Alkali-Throwing for Allah: How the Right’s Rhetoric and the Left’s Lies Work Together to Deny Racial Reality

Kimberley Frank and Samantha Sykes. Those names were missing from the outraged commentary on the latest outbreak of vibrancy to enliven the formerly pale and stale United Kingdom. An Afghan Muslim called Abdul Ezedi is accused of throwing a flesh-eating alkali over a woman and her two young daughters, then trying to run them down with a car. “Human depravity doesn’t go much lower than this,” said the Trotskyist libertarian Brendan O’Neill. “If Ezedi is indeed the perpetrator, then this looks like the most horrendous and preventable of attacks,” said Brendan’s comrade Tom Slater. “How on earth was [Ezedi] given asylum once he had committed a sex offence that resulted in him being placed on the Sex Offenders Register?” said the Jewish comedian Konstantin Kisin.

Importing Afghanistan

Amid all the outrage, there was absolutely no honesty. None of them admitted the obvious truth: that importing Third-World people inevitably means importing Third-World pathologies. O’Neill and company believe in striking poses, not in solving problems. That’s why none of them mentioned the names of Kimberley Frank and Samantha Sykes. Nor did any other commentator in the mainstream media. O’Neill and company have either never heard of those two White girls or forgot about them long ago. This isn’t surprising, but it is reprehensible, because everything that is now being said about the depraved Afghan criminal Abdul Ezedi applies double to the depraved Afghan criminal Ahmad Otak:

Sadistic Afghan asylum seeker made ex-girlfriend watch him stab her sister and friend to death because she wouldn’t take him back

A “sadistic” asylum seeker who forced his former girlfriend to witness him stabbing her sister and her friend to death after she refused to take him back has been jailed for life. Afghan national Ahmad Otak laughed and spat on 17-year-old Kimberley Frank’s body after stabbing her 15 times at her home in Yorkshire while her sister Elisa watched helplessly. He then tied his ex-partner up with electrical flex and lured her friend Samantha Sykes, 18, to Kimberley’s flat in Wakefield, where he stabbed the teenager repeatedly before slitting her throat. … Leeds Crown Court was told that Elisa had met Otak in a children’s home after he arrived in the UK from Afghanistan in 2007, claiming he was 16 years old. The pair had an on-off relationship and had planned to marry in 2011, but when Otak became more controlling Miss Frank called off the wedding, the court heard. Prosecutor Richard Mansell QC said: “He said that even if she didn’t marry him she could not leave him. He told her that he would go crazy and would kill people.” He later claimed he was joking but later threatened to kill Elisa, her friends and members of family — including his eventual victims Samantha Sykes and Miss Frank’s sister Kimberley.

Mr. Mansell said Elisa was too frightened to report what had happened to the police but Samantha Sykes, 18, was not and reported Otak to the UK Border Agency as an illegal immigrant and contacted police, but no action was taken because Elisa declined to make a statement. In September last year she finally decided to leave him for good but relented when he threatened to throw acid in her face and petrol bomb her mother’s house. [Et cetera ad nauseam.] (Sadistic Afghan asylum seeker made ex-girlfriend watch him stab her sister and friend to death because she wouldn’t take him back, The Daily Mail, 9th November 2012)

Brutally murdered, long forgotten: White nobodies Samantha Sykes and Kimberley Frank with their Afghan enricher Ahmad Otak

The parallels between Abdul Ezedi and Ahmad Otak are glaringly obvious. Both were bogus asylum-seekers, both were refused asylum, both were nevertheless allowed to remain in the UK, and both made their depravity plain to the authorities long before they committed their horrendous crimes. But no-one in the mainstream media has drawn those parallels and pointed out the truth: that allowing any migration at all from Afghanistan is both evil and insane. Note how Ahmad Otak “threatened to throw acid” in a woman’s face. Abdul Ezedi went beyond threats and threw alkali in a woman’s face. That’s Afghan culture for you. But not just Afghan culture, of course, because acid-throwing flourishes all over the Third World. So do rape, misogyny, corruption, exotic diseases, and the genetic horrors that result from marriage between close relatives. When Third-World people come to the First World, those Third-World pathologies start flourishing in the First World too. Who could have seen that one coming?

