Unexamined, Unquestioned, Unchallenged: Jewish Power in Brave New Britain

Ehud Sheleg. Who is he? CFI. What is that? The vast majority of people in Brave New Britain still don’t have a clue, because the mainstream media completely ignored these very interesting and important questions during the just-ended general election.

The biggest lobbying group in British politics

But this is the Occidental Observer, the Home of Hate, and we think that interesting and important questions deserve answers. Sir Ehud Sheleg (born 1955) is the Israeli Jew and possible “binary options” fraudster who is currently Treasurer of the Conservative Party. He succeeded Sir Mick Davis, a Jew from South Africa, in 2019 and has openly admitted in the Jewish Chronicle that he puts Israel’s interests above those of any other country. And CFI? That’s Conservative Friends of Israel, described in the same Jewish Chronicle as “the biggest lobbying group in Westminster [i.e., British politics].”

The Goy Grovel: Sajid Javid, Priti Patel and Boris Johnson perform at CFI

CFI, under the control of another undeservedly obscure Jew called Lord Polak, was responsible for shepherding a female Hindu politician called Priti Patel to a series of secret and unminuted meetings with Israeli politicians in 2017 (and probably long before that too). Patel had to resign her post in Theresa May’s government because of her off-the-record pandering to a foreign government, but don’t worry: she bounced back to an even bigger and better post when Boris Johnson replaced May in 2019. Yes, the four most important people in British politics — part-Jewish Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, Pakistani Muslim Sajid Javid as Chancellor, Indian Hindu Priti Patel as Home Secretary, and Jewish Dominic Raab as Foreign Secretary — are all devout Friends of Israel.

A “special and precious” Judeo-Royal connection

Or rather, they are not the most four important people in British politics. Ehud Sheleg and Lord Polak are more important as Treasurer of the Conservative Party and head of CFI, respectively. But Sheleg and Polak have received no serious scrutiny from the mainstream media. If any journalists had dared to question the role played by Jews at the heart of Britain’s ruling party, they would have been denounced as antisemites and driven out of public life. The rules are simple: 1) Jews are saintly philanthropists who have no interests of their own, and especially not vis-à-vis Israel; 2) Israel’s interests are, in any case, identical to those of Britain, America, France, Germany et al.

The Unwatched Web: how Jewish organizations control British politics (BICOM = Britain-Israel Communications and Research Centre)

Remember Judeo-Christian values, people! They’re the foundation of Western civilization, after all. In fact, they’re a contradiction in terms, but the idiotic phrase “Judeo-Christian” may well become popular here during the rest of Johnson’s premiership. If so, one of its cheerleaders will be the naïve and stupid heir to the English throne:

Prince Charles praises ‘special and precious’ connection between Jewish community and the Crown

The Prince of Wales delivered this speech at a reception celebrating the Jewish community at Buckingham Palace

It is a great delight to welcome you this evening to Buckingham Palace, as the festival of Chanukah approaches, and to celebrate with you the contribution of our Jewish community to the health, wealth and happiness of the United Kingdom.

In every walk of life, in every field of endeavor [why the American spelling?], our nation could have had no more generous citizens, and no more faithful friends. That is why I am so glad to have this opportunity to say thank you, albeit in a small way, for all that you do, and have done, across the country, in major national and international institutions, and in local communities the length and breadth of the land.

I often describe the United Kingdom as a “community of communities”, which is enriched by the diversity of its constituent groups, and whose whole is so much greater than its parts. …

And it is why this time of year, which is so special to Christians and Jews alike, offered an ideal opportunity to arrange this evening’s celebration — because the importance of Unity through Diversity sits at the very heart of our values as a society. It defines what — and who — we are as a country.

The connection between the Crown and our Jewish Community is something special and precious. I say this from a particular and personal perspective because I have grown up being deeply touched by the fact that British synagogues have, for centuries, remembered my Family in your weekly prayers. And as you remember my Family, so we too remember and celebrate you. …

In my own small way, I have sought to recognize the contribution of the Jewish community by various means, whether in attending or hosting receptions for the Kindertransport Association, or for Holocaust survivors, or attending events for the National Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, of which I am Patron, or helping to build a Jewish Community Centre in Krakow — where I was privileged to fix a mezuzah to the doorpost — or in agreeing without a moment’s hesitation to become Patron of World Jewish Relief.

