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The Neocons Versus Russia

The Russian invasion of Georgia following Georgia’s attempt to reestablish its dominance over its secessionist province of South Ossetia has certainly infuriated the neocons. Max Boot and Charles Krauthammer have called for various moves to isolate Russia from the West and from the international economic community. The Weekly Standard has an article by Stuart Koehl urging Georgians to fight on […]

Joe Klein and the Loyalties of the Neocons

In a post to his blog for Time Magazine, Joe Klein made a point that has been obvious to many for quite some time: “The fact that a great many Jewish neoconservatives—people like Joe Lieberman and the crowd over atCommentary—plumped for this war, and now for an even more foolish assault on Iran, raised the question of divided […]

Philip Weiss on AIPAC

Despite its general unwillingness to tread too far into Jewish issues (see this gem by Edmund Connelly), The American Conservative certainly has done itself proud with the publication ofPhilip Weiss’s account of the recent AIPAC convention. The AIPAC convention is really a ritual of Jewish dominance in America. We read about the sheer political power able […]

Canada is a police state

Kathy Shaidle’s VDAR.com article on the Canadian thought police is an excellent summary of the horrifying regime of political correctness that reigns in Canada. One incident is particularly striking. Richard Warman, who has made a career of bringing complaints to the Canadian Human Human Rights Commission (CHRC), was accused of stifling free speech by Paul […]

Stuff White People Like: The beginnings of racial self-consciousness?

Christian Lander’s stuffwhitepeoplelike blogspot is getting huge traffic and some media attention. Of course, it’s not all white people they’re talking about, mainly yuppie/progressive/educated/non-race-conscious whites with disposable income. Some of  what these white people like is pathetic, like having blacks as cultural heroes: [Mos Def] is everything that white people dream about: authentic (”he’s from […]