White Pathology/Guilt

The tarnished halo of “Saint Bob” Geldof

In 2013 Bob Geldof was awarded the Freedom of the City of London for his outstanding contribution to international social justice and peace.

Strangely there was no mention of his services as a corporate mouthpiece for the financial services industry, which is an odd omission.

For at the time Geldof was in the throes of launching his own hedge fund and he was supporting what the Wall Street Journal  called, a “huge private equity push into Africa,” Geldof’s 8 Miles Fund boasts a distinguished team of advisors,  concentrates on African investments, and has attracted the support of J P Morgan.  Typically, he deflects awkward questions with a joke, calling himself a “private equity whore”.

But Geldof’s partner in this venture could hardly be more respectable.  Merchant banker Mark Florman is a former Conservative Party fund raiser, BBC trustee and, when not working on philanthropic ventures,  is busy defending the City of London from regulation via his other role as head of the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association. Read more

The Real Ernest Hemingway


Editor’s note: This is the first few paragraphs of an article from Instauration, February, 1979. It is a fascinating portrait of an elite American shortly before the Fall — extreme cowardice on race and Jewish issues combined with a veneer of hyper-masculinity. Even in the 1930s he had withdrawn from the real battles:

At that time, the milieu in which Hemingway moved was the insider’s world of New York, Hollywood, and Paris; and if he had followed the dictum that a writer is supposed to write about what he knows, he would have written about that world. But that would have entailed facing some very unpleasant truths, so he funked it and wrote about Spanish peasants instead.

His real attitudes were expressed behind closed doors:

“I guess I can say spic in my own house,” he said.

“What would Eleanor Roosevelt say to that?” someone shouted.

He made an obscene gesture and smirked. But the joke really was, I suppose, that he would never have dared make it to her in person.

by Cholly Bilderberger

THE MENTION of Ernest Hemingway (pictured) in the December Instaurationtriggered a flood of memories, ranging from amusing to grotesque. He cultivated the rich and powerful assiduously, and our paths crossed often. I ran into him in East Africa, hunting with Winston Guest; bellied up to the bar at the Ritz with Leland Hayward; lunching at 21 with Marlene Dietrich; playing king to the whole world in Havana.

Pertinently enough, he embodied every strain of racism from pitiless clarity to utter confusion. And in him the spectrum was doubly pertinent because he was a national phenomenon, like Byron in his day and Jack Kennedy in his, acting out the fantasies of an entire nation, boozing and womanizing and generally living the American male dreams up to the hilt. His alcoholism, brutality and battiness were ignored and covered over by friends and enemies alike, where those traits in other famous figures were broadcast in detail. He had, again like Jack Kennedy, a strange power over his countrymen — a sort of blackmail in which he said, by implication, “If you dare to tell the truth about me, I’ll tell the truth about you, which is the same truth.” And, yet again like Jack Kennedy, he was the perfect chicken American male, the capon talking in terms of action but perfectly passive (or absent) when it came to going against established interests.

The only people he couldn’t bully were those in positions of power, and to them he was exceedingly deferential. He was always quite polite and pleasant with me, and I enjoyed his company. Oblique and cunning in everything, he nevertheless let you know his exact feelings one way or another.

Read the rest of the article at the National Vanguard site.

The selective compassion of Jo Cox


Jo Cox wanted to make the world a better place and it was a cause for which she was willing to travel halfway across the globe. Whether consoling rape victims in Darfur or bombed out villagers in Afghanistan, it seemed the jet-setting international aid worker was rarely far from the action.

Lately it had been the struggle of Syrian war refugees to get to the West that touched her heart, and their plight was a subject she returned to again and again after becoming a Member of Parliament. It seemed there was no victims anywhere she could not empathise with.

Except, perhaps, with one striking omission.

And that would be the White child rape victims of Muslim grooming gangs in her own back yard. For her West Yorkshire constituency is near the epicentre of the Muslim child rape epidemic that has been sweeping the Labour heartlands of northern England, largely ignored or covered up by social services workers, police and politicians.