If I may say so, Ladies and Gentlemen, I see this as the least I can do to try to repay, in some small way, the immense blessings the Jewish people have brought to this land and, indeed, to humanity. In the Hebrew Scriptures, which provide so much of the ethical underpinning of our society, we read in The Book of Deuteronomy, the inspiring exhortation: “Choose life!”

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Jewish community of the United Kingdom have fulfilled that divine command in countless ways, and our society has been immeasurably enriched as a result. Today, we have the opportunity to give thanks for the friendship we have forged, and the values we all share. (Prince Charles praises ‘special and precious’ connection between Jewish community and the Crown, The Jewish Chronicle, 6th December 2019 / 8th Kislev 5780)

Unity through Diversity: horrors from the Partition of India in 1947

Prince Charles is not only an idiot: he’s an ignorant or wilfully blind idiot. Is it any wonder that Jews have the mocking term goyishe kop — “gentile head” — when gentiles like Charles appear before them and talk such nonsense? The slogan “Unity through Diversity!” might have come straight from the pages of Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949). Apparently Charles never had chance to ask his beloved uncle Lord Mountbatten about the “Unity through Diversity” that swept former British India in 1947 when Mountbatten was the last Viceroy. Hundreds of thousands of people died in “communal rioting” between Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs. Huge numbers also died when Bangladesh won its independence from Pakistan in 1971. Both Bangladeshis and Pakistanis were Muslim, but their racial and cultural differences were enough to create “Unity through Diversity,” that is, war, massacres and organized rape. And even without the massacres and war (yet), organized rape is now a prominent feature of today’s Britain as a result of the blessings of diversity created by Pakistani migration.

Jewish revenge on gentile monarchs

Lord Mountbatten himself became another example of “Unity through Diversity” when he was blown up by the Irish Republican Army (IRA) in 1979. Yes, the relatively mild religious and racial diversity of the British Isles has been killing people for many centuries. For example, Oliver Cromwell strewed Ireland with Catholic corpses in the seventeenth century, but that isn’t surprising when you consider that Cromwell’s republican revolution was financed by Jewish bankers from Amsterdam. Jews hate the Catholic church and traditional Christian institutions like the monarchy (unless royals grovel before Jews as Charles does). For example, the execution of Charles I in 1649 may have been Jewish revenge for Edward I’s Edict of Expulsion in 1290.

Prince Charles should read M.R. James’ (1862–1936) fascinating short-story “The Uncommon Prayer-Book”, which discusses the overthrow of Charles, and learn something about British history and the harmful role played by Jews (see my discussion). He would also benefit from a look at the central Jewish role in the communist executions of his royal relatives, the Romanov family, in 1918. Jews do not like any kind of monarchy or aristocracy except subservient and stupid ones.

In fact, Jews have always made alliances with non-Jewish elites throughout history, continuing in the present age with figures like Boris Johnson and Prince Charles. This has repeatedly resulted in exploitation and betrayal of other segments of the population — most notably now the White working class.

Charles might realize the depths of his own stupidity by paying more attention to the Jewish Chronicle. His smarmy words about “this time of year, which is so special to Christians and Jews alike,” prove that he has been taken in by the Jewish pretence that Hanukkah is an important Jewish festival.

Dread in December

It isn’t: it’s a minor Jewish festival used to undermine Christmas, as the highly ethnocentric Jonathan Freedland admitted in the Jewish Chronicle in the same month as Charles’ sycophantic speech: “The timing of a pre-Christmas election shouldn’t bother too many JC readers. When it comes to preparing for the holidays, December is hardly Jews’ busiest month. Even so, the prospect of an election in the season of nativity plays and mince pies will, I suspect, be filling Jews with a special kind of dread.”

Freedland spoke of “dread” because he thought that either a Labour government under Jeremy Corbyn or a “hard Brexit” under Boris Johnson would be bad for Jews. And what else matters in Brave New Britain but the welfare of Jews? However, Corbyn was clearly by far the bigger threat, as Freedland emphasized: “Witness the fact that Labour under Corbyn has become the first UK political party since the BNP to come under statutory investigation for racism by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (with its report expected in the spring).” The investigation into Labour by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) is another example of how the mainstream media in Britain refuse to ask very interesting and important questions about Jewish power.

