Mediocre Meghan as Microcosm: How Meghan Markle Symbolizes Black Hatred of White Civilization

Leftism is built on lies. I know that. I’ve seen countless examples of it. But even I was surprised by the Guardian’s dishonesty in February 2021. It was reporting on “rising violence against Asian communities in the US” and, of course, it was refusing to admit that Blacks were responsible. Well, I was ready for the usual coy descriptions of how “a man” or “a youth” had committed some act of amoral thuggery. But I wasn’t ready for this:

The Oakland attacks came as many in the Bay Area began changing their social media photos to bring awareness to the seemingly unprovoked killing of an 84-year-old Thai man in San Francisco last month. Video of that attack shows a person running at Vicha Ratanapakdee, a “gentle, nearly blind” grandfather, and shoving him to the ground on his morning walk. Ratanapakdee died of his injuries two days later. (Oakland police make arrest in attack on elderly Asian man as concerns over violence grow, The Guardian, 9th February 2021)

There you have it: according to the Guardian, “a person” was responsible for that brutal crime. The newspaper was averting its eyes from the plain truth revealed in the video: that the “person” in question was a young Black male. Indeed, the word “Black” was not mentioned once in that article, or in two articles reporting how Asian leaders and Democratic politicians have blamed Donald Trump and “systemic racism” for the violence.

Cruel, hate-filled White societies

This is an example of how leftists believe in the “immaculate conception” of Blacks, who therefore exist in perfect sanctity and purity, free from every stain and fault. Any apparent misbehaviour by Blacks is in fact entirely the fault of innately depraved Whites, who have created cruel, hate-filled societies where Blacks and other non-Whites are systematically oppressed, exploited and trodden into the mire. Of course, this leftist fantasy of White oppression and non-White victimhood is contradicted by the way Chinese, Japanese, Indians and many other non-White groups flourish in White societies. But what does reality matter to leftists? They seek power, not truth, and are narcissists, not realists.

Oppressed Black billionaire and millionaire unite against White racism

They also hate White civilization, which will stand as a permanent rebuke to their lies and fantasies unless they manage to destroy it. And all those aspects of leftism were on full display in the interview conducted by the Black billionaire Oprah Winfrey with the Black millionaire Meghan Markle and her stupid White husband Prince Harry. It was utterly predictable that the marriage of Meghan and Harry would cause big problems for the Royal Family. Meghan Markle was a mediocre actress of mediocre intellect with mediocre looks. She snagged a surplus prince and won herself a spectacular wedding, hijacking great White architecture and ritual with Black narcissism, crudity and entitlement. As the London Evening Standard put it: “Black culture was celebrated throughout the ceremony — from spotlighting British cellist prodigy Sheku Kanneh-Mason, Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon and the presence of Black gospel choir The Kingdom Choir.”

Cast-iron proof of racism

But the wedding would have been the high point of Markle’s life if she’d behaved herself from then on. How would she keep winning attention and enjoying drama if she became a loyal member of the Royals and a dutiful granddaughter-in-law to the Queen? She wouldn’t. So she decided to be disloyal and abandon duty instead. And it’s worked very well. She’s back in the headlines around the world playing that most important and attention-grabbing of leftist roles: the Black victim of White racism. And how wonderful it would have been if she could have claimed that British royals or palace officials had donned white hoods and burned a giant cross on her lawn whilst waving nooses and chanting the n-word. Alas, she couldn’t claim that. Even leftist credulity wouldn’t have stretched that far. But the reaction to what she did claim — that an unspecified royal had wondered how dark her unborn child’s skin might be — has been scarcely less hysterical.

Leftists immediately proclaimed that Markle’s vague accusation was cast-iron proof of racism. Royal racism! You could hear the glee in the voices of anti-royal BBC journalists as they covered the story. You could also hear mediocre Black narcissists around the world rushing to their keyboards to type passionate defences of Markle. The competition was fierce, but I think the prize for “Black Narcissist of the Month” has to go to Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu (Phd MBA LLM MA LLB IAQ), who managed to get eight instances of the first-person singular into the short opening paragraph of her pro-Markle article in the Guardian:

I stayed up late to watch the Oprah interview. As I watched it, I thought: “Lord, give me strength!” Like me, Meghan is independent, well educated, career-minded. Like me, she is a woman of Black heritage. I felt her pain. It was very difficult to listen to Harry and Meghan’s story and not feel sorry for them, because I believed what they were saying. (Meghan has been mistreated for years — but her interview still shocked me, The Guardian, 8th March 2021)

Proud Black Egomaniac Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu

Mos-Shogbamimu went on to explain that “As a Black woman, I am so used to all the nuances of racism that vary from person to person. There is obvious racism, but there is also a more subtle form of racism, which can best be described as a form of white violence.” When racism becomes “more subtle,” it presumably doesn’t involve physical attacks. So how can “more subtle” racism be “best described” as “white violence”? Very easily, to the mediocre intellect of Mos-Shogbamimu. She isn’t interested in reality and she doesn’t use words to reflect reality, but to convey her hostility to Whites and feed her own narcissism. That’s why she announced that “The royal family as an institution has a legacy that is rooted in slavery, colonialism and racism.”

