Murder of a Mensch: Cuckservatives, Crypto-Jews and Catch-22s

The central aims of leftism are very simple: to win power, to punish its enemies, and to destroy the West. The central principle of leftism is also very simple: “Heads we win; tails you lose.” Whatever works for leftism is ruthlessly exploited; whatever works against leftism is ignored or reversed. For example, minor infractions or perfectly legal acts by the right are labelled serious crimes and harshly punished; serious crimes by the left and its favorites are censored or brazenly lied about.

Self-defense is no offense

Americans have seen this leftist principle hard at work since the self-inflicted death of the Black thug George Floyd in May 2020. During the Summer of George, Black Lives Matter (BLM) and its antifa allies rioted, looted, burned, and murdered for months on end with both the complicity and the approval of leftist media and officialdom. Their very serious crimes went unchallenged and unpunished. Thanks to the self-righteous anti-police campaigning of BLM, murders have risen sharply among young Black men, the very group the left claim to be seeking to protect from “police brutality.” And all this is censored or brazenly lied about by the left.

He looks sinister because he is sinister: US Attorney-General and Jewish supremacist Merrick Garland

But when a misguided right-wing mob trespassed briefly in the US Capitol in January 2021, the left reacted as though the Apocalypse were upon us. The trespass was “domestic terrorism,” a “deadly assault” on democracy itself, and, according to the Jewish leftist Rebecca Solnit, nothing less than a “coup attempt.” And even as Black and antifa thugs walk the streets unmolested, Solnit’s co-ethnic Merrick Garland, the sinister Jewish Attorney-General in Biden’s Bolshevik cabinet, has poured huge resources into fighting “white supremacy.” The Capitol trespassers have been tracked down and imprisoned, often in solitary confinement and in filthy conditions, before they go on trial on inflated and unjust charges. Also in jail is Kyle Rittenhouse, the young right-winger who coolly and expertly defended his life against a murderous assault by three people, including two Jews, one of whom was a convicted pedophile. If Rittenhouse were non-White or antifa, he would have been released long ago and his deadly shooting would have been accepted as a perfectly legal act of self-defence against bloodthirsty thugs. “Heads we win; tails you lose.”

Somali enrichment strikes again

Across the Atlantic in Britain, the same power-hungry leftists apply the same principle. But even I was taken aback by the leftist reaction to the murder of the supposedly right-wing Conservative politician Sir David Amess on October 15, 2021. The alleged murderer is Ali Harbi Ali, a Muslim “of Somali heritage” (in smarmy leftist parlance) and the murder took place soon after Angela Rayner, Labour’s fiery (and possibly psychopathic) deputy leader, had described Conservatives as “scum … homophobic, racist, misogynistic … scum.” You might think this was embarrassing for the left: a right-wing White man is murdered by a Black Muslim shortly after a left-wing White woman “dehumanizes” right-wing White men. Not a bit of it: the leftist media ignored Rayner’s remark and used the murder to campaign loudly for more censorship of right-wing “hate.”

When a Somali Muslim murders a “much loved” politician, this might appear to be yet more evidence that critics of Third-World immigration are correct. But not to the left, for whom David Amess’s murder is yet more evidence that we must try harder to silence critics of Third-World immigration. After the murder, leftists constantly invoked the saintly Labour MP Jo Cox and her murder by a “right-wing extremist” in 2016. The leftist Andrew Marr “spent his Sunday morning show on the BBC questioning the Home Secretary [Priti Patel] about online anonymity.” There is so far no evidence that “online anonymity” played any role in the murder, but Marr takes his ideas on political discourse straight from the pages of Nineteen Eighty-Four: “It is intolerable to us that an erroneous thought should exist anywhere in the world, however secret and powerless it may be.”

A cuckservative cucks

And if you had judged by one BBC Radio news-broadcast, the true victim of Amess’s murder was the still-very-much-alive left-wing Black MP Diane Abbott, who was interviewed caringly about the abuse she suffers online. But I’ll freely admit it: I feel much more sympathy for Diane Abbott than for David Amess. Abbott isn’t a traitor; Amess was a traitor. She’s Black and she works for Black interests; he was White and he worked against White interests. I’m happy to see Abbott satirized and mocked, but I don’t think she should receive foul-mouthed abuse and threats of violence. I don’t think David Amess should have been stabbed to death either, but I cannot feel any sorrow at what happened to him. He was a cuckservative whose official website proves that he was complicit not only in his own murder but also in the murder, rape, and ethnic cleansing of countless ordinary Whites, past, present, and to come:

A cuckservative cucks: David Amess supports “refugees” and an anti-White leftist charity

Sir David Joins British Red Cross To Celebrate Refugee Week

On Monday 17th June [2019], Sir David Amess MP met with the British Red Cross to mark Refugee Week 2019 and hear about the challenges facing those as they rebuild their lives in the UK.

The Southend West MP took the opportunity to speak with the charity’s refugee ambassadors, who shared their own stories fleeing conflict and persecution. Sir David learnt about the challenges faced by those arriving in the UK, and what more the Government can do to help refugees resettle, work and study here.

The event marked the start of Refugee Week (17th-23rd June), and the launch of the British Red Cross’ “Every Refugee Matters” campaign. Aiming to highlight the issues that many refugees face, the charity have produced a new film along with those with first-hand experience of the challenges in UK asylum system.