Controlled by Jews

After all, the EHRC is headed by two Jews: the lawyer Rebecca Hilsenrath and the homosexual-rights activist David Isaacs. Is it possible that their Jewishness could influence the investigation and its conclusions? Of course not: remember that Jews are saintly philanthropists who have no interests of their own (and especially not in demonizing the Labour party). But that question never even arose when the EHRC’s investigation was mentioned during the election campaign. The best that the Left could do was demand a similar enquiry into Islamophobia in the Conservative party. But Tories and their supporters express much scepticism about the validity of “Islamophobia.” As the supposed conservative Charles Moore wrote in the Spectator: “…the term ‘Islamophobia’ should be absolutely resisted. Unlike anti-Semitism, this is a concocted concept.”

The Bolshevik punim of Rebecca Hilsenrath

Moore is another Prince Charles who should pay more attention to the publication in which his own words appear. The Spectator staunchly defended the supposed philosopher Roger Scruton against accusations of bigotry early in 2019. Scruton was dishonestly accused both of Islamophobia and of antisemitism, and it was obvious that both terms are “concocted concepts.” A prominent Jewish MP called Luciana Berger accused Scruton of antisemitism without any criticism from other Jews, and the intervention of the Jewish Board of Deputies seems to have been decisive in Scruton’s dismissal from a government committee. Scruton was given his post back later, but neither he nor any of his defenders discussed the unjust accusations of antisemitism. After all, if they did that, they might have to admit the truth about Jews and they’re not prepared to do that. Instead, they perform the goy grovel, year in, year out, and Jewish power in Brave New Britain continues to be unexamined, unquestioned and unchallenged. Except here at the Occidental Observer, the Home of Hate.

Good reasons for optimism

Nevertheless, there are good reasons for optimism. If I’d been told at the beginning of 2019 that millions of Labour voters would finally abandon the party that long ago abandoned them, I wouldn’t have believed it. But that’s exactly what happened when solid Labour seats like Bolsover, Darlington, Sedgefield, Stockton South and Wrexham fell to the Tories in the general election. Of course, the Conservative party doesn’t care about its new supporters, but when they are inevitably disappointed, they will begin to understand how corrupt and undemocratic the politics of Brave New Britain truly are. And they may even begin to notice the central role of Jews there.

And if I’d been told at the beginning of 2019 that the term “Deep State” and the name Jeffrey Epstein would soon be all over the American media, I wouldn’t have believed it either. But again, all that happened. Things are moving in the right direction. The central role of Jews in anti-White activism and political corruption is slowly but surely becoming obvious to more and more people. And understanding will lead to action.

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  1. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    IMO, Prince Charles was only stating the obvious. The Jews that supported Cromwell also offered up William of Orange to oust the Stuarts after restoration. The reward was the Bank of England. In essence, the current line of British Monarchs are a Jewish construction. The ones who stepped out of line, like Edward VIII, were squeezed out or assassinated like Prince George, Duke of Kent.

  2. milan
    milan says:

    I have yet to see an article here on TOO regarding the Freemasons who are without question the true traitors of the Christian religion and of all peoples of the world really. They go about masquerading as Christians.

    “Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them. So be on your guard! Remember that for three years I never stopped warning each of you night and day with tears.” Acts 20:30

    They are an idolatrous cult and religion unparalleled in the history of the world one based on Judaism which is itself idolatry. If it wasn’t for these traitors among us the chosenties would never have gotten as far as they have never! One should actually refer to them as the pyramid people because a pyramid rather than a cross is their most precious symbol. Good grief who builds these monstrosities all over the world in the hopes of what? Go here and ask yourself why build a spy headquarters in the shape of pyramids? The Canadian CSIS headquarters?

    This is the CSIS (Canada's CIA) HQ as seen from above. Any doubt humanity is under satanic occupation? pic.twitter.com/znTe9hV1xI— Henry Makow (@HenryMakow) December 18, 2019

    And look Hiram the builder of Solomon’s temple is their greatest hero? Why? Because they hope for another Hiram who will rebuild their precious temple in Jerusalem thus fulfilling the words of Christ about that Abomination of Desolation.