Services to hysteria and community disintegration

Like Oprah Winfrey and Meghan Markle, Mos-Shogbamimu is a mediocre Black facing the grandeur and tradition of a great White institution. Naturally enough, she feels an affront to her narcissism and wants to drag that institution down whilst pretending that the exploitation of Blacks was central to its success. To be clear: I don’t want to defend the British monarchy myself. It has completely failed to champion the White British against the hostile elite and non-White immigration. Instead, it celebrates the dispossession of the White British. The deceitful Mark Steyn was wrong in his analysis of “this year’s Commonwealth Day service”:

Somewhere in the course of the weekend, someone told me that the Queen had moved up this year’s Commonwealth Day service as part of her “damage control” operation [against the Markle interview] (along with reports that the Duchess of Sussex was a total bitch to her staff). So I watched the Westminster Abbey service for the first time in, golly, several decades. This year it was Covid-compliant, so no congregation, just exotic musical combos — African drummers and Maori choirs — punctuated by various Royal duchesses in somewhat earnest conversation with Malawian women’s-groups organizers and Indian literacy-program teachers and a fellow from Bangladesh who started an ambulance service in rural areas.

The finale — the Lord’s Prayer recited a line apiece by Commonwealth citizens from Nigeria, Belize, Singapore, etc – was rather moving in its universalist simplicity. Much of the rest had a reassuringly boring niceness: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (that’s “Will ’n’ Kate” to Oprah viewers) seemed genuinely fascinated by the Bangladeshi ambulance service; the Countess of Wessex (that’s …well, she’s never gonna rate Oprah, so who cares?) said “Nice to see you again” to an enthusiastic young lady she’d met on a previous trip to Malawi. If the Royal Family is racist, as the despicable Harry and his malignant narcissist of a missus insist, they’ve got a funny way of showing it. (Things to Obsess About Until They Nuke Us, SteynOnline, 8th March 2021)

Steyn is wrong to say the “Commonwealth Day service” was benign. In fact, the Royal Family was virtue-signalling in typical elite fashion and demonstrating that they have no interest in defending ordinary Whites against dispossession. After all, the rich and privileged royals don’t have to live in close contact with non-Whites day after day, enduring crime, overcrowding and competition for jobs, housing and public space. Muslim rape-gangs won’t be calling at Buckingham Palace to select their victims, low-IQ Blacks won’t be swinging machetes or throwing acid at exclusive private schools like Eton, and Pakistani fraudsters won’t be duping the Queen out of her life-savings if she falls victim to dementia.

Meeting of Mediocrities

But despite its current treachery, the Monarchy remains a potent symbol of White Christian Britain and is still hated by those who want to destroy Britain and its traditions. Those who can’t create often wish to forget their inferiority by destroying what others have created. Anti-White Blacks like Shola Mos-Shogbamimu are a prime example of that psychological truth. But to be fair to Ms Mos-Shogbamimu, she hasn’t attacked the British monarchy after accepting one of the most glittering prizes in its gift. The mediocre Black historian David Olusoga has done exactly that. He was awarded an O.B.E., or Order of the British Empire, in the Queen’s 2019 New Year Honours “for services to history and to community integration.”

Meeting of Mediocrities: Barack Obama and David Olusoga

In fact, Olusoga has always served anti-White hysteria, not impartial history, and has worked for community disintegration, not integration. And so, after Meghan Markle attacked the Royal Family, Olusoga joined the hysteria in (where else?) the Guardian and announced that the interview with Oprah Winfrey “is not just a crisis for the royal family — but for Britain itself.” Yes, that’s how serious it is when a mediocre Black actress claims that an unspecified royal had enquired, in unspecified terms and an unspecified context, about the possible future skin-colour of her semi-Black embryo. Should David Olusoga, who is 51 years old and Professor of Public History at the University of Manchester, have accepted Markle’s claims so credulously? By White standards, no, he shouldn’t. But Olusoga applies anti-White standards and so he once again served hysteria rather than history.

No discussion of innate racial differences

And, by White standards, an acclaimed and award-laden historian should not write like a pseudo-intellectual teenager. But Olusoga isn’t held to White standards, which is why he wrote of “the simmering contempt [for Markle] still being incubated and transmitted by the toxic parts of our tabloid press.” He then went on to express his sorrow that Britain was unprepared for “an honest national conversation about race and racism,” “honest self-reflection,” “hard self-reflection” and “a reckoning with the difficult truths of our imperial history.”

As Steve Sailer has often pointed out, when leftists call for “honest conversation,” they mean: “We speak — you obey.” If Britain truly had “an honest national conversation about race and racism,” it would ask whether there are innate racial differences in cognition, personality and criminality. It would also ask whether non-Whites systematically harm and exploit Whites, rather than vice versa, and whether “anti-racism” is a parasistic ideology that seeks to paralyse the resistance of Whites to their own dispossession and destruction. Obviously, Olusoga doesn’t want any of those questions raised. Nor does he want Blacks such as himself to engage in “honest self-reflection” and to ask whether Black problems might be owed to Black shortcomings rather than “white racism.”