For it is a striking omission that of all the subjects she enjoyed sounding off on, this world-famous crisis affecting the poorest Whites on her doorstep was not one of them. One cannot help wonder if this shrewd silence was connected to the fact that her lavishly paid MPs job in the constituency of Batley and Spen largely depended on the support of the local Muslim community.

Co-incidentally, just as Jo Cox was shot and stabbed to death outside her constituency office in Birstall last Thursday,  sentencing was about to take place at Leeds Crown Court  after a long trial involving a horrific case of Muslim child exploitation. Read more

On Herder, Human Nature, and the Antifa


Portrait of a loser antifa: “He that has lost his patriotic spirit has lost himself and the whole world about himself.” — Johann Gottfried von Herder, Essay on the Origin of Language, 1772. 

In his Essay on the Origin of Language, the German philosopher Johann Gottfried von Herder (1744–1803) undertook a marked departure from earlier ruminations on human nature. Like Plato’s account of the soul, the majority of Enlightenment philosophers tended to see human nature in universal terms, assuming both that rationality was its most significant aspect, and that this rationality was evenly distributed throughout the human population. Man, they argued, was essentially the same creature wherever he was found. Adopting a very different approach, Herder argued that since peoples from different historical periods and cultures varied so much in their concepts, beliefs and abilities, human nature must also be radically different in different cultures. Writing before the discovery of racial and genetic science, Herder argued that broad differences between cultures could be partly explained by two basic observations. The first was that man was indisputably a creature of his herd, society. Or to express is another way, man was, whether he liked it or not, bound to the group from which he was begotten. Secondly, and relatedly, man’s values and sense of himself were shaped by this surrounding society and culture, especially its language.

This notion of the ‘shaping’ of man by his surrounding tribe and its culture led to a further, connected idea of Herder’s — that man was not born ‘complete.’ As Herder expressed it, “a bee was a bee as soon as it built its first cell, but a person was not human until he had achieved completeness. People continued to grow as long as they lived …. We are always in process, unsettled, unsatiated. The essence of our life is never satisfaction, rather always progression, and we have never been human until we have lived to the end.” At the risk of misinterpretation, it is worth stressing that Herder was no existentialist. He did not suggest that we can never be satisfied and therefore that we should each seek to fulfil our own hyper-individual destiny. Rather, Herder argued that this movement towards becoming who we are, our identity, is determined to a great extent by how effectively we fulfil our destiny as part of our group. We can achieve completeness, and that completeness is fulfilled when we become part of our tribe, and play our role in the tribe by passing on its attributes to a new generation. Therefore, our identity, while certainly involving being true to ourselves, has an inescapable national and collectivist dimension to it. This part of our personal identity is handed down to us, and a significant part of who we are is therefore simply not a matter of choice. Read more

Mother Merkel’s Miracle: A Wonder-Working Woman Turns Cologne into Cairo

When was it first apparent that Angela Merkel’s open-border policies might lead to problems for Germany? About 2000 years ago:

  • Caelum non animum mutant qui trans mare currunt.
  • “They change their sky, not their souls, who cross the sea.”

That’s the Roman poet Horace, who died in 8 BC. Germany was once famous for classical scholarship. Today it’s famous for cultural Marxism. The central message from our hostile elites is that Whites must open their nations to the world and celebrate their own dispossession. Angela Merkel obeyed that message with exceptional enthusiasm when she allowed more than a million “refugees” to enter Germany in 2015. That’s why the New Year celebration in Cologne was such a vibrant occasion. Crowds of New Germans expressed their gratitude to Mutti Merkel by staging a re-enactment of what happened in Tahrir Square in Cairo during the Arab Spring. In other words, they committed hundreds of sexual assaults on young women.


