Rape-Gangs Unlimited: Third-World People Mean Third-World Pathologies

The horseshoe crab is a living fossil. So is the Daily Mirror. It was traditionally the newspaper of the respectable White working-class in Britain. They voted Labour and believed in hard work and education, but they were hostile to Third-World immigration. They were socially conservative too, rejecting the prurience and soft-core pornography peddled by the staunch philo-Semite Rupert Murdoch in newspapers like the Sun and News of the World. Of course, the Mirror was owned by the Jewish mega-fraudster Robert Maxwell (né Ján Hyman Binyamin Hoch). And it supplied the amoral thug Alastair Campbell as chief propagandist for the very philo-Semitic and Murdoch-friendly Tony Blair.

Abandoned by Labour

But the Mirror has retained enough of its old values to do something today that the modern Labour party would never do: stand up for the White working-class against predatory brown-skinned Muslims. In early March 2018, its Sunday edition ran a “special investigation” into the vibrant activities of Pakistani men in the small and obscure Midlands town of Telford:

Britain’s ‘worst ever’ child grooming scandal exposed: Hundreds of young girls raped, beaten, sold for sex and some even KILLED

SPECIAL SUNDAY MIRROR INVESTIGATION: Authorities failed to act over 40 years – despite repeated warnings to social workers – with up to 1,000 girls, some as young as 11, abused in Telford

Up to 1,000 children could have suffered in Britain’s worst known abuse scandal – where sex gangs targeted girls as young as 11. The rape hell of vulnerable young girls in one town – Telford – went on for a shocking 40 years, the Sunday Mirror can reveal. As many as 1,000 children could have suffered at the merciless hands of perverts and torturers in Telford since the 1980s. Girls as young as 11 have been lured from their families to be drugged, beaten and raped in an epidemic that, say victims, is still ongoing. THREE people were murdered and two others died in tragedies linked to the scandal.

The Mirror’s 18-month investigation reveals abuse on unprecedented levels. We found:

  • Social workers knew of abuse in the 1990s but police took a decade to launch a probe
  • Council staff viewed abused and trafficked children as “prostitutes” instead of victims, according to previously unseen files
  • Authorities failed to keep details of abusers from Asian communities for fear of “racism”
  • Police failed to investigate one recent case five times until an MP intervened
  • One victim said cops tried to stop her finding out why her abusers had not been prosecuted because they feared she would talk to us

The scale of the abuse uncovered in Telford – population 170,000 – is feared to be the most brutal and long-running of all. The Rotherham toll was put at 1,500 – but that was in a community of 260,000. Telford’s Tory MP Lucy Allan has demanded a public inquiry and said our findings were “extremely serious and shocking”. She said: “There must now be an independent inquiry into child sexual exploitation in Telford so that our community can have absolute confidence in the authorities.”

Specialist child abuse solicitor Dino Nocivelli, of Bolt Burdon Kemp, said: “These children were treated as sexual commodities by men who inflicted despicable acts of abuse. The survivors deserve an inquiry. They need to know how abuse took place for so long and why so many perpetrators have never been brought to justice.” Our investigators have spoken to 12 victims, most of them unconnected. They accused more than 70 abusers and claimed that violent rapes were still taking place just months ago. …

Telford timeline of abuse

Early 1980s Vulnerable Telford girls are targeted by groups of mainly Asian men.

1996 A concerned resident claims she tells police about the activities of a key abuser selling underage girls for sex.

Late 1990s Files reveal social workers learn of the problem but do little to help.

2000 Lucy Lowe, 16, is killed alongside her mum and sister in an arson attack by abuser Azhar Ali Mehmood, who made her pregnant at 14.

2002 Abuse victim Becky Watson, 13, is killed in a road accident described as a “prank”.

2009 Becky’s friend Vicky Round dies in a drugs-related incident after enduring nine years of sex hell at the hands of a string of paedophiles.

2010– 2012Police probe dubbed Operation Chalice identifies a potential 200 abusers but only nine are jailed. Two further probes collapse. … (Britain’s ‘worst ever’ child grooming scandal exposed: Hundreds of young girls raped, beaten, sold for sex and some even KILLED, The Sunday Mirror, 11th March 2018)

Mubarek Ali: a vibrant rapist given 22 years but out soon

It’s the by-now classic pattern: organized gang-rape and child prostitution are ignored and even facilitated by a Labour council full of feminists. Why so? Because the victims were White and the gang-rapists and pimps were non-White. But the most important part of the story may be these five simple words: “Britain’s worst-known abuse scandal.” We don’t yet know the full extent of Muslim pathologies in the UK. Telford is even smaller than Rotherham, where exactly the same pattern ran true: a Labour council full of feminists ignored gang-rape and child-prostitution for decades on end.