Black barbarism trumps White civilization

No, “self-reflection” is for sin-stained Whites, not for saintly Blacks. David Olusoga is a supposed historian who doesn’t believe in objective enquiry or open debate, but in subjective certainty and proclamation ex cathedra. He’s a narcissist, not a realist. That’s why he and other Black mediocrities side with Black barbarism rather than White civilization. In November 2020, Olusoga and other “Black public figures” signed a joint letter opposing the deportation of fifty Jamaican criminals, including “convicted murderers and rapists.” The criminals wouldn’t be safe in Jamaica, Olusoga and company said. I agree: Black-majority Jamaica has astonishingly high rates of murder, rape and police brutality. And by signing that letter, Olusoga proved that he supports Black barbarism over White civilization. He wants Britain to become more like Jamaica and his hugely corrupt paternal homeland of Nigeria.

Blacks for Barbarism! David Olusoga (top centre) and other “Black public figures” support Jamaican murderers and rapists

But Olusoga persists in believing that he is somehow a brave rebel fighting for truth, justice and high culture against cruel White-hegemonic racism. In 2020, his Black privilege earned him another honour when he was asked to deliver the “keynote MacTaggart lecture at the virtual edition of the Edinburgh television festival.” In the lecture, he proclaimed that:

The year of Black Lives Matter and the murder of George Floyd is not the year to speak half-truths to power. … In the spirit of Black Lives Matters, in the spirit of an age in which millions of people have come to recognise that silence on these issues is a form of complicity, I am going to say what I really think about race, racism and our industry. And I’ll discover if, at the end of it, I still have a career. (David Olusoga: his Edinburgh television festival speech in full, The Guardian, 24th August 2020)

That’s how deluded and narcissistic David Olusoga is: he thought (or pretended to think) that condemning British television for racism and demanding more “diversity” might end his career. He thought (or pretended to think) that he might be punished by powerful Whites for claiming victimhood and for revealing that White racism had left him feeling “sidelined, dismissed and desperately unhappy” — “so isolated and so devalued that I twice slipped into clinical depression.”

Oprah and Obama, united in mediocrity

The opposite happened after his lecture, of course: he was extravagantly praised and his Black mediocrity was even more richly rewarded. For example, his fellow mediocre Black, the Guardian journalist Afua Hirsch, extolled his “candour and courage.” And why not? She too has built a highly successful career on accusing Whites of racism and proclaiming her own victimhood. But while Olusoga is half-White and trained as a historian, Hirsch is part-Jewish and trained as a lawyer. And her ancestry and training bring me to other questions that should be raised in any genuinely “honest conversation about race and racism.” How is it that mediocre Blacks like Markle, Olusoga, Hirsch and Mos-Shogbamimu wield such power and influence in modern Western societies? How did a mediocre Black like Oprah Winfrey become a billionaire and a mediocre Black like Barack Obama become President of the United States?

Mediocre but media-mighty: Half-black, half-Jewish Afua Hirsch

In short, how did members of such an under-achieving race become such over-achievers? Well, as you might expect, it wasn’t by their own efforts. Blacks have, in fact, been foot-soldiers in a war on White civilization directed by a race that isn’t intellectually mediocre or handicapped by impulsivity and disregard for the future. As Kevin MacDonald has documented, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in America was  run and funded not by Blacks, but by Jews. In the UK, the anti-racist Runnymede Trust was founded by two Jewish lawyers to attack Whites and promote mass immigration from the Third World. Blacks were foot-soldiers in the war on White civilization; Jews were generals. Blacks and Jews are still playing those roles. You can see Jewish power behind the scenes even in the hysteria about the Markle interview with Oprah Winfrey. The White journalist Piers Morgan bluntly said that “I don’t believe a word [Markle] says” and that he was prepared to lose his job “for expressing an honestly held opinion about Meghan Markle and that diatribe of bilge that she came out with in that interview.”

“Squalid example of blatant antisemitic language”

And he did lose his job as a presenter at the show Good Morning Britain, after severe condemnation by leftists and “41,000 complaints to the [TV] regulator Ofcom.” Unlike David Olusoga, Morgan showed “candour and courage.” But don’t worry that his career is over: he will probably soon be employed by Rupert Murdoch or Murdoch’s former henchman Andrew Neil. You can often survive in the media mainstream if you criticize Blacks. But not if you criticize Jews — or even if you compliment Jews in a way they don’t like, as the philo-Semitic Irish journalist Kevin Myers discovered in 2017. Myers pointed out that the two highest-paid women at the BBC are Jews called Vanessa Feltz and Claudia Winkleman. He then said: “Jews are not generally noted for their insistence on selling their talent for the lowest possible price.” Jews immediately objected and Myers lost his successful career, despite his loud protestations of admiration and respect for Jews. Mark Gardner, the “communications director” of the Jewish Community Security Trust (CST), gloated that “Myers’s squalid example of blatant antisemitic language was swiftly dealt with.”

