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Avoiding Nationalist-on-Nationalist violence: Electoral Politics vs. Cultural Metapolitics

White Nationalist websites appear to be abuzz with conflict these days. Occidental Dissent has a list, amusing or depressing depending on your mindset, of “beefs” between White Nationalists. The movement seems so fractious and sectarian at times it rather recalls the far-leftists inimitably parodied by Monty Python. I am now involved in this as Ted […]

Why I Write

Deep within the glorious maze of lost time that the archives of Counter Currents represents, I recently found the tag, “Why We Write.”  The essays under this umbrella, some of which originally appeared in The Occidental Quarterly, are a treat in no small part because they show a personal and human side to many authors who normally […]

Norway vs. Sweden on immigration: The importance of becoming part of the mainstream

In his article on the Africanization of France, Guillaume Durocher notes that no doubt North American White Nationalists can be critical of the FN’s [National Front’s] positioning [i.e., their  public stance that they are unconcerned whether the ethnic French become a minority in France]. I would note however that, as of today, this position is necessary […]

Natural Selection against Europeans: Why the Silence?

At his blog West Hunter, Greg Cochran writes  Natural selection is not an odd, unusual, poorly understood phenomenon like ball lighting. It is not something that last occurred 50 million years ago, like a kimberlite pipe eruption. And, of course, it applies to human behavioral traits, which are significantly heritable. Unless you think that the […]

Review of ‘Reuben’ by Tito Perdue

Reuben By Tito Perdue Washington Summit Publishers, 2014 290 Pages; $24.95 Reuben, Tito Perdue’s eighth published novel, is by far the 75-year-old author’s most subversive, incendiary, and defiantly reactionary work yet. It is bound to offend. It is sure to provoke. It is an apt and needful epic for our times and for our kind. […]

Obama’s Emancipation Proclamation: Immigration by Executive Fiat

A day that will live in infamy. A day of greater importance than Yorktown, Plymouth Rock, Gettysburg, Appomattox and Pearl Harbor all put together. It gives me little pleasure to pat myself on the back and remind people that years ago I predicted that if Congress did not take down the borders, the Executive Branch […]

Varg Vikernes — Persecution of a Nordic Patriot

Musician Kristian ‘Varg’ (Wolf) Vikernes, who recently went on trial in France for ‘inciting racial hatred and glorifying war crimes,’ isn’t a household name. Even within the extreme heavy metal scene he helped create back in the early 90s his name is slowly diminishing if not into oblivion, then into ignominy. He is, however, an […]

Council of European Canadians: An excellent website in defense of the people and culture of the West

Ricardo Duchesne is a professor at the University of New Brunswick and well-known to TOO readers. His latest project is the Council of European Canadians whose website includes a noteworthy mission statement as well as regular articles, mainly by Prof. Duchesne. Whereas many conservative organizations are terrified to phrase their arguments in ethnic or racial terms (“limited government,” […]

Political correctness in reviews of Nicholas Wade’s “A Troublesome Inheritance”

There are a wide range of reviews of Nicholas Wade’s A Troublesome Inheritance, but some difficult implications are downplayed.   1. With few exceptions (e.g., Jared Taylor, “Nicholas Wade takes on the regime” and Bo and Ben Winegard, “Darwin’s dual with Descartes“), a common tactic is to acknowledge that race exists but then claim that evidence for a […]

Greg Johnson’s ”New Right vs. Old Right”

Review of New Right versus Old Right by Greg Johnson At the micro level it is still possible to call America a democratic country — with various local officials being elected by a citizenry fortified by the right to bear arms and express their opinions.  But at the macro level — that of cities, states, […]

Dugins Fjärde Politiska Teori är för ett ryskt imperium — inte för europeiska etnonationalister

22Maj, 2014av Domitius Corbulo Skriv ut artikelnTextstorlek -16+ Den europeiska Nya Högern och identitärer har på senare tid lyft fram Alexander Dugin, en person som har blivit högaktuell med anledning av krisen i Ukraina. Men hans idéer är ingenting för europeiska etnonationalister, utan enbart en geopolitisk strategi för ett ryskt imperium och ett söndertrasat, mångkulturellt och kulturmarxistiskt västerland. Bara […]