But I suggest that much bigger scandals remain uncovered in cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield and Bradford. If you have a “Muslim community” and a Labour council, you also have a perfect environment for “rape culture” to flourish. That’s genuine rape culture, not the “rape culture” invented by feminists like Sabrina Rubin Erdely, the Jewish goyophobe responsible for a hate-hoax about gang-rape among “the toned, tanned and overwhelmingly blond students” of the University of Virginia.

Britain’s second Industrial Revolution

And we should note that “Muslim communities” and Labour councils go together very happily. Like Blacks, Hispanics and other non-Whites in the United States, Muslims in the United Kingdom vote overwhelmingly for the pro-minority, anti-White party. In the US, it’s the Democrats; in the UK, it’s Labour. Muslims are so enthusiastic about voting Labour that they’ve even industrialized the process:

Labour trio’s “vote-rig factory”

Three Labour councillors in Birmingham were caught operating a “vote-rigging factory”, an Election Court has heard. Police found the trio handling unsealed postal ballots in a deserted warehouse in the city during a late-night raid in June 2004, the hearing was told. The votes were later counted towards that month’s English local elections. The men, elected to the Aston ward, deny collecting votes fraudulently. The judge presiding has indicated the whole postal voting system is under scrutiny. (Labour trio’s “vote-rig factory,” BBC News, 2nd March 2005)

The judge was wrong. The then-ruling Labour party responded to Muslim abuse of “postal ballots” by making it easier for Muslims to obtain them and abuse them. Like the Democrats in the United States, Labour do not care about the Third-Worlding of Britain, because more non-Whites mean more votes for them. This helps explain the shocking feminist response to the gang-rape scandals occurring up and down the UK. The response is shocking because it’s been almost non-existent. With rare and honourable exceptions like the lesbian activist Julie Bindel and the Labour MPs Ann Cryer and Sarah Champion, feminists have remained silent during what you might call Britain’s second Industrial Revolution. When Muslims were running vote-factories in Birmingham, they were also running rape-factories in nearby Telford:

For the last three years [the television documentary series] Dispatches has been following one of the biggest police investigations of its kind, codenamed Operation Chalice. More than 50 officers at West Mercia Police have worked round the clock to gain the trust of vulnerable girls, some as young as 11 when they were first abused. They’ve heard appalling accounts about men who would ejaculate and then urinate in children’s mouths, violating them in every orifice, as well as gang-rape by queues of men while girls were held hostage for hours, sometimes days – all the while being forced to listen to the screams of girls in other rooms with other men. Inhumane doesn’t get close to describing it; it’s the stuff that parental nightmares are made of. (Britain’s Sex Gangs: Tazeen Ahmad feature, Channel 4 Dispatches, 22nd May 2013)

But the same sort of thing was almost certainly happening in Birmingham too. It was definitely happening in Oxford, as I described in “The Blessings of Diversity.” In fact, it’s happened in all Western nations enriched by non-White immigration. But feminists and other liberals have looked the other way. And even when they address the subject, they do their best to conceal highly relevant facts. The Dispatches story I’ve just quoted from is 1500 words long, but does not make any reference to race or religion. There is no mention of “Muslim,” “Asian,” “Pakistani” or “white.” The rapists are generic “men,” the victims generic “girls” and “women.”

At one point the story mentions a “girl” being “passed around 72 men.” How many “men” were eventually convicted and jailed? Seven. In Oxford, the police knew about “scores of men” involved in the gang-rape and sexual torture of under-aged girls. And how many “men” were eventually convicted and jailed? Again, it was seven. And it was the same in Rochdale: the police knew about far more child-rapists than the nine eventually convicted.

Brave New Britain, Brave New Concepts

I think this is a new concept in jurisprudence. You’ve heard about specimen charges, selected when a criminal has committed too many offences for a court to deal with speedily and efficiently. Now meet specimen defendants, selected when a “community” contains too many criminals for the authorities to charge without embarrassment. To White eyes, the sight of gangs on trial for sex-crimes is shocking and anomalous. Whites will organize in gangs to smuggle drugs or fight at soccer matches, but White sex-criminals typically operate alone and without the knowledge of their relatives and friends. They know how the White “community” responds to sex-criminals: with anger and disgust. The White working-class in particular have a horror of what they call “nonces,” meaning particularly those sex-criminals who target children, like the Muslim rape-gangs, and the elderly, like the Black gerontophile rapist Delroy Easton Grant.