Speaking after the event, Sir David said: “I am proud to be supporting the work of the British Red Cross this Refugee Week, and the brilliant work they do helping those most in need rebuild their lives here in the UK. Speaking to the refugee ambassadors was an invaluable experience to hear directly from who have had first-hand experience of some of the barriers blocking them from working, accessing education and healthcare. It is vital that we are able to help and provide protection to the world’s most vulnerable.” (Sir David Joins British Red Cross To Celebrate Refugee Week, 18th June, 2019)

[David Amess comments on] Black Lives Matter

I have received many emails about the events in America which we have seen unfolding on our TV screens. I have been shocked, horrified and repulsed at the murder of a US citizen by a policeman, with three officers standing by and doing nothing to help. Absolutely unforgivable in every respect. I was deeply moved by the appearance of the brother of George Floyd, who visited the scene of the murder and appealed for peace and calm. I do hope he is listened to. I absolutely despair at American politics at the moment and have made representations to government Ministers. I have also added my name to the cross-party letter to Liz Truss asking the government to freeze exports of riot control equipment to the United States. (Black Lives Matter, 4th June 2020)

Amess was supposedly a right-winger, but there was nothing right-wing about his support for “refugees” and Black Lives Matter. Those posts at his website prove that he was a cuckservative allied with leftism, which is why the Guardian, without the slightest trace of irony, called him a “much loved” politician and “devout Catholic.”

Fake Catholic, fake Pope

I strongly disagree with the Guardian’s second claim: Amess was a fake Catholic whose pro-refugee and pro-BLM views chimed perfectly with those of the Anti-Pope currently occupying the throne of St Peter. If Amess had been genuinely right-wing and genuinely Catholic, the Guardian and the rest of the leftist media would have hated him and found it difficult to conceal their satisfaction at his death. True Christians are not loved or respected by enemies of Christianity, as Christ himself prophesied: “And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.” (Matthew 10:22)

Anti-Pope Francis kisses the feet of Muslim invaders

And if Amess had been a genuine Catholic, he would never have been called a “real mensch” by one of his many Jewish fans:

Jewish groups express shock over ‘horrific’ killing of MP Sir David Amess

Jewish groups have expressed their “profound sorrow” at the killing of Conservative MP Sir David Amess. In a statement, the Board of Deputies said they were devastated to hear that Sir David had died following a stabbing at his constituency surgery.

“We will never forget Sir David’s long and deep friendship to our community. Our hearts go out in profound sorrow to his wife Julia and children Katie, Sarah and David Jr,” they said. Steve Wilson, CEO of United Synagogue, said the parliamentarian’s murder was “horrific and chilling”. … The Jewish Leadership Council expressed their shock. “He always had a very strong and warm relationship with his local Jewish community. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time,” they said. Karen Pollock, Chief Executive of the Holocaust Education Trust, said: “We are shocked and saddened at the tragic loss of Sir David Amess MP. A long time supporter and campaigner for the Holocaust Educational Trust, joining us at every gathering, and encouraging us in everything we did. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this difficult time.”

Southend rabbis also paid respect to the MP. Rabbi Geoffrey Hyman of Southend shul described Sir David as “a real mensch”. He said: “We are absolutely devastated by the murder of Sir David Amess, our local MP. He had a very close relationship with our Jewish community here in Westcliff. Always supportive and sympathetic to our members and causes. He attended numerous events at our synagogue. We are deeply saddened and send our condolences to his dear family…. May he rest in peace.”

Sir David previously served as the honorary secretary of Conservative Friends of Israel. From the 1980s, he campaigned for the erection of a statue honouring Raoul Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat who saved thousands of Hungarian Jews from deportation while the country was under Nazi occupation. Eventually he succeeded, and in 1997 Queen Elizabeth unveiled the statue, located outside Western Marble Arch Synagogue. Earlier this year, speaking at the Holocaust Memorial Day debate, Sir David said although he was a Catholic, “there is Jewish blood in each and every one of us,” and he “would certainly have been proud to have been born a Jew.” (Jewish groups express shock over ‘horrific’ killing of MP Sir David Amess, The Jewish Chronicle, 15th October 2021)

So Amess’s death was the murder of a mensch. He was a dedicated shabbos goy and worked hard for Jews—who have always been the greatest and most implacable enemies of Christianity and the Catholic church. Amess was a traitor to both his race and his religion.

Harvey’s little helper

Or perhaps he wasn’t. Like the saintly leftist Jo Cox, Amess was little-known in Britain before his murder. But he did hit the headlines in 2017 when he appeared to support the Jewish sex-criminal Harvey Weinstein. His parliamentary office issued this unequivocal statement in Amess’s name: “The recent revelations that countless starlets have apparently been assaulted by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein are dubious to say the least. Whilst it has no doubt always been the case that some individuals have achieved their big break via the casting couch, this sudden flurry of alleged inappropriate advances beggars belief. Just as with the claims against Jimmy Savile here in the UK, why did no one say anything until now?”

When the statement was criticized, Amess blamed a mix-up by his staff and claimed that he hadn’t authorized or said anything of the kind. I find that hard to believe. But why would a “devout” “right-wing Catholic” like Amess support a sleazy leftist Jew from anti-Catholic Hollywood? Perhaps the Jewish Chronicle answered that question when, following its tribute to the murdered mensch, it reported that “Sir David Amess MP is believed to have had Sephardi [Jewish] ancestry. … According to information from the The Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain, the MP was a descendant of Sephardic families through his mother, Maud, who died in 2016, aged 104. While Sir David was a staunch and practising catholic [note lower case], who often referenced his faith in his work in parliament, he had ties to Sephardic Jews going back hundreds of years.”