Nationalists, Jews and the Ukrainian Crisis: Some Historical Perspective

Recent days have seen several comments touching on the allegedly fascist or anti-Semitic leanings of Ukrainian nationalists involved in the revolution. Most recently, Vladimir Putin has stated that the revolutionaries are a band of “fascists” and “reactionary anti-Semitic forces” that have gone “on a rampage.” Commentators remain divided on whether Putin truly believes Ukraine to […]

Norman Lowell for MEP 2014

Readers of The Occidental Observer may be interested to learn that Norman Lowell’s “far-right” Imperium Europa group is running candidates for this year’s European Parliament elections; among these candidates representing Malta is Mr. Lowell himself. Norman Lowell is a long-time fighter for Europe, the European peoples, and our culture and civilization.  Although (and this should […]

UKIP — Britain’s latest right-turn through a meandering political wilderness

With the European Parliamentary elections imminent, talk of UKIP’s chances of a major breakthrough has reached fever pitch in the mainstream media, with some lauding them as a potential saviour to the British people and their way of life. As is often the case, however, TOO readers have seen several would-be advocates of our culture […]

Is White Nationalism Real?

Theoretically, White Nationalism is the political ideology supporting the formation of a homogenous state or “homeland” for the White race.  Although the definition might vary somewhat, the concept is universally consistent. Obviously the philosophy is real, but is the movement endorsing the dogma a reality?  Is White Nationalism figurative terminology in efforts to make the […]

Review of “I Like the White World” by Mark Butterworth

Mark Butterworth is a California author with nine books to his credit on, including such intriguing titles as My Inferiors and A Man with Three Great German Shepherds (and 1000 troy ounces of gold). I Like the White World provides further proof he is not cut out for Oprah’s book club or the Times […]

After the Fall: Beyond Nationalism

What follows is my speech delivered at the NPI conference at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington DC, on October 26, 2013 Ladies and Gentlemen, We could replace the noun ‘the fall’ with other related words having stronger, more loaded meanings, such as ‘the end time’ or ‘chaos’ — or ‘the end of a world,’ […]

The Assault on Golden Dawn Is an Assault on All European Peoples

Greece joins Belgium in showing what has to be done by the champions of “democracy” when the Sheeple do not vote as nanny tells them! First, several years ago the Vlaams Bloc party in Belgium was criminalized by the defeated parties after (or because?) it won the elections in Flanders. Now, the “Greek” government shuts […]

Are Whites Pathological? Yes and No: Part 2

Go to Part One. Part one of this writing examined the status of White people from an individualistic, in contrast to an aggregate, perspective.  Part two explores the implications of that analysis and depends on the reader’s familiarity with the material in part one. White analysis, advocacy, and action need to be grounded in the […]

Are Whites Pathological? Yes and No: Part 1

Kevin MacDonald recently noted,  “Whatever blame for our situation that we [Whites] place on others, the bottom line is that we are allowing the unfolding disaster to happen.  It is unprecedented for a civilization to voluntarily cede political and cultural hegemony to others, particularly when so many of these people harbor hatreds and resentments toward […]

Stockholm Syndrome and White Genocide

Stockholm Syndrome is the psychological phenomenon whereby captives bond with their captors even to the point of sympathizing with and defending them. It is thought to have its roots in our hunter-gatherer past, where the experience of being forcibly co-opted into a new band of hunter-gatherers was a not uncommon occurrence. Usually it is viewed […]

Boycotting General Mills

Readers of TOO have by now no doubt read about the recent controversy of the Cheerios commercial featuring a mixed race family (Black father, White mother, mixed child).  This has provoked a so-called “racist backlash” from people justifiably outraged by this celebration/promotion of miscegenation.  Of course, the “racist backlash” has itself provoked the usual hysterical […]

The West against Europe

The following is the English translation of my speech in French, given in Lyon, France, on May 25, for the French identitarians (students, members of the “GUD” and “Europe Identité.”)  The speech was delivered in honor of the late Dominique Venner, a historian and philosopher who committed suicide on May 21. On May 26, the […]

What the Immigration Debate Really Should Be About

Editor’s note: It strikes me that until we talk explicitly about racial/ethnic genetic interests, we cannot win. The 1924 Immigration Restriction Act was based on an explicit assertion of an ethnic status quo which assumed that each group currently in the country had an interest in maintaining their ethnic representation. The Boasian attack on the […]