Shocking and anomalous: a gang of sex-criminals

But the trials of non-White rape-gangs from Telford, Rotherham, Newcastle and elsewhere were really anomalous not because so many “men” were in the dock, but because so few were. The trials should have involved dozens or even hundreds of defendants: even when the authorities act, they still seek to conceal the true extent of the pathology. Here is more from the Dispatches story about gang-rape in Telford:

Sarah’s story is so horrific it stops me in my tracks. She was taken to many other towns and cities in the UK to be used for sex. A chart she has made shows how the men were connected through social circles or family. I’m staggered when she absent-mindedly describes a particularly chilling incident as consensual; it involved 10 men in one night. I realise that she has been so convincingly groomed and brainwashed that she knew no other pattern for healthy sexual activity. This way of life seemed normal to her and worse still, she felt complicit. I point out that very few women would describe such a dreadful experience as consensual. She thinks about it only for a moment before nodding in agreement. ‘It was intimidation, it was control, and it was rape,’ she tells me sadly. (Britain’s Sex Gangs: Tazeen Ahmad feature, Channel 4 Dispatches, 22nd May 2013)

To repeat: “the men were connected through social circles or family.” In other words, this is part of Muslim “culture” in the UK. Liberals continually celebrate what they like to call “close-knit communities” of “ethnic heritage.” At the same time, they pretend that these “close-knit communities” aren’t aware of what large numbers of their members are up to. Ansar Ali, a “spokesman for Together Against Grooming” – “grooming” being a euphemism for industrial-scale rape – was interviewed by the BBC about the Mirror’s revelations. He said this about Muslim rape-gangs: “The vast majority of people find their actions reprehensible, including the communities from which they originate.”

Muslim mendacity

Ali was lying. He knows the attitudes prevalent among Muslim men towards women in general and White women in particular. But he also knows that he’s safe to lie. The BBC is packed with feminists from top to bottom. None of them would challenge a non-White male about the “rape culture” that Britain has imported from Third-World nations like Pakistan, Jamaica and Somalia. Instead, feminists and other so-called “progressives” have enthusiastically supported Third-World immigration and demonized all opposition to it as racist and xenophobic.

Black gang-rapists who threw caustic soda on their victim

They’ve also collaborated in the liberal cover-up of non-White rape culture. The cover-up began to slip after the Rotherham scandal, but is now back in place. As Douglas Murray pointed out at the Spectator, the BBC did its best to ignore and then minimize the Mirror’s new revelations about Telford. The Guardian did the same: it had a brief story under the headline “Up to 1,000 children may have been victims in worst UK abuse ring.” There was absolutely no mention of race or religion in the story: generic “children” were the victims of generic “men.”

The Feminist Army fails to fight

And how have the Guardian’s army of feminists responded to the Mirror’s revelations about Telford? With silence. After a multi-national Muslim rape-gang were jailed in Newcastle, the non-White journalist Sonia Sodha, “chief leader writer at the Observer [the Guardian’s Sunday edition],” wrung her hands as follows: “If there’s one question we owe it to the victims of the Newcastle child abuse gang to ask, it’s how on earth this type of organised child sexual abuse is still happening.” Apparently she and other Guardianista feminists don’t feel they owe anything to the victims of the Telford child abuse gangs, because they haven’t written about the Mirror’s revelations. As I pointed out in “Silent Sisterhood Revisited,” Sodha also squirted squid-ink about the causes of the abuse in Newcastle. She claimed that “by endlessly raking over this second-order question — is race or religion a factor? — we never seem to make any progress on the first-order issue: how do we prevent this from happening again?”

Race and religion are not “second-order questions”: they are central to why the abuse happens. Sodha did not mention a highly relevant comment attributed to Badrul Hussain, one of the men convicted at Newcastle: “All white women are only good for one thing. For men like me to fuck and use like trash. That’s all women like you are worth.” A woman alleged in court that Hussain said that, so Sodha and other feminists should automatically believe her. Why did Sodha not make the comment central to her analysis of what happened in Newcastle? Because that would have involved doing something that feminists prefer to avoid at all times: accepting reality and admitting the truth.