Posturing and evading the truth

Not Brendan O’Neill and company. They continue to pretend that it’s possible to import Third-World people without importing Third-World pathologies. The trans-British Bangladeshi Rakib Ehsan responded to Ezedi’s Afghan culture by thundering: “The UK’s asylum system is utterly dysfunctional. Time and again, we see criminals, traffickers and terrorists slipping through the net. But even by Britain’s woefully lax security standards, the case of Abdul Ezedi has plumbed new depths.” As usual, Ehsan was posturing and evading the truth. He refuses to admit that the problem with the “UK’s asylum system” is not that it is “dysfunctional,” but that it exists at all. Western nations should not be granting any kind of permanent residence, asylum or otherwise, to non-Whites from the Third World. Please tell me, Rakib: Was the British “asylum system” functioning well when it admitted the Libyan parents of the suicide-bomber Salman Abedi? After all, those parents never hit the headlines. It was their son, born and raised in Britain, who blew children to bits at a pop-concert. And was the American “asylum system” working well when it admitted the Afghan parents of the mass-murderer Omar Mateen? Again, the parents never hit the headlines. It was their son, born and raised in America, who machine-gunned gay revellers in a Florida night-club.

Disconnecting the dots

As I described in “Sunshine Hate,” the left reacted to Mateen’s massacre by lying long and hard. They didn’t merely refuse to connect the dots: they denied that there were any dots there in the first place. Commentators like Gary Younge, the chief Black intellectual at the Guardian, claimed that the massacre was “home-grown” and had nothing to do with immigration, Islam or Afghanistan.   The mainstream right aren’t always as dishonest as that. They’ll admit that the dots exist, but they refuse to connect them. The left denies the dots; the right disconnects them. That’s why there was no mention of Kimberley Frank and Samantha Sykes in the outraged commentary on Abdul Ezedi’s alleged crime.

It’s also why the right are drawing the wrong conclusion in their outraged commentary on the departure from politics of a British MP called Mike Freer. The Jewish comedian Konstantin Kisin said more than he realized when he responded to Freer’s departure like this: “I don’t think it’s possible to sum up the state of Britain better than the fact that Mike Freer, a gay MP, has decided to leave politics because of death threats from Islamist extremists.” Mr Freer is a staunch supporter of Israel, you see, and so he’s under threat from Islamists. Indeed, Mr Freer has said that his “husband” is so worried that he “always wants to make sure he picks me up from the tube after work, he doesn’t like me walking home alone.”

Pedo-punim vs Islamist extremism: the Jewish comedian Konstantin Kisin (photo by John Anderson)

Konstantin Kisin thinks that a gay MP being menaced by Islamists is a perfect summary of “the state of Britain.” He’s right. But not in the way he means. He wants to suggest that the married homosexuals being menaced by murderous Islamists is anomalous and disturbing. He’s wrong. Married homosexuals and murderous Islamists go together perfectly, because both groups arise from the decadence and depravity of modern Britain. A culture that allows men to marry each other is suicidal and rotten to the core. That’s also why it allows mass migration by Muslims and other non-Whites who bring with them all the pathologies of the Third World. Kisin and company can’t connect the dots of gay marriage and “Islamism” because they approve of the former and disapprove of the latter. Nor can they connect the dots of “Islamism” and Freer’s support for Israel. It’s precisely because British politics is controlled by Jews that so many non-Whites have colonized Britain against the clearly expressed opposition of the White majority.

Not-so-random stabbing spree

But non-White migration is only the first stage of the Jewish war on White Britain. The second stage is minority worship, the lying cult that insists that non-Whites enrich and strengthen the country when in fact they do the exact opposite. A few days before that Afghan called Abdul Ezedi began throwing flesh-eating alkali in London, a psychotic Black called Valdo Calocane was sent to mental hospital for stabbing three people to death in Nottingham last year. Two of the victims were White and one was half-White, half-Indian. The Guardian didn’t reveal that Calocane came to Britain from Guinea-Bissau in West Africa at the age of 16, but it did say that his vibrancy “has disturbing similarities to that of Zephaniah McLeod, who killed 23-year-old Jacob Billington and injured seven others in a violent and random stabbing spree in Birmingham in September 2020.”