Jason Richwine on IQ and Immigration

The Jason Richwine saga is a critical barometer of the political climate of our times. As everyone knows by now, he resigned from his position at the Heritage Foundation after his involvement in a report on the economic costs of immigration (since strongly endorsed by Steve Camarota of the Center for Immigration Studies, writing in […]

Facing the Future as a Minority

This speech was delivered at the 2013 American Renaissance conference, which took place on April 5–7 near Nashville, Tennessee.  It was posted originally at the website of the National Policy Institute For as long as anyone can remember, immigration has been the chief political concern at gatherings such as this. At last night’s cocktail party, […]

The Pareto Principle In Racial Nationalist Activism

A concept of great utility for racial nationalist activism is the so-called “Pareto Principle” or the “rule of 80/20.”  Put briefly, the Pareto Principle states that 80% of effects come from only 20% of causes.  Although the specific 80:20 ratio, or an approximation of it, is often observed with various phenomena, we should not get […]

Letter to the ADL re Merlin Miller and the American Freedom Party

American Freedom Party 9811 W. Charleston Blvd. Suite 2-441 Las Vegas, NV 89117       National Chairman: William D. Johnson, Esq.  Executive Director: Don Wassall, Esq. Board of Directors: Kevin MacDonald, Ph.D. Tom Sunic, Ph.D. Dr. Adrian H. Krieg Virginia Abernethy, Ph.D. James Edwards Alex Carmichael, Esq. Harry Bertram  Membership Coordinator: Jamie Kelso   […]

Thoughts on Secession

In a recent column, Pat Buchanan noted that secession is in the air: While no one takes this movement as seriously as men took secession in 1861, the sentiments behind it ought not to be minimized. For they bespeak a bristling hostility to the federal government and a dislike bordering on detestation of some Americans […]

Gregory Hood’s “White Nationalist Memo”

Right now at the Counter-Currents site, there is a superb essay by Gregory Hood called “A White Nationalist Memo to White Male Republicans.” Coming as it does on the heels of Republican Mitt Romney’s loss to non-White incumbent Barack Obama, the memo coldly informs White males that there is zero chance the Republican party is […]

Disenfranchised White Males: Time for Secession

My impression is that in 2008 the mainstream media was basking in the glow of multicultural heaven with the election of Obama. There was very little commentary on the racial pattern of the results and what they portended a difficult time ahead for the Republicans (at TOO, we’ve been on it). This time around, one […]

Ethnocentrism is normal and rational

The most often heard accusation by liberals against white nationalists and critics of mass immigration is that they are bedevilled by “irrational fears”.  White nationalists are parochial and unsophisticated, outside the standards of morality, lacking in sympathy and compassion for others and for “humanity” itself. But none of this is true. Science is now educating […]

Dr. Virginia Abernethy’s Response to USA Today article

Editor’s note: Dr. Virginia Abernethy is running for Vice-President for the American Third Position. (Merlin Miller is A3P’s presidential candidate.) The following is her response to an article on her, also reprinted below, that appeared in USA Today and The Tennessean (Nashville). Dr. Abernethy has also given two video interviews on these issues, link below The Tennessean […]

Stages of Developing a White Advocacy Movement

At present the White Advocacy Movement is in the idea-formation phase, actually well advanced. For example, Frank Salter’s On Genetic Interests and Kevin MacDonald’s trilogy on Judaism and other writings form part of a larger literature that analyses the threats faced by White America and the West in general. That has taken a lot of work, typically in the face of discouragement from colleagues […]

Vanishing Anglo-Saxons: Jared Taylor’s White Identity and the Crisis “We” Face, Part 2

The Sin of Americanism From birth, the American Adam was stained by the original sin of the American Republic.  Loyalist writers, many of whom were royal officials or Anglican clergymen, warned that the colonial rebellion was spawning an embryonic system of anarcho-tyranny.  They saw clearly that the revolutionary republic undermined “deference for established leaders and […]

Whites versus Anglo-Saxons

In the current main article, “Vanishing Anglo-Saxons”, Andrew Fraser frames his appeal to Anglo-Saxons rather than to the “‘thin’ statistical abstraction” of White.” Further, in his book The WASP Question he argued that the concept of Whiteness “always implied the inherent equality of anyone passing” for White (p. 222), a logic that repelled conservatives who […]