Rape is inspired by anti-White racism

The reality of sex-crime in Britain is that non-White Muslims and Blacks are not only far more likely to commit it than White men, they are also committing it in its worst forms, like the gang-rape by Blacks in which caustic soda was thrown on the victim. It’s even possible that non-Whites commit the majority of sex-crimes in Britain, despite still being a minority of the population. Worse still, from the Guardianista point of view, their sex-crimes can be shown to be inspired by “racist stereotypes” and “racial supremacism.” Badrul Hussein’s deeply toxic comment about “white women” is only one example. Here are three more:

Man who raped teenage girl held sharp piece of wood to her throat and said: ‘You cannot be a virgin because you are white’

A rapist held a sharp piece of wood to a teenage girl’s throat and told her “my country would love you” in a horrifying attack. Ahmed Abdoule, 33, of west Hull, told the girl it was impossible she could be a virgin “because she was white”. He also pulled her top over her head so he did not have to look at her while he raped her. Hull Crown Court heard the girl “pleaded” with Abdoule to let her go during the horrifying ordeal. Ahmed Abdoule was jailed for 11 years. The court heard Abdoule, a Somalian national, was known to the woman and took her to his home. …

Judge Mark Bury told Abdoule: “She told you she was a virgin to try and get you to stop. “You said to her, ‘You cannot be, you are white.’ “You told her not to look at you, and pulled her top over her face, telling her you did not want to see her while you were raping her.” After he had raped her, Abdoule told his victim he had “liked it,” and that she was “not the only girl who was going to get punished”. He also said to her: “My country would love you.” (Man who raped teenage girl held sharp piece of wood to her throat and said: ‘You cannot be a virgin because you are white’, The Hull Daily Mail, 8th February 2018)

Asian father-of-four raped pub worker for three hours after dragging her off the street saying ‘you white women are good at it’

… The woman, who is in her 20s, was walking home from work in Bedford at around 11pm when she was grabbed by Abdul Ghafoor, 33, and forced her into undergrowth, a court heard. Ghafoor had drunk five rum drinks when he came up behind her and bundled her into the bushes where he began sexually assaulting her in an attack that lasted from 11.25pm until 2.45am. …

Prosecutor at Luton Crown Court, Sally Hobson, said Ghafoor’s attack had a racial aspect as he had made comments about the sort of behaviour white women would engage in. ‘He made racially aggravated comments to the effect that this is the sort of behaviour that white women would engage in. If he saw her again she would give him a blow job,’ she said. ‘She was a white woman and he believed it was okay to behave in this way. It was a stranger rape of a young woman going about her business in her home town she she ought to feel safe.’

Judge Richard Foster said the victim had been subjected to a ‘nightmare of unimaginable proportions’. He told Ghafoor he had been on the lookout for a victim that night and subjected the woman to the most appalling sexual abuse for over three hours. ‘You forced her to perform oral sex and you said: “you white girls are good at it.” To some extent the offence was racially aggravated.’ … (Asian father-of-four raped pub worker for three hours after dragging her off the street saying ‘you white women are good at it’, The Daily Mail, 21st December 2014)

Jamaican Gang That Used Rape As Its Initiation

Immigration chiefs faced fury last night for allowing a member of a sordid Jamaican rape gang to make South London his hunting ground. Sheldon Stewart, 26, was said to be part of the Buckles mob – a violent criminal outfit responsible for a spree of vile attacks in the Caribbean. Their hallmark is said to be a sickening initiation ceremony where new recruits are instructed to abduct and rape. Inner London Crown Court heard how Stewart attacked a 15-year-old girl at gunpoint and dragged another woman into his flat in Peak Hill, Sydenham, after calling her a “white bitch”. He and the scar-faced friend threatened to “burst” or shoot the first victim on November 25, 2004, if she didn’t submit to their sordid demands. The girl had been lured into Stewart’s car on the promise of cannabis and a lift. Instead, both men took turns to rape her as a gun was held to her head.

Stewart targeted a second victim on December 30, 2004, first trying to chat her up, then bundling her into a car on the Tulse Hill Estate. He called the 25-year-old a “white bitch” and drove her back to the Sydenham flat, where the accomplice was again waiting to pounce. Stewart held a 7” knife to the sobbing woman’s throat, but she kept calm and fooled the pair into letting her go to the toilet from where she fled. Judge Lindsay Burn described Stewart’s indifference towards his crimes as “extraordinary.” Sentencing the killer to eleven years for the sex attacks and a further year for witness intimidation, the judge added: “It’s evident to me that you thought you could behave towards women in this way and get away with it. There was no remorse whatsoever expressed by you for what you have done.” (icSouthLondon, 18th April 2006)

Those are three stories that I chanced across without specifically looking for examples of this kind of crime. I’m sure many other stories of anti-White sexual violence could be produced not just from Britain but from all ethnically enriched Western nations. For example, in Australia one member of a Lebanese-Muslim rape-gang told his White victim: “You deserve it because you’re an Australian.” He also said: “I’m going to fuck you Leb-style.” In France, four Muslims said they committed a vicious, two-hour rape on a White woman because she was French and because «les Français sont tous des fils de pute» – “the French are all sons of whores.”

