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The Price of Paranoia: Snowden, Orwell and the Unspeakable Origins of the Surveillance State

Alan Rusbridger is the editor of The Guardian, Britain’s biggest liberal newspaper. Like many liberals, he’s a good example of the vast difference between intelligence and wisdom. Here is he talking about Edward Snowden and the National Security Agency: Rusbridger said the NSA stories were “clearly” not a story about totalitarianism, but that an infrastructure […]

The United States of Syria: Domestic Lessons in a Distant War

Description and Prediction. It’s a richly vibrant police-state. It’s ruled by a paranoid, self-pitying minority. The minority is trying to crush a rebellion by the dispossessed majority. That is a description of Syria. It’s also a prediction for the United States, the United Kingdom, France and other Western nations. The mainstream media are talking a […]

Bombas por um mundo melhor: Síria, Monitoramento e os Neocrocodilos — por Tobias Langdon para o Occidental Observer

Tobias Langdon: Bombs for a Better World: Syria, Surveillance and the Neo-Crocs, The Occidental Observer, 8 setembro de 2013 Tradução e links: O Retrógrado Lusófono Em um mundo são, o ex-“redator-chefe dos discursos de Tony Blair” seria agora um fugitivo da justiça ou estaria cumprindo pena de prisão perpétua. Mas este não é um mundo são, […]