    TOO should spend some time exposing these traitors of our people. I would even go so far as to say the Jews can be forgiven for their ignorance but it is these Gentile traitors who were once Christians that deserve to be examined, questioned and challenged.

    • TJ
      TJ says:


      a form of investment (illegal in the US and elsewhere) in which each paying participant recruits two further participants, with returns being given to early participants using money contributed by later ones. [wiki]


    • Aitch.
      Aitch. says:

      At last someone besides myself has uttered the F-word. This gang are so enormously powerful that, had they wanted to, they could have protected us from what’s been done to us. Ergo, they must have been in on it all along, and are therefore as evil an entity as so many researchers over the years have suspected them to be..

    • Warren
      Warren says:

      Quite! We’re all talking about “the Jews”, but it may be the masons who are in charge — if not the other way round. No diagnosis, no cure! As Pope John-Paul II appealed back in 1978: “Open the doors to Jesus Christ!” True re-Christianization / re-evangelization seems to be the only answer to Britain’s ills, but when will it happen?

  3. Wael Ahmad"
    Wael Ahmad" says:

    The so called Prince Charles maybe an idiot & stupid, but definitely he’s a criminal under the famous blackmail operation of Jews. They are the artisans of professional blackmail, they are the faithful students of their master teacher Adam Weishaupt, who ( in a letter to Rothschild) emphasized the need for Jews to” Monetary and sex bribery were to be used to obtain control of men already in high places in the various levels of all governments, and other fields of endeavors”, that’s why I believe that ” prince”( sic) Charles is a criminal, caught in the trap of the vicious Jews, and I think that his crimes are so big that he has to grovel so shamelessly to his blackmailers.

    Charles was a close friend of the dead infamous pedophile Jimmy Savile, who was knighted by the British crown, he was criminal sex trafficker of children to the “Elite of psychopaths” of politicians & monarchy, it’s very likely that Charles is on that hook, as his younger “prince” Andrew with Epstein, and I also believe that most of the American and European politicians and elites in all centres of power are entangled with some kind of criminal acts, whether sexual or financial, that’s obtained by the Jewish gangsters, and they use it very efficiently with their goy slaves.

    Great article, thanks.

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton says:

      The pressure from the Zionist lobby on the establishment is one thing.
      Accusing the Heir to the Throne of sex crimes against children is another.

  4. Tedesco
    Tedesco says:

    Good article by Tobias Langdon. I hope his optimism at the end is justified.

    As Tobias explains, the Jews control Britain. The intended result is that Britain today surpasses the decadence and corruption of Weimar Germany. Same cause. Same result.

    For example, Boris Johnson and Prince Charles are tools of the Jews. They are not on the side of the British people.

  5. Geowhizz
    Geowhizz says:

    Since Jews are largely light skinned, their anti-white propaganda seems problematic. Like when Lone Ranger and Tonto seem on loosing side of battle against red skins. Lone Ranger to Tonto “We’re big trouble!” Tonto replies “We?”

  6. Anon
    Anon says:

    “Hundreds of thousands of people died in “communal rioting” between Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs. Huge numbers also died when Bangladesh won its independence from Pakistan in 1971. ”

    I had no idea about this.

    All I ever heard about from Indians in the USA, with regards to Indian history, is that they were so terrorized and periodically slaughtered by the British. It seems that this is what they are thinking about. Maybe it is what is on their TVs.

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton says:

      Mountbatten was bisexual and a sort of leftist. His wife had a “close relationship” was Nehru.
      But the atrocities following partition were not his fault – the blame must be put on those responsible, the Muslims and Hindus.

  7. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    “…Prince Charles praises ‘special and precious’ connection between Jewish community and the Crown…”

    The language is that of Mordor [Hebrew]…, which I shall not utter here.
    In the common tongue it says;

    “…One Ring to Rule them All…,
    One Ring to find them,
    One Ring to bring them all… and in the Darkness bind them…”.
    This is the (((One Ring))), […My Precious…],
    forged by the Dark Lord (((Sauron))) in the fires of Mt. Doom…
    (((The Spirit of Sauron))) endured and his life force is bound to the Ring and the Ring survived.
    (((Sauron))) has returned.”


