesion, we need to maintain a balance in the country, that is to say its cultural majority. We are a Judeo-Christian country – as General [Charles] de Gaulle used to say – of white race, which is welcoming foreign persons. I want France to stay French. I do not want France to become Muslim.[1]

Morano did not explicitly say she wanted France to remain a White country, hiding behind quotes of De Gaulle, but that was pretty heavy dog-whistling. She later doubled down on her statement, citing De Gaulle’s Mémoires d’Espoir on Europe:

For my part, I have, since always, but today more than ever, felt that which is common to the nations which inhabit [Europe]. All being of the same white race, of the same Christian origin, of the same way of life, bound between each other since always by countless relations of thought, art, science, politics, commerce, it is in line with their nature that they come to form a whole, having in the world its character and its organization.[2]

Morano has naturally been subjected to massive media attacks and been condemned by her own political party. She defended herself in an interview:

To subject me to a media lynching, to crucify me in the media, because I dared to quote the statements of General de Gaulle, even as in our country radical Islam is establishing itself, where we see more and more veiled women at the end of the school day, which we did not see ten years ago, and nobody is questioning themselves![3]

It is important to note that Morano’s party, now called “Les Républicains,” claims to be the “Gaullist” ideological successor to the General. Les Républicains are led by quarter-Jewish former president Nicolas Sarkozy, who in the past has said France requires coercive miscegenation [métissage], that “Israel’s right to security [. . .] is the struggle of my life,” and that the Shoah means humanity has “contracted with the Jewish people a debt which cannot be extinguished.”[4]

Les Républicains were outraged at Morano’s statements, the party making the ludicrous claim — really a genocidal lie — that France has “always” been multiethnic, citing the existence of Black African colonies centuries ago. The party has decided to punish Morano by eliminating her candidacy in upcoming regional elections but, interestingly, she will not be purged from the party. Given that the regions have fairly insignificant powers, this can be considered a mere slap on the wrist.

It is unclear why Morano made her statement. No doubt the rise of the Front National, the migrant crisis, and the trickle-down influence of online nationalist media are putting pressure on mainstream conservatives. Importantly, several members of Les Républicains have discussed reform or elimination of birthright citizenship, which would tackle one of the root causes of the multiculturalist nightmare. Given that Morano has faced relatively minor political punishment — despite serious media punishment — more conservative politicians may well begin to explicitly condemn Afro-Islamic demographic change and voice the interests of indigenous Europeans.


[1]“Nadine Morano évoque la ‘race blanche’ de la France,” Le Monde, September 29, 2015.

[2]Charles de Gaulle, Mémoires d’espoir, volume I, 181.

[3]On BFM TV.

[4]Discussed in Guillaume Durocher, “Paul-Éric Blanrue and the Jews: From Celebration to Censorship,” The Occidental Observer, September 24, 2015.