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Punched for Listening to Rap: Amy Biehl Syndrome Strikes Again

A  favorite theme of mine is “Amy Biehl Syndrome“, whereby whites who seek to prostrate themselves before non-white cultures end up getting physically hurt or killed in the process. The outcome is the opposite of what they expected: Amy Biehl, for instance, was hoping to be lauded as a liberal white hero who selflessly threw herself into the cause of black rights in South Africa. Instead, blacks killed her for being white. The reality of racial differences is a sharp rock that smashes the balsam-wood boats of racial equality and harmony fantasies. Another recent occurrence of “Amy Biehl Syndrome” took place in Florida, where a 14-year-old black male struck a 22-year-old white male for listening to rap music.

Whatever sincere enjoyment of rap music this white male had, it’s safe to presume that he also thought listening to rap would make him cool in the eyes of the world, especially blacks. He’s not one of those backward whites who listens to country music — oh no. He’s down with the brothas because he listens to rap. Of course, as Jared Taylor so eloquently notes, whites and blacks do not see these issues the same way. Other whites might admire this white male, but this black male obviously did not: he felt that the white male had invaded on his black turf. Rap “belongs” to blacks, not whites. So, he punched him. The lesson is that no matter what whites try, they’re not going to be appreciated by non-whites. Whether you’re Eugene Terreblanche or Amy Biehl, you stand a chance of getting hurt or killed by nothing more than proximity to non-whites. Does a move toward peaceful racial separation sound so radical by comparison?

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Amy Biehl Syndrome, Acute Case: Professor Peter Erlinder

Peter Erlinder is a law professor recently released from a Rwandan prison, where he found himself jailed for his attempts to represent an opposition leader.

Whatever the merits of his cause, Erlinder strikes me as a typical White American academic/liberal who thinks he can make the world a better place by immersing himself in the messes of Black Africans.  The stirring, Academy Award-winning movie based on his heroic life — complete with singing, drumming Africans in the background — plays in his head on the plane ride over.  For him, going to jail probably only added to the romance.

Erlinder walks towards the baggage claim with his wife, Masako Usui, by his side.

Of course, his towering mistake is to think that anything he does will have any influence over the lives of Black Africans.  It won’t, largely because black Africans simply don’t operate like white Westerners:  they don’t think like them, behave like them, or value what they value.

Neither, of course, do many black Americans, one of whom robbed Erlinder at gunpoint upon his return.  (The robber was Black, a fact censored by the press, as usual.)

Does it get any better than this?  What will it take for Peter Erlinder to understand that Black people are simply not worth his intellectual energy?  We joke about people who wouldn’t know something “if it smacked them in the face”, but for White people, it can truly be said that the vast majority of Whites wouldn’t acknowledge racial difference if it smacked them in the face.  Or robbed them at gunpoint.

Attention, White law professors:  the people needing heroic advocacy are your own people.

Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist. Email him.

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Christopher Donovan: Those Dreaded All-White Juries, Again

Christopher Donovan: To follow the path of the White advocate is to encounter, every so often, situations of unremarked absurdity that make you want to scream.  First, for the absurdity itself.  And second, for the fact that nobody seems to notice the absurdity.

The media drumbeat against the “all-white jury” is one such situation.  The New York Times is now weighing in again, accusing prosecutors in the South of wrongfully excluding Blacks from juries.  Of course, reporter Shaila Dewan never bothers to mention that defense lawyers want Blacks ON the jury for reasons that mirror why prosecutors want them OFF.

The story itself is a farce.  Dewan mocks a prosecutor for calling one potential Black juror unsophisticated for spelling “Wal-Mart” as “Wal-marts.”  Really?  A New York Times reporter doesn’t consider that a sign of unsophistication?  It’s pretty easy to imagine Ms. Dewan attributing unsophistication to a White person for doing the same thing.

On this thin reed, Dewan then opines that “Arguments like these were used for years to keep Blacks off juries in the segregationist South, systematically denying justice to Black defendants and victims.”  Were they, really?  This particular line is both sweepingly unsupported and oddly rhetorical.  But precision is never the order of the day when the press deals with race.

Dewan lines up her SPLC-type sources one after the other, never bothering to reach out to anyone but the prosecutor himself for a different take — and knowing full well he can’t talk.  I guess this is what Spiro Agnew meant when he called the press “a gang of cruel faggots.”

Sigh.  Allow me to reiterate my point.  It’s total hypocrisy for Blacks to complain about the exclusion of Blacks from juries because their motivations for doing so are based on the same generalizations as those made by prosecutors.  They know — as well as prosecutors — that Blacks don’t convict Blacks.  Therefore, Black defendants want them on juries, and prosecutors don’t.  It’s that simple.  Same analysis, different conclusion.  Is this really a quest for “justice”, or a quest for a legal victory, no matter the facts?

