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2012 TOO Fundraising Appeal

It’s time for our annual fundraising appeal. I’d like to first thank those who have contributed during 2012.  Much appreciated . With your generous support, we have been able to put out over 300 articles and blogs in the past year.

We are doing pretty well financially—we are definitely not going away, but we could certainly do better. Several of our stalwarts are providing material gratis, and others are underpaid in terms of their situation in life and need for income.

Donations to TOO are tax deductible for Americans through the Charles Martel Society, the same organization that sponsors The Occidental Quarterly. TOO and TOQ remain separate entities (even though I am editor of both). However, money donated to TOO is now routed into a separate account at the CMS.

The links for tax deductible donations are here. This page also provides instructions for donors who wish to remain anonymous or prefer to send checks. And foreign donors and others unconcerned about US taxes may use the link on the main donations page or go here directly.

My comments in the last fundraiser are still apt:

The reasons for contributing to TOO have never been more obvious. TOO occupies a unique space on the Internet. Quite simply, we are the only site where Jewish issues are consistently discussed openly and honestly, with intellectual depth and without resorting to name calling and propaganda. As everyone knows by now, the mainstream media routinely avoids discussions of Jewish issues in a way that might offend Jewish sensibilities. Just in the last few months, it has been stunning to behold how quickly Rick Sanchez and Helen Thomas were fired because they dared to depart from the media mantra of Jews as oppressed and morally above reproach. The message is clear: Don’t mess with the Jews. Truth and reasonableness are not defenses. As Joe Sobran said, a hypocritical etiquette forces most commentators to portray Jews as powerless and oppressed victims—and if you depart from this line these “victims” will destroy you.

This is a very exciting time. There is very encouraging progress in Europe where concern about Muslim immigration has led to an upsurge of mainstream political parties that reflect disenchantment with the multicultural future envisioned by the elites. There is enormous anger among lower- and middle-class Whites in the United States, but there is a crying need for intellectual leadership that will direct this anger into explicit opposition to multiculturalism and massive non-White immigration and an explicit awareness of all of the forces that oppose our interests.

One of the exciting things about the present state of the Internet is that there are quite a few outlets now for White advocacy as well as sites that are critical of Jews and Israel. In fact, one has the feeling that Jewish organizations are on the defensive, particularly about Israel. Israel is increasingly showing its Jewish character as a hostile, aggressive, ethnonationalist state with all of the characteristics that make organized Jewish Diaspora communities in the West such formidable foes. This year’s list by the Simon Wiesenthal Center of the year’s “Top Ten Anti-Israel/Anti-Semitic Slurs” shows an increasing awareness around the world of Jewish power and of the brutal nature of Israel.

Please help make us stronger. Again, the links for tax deductible donations are here. This page also provides instructions for donors who wish to remain anonymous or prefer to send checks. And foreign donors and others unconcerned about US taxes may use the link on the main donations page or go here directly.

Thanks for thinking of TOO.

Subscription Drive for The Occidental Quarterly

The Occidental Quarterly fills a unique niche  in bringing together scholarly articles on a wide range of topics that are mired in political correctness elsewhere.

There are quite a few reasons for the precarious state of our civilization and our people. But one of the main ones is that we have lost the intellectual and moral high ground to a cultural elite that is hostile to our people and our culture.

A main purpose of TOQ is to change the attitudes of White people so that they will feel confident identifying as White and explicitly asserting their interests as Whites. Politically aware Whites must understand that the elites that dominate culture and the political process in the West are intellectually and morally bankrupt.

The domination of the mass media and the academic world by elites that are hostile to White identity and interests is a major barrier for educated Whites to act on behalf of their interests. White people cower in fear of being called a racist for believing and acting in ways that are absolutely normal and natural for all the other peoples of the world. While other peoples defend themselves, their culture and their borders, societies in Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand that have been controlled by Whites for hundreds of years are the only ones to accept their demise as a moral imperative. We view this outcome as the result of competition over the construction of culture in which the legitimate interests of Whites have been compromised.

All of the scientific data are on our side. Increased ethnic diversity is associated with a host of societal ills, including decreased support for social welfare programs and lack of public trust. Those who argue that Western societies have a unique moral obligation to cede cultural and political control to non-Whites completely ignore the legitimate interests of Whites. No one argues that countries like Korea or Uganda have a moral obligation to allow other peoples to swamp the native population.

Digital download subscriptions are only $30/year for four issues; print subscriptions by mail are only $60/year to U.S. addresses. Go here and decide which of the many subscription/purchase options is right for you.

