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Schopenhauer and the Perception of the Real or Surreal Postmodernity (Part 2)

Schopenhauer and the Perception of the Real or Surreal Postmodernity (Part 2)

Schopenhauer is a crucial source in understanding the psychopathological impact of religions, myths and systems of beliefs. At times he labels them “allegories” whereas in other places he describes them as the “metaphysics of the masses” or “people’s metaphysics” (Volksmetaphysik). Just as people have popular poetry and the popular wisdoms or proverbs, they also need popular metaphysics. They need an interpretation of life; and this interpretation must be suited for their comprehension. The great majority of humans have at best a weak faculty for weighing reasons and discriminating between the fact and the fiction.  Does this sound familiar?

No belief system, no ideology, no religion is immune from self-serving delusional tenets linked to false perceptions of reality, although, in due time, each of them will undergo the process of demythologization and eventually become a laughing stock for those who see the illusions underlying these delusional myths.

We can illustrate this changing masquerade of history repeating itself when observing the mindset of modern opinion makers. People have always wished, by means of different allegories, to transcend their cursed reality and make frequent excursions into the spheres of the hyperreal, the unreal, or the surreal — in order to offset the absurdity of their existence. It is natural that they resort to religious and ideological devices, however aberrant or criminal these allegorical devices may subsequently turn out to be.

Accordingly, the motor of religious mass mimicry, which Schopenhauer describes, is again our objectified will. Consequently, the whole course of human life is patterned along the principle of imitation, where even the smallest thing in our perception is borrowed from that role model who is viewed now as a path-breaking innovator or a new messiah. Mimicry is the powerful motor of the will, the theme which was later expanded by Schopenhauer’s disciples, such as Gustave Le Bon.

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Schopenhauer and the Perception of the Real or Surreal Postmodernity (Part 1)

Schopenhauer and the Perception of the Real or Surreal Postmodernity (Part I)

The text below is the expanded version of Tom Sunic’s speech, delivered at the New Right conference in London, on October 23, 2010.

There is a danger in interpreting the text of some long gone author, let alone of some heavyweight philosopher, such as Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 – 1860). The interpreter tends to look at parts of the author’s prose that may best suit his own conclusions, while avoiding parts that other critics may find more relevant, and which the interpreter may consider either incomprehensible or irrelevant. This is true for Schopenhauer in so far as he deals in his multilayered work with diverse subject matters, ranging from the theories of knowledge, to the role of women, sex, eugenics, religion, etc., while offering aphoristic formulas on how to live a more or less liveable life.  Moreover, in his entire work Schopenhauer deals extensively with the perception of objective reality, our self-perception, and how our self-perception reflects itself in the perception of the Other, for instance in the mind of my political foe or friend. It’s no wonder that when Schopenhauer is read along with some postmodern authors, his work can retrospectively yield some groundbreaking insights, of which even he was not aware.

The devil is often in the details, but harping on the details alone may often overshadow the whole. Just because Schopenhauer was critical of Jewish monotheism, or made some critical remarks about women, should not lead us to the conclusion that he was a standard-bearer of anti-Semitism or a hater of women. The fact that Adolf Hitler was one of his avid readers should not overshadow the fact that the father of modern psychoanalysis, the Jewish-born Austrian Sigmund Freud, learned a get deal from him on the how irrational will is expressed in sexual drive.

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Ben Hecht’s Perfidy

In conversation the other day someone pointed out that “…Israelis, not Jews, avoid losing their people…” This was after I had mentioned a book by Ben Hecht, Perfidy, that recounted the last days of the Hungarian Jews, during 1944, and their alleged betrayal by a fellow Jew, one Rudolph Kastner.  [The following is based on Hecht’s account; for further detail and some differences see, for example, Wikipedia.]

I had bought the book years ago but only glanced at it, having already heard of such incidents during WWII, so what could be new? Well, it’s actually quite a fascinating tale, as told by Hecht, raising questions about the influence of biological kinship in protecting humans from their ethnic enemies, about the motives driving both Kastner (in contrast with other Hungarian Jews) and Jews then in Palestine, and whether similar forces are at play in the West today.

The particular charges against Kastner were, first, that during WW II, as a prominent member of the Jewish Agency who was supposedly undertaking negotiations with the Nazis to obtain the release of Hungarian Jews, he actually collaborated with the Nazis, arranging for his family and several hundred prominent Jews to escape while accepting that the rest of Hungary’s Jews be sent to the camps. The Germans had hardly any troops available for Hungary to force the deportation of its Jews and were relying enormously on the Jewish leaders like Kastner to convince their fellow Jews that the deportation was for a benign end. A very large number of Jews living near Rumania might have been saved almost instantly by simply crossing the border only a few miles away, and the number of young Jewish males in Hungary was arguably sufficient to overcome the small German force at hand.

Another Hungarian Jew, Joel Brand, also carried out negotiations with Eichmann who agreed to release all Hungary’s Jews provided Brand could obtain, in exchange, a large quantity of trucks, tea and coffee; but Brand was unable to get the cooperation of Jewish leaders either in Palestine or the US, to say nothing of the Allies in general, in obtaining these goods.

Second, after the war, Kastner testified on behalf of several Nazis prominent in the liquidation of Jews, including Kurt Becher, thus prompting Becher’s release. Why in the world would he do such a thing?

After the war, Kastner ended up in Palestine, eventually occupying prominent positions in the Israeli government after independence. Hecht’s book is largely an account of a rather incredible legal proceedings in the 1950s, which captivated all of Israel. It was brought by the Israeli government against Malchiel Greenwald who had written a pamphlet exposing the egregious behavior of Kastner and others.

The trials brought to light that Jewish leaders of the day, from Ben-Gurion, Chaim Weizmann, Moshe Sharett and so on all the way to people in the Jewish Agency, itself, had connived with the British to prevent Hungarian Jews from entering Palestine, with the result that half a million died. But they wanted a complete cover-up. Unfortunately for them, Greenwald had an extremely good defense attorney, Shmuel Tamir.  In spite of massive government pressure, Greenwald was acquitted in the first trial of all charges.