When ugly reality intrudes on liberal fantasy, the first response of liberals is always to pretend reality isn’t there. For example, for decades they’ve ignored the Muslim rape-gangs operating in Rotherham, Oxford and many other places. Unfortunately, they couldn’t censor what happened in Cologne and elsewhere, so they moved to Plan B. The B stands for “Bafflement.” The New York Times quoted Ulrich Karpen, a professor of constitutional and administrative law at the University of Hamburg: “It is all still incomprehensible.” Who can understand why Third-World people create Third-World problems? At the BBC, they’ve engaged in a “Search for answers”: “As reports of assaults continue to come in from Cologne and some other German cities, victims and onlookers have been asking how this could happen.” Read more

Report from Sweden: Under siege — from media propaganda on migration

The propaganda here is so extreme right now that I have never seen anything like it before, and in Sweden that says a lot. It started just a couple days after a poll where the Sweden Democrats (SD) got so much support that the front page of Metro, our most read newspaper blared “Now the Sweden Democrats is the biggest party in Sweden.” After that it took four days, and then the propaganda onslaught started. From the fifth day until now the Metro has had big emotional photos and texts about the ”refugees” on the front page on 9 out of 12 covers. Today they even ignored all other news — and the whole paper is only about the ”refugees.” How you can help, good people. Scads of articles on how desperate the situation is for all the refugees, and so on.. And its not only in the papers, it’s on the radio several times per hour (independent on which channel you listen to), and of course on television…
It will be really interesting to see how this campaign will affect the support for the Sweden Democrats. But it have an effect. For example, we have had several really brutal murders here during the summer  by immigrants, and there has been a shift in the debate where more and more people have been talking about the problems with immigration. During this time it has been almost impossible for a big city like Gothenburg to find families that would like to take a refugee ”child” to their home and let it live together with them. (Almost everyone claims that they are below 18 years old and from Somalia or Afghanistan so they can get a permanent residence permit in Sweden. This has led to an avalanche of bearded ”children” coming here. So to make room for them, people get paid by the government to take care of them.) Today they said on state radio that so many people are calling right now to get a ”child” to their home in Gothenburg that the administration can’t even answer all the calls! So the recent propaganda have effect.
I guess that the good side of this is that Sweden will become an even more polarized society. More and more people see the propaganda for what it is  and get really mad about it. That will make a needed changes easier — if only we can get the majority on the side of the Swedish people.

September 5, 2015: A Day that will Live in Infamy

Camp of the SaintsThe walls have come tumblin’ down. The Germans and Austrians have thrown their borders wide open. Syrian migrants in their tens of thousands are pouring in. Soon there will be almost a million of them, with an endless queue forming behind them. Word will get out to Africans and Asians: “The West is weak. They have given up. Their resistance is broken. Pick up your bags and let’s join the stream.” Jean Raspail’s Camp of the Saints nightmare has come to pass.

We will remember this day for the rest of our lives.

This is the day we lost our civilization. The enemy is within our gates, and more and more will pour in. We are finished. This is the end. Or at the very least, the beginning of the end. And to think that it took just one image, one photo of a three year old boy lying dead on a Turkish beach, to shatter our resolve and turn the tide. One image was the straw that broke Europe’s back.

I can’t find any words to describe my feelings at this point.  A composite of impotent rage, despair, fatalism? It is hard to say.

What does one say when he bears witness to the unfolding displacement, conquest or extinction of his tribe, and the destruction of a legacy that reaches back to ancient Athens? What do say when you realize that the people in your family who gave their lives to save Europe seven decades ago evidently died in vain? And what of the heroes centuries ago  who beat back the Muslim invaders at Tours and the Battle of Vienna? It seems in retrospect, that their victories were just a holding action. Europe survived the Muslim and Mongol invasions, but it has succumbed to an incursion of an unarmed army of wretched refugees.

It is as if, before our eyes, European-based culture in North America, Australia and Europe is being torn apart by a pack of wild dogs. One dog is Middle Eastern, one dog is African, one is Central American, another is Chinese and another is South Asian. And many of them are Muslim.

Some of us are fighting back. Donald Trump. The Prime Minister of Hungary. The President of the Czech Republic. Populist politicians who are vilified by the mainstream media and shut out of power.  But they are the beleaguered few.  Will this be their Last Hurrah?

We could have stopped the flood. But our leaders lacked the will, and too many people were making money selling out their country. There is no conceivable punishment that could be meted out to these despicable traitors that would be commensurate with their crimes. What retribution would be fitting for Angela Merkel? What is the penalty for betraying one’s people and murdering their heritage?