The message was simple: “Watch yourselves, goyim!” And I think the goy Piers Morgan is well aware of Jewish power and the often-seen Jewish ability to end careers. Look at the strange non-sequitur he used when, a few weeks before the Markle interview, he was defending himself against a critic of his journalism. The critic, Morgan said, “raged against my ‘idiotic rants’ [and] branded me a ‘parasite’ — the word the Nazis infamously used for Jewish people.” That comment about “the Nazis” was completely irrelevant, except as a virtue-signal from Morgan to powerful Jews. “See how pro-Jewish I am?” Morgan was saying. “The merest mention of the word ‘parasite’ makes me think of the nasty Nazis and their vile slurs against the saintly Jewish community.”

The Jewish role remains plain to see

That’s why Morgan still has a place in the mainstream media. He’s pro-Jewish, even if he’s prepared to criticize a self-proclaimed Black victim like Meghan Markle. But he didn’t discuss Black narcissism, mediocrity and hatred of White civilization, which are still taboo subjects in the mainstream. And Morgan will never discuss the Jewish role in agitating Blacks and employing them as foot-soldiers in their war on White civilization. But the Jewish role remains plain to see. Jews don’t merely fund and staff “anti-racist” organizations like the Runnymede Trust, sponsor illiberal laws against “hate speech,” and proclaim repeatedly that “Muslims and Jews are natural allies.” They’re also central to the denial of racial reality: Jewish biologists like Stephen Jay Gould, Richard Lewontin, Leon Kamin and Steven Rose have propagandized tirelessly for the irrational and biologically illiterate dogma of “There’s Only One Race — the Human Race!”

That lying leftist dogma has done incalculable harm to the West, justifying not only the massive coercive apparatus of “anti-racism” and egalitarianism, but also the flooding of White nations with non-White migrants from the Third World. The Jewish culture of critique proclaims that if non-Whites like Jamaicans and Somalis fail in the West, it’s because of White racism. But if non-Whites like the Chinese and Indians succeed, it’s despite White racism. Oprah Winfrey and Meghan Markle may be mediocre in intellect, but they and countless other non-Whites have proved quite capable of learning and applying the central message of the culture of critique: White racism explains all White success and all non-White failure.

Whites have rights

It’s a simple message for simple minds and it will destroy the West unless it is firmly and irreversibly defeated by the truth. Whites are not the world’s greatest villains, but the world’s greatest creators. And they have a right to live in their own nations free of envious and hate-filled Black mediocrities like Meghan Markle and David Olusoga.

Whites also have a right to live free of the hostile Jewish elite that supplies the culture of critique to envious and hate-filled Blacks. After all, Blacks and Jews all have nations of their own. If they’re sincere about how evil and oppressive Whites are, they should be glad to leave us. If they’re not sincere, they’re obviously seeking to harm us and should leave us just the same.

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  1. john
    john says:

    Meghan Markle reminds me of miscreant Congresswomen AOC, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Presley, and Maxine Waters, all of whom are “women of color” and shrews who can’t stop blaming people of European ancestry (i.e. Whites) for their and their people’s own failings in America.

    When are conservatives, the GOP, and mainstream media going to start telling the unvarnished truth and put these people in their place?

    • John
      John says:

      All these attacks on us Europeans aka White People would NOT b happening if we had our own Nations. But we had our own Nations & foolishly gave them away, however, we can change that in 24-hrs. by uniting as one to reclaim our Nations. Time to DO-IT. We r 59% now(demographic countdown clock) & will regret not doing it now if we choose to decrease to sub 50%.

      • tadzio
        tadzio says:

        The Democrats are owned by the jews. The Republican leadership is rented by them.

        The US election system in practice requires the formation of two parties. This is the result of an election of the executive independent of the election of the legislature. It is not a parliamentary system that allows for multiparty coalitions to form an executive.

        At this point in time the GOP is the only one of the two that can be relied upon to respond to our interests favorably.

        • 3g4me
          3g4me says:

          Sure tadzio. Vote even harder in 2022/2024; that’ll work for certain. And perhaps resurrect the Tea Party. And don’t forget the magic constitution which will always save you.

    • Seek
      Seek says:

      “Conservatives” on race are barely any different from liberals. They accept the main premise that whites “owe” blacks, but want the “bad” whites to pay up and suffer. Thus, we hear the babble that “liberals are the real racists.” Black grievances are sacrosanct in the Movement Conservative mentality.

  2. Conrad Gaarder
    Conrad Gaarder says:

    The Markle interview’s most ridiculous moment came when “the Duchess” alleged that someone in the royal family had wondered how dark the baby would be, and Oprah feigned disbelief, on behalf of the millions of Good Whites in her audience.
    She couldn’t catch her breathe. She was stunned.
    As if everyone in the world, including all the colored people, weren’t asking the same question.

    • Luke
      Luke says:

      From the pictures I have seen of that baby, I have VERY serious doubts that it ever exited the womb of Meghan Markle.

      Anyone who has even a basic knowledge and understanding of genetics knows full well that White genes are recessive and that, when they are mixed and intermingled with the genes of blacks (who have especially dominant and destructive genes) or any other non-white racial group – that the White genes are almost always overwhelmed and dominated by the non-white genes. Yet, we are supposed to believe that Meghan Markle squirted out a baby that looks 100 percent like a baby that would be birthed by a White female who was made pregnant by a White male?