But the government, determined to stick it to Greenwald, went to appeal. The five Supreme Court justices upheld the verdict concerning Kastner’s testimony on behalf of Becher. But he was acquitted, by three to two, on collaborating with the Nazis during the war. That combination of verdicts “…made it imperative that the government put Kastner on trial…” for collaboration. [p. 202] But then Kastner was murdered, by the government, it was first thought, to keep him from testifying further (and further incriminating the government). But it seems to have been vigilante justice instead. According to Hecht, the Israeli government desperately hoped to remove this matter from all discussion, letting the passage of time erase most people’s memories.

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How are we to understand this tale? Does it in any way diminish the role that biologists have long maintained exists for biological kinship, or cause us to doubt the considerable cohesion Jews are reputed to have?

Kastner, himself, would seem to have defied a biologist’s expectation by not doing what he apparently could have done to protect most Hungarian Jews. According to Hecht, he was greatly affected by and attracted to the power exhibited by important Nazis, eventually feeling that he had become “good friends” with that elite bunch. Shades of the “Stockholm Syndrome.” The Germans were so confident of their assessment of Kastner’s character and of their manipulation of him that they even left him alone with people (foreign diplomats) to whom he could have spilled the beans about the enormity of the slaughter — but he didn’t.

On the other hand, he did succeed in getting the release of his extended family and a few hundred other elite Jews. Hecht doesn’t mention that he was the recipient of any big financial payoff (apart from being very well treated as a guest of the Germans). This would suggest that he was not a sociopath but was motivated instead by some sort of emotional fulfillment. (Nevertheless, the Wikipedia article notes that Greenwald himself accused Kastner of reaping a fortune from the few wealthy Jews he saved, many of whom were elite, well-connected, secularly oriented members of Mapai, Israel’s ruling party at the time, whereas the Jews who were left to perish tended to be poor and ultra-Orthodox.)

What Kastner’s motives were are still puzzling. Hecht sees Kastner as extremely affected by the way the Nazis treated him, not just in the amenities provided him when he was their guest but in the way they “respected” him as a person, as though part of their (powerful) group.  But perhaps, too, there was a role for fear. Hecht sees a parallel between Kastner’s betrayal of fellow Jews and the betrayal of Joan of Arc by the French judges who were “afraid of the English who sat in power over them. Having, out of this fear of their masters, decided on the heresy of Joan, her judges too found her continued defiance of their cowardice wicked…” (p. 236)

Another possible reason that I’ve heard for the Jewish leaders’ actions (including Kastner’s, as well?) was the role of the British in establishing a Jewish homeland in Palestine — and their supposed commitment in the Balfour Declaration to preventing the rights of the indigenous Palestinian Arabs from being overrun by too vast and rapid an influx of Jews. (Not discussed by Hecht.) The Jewish leaders, convinced of the overwhelming necessity for such a homeland, would have seen no alternative but to accept the sacrifice of millions of Jews, given that those Jews were “not wanted” by anyone else in the world. (Many ordinary Jews, especially those in the Irgun, were willing to go for broke and defy the British as well as Arabs.)

If this perspective is correct, then the importance of biological kinship has not been defied at all. There was simply a tragic dilemma as to how, strategically, to go about saving the most of one’s kin in the long run. In fact, the saved Jews were the “best Jews” according to Hecht since, as noted above, the saved Jews tended to be wealthy and secular whereas the Jews left behind were relatively poor and strongly religious. According to Greenwald, quite a few were Mizrahi Jews, a group that is relatively less related to Kastner’s Ashkenazis. This would indicate that the results of Kastner’s decision were eugenic and follow the logic of favoring Jews that were more like himself.

Regardless of these interpretations of Kastner’s and the Jewish leaders’ behavior, the overwhelming horror induced in Jews everywhere that such a betrayal might have taken place, contrary to all their normal expectations, is, itself, testimony to the power of kin based cohesion among Jews.

Anthony Hilton is Associate Professor of Psychology (retired), Concordia University, Montreal.

Canadian Thought Police Exposed

Canada seems so much like the United States, only with lots of Sikhs, Chinese and Muslims. In many ways Canada, if you stay out of the massive Somali or Jamaican slums, seems like the United States in the 1950s. But underneath the image lies the fundamental fact that European-Canadians have no rights under the grinding Multicultural tyranny that has been set up in order to destroy the European- Canadian majority and replace it with Third World immigrants.

At the heart of Canada’s problem is the complete absence of Freedom of Speech. The absence of Freedom of Speech has been rammed home by Canadian Human Rights Commission officer Mr. Dean Stacey, who observed: “Freedom of speech is an American concept, so I don’t give it any value. ” This statement was uttered during the “Warman vs. Lemire” show trial, and follows other statements made by Canadian Human Rights Commission tribunal “judges” such as: “The truth is no defense” to lies.

Parenthetically, the Canadian Human Rights Commission and provincial “human rights commissions” are quasi-governmental tribunals, staffed largely by minority supremacists with almost unlimited powers to destroy putative Thought Criminals–people who have committed no crime other than holding opinions hated by the Canadian Human Rights Commission. For example, under this regime, one Canadian (Brian Love) spent 18 months in prison for writing a letter to his Member of Parliament criticizing unlimited Third World immigration. The most serious Thought Crime is a believe in Democracy as Majority rule, instead of the new version of what Democracy is supposed to be: Minority Rule.

Simply stated, for a European-Canadian, to love Canada is a Hate Crime.

Victims of the Thought Police can lose their right to political speech for their entire lives, be banned from the Internet, be banned from writing, be imprisoned and be impoverished by massive fines (usually paid to a certain Richard Warman, who is both the usual plaintiff in these cases and an officer of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, when he is not fundraising for the Anti-Racist Action Anarcho-Zionist transnational terrorist network)

Finally, after scores of show trials by the intensely secretive Canadian Human Rights Commission and its provincial counterparts (and please be aware that everyone accused is convicted), a most remarkable set of facts have been revealed in court.