You will not only find the articles fascinating and informative, you will also be supporting the work of scholars who are part of a community defending our people and our culture with the highest level of integrity and intellectual sophistication. See


The White Advocacy Movement Goes Begging

If there’s one central truth about Jewish activism, it’s that no stone is left unturned. Since Jews are a small minority, they must make alliances with sympathetic non-Jews. For example, quite a bit of their money is spent convincing non-Jews of the nobility of the Israeli cause. This video of the recent AIPAC conference focuses on the 1321 student political leaders from 370 colleges in all 50 states who were given all-expenses-paid trips to attend the conference. The vast majority of these students are non-Jews, picked because some among them may well end up having political power and influence in the future. It’s their first lesson in where the money is, and it’s doubtless money well spent.

AIPAC also pays for week-long trips to Israel for Congressmen and journalists at around $5000 per.

JINSA (the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs) has similar programs for politicians who are more advanced in their careers than the students feted by AIPAC. However, the bulk of JINSA’s budget is spent on taking a host of retired U.S. generals and admirals to Israel, where JINSA facilitates meetings between Israeli officials and retired but still-influential U.S. flag officers.

All of this largess has predictable psychological effects. Particularly striking in the AIPAC video is the rock star greeting that the students gave to pro-Israel fanatic Alan Dershowitz, shown passionately asking for any evidence that America’s tilt toward Israel endangers American lives. I guess the Iraq war doesn’t count. I am sure he won’t count the looming war with Iran that is so ardently championed by the Israel Lobby.

But the point here is that all this costs money, and Jewish organizations are lavishly funded. Here are some numbers for public donations to Jewish and de facto Jewish organizations gleaned for 2008:

AIPAC: $52 million; much of AIPAC’s impact is from money that is directly contributed to political candidates by Jews associated with AIPAC rather than from AIPAC’s budget, so the actual amount of money controlled by AIPAC is much larger.

JINSA: $3.5 million. Much of JINSA’s money comes from defense contractors wanting to suck up to the Israel Lobby.

ADL: $59 million in 2008 ($68 million in 2007).

ACLU: $76 million (each state also has a branch; for example  the Southern California branch reported $3.5 million in donations).

$PLC: $32 million.

That’s a brief and  very incomplete glimpse into the  world of (mainly Jewish) philanthropy directed at supporting causes that fit with Jewish political interests — Israel and the anti-White left in America. These organizations get this kind of money every year — at a time when the left is so powerful as to be virtually on auto-pilot. Imagine if there was a real threat from a pro-White movement or if Israel was in danger of losing its iron grip on the US political system. The amounts given to these organizations would skyrocket.

Now let’s look at pro-White advocacy, keeping in mind that we are in far more dire straits in terms of what we can reasonably expect the future to hold than the groups contributing to the organizations listed above.

Right now VDARE.COM is in a financial crisis, and after several weeks is still well short of getting $50,000 in contributions to bridge around half of the gap created when a major foundation donor stopped its funding.

AlternativeRight, a project of the VDARE Foundation,  is also doing a fundraiser with a goal of $50,000, of which they have gotten around $33,000 as of this writing.

The goal for both these sites is $50 thousand, not the well over $50 million that the ADL rakes in every year. I won’t even mention the contributions to this website — small in comparison even to these pro-White sites.

The point is that the funding picture for race realist, immigration patriot, pro-White organizations is ridiculously minuscule compared to the funding of our adversaries.

There are very real consequences to this. The one I want to emphasize here is that vanishingly few people are able to actually make a living by writing for these sites or by being an on-the-ground activist promoting our ideas on college campuses and elsewhere. I recently had a phone conversation with a young 20-something writer and activist on college campuses who told me about his $5000 credit card debt and living in a large house with like-minded others to save money on rent.  Most importantly, he said he was anticipating giving up his position in order to get a real job, get married and have a family — none of which are remotely possible in his current situation. The guys he is living with are doubtless in a similar situation. Pro-White activism is something you can do when you are young and want to live like a college student. But it’s not a viable career option.

And there is the writer of the current TOO article, who goes by the pen name of Simon Krejsa. (He has also written for VDARE). He just emailed me saying that he has entered a homeless shelter in Oshkosh.

And there are the young men associated with A3P, none of whom is receiving a dime for his work despite all the time and energy they are putting into it. Perhaps they too will come to think that their activism will have to take second place to a job that can pay a mortgage and support a family.

There are also quite a few people with advanced degrees who are good writers and on-page intellectually, but who are forced to work in other jobs, typically low paying, just to get by.

It’s pretty pathetic when one contrasts that with the vast resources of the organizations arrayed against us. (One of the things that angers me most is what rich White people do with their money. See “A Tale of Two Rich Guys, Haim Saban and Charles T. Munger.”)Young people who support these anti-White organizations can rest assured that they can have a good middle-class or even upper-middle class income by working for them — and quite a few do. Politicians see nothing but financial and political upside by taking their points of view.