      Well, I ain’t buying it. I think that baby was sired by a White woman and it’s father was either Harry as a sperm donor, or by some other White male and the pair were likely well compensated for their efforts to play along with this hoax.

      Hey, Markle is a B-grade actress, right? How many TV shows or movies have we seen where Hollywood will strap on a prosthetic ‘fake’ baby belly on a female who they want to portray as being

      The main point of this whole charade is that it suits the jewish White Genocide and race mixing agenda – and in this particular case, the idea is to plant the false seed in the minds of both White
      females and White males that a black woman’s womb can produce a White baby – so, why should they be concerned about hooking up with a black partner?

      • Luke
        Luke says:

        I forgot to add this to my previous comment:

        Tao Of Duplicity: White genes are recessive and therefore …
        [Search domain]

        That was a long time ago and in this modern time it’s beneficial to be darker. Hence, this is why those traits are carried in recessive genes. This means white people carry weak genes and biology does its work by getting rid of the recessive gene when competing with a dominant gene.

  3. Sandra
    Sandra says:

    Morgan is a Jewish name also. Is Piers playing a role to show the whites what will happen to them if they disagree with the narrative?

    • t
      t says:

      Pier Morgan’s real name was the Irish ‘Moran’ , and he looks more Celtic than Anglo-Saxon. But you are right probably Stateside as regards the Anglicisation of Hebrew names.

    • Ned J. Casper
      Ned J. Casper says:

      @ Sandra
      Some Jews do “anglicise” their foreign surnames – and some Jewish women are called Sandra. Morgan is of “Celtic” origin, like MacDonald. Nothing in Piers Morgan’s appearance, parentage, upbringing or ancestry suggests that he is Jewish. He is not a particularly popular TV personality, and his book on the Woke Tyranny (cf. “anonym” on this thread) does not go far enough, but he did a fair job on the millionare trio’s rehearsed attack on the UK monarchy, and one should not look a gift horse in his mouth however big.

  4. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    Good article. I have one quibble with the reference to Olusoga and his Order of the British Empire, in the Queen’s 2019 New Year Honours. The list for Honours is compiled by the Prime Minister’s Office, and as I understand it, not up for debate. I am sure the Queen has “awarded” people she would rather execute.

  5. Robert Henderson
    Robert Henderson says:

    ” the Royal Family was virtue-signalling in typical elite fashion and demonstrating that they have no interest in defending ordinary Whites against dispossession. After all, the rich and privileged royals don’t have to live in close contact with non-Whites day after day, enduring crime, overcrowding and competition for jobs, housing and public space. Muslim rape-gangs won’t be calling at Buckingham Palace to select their victims, low-IQ Blacks won’t be swinging machetes or throwing acid at exclusive private schools like Eton, and Pakistani fraudsters won’t be duping the Queen out of her life-savings if she falls victim to dementia.”

    The most nauseating aspect of the white politically correct is their routine avoidance of the “joy of diversity”. I have never encountered any well-to-do white liberal who has sought out the “joy of diversity” . Instead they either choose to live in a very white (and in England) very English area o, r if they cannot afford that, they gentrify an area such as parts of Briton or Hackney (London)

  6. Johann
    Johann says:

    Fantastic article. This does a superb job of summarizing quite a few strands of thought I’ve had recently, tying them together very nicely. I will be sharing this with others. When the Black Lies Matter movement started, my first thought was Black lives are irrelevant (in this context). The problem is the people pulling their strings. Or, as you so succinctly said “Blacks were foot-soldiers in the war on White civilization; Jews were generals. Blacks and Jews are still playing those roles. ”

    Keep up the great work. Please!

  7. Barkingmad
    Barkingmad says:

    “…punctuated by various Royal duchesses in somewhat earnest conversation with Malawian women’s-groups organizers and Indian literacy-program teachers and a fellow from Bangladesh who started an ambulance service in rural areas”×420.jpg

    Quit your smirking. These’ll be here sooner than you think.

  8. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    During my student days I knew some African students who always called people of colour living in the West “(redacted)”.They said that they detested (redacted) and were glad Africa was rid them of them. One of them came from a family that had been in the slave trade. The (redacted) left as slaves but were now back walking about in Africa as if they owned the place. I would always say that I sympathised because I had the same problem with the Yankees.
    A Nigerian student whose uncle was Ambassador to Japan told his uncle that the UK was a racist country. He had learned this at the £40,000 per year (now) public school he attended. His uncle said there was no racism in Japan. I asked ” How many Africans live in Japan?
    50,000? How many in the UK? 5 million? Including Windians etc.. Which is the racist country?”
    In Queen Victoria’s glorious days a member of my family eloped to the Windies with an heiress. She died of Yellow Fever within 6 months and the widower married a light skinned Windan and he taught his family to read and write. After 3 generations they were illiterate and only managed to copy the address of the last letter, which was unintelligible.
    The negro should be helped where he is. I was called a colonist by middle class fools in London!
    I am sick to death of period dramas. The lives of the British Poor were very hard, probably harder than the lives of rthe family of the new Biden defence man. I think they come from Louisiana, not many miles from Texicana, but I might be wrong.