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Most of the Canadian Human Rights Commission cases revolve around the Internet, and most involved “racist” postings on websites made by anonymous posters, rather than webmasters or the owners of sites. The game played by the Canadian Thought Police is simple: An anonymous “racist” posting appears in the middle of the night and at almost the same time, the Thought Police bust down peoples doors, arrest everyone and seize their computers to preserve the evidence.

Now, it has been revealed in court that the Canadian Human Rights Commission and Canadian “Hate Squad” Thought Police have been making the very racist posts that they have been using as evidence. The postings are made by members of Thought Police “Hate Squads” specially trained in seminars held by the Canadian-branch of Simon Wiesenthal Center and by members of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, including the eternal plaintiff Richard Warman. (It is believed that hundreds of Hate Squad operatives have been trained: Have they made millions of postings?) The training includes specific wordings and specific guidance on what racial groups to demonize.

Here is one “hate” posting made by Plaintiff Richard Warman, high official of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, as reprinted and as cleaned up by the National Post ( a newspaper that had supported the tribunals until recently):

“Not only is Canadian Senator Anne Cools is a Negro, she is also an immigrant! And she is also one helluva preachy c*nt. She does NOT  belong in my Canada. My Anglo-Germanic people were here before there was a Canada and her kind have jumped in, polluted our race,   and forced their bullshit down our throats. Time to go back to when   the women *** imports knew their place … And that place was NOT in  public!”

This was posted on the dissident website freedomsite.org by the Honorable Richard Warman. (The specific wording and targeting of English- and German-Canadians surely comes directly from the teachings of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.) Warman then took this posting to his employers, the Canadian Human Rights Commission, and complained that as a Jew he was deeply offended and that the freedomsite.org and ts owners should be dragged before the tribunal and face lost of speech rights of all kinds. And be required to pay a massive fine to a certain Richard Warman. And people lose their jobs and are blacklisted by communities living in the fearful shadow of the secret police, and under the watchful eyes of Minority- Supremacist activists.

The hate crimes of the Canadian Human Rights Commission and its provincial branches have been hidden from the Canadian people by intense censorship (almost all Canadian media is minority owned–can any democracy survive when the Majority is excluded and demonized by the media?) and by secretive, closed meetings: One recent policy planning meeting of the Canadian Human Rights Commission (which was effectively a joint meeting with the Canadian Jewish Congress because their membership overlaps so much) was held in a Vancouver, BC, synagogue, ringed by heavily armed riot police.

What is the penalty for an official of the Canadian Human Rights Commission issuing the following statement?

“Not only is Canadian Senator Anne Cools is a Negro, she is also an   immigrant! And she is also one helluva preachy c*nt. She does NOT  belong in my Canada. My Anglo-Germanic people were here before   there was a Canada and her kind have jumped in, polluted our race, and forced their bullshit down our throats. Time to go back to when   the women *** imports knew their place … And that place was NOT in   public!”

Well, so far no punishment. The “human rights” Attorney Richard Warman, who openly finances ARA goon squads that stage physical attacks on real human rights activists in Canada (with the willing support of the mass media conglomerates of Canada, which cheerfully censor reports of Warman financed terrorism) probably need fear no police response to his open hatred of English-Canadians and German- Canadians… hatred that the National Post itself pointedly shares. Sadly, at the end of the National Post article that expresses outrage at Warman’s hateful, terroristic acts, the National Post affirms its support for Hate Squad persecution of dissidents.

There remains no intellectual space for dissidents in the Canadian Thought Policed state.  So what happened to Warman and his well rehearsed scam of Jewish outrage at “racist” postings of which he, himself, was the author.

Simply stated, Warman overstepped himself because for the first time, the Canadian Human Rights Commission targeted a Jew, a certain Mr. Steyn, who is openly and explicitly critical of the Jewish- Multiculturalist policy of promoting mass Muslim immigration throughout the West. There is no pretense that European-Canadians have civil or human rights, but the civil and human rights of Mr. Steyn, well…. that is a bird of a different color. Steyn, naturally, cares nothing for the civil or human rights of the eroding European-Canadian Majority or the eroding European-American Majority or the eroding Majority of any European country, but he is convinced that Muslim mass immigration, coupled with Multiculturalism and Affirmatve Action, will threaten Jews, who have specialized for centuries in securing their safety, wealth and power in what were once Christian countries and what are now known as Judeo-Christian countries. Of course, Steyn is right. And the bizarre project of creating a Judeo-Islam as subservient to Jewish interests as Judeo- Christians are to Jewish interest is…. well, it’s not going so well.

It is worth noting that these tactics, like the Internet, spread across national boundaries. One Canadian Hate Squad officer has testified in court that he made many posts on Stormfront in the United States. Widely denounced by the minority-controlled media in the United States, it turns out that the vilest racist sentiments posted on Stromfront are products of the fevered imaginations and secret police networks directed by the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Next time you see some vicious hateful posting on the Internet, stop and realize that it may well originate with some powerful and honored Rabbi, or some Thought Policeman who slavishly follows his orders. This network of hate is similar in intent to the surreal antics of the comic book National Socialist Movement Nazis of recent years, a group entirely created by the FBI and (probably) Southern Poverty Law Center to remind everyone that European-Americans are hateful and deserve no rights, or to the largest mosque in northern Virginia apparently having a member spray paint swastikas on it so their Imams could stand with area rabbis to denounce White racism.

The hate crimes of the Canadian Hate Squads and the Canadian Human Rights Commission (and their ilk in the United States), should reinforce our awareness that the civil and human rights of European- Americans, like European-Canadians remain targeted by tyrants. Yet sometimes, truth does prevail.

James Joseph Sanchez, PhD

President, European-American Issues Forum

Machete : Eh, Gringo. I gonna Kill you.

Eh, gringo.  I gonna kill you.  This would seem to be the central message of Machete.

Stephen Holden, writing in the New York Times, noticed that the White men in Machete are portrayed in one of two ways: as either sadistic vigilantes murdering pregnant women in the desert (kinda like the Israelis) or as venal, corrupt politicians murdering each other out of pique or just out of habit.  Even so, this reviewer decided that the movie wasn’t really racist because it is so over the top it can’t be taken seriously.  I wonder what he would say if the roles were reversed and a White American hero was leading the slaughter of the invading army of Mexicans while the Mexican women were swooning all over him?