This kind of material should be extremely interesting to feminists at the Guardian, BBC and all other progressive organizations. Women are being horrifically abused by men who combine what are, to all correctly thinking feminists, the two most toxic ideologies on earth: patriarchy and racism. But feminists aren’t interested in such stories. Instead, they react like vampires confronted with a garlic-soaked crucifix. They don’t analyse anti-White rapes, they don’t condemn the anti-White rapists, and they do their best to pretend that such things aren’t happening. It’s the wrong kind of patriarchy and the wrong kind of racism, you see: it’s Muslim patriarchy and anti-White racism. Analysing these things and fighting them would help women, but helping women clearly isn’t important to feminists.

Feminists support rape

If it were, feminists would oppose mass immigration from the Third World. Instead, they enthusiastically support such immigration, because Muslims, Blacks and other non-Whites supply guaranteed votes to parties like Labour and the Democrats. These parties fund and employ feminists and collaborate with them on campaigns like #MeToo. That campaign was launched after revelations about the Jewish producer Harvey Weinstein, a Hillary-supporting pro-feminist whose behaviour towards women has been repulsive and who has probably committed a number of genuine rapes. But his crimes have been nothing like as bad as those committed against thousands of women and girls in places like Telford and Rotherham. As far as is known, none of the disproportionately Jewish men involved in the “Pervnado” have turned their victims into heroin addicts, set them to work as prostitutes or murdered them by incineration.

All of that has happened to White working-class girls at the hands of Muslims in the United Kingdom. The sixteen-year-old Lucy Lowe, whom I wrote about “A Tale of Two Nations,” died with her mother and sister in an arson attack committed by Azhar Ali Mehmood, a 26-year-old Muslim who had been raping her since she was thirteen and made her pregnant at fourteen. The murders were a classic example of “murderous male entitlement” and “toxic patriarchal attitudes.” Feminists yawned and looked the other way. They also ignored the murder of Laura Wilson, who was coerced into sex at twelve, then stabbed to death at seventeen by her Muslim rapists, who described her as a “kaffir [= non-Muslim] bitch.” Another classic example of murderous male entitlement and toxic patriarchal attitudes. I’m sure there have been many more victims like that. Some have been murdered, others have committed suicide or died after being turned into alcoholics and drug-abusers by their Muslim pimps. Even more White working-class girls have had their lives wrecked by “men” who see them as fit for nothing but exploitation and abuse.

No rewards for defending White women

Feminists don’t care. There is no reward for feminists in campaigning on behalf of girls like Lucy Lowe and Laura Wilson. Feminists heartily condemn Weinstein because they can call him a “white male” and because their #MeToo campaign will put more wealth and power in feminist hands. There are no such rewards for campaigning against the abuse of White working-class girls in Telford. That’s why feminists are silent – and worse than silent. By supporting mass immigration and “anti-racism,” they have been complicit in a vast number of sex-crimes that would not have taken place without non-White immigration.

British officialdom has been worse than complicit. In Rotherham, the police arrested White fathers who attempted to rescue their daughters from Muslim rapists. During the Telford horrors, the police used the term “consensual” to describe sexual relationships between adult Muslim men and White girls who were sometimes as young as eleven. That’s how the police justified their inaction. Under a feminist analysis, this is absolutely shocking: there was a vast imbalance of power between the men and the girls, just as there was between Harvey Weinstein and the aspiring actresses on whom he preyed. Feminists have already written millions of words about Weinstein and the #MeToo campaign. But there has been no feminist analysis of “power imbalances,” “misogynist abuse” and “police inaction” in Telford, Rotherham, Oxford, Rochdale and many other British towns and cities.

Cressida and the Community

Now compare the police response when the victims of crime belong not to the White working-class but to a sacred minority. As I described in a recent article for the Occidental Observer, the Jewish Community Security Trust (CST) assiduously collects examples of “anti-Semitism” and publishes an annual report setting them before the appalled gaze of parliamentarians and the media. The CST regards graffiti at a bus-stop and bacon being thrown over a synagogue-wall as worthy of inclusion in its report. On the basis of such trivia, the home secretary and shabbos shiksa Amber Rudd used the CST’s Annual Dinner “to pledge £13.4 million towards security measure for British Jews in the coming year [2018].” The Jewish Chronicle noted that the CST Dinner also hosted “Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan Police commissioner,” “the chief constables of police forces from across the country,” and “[l]eading politicians from every major party.”

