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Will the Alt Right take over the Republican Party?

Hillary Clinton’s Reno speech had plenty of ridiculous moments. The claim that Russia’s Vladimir Putin is behind the Alt Right is laughable, but one shouldn’t ignore its obvious pandering to neocons, many of whom are shilling for Hillary or, like Robert Kagan, are actually advising her on foreign policy. The rest of the neocons are […]

Jay Nordlinger’s virtue signaling

Jay Nordlinger’s “Struggling” gives another glimpse of the cuckservative mindset at National Review (where Nordlinger is senior editor). A general theme is that the NR community is more civilized and more moral than those nasty Alt Right people. It begins with a complaint that Trump’s new campaign manager, Stephen Bannon, uses bad words in private to refer […]

The Cuckservative Phenomenon

The cuckservative meme is suddenly everywhere. It’s brash, it’s witty, and it’s often embedded in visually appealing graphics — a new art form really (see collection here). It’s effective partly because its messages are short and simple. The SPLC, NYTimes, ADL et al. have been using this strategy for decades. Terms like “White supremacist,” “racist,” […]

Netanyahu election aftermath: Reaping the consequences of Israeli fanaticism

In my 2007 review of The Israel Lobby I noted that Mearsheimer and Walt try to see Israel as a normal state capable of making rational decisions, but the extremists are in charge and have been so at least since the 1967 War. Any attempt to make a meaningful withdrawal from the West Bank and Jerusalem […]

Patrick Cleburne smells Jewish money behind the Jeb Bush campaign

As American politics becomes ever more racialized, the powers that be are intent on defusing any hint that White people are at last determined to stop the unfolding horror. Back on December 8 the New York Times noted a desire to limit the field early on to prevent a “second-tier” candidate from winning the nomination. […]

Funding the Tories: Payback time for David Cameron

There are not many people who think their mantel would be improved by a bronze bust of British Prime Minister David Cameron, but Ukrainian oligarch Alexander Temerko appears to differ. He shelled out an eye-popping £90,000 for such a figurine at a Conservative Party fund raising auction in London in 2013. It was a small […]

Obama’s State of the Union Address (Edited and Abridged)

First draft. Not for release (but leaked through a bizarre email accident to Nick Griffin) Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, Suckers: We are 15 years into this new century. Nearly fifteen years covering up the truth about how 9/11 gave your real rulers the excuse to drag a new generation of poor young […]

Martin Luther King was a “Conservative Republican”

That’s what $arah Palin, Glenn Beck, William Bennett and a whole bunch of other conservatives would have you believe. They tell us that King stood for freedom, liberty and limited government. Conservatives love to proclaim “Bull Connor was a Democrat! And Martin Luther King was a Republican!” Here’s just a few examples: Martin Luther King […]

A Critical Look at Rush Limbaugh, Part Two: Conservatism in Crisis

Rush Limbaugh has claimed at various times to be “a conservative first and a Republican second.” He also espouses principles like the “power of truth.” But what he has done over the past quarter-century has often been inconsistent with that idealistic persona, and conservatism has suffered for it, as has the country. Following the election […]

The Republican Donor Class Hopes to Avoid a Populist Nominee

In my “Race and the 2014 election” I discussed the continuing racial polarization of America and how the Republican Party has become the party of Whites — that Whites of both sexes and all social classes and age groups are voting Republican. This includes the White working class, despite the fact that the White working class […]

A Critical Look at Rush Limbaugh

Part One: “Pursuit of Excellence” vs. Getting Along by Going Along With his millions of listeners, and the many imitators who in turn influence millions more, Rush Limbaugh has been a major force in shaping American politics for a quarter of a century. Recently when Charles Schumer spoke on the Senate floor about the impending […]

O’Reilly plays to White stereotypes of Blacks

Mainstream conservatives like Bill O’Reilly (if one can call O’Reilly a conservative at all given his support for the immigration amnesty/surge bill) love to appeal to the implicit Whiteness of their audience. Part of that is to show film clips of Blacks behaving badly (not for the first time). As the U.S. anxiously (or eagerly, depending […]

Worst Dead Conservative Writers

Who are the worst dead conservative writers? William Buckley would be my choice. (I have long used the term “Buckleyite” to describe the various phalanges of his far flung array of “conservative” groups. It’s a term that has been in public usage since the 1960s.) Robert Welch — not Ayn Rand — would be runner up. Together, […]

Immigration and the Recent GOP Primaries: What Next?

