A Plague of Pakistanis: Goyophobes Import Kaffirophobes

If you want to destroy a person, an injection of plutonium works fine. If you want to destroy a nation, try an injection of Pakistanis. When you look at collective nouns in English, you’ll find “a pod of dolphins” and “a murmuration of starlings.” What should be the collective noun for Pakistanis? I suggest “a plague.” For example, Somalis are experts at violence and Nigerians are experts at fraud, but Pakistanis are experts at both. When they enter a prosperous, high-trust nation like Britain, they must think they’ve died and gone to Paradise.

Combatting anti-Semitism and xenophobia are fundamental motives for Jews

After all, the Muslim Paradise has sex-slaves in abundance. Pakistani criminals in British towns like Rotherham and Rochdale have acquired thousands of those. When the White parents of the sex-slaves tried to get their daughters back, they found the authorities opposing them rather than assisting them.

Britain is controlled by a hostile elite that hates Whites and wants to destroy them with diversity. For example, the New Labour government opened the flood-gates of Third-World immigration under the traitorous shabbos goy Tony Blair. The minister responsible was a Jewish SJW called Barbara Roche, who told the Guardian in 2001 that she “entered politics … to combat anti-semitism and xenophobia in general.”

Barbara Roche thinks that the way to “combat” hate is to import the most backward, illiberal and hate-filled groups on Earth, because those groups will undermine and attack Britain’s White majority and its traditional Christian culture. Other Jews in the hostile elite think the same as Roche. You’ll find them describing their political inspiration in very similar ways:

These Jews are all goyophobes or haters of White Christian goyim, as non-Jews are called in Hebrew. That’s why Jews in Western nations overwhelmingly support mass immigration by non-Whites and by Muslims in particular. These Muslims are kaffirophobes or haters of kaffirs, as non-Muslims are called in Arabic. Brown-skinned Pakistani Muslims are the antithesis of White British Christians, so what’s not to like for a goyophobic Jew? And one excellent example of a goyophobic Jew is Dr Richard Stone, the cold and calculating Jewish intellect behind the martyr-cult of the Black teenager Stephen Lawrence.

A Muslim fraud-gang: Natural Allies of Jews

Dr Stone’s “work bringing together British Jews and Muslims includes being a founding trustee of the Maimonides Foundation … and of Alif-Aleph UK.” He has proclaimed that “British Jews and Muslims are natural allies.” Against whom? Against the White and historically Christian majority in Britain, of course. And Dr Stone is merely one of the many Jews who want to use Muslims to undermine and dispossess British Whites. In the Jewish Chronicle, you can read articles like “Jewish and Muslim women pledge to work together to combat hate.” Whose hate is that? Hate from the White and historically Christian majority in Britain, of course.

Somehow it escapes their notice

You might think that all intelligent observers will be aware of this sustained Jewish support for Muslims and hostility towards Whites. But somehow both the support and the hostility escape the notice of philosemitic commentators like Mark Steyn and Douglas Murray, who rail against Muslim pathologies in the West and mournfully chronicle the suffering these inflict on Jews. Steyn has claimed that Jews are “on the receiving end” of Muslim violence. They aren’t: they’re on the enabling end of Muslim violence. It was their support for Third-World immigration that prevailed against the loudly expressed opposition of the White majority. And this happened not just in Britain, but also in America, France, Sweden, Australia and all other enriched Western nations.

If Pakistanis are so good for Britain, why has Israel not opened its borders to Pakistanis too? Well, Pakistanis aren’t good for Britain and Jews know this perfectly well. They don’t want any Rotherhams or Rochdales in Israel. And they don’t want this kind of thing either:

A natural ally for Jews: Feezan Choudhary

Scammer who stole £113million from High Street bank customers — thanks to corrupt employees who sold their details for £250 a time

They called him ‘The Voice’, and Feezan Choudhary certainly knew how to profit from his gift of the gab. By the age of 24, the son of Pakistani immigrants from Pollokshields, a diverse and relatively affluent neighbourhood of Glasgow, had already acquired all the trappings of turbo-fuelled wealth. …

Feezan Hameed Choudhary was subsequently exposed as a criminal mastermind: Britain’s biggest ever bank transfer fraudster. As the leader of an audacious gang, with members across the UK, in just two-and-a-half years he managed to preside over the theft of an astonishing £113million from 750 hapless [White] victims. …

Choudhary’s career, which ended when he was jailed in 2016, offers a chilling insight into not just the slick modus operandi of Britain’s growing army of financial scammers, but also the myriad failures of major banks and law-enforcement agencies that allow them to get away with it. … [T]ransfer fraud has roughly doubled in the past year alone, with bank customers now losing up to £1million daily. A mere 20 per cent of the stolen money is being recovered, while shocking figures from Which? [a consumer-protection group] show that just one in every 25 cases reported to Action Fraud, the police’s under-resourced fraud and cyber-crime centre, [is] solved. The true extent of this spiralling problem is likely to be even worse, since large numbers of victims are thought to be too embarrassed to report the crimes in the first place.