Why won’t the press ever look into THAT?  If it’s a big racist lie that Blacks are predictable in their behavior as jurors, wouldn’t the press be rushing to tell us so?

And does the press ever wonder why Blacks are such frequent defendants that this is even an issue?

And does the press ever wonder whether the Black defendant did, in fact, commit the crime charged?

And does the press ever stop to wonder whether it’s being racist against whites by casually assuming that no “all-White jury” could ever render a fair verdict?

I’d love to ask Shaila Dewan these questions, but I’m pretty sure she won’t be taking my call.

Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist. Email him.

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Christopher Donovan: Rand Paul, The Civil Rights Act, and My Evening at Wendy's

The other night, there was a fundraiser at the local Wendy’s.  Ten percent of the evening’s proceeds went to the local library, so my wife and children headed over for some delicious greasiness.  Not our usual dinner routine, but it was for a good cause.

Every person in the restaurant — including, believe it or not — the employees, was White (perhaps the library fundraiser skewed things).  Compared to the typical ghetto-area fast-food restaurant experience, this one was delightful.  The restaurant was clean.  People were friendly.  Families were interacting.  There were older couples smiling at the babies crawling on the floor, mothers chatting with each other.  It was as comfortable as a family dinner.

I reflected on all this after having listened to Rand Paul be grilled by Robert Siegel, a Jewish NPR host, about his views on the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Paul, as most know, is the son of Ron Paul, and has recently emerged the winner of the Republican primary for a U.S. Senate seat in Kentucky.

Whatever Paul’s real views, he of course has been taking the careful tack of insisting that he opposes “racism”.  I trust Siegel relished needling him about whether he’d allow roadside barbecue joints to bar entry to Blacks.

I don’t know how I’d handle that one myself if I were serious about getting high elected office in America today.  The legal distinction between government discrimination and private discrimination isn’t one most people grasp in dumbed-down America, so arguing Constitutional principles wouldn’t work.

How about this?

“Robert, the Civil Rights Act wasn’t about expanding rights, it was about taking them away — from Whites.  Everyone’s got a right to decide whom they’ll associate with, and whom they won’t.  This is probably the most fundamental right.  The government has no business dictating who our associates will be.  This may be awkward and painful at times, but that’s life.  How would you feel if the government forced you to host three Ku Klux Klansmen at your condo in D.C.?”

Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist. Email him.

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Christopher Donovan: Ignoring the Jewish Lesbian in the Room

Christopher Donovan: Kevin MacDonald has done great blogging about Elena Kagan, who’s now known to be Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court.  She is, of course, Jewish, and stands as a spectacular example of the “Good Ol’ Jews Network” — her main qualification seems to be that everyone (as in, fellow power-Jews) gushes praise for her, which in turn causes more gushing.  Everyone wants to comment on the king’s fine new clothes.  This type of thing happens to wealthy Jews from the Upper West Side.  It does not happen to White Protestants from Oklahoma, no matter how smart they are.

Speaking of which, there are now no Protestants on the Supreme Court. One might think that white Protestants would bemoan this fact.  But they aren’t.  They’ve been trained not to, of course.  Which stands in sharp contrast to, say, the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor.  She’s supposed to be the Hispanic representative.  The Hispanic complaint was that they didn’t have anyone on the Supreme Court.  Obama fixed that.

So, all things being equal, white Protestants would have just as much of a complaint now that they’re on the outs.  But we all know that racial politics in America today aren’t about actual equality, they’re about pushing Whites off the stage. Elena Kagan will turn the Supreme Court into a “Sanhedrin”, in the phrase of some associates — 1/3 Jewish.  This reflects the shift in America’s powerbase from white Protestant to Jewish.

This has consequences:  policies that hurt whites are enacted, and Whites suffer.  It’s that simple, and that monumental. Yet the conservative legal blogosphere is completely silent on this point.  It is even censoring comments of anyone who mentions it.

At National Review — long discredited in any event, but worth noting as a gauge of the absurd — says nothing about it. Some of them are taken in by Kagan’s having reached out to the Federalist Society as a sign that she’s “not hostile” to conservatism.

This is a complete crock.  Kagan just grasps that it’s “hip” to hang with the Federalist Society because it shows your open-mindedness, but the Federalist Society has absolutely nothing to say on issues that affect Whites.  In fact, it’s a tool for the promotion of Israel-friendly “war on terror” policies.