Bound by blood

So perhaps Amess was a crypto-Jew rather than a cuckservative. The Jewish Chronicle certainly wants to believe he was, because Jews like to reassure themselves that their control of Western politics doesn’t rely only on the buying and blackmail of goyish politicians. Some of their agents are bound to them by blood, not simply by Benjamins. Prime minister Boris Johnson and his predecessor David Cameron are known to be part-Jewish. I suspect that the former prime minister Theresa May has Jewish ancestry too. The former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has himself claimed to have “some Jewish ancestry” and others have suggested that Denis MacShane, the former Labour MP for Rotherham, had a Jewish father. Before being jailed for fraud in 2013, the staunch feminist MacShane ignored the rape and prostitution of White working-class girls by Muslims in his Yorkshire constituency while working assiduously for rich Jews in far-off London.

Then there’s the former Conservative minister George Osborne, who discovered late in his career that he was halachically Jewish through his maternal grandmother. This prompted the Jewish politician and journalist Danny Finkelstein to wax lyrical on “That mysterious sense of Jewish connection,” because he had felt close to Osborne before learning that they were both Jewish. So Osborne was a crypto-Jew, not simply a cuckservative. Osborne’s attitude to mass immigration is certainly Jewish: in 2017 he “revealed that, despite having pledged to reduce immigration in both its 2010 and 2015 general election manifestos, the Tory leadership secretly abandoned this ambition long ago.” Well, it was secret to the goyim who were voting for the Conservatives, but not to Jewish organizations like the Board of Deputies, which regularly meet with senior politicians to discuss “matters of concern to the Community.” After these meetings, Jews like to put out trophy-photos that implicitly gloat about their control of British politics. Here’s one of those trophy-photos featuring the obnoxious Hindu Home Secretary Priti Patel:

Priti Patel with the Board of Deputies and other Jewish supremacists

Patel has no loyalty to Britain or to British Whites, only to herself and to the Jews whose support she needs to realize her political ambitions. She’s an intellectually undistinguished authoritarian with a very harsh and unpleasant personality — indeed, her own husband calls her “my personal piranha.” But you can be sure that she performs the goy-grovel most eagerly and becomingly at all her meetings with Jews.

The authoritarian spiral

Under the guidance of her Jewish masters, Patel is currently overseeing the creation of an Online Harms bill, which seeks to fight “horrific terrorist and extremist content.” In other words, she wants more and harsher censorship of those who claim, for example, that Jews have undue influence in British politics. But Patel herself has shown again and again that she clearly recognizes Jewish control of British politics. In 2017 she had to resign from Theresa May’s cabinet when it was revealed that she had undertaken a long series of secret and unminuted meetings with Israeli politicians and officials, supervised by the Jewish peer Lord Polack, former director of Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI). But she bounced back to a bigger and better position when Boris Johnson became prime minister. Patel simultaneously knows about Jewish power and wants to criminalize any discussion of that power.

The murder of the mensch David Amess will help her plans for more pro-Jewish censorship. One of David Amess’s cuckservative colleagues has asked for his memory to be honored by “David’s law,” to “crack down on social media abuse of public figures and end online anonymity.” This is the authoritarian spiral so beloved of Jews and the left. Third-World immigration inevitably spawns Third-World pathologies like terrorism and crime, which are then used to justify ever more censorship and surveillance of those who criticize Third-World immigration. Some right-wing and libertarian journalists have tried to strike back by pointing out that Amess’s murder has not been shown to have had any connection with “social media abuse” and “online anonymity.”

Migration strengthens censorship

But Amess’s murder does seem to have an intimate connection with the Religion of Peace and its ever-growing presence on British soil. Harbi Ali Kullane, the father of the alleged killer, was a member of the political elite in his Muslim homeland, like the Chechen father of the Boston bombers in America, and lives in an exclusive area of London. The Guardian reports that he is regarded by fellow Somalis as “a committed anti-extremist [and] a liberal, open-minded man, who was not very religious.” Kullane has obviously done very well out of his migration to Britain, but can we say the same of Britain itself? The Guardian and other leftists will not try to answer that question, much to the disquiet of the Trotskyist libertarian Brendan O’Neill, who believes passionately in both free speech and open borders. In a hard-hitting column written within hours of Amess’s death, O’Neill asked: “Can we now have an honest discussion about Islamist terrorism?”

Can we? Well, no, we can’t. O’Neill and libertarians like him don’t understand (or pretend not to understand) the Catch-22 that applies to non-White enrichment. The more non-Whites you have in your country, the more they will reproduce the pathologies of their homelands and the less you will be able to discuss those pathologies, let alone try to end them. This isn’t difficult to understand. True nations like Hungary, Poland and Slovakia don’t have big problems with suicide-bombers, rape-gangs, and stabby Somalis. Indeed, they don’t have any such problems at all. Why not? Because they haven’t been enriched by millions of non-Whites and haven’t been initiated into a leftist-Jewish cult of minority-worship. That cult is difficult to establish in the absence of non-Whites, which is why leftists in all those nations are eager to welcome “refugees,” establish the cult, and open the borders. So far, they haven’t succeeded.

