Affirmative Action/Minority Preferences

Review of Jared Taylor’s “White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century”

Jared Taylor, White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century (Oakton, Va.: New Century Books, 2011)

Some time in late 1992 or early 1993, a friend mentioned he was reading Jared Taylor’s new book Paved With Good Intentions. He praised the book for its solid debunking of the racism-made-me-do-it “root cause” of sociopathic Black behavior. It seemed too good to be true. In the back of my mind during our brief conversation I wondered: Jared Who?

The next day I walked a few blocks from my office near the White House and purchased a copy of Paved With Good Intentions at Sidney Kramer Books — the premiere bookstore that catered to D.C.-based policy wonks until it went out of business in the late 1990s. Taylor’s book was prominently displayed as a new release. This well-articulated, iconoclastic view of race relations — a rare surprise from a commercial publisher — remains unsurpassed in dissecting liberal shibboleths on race, civil rights, crime, and affirmative action.

Taylor’s book astutely summarized the problems associated with “diverse” urban districts, which any one familiar with our nation’s capital would acknowledge: higher crime rates, dangerous, underperforming public schools, widespread loitering, the stress and strain of working elbow-to-elbow with affirmative action hires (carrying the workload of incompetent co-workers), and the daily toll of exhausting commutes (50–60 miles one way) in order to reap the benefits of good schools, low crime, affordable homes, and pleasant neighbors. Read more

Tea is for Tribe: It’s About Race, Stupid!

The Long Racial History of the Tea Party’s Deficit Trojan Horse

It's About Race, Stupid!

Back when only the founding population had suffrage, the opposing political factions were often organized around alternative philosophies of government. Even then, ideologies were often stalking horses for individual, regional, occupational, or denominational agendas. Within the past century, both these sincere ideological differences and parochial interests have been overshadowed by a new force in American politics: tribalism. The concomitant empowerment and demographic explosion of identity groups competing and conflicting with White American interests created a series of tectonic shifts in the fault lines beneath the surface of the American political landscape.

White Americans have a taboo against pursuing their group interests and an affinity for ideals and abstractions. They also retain the fiction that their representatives are beholden to them, despite a wealth of evidence to the contrary. In light of these factors, the ambitious politician seeking White votes is beset with the task of parroting a rhetoric that is rooted in abstract ideology, yet aligned with White American group interests. Once elected, it’s then in his interest to renege on both his implicit and explicit promises, as the lobbyists swarming around him pay more and pay more attention. Read more

Harold Covington’s Northwest Quartet

In 1989, prolific British writer Paul Johnson published Intellectuals offering case studies of a string of intellectuals, beginning with Jean-Jacques Rousseau and then Shelley, Marx, Ibsen, Tolstoy, Hemingway, Bertolt Brecht, Bertrand Russell, Sartre, right on down to more modern public thinkers. Johnson’s point is that however much these men (and Lillian Hellman) might have professed love of “humanity” and “progress,” they were rats to the actual people around them.

For example, Johnson wrote of the poet Shelley:

Any moth than came near his fierce flame was  singed. His first wife, Harriet, and his mistress, Fay Godwin, both committed suicide when he deserted them. In his letters he denounced their actions roundly for causing him distress and inconvenience. . . .  His children by Harriet were made wards of the court. He erased them completely from his mind, and they never received  a  single word from their father. Another child, a bastard, died in  a  Naples foundling hospital where he had abandoned her.

Of Karl Marx, the self-professed savior of the working man, Johnson wrote: He seduced his wife’s servant, begot a son by her, then forced Friedrich Engels to assume paternity. Marx’s daughter Eleanor once let out a cri de coeur in a letter: “Is it not wonderful, when you come to look things squarely in the face, how rarely we  seem to practice all the fine things we  preach—to others?” She later committed suicide.

Johnson concluded that we must “Beware intellectuals.” “Not only should they be kept well away from the levers of power, they should also be objects of particular suspicion when they seek to offer collective advice.” Read more

Poor Little Oppressed White People

Jamie Kelso is an unlikely manipulator of the masses, but the activist and web-radio host scored a definite coup when he was filmed engaging a group of young people at this February’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Thus far, the clip has been viewed some 30,000 times on YouTube and has even inspired a convoluted essay by a neoconservative academic.

Kelso’s arguments were sound, based in reason, history, evolutionary theory, and the natural desire to treasure one’s own. He presented a moderate, reasonable case for racialism, one noticeably lacking in the Sieg Heils, Swastika tattoos, howls of “White Power!” and other accoutrements of the far Right one sees on TV.

Not surprisingly, Kelso was denounced as a hater by a moustachioed hipster from Campaign for Liberty. He also elicited some non-sequitur responses about how it was only Democrats who supported lynching and the Ku Klux Klan, as well as bewildered stares from the smartly dressed young women hovering around him. (Even if Kelso was eventually asked to leave, one shouldn’t forget that the crowd was clearly fascinated by what they heard…. Just imagine if they had encountered Jonathan Bowden in full force, and not the unassuming Mr. Kelso.) Read more

Model Minorities Gettin’ Slizzered

Far East Movement

This is Assimilation?

