Richard Spencer, Dallas, and Texas A&M

What’s been going on in Texas since the end of the NPI conference, Richard Spencer’s much-commented-on speech, and “Hail-gate,” is hard to believe. An absolute media meltdown by the Dallas Morning News, followed by Texas Aggies fleeing to the world’s largest “safe-space,” 100,000 seat Kyle Field (A&M’s giant football stadium), when it was announced that Richard would be speaking to a couple hundred people elsewhere on campus.

I would put this in the Comedy section if TOO had one, but this will have to do.

Immediately before the conference, articles started appearing in the Dallas Morning News about the rich-kid, preppie, White-nationalist from St. Mark’s (Dallas’ most prestigious private boys school and Richard’s alma mater) who was now one of the chief leaders of that dangerous, hateful new group — the Alt-right — earnestly denounced by Hillary as an egregious threat to the Republic in a widely publicized speech during the campaign.

After the NPI conference, all hell broke loose. Angry mothers of current St. Mark’s students wrote letters to the DMN editor, bewailing that the same “wonderfully diverse” school their darlings attended could inexplicably produce such a monster, and begging the paper not to associate Richard’s name with St. Mark’s, lest it queer their sons’ chances of being accepted at Big Ticket U. The St. Mark’s headmaster publicly disavowed Richard, the first time the school has ever done this to one of its graduates. Feeling especially in need of atonement, the St. Mark’s class of 1997 launched a campaign to support refugees in order to repudiate Spencer, raising around $40,000.

Other anti-Alt-right articles have been appearing daily. Yesterday there was a long complaint, “I won’t let neo-nazis dictate what little fashion sense I have,” where some manlet reporter whined about Richard and his buddies making the “fashy haircut” (long on top, very short on the sides) a symbol of “white-supremacy,” but he would bravely go ahead and retain his own fashy haircut, because it looks nice. Also yesterday there was a general rant against White racism by DMN’s “culture critic.” Both articles included pictures of Richard in various poses, in various outfits. They all hate him, but they all admit he’s photogenic.

Photo accompanying manlet reporter's article on Alt Right fashion

Photo accompanying manlet reporter’s article on Alt Right fashion

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EXCLUSIVE: Assaulted Red Ice Cameraman Speaks Out

Following the hullabaloo outside the recent NPI Conference in Washington, D.C. I got a chance to sit down with Aryan Gondola (as he’s known on the TRS Forums), the Red Ice cameraman who was viciously assaulted by up to ten Antifa as he and correspondent Emily Youcis were being escorted back into the Ronald Reagan building. Still sporting a couple of bumps and bruises from the fight, he took time out from his busy schedule to tell Occidental Observer readers about his experiences with the melee and the conference — and his path to the Alt Right. Readers will find invaluable information on how to stay safe and aware whenever Antifa slime are near.

Aryan Gondola. . . You went a round with ten men at once, and you still have a little shiner to show for your efforts, I see!

I fought for it!

Before we get to the gritty details, tell me a little about your upbringing.

Well, I was born and raised in New Jersey. I was home-schooled my entire life. I’ve actually never been in a public school. My parents always encouraged me to find my own path in life, not to just take the path others told me to take. Basically the college-to-corporate pipeline. The same path my parents were pushed into. I had a well-rounded curriculum of math and history. I explored astronomy and electronics. From home school I went on to community college. I went about halfway through, but found that I really wanted to pursue my entrepreneurial passion. After a few failed attempts with marketing and other things I settled on [redacted] as a path to independence economically, and the Alt Right as a way to chart a future for myself and my eventual children.

How long have you been working to build the Alt Right?