Vanishing Anglo-Saxons: Jared Taylor’s White Identity and the Crisis “We” Face, Part 1

Introduction Jared Taylor is a racial realist.  He believes that racial differences are real and not merely a social construct.  He has spent decades defending the White race, as distinct from the Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians who share his American citizenship. But Taylor is not just a generic White man.  He is also an Anglo-Saxon […]

Anti-White racism condemned by a mainstream French politician

Two months before the election of the new chairman of the French centre-right party UMP, its secretary-general and candidate for the chairmanship, Mr. Jean-François Copé, published a manifesto with the title ‘Manifesto for a Right unhibited’. Le Figaro, a leading French newspaper associated with the right, has published some abstracts. I have translated one of […]

United States Congressman stands tall during live interview on The Political Cesspool Radio Program

On Saturday night we had the privilege of hosting the Honorable United States Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC) on our award-winning talk radio program. Rep. Jones has long been a principled leader who, like us, allows his life to be guided by his faith in God. His thirty minute live appearance was both cordial and enthusiastic. […]

Grammy winner Ray Stevens interviewed by James Edwards

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to go into the studio and tape an interview with Ray Stevens, who now joins a long list of entertainers, such as Ted Nugent, that have appeared on our award-winning show. They have appeared despite the fact that our show has had many well-known guests who explicitly advocate […]

The Southern Point: Rhetorically Speaking

A world is supported by four things…the learning of the wise, the justice of the great, the prayers of the righteous and the valor of the brave. But all of these are as nothing…without a ruler who knows the art of ruling. Make that the science of your tradition!                                       -Frank Herbert, Dune The Old […]

Chapter 10 of “Our Vision for America — Common Sense Revisited”: Immigration/Race

Our Vision for America: Common Sense Revisited is a book-length position statement by Merlin Miller, presidential candidate for the American Third Position Party; Adrian Krieg, Board Member of the American Third Position, is co-author.  The book may be ordered for $9.95  here (see also below). The A3P is currently recruiting activists to work on the campaign. Chapter 10, […]

How to read

It is far easier to reflect on the art of dating than on the art of reading. For a student in humanities the main concern must not be which author he needs to read and which one he needs to discard, but rather how to read and how to interpret the text. Before he flips […]

A Winning Mindset for Effective Advocacy

The following is the original text of the speech delivered by James Edwards to the American Renaissance Conference last weekend in Nashville, Tennessee. Thank you, Jared, for that generous introduction, and thank you for inviting me to speak at American Renaissance 2012. The bi-annual AmRen Conference is the premier event in the cause of European-American […]

On the Path to Practical Politics

I was asked by Dr. MacDonald to write an introduction to a body of knowledge which he felt important to bring to the attention of TOO readers.  I struggled with this, first writing a long essay discussing and describing this knowledge, then I realized that the whole point of introducing it wasn’t to paraphrase or […]

American Renaissance Conference makes news

I returned home late last night from an absolutely exhilarating weekend spent at the American Renaissance Conference! (Here’s the summary of the conference on the AmRen website.) It was such a delight to meet so many fans of The Political Cesspool Radio Program,several of whom told me they would not have known about the event had […]

The Racialization of American Politics Continues

Ron Brownstein has another piece on the racialization of American politics (“White like me: Almost all of the people voting in GOP presidential primaries are white. That’s not good for the party—or the nation.”) Brownstein, being a Jewish liberal, sheds crocodile tears about the plight of the Republican Party resulting from its “epic failure … to […]

Crescenta Valley European American Heritage Festival

It’s important to have public displays that reaffirm White identity and pride. In my area, the Crescenta Valley European American Society is putting on a European American Heritage Festival that celebrates the cultural roots of the European majority. The festival will be held on Saturday, March 31. We are all familiar with public displays of […]

The execrable Tim Wise is at it again.