McLeod was also psychotic and also well-known to the authorities before the murder, you see. But in fact his “stabbing spree” wasn’t so random after all, because McLeod is also Black and his victim was also White. The Guardian didn’t mention those highly relevant facts or the “disturbing similarities” with the psychotic Black Phillip Simelane, who murdered a White schoolgirl called Christina Edkins in 2013, and the psychotic Black Timchang Nandap, who murdered a White scientist called Jeroen Ensink in 2015, and the psychotic Black Darren Pencill, who murdered a White father called Lee Pomeroy in 2019. The newspaper is dedicated to the cult of minority worship, so it never admits either that Blacks commit murder, rape, and other violent crimes at much higher rates than Whites do or that, just as in America, Blacks are far more likely to harm Whites than Whites are to harm Blacks.

Another psychotic Black enriches Britain: the Nottingham murderer Valdo Calocane and his victims (image from the London Evening Standard)

And although the Guardian does admit that Blacks are much more likely to suffer from psychosis, it does so only in order to portray Blacks as victims and to blame their higher rates of psychosis on (can you guess?) White racism. However, it can’t blame White racism for the lowered intelligence and horrible genetic diseases caused by inbreeding among British-based Muslims, so it doesn’t discuss that delicate topic.

In other words, it denies the existence of the dot. The mainstream right rarely discusses Muslim inbreeding either. And when it does, it never connects the dot of Muslim inbreeding to the dot of Muslim terrorism to the dot of Muslim alkali-throwing to the dot of Muslim rape-gangs to the dot of Muslim political corruption to the dot of Muslim honor-killing. After all, if the mainstream right connected those dots, it would have to admit that migration by Muslims and other non-Whites has been utterly disastrous for Britain. And if it admitted that non-White migration has been a disaster, it would have to ask why said migration has continued for so long at such high volume in the face of such clearly expressed opposition by the White majority.

Third-World people = Third-World pathologies

That question can’t be asked by the mainstream right, because the answer exposes the Jews who control politics here and oversee the cult of minority worship just as they do in America, Germany, and France. All across the West, three things have happened. First, non-White migration has taken place against the clearly expressed opposition of the White majority. Second, non-Whites have reproduced the pathologies of their Third-World homelands. Third, the mainstream right have disconnected the dots and refused to admit that non-Whites don’t belong in the West and never will.

Third-World killers and rapists are good for you, goyim!” says the Jewish globalist Gideon Rachman

We’ve seen that disconnection often in the past. Now we’re seeing it in the commentary on the alkali-throwing Afghan Abdul Ezedi. We’ll soon see it again when another non-White commits another horrendous crime. The mainstream right are in thrall to the Jewish cult of minority worship. That’s why they can’t admit the obvious truth: Third-World people = Third-World pathologies. That obvious truth has an equally obvious corollary. If you want to end Third-World pathologies, you have to expel Third-World people.

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  1. J.R.
    J.R. says:

    In many of these stories, the defendants appear to be mentally ill.

    There is an abundance of research linking low vitamin D levels to mental illnesses like schizophrenia and depression. While the association is correlational–it is hard to imagine an institutional review board approving of a randomized double-blind study that involved the potential for great harm–and other factors may contribute to development of this disease, the hypothesis that vitamin D deficiency may play a causal role in schizophrenia remains plausible:

    Other studies link deficiency of this nutrient to depression.

    I suggest that part of the problem of mental illness and violence may stem from the lower vitamin D levels found in dark-skinned people who migrate to a cold, northern climate where they get less sunlight and therefore less vitamin D.

    A focus on vitamin D supplementation may reduce mental illness and therefore violence. Supplementation is also inexpensive and fairly easy to implement.