Against this sorry backdrop, two precious resources allowed Choudhary to build his ill-gotten fortune. Firstly, he controlled a network of corrupt junior bank staff who were prepared to steal statements on his behalf. And secondly, he developed a priceless ability to sweet-talk the ordinary men and women named on those statements into revealing their internet banking details over the telephone. …

One of the detectives who investigated the gang said: ‘… He’s a very good career criminal, but the way he preyed on his victims was horrendous. It’s all down to pure greed. All the time he was just thinking about the money, not about the lives he was affecting and, in some cases, ruining.’

And Choudhary undoubtedly did ruin lives. His gang largely targeted independent tradesmen and small business owners, on the grounds that up to £100,000 could be withdrawn at a time from corporate accounts without automatically triggering bank security checks … Several of the companies were bankrupted, and one firm of solicitors lost more than £2million. One tradesman committed suicide after falling for the scam.

While no two criminal gangs are identical, Feezan Choudhary and his team have several key features in common with other crooks who are profiting from Britain’s bank fraud epidemic. Police sources say almost every leader of the gangs currently active [is] believed to have personal links to Pakistan, a lightly regulated country where cash can be easily laundered, but which is nonetheless part of the IBAN (international banking) network, meaning money can be wired there at the drop of a hat. …

A senior officer with knowledge of that case estimates there are currently ‘between three and five’ active gangs who are responsible for stealing the vast majority of the £1million a day being lost to the crime in the UK. [He said:] ‘At the top end, they are almost all being run by British Pakistanis. The gangs have links between each other, and we believe they share the same laundering networks and in some cases are being taught how to carry out the crime by the same individuals.’ …

Bringing them down would be ‘perfectly possible’, he adds, provided political will was mustered to target them. Feezan Choudhary was brought to justice after a team from Falcon Taskforce, Scotland Yard’s Fraud And Linked Crime Online Taskforce, were instructed to focus on the rising transfer fraud epidemic. They spent six months investigating his gang, with support from 16 police forces. Yet despite this success, police cuts meant that Falcon Taskforce was disbanded not long after the trial was completed in late 2016.

Scandalously, no law-enforcement agency is currently being given resources to carry out similar investigations, which require extensive surveillance work. So it goes that, while the fraudster they called ‘The Voice’ languishes behind bars, a host of equally prolific crooks continue plying their evil trade with virtual impunity. (Scammer who stole £113million from High Street bank customers – thanks to corrupt employees who sold their details for £250 a time, The Daily Mail, 25th September 2018)

Note these words by a policeman: “the way [Feezan Choudhary] preyed on his victims was horrendous. It’s all down to pure greed.” The policeman was wrong. It wasn’t “all down to pure greed.” Greed was only one of the factors at work in Choudhary’s crimes. Callousness and hatred of Whites were two more essential factors. Feezan Choudhary was an alien parasite imported into an ideal environment. He was preying on naïve elderly Whites who grew up in an unenriched Britain where banks could be trusted and where young people felt a natural connection with and concern for the older generation.

The lowest of the low

After all, those young people were the children and grandchildren of the older generation. But that natural connection has been broken by mass immigration, because a homogeneous White nation has become a Balkanized patchwork of competing races and ethnicities. Feezan Choudhary feels no affinity with elderly Whites. He comes from a clannish, predatory culture where fraud and deceit are celebrated, not condemned. And he could rely on a financially corrupt, “lightly regulated” Pakistan to launder his ill-gotten gains. Exactly the same is true of a gang of Muslims who posed as police and “callously targeted elderly and vulnerable [White] victims and defrauded them out of their lives’ savings.” Amongst the White working-class in Britain, two types of criminal are regarded as the lowest of the low: sex-criminals and those who steal from the elderly.

Pakistani Muslims are supplying copious quantities of both types of criminal to British jails. However, a near-namesake of Feezan Choudhary hasn’t been amongst them. The drug-dealer Ahmed Al-Arif Choudhury was the ringleader of a Pakistani rape-gang in the Yorkshire town of Keighley (pronounced Keeth-lee). But he didn’t go to jail with eleven other men for raping and prostituting a “little white slag” and “white bastard”, because he has fled the country and may now be living in Pakistan.

Or perhaps he’s back in Britain living under a false identity thanks to corrupt Pakistani employees in some government bureaucracy. Recall that Feezan Choudhary could never have committed his massive fraud without “a network of corrupt junior bank staff who were prepared to steal statements on his behalf.” The bank staff were almost certainly Pakistani or some other kind of Muslim. They didn’t care about elderly Whites any more than Feezan Choudhary did. As I pointed out above, they’re all kaffirophobes or haters of kaffirs, as non-Muslims are called in Arabic.