    I seriously wonder whether or not the Queen wants her son to succeed her?
    Does Charles actually like the Jews, or is he just making the Butt Licking soooo obvious in order to draw attention to the Jews?
    With the UK, under Johnson, on the way to Brexit,
    Trump on the way to a Democrat-suicide assisted Republican Landslide,
    and Europe falling apart at the seams with debt and immigration,
    will there be enough chaos to start a war with Iran for Israel?

  8. Jack T
    Jack T says:

    “the relatively mild religious and racial diversity of the British Isles has been killing people for many centuries.“

    What examples are there of racial conflict in Britain pre WW2?

    In fact, what racial diversity was there in Britain pre WW2?

  9. Buckle
    Buckle says:

    For the last four years we’ve heard nothing but scare stories about “EU power” from the ludicrous Farage.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      It is impossible for Farage, or anyone else who even slightly adheres to the dictum: ” Disregard Labels – Analyze Function ! “, to exaggerate the malevolent parts played by the E.U.

      Not only is it strongly influenced by the European Jewish Congress and its idiot, infallible preaching rabbis, but also lectured to by active IDF officer hasbara personnel.

      MEPs may well be elected, but its head Kommissars [ literally ] are selected.

  10. Pat Etheridge
    Pat Etheridge says:

    “Diversity” is a synonym for the invasion of and displacement of an existing population. Imagine using a term like “Unity through Displacement.” It would be an entirely Orwellian expression, but nonetheless, note that they’ve only tweaked it slightly in its current form, “Unity through Diversity.” As if that is not an inherently self-contradicting expression straight out of the Frankfurt School !!

    I recall Charlie’s wrinkled old mum gave a similar speech at Jamestown, Virginia, in which she flatulated about the blessings of the displacement of America’s founding stock. She was obviously also operating, wittingly or unwittingly, as someone’s sock puppet.

    May the fire that is coming not be the one that these myopic whores intend for the rest of us.

  11. David Ashton
    David Ashton says:

    Bypassing, for the moment, the issues of Prince Charles as an “ignorant or wilfully blind idiot” and of Yad Vashem as the modern Canossa, I think the weeks of media feeding-frenzy over “racist” Corbyn and the “institutionally anti-Semitic” Labour Party give a good idea of the power of the “powerless”, the tyranny of “victimhood” – and many will have got the “Mossad Message”, however subliminally.

    The chief “fear” over Corbyn in government was an anticipated rupture in previous UK relations (economic, diplomatic, military) with Israeli governments. (Gentile anti-communists had separate objections to this leftist gang, of course.) As the Jewish anti-Zionist Miriam Margolyes and the non-Jewish socialist Clare Short, among others, pointed out, the charge of antisemitism was used against critics of Israel. Since Jewish organisations in Britain were predominantly Zionist or Israel-attached, comments could then be presented anti-Jewish comments with some ease. Crackpot or vicious “hate speech” about Jews from alleged Labour Party supporters on “social” media was in fact minuscule, but grotesquely inflated and repeatedly quoted in the press, along with ridiculous comments about threats to the Jewish minority.

    The Israeli lobby has been criticised in the UK; see e.g. Peter Oborne’s “Open Democracy” report, and also the subsequent comments by Antony Lerman, both still accessible online. I have mentioned here a book by the Palestinian Karl Sabbagh, but must note with regret that he has been convicted for a paedophilia offence; Ghislaine Maxwell, however, still eludes interrogation on such matters. .

  12. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    The problem is not the people from Eastern Europe who converted to Judaism, it is the USA which is controlled by these people. The USA has occupied the UK and Europe since WW2, with the help of their stooges.
    I am stuck in Hungary and when I got to know the people who have done jobs for me they admitted that they were better off under communism.
    A friend of Stalin’s family told me that the best friends of communism were the USA and the black market
    A Gypsy in the village worked and had 3 girls and 2 boys under communism. Under this system he has 27 grand children from the girls alone. He does not work now. In 2 or 3 generations this will be a gypsy majority country.
    The Cold War, which cost humanity 5 trilillion USD was an American invention like NATO and the European Union.
    Americans are behind the problems in Venezuela.
    When you are related to jew bankers (although disowned) you hear things.
    When you are anti communist and anti convert you get into trouble.
    It will be a better World when the Yankee goes home.