There’s an interview with the execrable Tim Wise at Truthout. (TOO articles on Wise:  Mark Green: My Smackdown with Anti-White Crusader Tim Wise; “Tim Wise Hates White People”: see also here and here.) The interview is not really worth reading. The only thing that stuck out was his claim that Whites identify more with other Whites rather than non-Whites in […]

The Solutrean Hypothesis

The Solutrean hypothesis of the first peoples to inhabit North America is getting positively respectable to the point that the Washington Post has deigned to publish a longish article on the topic (“Radical theory of first Americans places Stone Age Europeans in Delmarva 20,000 years ago“). The occasion is the publication of a book by […]

Pat Buchanan Fired from MSNBC

We should all he outraged that Pat Buchanan has been fired by MSNBC. As he notes (“The New Blacklisting“;, his firing came after “after an incessant clamor from the left” resulting from the release of his book, Suicide of a Superpower. The problem is that Buchanan doesn’t accept the dogma that our multiracial/multicultural future is going […]

Shaming the Non-Jewish Elite

A friend commenting our on how the elites are pulling away from the rest of America, as seen here.  Quite clearly, a large percentage are Jews (e.g., around 40% of American billionaires.) His point is that we have to concentrate on the non-Jews among the elite:  The non-Jewish members of the money elite are also corrupted. After […]

Anxiety about a Northwest White Homeland

The LATimes, always quick to pick up on new trends, published a propaganda piece by Kim Murphy which does its level best to pathologize Whites who want to live with other Whites  (“White supremacists revive dream of a homeland in Northwest.”) (Actually, the trend has also been noticed by the SPLC and vy George Soros’ Media […]

Counter-Currents Interview

I did an interview with Counter-Currents’ Greg Johnson and Mike Polignano—more of a discussion really. It touches on some important topics related to psychology, the nature of the West, and what kinds of people we want as White advocates.

Foreword to Irmin Vinson

I wrote a foreword to Irmin Vinson’s Some Thoughts on Hitler that is now posted at Countercurrents. I was not aware of Vinson, but having read him, I strongly recommend his book of essays.

Dmitri Rogozin: Russians do not want privileges, but equality and justice

The World Policy Forum recently held a conference in Yaroslavl titled “The modern state in the age of social diversity.” It has attracted wide the attention of Russians as well as foreign experts and analysts. In particular, the speech delivered by Dr. Dimitry Rogozin, the Permanent Representative of Russia to NATO has attracted considerable attention […]

The Empire Attacks Ron Paul

The Iowa  vote is fast approaching, and with a possibility that Ron Paul could come out on top, the media is in full-fledged attack mode. Following pieces in The New Republic, The Weekly Standard, and the LA Times (pop quiz: What do these media outlets have in common?), the New York Times chimes in with […]

The Balkanization of the System: Ernst Jünger and the Endtimes, Part 3

Jünger’s alter ego, the Anarch, should not be surprised at the sight of a new Holy Alliance between the Merchant and the Commissar, between Big Business and the Left. The Left favors mass immigration because immigrants, in its eyes, represent the substitute symbol of the new proletariat. For the capitalist it is also advantageous to […]

White Ethnocentrism as Psychopathology: Anders Breivik and Emma West

A major theme of The Culture of Critique is that several Jewish-dominated intellectual movements developed theories in which ethnocentrism by Whites (and only Whites) was an indication of psychiatric disorder. This was true not only of the Frankfurt School, perhaps the main offender, but also Richard Hofstadter’s diagnosis of “status anxiety” for Whites concerned about […]

Our Weapon: The Truth

Some of our people seem to regard honesty as an impediment. More than that, they think it is clever, having ascertained the crooked practices of some of our racial adversaries, to do as they do. This is a wrong attitude. The tactics that have been used by our enemies will not always work for us. […]

An Encouraging Report on Populist Attitudes in Europe

UK-based think tank Demos has put out a report on supporters of European populist groups  (“The rise of Populism in Europe can be traced to online behaviour”).  The report is based on over 10,000 survey responses filled out by followers of Facebook pages maintained by 14 such groups in 11 countries (e.g., France’s Front National, […]

The Lost Soul of WASP America, Part 2

A Nation of Nations The harsh reality that America is a “nation of nations” may at long last be sinking in.  But, one cannot be confident; Tea Partiers remain steadfastly in denial as they demand “their” country back.  As if the Constitutional Republic was ever “theirs” to have and to hold in fee simple!  At […]