Criminality, callousness and corruption

But although Pakistanis hate Whites and enjoy harming us, they love the fruits of White civilization. Feezan Choudhary had a “fleet of supercars” that included “a Bentley, a Range Rover, a Rolls-Royce and a lime-green Lamborghini.” And on his many overseas trips, he sported high-fashion items like “a £48,000 Rolex watch” and “baroque-patterned Versace trousers.” For non-White Muslims like Choudhary, the best things in life are created by Whites.

After all, Whites are remarkable for ingenuity and inventiveness. What are Pakistanis and other Muslims remarkable for? Criminality, callousness and corruption. So why are they in the West in such large numbers? Because Jews wanted them here. Goyophobes have imported kaffirophobes with the deliberate intent of dispossessing and destroying Whites.

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  1. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    If I were able, I would have a special spot of HATE reserved in my heart for Pakistan.

    I’ve heard say that a man is only ever capable of truly falling in love with a woman perhaps once or twice in a lifetime.

    At the age of 26, after over twenty years of training and ten of those in dedicating myself towards one goal,
    namely becoming the Men’s National Gymnastics Coach of Canada,
    and having just returned from a summer of training in fundamentals with Wolfgang Thüne, two time (GDR & FRG) German Men’s National Gymnastics Champion at Bayer, Leverkusen,
    and at that time, the National Coach of the West Germany Men’s Team,
    I had basically forgotten what a women were.

    That is to say, women were absolutely not on my radar.

    So back at (((McMaster University))), in Hamilton,
    where I was doing an undergraduate degree in Phys-Ed with a double minor in German Lit. and Bio-Chem.,
    so as not to give the impression of snobbery,
    I decided to spend an evening during Frosh Week socializing with my fellow team mates on the Varsity Gym Team.

    In those days, even when not studying, training or working (I was also a part-time coach for the university children’s gym program) I never stopped thinking about my long term objective.

    So it was under these circumstances that I was caught completely off guard in the cool morning air of that September evening.

    After gathering in a circle of about eight or nine people…, just chatting…, the group decided to call it a “morning” and go our separate ways.

    It was then that I found myself walking next to a non-descript female,
    and since we were both heading in the same direction,
    I offered to escort her home
    (in those days there had been student news paper reports of women being occasionally raped on campus).

    Much like a German Machine, without feeling and full of purpose, I hardly even took notice of her until she began saying the most unusual things to me.

    In those days, my public life was more often than not characterized by distain, contempt and alienation from society at large, so I simply put any thoughts of having friendly relations with ANYONE, let alone a woman, out of my mind.

    So while doing the “…Terminator March…” next to this complete stranger, it began to dawn on me that she was showering me with compliments using words like…;
    ” feel totally safe.. and… trust you completely…”.

    It took a while, but eventually it occurred to me that I might just as well take a look at this person.

    That was a big mistake!!

    After drawing my face up to hers and taking a good hard look into her eyes, which happened to be a shade of turquoise most commonly associated with the glacial lakes of the Canadian Rockies,
    and then proceeding to the rest of her face:
    luscious lips, flawless teeth, platinum blonde hair, rosy red complexion and all,
    I then continued my Terminator Escort March to her exclusive women’s sorority dormitory.

    It took another half minute or so, but suddenly it dawned on me that she was ABSOLUTELY STUNNING !!!

    Well this just could not be!

    After all, I was in Canada…, the land of smiling backstabbers and cowards.

    Surely, I must have been dreaming.

    To my utter disbelief, the compliments seemed to increase as I continued walking her home.

    It took another minute or so before I realized that she was indeed asking for trouble.
    So as if to warn her that if she did not stop with the niceties she would be in serious danger,
    I stopped her in her tracks,
    deliberately grabbed her around the waste and gave her one hell of a passionate kiss, smack dab on the lips!

    “Take that!”, I thought,
    “That ought to shut you up!”, and then continued along on my Terminator Escort March as if nothing had occurred.

    But it had no such effect.

    On the contrary, not only did she not stop showering me with compliments, they actually increased!

    Well, to make a long story short, it was head over heels love at first sight for the both of us.

    As it happened however, (((my detractors))) were, unbeknownst to…,
    or at least explicitly unacknowledged by me…,
    interfering in my university life to an extent that it would be my last year at the school before we both were forced to go our different directions;
    me to East Germany and she to the University of Ottawa for a Masters degree.

    However, throughout my travels over the next year or so, there was hardly a day that I did not write a letter or send a post card.

