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Christopher Donovan: Spinning Illegal Immigration: How the Anti-White Media Does It

Christopher DonovanABC News’ report on Arizona’s latest illegal immigration legislation is juicy example of extreme anti-white bias in the MSM. Correspondent “Huma Khan” loads up five — count ’em, five — anti-legislation sources:  two Hispanic women who feel aggrieved, a spokesman for MALDEF, another spokesman whose group is described as seeking “comprehensive immigration reform”, and no less than Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles.

Were Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter busy?  Mark Potok taking a cigarette break?
Against this phalanx is the lonely state rep who wrote the bill.
Khan’s description of a “national uproar” against the bill is based on calls to the governor’s office, though it’s doubtful how well this reflects America’ mood.
Khan does not seek out the opinion of any “man on the street” who’s for the bill.  She does not speak to any (real) immigration reform spokespeople.  She does not speak to the family of the murdered rancher.  She doesn’t talk to Peter Brimelow.  She doesn’t talk to the Pinal County Sheriff.  She doesn’t talk to Dan Stein or Julie Kirchner.  No recent poll data on America’s opinions of illegal immigration.

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But she gives Cardinal Mahony a platform to call the bill a “Nazi” law.
Let me note the obvious.  “Huma Khan”  is outraged by efforts to restrict immigration.  She personally hopes there’s a “national uproar” against the bill, which sets the template for her account.  She can’t imagine anyone but evil White racists supporting the bill.  As a non-White woman, she feels a particularly acute duty to save the legions of Hispanics illegally in Arizona from detection.  She imagines herself winning journalism awards for her sensitive hand-holding of the poor illegals.  And she’ll do what she can from her MSM post to kill the bill.
Huma Khan’s presence in this country and her writing for ABC News are yet another example of Whites’ worsening prospects in multi-racial America.  As Huma Khan’s vision becomes reality, more police die.  More ranchers are shot.  More White-earned tax dollars are handed over to illegals.
And she will not be telling that story.

Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalistEmail him

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Christopher Donovan: Military To Sniff Out 'White Supremacists', Potok Crows

Christopher Donovan: It’s one thing to realize that universities, the media and the government are largely controlled by those hostile to Whites.  But it’s quite another to realize that even whites’ traditionally core institutions — like the military — have been infiltrated by the same people.  Now comes word that the military is ready to sniff out “white supremacists” — not by tattoo, group affiliation or vocal pronunciations around the barracks, but by nothing more than Internet advocacy.

As the angry comments note, it’s pretty obvious that the military isn’t interested in non-White “supremacist” activity, like the Five Percenters, Black gang members who put up their graffiti in Iraq or Afghanistan, or Islamic radicals who actually do cause big problems within the military.  “Supremacist”, you see, is a nasty-sounding word that only applies to Whites.

(What’s funny to me, as a side note, is how unavoidably “Aryan” the business of being a soldier is to begin with:  young, mostly White men standing ramrod straight, saluting, obeying authority and trained to kill brown people.  Right there, of course, you’ve got a big problem, and if these men weren’t advancing Israel’s cause, they’d be held in far lower esteem by the Jewish power structure — and during the Vietnam war, they were.  You’d think that if there were a clean-cut, hate-filled White man looking to kill non-Whites, the military would be the perfect place for him.  Seems a military made up of wishy-washy liberals wouldn’t be very effective — they’d throw down their weapons and surrender.)

What’s scary about this effort by the military is to read the comment of Mark Potok, the Southern Poverty Law Center’s white-hater in chief, who seems to take credit for the new policy.

He’s quoted:  “The hope is that this clarifies that even advocacy of these kinds of ideas is not consistent with being in the military.”

Wow.  Full-fledged thought control, right in front of us.  Who is this man, who exercises such incredible power — over the entire armed forces, no less?  What, exactly, qualifies him to police the thoughts of White servicemen and women?  He wasn’t elected.  He wasn’t appointed.  He didn’t even enlist.  And yet there he is.

Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalistEmail him

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Thank You Sir, May I Have Another?

Another White male — the list is endless — has been fired for poltically incorrect speech.  Allen Zaruba, an adjunct art professor at Towson University in Maryland, quickly dropped to his knees to beg for forgiveness, and even welcomed his own firing.

It’s not even clear from the story what, exactly, Zaruba said, reminding me of Sam Francis’ writing in Race and the American Prospect that racial issues today are what sexual issues were during the Victorian age.  You might well have seen “Governess Fired for Mentioning Unmentionables” in the English press a century ago.

“I will never use that term again,” Zaruba told the Baltimore Sun. “It is absolutely transgressive.”  Transgressive?  Is that the opposite of Barack Obama’s “transformative”?

But was there a spark of resistance in his mind?  The story ended this way:  “Despite taking responsibility for his error, Zaruba said his firing
raises troubling questions about the power of political correctness in modern society.  Are we in for another state of McCarthyism?’ he said. ‘We have to have compassion and realize that people are not perfect.'”