Serving leftism from beyond the grave

The crypto-Jew and crypto-leftist Sir David Amess also welcomed “refugees,” who are mostly healthy young men of low social value and high criminal potential. Amess is gone now, seemingly cut short in his cuckservative prime by a stabby Somali and certainly mourned on all sides of British politics. But even in death he’s providing a valuable service to his former Jewish masters and leftist allies. His “shocking murder” will be used to justify more censorship, more surveillance, and more minority-worship. “Heads we win; tails you lose.”

This leftist principle isn’t intellectually sophisticated, but it’s been very effective across the West. When the left is in power, leftism advances. When the so-called right is in power, leftism advances just the same. If you want to see how that works, look no further than that “real mensch” Sir David Amess, the “devout Catholic” who was “much loved” by those who hate Christ and the Catholic church.

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  1. Ole C G Olesen
    Ole C G Olesen says:

    May I cite from the Harward Speech of Alexander Solzenitsyn:
    A decline in courage may be the most striking feature which an outside observer notices in the West in our days. The Western world has lost its civil courage, both as a whole and separately, in each country, each government, each political party, and, of course, in the United Nations. Such a decline in courage is particularly noticeable among the ruling groups and the intellectual elite

    • kolokol
      kolokol says:

      Solzhenitsyn was right. That was a great speech which he gave at Harvard in 1978. They should have followed his advice back then. We’d be better off now if they had.

      • JM
        JM says:

        “They should have followed his advice back then. We’d be better off now if they had.”

        How could Solzhenitsyn’s “advice” be “followed” when he was talking about a deep seated social malady?

        “The Western world has lost its civil courage, both as a whole and separately, in each country, each government, each political party, and, of course, in the United Nations. Such a decline in courage is particularly noticeable among the ruling groups and the intellectual elite.”

        It seems to me that – if anything – what was involved was a structural and informational problem. Structurally because of the historic faith that the decisive layer of the population put in the elites and their lack of information as to the impending doom, its cause and the lack of interest/perception/incapacity of the elites to deal with it.

        I ask this question because I lived through this transition in my country and – outside of a view that was totally contemptuous of the elites as well as one that was highly informed – a big ask indeed – things were going to unfold as they have. The subversives had a pretty stable, yet flexible, program and so they kept delivering their lies which patriots eventually expose to the people, but by then the damage had been done…so it’s on to the next lie and so on. In other words, the initiative was/still is always in the hands of the subversives and the co-opted elites. Patriots never have the initiative so we can be the ones that tell the half truths and get the subversives on the run so that the process might be reversed. If it started reversing, the hope would grow and with it, the unraveling of the agendas would snowball.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          Whites ( EuroMan/Aryan/European/Indo-European/Caucasian/and some others ) need to realize they cannot successfully preserve their race , against the Talmudic Judaic Collectivist genocide against them , without establishing sufficient defensive organizations which are anti-collectivist/anti-communist ; and which are individualist organizations that uphold the the historic White cultural tradition of individualism which denies/rejects the collectivist/communist assumption of a supreme right , over individualist sovereignty , for the leadership group , of the collective , to obtain involuntary sacrifices of life and/or property ( “for the greater good” of the collective ) without a formally documented public due process of law . In other words , 1917 Bolshevik style revolutions need to be unequivocally acknowledged as illegitimate/unlawful criminal affairs .

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            A strange statement from you moneytalks. You don’t have to be a costume Nazi to accept the most spectacular rise from hyperinflation Hell and moral bankruptcy to supreme glory, ever in history by a white nation was national socialist Germany.
            Nor that Germany was the only white nation that held together right to the bitter, tragic end.
            It’s the performance that counts, it doesn’t matter they were facing impossible odds, and it ended the way it did.
            The only other examples that come close to this from white nations are Russian efforts in the same affair or the French stand at Verdun, and the patriotic British, the only major belligerent with an all volunteer force till they were wiped out on the Somme, in the previous war, obviously.
            Even though all of these things here listed were total disasters for whites, in every respect, it couldn’t have been done without a spirit of collectivism.
            So I should agree with you collectivism is bad. But I don’t, because there are things that are even worse than the heroic adventures listed above.
            We could have anti-collectivism, the spirit of our people today. Is there anyone who doesn’t wish we were the people we were when collectivism was in fashion among our folk?
            Our ancestors were betrayed, but at least the were able to demonstrate their mettle, and at least they truly lived as lions.
            I fear an even worse fate is in store for our sheepish people today.
            Right-wing nationalists, patriots and fascists can abuse collectivism among the people just as much as any judeo-leftist can.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” The Western world has lost its civil courage “…

      Christianity is a sheeple-oriented religion
      of self-enslavement to chosenhite jewmasterss .

      Western World Christians have lost more than courage .
      They have lost their raison d’etre .

      Time to consider a new religion that puts the
      [ ultimate purpose of humanity ]
      front and center as their raison d’etre .

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        Moneytalks: “Christianity is a sheeple-oriented religion
        of self-enslavement to chosenhite jewmasterss .”

        It is now, but it wasn’t for the previous 1900 odd years. You can’t judge a religion, or anything, on it’s latest 5% instalment.

        Maybe modernity was a mistake. Looking at it from 2021, it certainly was. But Christianity created it on the principle that if moral laws are universal and eternal, might natural laws be too? That thought, without doubt, was what birthed the modern world. And that thought was Christian.

        (Yes, I understand the Greeks came to a similar understanding without Christianity. I say this doesn’t disprove my point because the Greeks lacked time to go anywhere with it. You can’t export or evangelise ‘Greekism’)

        And the modern world didn’t have to go the way it did, if you say it’s 500 years old? It’s only the last 80 odd years that have been decline. Before that, everything was improving.

