White Victimization

White Victims Ignored by DOJ

From the News We Already Knew Dept.:  The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights has found that the U.S. Dept. of Justice ignores White victims of voter intimidation and other civil rights infractions.  Notable:  One DOJ attorney, Christopher Coates, chief of the Voting Rights Act section, bravely defied DOJ orders not to testify about the anti-White bias.  Coates relayed that some attorneys would simply refuse to work on cases where Whites were the victims.  He has since been stripped of his position and now works as an Assistant US Attorney in South Carolina.

Another  attorney, J. Christian Adams, the lead prosecutor in the Black Panther voter intimidation case that was scuttled by DOJ, resigned over the incident. Read more

Christopher Donovan: By Our Comments Ye Shall Know White Resistance

The media is as anti-White as ever these days.  I’ve dedicated hours of my life to showing how, on this blog and elsewhere.

But the comments — the Internet postings of the everday nobodies in reaction to stories and blog items — are heartening.

The trend is definitely “pro-White.”

Take the New York Times — whose pro-White comment-censoring I’ve blogged about before.  Here’s a recent item about President Obama’s Black journalists-only off-the-record meeting.

Then check out the comments, starting with No. 1 (“Did Bush have summits reserved for white journalists and bloggers?”).

Here’s a run-of-the-mill crime story out of Pennsylvania.

One commenter says:

EXACTLY!!!! This is just down right shameful on the part of Harrisburg leaders and the Patriot news! If this is a group of white kids that beat up a black couple the feds would be involved. But hey, whitey deserves it…right.

And then people here and in the real world wonder why it’s easy for people to become racist. Gee, I couldn’t imagine why.

There are more like it. Whites are getting restless.  And with the interactivity of the Internet, it’s getting harder and harder for anti-white — often Jewish — media to keep them out.

I am confident that the MSM will remain as brittle as ever in its resistance to whites.  Good.  Let it break.

Kevin MacDonald: Solzhenitsyn's "During the Civil War" — Chapter 16 of 200 Years Together

Chapter 16 of Solzhenitsyn’s 200 Years Together is available here. Again, donations are of critical importance for finishing this important project. This immensely interesting and important chapter is the topic of the current TOO article. I solicit comments here.

Solzhenitsyn's “During the Soviet-German War,” Chapter 21 of 200 Years Together

Because a lot of people who read the  blog don’t read the main articles and because  the main page doesn’t have room for comment, this is notice of Solzhenitsyn’s Chapter 21. See here. Kevin M

Another Attempt to Control Historical Writing on the Role of Jews in the USSR

Apropos the recent series on chapters from Solzhenitsyn’s 200 Years Together (especially Chapter 18), a new textbook for university students in Russia emphasizes the elite status of Jews in the early decades of the USSR. (JTA, August 8, 2010:  “Russian Textbook Seen as Anti-Semitic“) The Foreword states, “For the greater part of its 70-year history, the USSR was ruled by people of non-Russian nationality.” The book also states that, “By the 1930s, the Jewish nation was the leader among those represented in the Communist party and the state machinery, in Science and Art.”

At this point, the elite status of Soviet Jews during this period is common knowledge among scholars (e.g., Yuri Slezkine’s The Jewish Century), but that doesn’t mean that scholars are free to draw attention to ethnicity in textbooks intended for university students. Predictably, any such effort is regarded as “anti-Semitic”: “some are calling [the book] anti-Semitic because it counts the number of Jews in Soviet governments.” As in the US, Jews are the elite that “cannot tell its name.”

Jewish activist organizations go ballistic over any mention that Jews are a disproportionate portion of American elites–truth is irrelevant. Those who stray into this forbidden territory soon learn that their lives have just gotten a lot more complicated. The result is that people behave like well-conditioned rats in a psychology experiment and keep their mouths shut no matter how obvious Jewish overrepresentation is. (“The New Elite Doesn’t Officially Exist

The theme of the textbook is that the Russians were ruled by non-Russians. Rule by outsiders had predictably disastrous results for those without power: it was during this period that the most horrific mass murders of Russians occurred. The common sense of it is that Russians would not have murdered huge numbers of their own people in the name of international socialism.  (It takes Puritans to do that.) This leads to an often-repeated theme on this website: It is the ultimate folly to allow non-Whites — especially non-Whites with powerful historic grudges — to become a majority and develop the power to rule over Whites.