The Mexicans are uniformly depicted as hard-working, well organized, intelligent and deeply supportive of their oppressed community.  The two leaders are young women — slim, sexy in painted on jeans and oh so sharp.  Mind you, these Mexicans are not only way past all that macho thing; they are positively cool.

Still maybe there is a little bit of macho in Machete.  Our handsome hero not only gets the girl, he gets all the girls, including the daughter and wife of the evil minded huckster who set him up.  And of course, being part of the corrupt venal culture of the Americans, they are shallow and self-absorbed.

Lindsey Lohan, plays herself as April, the daughter, a fall-down drunk and druggie.  Dad has to shoot all the innocent Mexican mules to rescue her from one of her favorite hangouts, the safe house where they stash the dope being brought over the border.   She promotes her modeling career by taking nude pictures of herself and posting them on the Net.    She and June, her Mom, while filming themselves naked in the pool, invite the gardener — Machete —to join them.  He obliges.

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Wilhelm Marr’s “The Victory of Judaism over Germanism: Viewed from a Nonreligious Point of View”

Wilhelm Marr (1819–1904) has gone down in history as the first racial anti-Semite. His signature work, The Victory of Judaism over Germanism: Viewed from a Nonreligious Point of View, expresses Marr’s views on the conflict between Germans and Jews in a strikingly modern manner.

The pamphlet is difficult to obtain, and there have been no English translations. Now the text has been translated by Gerhard Rohringer and is available online in pdf format. The following summarizes Marr’s ideas as presented in this translation of the 8th edition, first published in 1879.

Marr was a journalist, and his pamphlet is expressed in a journalistic style with all the pluses and minuses that that entails. Marr’s pamphlet contains a number of ideas that agree with modern theories and social science research on Jews, as well as some ideas that are less supported but interesting nonetheless. His ideas on future events are fascinating with the 20/20 hindsight of 130 years of history.

Marr describes his writing as “a ‘scream of pain’ coming from the oppressed” (p. 6). Marr sees Germans as having already lost the battle with Jewry: “Judaism has triumphed on a worldwide historical, basis. I shall bring the news of a lost battle and of the victory of the enemy and all of that I shall do without offering excuses for the defeated army.”

In other words, Marr is not blaming the Jews for their predominance in German society, but rather blaming the Germans for allowing this to happen. He sees historical hatred against Jews as due to their occupational profile (“the loathing Jews demonstrate for real work” — a gratuitously negative and overly generalized reference to the Jewish occupational profile) and to “their codified hatred against all non-Jews” (p. 8). Historical anti-Semitism often had a religious veneer, but it was actually motivated by “the struggle of nations and their response to the very real Judaization of society, that is, to a battle for survival…. I therefore unconditionally defend Jewry against any and all religious persecution” (p. 10).

Marr claims that Jews have a justified hatred toward Europeans:

Nothing is more natural than the hatred the Jews must have felt for those who enslaved them and abducted them from their homeland [i.e., the Romans; Marr seems unaware that the Jewish Diaspora predated the failed Jewish rebellions of the 1st and 2nd centuries]. Nothing is more natural than that this hatred had to grow during the course of oppression and persecution in the Occident over the span of almost two thousand years. … Nothing is more natural than that they responded using their inborn gifts of craftiness and cleverness by forming as ‘captives’ a state within a state, a society within a society. (p. 11)

Jews used their abilities to obtain power in Germany and other Western societies: “By the 19th century the amazing toughness and endurance of the Semites had made them the leading power within occidental society. As a result, and that particularly in Germany, Jewry has not been assimilated into Germanism, but Germanism has been absorbed into Judaism” (p. 11).

Marr claims that Judaism retreated in the face of “Christian fanaticism,” and achieved its greatest successes first among the Slavs and then among the Germans — both groups that were late in developing national cultures. He attributes the success of Jews in Germany to the fact that Germans did not have a sense of German nationality or German national pride (p. 12).

This is a point that I have also stressed: Collectivist cultures such as medieval Christianity tend to be bad for Jews because Jews are seen as an outgroup by a strongly defined ingroup. (See, e.g., here.) Moreover, a general trend in European society after the Enlightenment was to develop cultures with a strong sense of national identity where Christianity and/or ethnic origins formed a part. These cultures tended to exclude Jews, at least implicitly. An important aspect of Jewish intellectual and political activity in post-Enlightenment societies has been opposition to national cultures throughout Europe and other Western societies (see, e.g., here).

Marr credits Jews with bringing economic benefits to Germany: “There is no way to deny that the abstract, money-oriented, haggling mind of the Jews has contributed much to the flourishing of commerce and industry in Germany.” Although “racial anti-Semites” are often portrayed as viewing Jews as genetically inferior or even subhuman, a very strong tendency among racial anti-Semites is to see Jews as a very talented group. Marr clearly sees Jews as an elite.

Indeed, Marr sees the Germans as inferior to the Jews and as having a mélange of traits that caused them to lose the battle to Jews:

Into this confused, clumsy Germanic element penetrated a smooth crafty, pliable Jewry; with all of its gifts of realism [as opposed to German idealism], intellectually well qualified as far as the gift of astuteness is concerned, to look down upon the Germans and subduing the monarchical, knightly, lumbering German by enabling him in his vices. (p. 13)

What we [Germans] don’t have is the drive of the Semitic people. On account of our tribal organization we shall never be able to acquire such a drive and because cultural development knows no pause, our outlook is none other than a time when we Germans will live as slaves under the legal and political feudalism of Judaism. (p. 14)

Germanic indolence, Germanic stinginess, convenient Teutonic disdainfulness of expression are responsible [for the fact] that the agile and clever Israel now decides what one shall say and what not…. You have turned the press over to them because you find brilliant frivolity more to your liking than moral fortitude …. The Jewish people thrive because of their talents and you have been vanquished, as you should have been and as you have deserved a thousandfold.  (p. 30)  

Are we willing to sacrifice? Did we succeed in creating even a single anti-Jewish leaning paper, which manages to be politically neutral? … To de-Judaize ourselves, for that we clearly lack physical and spiritual strength.