    • Anthony Rawdon-Havens
      Anthony Rawdon-Havens says:

      How many Africans in Japan? 50,000 you speculate. Probably far fewer. One source says 0.02% which (since Japan’s pop’n is about 120 million) would extrapolate to about 24,000.
      A wiki article claims 2800 Nigerians in Japan and, since Nigeria has approx 20% of black Africa’s population, one could extrapolate from that a figure of 14,000. So, if we take the average of the 2 figures, around 20,000 might be close to the truth, which would be equivalent to 10,000 in the UK relative to pop’n size.

      The poor culturally-denuded Japanese don’t know what they’re missing..!

      • Ned J. Casper
        Ned J. Casper says:

        What %age of the population of China are refugees?
        Chinese global expansion resembles developments in early years of the British Empire.

  9. ForeverGone
    ForeverGone says:

    “I stayed up late to watch the Oprah interview. As I watched it, I thought: “Lord, give me strength!” Like me, Meghan is independent, well-educated, career-minded. Like me, she is a woman of Black heritage. I felt her pain. It was very difficult to listen to Harry and Meghan’s story and not feel sorry for them, because I believed what they were saying,” wrote Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu.

    I showed this paragraph to a 12-year-old girl and asked her if she thought she’d be able to better put across what its author was saying in it, whilst keeping to the original message it conveyed. She read it a few times and told me that yes, she could improve it.

    (As a matter of interest, the 12-year-old didn’t know who wrote it. She assumed it was written by her 14-year-old sister and that I was conducting some kind of sly test, using them both as guinea pigs.)

    I copied it to her tablet with the promise she’d have her favourite pizza and dessert for dinner if she improved the wording of it. She wandered off with a look of determination on her face. Adamant, I suspect, that she was going to get one-up on her older sister.

    She returned to me about an hour later to remind me of what her favourite pizza was! Then about an hour-and-a-half after she had started the rewrite she came and told me she had finished.

    This is the 9-year-olds rewriting of Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu’s Guardian paragraph: “I forsook my favourite TV show to watch Oprah interviewing Meghan Markle, and as I sat through it, I thought: Lord, give me strength. Meghan, like me, is independent, well-educated, career-minded and we both also are women of Black heritage. I felt her pain; it would have been impossible for me to listen to Harry and Meghan’s story and not feel sorrow for them both. Both Meghan and Harry spoke truth to power.”

    I asked her why she used “forsook” instead of “stayed up late” as the original writer had done. She answered: saying you missed a little time in bed doesn’t make watching Meghan’s interview look important. But forsaking your favourite TV show does. Which is quite true.

    Then I queried her on why she left out the exclamation mark after “Lord, give me strength!” She responded that using the exclamation mark after this phrase gave it a sense of frivolity. The 12-year-old said she thought the original author used this phrase in an attempt to let readers know she was terribly shocked by what Meghan claimed in the interview. But putting an exclamation mark after it gave the reader the impression that the shock felt wasn’t very serious.

    She then pointed out to me that she had used the compound word “well-educated” instead of the “well educated” that the original author had used. The 12-year-old educated me that this was for the ease of the readers.

    After this lesson I queried why she changed the original author’s “because I believed what they were saying” to “Both Meghan and Harry spoke truth to power”. She told me that by saying “I believe” the original author was conveying to the readers that Meghan and Harry may have been telling the truth only in the writer’s mind. But by saying they spoke truth to power, the writer was conveying to his or her readers that Meghan and Harry spoke the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

    I think all will agree the 12-year-old was grammatically more proficient and worded the paragraph much better than Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu had. But yet the 12-year-old can’t be overly proud of wording this short paragraph better than Dr Shola.

    In fact, I would have been mortally disappointed if this 12-year-old (or any normal White adolescent) had failed to improve the wording of Dr Shola’s paragraph. Shola doesn’t just write like a special-needs child, she writes like a full-blown idiot. That a 12-year-old can prove to be much better at writing and grammar than a doctor with “PhD, MBA, LLM, MA, LLB, IAQ” after her name gives pause for thought.

  10. anonym
    anonym says:

    Great article. I have consciously ignored everything about the “woke” culture, (because it´s so blatantly idiotic and depressing), but now it´s so prevalent that it´s impossible to ignore. I´ve read a lot of articles, but most of them deal with specific current events and seldom goes deeper in on where the “woke” culture comes from. Kevin MacDonald goes deep in “Culture of Critique” on the Frankfurt School, but I still miss a comprehensive account on how Marcuse, Adorno et al. is linked to today´s “justice warriors”.

    The mindset and the terms of the Frankfurt School has become normalized and established to the point where the Frankfurt School is no longer mentioned, as if “woke” culture came from nowhere.
    An account, for example, on how Marcuse´s idea of “repressive tolerance” has metastasized across several different fields and been given new terms, and been adopted by practically every “identity politics” group, without Marcuse being mentioned.