        The idea that Christianity is a Jewish scam on the goyim is certainly a fantastic argument, and you cannot disrespect anyone who is persuaded by it.
        It’s fatal flaw though(I’m talking real Christianity here, not the kosher version we both despise), is that there is too much Truth in Christianity for it to be false.
        You judge a tree by it’s fruit. Near everything that old time Christianity produced was true, good & beautiful.
        Add to that the fact it held all white people on earth together for a thousand years, the argument is over.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          There are still good fruits remaining on the huge tree of Christianity which also has too many faults/dysfunctions/irrationalities/inanities/( and other contemporary fatal deficiencies ) for humanity to rely on it as the principal fundamental necessity for victory over or escape from the currently

          ( one and only ) ( immediately next ) ( specified and guaranteed )

          irremediable existential threat called ___

          {{ The Solar TOTAL Extinction Event }} .

          The decline of Christianity

          ( where it has done as much to destroy the historic and priceless White cultural tradition of individualism as it has to expressly and tacitly support insidiously predatory psychopathic communism )

          is irreversible regardless of how long the decline has been in progress .

    • Lucy Lipinska
      Lucy Lipinska says:

      The Poles who dared to celebrate an alternative Independence on 11 November in Kalisz (the great koshernationalist version of it took, of course, place in Warsaw) definitely were not afraid to defy the anti-White establishment.
      Three of the men that have organized the celebration/rally are already in custody/jail charged of hate speach. Unsurprisingly, Poland’s “patriot” president, Andrzej Duda (married to (((Agata Kornhauser))) has declared that people who attended the rally are barbarians and traitors.

    HUGO FUERST says:

    Patel has been totally ineffective in the matter of the Channel “migrants”. What WAS she doing in Israel – will we ever know.
    The person just behind her on the left in a blue suit is Gerald Ronson; a full critical biography exposing this icon of “anti-fascism” would be welcome.
    At the moment the “Jewish Chronicle” is in paranoid (or faked) indignation because Oswald Mosley’s son Max gave a donation for scientific research at Oxford – “Jews Do Not Count”! The fact that the Education Secretary wants to extend the already compulsory inoculation of school-children against “antisemitism” while the RAF is training alongside the Israeli airforce (still engaged against Syria) counts for nothing, my son.

  3. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    Firstly, let express profound gratitude to TOO and Doctor Langdon, for exposing the “rest of the story”, about this wimp, turdling, and despicable excuse for a man. Was he an active agent full of hate against his own kind, or a coward and slave, prostrating before his masters?

    Nietzsche and Morality: The Higher Man and The Herd

    In the Preface to his classic work On the Genealogy of Morality, Nietzsche wrote:

    “What if a regressive trait lurked in “the good man,” likewise a danger, an enticement, a poison, a narcotic, so that the present lived at the expense of the future? Perhaps in more comfort and less danger, but also in a smaller-minded, meaner manner? … So that morality itself were to blame if man never attained the highest power and splendor possible for the type man? So that morality itself was the danger of dangers?” (On the Genealogy of Morality)

    Most people do not question why things are considered morally good or evil, rather uncritically, and largely unconsciously, they adopt the “value judgments of good and evil” dominant within their society.

    For the past 2000 years, the dominant morality in the West, according to Nietzsche, has been an “anti-natural” morality, which, in his words, turns “against the instincts of life”. Nietzsche foresaw this morality as reigning over the Western world for the foreseeable future, and was to him “the danger of dangers” – a morality in which all individuals, even those with the potential to rise above the mediocre mass, are pressured into becoming “a smaller, almost ridiculous type, a herd animal, something eager to please, sickly, and mediocre.” (Beyond Good and Evil)

    Why has an “anti-natural” morality – a “poison” which has spread “through the entire body of mankind” (On the Genealogy of Morality) – gained dominion over Western civilization? To answer this question Nietzsche’s categorization of individuals into two distinct types: the higher human beings, and those who belong to the herd, must be examined.

    As Paul Kersey of
    writes, America is unredeemable. Thomas Sowell said before Biden, that if he were elected, America would be past the tipping point.

    American Jews And Muslims Are ‘Natural Allies’ With Close Bonds, Study Finds
    Both groups have endured religious discrimination. Both have had houses of worship desecrated. And both are increasingly seeing the other as allies.

    In 2010, a small group of Muslim and Jewish women in New Jersey began meeting in one another’s homes, drawn by the prospect of working in solidarity to combat the hatred that each group faced.
    Years later, the Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom has more than 3,000 women participating in 170 chapters in the U.S. and Canada. During these meetings, members spend time getting to know each other. They learn about similarities in Judaism and Islam. They celebrate holidays and life events together.
    Recently, they’ve also been grieving the rise of white nationalist violence and planning how they will respond to both anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.
    Executive Director Sheryl Olitzky said the Sisterhood is based on a simple premise: “It’s really easy to hate someone you don’t know. But when you know them, it’s difficult, and when you care about them, it’s impossible.”
    A new survey is offering data on something that Olitzky and other American Jewish and Muslim leaders have been insisting on for years: that the stereotypes that paint these religious groups as “natural enemies” don’t reflect what’s actually happening.
    The American Muslim Poll 2019, a research project from the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU), suggests that American Jews and Muslims have much more in common than is often assumed.
    Both groups are minorities in the U.S. who report facing religious discrimination. They are both becoming increasingly anxious about the threat white supremacists pose to their communities and houses of worship. They tend to vote for Democrats, and they are more likely to be educated and urban.