I marvel in admiration at this Semitic people which put its heel onto the nape of our necks. … We harbor a resilient, tough, intelligent foreign tribe among us, who knows how to take advantage of every form of abstract reality. (p. 24)

We are no longer a match for this foreign tribe. (p. 27)

As a result of his high estimation of Jews and low estimation of Germans, Marr claims that he does not hate Jews. It’s simply a war where one side loses. The conflict between Jews and Germans is “like a war. How can I hate the soldier whose bullet happens to hit me? — Does one not offer one’s hand as victor as well as a prisoner of war? … In my eyes, it is a war which has been going on for 1800 years” (p. 28).

Despite their long history of living together, Jews, unlike other peoples who have come to Germany, remain foreigners among the Germans  — the separatism that is fundamental to Judaism as a group evolutionary strategy (and hence my titles, A People that Shall Dwell Alone and Separation and Its Discontents):

[The Jew] was a typical foreigner to them and remained one until today; and yes, his exclusive Judaism, as we shall demonstrate in what follows, shows itself even more today after his emancipation, than it did in earlier times. (p. 13)

All other immigration into Germany … disappeared without a trace within Germanism; Wends and Slavs disappeared in the German element. The Semitic race, stronger and tougher, has survived them all. Truly! Were I a Jew, I would look upon this fact with my greatest pride. (p. 17)

One of Marr’s most interesting observations is his proposal that Germans formed idealistic images of Jews during the Enlightenment when others had more realistic and negative views. Jews are realists, accepting the world as it is and advancing their interests based on their understanding of this reality. Judaism is characterized by particularlst morality (Is it good for the Jews?). Germans, on the other hand, tend to have idealized images of themselves and others — to believe that the human mind can construct reality based on ideals that can then shape behavior. They are predisposed to moral universalism — moral rules apply to everyone and are not dependent on whether it benefits the ingroup.

This is a reference to the powerful idealist strand of German philosophy that has been so influential in the culture of the West. An illustrative example is American transcendentalism, a movement that created an indigenous culture of critique in 19th-century America. This perspective resulted in overly optimistic views of human nature and tended toward radical egalitarianism; it also provided the theoretical underpinnings the abolitionist movement among elite intellectuals like Ralph Waldo Emerson.

In particular, Marr notes that, whereas prominent and influential Enlightenment thinkers like Voltaire were critics of Judaism (seeing it as reactionary tribalism), in Germany the most influential writer was Gotthold Ephraim Lessing  (1729–1781). Lessing presented a very positive image of Judaism in his play Nathan the Wise. The Jewish Nathan (Marr calls him “Rothschild” to give it contemporary relevance) makes an eloquent plea for religious tolerance — while at the same time he finances the Muslim war against the Christian Crusaders. Marr suggests that Lessing engaged in a bit of self-deception: Despite his positive portrayal of Nathan as the essence of tolerance, “Lessing could not in his subconscious self overcome the identity of Jew and servant of Mammon” (p. 15).

The influence of Lessing was profound: “German idealism was captivated by the legend of the ring [i.e., Lessing’s metaphor for religious tolerance], but missed that Lessing’s Nathan could only be — a character from a fable” (p. 16).

Marr suggests that instead of a fictional character like Nathan the Wise, Lessing should have seen 17th-century Jewish philosopher Baruch Spinoza as an illustration of what Judaism is really like. Whereas Nathan the Wise suggests that religious tolerance is a characteristic of Judaism, Marr interprets Spinoza’s fate as illustrating Jewish intolerance and fanaticism in the real world — features of Judaism also noted by several contemporary writers, most notably Israel Shahak, but also including Enlightenment thinkers like Voltaire. Spinoza was hounded out of the Jewish community of Amsterdam because of his views on religion: “This truly great Jewish non-Jew had been cursed by his own tribal associates — all the way to attempted murderous assault” (p. 16). But in the 19th century, “woe to the German who dares to show the Jewish masses who the great Spinoza was and what he stood for!!” (p. 16).

Another trait of Germans that Marr sees as deleterious is “abstract individualism.” Marr states that Jewish economic success within capitalism is “in agreement with the dogma of ‘abstract individualism’ which you have accepted with enthusiasm from the hands of Judaism” (p. 30). In other words, Marr believed that individualism was something Jews imposed on Germany, not a tendency within the Germans themselves. (Contrary to Marr’s position, I have argued that the fundamental uniqueness of European peoples is a greater tendency toward individualism  than other human groups. Individualism then leads to moral universalism, a form of idealism, rather than the tribally-based morality of groups like the Jews.) As noted above, Marr (correctly) believed that individualistic societies are relatively defenseless against Jews, whereas societies centered around a strong collectivist religious core (e.g., medieval Christianity) or a strong sense of ethnic nationalism are more able to defend themselves.

Because of their grievances against Europeans, it is not surprising that Jews support revolution:

Who can hold it against the Jews that they happily welcomed the revolutions of 1789 and the one of 1848 and actively participated in them? “Jews, Poles and writers” was the battle cry of the conservatives in 1848. Well, of course, three suppressed factions! (p. 16)

Following his first decisive victory of 1848 he had to — whether he wanted to or not — pursue his success further and must now attempt to ruin the Germanic, Occidental world. (p. 28).

By 1848 Judaism had entirely ceased being a religion at all. It was “nothing else but the constitution of a people, forming a state within a state and this secondary or counter-state demanded certain material advantages for its members” (p. 17). Marr states that Jewish emancipation only meant political equality because Jews had already achieved “a leading and dominating role” (p. 17), and dominated all political factions except the Catholics. “The daily press is predominantly in Jewish hands, which have transformed journalism … into a business with public opinion; critique of the theater, of art in general — is to three quarters in the hands of Jews. Writing about politics and even religion is — in Jewish hands” (p. 19). While Jews are deeply involved in creating the culture of Germany, “Judaism has been declared a subject off-limits for us Germans. … To comment on [Jewish] rituals is ‘hatred’, but if the Jew takes it upon himself to pronounce the last word in our religious and state affairs, then it is quite a different matter” (p. 20).

