White Pathology/Guilt

Jews, Communists and Genocidal Hate in “Whiteness Studies”

“Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed—not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed

Race Traitor

As a general rule, you can be fairly certain that any academic discipline that contains the word ‘studies’ within its title can be immediately dismissed on an intellectual level as involving very little studying and a great deal of leftist indoctrination. The relatively new discipline of ‘Whiteness Studies,’ however, is vastly more toxic than the average contemporary effusions of the bloated academic corpus. Indeed, its productions should be seen as nothing less than incitement to the genocide of our people. While many great thinkers in our ranks have explored and exposed the more subversive attempts to shape the ‘ways of seeing’ that continue to lead our people to extinction, I think some light should also be shed on the open, explicit, and unashamed hatred that seethes within this academic discipline. The hateful creed that motivates the new discipline’s leading ‘thinkers’ is shocking and yet somehow predictable in equal measure. Behind its ideological foundations we find phrases, traits, patterns and strategies that are sadly all-too-familiar to us. We are forced to acknowledge once more the pitiless ethnic warfare that is being waged upon us, and the enlistment of our own people in a suicidal crusade. Read more

Pathological altruism on steroids in Sweden

We have been discussing pathological altruism among Whites quite a bit lately on TOO. So I thought we had pretty much covered that insanity. But this film by Red Ice Radio shows we have barely scratched the surface. In my previous article I noted that there was already a huge housing crisis that severely impacted ordinary Swedes. Now we learn that no sacrifice by the Swedes is too much. A  new Stockholm will have to be built within 11 years. Everything that can be turned into housing for immigrants should be, including churches (while mosques are being built). The government buys virtually any standing structure to be turned into immigrant housing, and there are proposals to confiscate vacation homes “for the greater good.” Meanwhile, Swedes have a lower priority for housing than immigrants, and thousands can’t find an apartment.

Leading politicians say Sweden is not for the Swedes, that Swedes and Swedish culture are boring, that Sweden should be a “humanitarian superpower.” Swedes and their culture — people who have dominated their land for thousands of years — are to be sacrificed on the altar of moral idealism (although their elites studiously avoid actually living among the immigrants), and at the same time Swedes are terrified to violate the moral consensus for fear of ostracism and loss of job. No price for one’s own people is too high to achieve moral perfection

In effect, considering the genetic distances involved, it is an extreme form of what evolutionists term “altruistic punishment” (see here, p. 101ff). It is a violation of the general finding that people are less willing to contribute to public goods (e.g., public housing, health care) to people who don’t look like themselves — likely a major reason why universal health care was so slow in coming in the U.S. which, because of  its historically large and dependent Black population and the post-1965 immigration tsunami, is certainly not homogeneously White.

It is vitally important that we come to grips with this suicidal phenomenon which is more common in Northern Europeans. It has nothing to do with Christianity. Sweden is the most secular country in the world, and its elites are hostile to Christianity and more than happy to donate Christian churches to the non-Christian newcomers, or destroying them to make housing for them. Rather, it is a new secular religion of moral consensus. They are behaving like the Puritans and Quakers, as discussed in my talk, but without the religious veneer.

Of course, while the costs to taxpayers are enormous, the “immigrant industry” is massively incentivized for entrepreneurs who are able to rent housing to the government.

And much else. Please watch.

Drowning in Altruism: Thoughts on White Pathology and the Invasion of Europe

‘The worst of charity is that the lives you are asked to preserve are not worth preserving.’
     Ralph Waldo Emerson, The Conduct of Life (1860) 

Here at TOO we are increasingly concerned with the origin, nature, and expression of pathological altruism in Whites. While there are a number of causes behind our rapid biological and cultural decline, this is surely one of the most potent, and it requires urgent and ongoing attention. I recently spent an evening reading a large amount of material on the deaths of Africans attempting to illegally enter Europe. It wasn’t long before I was confronted with an outpouring of White angst over the drowning of a disputed number of African invaders. On webpage after webpage, in one of the strangest contortions of logic imaginable, I witnessed Europe being slandered with murder for failing to facilitate an entirely risk-free method of invasion. All of the tropes about evil Whites were brought into play. The Maltese Prime Minister said the deaths were “nothing less than genocide,” and Swedish MEP Cecilia Wikström compared the deaths to “the Holocaust”:

I think that my children and grandchildren are going to ask why more wasn’t done to help people running away from Isis, or violence in Eritrea or wherever, when we knew that people were dying in their thousands. People will ask the same question they did after the war, ‘if you were aware, why didn’t you do something?’ In Sweden we allowed our railroads to be used to transfer Jews to Nazi death camps.

The hand-wringing of the politicians was matched by an outpouring of fashionable grief from White social justice types. On social media platforms Whites are straining to display their moral credentials, and thus increase their social status among peers, by trying to express the most indignation at ‘Europe’s failure.’ Academics, along with the media one of the main sources of cultural control, joined in the European festival of self-hate. Consider the remarks of Dr Tom Vickers, of Northumbria University’s Department of Social Sciences:

The people drowning in their hundreds in the Mediterranean are the victims of securitised immigration controls, imperialist wars, and an approach to immigration policy that places profit before people. Of course we should demand that EU states do everything possible to save people from drowning, and we should also demand a safe means for them to cross into Europe and equal rights with citizens when they arrive.