  4. kolokol
    kolokol says:

    As this article explains, Britain is in a bad way. Boris Johnson has proven to be a creepy traitor, the same as “Sir” David Amess. He got a knighthood for treason, apparently.

    I find it interesting that Amess openly supported such perverts as Harvey Weinstein and Jimmy Savile. That makes him a virtual-jew, if not a real one. The fact that globalist-jews supported him is all we need to know.

    And on Oct 15, Amess got killed by a Somalian migrant, after years of promoting mass migration – just deserts.

    America is not that bad, yet, but Merrick Garland (Garfinkel) and other jews in the Biden regime are working on it. It’s their top priority to annihilate the White race. However, it’s still not too late for Whites. There’s still time to turn it around.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      You hear Americans talking about Jimmy Saville, I’ve heard Alex Jones and Jo Rogan both pronounce this as ‘Sa-velle’, when every single person in the UK knows it’s ‘Sàville’, him being a small or large part of the life of every single person who had access to a television in Britian for 40 odd years.
      Americans should be more aware of the Saville case, as he was as familiar to Brits, as say, Walter Cronkite was to Amerricans. Probably the proportion of Brits who knew nothing of Saville would match the proportion pf Americans who knew nothing of Elvis. This is how big he was. And he is absolutely unassailable proof of the criminal and breathtaking moral corruption of the elite.
      The fact he was a ‘Sir, the proximity he had, for decades, to the Royal Family, proves beyond any argument anyone could ever make, that he was a protected procurer of children to the British Establishment to abuse sexually.
      The British Security Services have admitted they used filmed child abuse to lure and blackmail the top ranks of the IRA, this is out in the mainstream. The fact the IRA seems to have been as penatrated by MI5 as the old Communist Party USA was in the old days by the FBI, or to use a more recent example, any type of white militia, you do wonder why the Troubles went on for so long, and even more, why at the end Britian capitulated utterly at the blasphemously named Good Friday Agreement.
      Looking back at in now, it seems a precursor to the War on Terror, or now on Domestic Terror.
      You create a ginormous security apparatus with the unlimited funds and the professional army an industrial state, to fight a bunch of street gangsters and local councillors, within a few years you have blackmailed the political leaders and the head of IRA internal security, the infamous ‘nutting squad’, is one of your agents, yet the thing drags on for decades.
      Reminds you Thatcher’s phrase, if you want to guarantee a problem lasts forever, set up a beurocracy to fight it, as the beurocracy soon realises the problem is the only thing keeping them in existence, so will do everything it can to keep it alive.
      What a catastrophic mistake it was to not disband the MIC in the West after WWII, it’s not as if it couldn’t have been done, after WWI Britian managed to wind down the war economy built up, as it did ruthlessly when Napoleon fled to Elba, often leaving the soldiers to make their own passage home if they couldn’t keep up with the government’s schedule.
      The reason the British Army at Waterloo with so riddled with Dutch, Flemish, German and other nations’ soldiers who had recently been fighting for Bony, was because the crack British regiments that fought in Spain were now in North America, where the need was presumed greater.
      Point is, it’s not like this sort of thing cannot be done, it always was done till WWII. WWI may have broke the West’s back, and begun the long, slow death, but WWII was where we really went insane, and speeded the process up by only God knows how much.

      Apologies again this has nothing to do with the article, but everything that can be said about nearly all articles on this site are said in the piece, or have been said a million x before.

      Of course the Tory is a cuck and a traitor. Of course he was a fanatic defender of Jewish interests. The only thing that shocks me about when diversity murders soldiers or member of the elite, is they then ask us to pay more to protect them, give up more liberties, and accept our elite being even more remote from real life than they are now.
      Never does anyone come out and say, “you know, if these enrichers are now slaughtering us, might they perhaps be slaughtering our people? If we are now in fear of them, might our people be?”
      A verboten thought, obviously.

      • kolokol
        kolokol says:

        @ Emicho – Good reply. A bit long, but worth reading. And more than a bit of a downer, but all true.
        I like your conclusion. Every time “diversity murders soldiers or members of the elite” – then we gotta pay for it, with more laws against our freedom, and more money for the FBI-CIA parasites. It’s all for our own good, of course, to keep us “safe.”

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” What a catastrophic mistake it was to not disband the MIC in the West after WWII “…

        No doubt . Here are two video links to that renown 1961 farewell speech ___

        Eisenhower’s Farewell Speech, 50 Years Later

        ( full 15 minute classic video version )

        Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex.

        ( the main essence 2:30 minute video version with annoying silly background music)

        In 1961 most USA Whites were much more religious than today . This is a major reason why they never acted on that MIC warning by President Eisenhower ___

        “” For we wrestle not against flesh and blood “”…

        ( verbatim quote from :
        The KJV NT / Book of Ephesians / chapter 6 / verse 12 )

        In other words , USA Christian leadership would never ask their sheeple to oppose their chosenhite jewmasterss whom are the predominant flesh and blood owners of the MIC .

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          Appreciate the links, but “we wrestle not against flesh and blood” is true.
          You’d need to flesh out your argument as to why this Bible phrase stopped Americans disbanding the MIC after WWII for me to contradict it, as I don’t want to misunderstand what you say.