The problem, Allen, is that there is no “compassion” for Whites.  You — and so many like you — are under the impression that non-Whites, once in power, will extend compassion to Whites.  Let me correct this misimpression:  they won’t.

Liberal Whites like Amy Biehl assume that their halos will distinguish them in the eyes of Blacks from “bad” characters like Eugene Terreblanche, but they won’t.  They don’t care if you’re a full-fledged Klansman in Alabama or a hippie-dippie art teacher in Maryland.  If you’re White, you’re going under the multicultural steamroller.

That is racial reality, and more whites need to check into it.

Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist. Email him.

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Christopher Donovan: Who's Worse: Anti-Whites, or Race-Denying Confederate Sympathizers?

Christopher Donovan: It’s a question in my mind.  It’s a well-established kabuki dance:  anti-whites call conservatives, Tea Partiers, and Confederate sympathizers “racists” who are hiding their true feelings.  The conservatives respond with indignation, insisting that “Southern heritage” and the free market are their real concerns.

In the New York Times this morning, Newsweek editor Jon Meacham denounces the Virginia governor’s declaration of Confederate heritage month.  It’s a typical yawner about how bad Whites are, and I’m sure someone will complain that “we’re not racists, we just want to honor the South” or some such.

There is a third position, however:  White advocacy.  It admits the anti-White critique that Confederate flags mask more direct racial concerns, but rejects the anti-White conclusion that the concerns aren’t legitimate.  Why can’t this position get a hearing in the New York Times?  Believe me, I’ve tried.  But the New York Times is like a thick, high gray wall, allowing only the perspectives that advance its anti-white agenda.  Its gatekeepers are always liberal and often Jewish, and they probably know full well that if an institution as grand and respected as itself lends credence to White advocacy, the universe as they’ve constructed it would start to crumble.

Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist. Email him.

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Christopher Donovan: The Mohawk Settlement: Some Justice For Whites

Christoper Donovan: At, I see that the class action plaintiffs in the Mohawk RICO suit have settled for $18 million.  Attorney Howard Foster’s idea was that by hiring so many illegal aliens, carpet giant Mohawk depressed the wages of American citizens working for the company.  This was a creative legal strategy, a nice victory, and the type of suit that benefits Whites (for the most part — one plaintiff was herself a legal Hispanic).  With a recovery of $250 per worker, the suit was largely symbolic, but it should make big companies think twice about brazen mass hiring of illegals.

In reading the account, I was surprised at what had happened to a Mohawk employee who made complaints while the suit was pending.  Norman Carpenter (not sure if he’s White, but I assume so) went to management about the number of illegal aliens working for the company.  In response, a Hispanic lawyer for the company was dispatched to meet with him — and allegedly threatened him with termination if he kept complaining about illegals.  But Carpenter kept talking, and he was fired.  That turned into a wrongful termination claim, in which Foster sought the deposition of the lawyer, Juan Morillo.  Interestingly, new Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor has let stand a decision that Morillo be deposed (perhaps she angled for the opinion in the hopes that it would cast her in an independent light).

I would be interested to see what happens to Morillo, whose career got a nice boost from networking with co-ethnics and clerking for a Hispanic judge.  No doubt he felt tingly flexing his prestigious legal muscles in defense of his race, but he’s run into a bit of a problem:  the whistleblower laws.

If Hollywood weren’t run by Jews, a character like Morillo would make for a great movie villain:  a self-satisfied minority fat cat whose trajectory screams “affirmative action” and who makes big bucks representing huge companies and bullying work-a-day Whites who toil in carpet factories, only to be brought low by a scrappy attorney who had justice on his side.

Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist. Email him.

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Eugene Terreblanche or Amy Biehl: Whites End Up Dead Either Route

Despite a decade-long career as a pro-White thought criminal, I know precious little about Eugene Terreblanche, the South African political figure (“White supremacist” per the MSM) who was beaten to death by two Blacks recently.  To the media, he was an evil figure for opposing ceding power to Blacks in South Africa.  They use the word “supremacist” at every opportunity in describing him.

Recently, on a chatboard where I spar with liberals and conservatives alike on the issue of race, a poster mockingly offered me condolences on the murder of Terreblanche.  “You and your white-hooded buddies must be in mourning”, she said.

I responded with a post about Amy Biehl, the White Californian and Stanford student who traveled to South Africa as an anti-apartheid crusader.  Biehl, as it happens, met the same fate as Terreblanche:  she was brutally killed by Blacks.

Yet Biehl was at the opposite end of the spectrum, politically.  She’d gone to South Africa to “help” Blacks.  They returned the favor by beating her to death.  Her father, in an act of thoroughgoing racial groveling typical of today’s White male, forgave her killers and shook their hands.