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Bend It Like Bennett: Genuflecting to Jewish Power

The gang of four are down to two. I want to look at one of the two survivors: the playwright Alan Bennett (born 1934). In the 1960s, with Peter Cook, Dudley Moore and Jonathan Miller, he enjoyed enormous success with the satirical show Beyond the Fringe on both sides of the Atlantic. One of their targets was the stale pale male Britain of their childhoods. Here’s an entry from Bennett’s diary in 1982:

7 September. Douglas Bader dies. I used to imitate him in Beyond the Fringe as part of the Aftermyth of War sketch, coming downstairs with a pipe and exaggeratedly straight legs (though I never quite dared make them as stiff as they should have been). One night I was hissed and was very pleased with myself. (Writing Home, Faber & Faber, 1994)

Douglas Bader was a fighter-pilot who lost both legs in a flying accident before World War II. Wearing artificial legs, he became a hero during the war and then a fixture of the British establishment. He was a symbol of courage, perseverance against the odds and bluff, stoical manhood. But it did Bennett no harm to mock him. Quite the reverse. The success of Beyond the Fringe was a sure sign of shifting power: a new liberal establishment was taking over. It now rules cultural life in Britain, and Bennett is one of its fixtures.

This is an irony that he has never explored in his writing. Probably he doesn’t even recognize it. Like Woody Allen in America, Bennett carefully cultivates an image of himself as a gauche, neurotic outsider. In both cases, the image is highly misleading. The enormous success of Bennett and Allen demonstrates this paradox: in the modern West, outsiders are insiders. The key to the paradox is Jewish power and its hostility to the majority. By identifying himself as an outsider, Bennett signals to powerful Jews in the media that he will not defend the majority. He practises oligolatry, or the worship of minorities I discussed in “Power and Perversion.” Read more

Sándor Petőfi: “The Magyar Noble,” Original and Updated in Light of the NPI Suppression in Budapest


The sword which once my fathers bore,
Hangs on the wall and gleams no more,
Rust covers it instead of gore.
I am a Magyar noble.

I never work and never will,
The thought of labor makes me ill.
Peasant, ‘t is thou the earth must till.
I am a Magyar noble.

Peasant, make good the road, I say,
Thy horse doth draw the load that way,
But go afoot I never may.
I am a Magyar noble.

Wherefore should I for science care?
The sages always paupers were.
I never read or write, I swear!
I am a Magyar noble.

One talent I possess complete,
Herein with me none can compete:
I excellently drink and eat.
I am a Magyar noble.

I never pay my tax when due,
Wealth have I, but not much, ‘t is true.
How much owe I? Ask but the jew.
I am a Magyar noble.

The country’s cares are naught to me.
I heed not all its misery.
Soon they will pass by fate’s decree.
I am a Magyar noble.

My ancient rights and home decay,
And when I’ve smoked my life away,
Angels shall bear me up one day.
I am a Magyar noble.

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Psychopathology and Racial Self-Hate among Whites

A prominent feature of the Frankfurt School was the ideology that ethnocentrism among Whites (but not Jews) was a psychopathology. This weapon was taken up by the organized Jewish community which claimed that pro-White and anti-Jewish attitudes were literally public health problems and popularized  phrases like “virulent anti-Semitism,” analogizing anti-Jewish attitudes to the spread of a virus.

This campaign has been incredibly successful among Whites. Whites who have internalized this pathogen naturally suppress such attitudes, and they do so despite their universality, and despite the reality that ethnic self-interest is eminently rational from an evolutionary perspective. And even despite the fact that many of those promoting this pathogen are proudly ethnocentric themselves.

But the campaign has been very effective: No one wants to publicly express attitudes that mark one as a psychiatric case.

Given the rationality and the evolutionary imperative of ethnic interests, there is the opposite suggestion — that at least some of the Whites who express such attitudes are suffering from a psychopathology. After all, the great majority of humanity is, to varying degrees, ethnocentric. and proud of it. What’s wrong with Whites?

This suggests that we should look for signs of psychopathology among Whites who are virulently (to borrow the ADL’s term) anti-White. This is not to suggest that all or even most Whites who express anti-White attitudes are suffering from psychopathology. In fact, the anti-White revolution is massively incentivized, so that a great many normal Whites, from university presidents and corporate executives, to media figures, politicians, and diversity entrepreneurs, personally benefit from White dispossession, both financially as well as in terms of having access to elite positions.

Such people are short-sighted: In the long run, their descendants will suffer incalculably from their sins. But they are definitely living the good life for now.  Read more

The Camp of the Saints Invasion: Empathy for Helpless Children Versus Racial/Ethnic Interests

One of the main reasons for unplugging myself from cable TV is that I wouldn’t have to watch displays like Kirsten Powers on the O’Reilly Factor (6/17) discussing the Camp of the Saints invasion across the U.S. southern border. Wikipedia says that Powers is a serious Christian:

In her mid-30s, she became an evangelical Christian. The process of conversion began when she dated a religious Christian man, who introduced her to the Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City and the teachings of its pastor, Tim Keller, and culminated in an experience in 2006 when, during a trip to Taiwan, she believes that she was visited by Jesus. She has called her conversion “a bit of a mind bender” due to her political beliefs and former atheism, and prefers the term “orthodox Christian” over “evangelical” to describe herself, given the “cultural baggage” around the word “evangelical”. She has said that the biggest impact her new-found religiosity had on her political beliefs was that she came to “view everyone as God’s child and that means everyone deserves grace and respect.”

This last statement seems to mean that in her view, anyone who appears on the border should be taken in and supported for moral reasons. As Andrew Joyce notes, contemporary Chirstianity is a disaster for the ethnic interests of Whites (“Tales of Blood and Gods: Some Thoughts on Religion and Race,”)

On the O’Reilly show, she begins and ends with the “argument” that these are children after all. Of course we have to take them in — even 100,000 would be no problem. When O’Reilly said that pretty much the whole world would want to come, she had no principled answer—only that most poor people would have to get on a plane to get here which is unlikely. So in her view, if they can get here, the U.S. has a moral obligation to support them. Read more