          If it’s not a spiritual war we are in(I don’t know if for you it is simply racial), then why do so many of our own people fight against us?
          It always seems to be the Jews because these unfortunate people are cursed (by God?)to be living under a demonic religion.
          But then you have Jews who rebel and take our side, not to mention the vast majority of everyday, man-on-the-street Jews, who don’t hate us and work for our annihilation, and any animus some may show us is simply because they have been drilled this way by their elite. That isn’t their fault.

          If I was a Jew, but I was exactly the same person I am(if you get my meaning), I would have joined the IDF as a young-un and hated the Arabs. Whether I would have hated white people would depend on any strong influence I may have been under, but as we are talking about myself(my favourite subject), I know I was under no strong political influences as a youngster, and so at my age now in late 30’s, I would have figured out the score, and would be a Stanly Kubric, Glen Greenwald or Israel Shahak type Jew.

          I wish it was simply racial. Then we would have all the advantages over our worst foe.

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            “” For we wrestle not against flesh and blood “”…

            ( verbatim quote from :
            The KJV NT / Book of Ephesians / 6 : 12 )

            … is not merely a casual assertion of fact .

            That word of God is functionally equivalent to a holy prohibition or instruction or inferential holy command given by God whom Christians proclaim as the

            Creator and Ruler of all the Universe .

            It is not an ordinary nor a trivial assertion .

  5. Chris Moore
    Chris Moore says:

    Anti-White, racist andsmisanthropic/elitist international Zionism/Globalism is the endgame for the ((Bolshevik)) left. So in addition to being psychotic hypocrites, they’re moral frauds.

    Who does this remind you of? The stark raving Sanhedrin and Pharisees of Christ’s era? The ((Bolshevik)) grand pose is opposition the Establishment, even though its working for them. Like Judas was.

    Judas is also operating as a neocon.

    Christianity is a simple way to decode the ((Jews)) and ((Jew)) stooges. Pitty that the right doesn’t explicitly use it to wake up the masses. True, the left doesn’t explitly appeal to Jewishness, but that’s because it can’t and still plausibly maintain itself as champion of the underdog (other than by invoking “Holocaust” dogma). What’s it hiding?

    The same thing the neocon right is hiding: its ((Jewish)) backers and its Judas character.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      “Christianity is a simple way to decode the ((Jews)) and ((Jew)) stooges. Pity that the right doesn’t explicitly use it to wake up the masses.” I see this frequently. It seems like a wishful lament, a reverie and phantasmagorical recall. If one were to reality test your statement, seek examples, and inductive instances, I postulate you would -if you suspended all other activities-stave and die of heartbreak.

      Meaning no disrespect or disparagement, your statement strikes me as absent of evidence, objective observation, and fact.

  6. Robert Penman
    Robert Penman says:

    Another very powerful, if depressing, article.

    Attention to the admin of this site. These seems to be something going wrong with posting comments on the site.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Dear Moderator, would it be possible to shorten the approval time for postings here? Many times new articles appear before even early comments are published.

      Thanks, PM

  7. Tony W
    Tony W says:

    Mr. Langdon’s columns, depressing as they may be to read, are brilliant. Save us from “devout Catholics” as personified by Amess. As for Francis, this week he blamed Muslim terrorism in Europe on the Europeans’ failure to integrate his beloved “migrants.” As a believing Catholic, I hate to give ammunition to those who oppose the Faith, but I cannot deny or defend the abominations that are so glaringly obvious.

    • JM
      JM says:

      @Tony W
      “…ammunition to those who oppose the Faith…”

      Never mind that. The truth of the matter is that this creep – along with an army of others – was following the Pope and the general drift of the Vatican for quite a number of years. And you and very few others (most I’d say are working class Catholics) aren’t.

  8. Angelicus
    Angelicus says:

    Brilliant article, as usual.

    To put it succinctly, David Amess was a POS who fully deserved what happened to him. Unfortunately, it was 40 years too late. Anyway, his murder was a nice example of poetic justice.

  9. TJ
    TJ says:

    To repeat the repetition:

    The people have been drugged into complaisance. . .as Bertrand Russell wrote in 1952: “diet, injections and injunctions will be used to make it impossible to challenge the Powers Thar Be.”

  10. Philip Power
    Philip Power says:



    [mod. says: please provide a link rather than a wall of text.]

  11. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    Excellent article(as usual), but for any Eastern European readers, beware of this part :
    “True nations like Hungary, Poland and Slovakia don’t have big problems with suicide-bombers, rape-gangs, and stabby Somalis. Indeed, they don’t have any such problems at all. Why not? Because they haven’t been enriched by millions of non-Whites and haven’t been initiated into a leftist-Jewish cult of minority-worship. (*)That cult is difficult to establish in the absence of non-Whites(*), which is why leftists in all those nations are eager to welcome “refugees,” establish the cult, and open the borders. So far, they haven’t succeeded.”

    Don’t be so sure of this. Most Scottish people meet the odd Third Worlder, but we absolutely have not been plagued by them the way England has. There is nothing stopping them moving on mass up here you understand, they just appear to prefer, I suppose, the climate down South. Hence we are just as likely to meet a white South African or Englishman indulging in white flight as we are to meet a ‘refugee’.
    But that absolutely hasn’t stopped the anti-white propaganda from the Scottish Government(if you can call it a government). The diversity cult is very strong in Scotland, it’s the Scottish elites’ favourite propaganda by allot. The only thing we haven’t got(yet) is the diversity(on mass).
    In the last Scottish election, Nicola Sturgeon’s top priority was to gain control from London of the power to flood us with ‘refugees’.
    She is a demented fanatic in this respect.