I have previously written here on the immigration-amnesty question.  Of relevance are the negative outcomes in those May 2014 Republican primaries that revolved around the immigration issue; essentially, pro-amnesty Establishment Republicans defeated the anti-amnesty and immigration restrictionist Tea Party-backed “outsiders.” It’s described by Patrick Cleburne at VDARE.  Some charitable commentators excuse these election outcomes by […]

The Blame Game

When is an apology not an apology? When it is the British government offering “deep regret” for the supposed misdeeds of its imperial forefathers. The latest mea culpa comes from Prime Minister David Cameron who has apologised to the Sikh community for Britain’s supposed role during the massacre at their holiest shrine, the Golden Temple […]

In Praise of Austerity: Remembering A Patriot and Prophet

Obstacle to Success I have to face facts: if I were Jewish, I’d probably be a devout liberal. If I were Jewish and American, I would have voted twice for Barack Obama, demanded justice for St. Trayvon (whose hoodie, like the relic of  a medieval saint, will likely be displayed at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, […]

Bill O’Reilly: Exploiting the race card but avoiding the real issue

Bill O’Reilly happens to be on while I’m at the gym (obviously I need an excuse to watch him), so I sometimes tune in  to make the time go by a little faster.  He is probably seen by most people as a conservative—which is why he is so poisonous. Right now he is plugging the […]

Martin Luther King was a “Conservative Republican”

That’s what $arah Palin, Glenn Beck, William Bennett and a whole bunch of other conservatives would have you believe. They tell us that King stood for freedom, liberty and limited government. Conservatives love to proclaim “Bull Connor was a Democrat! And Martin Luther King was a Republican!” Here’s just a few samples: Martin Luther King […]

The Politics of Non-White Ethnic Coalitions: Tipping Point of a Changing Electorate

Anyone who remembers the early 1960s—a period that Charles Murray describes as the zenith of American society—knows that our country is not the same. The America that Baby Boomers fondly immortalize is reaching the point of no return. It is the same America that Obama rebuffed when he criticized Mitt Romney for attempting to return […]

Ann Coulter: The Republican demise is all Teddy Kennedy’s fault

Ann Coulter’s column, “America nears a demographic tipping point,” has some good, if unoriginal points. Yes, we are nearing the point where pretty much all the White people will have to unite behind a candidate to win a presidential election. Even young Whites voted for Romney, with only 41% voting for Obama. This despite being […]

A Party of Plutocrats Has No Future

The Ideal vs. the Possible First I want to explain that White advocacy and electoral politics are two distinct matters. There is some relationship between the two, but they are different with their own guiding principles (especially in this winner-take-all electoral system, which rewards inscrutable blandness). To the extent that one is guided by the […]

Ann Coulter’s Jewish Problem

This article was originally posted on my website on November 19, 2007, before TOO came into existence. Coming before the 2008 election, it required a bit of updating, but I thought it an appropriate follow-up to Sterling Cooper’s review of Ann Coulter’s Mugged. Ann Coulter probably wishes she had never said  “We just want Jews to be perfected” on the Donny Deutsch […]

The case for Obama: Why four more years may be less disastrous than unrestrained GOP rule

Shortly after Mitt Romney locked up the GOP nomination, tried-and-true political axioms fell right into place. With the state primaries over and the August convention looming, Romney’s presidential campaign moved Left, a common window-dressing tactic intended to appeal to “moderate” and independent voters. GOP insiders, primarily advocates of the “Big Tent” Republican Party, believe that […]

Muslims decide the French election

A theme at TOO has been that the Democrat Party has become the party of the non-White (and often anti-White) coalition, able to win elections with less than 40% of the White vote. The Democrats aggressively pursue the importation of a new people, realizing that 60-95% of non-Whites will vote for them. And, as Pat […]

Silvio’s Gamble

“I’m a man of honour, a truthful person, a gentleman of absolute morality.” (Silvio Berlusconi, quoted in La Repubblica, July 13, 2003) The above statement must be taken with a grain of salt, of course. You don’t become a billionaire and owner of a vast media empire by trying to be everyone’s sweetheart. Yet it doesn’t […]