I’ve been on the Alt Right since before it was called the Alt Right. About nine years. I started as a teenager on image boards, unfortunately. 4Chan, even Stormfront — that sort of thing. Exposing truth in the most brutal way possible. Trolling took off, and then I began to see posts in an 8chan sub forum for IRL meet ups two or three years ago. Those unfortunately did not take off. There just weren’t enough people in New Jersey who were attracted to this through the image boards. You also had the trust factor — everyone was completely anonymous. Eventually I coalesced with the TRS community and the other Alt Righters on the forums and I was absorbed into the Greater Philadelphia Alt Right community — which was thriving! It had actual, normal individuals. Productive individuals and not the kind of people you’d meet from image boards. It’s kind of incredible how just at the same time I was ready to get out there and meet others there who were other people were already planning in places I wasn’t even aware of. Read more

The Alt Right and the Jews

Certainly the most basic issue of the Alt Right is that it is entirely legitimate for Whites to identify as Whites and to pursue their interests as Whites, such as resisting attempts to make White Americans a minority.

Ethnic and racial identities are common among all other groups, and, despite constant propaganda emanating from centers of media and academic power, Whites should be no exception. Voluntarily ceding political and cultural power is the ultimate foolishness, particularly in an atmosphere of non-White grievance and the hostility towards Whites, their history and their culture, that is so apparent today.

Another important issue is to accept that there are genetic influences on race differences in intelligence and impulse control. When these are kept out of the discussion and only environmental influences are allowed, it’s inevitable that Whites will be unfairly blamed for the failure of Blacks, Latinos, and similar groups.

However, another issue that is central to the world view of many on the Alt Right (but by no means unanimous) is the issue of Jewish power and influence. Ultimately, this stems from an understanding of the role of Jews in White dispossession, both historically and in the contemporary West. Accounting for around 2% of the U.S. population, Jews have never had much power as a result of sheer numbers. What counts is Jewish power in the media, in the academic world, and in government. Read more

The Duke Campaign, Mike Pence, and the “Stoning of the Devil”

duke1It is customary during the annual Hajj pilgrimage that Muslim devouts throw pebbles at three walls (formerly pillars), called jamarāt, in the city of Mina just east of Mecca. One of a series of ritual acts that must be performed in the Hajj, it is a symbolic re-enactment of Abraham’s hajj, where he stoned three pillars representing the temptation to disobey God and preserve Ishmael. The ceremony is commonly known as “the stoning of the Devil,” and may be regarded as a practice designed to reinforce socio-religious conformity and obedience.

I’ve been reminded of this practice by the constant re-appearance in our own society of a primitive, ritualistic “stoning of the Devil” — the now mandatory condemnation of David Duke by aspiring politicians on the Right. A society, of course, reveals much about itself by its choice of devils. In this case, the “devil” is not necessarily the person of David Duke, but rather his career, and the struggle for White interests, heritage, and ultimately survival that this career has entailed. In terms of our visible political landscape, Duke has come to represent the personification of the “folk devil” of White identity.

Those on the edges of “acceptable” political discourse must be seen to “stone” this folk devil, and dissent is tantamount to complicity. Indeed, the further to the Right that the candidate may appear, the more essential it is deemed by the shapers of political culture that the candidate should prove his mainstream credentials by refuting, condemning, and distancing themselves from the non-conforming “Other.” Read more

Will the Alt Right take over the Republican Party?

Hillary Clinton’s Reno speech had plenty of ridiculous moments. The claim that Russia’s Vladimir Putin is behind the Alt Right is laughable, but one shouldn’t ignore its obvious pandering to neocons, many of whom are shilling for Hillary or, like Robert Kagan, are actually advising her on foreign policy. The rest of the neocons are staying with the Republicans for now, hoping she wins and that they can pick up the pieces.

If you want hostility with Russia, Hillary’s your candidate, as the always hilarious Hillary PR Team noted on Twitter:

In case you missed the speech, here is a 1½ minute version, with a special appearance from Pepe.

What I want to focus on is her (slightly less ridiculous) statement, “The de facto merger between Breitbart and the Trump Campaign represents a landmark achievement for the ‘Alt-Right.’ A fringe element has effectively taken over the Republican Party.”

Would that it were so. Breitbart is not the Alt Right. There are certainly some linkages, made possible by fuzzy definitions of the Alt Right which provide irresistible opportunities for politicians like Clinton to smear Trump. But we do not read on Breitbart the full-throated identitarian, explicitly White, race realist, and Judaeo-critical ideas that are the true hallmark of the Alt Right.

