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Interracial Porn and the Canadian Power Elite

Pornography on tap is a reality of the Internet age.  A particularly dehumanizing subset — for everyone involved — is interracial pornography, especially the black-male-on-white-female variety.  Whoever produces this stuff should hang from a high tree.  It may be one issue upon which white advocates, feminists and even some multiculturalists could agree.

This form of porn is a truly brutal attack on the white psyche.  What our enemies seek for our race literally is concentrated symbolically here:  our race dominated, disgraced, humiliated;  its gene flow blocked.  It sickens the heart.

Just ask this female judge from Canada, whose white lawyer husband apparently thought it would be cute to offer her up for sexual domination by a black client.

It’s not clear to me what the extent of her own involvement is, or whether the black man’s allegations are true.  I am assuming the basic facts are true:  that the white husband wanted his white wife to be ravaged by this black man.

According to the news accounts, the white man, one Jack King, was “depressed” as this all unfolded.  I think his mental state is something else:  perfectly in line with the way our enemies want white men to think.

Jack King and his wife, Lori Douglas, are presumably a very powerful couple in Canadian society.  (Though King no longer appears on his firm’s website)

And this is how they think.  It says a lot about the state of the West that the power elite spend their time seeking out interracial three-ways.  I feel safe in assuming that they aren’t rushing off to American Renaissance conferences or otherwise concerned about the fate of their race.

And I don’t have to tell Canadian white activists what the Canadian judiciary is up to otherwise.  To the point:  hammering away at free speech, free association and other rights.  I note one lawyer who is standing up to that:  Douglas Christie.

Whites need to reject the likes of Jack King and Lori Douglas, and affirm the Doug Christies.

Christopher Donovan: Overwhelmingly White

At least one media critic has noted the media groupthink in denouncing the Tea Party/Glen Beck rallies as “overwhelmingly white.”

This particular critic’s angle is that the media is being hyopcritical, because it, too, is “overwhelmingly white.” (Nathan Birchfiel, “Overwhelmingly White Media Criticizes Conservative Rallies as ‘Overwhelmingly White.”)

My angle is that it shows the current sorry state of white advocacy.  The mere fact that the whiteness of a crowd shows how bad it is, is, well, very bad.  A group of whites — whites who, mind you, aren’t even gathering explicitly as whites — is illegitimate in the eyes of the media and the power centers they serve.  That such a state of affairs even exists is a crime against the human rights of white people.

Sadly, I am sure that many Tea Party activists would agree that they need to be more “diverse.”  My hope is that some synapse in their heads snaps, and they suddenly demand to know what’s wrong with being white.  Or even “overwhelmingly white.”

Christopher Donovan: Pick Your Poison: Death, or a Civil Rights Lawsuit

Life in multiracial America presents us with stark choices:  live in an urban area with a short commute and risk mugging or murder, or live in the suburbs and spend hours of your life behind the wheel.  Send your kids to public school and leave them uneducated and terrorized by blacks and Hispanics, or send them to private school, and work long hours to pay for it.

The choice for a food delivery person in an inner-city area:  risk getting shot in the stomach for your Chinese food delivery cash, or risk being sued and called a racist.  (“Delivering food is a risky joby, but denying service could be catch-22, experts say.”)  Some might say the latter is worse.  A black, corn-rowed thug with a gun, or a Jewish lawyer whining about “hate and intolerance” and deposing you… it’s a tough call.  (I personally suspect that the targeting of Chinese food delivery people is a form of hate crime:  the black robbers assume that the Chinese will be meek and give it up easily.)

I’ve read that some pick a third option:  go home.  This is apparently what many Koreans in the Los Angeles area have done.

We whites, of course, don’t have the option of returning home in order to escape this madness.  This is our home. We’re stuck.

The lesson is getting clearer and clearer:  we cannot continue to live like this.  It’s going to kill us.  We need to move toward something else, whether it’s some form of separation or a greater white consciousness that serves as a much stronger bulwark against black violence and theft — and other anti-white ethnic attacks.

Christopher Donovan: The Absurdity That is Morris Dees

From the Too-Good-Not-To-Splash-Across-the-Web Dept. comes Steve Sailer’s take on Morris Dees’ extravagant digs. Here is the entire 60-item photo shoot, including the following:

Hypocrisy.  Absurdity.  Mockery.  Words fail.  How about a deliciously funny screenplay lampooning a Dees-like character?  It’s got gargantuan comedic potential.  Tom Wolfe, are you paying attention?

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Christopher Donovan: Penis Mutilation, aka Male Circumcision: Did Jews Persuade The Rest of Us To Get Circumcised?

