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Hollywood Strikes Again Cultural Marxism through the medium of big box-office movies

A review of Elysium (see also “Elysium: An all too real dystopian vision of the future” It was my misfortune to stumble upon an action movie, that like so many others, did its part in insinuating Cultural Marxist propaganda into the consciousness of young viewers. Despite my disgust, I persisted in watching it because of […]

Ban Muslim Immigration? Damn Right!

Also posted at the website of the Council of European Canadians. CNN is pulling out all stops to discredit Donald Trump, even acknowledging the bias of elite media: With Trump’s call for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States, several of the nation’s most esteemed journalists and influential news outlets have set aside […]

Kärlek är allt vi behöver för att komma överens

Swedish translation of Tim Murray’s “Love is all we need to get along“; originally posted at NYANSERAT.NU Inbördeskrig gör nationer ”livfulla”. Etnisk homogenitet är tråkigt. Ja det finns blodbad, misär och desperation. Men närhelst det finns andrum mellan striderna, när det är paus i beskjutningen och bombningen, har medborgarna en rad spännande etniska rätter att […]

Love is all we need to get along

Civil wars make nations “vibrant”. Ethnic homogeneity is boring. Yes there is carnage, misery and desperation. But whenever there is an interlude in the fighting, when there is pause in the shelling and bombing, citizens have an array of exciting ethnic cuisines to choose from. During lunch breaks, there is unity in diversity. Ethnic conflict […]

Wanted: Strong Men

Human herd animals come in two genders — and some in between, apparently. But a quick tour of my island “arts” community reveals that a preponderance of them are female. Timid pack animals desperate to belong to the choir, and be accepted as such. They sing hymns from the elite media playbook, and preach the […]