On our side, it’s all self-sacrifice and altruism, especially for the young people who are so essential to any really effective movement. But we will never be effective if that’s the way it’s going to be. A young person active in pro-White advocacy must think not only that there is no future in it, but that pro-White activism when they are young is likely to be a major problem when they apply for a job in the mainstream economy. So they will have to use pen names and hope for the best.

We have to do all we can to make pro-White advocacy a viable career. And that most likely means that we have to find some really big sources of money able to make a credible showing against the seemingly inexhaustible fount of money that can be harnessed by anti-White activists.

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Your support is important for many of our writers, and we are trying our best to be competitive with other websites in paying them. Donations of all amounts are welcome. As always, the financial base for projects like TOO is dwarfed by the financial resources of our enemies. This is basically a one-person show in terms of editing and posting articles.  Writers are not making a living by writing for TOO, but your support is a huge psychological boost for many.

This is an exciting time. As we have pointed out many times, politics throughout the West is becoming ever moreracialized. White people are increasingly concerned about the changes they see all around them, and Whites are definitely worried about becoming a minority. We know that politicians are forced to toe the establishment line when it comes to issues like immigration, multiculturalism, and Jewish power and influence. However, the presence of intelligent, well-written commentary on contemporary issues may well seep into their consciousness even though they can’t discuss issues the way we do. We are the conscience of White America in an age when there are vast temptations to give in to the system.

As these changes continue to accelerate, White people will increasingly identify as White and support causes that advance the interests of Whites. It is therefore critical to maintain an intellectually honest critique of the current regime. TOO is one of the few websites that deals explicitly with all of the enemies of our people and does so in a fact-based, rational manner.

– Kevin MacDonald, Editor.

Why support the Occidental Observer?

  1. There are political reasons to support TOO:
    • Survival: Western societies, including the USA, are rapidly dissolving under the twin attacks of mass Third World immigration and domestic ethnic competition (“multiculturalism”, “political correctness”, “affirmative action”, “equal opportunity”).
    • Pride: Whites have been kicked around for too long. It’s time to stop white flight and to reclaim our cities, our schools, and our jobs.
    • Truth and Justice: There are also matters of principle. In a liberal democracy good policies result from the truth being told. Lies are not only a vexation to the spirit, they result in the sort of bad governance that is dragging down America.
  2. There are also operational reasons:
    • Euro-Americans need to build activist organizations able to rival the large minority agencies such as the American Jewish Committee, the ADL, the NAACP, and La Raza. We also need to challenge the academic orthodoxy that has smothered white concerns for generations. TOO is your champion. We are willing to step forward on your behalf. But the website can only be as strong as you allow it to be.
    • TOO needs to professionalize. We have set up TOO on a shoe-string budget. We are determined to do much more, with new departments and in-depth analysis of the issues that concern white Americans. There are skilled and knowledge professionals willing to join the TOO team. But volunteer labor can only go so far.
    • Even small donations make a difference when multiplied hundreds of times. Donations are more effective when made regularly because this allows us to forecast revenue and plan new projects accordingly. That is why an automatic credit card deposit of $10 per month is more valuable to us than a lump-sum payment of $120 per year. (However, we will accept lump sums . . .)
    • Ultimately we want white majority organizations to be so strong that politicians feel that they have no choice but to listen to their concerns. If Obama, McCain and Clinton can prostrate themselves before the American Israel Political Action Committee and promise that another country’s security is sacred, they can promise to defend the white majority’s vital interests.

Second Fundraising Appeal: Why support The Occidental Observer?

Kevin MacDonald: The United States is headed for a political crisis. Patrick Buchanan wonders “Is this how democracy ends?”  Debt is skyrocketing and it is politically impossible for the Democrats or Republicans to deal with it — at least partly because of the rage of the tea partiers. These are the middle and lower middle class Whites who feel that the country is being taken away from them.

On the other hand, while rage builds among the middle and lower middle class Whites, the message has not reached educated Whites. George Will points out that the Republican Party “recently has become ruinously weak among highly educated whites.”

The Republican Party can’t win without their populist base, and yet it’s virtually certain that the Republicans will do nothing to give them what they really need. The Beltway Conservatives don’t even mention immigration as an issue, even though, as the Center for Immigration Studies tells us, wherever immigrants settle the percentage of the vote going to Republicans has declined. The Republican Party has become a White party. Whatever short term successes they have — and they figure to do well this year by milking the rage and the money of the tea partiers, they are doomed to electoral defeat in the long run.

American politics has become racialized. The United States and the rest of the Western world are undergoing an existential crisis. Our culture is coming under intense pressure with the rise of multiculturalism and continuing high levels of non-White immigration. We can see the changes all around us, and yet discussion of public policy related to these issues in the mainstream media is contained within a hopelessly narrow space.