    It´s obvious that we´re dealing with psychological warfare, on a massive scale, but somehow the origin and the main source gets lost – the enemy is able to hide behind hordes of blacks, gays, feminists, latinos, arabs, asians, etc. etc. And, more importantly, kind, well meaning, polite young white people is effectively being duped into burning down their own home and killing themselves.

    • Cat
      Cat says:

      I don’t agree with much of the narrator’s point of view, but he does a good job of laying out the characters and motives behind identity politics.

      The Architects of Western Decline: A Study on the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism

  11. Floda
    Floda says:

    ‘If they’re not sincere, they’re obviously seeking to harm us and should leave us just the same’. Sorry, but that’s like asking a great big hungry Boar standing in your vegetable garden to be nice. Leave? Where to, Liberia where in its capital city, Monrovia population over a million, there are fully 18 functioning flush toilets? Your Blacks may be dumb, but they’re not that stupid. They’re never going to leave, ever, why would they?

    Our Jewish friends worked out years ago all they had to do to dominate any White country is to persuade its feminized population they should be charitable in all things, especially immigration. This has been a huge success in the US since 1965 when not just blacks but all kinds of brown skinned non-europeans arrived.

    In the recent US election recount debacle I understand there were 31 applications made to American Courts including the SCOTUS, all were about vote rigging and recount issues and yet NOT ONE court bothered reading the complaint at hand. I understand the SCOTUS Judges all had visits from BLM threatening violence if they dared to do the wrong thing. And it’s not only Judges who get these threats, Politicians and commentators like Tucker Carlson. So now you have it, fill the country with enough of a racially inferior but always physically violent people, then use your ownership of the media to control their behavior and you own America.

    For a while there I thought Trump was going to force the issue to go to the Military courts, that might have forced their hand and Trump or his family members may have been severely warned. This was about when Pence seemed to Chicken out. I thought it was oddly out of character for Trump to simply walk, especially not after getting such huge number of votes. I reckon something else happened and that hasn’t come out so far.

    • partacus
      partacus says:

      You must be disinformed about Trump. Read Ann Coulter about him, he is owned by the circles. all his kids married properly. he can never do anything against the circles, his master Jared would whip his ass to blood and then orange would commit suicide like Epstein.

  12. Brad Prichard
    Brad Prichard says:

    The buckwheats have no agency. The nose runs the show.
    Like you said, the nose uses the dumb buckwheats as foot soldiers to wreck
    western civilization.
    MM is simply a mouthpiece for the nose. Harry is a moron…he could have had
    a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, but he chose a half breed attention whore loser.
    It just gives me a headache.

  13. ariadna
    ariadna says:

    The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, a Muslim Indian, has said recently, “There’s no good reason why 65% of people in science and engineering should be White men. We’re working in fixing it.” In a few years it may be “why any”?
    There is no good reason why the mayor of London should be a Muslim Indian, let alone one with such blatant hatred of Whites (who used to be called simply Brits before).
    But neither the Crown nor the British people seem interested in “fixing” this problem. And isn’t the Queen responsible for the Jews in the House of Lords? The oxymoron of “Lord …. berg/stein” still gives me pause. The Jews crave those titles because only they manage that unique blend of envy mixed with contempt they feel for White Christians.
    In the early 70s I met an Italian woman in Rome who was an ardent anglophile and a highly educated and talented professor of English literature. She dreamed of moving to England and went so far as to apply for an interview pursuant to her application for an entry visa at the British Consulate in Rome. She was told quite frankly and directly, “Sorry, we only accept immigrants from the former British colonies.” Good choice… the most likely to assimilate and have respect for the British traditions and culture…Even back then the dice must have been cast by the Lords … stein/berg already: Britain had too many whites and needed more vibrant diversity.

  14. George Jones
    George Jones says:

    Oprah had a niche in the yellow journalism TV field of intrusive interviewing of people with low boundaries. It is the National Enquirer style on TV. But the strangest episode was her lengthy relationship with Elie Wiesel, including a tour of Auschwitz and putting his book into the Oprah book club.
    With that, Oprah may have earned many merits to offset her disastrous presentation of a book that proved to be a false autobiography: “A Million Little Pieces”, by Thomas Frey. The situation was discussed by the late Alexander Cockburn:

  15. Lily
    Lily says:

    Isnt it called cultural appropriation to take and use what another race has created in its identify. In my view ALL of Western inventions and education and fashions – clothing, housing, appliances, electricity, vehicles. medicines, hospitals, factories, and more have been appropriated by these people of colour who insult us all the time. Ur all entitled to throw away all u have used and return to what was.

  16. William Gruff
    William Gruff says:

    A question that occurred to me when I read, in the paragraph subheaded ‘cruel, hate-filled white societies’, the observation that numerous non-white races flourish in White societies is whether those flourishing aliens could flourish in their homelands, among their own kind.

  17. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    Unnamed sources at the Court were concerned about the color of Meghan’s baby.

    Could one or more commenters here, knowledgeable about genetics, be kind enough to inform the remainder of us of the following?