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton says:

      The history of the wandering Jews and their settled opponents is looked at by friend and foe too closely through the post-WW2 spectacles of “Holocaust” and “Israel”, but the current key problem is the excessive influence over US & UK policy of the Zionist lobbies, with their financial links, sometimes morally unscrupulous. It is not “hate” speech to say this, but the political autism and moral self-righteousness of many influential Jews prevent them from seeing their own adverse effect on the Other (as they say). Impotent rage is no more an answer than to feed the ADL propaganda machine with quotes that make critics look ignorant, grossly bigoted or viciously cruel.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      According to Rabbi Weiss [1935] Communism is jewish. . .the entire world [almost , there are exceptions such as Iran] including Hungary is under Jewish Communism. . .meaning under jewish hegemoney

      The final battle will be against the fake money monster [money is fake, monster is real]

      Epistemologically the war is sense versus nonsense. or possibly masculine vs feminine. . .

  13. Seraphim
    Seraphim says:

    Hanukkah is becoming an ‘important festival’ because it is meant to celebrate a victory of the Jews over the Gentiles.
    Prince Charles is not an idiot. By praising the ‘special and precious’ connection between Jewish community and the Crown’, he signals that the “British Royal Family is of lineal descent from the house of King David via a daughter of Zedekiah, the last king of Judah” and that the Britishers are “the literal descendants of the Lost Tribes, and thus inheritors of the promises made to the Israelites in the Old Testament”.

    • Dave Bowman
      Dave Bowman says:

      “Britishers” … ?

      Documentary PROOF of descent from “Zedekiah”… ?

      Will no one rid me of these Judaic-shit-spouting idiots ?

  14. Angelicus
    Angelicus says:

    It was about time that somebody wrote an article about the despicable, treacherous, “British” royal family. The last true British monarch was Charles I, unfortunately, a weak man without political insight. In spite of his shortcomings, Charles was a decent, honourable man who tried to rule effectively on behalf of his people.

    The obnoxious, fanatical Jew-lovers known as Puritans hated him and were concerned about the rumours that Charles may convert to Catholicism. They allied themselves to the corrupt pseudo-aristocracy who did not like Charles’ autocratic behaviour as it interfered with their interests. It is a well-known fact that the Jews financed Oliver Cromwell, who returned the favour by admitting them back in England.

    Since the fall of James II, the British “monarchy” has been a sham. A string of puppets controlled by the Parliament and the corrupt “nobility” allied to the Jews who controlled the Bank of England. One of the most disgusting examples of its kind was the debauched pig known as Edward VII, who loved the company of Jews and showered them with titles. One of his friends was the Jewish financier Sir Ernest Joseph Cassel whose grand-daughter Edwina married the despicable Mountbatten (a perfect example of the degenerate and corrupt English “aristocracy” who happily mixed with Jews expecting to preserve their fortunes and social standing by marrying heiresses).

    Needless to say, the more obvious the Jewish control of Great Britain is, the more disgusting the grovelling of the royal family and the “nobility”. Prince Charles is genuinely a piece-of-shit that symbolises this tendency perfectly. His parents obviously educated him very well.

    • ChilledBee
      ChilledBee says:

      Charles was reportedly circumcised by Rabbi Jacob Snowman in 1948, at the time the leading mohel in London, and the circumciser to the royal family. It is not clear whether his sons have been circumcised, or why it was supposedly done. However, it has been argued that this is a custom dating back to George I, who brought it over from his native Hanover.
      It has also been speculated that Princess Diana’s mother, Frances Shand Kydd was born Frances Ruth Roche, a Rothschild.

      • Angelicus
        Angelicus says:

        I read about Diana’s mother, but I could not find any real evidence, it is all hearsay and meaningless gossip. Far more important, and decisive is the behaviour of a person. Prince Charles, for example, maybe or maybe not have been circumcised, but the fact is that he has been, and is, a disgusting “shabbos goy”.

        Regarding the ridiculously glorified Diana, who used to say “I am thick as two planks”, she was just a stupid bimbo with a taste for non-white men. Nothing exceptional nowadays. Anyway, as I said, most of the nobility of England and Europe is composed by decadent, degenerate human beings who lick the boots of the Jews with a passion.

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