So what are the prospects for the Alt Right really taking over the Republican Party? First, perhaps the most important contribution of Trump’s candidacy, win or lose, is that he has destroyed the traditional Republican Party. The GOP, “dependent on a neocon media and foreign policy establishment and with a big business, pro-Israel donor base, is dead—and, in my view, it can’t be resuscitated.” This was a party completely out of touch with its base. Trump accomplished a hostile takeover, and it’s no surprise that the elites who have run the party, are not on board with this revolution. Read more

What would an Alt Right Administration Look Like?


One of the many paths to power for alt-right ideas would be to control substantial elements of the federal government. This scenario has major limitations given the Constitution and the inertia that exists in the American system due to the nebulous divisions of sovereignty it imposes. It’s also hated by purists, who think the United States has to go. And perhaps it will eventually, because there is no method of totally fixing it from within. But controlling blocs of federal power is a scenario in which executive orders, acts of Congress, and Supreme Court rulings could be made with the intention of not making things worse. Because that’s exactly how things are for us under occupation—worse every year.

This makes more people resent the system but it also… makes us worse off. We shouldn’t rule out the idea of having policy positions for the current system of government; that door is not entirely shut yet. Planning for collapse scenarios is all and well, but having policies which could plausibly be enacted tomorrow rather than the day after tomorrow has rhetorical value. It shows we aren’t just LARPing about the ethnostate and that there are short- and medium-term applications for our ideas. So here are some areas that an alt-right administration could tackle:


The United States has a history of turning away the world’s huddled masses, so yes, anti-immigration is an American value. Before 1890s, and more so before 1880, most immigration was from places like Ireland, Germany, England, Scotland, Scandinavia and so forth. From 1880-1920, most immigration came from Italy, Poland, Russia and other non-Northern European countries, bringing with it large numbers of Jews. The 1924 Immigration Act, also known as the Johnson-Reed Act, set up a national origins quota for who could enter the United States as a reaction to this change. The law replaced the 1921 Immigration Act, which was less strict, passing the House of Representatives by 308 to 58 and the Senate 69 to 9. The 1924 law limited entry visas to two percent of the total number of people of each nationality in the United States as of the 1890 national census; 1921’s law referred to 1910. The quota system greatly favored Northern European countries over Southern and Eastern European countries, in addition to further restricting immigration from Asia (Asian immigrants already could not become naturalized citizens in most cases).

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The Alt Right Is Right, FEDERALIST’s Tracinski Wrong, About American History (And Donald Trump)



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The Alt Right is busting out all over (two more Main Stream Media attacks today, here and here)! Some of of this is because Richard Spencer, head of the National Policy Institute, made the wise move of having high-profile public meetings in Washington, DC. But I think it’s more than that.

Donald Trump’s candidacy has resonated deeply with voters, to the point that his supporters are famously immune to the hostile MSM barrage. Mainly these are the (white) people who have been left behind by both parties—the Democrats and their Rainbow Coalition of the racially and sexually aggrieved advocating ever more immigration, multiculturalism, Political Correctness, and LGBT privileges; the Republicans with their unholy alliance between neoconservatives  traitorously promoting the interests of Israel, and the Chamber of Commerce/K Street/wealthy donors promoting free trade, outsourcing, cheap labor, Open Borders, etc.

That leaves the Alt Right as the only identifiable segment of the political spectrum with any kind of theoretical or ideological grounding that supports Trump.

To combat this new menace to Conservatism Inc., we have hit jobs like Robert Tracinski’s Yes, The Alt Right Are Just a Bunch of Racists in The Federalist [April 4, 2016] specifically professing to refute two articles that “run interference for the Alt Right”. [The Intellectual Case For Trump I: Why The White Nationalist Support? By Mytheos Holt, Federalist, March 30, 2016 and An Establishment Conservative’s Guide to the Alt-Right, by Allum Bokhari & Milo Yiannopoulos, Breitbart, March 29, 2016]

For all his intellectual pretensions, Tracinski [Email him] really depends on the knowledge that his audience can be stampeded by the “racists” smear. No need to do any heavy lifting. Nevertheless, I think his arguments, however disingenuous, are worth deconstructing as a case study in cuckservatism. Read more