Most “conservative” legal bloggers are, of course, themselves Jews, so they make sure to keep the focus on silly details.  Ted Frank and Eugene Volokh are good examples. See here, here, and here.

America no longer belongs to whites.  Its machinery is controlled by those hostile to their interests.  We need to recognize this fact and respond.

Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist. Email him.

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Amy Biehl Syndrome

Every so often, a tale from the world of current events manages to stand on its own as summation of the white genocide.  The murder of Amy Biehl was one such tale.  Biehl, a pretty, blonde Californian studying at Stanford, traipsed off to South Africa in the early 1990’s to assist blacks during the apartheid challenges.  One day, she was surrounded by a group of blacks (unaware of her being ‘on the good side’, if you will) who stoned her to death.

To white advocates, the implications of the tale are obvious.  But for those new to white consciousness, let me explain.  First, Biehl was an attractive, well-off white woman, and obviously bright (she did make it into Stanford).  As white advocates, we bemoan the fact that our best and brightest are so indoctrinated against their own race that they’d dive into dangerous situations to help non-whites — and worse, those in conflict with whites.  They’ve been conditioned all their lives to believe that a virtuous life means running to a far-off land to “help” the non-whites, who suffer only because of colonialism or some other white-caused unfairness.  They are not taught, by contrast, that becoming a wife and mother and helping their own race is virtuous.  No, the opposite:  those are contemptible courses.

So, that’s one level on which “Amy Biehl Syndrome” is a problem.  The other is the sheer irony of the death:  these women end up killed by the very “noble” non-whites they seek to help.  To white advocates, what this shows is that these are ill-spent efforts:  underlying the mission is an assumption that the non-whites will be grateful for the white help.  But in truth, many of these non-whites are violence-prone and so lacking in discernment that they’d kill a white person willing to help them.  This in turn reveals the deep-seated racial differences that make co-existence very difficult.

And on a third level, the parents of Amy Biehl actually forgave the black killers and shook their hands.  White advocates see this as the Stockholm Syndrome of our dispossession — rather than react in a normal, healthy way by becoming angry, we actually get on bended knee to ask the forgiveness of the murderers of our race.  We’ve become a race that wants to apologize for not dying off quickly enough.  It boggles the mind.

Was the recent murder of a white girl who sought to be a “mule” for illegals an example of Amy Biehl Syndrome?  Possibly — or this girl may have been acting out of cash-driven self-interest.  But one element, at least, is there:  a young white woman who’s been brainwashed by multiculturalism to the point that she doesn’t recognize the danger of venturing into Mexico on such a mission.  She watched “Dora the Explorer” and thus believes that Hispanics are all nice people.

When I lived in Park Slope, Brooklyn, I’d read a story every few months in the New York tabloids about a young, idealistic white woman from the midwest who’d come to New York to work in the inner city public schools, only to be stabbed in the back (literally) by young black thugs.  Another white life lost to multicultural lies, I would think.  She was convinced by a hundred different propaganda points that this would be an “exciting” life (not that I was totally immune, since I was living there myself.)

The consequences of diversity propaganda are real.  Whites — often the best whites — end up dead.  We must teach them that true virtue today lies in defense of their race.

Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist. Email him.

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Too Hot to Miss: Above the Law Debates Race and Intelligence

Legal blog Above the Law posted a Harvard law student’s e-mail suggesting that race and intelligence might be linked — and it set off a highly unusual debate between the original poster, Elie Mystal (who is partly black) and the blog’s founder, David Lat (who is partly Asian).  The comments are a must-read.

In a rare move, Lat, a former federal prosecutor, posts in the comments and backs the Harvard Law student:

Let me play devil’s advocate for a second….

If we accept “race” as a biological concept — which I realize is questionable, becoming diluted through intermarriage, etc. — is it really so insane to suggest that some races might, ON AVERAGE, possess certain qualities to a greater or lesser degree than other races?

For example, would it be racist to say that, ON AVERAGE, African-Americans are taller than Asian-Americans? Or that Caucasians are more likely to have blond hair than Asian-Americans?

Mystal provides a lengthy response, summing that it’s “insane” to believe such a thing.  But of course.

A great point from Lat — made by race realists for years — is that it’s impossible to deny that race exists while maintaining affirmative action policies at the same time.

I for one am encouraged that 1) a Harvard law student is at least aware of — and doesn’t reject out of hand — a race/intelligence link, and 2) that an Internet pundit like Lat would put in a cautious defense and 3) that the entire business is now spilled over onto the Internet for robust consideration.  Is the Internet helping to dismantle one of the biggest myths of the 20th Century?

Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist. Email him

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