    Note that I am not arguing that other factors are not involved in this disgraceful violence–like the misogyny prevalent in Afghan society, exposure to violence, and the fact that many migrants are young males living without the restraining influence of family. And, as a woman, I do not welcome the presence of many thousands of men from cultures in which women have far fewer rights. What happens if they become 10% of the population and they start demanding the segregation of women for religious reasons?

  2. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    Britain is a silly country, run by silly people. It’s an Idiocracy, as this article demonstrates. Britain’s foreign & domestic policies are criminal, treasonous, & subservient to Jewish money & influence. If you mention any of these facts, then they charge you with “hate speech”, convict you in a Monty Python court, & throw you in jail.

    How should we deal with Afghan criminals, such as the two psychos mentioned above? Easy! Summary execution, followed by mass deportation of all enemy aliens.

    It is self-evident that you don’t let the third-world masses into Britain, unless you’re anti-White. How do you deal with all the bogus “refugees” and phony “asylum seekers”? Easy! We should follow the example of Israel in Gaza. That’s how a serious government operates.

  3. GirlinTexas
    GirlinTexas says:

    Rachman is the son of South African Jews, and I see dots all over the place with this ethnic group. I often wonder if they actually believe the nonsense they spout. How exactly is the UK better for mass immigration from the third world?

    The problem we have In America is that due to a large hostile alien group within from inception (the Africans), and the establishment of New Amsterdam/New Jerusalem (the Jews), of course the natives (Indians), the Mexicans (a few Spaniards, but mostly Mestizos), then the repercussions of Hart/Celler (banker/Jew), we have quite the witch’s brew to contend with, and any political leader will fail if he/she says outright they will not advocate for “minority” Americans. It will soon be the same in many European nations.

    Now, as I write this, I think of Enoch Powell, and how his ruination occurred despite the fact that there were hardly any third-world minorities running amok in Europe during the time of his prescient warnings to the public. There were plenty of Jews, though. More dots….

  4. Alan
    Alan says:

    The justified rage correctly expressed in this fine objective article motivates a reminder to new readers and young people, that millions of Americans and Europeans we’re not consulted in any open borders mass immigration scenario ..whatsoever .. at all.
    In America for decades Alipac tried harder than hell to martial the populace,the citizenry to oppose Jew imposed 3rd. 4th and 5th world immigration.Even con artist grifter jewdog ..trumpdog. . said..”their not sending us their best,as he opened immigration even further. We can agree with the other commenters here ,whether or not the economic migrants opportunists or escapees from militant socialist hell holes are deficient in vitamin D3. ,fact is we said it decades ago..hang or circular firing squad those illegals that perpetrate any horrific crimes…then again ,rather obviously we never were neoiberals..we said capital punishment for regular black criminals ostensibly born here that also still ,illegal immigration or not continue to commit similar crimes.The issue of original systemic failure and culpability..complicity. always goes back to the Tikkun olam Jews .Jewish communists too ..and their neoliberal non Jewish stooges. ..”Jews. “Them ” ….again.From
    emanuel cellar to Chappaquiddick teddy emhof..pritzker..kushner..Greenblatt..foxman..Soros….trumpdog… roche are all Jews! Undeniably. …There s The culpable party for all these crimes.. we used to open. and close our letters..emails..with the now dead comment..”open borders for Isreal”. .
    .Sadly. so many JEWS are streaming back from failed apartheid super crime state of isreal..or going to Ukraine ,now Jewkraine ,,with Larry fink Check it out young people..
    …”it doesn’t have to be this way..”just..imagine..a world without Jewish power….dream on…”

  5. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Connecting the dots on the pale background. A perfect metaphor for the dots are non-Europeans: blacks and Af-Paks; the canvas or is the white European societies.
    There is an example from over a decade ago when a young Northern Irish girl dumped her Turkish boyfriend in (his home country). I recall he stabbed to death the girl’s mother in a car. Murderous misogyny.
    Islamic practises in the UK means women are segregated from the men. Islam practises in the UK means that Islam separates from the ‘Kuffur/kafir’ non-believers.

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