Jews are particularly involved in the “culture struggle” against ultramontanism — the view that papal authority should extend over secular affairs. Ultramontanism was attacked by Jews because the Church “opposed Judaism for world domination.” Although opposition to ultramontanism was also an interest for many Germans, Jews did all the talking, and any criticism of Roman Catholicism was banned “if Israel was touched on ever so slightly!!” (p. 20).

Jews are powerful and they will continue to obtain more power. In the end, Germans will be at the mercy of the Jews:

Within less than four generations there will not be a single office in the land, including the highest, which will not have been usurped by the Jews. Yes, through Jewry Germany will become a world power, an Occidental Palestine… Jewry has fought the Occident for 1800 years. It has conquered and subjected it. We are the vanquished and it is quite in order that the victor chants ‘Vae Victis’ [woe to the vanquished]. (p. 22)

The Jew has no real religion, he has a business contract with Jehovah and pays his god with statutes and formulations and in return is charged with the pleasant task of exterminating all that is not Jewish. (p. 14)

Marr saw Russia as the only European nation that had resisted the Jewish onslaught. However, he believed that Russia would eventually fall by bloody revolution and this revolution would lead to the downfall of the West:

[Among European nations, only Russia] is left to still resist the foreign invasion. … [T]he final surrender of Russia is only a question of time. … Jewish resilient, fly-by-night attitude will plunge Russia into a revolution like the world might never have seen before. … With Russia, Jewry will have captured the last strategic position from which it has to fear a possible attack on its rear …. After it has invaded Russia’s offices and agencies the same way it did ours, then the collapse of our Western society will begin in earnest openly and in Jewish fashion. The ‘last hour’ of doomed Europa will strike at the latest in 100 to 150 years” (p. 24–25).

Indeed, Jews are already taking the lead in fomenting anti-Russian policy, as in the Russian-Turkish war. For example, ideas that “the insolence of the great sea power England might be curbed” by allying with Russia were banned from the Jewish newspapers (p. 26).

Marr is entirely pessimistic about the future, foreseeing a cataclysm:

The destructive mission of Judaism (which also existed in antiquity) will only come to a halt once it has reached its culmination, that is after Jewish Caesarism has been installed” (p. 28).

Jewry will have to face a final, desperate assault particularly by Germanism, before it will achieve authoritarian dominance. (p. 29)

Marr thinks that anti-Jewish attitudes will become powerful but ultimately they will fail to fend off disaster for the Germans and the West. Marr lays part of the blame on the fact that the only people who publicly oppose the Jews conceptualize them incorrectly as a religion. As a result, responsible, informed criticism of Jews that would appeal to non-religious people and intellectual elites never appears in the press: “A catastrophe lies ahead, because the indignation against the Judaization of society is intensified by the fact that it can’t be ventilated in the press without showing itself as a most abstruse religious hatred, such as it surfaces in the ultramontane and generally in the reactionary press” (p. 30). Nevertheless, even a “violent anti-Jewish explosion will only delay, but not avert the disintegration of Judaized society” (p. 30).

Regarding his own mission, Marr sees himself as a soldier fighting a lost cause: “I am aware that my journalist friends and I stand defenseless before Jewry. We have no patronage among the nobility or the middle class. Our German people are too Judaized to have the will for self-preservation (p. 32).

Marr concludes with the following:

The battle had to be fought without hatred against the individual combatant, who was forced into the role of attacker or defender. Tougher and more persistent than we, you became victorious in this battle between people, which you fought without the sword, while we massacred and burned you, but did not muster the moral strength to tell you to live and deal among your own. 

Finis Germaniae

Sex Plague

Sigmund Freud: “Sexual morality is contemptible. I advocate an incomparably freer sexual life….If only Americans knew, we are bringing them the plague!”

A recent pamphlet published by the German government contains these chilling words:

Fathers do not devote enough attention to the clitoris and vagina of their daughters. The child touches all parts of their father’s body, sometimes arousing him. The father should do the same.

Toddlers are to be encouraged to indulge in “unlimited masturbation.” Their parents are expected to offer practical demonstrations if need be — the better to produce sexual precocity in their offspring. “Children should learn there is no such thing as shameful parts of the body,” the booklet advises. “The body is a home you should be proud of.”

Children, it is suggested, should be taught the movements of copulation as soon as they reach the age of four, giving them what virtually amounts to a crash course in the Kama Sutra as soon as they have learnt to walk.

Depravity, it seems, cannot be taught too early.

In Holland, things have gone further. Here a political party, set up by convicted pedophiles, clamors for the legalization of child pornography and intergenerational sex between children of twelve and adults old enough to be their grandparents. I forgot to mention bestiality. They want to legalize that too. (See here for a full report).

Who is to blame for the sex addictions we see suppurating all round us? This licentiousness, growing by the day, thanks to the internet and the mass media, is far deadlier and more destructive than it was half a century ago, before the sexual revolution.

Those who are responsible for this sickening depravity are clearly the people who started the sexual revolution. They are the people, moreover, who control the mass media.

Who controls the media? Who determines the imagery and attitudes drip-feeding steadily into the minds of the public? Who runs Hollywood? Who contaminates mass consciousness? Who defiles the collective mind? Who pulls the puppet strings of marionette man? Who are the Bad Shepherds leading the sheeple astray?

Who are to blame, in short, for letting the world go to hell in a handcart?

I won’t bother to answer that question. More to the point, I dare not. If you don’t know who owns the media—lock, stock and barrel—you’re wasting your time reading this article.

Art and Sexual Subversion: The Vaginocentric Female Artist

Let me resume here my discussion of sexual depravity which formed the basis of my recent article Sex and the Jews; and let me begin by saying a few words on art, a subject I know something about. (See here and here). And then let me proceed to the subject of pornography and consider its deployment in the systematic demoralization of the masses.