    On another note, it’s been pretty much established beyond doubt that in every English city, provincial or market town that includes a Pakistani community, you can guarantee they are sexually enslaving little white girls from the ‘vulnerable’ part of the working class, which after generations of family and community destruction, is now by far the majority of the old working class. If they have had public scandles in dozens of these places, it’s obvious it’s going on everywhere.
    Glasgow is the one Scottish city that has a similar Pakistani community to an English city. Yet in all this time, we haven’t heard anything about rape gangs there. I find this suspicious, but not surprising. Even your English normie seems to realise that Scotland under the SNP as a one party state is more controlled and authoritarian than any other part of Britian.
    It’s not as if any English politico has been up to Scotland to ask how we keep our Pakistanis from sexually enslaving our white children.
    If this story does ever break, you heard it here first.

    • Al Ross
      Al Ross says:

      What you wrote is simply untrue. Please name a Scottish city with a per capita population of Pakistani – descended residents which equals that of Bradford.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        Lol, relax Mr Ross. I get it’s an emotional subject.
        I didn’t say we had any town or city comparable to a Bradford. I did specifically say this “we absolutely have not been plagued by them the way England has”.

        What I was trying to explain to our American and especially Eastern European friends, is that we do in Scotland have one town or city(Glasgow) with a Pakistani population *roughly equivalent* to that you may find in countless English cities or towns.
        I don’t know, does this make sense? It does to me. Explain what you don’t get about this.
        Edinburgh’s got rich Indians, of course they aren’t the problem.

    • 12AX7
      12AX7 says:

      Nicola Sturgeon’s hypocrisy (and the rest of the ruling class) was on full display at the ridiculous “Global Warming” Summit or whatever it was called. The same people who turn a blind eye to Pakistani rape gangs and the crimes of Jeffrey Epstein against young girls shed crocodile tears over Third World “climate refugees” whom they don’t really care about except as biological weapons against the hated lower class Whites.

      The sight of hundreds of the Great and Good flying thousands of miles on private jets, using thousands of gallons of jet fuel and producing thousands of tons of CO2 then complaining about “Global Warming” was a circus of hypocrisy and lying. The ruling class are the real Deplorables, they truly are irredeemably evil.

  12. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Firstly, I am very familiar with the constituency and area in England of the East London to Essex coastal towns, and it’s sad that an (mostly) English MP has his life ended in that fashion. Unfortunately David Ames played a part in his own death: another bit-part player. To paraphrase “Those who live by open borders, die by open border”.

    There is a grim inevitability and pathetic predictability with the media reaction and response: as you accurately point this out Mr. Langdon, the ’cause and effect’ are appropriated and hi-jacked and then re-purposed to accommodate the contaminated media. As the voice on the radio started to describe the attacker a ‘British National of Somali descent’ giving the misleading impression his forebears were in the UK for tens and tens of decades. The meteoric fizzling out of the killing – just like all the whites before says much. Had this been the converse of ethnicities, young white male killer and black elderly victim, I would not be able to switch the radio on for months.

  13. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    This is off topic but it might be of interest to readers here that Mark Felton, who I first believed to simply be a system-friendly liar for the elites, who produces safe, BBC/History Channel type WWII fare for youtube normies, but I now believe is simply a front operation for the establishment to jetisson WWII stories they’ve pointlessly kept hidden from the masses, has in the last day put out a 20min video that hints and toys with the Himmer issue.
    Of course, the whole thing is, as usual, drenched to the bone in moronic 1940’s era allied propaganda, which makes it a painful watch. But it is interesting and of note that this may be the beginning of a deluge of WWII truths that some in the establishment may want to get into the public square, especially as we move out of the post WWII order into the post Covid order. And just as much, the terrifying 1984 style techno-memory hole system the new order is setting up as well may be pushing some in high places to do something for those who will come after us.
    The British state murdered Himmler just as coldly(if not as cruelly) as they murdered Hess. The idea that our elite had any more morality than the Nazi elite is for idiots. Ironically, ‘Mark Felton’ if he is even a real person, also makes much of count Bernadotte’s role in these war-time shenanigans, it’s ironic because all three of these men were risking their lives for peace and an end to the Satanic slaughter, and all three were assassinated.
    Not that I watch mainstream ‘History’, but I did as a kid, and never was Himmer mentioned as anything other than a pantomime villain, on the Hitler model. I was shocked to see these Himmer peace overtures on something as mainstream as Felton’s channel, which due to it’s kosher status, is always pushed to the top of everyone’s page. It had 300 odd thousand views last I looked, in one day.
    As the Chinese say, truly we are cursed to live in such interesting times.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” The idea that our elite had any more morality than the Nazi elite is for idiots.”

      Superb observation .

      The slaughter of humanity thru the ages and up to the present has always been about attaining dominion over worldly life-sustaining resources ( that also includes people and territories ) ;
      where the claim of superior morality is often only a propaganda excuse to justify the slaughter .

  14. Chu ku lik
    Chu ku lik says:

    Enoch Powell’s “ rivers of blood speech 1968 spring vividly to mind and absolutely prophetic now!
    If only we had men of his courage and brilliance today instead of the political zombies in Westminster and the White House alike.

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