Ex-convict Gerald Ronson (left) with Amber Rudd and David Delew

As I described above, it has been shown in court that anti-White racism is motivating the rape and murder of White women. But there is no officially backed White equivalent of the Community Security Trust collecting data on anti-White racism and producing an annual report. If a White advocacy group approached the home secretary or the Metropolitan Police commissioner and asked for funds to protect Whites against non-White violence, the group might well find itself charged with “incitement to racial hatred.” Meanwhile, the CST and its Muslim ally, Tell MAMA (the acronym stands for “Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks”), get full official backing to protect minorities against much less serious threats. Douglas Murray says that the BBC has minimized the Telford horrors because a drama it broadcast about Muslim abusers in Rochdale partly inspired a mentally ill White male to run down and kill a Muslim in London. After that murder, British liberals decided that it’s better to retreat into silence about Muslim pathologies and let the rapes and murders of White girls continue.

But imagine if Whites had been raping, pimping and murdering non-Whites on the scale seen among non-White Muslims in Telford, Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford, Newcastle, and elsewhere. British liberals would be churning out dramas, documentaries and official reports in response. If one of those dramas inspired an enraged Muslim to murder an innocent White, the liberals would shrug and say: “What can you expect?” But Whites aren’t behaving like that to non-Whites. As in the United States, murders, rapes and other crimes are overwhelmingly committed by non-Whites against Whites, despite non-Whites being in the minority.

The Joyim of Boyim

However, there is a recent example of liberals in America minimizing the abuse of under-aged non-Whites by predatory White males, having ignored the abuse for decades. How could this be? James Fulford explains part of it at VDare:

After my recent blog In Met Conductor James Levine Sex Charges, MSM Doesn’t Want To Say Victims Are Teen Boys I got couple of private communications from people familiar with the opera world that suggested that Metropolitan Opera conductor James Levine was (a) involved with Leonard Bernstein in his pursuit of teen boys and (b) specialized in going after black teens. …

Now, the fact that a black was victimized by a white is not something you generally have dig out of an MSM story with internet research – they usually put that in the headline. But in James Levine stories, you have to read to paragraph 9 to find that boys were the victims at all, and that’s because the MSM doesn’t want to stereotype gays as disproportionately attracted to underage boys – which they are, of course. (The youngest of the alleged victims named in the recent NYT story was 16.) … It’s too bad James Levine isn’t a Republican – then we’d be hearing all about his alleged predations on black teenagers. As it is, it’s one of those things the MSM doesn’t want to know. (Did James Levine’s Sexual Predations Target BLACK Teen Boys?, VDare, 13th March 2018)

But Fulford didn’t mention another factor in the media cover-up: the chicken-hawks Levine and Bernstein are Jewish, just like the Labour parliamentary Greville Janner, who was the subject of even worse allegations about paederasty in the United Kingdom.

Britain’s hostile elite

The Crown Prosecution Service has officially admitted that Janner should have gone on trial long before his death in 2015, because the evidence against him was more than sufficient. Thanks to Jewish privilege, he escaped: at various times, Janner was president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, chair of the Holocaust Educational Trust, and vice-president of the World Jewish Congress. To get to the top in British politics, it’s vital to cultivate Jewish potentates like Janner. One goy who knows this very well is the millionaire ex-banker Sajid Javid, a Tory minister who wants to become Britain’s first Muslim and first non-White prime minister. He is a very active member of Conservative Friends of Israel and is constantly making sycophantic speeches before Jewish audiences.

Sajid Javid at the CST

But he sometimes addresses British goyim too. At the same time as the Telford revelations, he announced that “Britain can rightly claim to be one of the most successful diverse societies in the world.” I’m reminded of that great American one-liner: “Other than that, Mrs Lincoln, how was the play?” Other than suicide-bombing, rape-gangs, political corruption, violent crime, censorship, fraud, welfare dependency, expensive diseases, inbreeding and a surveillance state, diversity has showered Britain with blessings. Funnily enough, nations like Hungary and Japan don’t want diversity and its blessings.

Nor does Sajid Javid’s favoured nation of Israel, which intends to deport Muslim enrichers rather than welcome them in and let them  organize suicide-bombings, rape-gangs and child-prostitution rings. Unlike Britain, Israel isn’t run by a hostile elite that wants to swamp and destroy its majority population with outsiders. The Telford horrors are one small example of what the hostile elite has wrought in Britain.