    As it turned out, I happened to become “…stuck..” on the PAKISTANI side of the Himalayas (Khunjerab Pass) during the Tiananmen Square Massacre and while working there wrote and sent about ONE HUNDRED individual pieces of mail to her in Canada.

    Of those letters and post cards NOT A SINGLE ONE reached her!

    Without going into details, even then the (((CIA and the American Embassy))) composed the “…actual…” Government of Pakistan.

    No matter who became prime minister, if the (((USA))) said
    the Pakistani PM responded with,
    ” How high ?!? “.

    Now it is possible that (((Canada Post))) could have siphoned off those letters, but my Jewdar tells me it was the (((Pakistanis))) who were responsible.

    My “…love letters…”,
    besides being infused with my most passionate and intimate feelings for a woman I would have died for in an instant if I were called to,
    they were also replete with information about the political situation w.r.t. Kashmir, Afghanistan, the Sunni, Ishmael and Shiite situation, China, India, and (((the ‘United State’ of Pakistan))).

    (((Pakistan))) is indeed a Super Star Sh!t Hole among Sh!t Holes…, and anyone who does not recognize this should straight away be locked up in an insane asylum.
    Besides dahl, cotton and blood red oranges, there are precious few good things I can say about this country.

  2. Rerevisionist
    Rerevisionist says:

    Most people think military strength is weapons, arms, gung-ho people etc. But intelligence in the practical sense is just as important. Perhaps ‘national service’ will come to include intelligence work on Jewish operations, and the puppets of Jews.

    • Charlie
      Charlie says:

      In Marika the Jews control all incoming and outgoing propaganda of the masses. Homeland Security was specifically created for Jews to gather and use psychological warfare on the White North American population

  3. Barney
    Barney says:

    As far as I’m concerned, moslems ARE jews in all but name. The moslems CLAIM to hate the jews, but who do they attack? By their fruits and all that. Whether it’s child rape, vehicle attacks, bombs or whatever else, the victims of moslem attacks are ALWAYS Normal White Human Beings, NEVER the devil-spawn that goes by the name of “jew”.

    The jews’ “masonic” network covers EVERY organ of the state, which is why we can no longer trust the pole-lice (police), generally known nowadays, and rightly so, as the filth. Their job under jew rule is to arrest the victims while protecting the criminals. Try Googling Melanie Shaw or Hollie Greig.

    Ted Heath, Cyril Smith, Jimmy Saville and others were protected throughout their perverse lifetimes, and it’s only now they’re dead that we’re allowed to know what they were. Others are still being protected, all the way to “the palace”, and I’m sure the likes of “Cliff Richard” (alias “Kitty”) and others will “suddenly be discovered” to have been similarly evil once they’re dead and safely beyond Earthly justice.

    “Common Purpose”, which I believe is called “Common CORE” in the US, is involved in brainwashing school children, trying to turn them into obedient faggots and other kinds of weirdo. I wonder (((which group))) is behind “Common Purpose”.

    I agree 100% with royAlbrecht, who says (above), “If the Jews were taken out of the equation, then Whites would have no trouble repairing their societies.”

  4. Aitch
    Aitch says:

    The Guardian ‘newspaper’ continues to amuse. In an item on Trump today, they say: “Some critics saw antisemitic overtones in Trump’s tweet referencing George Soros, the billionaire liberal activist who is Jewish. Mehdi Hasan, a columnist for the Intercept, tweeted that Trump’s coded message was ‘Paid for by the Jews!’ “

  5. Franklin Ryckaert
    Franklin Ryckaert says:

    “…If you want to destroy a person, an injection of PLUTONIUM works fine. If you want to destroy a nation, try an injection of Pakistanis…”

    That’s called PAKISTANIUM. There also exists such a thing as SOMALIUM, but the most deadly substance is called IUDAICUM.

  6. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Growing up in the 1960’s East London Britain when phrases such like ‘ethnic minority’ didn’t exist, at least not to a five year old in 1967. My childhood friend was the son of a Doctor and housewife from Pakistan. We spent much time playing, climbing and other activities being opposite neighbours afforded . One afternoon my friend’s father grabbed him by his arms and demanded to know why he was not doing his homework. He then slapped his son across the face; one of my first experiences of violence left me feeling shocked and sick.
    I am tempted to ask Pakistanis as they wheel-spin and screech in their usual German/ Mercedes car ” Anyone would think you’d invented it, (the car, the engine, the design)?”
    The beautiful irony is this is another third world foreign version of “they don’t know, they know” as in their history, their enshrined islamic Pakistan constitution. The tragic irony is this ‘ethnic minority’ are rapidly becoming a majority, hence the oxymoronic phrase: ‘minority-majority’.
    What they do comprehend is a seething resentment and racial emnity against the disappearing people of these British Isles.

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