Like millions of non-Jewish white men in America, I am circumcised.  Until my wife became pregnant with a boy, it was never anything I reflected upon too much.  It’s all I’ve ever known, and mostly all I’ve ever seen in the American locker room.  When I inquired of my parents about my own circumcision, I was told that it was just “what everyone did” at the hospital.  I was whisked away for the procedure with nary a discussion.  They also didn’t give it much thought, apparently.

But reflect on that for a second:  a bizarre ritual in which sharp instruments slice up the most intensely personal part of the male body, right after birth, and for which is there is almost no legitimate medical explanation.  That’s just what “everyone does”?  How does that insanity come to be?

When female circumcision (or “mutilation” — note the difference in terminology) is discussed, it’s treated as a brutally sexist and barbaric practice — an incomprehensible horror designed to oppress women.  But male genital mutilation — which is really what it is — is barely mentioned.

For our son, the decision was easy:  no circumcision.  Informing my decision was 1) the increasing medical evidence that circumcision’s supposed benefits are outweighed by its drawbacks, and 2) my suspicion that “universal circumcision” is a Jewish attempt to normalize their practice and render them indistinguishable from the rest of us.

My boy was born whole, and he’ll stay whole.  Other fathers’ justifications of “he should look like me” struck me as absurd.  Our people have to start clawing their way back to some identity, and we might as well start now.  Should any question arise, I’m happy to explain that his penis was not clipped because that’s a ritual primarily of the Jews, and he’s not Jewish.  That might be a nice starting point for any number of discussions and thinking on his part.

There are other reasons to keep our boys whole, I come to find out.  One correspondent tells me than in researching this topic, he discovered that an erect circumcised penis is necessarily somewhat shorter — unlike the “full capacity” uncircumcised penis, it’s got less skin to expand and fill with blood.  Many sources report that there are crucial nerve endings in the cut-off portion of the penis, so that sexual pleasure is reduced.

That squares with the minimal research I’ve done — mostly confined to the Internet — which has rabbis acknowledging that pouring a little cold water on the male libido is indeed one good result of circumcision.  Maimonides is said to have mentioned this.

Historically, according to Jews, circumcision was strictly a rite — and a very important one, at that — that did not rest on any medical justification.

Interestingly, it appears that circumcision may have originated as some sort of substitute for actual human sacrifice.  The ancient Egyptians may have started it, and other non-Jewish peoples appear to have practiced it, but in the ancient world, it became a distinguishing rite of the Jews.

In Europe and Britain of recent history, it appears that circumcision was practiced almost exclusively by Jews.  I recall that in the Holocaust movie “Europa Europa“, the Jewish protagonist, a young boy, escapes into the fold of the Nazis because of his “Aryan” good looks, and tries to complete the picture by stretching his own foreskin stub down enough to make him look uncircumcised.

So it’s obvious that in Europe in World War II, a Jew was indelibly and unmistakably distinguished from non-Jews by the practice of circumcision.

A question that burns for me is:  were Jews responsible for persuading so many American gentiles to peform this bizarre ritual, primarily as a way to “normalize” the practice and remove the stigma?  Perhaps they thought that if everyone were circumcised, the young protagonist of “Europa Europa” would never have faced the difficulties he did.

The topic cries out for research.  I would love to know how circumcision spread from an ethnically particular practice — one that, in the words of Sir Richard Burton, was “held in horror” by Christendom — to something that “everyone does”.

There is plenty to Google up about circumcision, with several sites taking a strong anti-circumcision stand, and a few Jewish sites defending it.  But none of these sites address the issue of whether Jews sought to persuade white American non-Jews to be circumcised.

There does seem to be some evidence that fascination with germs and cleanliness motivated gentiles, independently of Jewish influence, to practice circumcision.  But if it’s even partly true that Jews encouraged “universal circumcision” so as to disguise their practice as ethnically unique, white non-Jews should be embarrassed.  It would mean that they allowed a stereotypically tricky group of Jews to convince them to perform this ritual on their boys without ever questioning or thinking about it.  So flaccid (if you will) was the white sense of racial strength and solidarity — and their sense of skepticism at Jewish claims — that they quite literally got their dicks nicked.

You might almost call it a “mass ethnic rape” of white non-Jewish males by Jews.  That many millions of white males subjected to that physical trauma at birth — and denied that extra measure of sexual satisfaction — just so that Jewish males could “hide out in the open”?  Staggering to consider.

If Jews can talk “the goyim” into doing that, what can’t they talk them into?  Persuading them to fight their wars in the Middle East seems like child’s play by comparison.  Persuading them to stop reproducing, to divorce at the drop of a hat, to give up their power slots, their property, their very lives?  No problem.

I don’t know for sure that Jews persuaded whites to become circumcised in order to disguise themselves in the open.  But the bare evidence available does seem to fit the theory, and as with so many thing Jewish, the incredible dearth of research and information on the topic makes me yet more suspicious — especially given that it seems to be the very sort of thing that curious academics tuck into.