Asian immigrants are frequently referred to as “model minorities” because they generally succeed educationally and occupationally, without exhibiting the social pathologies rampant among America’s Black and Hispanic underclasses. Many HBD (Human Biodiversity) bloggers even use an awkward acronym, NAMs (non-Asian minorities), to differentiate between the Asians and the non-White underclass.

But success and assimilation are two very different things. In fact, the non-White immigrants who succeed are ultimately more threatening to our long-term survival than the ones who come here and fail, since they exploit our Western meritocratic tradition to obtain positions of influence through merit, then exploit their positions of power to promote their group interests. One classic example of this is in action would be WASP Bill Gates’ Slate Magazine, where the gifted Jewish journalist Michael Kinsley turned over the reins to the banal and transparently partisan Jacob Weisberg.

Jacob Weisberg is the quintessential beneficiary of Jewish ethnic nepotism, and Jews are the quintessential nepotists, but Asians also look out for their own. Increasingly, they’re perceiving themselves not as Chinese, Japanese, or Vietnamese, but as Asian. Read more

USDA Contributes to White Dispossession

The Seattle Weekly is a very poor excuse for a newspaper, and mainly serves to advertise prostitutes, promote homosexuality, and sow
hatred of the European-American majority in every way possible. It also worships Israel whenever it gets a chance.

However, one news story was very interesting: “USDA Looks Good To Washington’s Hispanic Farmers “, August 3, 2010, p. 9, by Nina Shapira, a strong advocate of illegal immigration.

The story describes how the Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency is operating a segregated, Mexican-only program that buys out struggling, traditional European-American farms and then hands them over to the Mexicans at near zero interest rates. (One reason the European-American farms struggle is they have no access to credit.)

One area targeted for ethnic cleansing is the very productive Yakima Valley in Eastern Washington. Since segregated, Mexican-only NGOs
like the Rural Community Development Resources, run by Luis Gutierrez, provide the conduit to the funding, it is all going to

One example of how the program works is that of Sergio Marquez who came up from Mexican to work on a 200-acre apple orchard, and within years was given ownership of the orchard by the federal government with no down payment and sub-market rates of interest.

Finally, the federal government guarantees that it will buy 100% of production from these privileged Mexican operations, and then in turn donates it to food banks.

Who would have thought ethnic cleansing would be so profitable?

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Gregory Rodriguez on White Racial Anxiety

There are signs that the left is beginning to realize that White dispossession is not going to happen without a few bumps in the road. Recently Gregory Rodriguez wrote in the LA Times:

I believe that white racial anxiety, not immigration, will be the most significant and potentially dangerous socio-demographic trend of the coming decade. The combination of changing demographics and symbolic political victories on the part of nonwhites will inspire in whites a greater racial consciousness, a growing sense of beleagurement and louder calls to end affirmative action or to be included in it.

He’s right, except for the ridiculous implication that immigration is not the fundamental issue. After all, it was immigration that has resulted in the affirmative action crisis–along with  a host of other costs to White America, including the very real prospect that a hostile non-White coalition will be able to shape public policy against the interests of Whites. Even without affirmative action, Whites will suffer as all the other costs of ethnic diversity escalate–increasing ethnic conflict, less civic mindedness, greater psychological alienation.

Rodriguez proposes that Whites will be happy if affirmative action is ended:

I am so convinced of [impending White racial consciousness] that I think to avoid a destructive white backlash in the face of a rapidly diversifying society, the president should call for an end to affirmative action. In a “Nixon goes to China” sort of way, Obama — by virtue of his racial background, party affiliation and political temperament — is better poised to pull off such a difficult task more gracefully than any other politician.

Whites would indeed like to see an end to affirmative action, but that won’t be enough to save them from all the other costs of immigration noted above. Predictably, Rodriguez asserts (with no supporting data) that Whites have not suffered from affirmative action. (For some real data, see the National Policy Institute’s report, “The Costs of Diversity“; see also “Jewish Qverrepresentation at Elite Universities Explained” showing that already Whites are vastly underrepresented at elite institutions on the basis of IQ.) And the reality is that elites have been able to preserve affirmative action even in the face of laws that forbid it, as in California where there has been endless tinkering with university admissions criteria aimed at increasing Black and Latino admissions to the University of California.

Quite simply, because of lower average IQ, Blacks and Latinos can’t do without affirmative action; their percentage representation in elite institutions based on intellectual merit would be nil. (See “End Affirmative Action, End the Black Upper Class: The Case of Law“) So the pressure for affirmative action will continue far into the future, with the result that Whites will be increasingly caught between affirmative action for Blacks and Latinos on the low end, and Asians and Jews on the high end–all exacerbated by the exploding non-White population and ethnic networking by highly ethnocentric minority groups.

For the left, there’s no going back. The only solution is to continue to pathologize White racial consciousness and keep the costs to Whites of our multi-racial future out of the media.

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