Also predictably, the article uses guilt-by-association arguments. An author of the textbook was the advisor to a student who is now on trial for murdering two anti-fascists, and the university where the text is used is “tainted by anti-Semitism” because it invited a Holocaust dissident to speak.

Okay. But does that show that the USSR was not ruled by non-Russians during this period or that Jews  were not an elite during the worst excesses of the  Soviet regime? The same can be said about the comment from the Jewish apologist attacking the idea that deportation of the Crimean Tatars was caused by the necessity of clearing the territory for the proposed Jewish republic. Even if true, it doesn’t go to the heart of the matter. Here’s what Solzhenitsyn says in Chapter 18:

The settlement of the Jews in the Crimea provoked the hostility of the Tatars (“Are they giving Crimea to the Jews?”) and dissatisfaction of local landless peasants. Larin writes “evil and false rumors are circulating throughout the country about removal of land from non-Jews, the expulsion of non-Jews and the particularly strong support the authorities have given to the Jewish settlers”. It went so far that the chairman of the CIK of the Crimean ASSR, Veli Ibraimov published an interview in the Simferopol paper Red Crimea (Sept 26, 1926) which Larin does not quote from, but which he claims was a manifestation of “evil bourgeois chauvinism” and a call for a pogrom.

Solzhenitsyn seems to agree that the Jews were treated very well by the government (with the help of foreign Jewish organizations), and he amply documents the resentments this caused among non-Jews. But he does not state that the Tatars were expelled because of Jewish settlement.

Of course, for all I know, the textbook doesn’t say that either. The Tatars weren’t deported until 1944, long after the project for Jewish settlement had fizzled.

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Edmund Connelly: Black Rage Means White People Die

Edmund Connelly: In his recent blog, Steve Sailer tells us about last week’s shooting of eight White workers near Hartford, Connecticut. Sailer notes that  although the only evidence discovered thus far about actual racist behavior toward the black shooter “appears to have been in the stupid and resentful mind of a thieving mass murderer, he was a black stupid and resentful thieving mass murderer, so attention must be paid.”

And of course the media is paying attention, as Christopher Donovan related in his blog “Hate-Fueled Black Mass Murderer in Connecticut Spun as ‘Disgruntled Man’ by Media.”

Am I the only one that is weary beyond description of the way the media and  American society more generally handle these cases of mass murders of Whites? We get endless sympathetic stories about what might have driven a generally good but troubled non-White soul to have suddenly lashed out and taken the lives of so many Whites.

About those suddenly dead Whites, however, we hear so little. No movies, no comments from the President, no front page New York Times stories. It’s not like these Whites came from the perpetual victim classes like Vincent Chin or Leon Klinghoffer.

It’s all summed in the narrative about Chai Vang, the Hmong immigrant who nearly six years ago took the lives of six innocent White hunters. Well, possibly not so innocent because Vang — and the mass media acting as the chorus behind him — claimed the hunters had used racial slurs against him. Case closed: Whites said something racist, so death was a foregone conclusion. And besides, justice was served.

In the present case of Omar Thornton, this narrative is duly repeated. For instance, in a story used by Sailer, Beer warehouse shooter long complained of racism, we read that the mass murderer was a really nice guy:

But underneath, Thornton seethed with a sense of racial injustice for years that culminated in a shooting rampage Tuesday in which the Connecticut man killed eight and wounded two others at his job at Hartford Distributors in Manchester before killing himself.

“I know what pushed him over the edge was all the racial stuff that was happening at work,” said his girlfriend, Kristi Hannah. …

Thornton, who grew up in the Hartford area, complained about racial troubles on the job long before he worked at Hartford Distributors.

“He always felt like he was being discriminated (against) because he was black,” said Jessica Anne Brocuglio, his former girlfriend. “Basically they wouldn’t give him pay raises. He never felt like they accepted him as a hard working person.”

Well, I think we can call this murderous workplace explosion another instance of “going postal.”