First, ask yourself this question: is there anything intrinsically admirable or aesthetically pleasing about British painter Tracey Emin’s attention-seeking leg-and-vagina paintings?

If you were a man of taste, which of these two depictions of the Eternal Feminine would you prefer: this beautiful woman painted by Botticelli or the ugly feminist icon who appears below?

Botticelli’s Venus

Consider only these titles by the outrageously untalented Emin and draw your own conclusions: Everyone I Have Ever Slept With, Fucking Down An Ally (sic), Asleep Alone With Legs Open (several large-scale canvases of her splayed legs and vagina), I’ve Got It All (legs splayed again, clutching banknotes to her crotch), Weird Sex, CV Cunt Vernacular, Is Anal Sex Legal, Masturbating, Get Ready For the Fuck Of Your Life.

With titles like these, Tracey Emin could hardly fail. Her rich Jewish patron, advertising mogul Charles Saatchi, knew he was on to a good thing.

As the Gadarene swine hurtle over the cliff top, Tracey Emin and her kind clearly lead the pack on their way down into the bottomless abyss. These are the dupes of organized Jewry. By doing exactly what appeals to art patrons (almost all Jewish; see below), these infinitely corrupt talentless opportunists know they will become rich and famous.

The sad truth is that so many female “artists” — almost all of them rabid feminists and sexual exhibitionists — have nothing to sell but vaginas.

Here are ten other vagina-obsessed females, apart from Tracey Emin and the notorious Annie Sprinkle (see my previous article), who use sex to sell their “art”:  Karen Finley, Hannah Wilke, Carolee Schneeman, Andrea Fraser, Sarah Lucas, Marlene McCarty, Vanessa Beecroft,  Malerie Marder, Katy Grannan, and Kembra Pfahler.

Being unable to paint properly or produce objects of lasting value, these exhibitionists like to display their vaginas to the world and call it “art”. Here is one such exhibitionist, Jewish performance artist Carolee Schneemann, pulling a paper scroll out of her vagina:

Carolee Schneemann:  “I saw the vagina as enlivened by its passage from the visible to the invisible, a spiralled coil with the shape of desire and generative mysteries….”

Who helps to promote this pretentious claptrap? You don’t need three guesses to answer that question.

In 2001, ARTnews listed the world’s Top Ten Art Collectors. Eight of them were Jews. Ponder these staggering statistics: A people who constitute 0.2% of the world’s population make up 80% of the world’s richest art collectors. Out of every thousand people in the world, roughly two are Jews. To be precise, one in every 457 people are Jews. Yet go to a conference at which 1000 of the world’s wealthiest art collectors have gathered and you will find, to your amazement, that 800 of them are Jewish! Phenomenal, isn’t it? (See here)

Some of the vaginocentric exhibitionists mentioned above, like lesbian “performance artist” Annie Sprinkle, maintain websites blocked by porn filters. The aptly named Sprinkle—a nom de porn in honor of  urolagnia — is the lady who douched her vagina onstage in 1991, before lying down and opening her legs so that members of the audience, mostly male, could inspect her cervix with the help of a flashlight and speculum.


Annie Sprinkle (Ellen Steinberg): performance artist, prostitute, porn actress, feminist icon, and lesbian diva of depravity. Her idea of “art” is to masturbate onstage with sex toys, her legs wide open, and invite members of a predominantly male audience to peer up her vagina with torchlight and speculum. Sprinkle’s show was funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, a mini-empire controlled by the hidden hand of organized Jewry.

If Sprinkle acquired fame and fortune by allowing dirty old men to peep between her legs, Hannah Wilke and Karen Finley sought variations in which the vulva was again put to good use. The Jewish Wilke, being sadly deficient in originality, molded bits of chewing gum into vulvas and stuck them all over her body, much to the delight of the dirty old men who could now examine an assortment of vulvas simultaneously instead of just one. Not to be outdone, Finley smeared her naked torso with chocolate syrup and performed public acts—using a yam—which I won’t describe in detail in case nuns are reading this article. Rape, flatulence and menstruation formed the least offensive items in her repertoire.

Andrea Fraser, however, deserves first prize for sheer chutzpah. This raunchy performance artist arranged to meet a man at the Royalton Hotel in Manhattan, owned by Jewish hotelier Ian Shrager. Above the bed, an overhead camera played Peeping Tom. The man was persuaded to part with $20,000 for the privilege of helping to create a “work of art” with the frisky Fraser, the said work of art being a pornographic video filming the two participants copulating on a Queen-size bed. This sex video, now available for posterity, is pretentiously called “Untitled”.

It’s not “art” we’re dealing with here, of course.  It’s pornography pure and simple.

The Jewish Affinity for Porn

Nina Hartley, Jewish porn star, who is reported to have said, “I’ve yet to meet a Jewish guy who wasn’t a horny rabbit.”

Jews dominate the world’s $10 billion a year porn industry, roughly 90 per cent of which is generated within the United States.

As many as 260 new porn sites go online daily, more than ten sites an hour.

Since Jews are known to dominate the porn industry and comprise only 2% of America’s population, it is reasonable to suppose that most of the new sites being started up every hour are being started up by Jews.

It is even more alarming to note how sex is now deployed by many American Jews as a weapon against Christianity with its socially cohesive and family-friendly values.

Jewish pornographer Al Goldstein’s infamous words — “The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks”—surely tell us all we need to know about the bitter hatred felt by so many Jews for the Western countries that have harboured them and given them hospitality for so long.

Jewish hatred for Christianity is legendary, spanning the Jewish political spectrum, from the far left to the neoconservative right. It can hardly be doubted, as the picture below makes only too clear.

“Christ sucks!”

The arrogance and sense of entitlement of so many Jews, whose values Al Goldstein seems to have imbibed with his mother’s milk, never cease to astonish me. “The difference between a Jewish soul and the soul of non-Jews,” Rabbi Kook assures us, “is greater and deeper than the difference between a human soul and the soul of cattle.” Given that Rabbi Kook would be the first to agree that rabbis form the intellectual and spiritual backbone of Jewry, one is tempted to ask what makes a man become a rabbi in the first place. Is it the thirst for God? Is it the wish to save one’s soul and help others along the path to salvation?