    01 Offspring from two long-time white parents will be white.
    02 Offspring from a white and a black parent can be either white, black or mulatto.
    03 Offspring from two white parents, one of whom was offspring from a mixed marriage, may be all white, all
    black, or mulatto.
    04 Offspring from an all white couple, either of whom had previous black blood, though several generations
    back, could produce an all black offspring.

    • Barkingmad
      Barkingmad says:

      @Charles. It’s not just about skin color, though, where one parent is partly black or black many generations ago. There are other aspects of appearance which might identify you as black or white.

      You might find the following novel kind of instructive or at least interesting: “But the Morning Will Come” by Cid Ricketts Sumner. (Sumner was murdered by a relative who maybe wasn’t buying her liberalism on race matters.) God help me but I read this in my late teens or so, and didn’t “get it.” Here’s a brief description from The Christian Science Monitor, and it wasn’t the first book Sumner wrote with this theme:

      Originally published in 1949, this book tells the story of a Southern white girl and her reaction when she discovers that her unborn child will inherit Negro blood.

      Bentley Carr grew up without knowing she was a very pretty girl. Daughter of a seamstress in a Mississippi town, she felt overwhelmed when she became the bride of Philip Churston of Cedar Bluff plantation. She was happy when she knew she was to bear him a child. Happy—until she discovered why the whisper ran about the Churstons: a strain of Negro blood in the family! That was why Philip was cold to the coming heir; why there were never any visitors at Cedar Bluff. Her dilemma faced her starkly: must she, too, learn to live a lie?

      “Grace in the writing, warm appreciation of the emotional involvements, and of the relationship between background and action….”—W. K. Rugg, Christian Science Monitor

  18. ThoughtCriminal
    ThoughtCriminal says:

    What have the judeo establishment got against Markle?
    Is it merely that unlike Middleton she has no chosenite blood and might be too much of a loose cannon on social issues, like Harry’s mother?
    Might not be fully on board with endless wars for Israel and the Palestinian genocide?

  19. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    Because the royal family is not racist we have to be subject to all this Markle drivel. What have you done, Harry?

  20. A Mayer
    A Mayer says:

    This is a first class article, but annoying by virtue of the terrible people featured. This Prince Harry has been described by every variant of ”stupid”, a common epithet being ” dim bulb”. Since marrying that hybrid he was reported in the Daily Mail as saying his heart is in Botswana. But the money is in the european-created USA of course. That is the motivation for all these anti-white hypocrites.

  21. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    01 ” Dr.” Shola holds six university degrees.
    02 Which universities, on which continents, granted them ?
    03 Where and on what topic is her doctoral dissertation.
    04 Regardless of which continents, would she, as a Black, have been subjected to those institutions’
    expectations from Whites ?

    If I were a Chancellor of any university and received a mere application for admission from her, accompanied by a photograph such as featured here, I would call her in, give her a lunch voucher for the cafeteria and politely request, that she return after lunch to pick up her duly-earned PhD.

    Those who would deem me a coward, should have another look at her white knuckles on her antifa fist and that antifa grimace compensating for a countenance.

    Mr. Langdon, since you have considerable data on the doctor already, could you tell us at least the title of her dissertation, and who granted it ???

    • ChilledBee
      ChilledBee says:

      Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu lives in London and has made a very comfortable living from constantly denigrating white people that she chose to live amongst. I do not know of any other non-Western country that this kind of behavior would be tolerated, let alone given unlimited platforms to spew her racist theories. How much longer will white people remain silent on this non-stop abuse?

      This tweet is just one example of her explaining what racism is as seen from the lens of white privilege.

  22. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    As always Mr.Langdon, a highly amusing and information perspective. The Royal Family is an institution I have a deeply ambivalent views toward: an anachronistic diversity appeasing org; yet a huge income generator for the tourism industry. And for many a touchstone of European symbolism (that you mention in your piece0.
    Black Egos Matter- and with each utterance and declaration from the proxy Muppets it evokes the opposite sentiment in me.
    In the Evening Standard’s ‘Londoner’s Diary’ from 12th March the caption quote from actor David Harewood ‘US see Britain backward on race’. Yes, that’s right- there’s not nearly enough White guilt-tripping over here.
    Dr.Shola, if your reading this TOO, please note that Meghan is also a woman of Dutch and Irish heritage. From one sub-below par ‘academic,’ to another pseudo bore, Obama, who had his 2007 presidential candidacy managed and organised by the hotel and gambling outfit heiress Penny Pritzger.
    Great Britain abolished slavery in 1833 and I recently read that Saudi Arabian abolished slavery in 1962. Meanwhile, in Africa there is in various forms of slavery 9.2 million people. Mind you, the truth is highly divisive in these times.

  23. partacus
    partacus says:

    ” But what does reality matter to leftists? They seek power, not truth, and are narcissists, not realists.” surprised to hear that from a clever writer. this is classical Tucker Carlson drivel. Power is a tool to achieve what they want: read about what happened to Piet Retief and learn.

  24. Al Ross
    Al Ross says:

    The Royal Family have a subtle sense of humour . The Mulatto Markle , having ignored her aged father, was by Royal Appointment , selected as Patron of a UK charity for the Aged.

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