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  1. Dennis Gannon
    Dennis Gannon says:

    There are only 2 cultures, God’s and Satan’s. The more a country accepts Satan’s, the lower it sinks into suicide and destruction. History is proof of that.

        • James Hanlit
          James Hanlit says:

          Christianity or rather Puritanism is the problem.

          Just read the article again: “She describes a particularly chilling incident as consensual”.

          Those “””rapes””” were nothing but consensual sex with white British sluts. Those girls are not victims, they are the perpetrators. First they have consensual gang bangs with Pakis while white boys sit alone at home. And then when they are older they vote for left-wing parties that invite more Pakis in.

          Women are not the victims. Women are the problem. Take away voting rights for women and the problem will solve itself.

          Stop whining about women being the victims. Stop whiteknighting.

          • Charlie
            Charlie says:

            It is common and particularly on White Nationalist sites to not criticize western women in an attempt to not alienating them from posting. However, western women don’t for the most part care about the morality of a society. They only care about those issues most directly related to their vagina. “How does this impact that my vagina generates?” “Will there be laws created so that once my vagina no longer generates revenue a young White man will be enslaved to carry me to the toilet when I’m old?”

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      Like most references to WWII the narrative on Quisling is BS. The “Western” governments of the past 50 years, are wholly owned subsidiaries of those, whose tribal name cannot be spoken.

    • Jerry Hoekstra
      Jerry Hoekstra says:

      I read a book Michael Walsh wrote on Quisling. It is worth discussing.

      Feb 21, 2015 · Deanna Spingola interviews author Michael Walsh about his new book entitled “Heroes Hang when Traitors Triumph”. Recorded February 16, 2015 (Spingola …


  2. Maple Curtain
    Maple Curtain says:

    Who cares? Proper English working-class nationalism means going to Amsterdam and lobbing beer cans at tourists in canal boats.

    • Karl Nemmersdorf
      Karl Nemmersdorf says:

      Go away. Hoodlums do not represent the real spiritual nation, and you should know that. If you do not care that the vulnerable young women of England are being so horrifically treated by repulsive foreigners and betrayed by their own “leaders,” what can I say? You are not a serious voice, and the moderator should not have allowed your stupid comment.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        Karl, on the other hand I read MC’s comment as sarcasm. As did, perhaps, the moderator.

  3. Mike
    Mike says:

    To be fair Her Majesty’s Government has acted; it set up an inquiry – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_United_Kingdom_child_sexual_abuse_panel_inquiry
    It is a great deal. Lawyers are getting paid very handsomely to shuffle paper for as long as they can drag it out. One job like that can set a man up for life. The Report, due in 2024(?) will be 1,000 pages of turgid drivel without any evidence to prosecute.
    It will say mistakes were made & steps will be taken to prevent a recurrence – allegedly.
    A few Pakistanis have been thrown to the wolves but politicians will all get a pass. Various policemen will have retired fast enough not to lose their pensions. People used to say that civilization ended at Dover. Now corruption starts there and works back.

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      Ah yes, the brilliance of an inquiry or Royal Commission, where the result is known as soon as the chair is named.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      You got that lawyer billable-hours thing right on. Facilitated by that entirely useless British Civil Service, ceremoniously emulated throughout the ‘ Commonwealth ‘.

      Wholesale pensions-theft by that master-fraudster Maxwell was going to stop. Instead it was subsequently repeated, twice more, years later, by Department Store owner/merchants, with stripped assets being converted into their wives’ untouchable super-Yachts in Monaco.

      My impression was, after even the Jews were unable to hide the Janner affair any longer, that the police were also at their wit’s end and disgusted with this rank Jewish protectionist racketeering. Their efforts were frustrated from above.

      Two British Justices finally resigned from the very belated Special [ Janner ] Inquiry. As did the female one they had to import from New Zealand: at a total cost of millions of wasted pounds.

      Little consolation for the police, when their report of finding a partly-used dose of Vaseline [ for buggery ] and discarded paper-towels with the semen of this Vice-President of the World Jewish Congress, was finally published. After searching his Holiday Inn room in Edinburgh.

      Shame and eternal damnation on the entire Crown Prosecution Service: indeed on all of Parliament; which was apprised early on. Poor little 15 year-old mentally- handicapped boy, plucked from a group home, by this Jewish REPEAT monster over a period of 25 years; enjoying the staunch support of his family and community, including that of his by then Rabbi daughter.