Here is Jewish actor Richard Pacheco who couldn’t quite make up his mind whether to become a rabbi or a porn star:

Five years before I got my first part in an adult film. … I went to an audition for an X-rated film with my hair down to my ass, a copy of Wilhelm Reich’s Sexual Revolution under my arm and yelling about work, love and sex, which were Reich’s three principles. These things have got to be in balance or your life is going to be fucked.

Note that Pacheco had signed on to the radical left-Freudian views of Wilhelm Reich—the wackiest and most extreme of the subversive sexual ideologies that emerged from psychoanalysis. Jewish devotees of psychoanalysis typically saw it, first and foremost, as a blow against Christian sexual mores; hence, as a sneak attack on Christianity itself. For Jews, psychoanalysis  placed  Western culture on the couch. It was an assertion of Jewish  contempt for Christian culture—the culture of the outgroup now destined for the dustbin of history.

Pacheco didn’t get the job, but he kept on auditioning, since all he really wanted was to screw gorgeous blonde shiksas—doubtless an atavistic expression of Jewish hatred for the goyim, every act of sex being an act of revenge.

Five years later I auditioned for another X-rated film. That very day, I also interviewed at Hebrew Union Seminary to do rabbinical study. I made the choice that the kind of rabbi I would be, if I became one, was one that could have been performing in sex films as part of his experience. (My emphasis, see here).

Mindboggling, isn’t it? This dupe of the sexual revolution couldn’t make up his mind whether to sing hymns to God or kiss the devil’s ass! In the end, it’s the devil who won out. Pacheco decided to build a career in pornography—with the full blessings, incidentally, of ADL chairman Abe Foxman who said that porn offered American Jews a valid and worthy way “to pursue the American dream.”

Richard Pacheco (b. 1948). Scion of an orthodox Jewish family from Pittsburg, Pacheco was attracted from an early age to the rabbinate and to porn in equal measure.  Star of over 100  X-rated films and winner of countless awards for his sexual prowess in front of the cameras, Pacheco was lucky to receive the loyal support of his wife Ashley. Managing somehow to juggle  a career in porn with a commitment to family life, Pacheco later had sex with Ashley “considerably less often after they had children and AIDS became a threat, but he credits his pornography career for giving him the opportunity to continue sexual encounters for a time without endangering his home life.”

Here is Pacheco being interviewed after his retirement from porn:

As a young husband, I had no idea how to ask my beloved wife to be my “fuck-your-ass whore”. Yeah, I wanted some of that kind of sex, some very, very selfish lust with a sex kitten.  A “fuck-me-fuck-me” woman. There’d be corsets and leathers, high-heeled boots laced up to crotchless  panties, breasts spilling out of nippleless bras in lush bordello bedrooms filled up with sex toys. Like blindfolds and vibrators, handcuffs and paddles. Yeah, and there’d be me with a genuine tarted up won’t-say-no-woman. All the best drugs and oils in the world and plenty of time. And there’d be no “I love you” in any of it! I would meet this X-rated woman at the hotel where they were holding the auditions…and I would have sex with her right there in the hotel elevator! And then I would go home to my wife.


Richard Pacheco (a recent photo). Asked if he still watched adult movies now that he was  a Senior Citizen, the former rabbinical student replied: “Not much.  Occasionally I’ll toss one on for masturbation if my wife ain’t around.” (See here).

In 1984, Pacheco won the Best Couples Sex Scene (video) with porn star Nina Hartley. In 1999, he was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame with feminist porn diva Annie Sprinkle.  In 2000, along with Sprinkle, he was given a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Free Speech Coalition (FSC), an organization that had given Nina Hartley an award only a few months earlier. (See here).

Note that these three luminaries of lust—Pacheco, Sprinkle and Hartley—are all Jewish pornographers and that the impressively named “Free Speech Coalition” is in fact a trade association set up in 1991 to safeguard the interests of “adult entertainers” pornographers who for the most part are Jewish.

The FSC rejects all claims that pornography is addictive; it refuses to consider the possibility that serial killers and rapists could in any way be influenced by inflammatory erotica.

In an important court case in 2002, Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition, the US Supreme Court decided in the Coalition’s favour, thereby making it easier for pornographers to demoralize Americans, corrupt their children, and promote a general debasement of values — all this in accordance, incidentally, with the Frankfurt School agenda of producing a “culture of pessimism” designed to foster anarchy and promote impotent anger and despair.  (See here and here).

Our new elite is clearly engaged in the business of mind manipulation and mass demoralization, nor will it rest until it has rebuilt the world in the image of a new Sodom and Gomorrah — a dystopic nightmare.
America, 2050

Apocalypse America

I have said it before, and I will say it again:

A great storm is brewing and only a military coup or revolution can now save America. Save it from what?  From the spiritual cancer that is consuming it from within, and from the foreign wars into which it is being lured—Afghanistan, Iraq, and soon perhaps Iran—on behalf of another nation and its indefatigable agents in America.

Unless a miracle soon occurs and some charismatic leader comes to our rescue, an unimaginably bleak future surely awaits us: a future in which the only consolations left to us will be mindless entertainment, drugs, alcohol, sexual intoxication—and suicide.

Depravity appears to have no limits, as those who have surfed the internet have often discovered to their cost. The most appalling sexual addictions now render even children helpless. Many a marriage is blighted and ends in ruins amid these terrifying toxins.

And yet, we are only at the beginning. We have many a slime-green step to go before we reach rock bottom. Abyss yawns below bottomless abyss, and even to peer into these black moral chasms is to make us giddy with vertigo.

There is indeed no end to man’s depravity.

And now…

Things fall apart. The centre cannot hold. The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned.

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born…?
— William Butler Yeats,
The Second Coming

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (email her) is an academic, age 32, with higher degrees in Classics. She is also a published poet and translator whose verse can be sampled here. “Lasha Darkmoon” is a pen name.