Robin Hood Belongs To Us

White Advocates don’t necessarily share political views beyond the immediate scope of our common defense of our heritage and identity. Heck, we can’t even agree on which aspects of our heritage are worth preserving or how to define our identity. Some of us would be within the bounds of mainstream conservative discourse were it not […]

The Importance of Columbus Day

Columbus Day has suffered an unprecedented diminution in importance in recent years, at least in the eyes of the arbitors of modern American culture. Why? Columbus Day celebrates Christopher Columbus, the first European (White person) to come to the Western Hemisphere and make the presence permanent. Columbus Day, in other words, celebrates the advent of […]

The Southern Point: Bardic Dynamic

After many and long attempts to analyze complex problems by the aid of the method of analogies, you feel the uselessness of all your efforts; you feel that you are walking alongside a wall. And then you begin to experience simply a hatred and aversion for analogies, and you find it necessary to search in […]

National Policy Institute Conference

I’ve just returned home to Memphis after an exhausting and victorious weekend in Washington, D.C.! Detailed reports of all the festivities will continued to be posted on our website, so be sure to stay tuned over the course of the next few days. However, I first wanted to share with you some pictures of the press […]

The Proud and Lonely Road

An Eagle soars alone, a Crow prefers the Flock Friedrich Rückert (1788 – 1866) If measured with a Christian yardstick, Pride isn’t a virtue but an affliction. It persuades people to despise lesser folks. It is strictly egoistic. It usually augurs a cold, cold heart. And it is a serious obstacle on the way to […]

Dmitry Rogozin: Within the Russian Mainstream

An article in the Financial Times adds some interesting details about Rogozin and the situation in Russia (“Medvedev appeals for ethnic tolerance“). First, things are definitely heating up: Opinion polls show that 55-60 per cent of Russians support the slogan “Russia for the Russians”, and nationalism threatens to become the new centre of gravity in […]

Shame and Fear–The two Emotions of White Self-Destruction

A correspondent from the UK recently wrote: I am still very fearful and very programmed…to the extent that I still cannot stomach supporting outfits like the British National Party (I’m English). I’m not saying this to you as a criticism of the BNP, but as a psychological point in that, I am totally committed to […]

Charles Lindbergh Videos

The current TOO video is a 9-minute segment from Charles Lindbergh’s famous (our elites would say ‘notorious’) Des Moines speech of September 11, 1941 where he described the three forces that were leading the U.S. to war: The British, the Jews, and the Roosevelt administration. Discussing the roles of the British and Roosevelt was not […]

American White Awareness during World War II

World War II is often referred to as the war against racism, as if it were fought to prevent future racial discrimination. This is far from the truth. In fact there are numerous accounts which show explicit White consciousness. This piece does not pretend to give a complete picture, but rather points out some illustrative examples. Pearl Harbor and […]

Ludwig F. Clauss: Racial Style, Racial Character (Part II)

Continuing from Part I with a translation of parts of the third edition (1943) of Rasse und Seele, by Ludwig F. Clauss. “To each according to his kind, to each according to his style” The movement of the body is the expression of the movement of the soul. This can best be seen in the […]

White Participation in the Riots in England?

It’s frustratingly difficult to get any solid information on the  racial composition of the riots in England, so I thought I would elicit comment. The official account seems to be that race had nothing to do with it. For example: These are not race riots: Though they began, on Saturday afternoon, with a small protest […]

Honestly, What Will It Take?

This summer we had the Wisconsin State Fair with mobs of Black “youths” beating Whites. Then a far bigger Black uprising in London and other parts of England.  The Mainstream Media tried to spin it as non-racial but the imagery coming to us gave the lie to that. Honestly, this brings me back to the […]

Ludwig F. Clauss: Racial Style, Racial Character (Part I)

The liberal-communist propaganda against Fascism and National-Socialism has produced results contrary to those originally anticipated. It has created the conceptual model of a value system that often defies the objective reality of the bygone Fascist and National-Socialist epochs. It has given birth to dangerous and subconscious infatuation with hyperreal would-be Fascism, best to be seen […]

Stephen Walt on Anders Brevick, Immigration, and Western Culture

If there’s one characteristic that defines the European nationalist parties, it is that they have eschewed racialist rhetoric in favor of cultural arguments. Geert Wilders, Marine LePen, et al. have claimed that Islam is incompatible with Western culture—that Muslims refuse to assimilate and have values that are incompatible with Western modernity, particularly on women and […]