It also points to something deeper: a common pattern where a black employee goes after White co-workers. In particular, it reminds me of a chilling case back in 1994. In that incident, three White FedEx pilots were attacked inflight by fellow black pilot Auburn Calloway. Calloway, too, was obsessed with the idea that his career had stalled due to White racism. In fact, he believed it had begun when he was a naval aviator.

Having reached his limit, Calloway concocted a plan to kill the three-man crew of a DC-10, then crash the heavily-loaded plane into FedEx’s headquarters building at the hub in Memphis, Tennessee. To effect this plan, he signed on to “deadhead” aboard the flight and brought with him hammers, a knife, and a spear gun secreted in his guitar case.

To their great credit, the Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel showed in their series Mayday an accurate racial portrayal of attacker and victims. See this Video link from National Geographic Channel’s website. (You can also watch a re-enactment of the attack here in these YouTube segments.)

Here is an account of the attack where, thirty minutes into the flight, Calloway initiated his ambush of the White pilots:

None of the three men heard Calloway enter the cockpit. Sanders suddenly became aware of a struggle, and heard the awful sound of hammer blows raining down upon his crewmates. He turned to see both men slumped in their chairs, injured terribly, and a blood-soaked Auburn Calloway moving toward him.

Calloway swung wildly at Sanders. Some of the blows landed, some were deflected. The plane lurched as Sanders desperately tried to defend himself. Then something happened that Calloway had not counted upon. Tucker and Peterson recovered and began fighting back. Calloway was surrounded; he flailed about with the hammer, still inflicting gruesome injuries. The men would not give up, though . . .

The cockpit voice recorder transcript of the attack is worth reading to if only for the fact that it records with chilling clarity the risk Whites face due to the present multicultural arrangement that has been foisted upon us by a hostile elite:

DS = pilot Sanders

JT = co-pilot Tucker

P = flight engineer Peterson

AC = attacker Calloway

AW = autowarning

JT: Do you, uh, live over in Arkansas, Dave, or . . . ?

DS: Naw, I live in Fisherville.

JT: Aw, Fisherville, great spot.

(Sounds of hammer blows striking pilots.)

AP: Ow!

JT: God! Oh, ah, shit.

DS: God almighty!

AP: Ow!

JT: What the fuck are you doing?

DS: God, (groan), (groan), God almighty! God, God, God. . . .

JT: Get him, get him, get him

DS: He’s going to kill us.

JT: Get him!

DS: Get up, get him!

AP: I can’t, God!

UV: STOP! (unintelligible) Hold his goddamn . . .

AC: Sit down, sit down, get back in your seat, this is a real gun,

I’ll kill ya.

JT: Get him, get him, get him, get him, get him, get him!

AW: bank angle, bank angle…

JT: Get him, get him, get him!

AC: I’m gonna kill you! Hey, hey! I’ll kill ya!

AW: bank angle, bank angle

DS: Get him, get him, get him!

AW: bank angle, bank angle

DS: Yeah, get him!

AW: bank angle, bank angle

JT: Get him, get him, get him, Andy, I got the airplane!

AW: bank angle, bank angle

JT: Get him, Andy, get him!

AW: bank angle, bank angle

As Sanders and Peterson fought their attacker in the cabin, copilot Tucker “swung the aircraft into dangerous flight maneuvers in an attempt to literally knock the man off his feet.” At nearly 400 miles per hour, the copilot executed a barrel-roll, “as the three struggling men were tossed about the galley area, alternately weightless and pressed upon by three times their weight in G forces.

By now, the aircraft was inverted at 19,700 feet, and the alarmed air traffic controllers in Memphis were desperately calling for Flight 705.  Incredibly, after struggling with his attacker in the cabin, Sanders was able to return to his captain’s seat and land the plane, despite his near-fatal injuries and despite the fact that the DC-10 was grossly overweight for a landing.

You can read the whole account in the suspense-filled book Hijacked: The True Story of the Heroes of Flight 705.

I don’t mean to be voyeuristic with this use of the cockpit tapes. Rather, I want to wake people up. Despite the endless black carjacking murders of Whites, the rape-murder of White women, the murder of White police officers, and, like last week, the workplace executions of White men, people by and large still won’t wake up.

So I’m doing what I can to say, WAKE THE HELL UP!