Are we afraid to tackle the issue because of offending Jewish sensibilities?  Do men avoid the topic because they don’t like to admit that they’ve had a part of their penises cut off, and never had any say in the matter?  I think all of this may be going on, but the larger lesson could be that whites, in their ethnic competition with Jews, find themselves badly outmatched when it comes to the power of persuasion.

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Christoper Donovan: Hate-Fueled Black Mass Murderer in Connecticut Spun as 'Disgruntled Man' by Media

In Connecticut the other day, a black employee of a beer distributorship shot and killed 8 presumably white employees.  I say “presumably”, because his quip was “I killed the five racists that was there bothering me.”
Yet the majority of the MSM totally underplayed the racial angle, for reasons everyone by now understands:  the killer was black, and the victims were white.  My own local newspaper made absolutely no mention of the racial element in the small brief it ran.  But given that race was what (rightly or wrongly) drove the entire incident, the media’s censorship of this is a gross dereliction of duty. 
Here’s the AP’s take.
(As usual, the commenters inject the common sense that the media won’t give on its own.  Just look at the first five comments alone:  all of them note the double standard against whites and the underplaying of the story.  They don’t differ much from the comments on American Renaissance or this website.)
Readers are deprived of any understanding of what happened.  Importantly for whites, what would have been a story that balanced the “whites are bad, blacks are good” media line is kept away from them, thus rendering them poorly equipped in the policy debates and ultimately, less physically safe.  In other words, the media, through its unfair treatment of whites, is actually contributing to whites’ exposure to physical danger. 
Worse than underplaying it, some media outlets even attempted to spin the black murderer as a hero for having cut down “racists” in the workplace.  From CBS news,  Manchester, Conn. (CBS/WFSB/AP(Omar Thornton: “I Killed the Five Racists):
Family members say Omar Thornton, the man suspected in the Tuesday morning massacre at Hartford Distributors, was a quiet, hard-working man who wasn’t a violent person, but was pushed to the breaking point by harassment at work. 
Nobody, of course, is questioning the “racism” of these Connecticut workers (yes, Connecticut, home of so many bloodthirsty white racists).  Yet we do get the trickle of information that the killer was videotaped stealing beer, and had been confronted over it.  I can tell you that plenty of blacks are so steeped in racial entitlement that they would consider someone who merely confronted them over a crime they actually committed to be a “racist”, i.e., anyone who dares challenge their right to steal.  It’s a safe bet the killer fit this category.  Given how difficult it is to fire a black worker (lawsuits come quick), he must have been an inveterate troublemaker.
I also doubt that he would have found a hanging noose, given that this type of incident is frequently faked or claimed in order to engender sympathy.  There also doesn’t seem to be an prior reporting of this incident.
By now it should go without saying that a white employee who targeted 8 blacks for killing would be automatically termed a “white supremacist.”
Whites need to understand that media can spin any set of facts to fit its anti-white agenda — even the horrific killing of 8 whites by a black supremacist.  The bigger picture, of course, is a society in which most of the elite institutions — the media, government, academia — is populated by Jews, non-whites and liberal whites who seek the total submission of whites.  As the Connecticut shooting shows, whites face more than political or cultural dispossession and displacement — they face literal death.

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Christopher Donovan: What Can't The Media Spin Into a Story on 'Hate Groups'?

In Central Pennsylvania recently, a white attorney was shot and killed at a public rifle range, and his customized weapon taken.  Two white men were arrested and charged, and one said he was helping an “unnamed group” that sought to overthrow the government. (See here.)
I was personally amazed that the local newspaper took a whole 24 hours before reaching out the Southern Poverty Law Center — and then didn’t even get a call back.  With all their millions, you’d think they’d have a 24-hour media hotline set up for a quick quote.
The story is depressingly rote, with the reporters following the tight script of American journalism:  any incident involving white men and guns is tied to the KKK, the neo-Nazis and Timothy McVeigh
What if the media took a similar tack with blacks, Hispanics or Jews?
A black man is charged with robbing a white couple.  This comes just days after the NAACP called for America to treat blacks with more fairness.  Experts are convinced the two are related.  ‘When you create an atmosphere of that much hate, that much intolerance, and that much grievance, things like this are bound to happen’, said the expert.  “We even have a black president who said that the civil rights movement didn’t go far enough.  With those kinds of messages coming from the top, whites are just sitting ducks for black violence.” …
Three Hispanics entered the country illegally the other day.  Meanwhile, a supremacist group called ‘La Raza‘ has been loudly agitating for amnesty for illegal aliens.  Experts think there’s a connection, and the potential for violence grows every day. …
Nationally, hate experts have traced the rise of Israel, a supremacist state in the Middle East, to an active network of lobbyists and fundraisers — almost all of them Jewish, and many in the United States. 
Sigh.  I’m not holding my breath.

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