My point:  whether a White person’s intentions toward Blacks are “good” or “bad”, it doesn’t matter.  Whites end up dead either route.  Whites imagine that Blacks distinguish between “good” and “bad” Whites, and that while a figure like Eugene Terreblanche might suffer a violent fate, a figure like Amy Biehl would be protected.  Thus, to earn their protective coating, Whites strive to be politically correct, sensitive toward Blacks, and so forth.  But Blacks aren’t thinking it through like this.  And the more Whites capitulate to Blacks, the more Blacks seem emboldened to lash out.

Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist. Email him.

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Christopher Donovan: Frank Rich is Right About One Thing

Christopher Donovan: The rage isn’t, in fact, about healthcare.  Nobody is throwing bricks through windows in defense of insurance companies.  Bricks get thrown when people are angry about very fundamental things, like racial displacement.

So, Frank Rich, the Jewish New York Times pundit with a history of white-bashing, is at least half right in the notorious Sunday column that drew 606 reader comments.  He is more correct on that point than “Laurie from Bartlett, NH”, a “tea party” sympathizer and one of 606 commenters on the column:

Dangerous piece. Horrified when I read this because this writer obviously has never attended a “tea party” and knows not of what he speaks. The Americans who are giving of their precious time,limited funds and heart wrenching courage should NEVER be demonized and misstated like this.There were 10,000 people in Nevada today,there will be thousands in Boston on 4/14…these are faithful,hardworking,honest Americans. They have seen the takeover of our biggest freemarket institutions by government. They are frightened,concerned and,yes,angry. How dare you misinterpret and misrepresent the message of this great uprising. This has NOTHING to do w/ has everything to do with what our fathers,grandfather,greatgrandfathers fought for..LIBERTY!! LIBERTY!! LIBERTY!!!

Laurie from Bartlett, NH

Rich is more correct on the white rage point than even the venerable Pat Buchanan, who weakly suggests in this reaction column that because some non-whites think immigration needs controlling, the “tea party” crowd isn’t necessarily white resistance by another name.

But Laurie is wrong.  Pat Buchanan is wrong.

It is about race.

Where I part sharply with Frank Rich, of course, is whether the white anger is justified — and requires organized action by whites to act on that anger.  He dreads the prospect, while I cheer it.

But Frank Rich, to my mind, is only part of our problem.  “Laurie from Bartlett, NH” is an equally bedeviling problem for white advocacy.  Here’s a (no doubt) conservative white woman who appears to have convinced herself that “This has NOTHING to do w/race…”  It instead has to do with “LIBERTY!!”  Among the liberating aspects of race realism and white advocacy is the abandonment of the belief that anyone anywhere is motivated by abstractions like “freedom” or “liberty”.  Of course, they’re not.  Blood and soil is more like it.  It seems to me that a more important task for us to persuade “Laurie from Bartlett, NH” to shake herself from slumber and realize what’s really going on.  I don’t think debating with Frank Rich will do any good.

There are fewer more disturbing trends than your average white conservative’s hyperventilating that “I’m not a racist” and “race has nothing to do with it — it’s about the free market!”  Trust me, white-conservative-in-denial:  admitting that race is real — and that whites have legitimate group interests — is like untying that other hand from behind your back.

As a reader service for TOO, I waded through all the comments.  Most, disappointingly, cheered Rich on.  Some openly disparaged whites, like this likely Jewish commenter:

We can’t say the GOP is not diverse. They run the gamut of white billionaires, white millionaires, white run-of-the mill McMansion “owners”, white trailer inhabitants, white gun nuts, to white oolitical opportunists, etc., etc.,

Anne Green from Columbia, MD

The “conservative” responses all took the tack of “Laurie from Bartlett, NH”:  don’t smear us tea party activists as “racists.”

There was, that I saw, a lone pro-white comment:

what a disgusting article. the real people who face discrimination are whites (that is, people of european descent). white students are purposefully rejected from colleges just because of affirmative action for ‘minorities’ (who will very soon become the majority.) meanwhile, white adults are denied jobs just for the color of their skin! this, my friend, is racism.

whites are becoming a minority in the usa, canada, europe, australia, etc. europe will become majority muslim. and yet, it is a sin to want to preserve one’s heritage? in the usa, we have indian groups, asian groups, black groups, but white groups are racist!

it is about time we fight for our rights, and values and culture. it is not racist, everyone else is doing it. it is just fighting against racism and discrimination that is facing whites all over the world.

John from USA

Quite right, John from USA.

As a post-script, I’m doubting that my letter will run in the NYT.  Here’s a piece by letters editor Thomas Feyer that sheds light on why.  He is, he says, the son of “survivors of Nazism.”  Where does this crap end, for God’s sake?

Christopher Donovan is the pen name of an attorney and former journalist. Email him.

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