Does the Norway Atrocity Make Nationalism Illegitimate? A Reply to Stephen Walt

My first thoughts on learning about the mass murder committed by Anders Behring Breivik in Norway on 23rd July 2011 were mixed with emotions. That such atrocity could be committed in the name of something I also believe in–the defence of the West from Third World colonization–was sickening. Should I feel shame? Perhaps. I certainly felt […]

The effect of Breivik’s actions on Geert Wilders and the PVV

The killings of Anders Breivik, although shocking by their sheer scale, are nothing new for Dutchmen: Holland is used to political killings since the murders of anti-immigration politician Pim Fortuyn in 2002 and Islam-critic Theo van Gogh in 2004. It has long since lost its innocence after a period of self-preceived tolerance. The meteoric rise […]

Letter from Sweden: Fallout from Breivik

This appeared as a comment on a TOO article but has general interest. Ed. I think many here have misunderstood why European nationalist parties have taken this much of the Zionist and neo-conservative position to heart. Firstly, ethnic nationalism is more or less failed for the moment – but may not be so in the […]

Breivik’s “The great Satan, his cult and the Jews”

The section of Anders Breivik’s 2083: A European Declaration of Independence titled “The great Satan, his cult and the Jews” focuses on Jewish issues. He is unsparing in his criticism of Hitler (the “great Satan”) and the National Socialists, blaming their defeat in WWII  for the rise of multiculturalism and European self-immolation. He makes a […]

Anders Breivik as a Nordicist

It’s been noted, particularly on the racialist, paleoconservative right, that Anders Breivik’s ideas closely resemble the ideas usually associated with the neoconservatives: Strong support for Israel and opposition to Islam. For example, in his book, Breivik cites Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, and he includes several excellent articles from the Gates of […]

White Refugees from Third World Barbarism: The Case of South Africa, Part 1

The Battle of Jus Sanguinis (Right-of-Blood) River Campaign Jus Sanguinis is a legal term that refers to Right of Blood citizenship, to preserve a nation’s cultural and ethnic homogeneity; as opposed to Jus Soli, which refers to Right of Soil citizenship. The Jus Sanguinis Campaign is a group of South Africans who have researched their […]

Breivik: Imposing Costs on Multicultural Elites

The following is from an article in Al-Jazeera by Robert L. Lambert, the co-director of the European Muslim Research Centre (EMRC) at the University of Exeter (“Nationalists pose a bigger threat than Al-Qaeda“). Judging by his editorials in The Guardian, Lambert is pro-Muslim. Breivik may have to explain to outsiders why he did not choose […]

The Political Ideas of Anders Behring Breivik

A quite clear picture of Anders Behring Breivik emerges from this collection of his online posts. I thought the following quotes were reasonably representative; they are edited slightly for English usage. These snippets portray a Geert Wilders-type of cultural conservative, very opposed to ethnocentrism as a strategy, very positive about the Vienna School, staunchly pro-Israel […]

The Brandon McInerney Hate Crime Trial

At age 14 Brandon McInerney fatally shot Larry King, age 15  and a fellow student at his high school. The victim was a gay cross dresser who wore high-heeled boots, makeup and jewelry to school, and had made a series of public sexual advances toward McInerney. McInerney, who is not gay and had a girlfriend, took […]

Charles Bloch: Is Being Anti-White Good for the Jews?

It’s refreshing to see Charles Bloch discuss “anti-white Jews in his recent article (“Race Realism: Good for the Jews, Good for America“). He also acknowledges that it is undeniable that Jews are vastly overrepresented in a number of anti-Western political and intellectual movements, such as liberalizing our immigration policy, suppressing legitimate scientific study of racial differences, and promoting anti-white […]

Dr. Virginia Abernethy joins American Third Position Board of Directors

In addition to my duties as host of The Political Cesspool Radio Program, I serve as a member of the Board of Directors of the Council of Conservative Citizens and American Third Position. That being said, I am pleased to announce that my friend, Dr. Virginia Abernethy, recently joined Bill Johnson, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Dr. Tom Sunic, and […]

