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European or Ethnic Identity?

In light of the mass migrations of non-Europeans to Europe we must redefine the notion of the political. The notion of the political is eternal, although its wording, alongside its political conceptualization, takes on different names in different time periods. We must also clarify the meaning of political concepts, such as the concept of “multicuturalism”, […]

Björn Höcke and the Potential Return of Sanity in German Politics

On January 17th 2017, one of the leading members of Germany’s new alternative conservative party, Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), Björn Höcke, gave a speech before his party’s youth organization (Junge Alternative) in the city of Dresden. In his 20-minute speech, Höcke addressed the future of his party, its rebellious function and patriotic orientation, the architectural […]

Europa Terra Nostra Conference: European identity and the populist revolt in the USA and Europe

Europa Terra Nostra recently held a conference in Wismar, Germany titled “Freedom Conference, with a message of hope.” The conference was sponsored by the EU (!) because the EU sponsors groups associated with parties that are represented in the European Parliament. This includes Germany’s NPD (Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands; National Democratic Party of Germany) which has several […]