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Hope for Bleeding Heart Social Justice Warriors

“When a ship goes down there are never enough lifeboats. Sailors are trained to beat off with violence those still in the sea once the lifeboat is full. If they do not—everyone dies. This is real compassion.”   Sam Gerrans I know that there are many of you who are deeply affected by the pitiable plight […]

Obama in Dallas: Will the Real America Please Stand Up?

I saw the entirety of Obama’s speech at the Dallas memorial service for the five fallen police officers. You have to give Obama this: He can certainly play the crowd.  He is much like the evangelical preacher who can manipulate his audience with ease. He seems able to talk at length without reference to notes, […]

Mark Zuckerberg: A Re-Incarnation of Marie Antoinette?

“Let them eat cake” Mark Zuckerberg’s Hawaiian wall: “Let them suffer higher population density outside my wall” News Item: Mark Zuckerberg builds a 6-foot wall on his 1150-acre Hawaiian estate, much to the annoyance of neighbors. It seems that ultra-billionaire Mark Zuckerberg wants two things. Privacy and space. Lots of space. His Hawaiin digs for example, […]

The Hurt Feelings Scale

This is Canada and you have no right to hurt my feelings Psychology professor Mark Leary of Duke University achieved notoriety for his construction of various “scales” for the purpose personality assessment. There is the “Interaction Anxiousness Scale”, the “Brief Fear of Negative Evaluation Scale”, the “Need to Belong Scale”, the “Blushing Propensity Scale”, the […]