Griffin Must Go: British Nationalism On Hold

Across Europe ethno-nationalist parties have been making considerable gains, but in Britain, one of the countries most threatened by mass immigration, multi-culturalism, and the liberal fascist thought crime legislation needed to maintain this unnatural state, the main ethno-nationalist party, the BNP, has been failing miserably. In recent months, the party’s vote has dropped dramatically in […]

Review of Confessions of a Reluctant Hater

Greg Johnson is a radical, an elitist, perhaps even a dreaded “vanguardist”. He doesn’t waste what little patience he has on the myriad schemes concocted by White Advocates to compromise our goals, water down our message, or conceal our agenda. His debut book, Confessions of a Reluctant Hater, is ostensibly “some of [his] more introductory and […]

Whites Feel Discriminated Against

A recent  psychology paper suggests a bit of trouble on the road to our glorious multicultural future. The title says it all: “Whites See Racism as a Zero-Sum Game That They Are Now Losing” by Michael I. Norton and Samuel R. Sommers (Perspectives on Psychological Science 6(3), 215-218, 2011). The paper documents “an emerging belief […]

Confessions of a Former Racist

I repent my former heresy.  I realize the error of my ways.  I was so wrong to believe that my race, the White race, has a legitimate claim to identity or any right to advance its collective interests.  Now I know that as a White man, it is my duty to wait on the sidelines […]

Crusading Popes in Defense of the West

Paul Crawford’s essay, “Four Myths about the Crusades” is a wonderful antidote to the received wisdom about the Crusades. According to the standard account, the crusades are depicted as a deplorably violent episode in which thuggish Westerners trundled off, unprovoked, to murder and pillage peace-loving, sophisticated Muslims, laying down patterns of outrageous oppression that would […]

The Rise of the European Populists

The progress of populist nationalist parties in Europe is starting to get on the radar in America. Dalibor Rohac’s Wall Street Journal article, “The Rise of the European Populists,” is a harbinger of what will surely be a media storm of hostility when, as seems likely, the European nationalists join the governments in several countries. […]

Strategies for White Advocacy

Do not employ or accept the terms of your enemy Never accept the defamatory phrase “non-Hispanic White.”  White men must never be defined by what they are not, especially not in their own White nations.  Never pass up an opportunity to publicly hoist an anti-White activist by his own petard by vociferously condemning the use […]

Encouraging Developments in Hungary

Recently the right-wing Hungarian government has drafted a new constitution (English translation) which is christened “a constitution for the 21st century”. This constitution is so revolutionary that the European Commission is going to review it because of ‘worrying clauses’ such as the ban on abortion and same sex marriage. “Family friendly, hostile to gays,” as […]

The Southern Point, Part 2: Agrarians and Cavaliers

Up until recently it has been very difficult to combat the Northern domination of the press and its ability to manipulate public opinion both here and abroad. This was true in the 19th century and even more so in the 20th when Jewish forces joined the radical left in America, rallying around the press and other media […]

Harold Covington’s Northwest Quartet

In 1989, prolific British writer Paul Johnson published Intellectuals offering case studies of a string of intellectuals, beginning with Jean-Jacques Rousseau and then Shelley, Marx, Ibsen, Tolstoy, Hemingway, Bertolt Brecht, Bertrand Russell, Sartre, right on down to more modern public thinkers. Johnson’s point is that however much these men (and Lillian Hellman) might have professed […]

Which Way White Man? (Part 2)

Every human wants to physically and racially look better than he actually does; wants to date and mate with a racially better looking partner than he is; his role model must be both intellectually and racially better than himself. Even the most ardent White liberal advocate of racial miscegenation is secretly keen about grooming his […]

Moral Choices

The recent TOO article by Dr. Lasha Darkmoon on Rachel Corrie is indicative of the emotional appeal of the Palestinian cause. There is a powerful moral message: An attractive young woman motivated by a sense of moral idealism brutally murdered while trying to help an oppressed people — people who are ethnically and religiously different […]

On the Western Tendency to Moral Universalism

I am in the rather odd position of trying to rebut comments made in the article by Richard Spencer that I posted. But it’s a good opportunity to clarify my ideas. Richard has two objections to my theory that individualism has something to do with the attraction of CPAC conservatives to the universalist rhetoric of […]