We at The Occidental Observer are determined to change this. In this, our second fundraising appeal, we are asking readers to contribute financially to TOO’s success and increased visibility. It is important to get our message out in the most professional manner possible.

Western societies have become cauldrons of competing ethnic groups where only one group — White people of European descent — may not explicitly assert their interests.  The tea partiers want something like the America they grew up in, but they may not say this because they will be tagged as racists by the media. These people are being pushed out economically and politically. They are less able to avoid the costs of multiculturalism: They can’t move to gated communities or send their children to all-White private schools. Their unions have been destroyed and their jobs either shipped overseas or performed by recent immigrants, legal and illegal.

But without direction and leadership, this movement will not be effective. The fact is that the domination of the mass media and the academic world by elites that are hostile to White identity and interests makes it very difficult for educated Whites to sign on to a White ethnonationalist movement. Such people are often vulnerable to economic pressures where they work, and, as college-educated people, they have a respect for mainstream academic and media institutions. Having been treated fairly in general, they trust the integrity of the basic institutions of the society. They identify with its basic ideology — America as emerging from its long dark night of evil into the glorious goodness and virtue of the multicultural future.

The Occidental Observer occupies a unique space on the Internet because it attempts to appeal to educated Whites. There is simply no other outlet that discusses the full range of issues related to White survival and interests with the same level of intelligence and intellectual honesty that can be found here. All of the theory and the data are on our side. There is no reason at all why educated Whites cannot be persuaded to see the world as we do and to explicitly advocate for a White identity and for White interests.

It is no secret that many of our articles deal with Jewish power and influence. Jews have become a financial, media, and academic elite, and the organized Jewish community is a pillar of the multicultural left that has transformed Western societies. The multicultural left has abandoned the White middle and working classes in favor of promoting policies that will completely eclipse the people and culture of traditional America. An important theme of many of our articles  has been that Jewish influence in the media has resulted in the denigration of all of our cultural traditions, especially the strong Christian religious traditions of our people. It has resulted in invidious portrayals of White people and their accomplishments that have become internalized among a very large number of our people.

Educated Whites must realize that whatever their current prosperity, their long term prospects for themselves and their children are going to be severely compromised in multicultural America. It makes no sense whatever for these people to ally themselves with the looming non-White majority and against the great majority of their own people.

This is a very difficult topic to discuss fairly and honestly. A large part of the problem is that even well-argued, factually-based discussions of Jewish power and influence are typically labeled “anti-Semitic” and are banned from mainstream discussion. The occasional lapses from this public decorum are aggressively policed by an imposing array of well-financed activist organizations. These organizations have no scruples about ruining careers or doing whatever else they see as necessary to maintain the status quo. They typically operate by creating moral panics aimed at shutting down any discussion of Jewish power and any discussion of the Jewish role in the decline of Whites in America and other Western societies.

Prior to the Internet, it was possible to relegate all discussions of Jewish power and influence to the fringes of the culture. But that is no longer the case. The Occidental Observer has a place on the web that is just as accessible as the New York Times or the Washington Post.

It doesn’t take billions or even millions of dollars to develop a presence in this new medium. But it does require a sound financial foundation. We have set up TOO on a shoe-string budget. The great majority of the writing and all of the technical work have been done as a labor of love by people who are self-motivated to contribute to this effort.

We have posted some exceptional material within these constraints. But volunteer labor can only go so far. Good writers are a rarity. For the reasons discussed above, It is difficult to find writers with the requisite expertise and commitment to the historical American nation and the West. It is only natural that writers would appreciate some compensation — even if it is far less than they would need to earn a living. Quite simply, they need the money.

Huge numbers of readers are not critical for our success. The anti-White revolution that has so far triumphed in America has been a top-down phenomenon. The next revolution will also likely be a top-down phenomenon in which ideas that are completely outside the mainstream are disseminated and gradually take hold among people who can make a difference, whether because they have money, writing ability, or skills in the political arena. 

The point is not how many people are reading TOO, although we are certainly growing in readership. (This pdf file of readership from February, 2009 through January 2010 shows that around 2500 unique users per day in the most recent month — over twice the readership of a year ago.)

The point is that some of the people reading it may be able to make a difference in the future.

I ask for your support on behalf of The Occidental Observer’s dedicated writers.

A significant number of small donations make a huge difference. Realize that at this time we are not a 501C3 tax-deductible organization.

At present, we have several ways to make donations. Click on this link.

Thank you.

Kevin MacDonald, Editor

Kevin MacDonald (Email him) is Editor of The Occidental Observer and is Professor of Psychology at California State University–Long Beach.