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Edmund Connelly: American Government versus the People

Edmund Connelly:  Five or six years ago, I saw some kind of film purportedly showing the mass execution of scores of Eastern Europeans by a cadre of cold-blooded murderers. I didn’t know about YouTube then, so I can’t say if that was the source.

In the film clip, lines of naked Whites, mostly blond haired, were brought into a cellar in pairs and threes, lined up against a wall, and given bullets to the back of the skull. The floor was, needless to say, awash in blood. It was a singularly chilling image, and I wish I had never seen it.

What was truly shocking was the fact that the victims behaved in such a sheep-like manner. It seemed obvious what their fate was, yet these young men and women meekly awaited their turn to die. Only one White, a young woman, even protested while being lined up against the wall in the cellar.

The way it was shown, the Whites were generally tall and lanky, while the dark-clad executioners were short, stocky, and looked stereotypically Jewish. One executioner seemed to find his job almost amusing.

The point of the film clip was to “prove” that Bolsheviks had without compunction systematically massacred untold numbers of Eastern Europeans. Again, I have no idea whatsoever of the veracity of the film, so I would never claim it proves anything.

Thus it was with the shock of recognition when I finally read Yuri Slezkine’s powerful 2004 book The Jewish Century. In it, Slezkine unabashedly paints a picture of Jewish killers nearly as vivid as in the above film.

We read that during the Red Terror in Russia, some expressed shock that seemingly pacifistic Jews changed almost overnight: “We were amazed by what we had least expected to encounter among the Jews: cruelty, sadism, and violence had seemed alien to a nation so far removed from physical, warlike activity; those who yesterday did not know how to use a gun are now found among the executioners and cutthroats.” 

Slezkine also describes a “formerly oppressed lover of liberty [who] had turned into a tyrant of ‘unheard-of despotic arbitrariness.’” He had been “transformed outwardly into a leather-clad person with a revolver and, in fact, lost all human likeness.” He could now be pictured as “standing in a Cheka basement doing ‘bloody but honorable revolutionary work.’”    

Most succinctly, Slezkine writes, “anyone who had the misfortune to fall into the hands of the Cheka stood a very good chance of finding himself confronted with and possibly shot by a Jewish investigator.” Estimates are that up to twenty million non-Jews died during that horrendous period.  

It is with this as a background that I read a recent comment by an acquaintance whom I respect. In the course of discussing how even the even American military is pushing “diversity” at the expense of getting the absolute best recruits, she wrote, “Since one of my nightmares is that the US Army will one day be ordered to gun down Americans, I am not too distressed to learn that incompetence is selected.” 

That took me by surprise because this person is not the excitable type and doesn’t relish hyperbole. Chillingly, it also resonated with a thread I found among last week’s VDARE columnists. 

For example, Pat Buchanan wrote that “In communist countries in the Cold War, all understood that the government did not represent the people. The state was at war with the nation. That idea is taking root in America — the idea that our government no longer seeks to represent us.” 

That’s probably putting it mildly. Paul Craig Roberts, back at the keyboard he had sworn to abandon, wrote more ominously about America’s likely future:

The Roman Empire lasted for centuries. The American one collapsed overnight. Rome’s corruption became the strength of her enemies, and the Western Empire was overrun. America’s collapse occurred when government ceased to represent the people and became the instrument of a private oligarchy. Decisions were made in behalf of short-term profits for the few at the expense of unmanageable liabilities for the many. Overwhelmed by liabilities, the government collapsed

Robertson added elsewhere, “On July 12, Niall Ferguson, an historian of empire, warned that the American empire could collapse suddenly from weakness brought on by its massive debts and that such a collapse could be closer than we think.”

Finally, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, Ph.D., quoted this comment on VDARE:

Skousen also chides the Post report for failing “to show how connected certain companies are to the mercenary contractor explosion that is growing into a force that will eventually be used to threaten individual liberties at home. The Powers That Be don’t need to hire foreign armies to clamp down on American dissidents. They are training hundreds of thousands of mercenary Americans to do it and using foreign wars to sort out who is ruthless enough or unprincipled enough to take orders without questions—similar to the way the Nazis sorted and selected those who would form the Brownshirt and SS brigades.”

I mostly certainly hope all these observers are wrong and that life may continue in America without state-sponsored terror. Unfortunately, evidence is appearing that makes more than a few of us nervous.

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