Muslim Immigration

Canada Must Take In German Refugees

Given the fact that many native-born Germans are being forced out of their homes and their schools to make way for migrants, and that the wages of the working poor will be driven down by the need to lower the minimum wage to generate work for migrants, it is apparent that Angel Merkel’s mad agenda of “integrating” 800,000 “refugees” will make refugees out of German citizens.

We must therefore demand that all parties and leaders — Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair, Justin Trudeau and Elizabeth May — commit to bring in as many of these German refugees as possible and as soon as we can. The situation is urgent.

As former CBC reporter Brian Stewart said, ours is a big country and “Canada can absorb a lot of people”. So governments at all levels must get cracking. They also must encourage private citizens and churches to pitch in and sponsor their share too.  It is, as Mr. Stewart would say, “Time for Canadians to step up to the plate.”

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Hungarian PM Orban rejects Merkel’s “moral imperialism” in refugee crisis

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s most recent comments on the invasion are beautifully stated in terms of the “moral imperialism” of countries like Germany that are imposing their sense of morality on other EU member states. A theme at TOO is that the anti-White revolution that is displacing Whites from areas they have dominated for hundreds or thousands of years has been rationalized intellectually as a moral imperative. The most important moral imperative in the West today is the evil of any sense of ethnocentrism among Whites. A strong sense of racial identification and pride was common and even dominant in the early twentieth century, but became a victim of the rise of the left and the disaster of World War II. All of the Jewish intellectual movements discussed in The Culture of Critique resulted in moral critiques of the West, particularly centered around the absolute evil and even psychopathology of identifying as Whites and having a sense of White interests. This ideology has occupied all the moral and intellectual high ground in the West for at least the last 50 years and is constantly disseminated throughout the media and educational system. Read more

How the Muslims got a “holocaust” of their own

Reconciliation is a two-way street but the Bosnian Muslims don’t seem to agree — they nearly tore the Serbian prime minister apart at the weekend when he attempted to pay his respects to those killed in Srebrenica in the civil war.

But there is always an upside, and the Srebernica massacre is paying dividends for Europe’s ruling elites two decades later. For in the cultural war, new ways of demonising Whites have to be continually rolled out.

Hence the gathering at Westminster Abbey last week when the British people were reminded that they too had to shoulder the burden of culpability for the massacre of Muslims in the Balkans in 1995.  Former government minister Paddy Ashdown said from the lectern “We could have prevented this horror. We chose not to.”

Who does he mean by “we”? That brutal Bosnian civil war was not short of atrocities on both sides. And what has that got to do with ordinary British people?  Read more

Lee Rigby: A Memorial to Victory, not Victimhood

You’ll remember Lee Rigby, the unfortunate British soldier who had his head nearly hacked off by a couple of Black Muslims…in a London Street…in broad daylight…in full view of passing members of the public — many of whom treated the event with the same disinterest and disdain that Metropolitans reserve for panhandling street musicians and street performers.

You will also remember that we were immediately assured by the high and mighty that Gunner Rigby’s murder had nothing whatsoever to do with Islam, which was unequivocally a “religion of peace,” unfairly besmirched by association with a “handful” of fanatics.

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On Muslim Crime, Genetics and the Rape of Europe

Another day, another Muslim-perpetrated shooting in Europe. And despite the gunman having the rather un-European name of Omar El-Hussein, the incident has provided yet more opportunities for redundant warnings against ‘European’ anti-Semitism. These killings, like those in Paris, disturb and irritate me for a number of reasons.

Firstly, and most obviously, I am troubled at the perpetration of Islamic murder and lawlessness in Europe. Secondly, media representations of these events refuse to disclose that they are a product of disastrous immigration and foreign policies — policies which have been demonstrably influenced by Jews. Thirdly, the simplistic and primitive drama inherent in shootings and fugitive hunts inevitably diverts mass attention from the broader and more subtle picture of how those policies are affecting Europeans. Intentionally or not, these are acts of distraction as much as acts of terrorism. Fourthly, the shootings provide opportunities for Jews to amplify their victimhood narrative, and to regurgitate tired old ‘lessons’ to Europe. These lessons are then tied in to further Jewish demands, which include the restriction of arms and free speech. Finally, I am considerably irritated by the way in which these events have been used as a means for Jews to present themselves as the perennial victims of terrorism, when they have a rich history of engaging in it themselves. Read more

What More Reason Do We Need to Stop the Muslim Invasion?

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo tragedy, more than ever politicians, media and elites reiterate that only a small (indeed, tiny) minority of Muslims commit acts like the recent Paris attacks.

First of all, we must observe that this is not a statement of fact, but rather an expression of hope.

For we don’t know the number or percentage of would-be terrorists that the Muslim population in each Western country harbours.

Because to know how many they are would also mean knowing who they are — all of them. In which case, we would have solved the terrorist problem with closer surveillance or, much better, expulsion.

So, almost by definition, we haven’t got the faintest idea of their number.

We can’t even rely on the figure of aggressions actually carried out as a good indicator, because this is only a fraction of the total of terror attacks planned, most of which have been foiled by police and secret services: many of these we haven’t even gotten to hear about. And the total number of planned offensives, prevented or executed, doesn’t offer predictions about future ones in such uncertain circumstances.

What we do know is that in several countries Muslim immigrant populations tend to get more radicalised with each successive generation, so the threat is going to increase. This can explain the by-now thousands of jihadists travelling from Europe to fight in Syria and Iraq and often returning to Europe with terrorist training and intentions.

If what happens in the rest of the world, where Islamism and its violence are on the rise, the prospects are not happy. Read more

Garron Helm vs. Charlie Hebdo: Elite versus non-elite mechanisms for censoring public discourse

Here is a sobering thought.  How many of those left-wing defenders of free speech who stood to remember the victims of Charlie Hebdo also condemned the PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans against Islamization of the West) anti-Islamification rallies in Dresden over Christmas?  How many would have supported the counter-rallies in which the German government is doing so much to encourage?

What would the reaction of those same people have been if the targets had been members of anti-immigration Front National or any other right wing or nationalist group.  We know the answer because of their reaction after the murders of Dutch anti-Islamisation campaigner Pym Fortuyn and film-maker Theo Van Gogh; sneers, contempt and an undisguised glee that the right-wing had got what it deserved.

And what of the victims themselves?  Indeed they were in many ways caricatures of the antifa campaigners who would go to the barricades to preserve mass immigration and the end of France.

Take Stéphane Charbonnier, the editor of Charlie Hebdo, and one of the victims. He is of a kind you can find in every White country in the West.  A dedicated “antifascist” who occupied a crucial opinion-shaping position in the French media.  In fact, as Joshua Bonehill points out,  everybody killed in the attacks today would have almost certainly have been anti-White and left-Wing  and there’s a great irony behind that as well.

Another victim was cartoonist Georges Wolinski who had a strong Jewish identity and whose work appeared in a number of left-leaning publications besides Charlie Hebdo, including Liberation (which has agreed to allow Charlie Hebdo to use its offices in the wake of the murders). Read more