More racist newsletters from the past have emerged

The mainstream media, along with countless mainstream “conservatives”, have been attacking Ron Paul for un-PC sentiments expressed in his various newsletters back in the 1980s and 1990s. They’ve dredged up several quotes, from different issues and different years. I won’t rehash them all, but here’s the gist of a few of them: The Rodney King […]

Kevin MacDonald: Jonah Goldberg Loves Glenn Beck

Predictably, Jonah Goldberg has nothing but positive things to say about Glenn Beck’s extravaganza (LA Times, “Glenn Beck’s ecumenical moment”) Whereas we at TOO lament the fact that massive crowds of White people who are worried about their future are being lulled to sleep by this new Elmer Gantry, Goldberg shows his neocon heart by […]

James Edwards: Glenn Beck 8/28 rally — the death rattle of mainstream conservatism

Glenn Beck’s big rally at the Lincoln Memorial a couple days ago is the talk of the news media and the internet. Liberals are denouncing it, conservatives are walking on air, while tens of millions of people are completely mystified. And with good reason – if Seinfeld was a show about nothing, this massive gathering […]

Kevin MacDonald: Glenn Beck: More Clueless Conservatism

Sometimes it’s pretty obvious what’s wrong with conservatives. Glenn Beck’s Washington gathering turns out to have been a plea for a religious revival (NYTimes: “At Lincoln Memorial: A Call for Religious Rebirth“): “Something that is beyond man is happening,” Mr. Beck told the crowd, in what was part religious revival and part history lecture. “America […]

Edmund Connelly on Faux Conservatives

Edmund Connelly’s current TOO article explores the topic of faux conservatives. Particularly interesting is Michael Savage’s question “Who assaulted the White race? Who set out to destroy the White people?” This is a huge improvement on other MSM conservatives. I have never heard anything like that from the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, or your […]

Kevin MacDonald: The Genteel Mr. Bradlaugh

I agree with everything in Christopher Donovan’s blog on Bradlaugh’s take on the AmRen cancellation. But a couple of things Bradlaugh wrote stick in my craw. It used to be that Jews complained about genteel anti-Semites. Now we have people like Bradlaugh who spout genteel philo-Semitism: He complains about “the antisemitism of the AR followers, which […]

Christopher Donovan: Secular Right on the AmRen Shutdown

Christopher Donovan:  Over at Secular Right, the blog for religion-averse conservatives, “Bradlaugh” has weighed in on the outrage that was the threat-driven shutdown of the American Renaissance conference.  “Bradlaugh” sings the praises of Jared Taylor but decries the “anti-semitism” of some conference attendees.  I guess even under a pen name, you’ve got to watch out for […]

Second Fundraising Appeal: Why support The Occidental Observer?

Kevin MacDonald: The United States is headed for a political crisis. Patrick Buchanan wonders “Is this how democracy ends?”  Debt is skyrocketing and it is politically impossible for the Democrats or Republicans to deal with it — at least partly because of the rage of the tea partiers. These are the middle and lower middle […]

What’s gotten into Rush Limbaugh?

The ADL reports that Rush Limbaugh “raised the possibility that liberal Jews were having ‘buyer’s remorse’ with President Obama in light of the outcome of the Senate election in Massachusetts.” Limbaugh: To some people, banker is a code word for Jewish; and guess who Obama is assaulting?  He’s assaulting bankers.  He’s assaulting money people.  And […]

Avatar: Anti-White or Anti-American?

As Joe Webb’s review makes clear, Avatar is an anti-White movie. Today’s LA Times article by Patrick Goldstein (“Avatar: Why do conservatives hate the most popular movie in years?”) shows that the movie has been panned by conservatives. But of course no mainstream conservative could actually label the movie “anti-White.” That’s simply not an aproved […]

Memo to the Republican Party: You are a party of European-Americans. Accept it or die.

In the wake of the Republican defeat, there is the inevitable soul searching and jockeying for control. The project of defining the Republicans is quite a bit harder than for the Democrats. The Democrats don’t have an identity problem, at least since they got rid of the Southern contingent and unions (apart from government unions) […]