      Perhaps founded on the fact, that at 15, this pitiable fellow, and the innumerable others, were well over the ” NINE YEARS AND A DAY “, as stipulated by the Talmud. While girls are fair game from ‘ THREE YEARS AND A DAY ‘, pursuant to Scribe and Savant Rabbi Grosskotz; [ i.e. MAJOR UPCHUCK ] whose additional deep gynecological knowledge also assure us, that their breached hymen will simply close up again: by Jewish logic NEGATING this Schande.

      • Curmudgeon
        Curmudgeon says:

        I know dozens of civil servants who openly state that political interference is their biggest roadblock in performing their jobs. I’m not talking about upper level political appointments of the diversity hired projects, rather regular White people who take their responsibilities seriously. My father worked in management for a Crown Corp, and was complaining in the 1960s about the political hacks making his life miserable.

        • Charles Frey
          Charles Frey says:

          Perhaps your father worked for bosses who were educated by that Full Professor of History at the narcissistic University of Toronto. Have forgotten that idiot’s name but not his deed. In July [ 87 ? ] he wrote of the lamp cord ” suicide ” of Hess in Spandau Prison just after Gorbachev unexpectedly agreed to his release, which took Thatcher by surprise, threatening to open the lid on one of Britain’s Pandora Boxes. He then added Hess’ stint as Commandant of Auschwitz. Hess – Hoess ! Close enough for Official History.

          Caught him at his grand U office by phone. Memorable exchange. Ditto for the 450,000 Toronto STAR daily’s Saturday edition. This Prof’s genes dominate and are prized among our elite.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      And the pair from ‘Britain First’, Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen who shouted through the letterboxes of houses they thought belonged to the gang-rapists’ families, are now in prison for doing so. Paul Golding has since been attacked in prison. AND THERE IS NO OUTCRY in Britain. Perhaps a race that refuses to back up those trying to save it deserves what is coming to it.

  4. Charlie
    Charlie says:

    Instead of the popular “SJW” label I prefer to label liberals as “STW”s Social Toileting Warriors. They demand Justice, Equality and Diversity be applied to toileting so that everyone can toilet equally. If a White man toilets, then a Black man toilets, the black man’s toileting cancels out the White man’s toileting because the black man’s toileting is better because well he’s black. And if a Transgender toilets on top of the Black man’s toileting, that’s supreme and is the ultimate of expression of freedom to toilet.

    Think about. It’s Judaism 101 – toileting and body fluids. What could be more interesting and captivating than that?

  5. Irene
    Irene says:

    The concept that a woman can be a victim of rape is a western peculiarity.
    In backward african, muslim countries, Russia etc.. women are treated like non-entities.
    There is a vid on Youtube where the russian politician Vladimir Jerinovski chimps out, then threatens to gang rape (he and his thugish body guards) a pregnant journalist.
    There is no doubt that only Nationalists can protect the integrity of western women.

  6. Andrea Ostrov Letania
    Andrea Ostrov Letania says:

    It’s a double whammy.

    Much of the Third World is pretty conservative and patriarchal. If men acted like this in some of these non-Western nations, they can be rounded up and killed.

    In contrast, much of the West has been whore-zied and pornified under capitalism, consumerims, hedonism, and etc.

    Jews played a big part in this, but it’s just the nature of capitalism. Japan is ruled by Japanese but its porn culture is even bigger. 1 out of 200 women work in porn over there.

    So, when third world men come to the West, they expect to treat women like whores because the West now raises girls like whores. White fathers in the US raise their daughters to shake their ass to black rap, lose virginity as soon as possible, to to spring break and act the whore, and have children with black guys.

    Muslims watch Hollywood movies and listen to ‘western’ music and expect women to act like whores.

    BUT white women don’t much like Muslim men. They are into jungle fever because blacks dominate sports and music and have longer dongs.

    So for Muslim men to get some white meat, they need to groom the girls.

    But this is a cultural failure of the West as well. The Prostitute is the Template of modern womanhood in the West.

    • Karl Nemmersdorf
      Karl Nemmersdorf says:

      O God how far the West has fallen! Your statement “The Prostitute is the Template of modern womanhood in the West” is so true, so sad, so maddening. The girls of England were abandoned by their very fathers, who begot them without marriage, i.e., without any commitment to them. These girls have no paternal patronage, no protection whatsoever. Unbelievably tragic. The young girls are allowed to dress in a way that confirms the Muslim view that Western women are just whores. The Muslims, logically, see that these girls have no protectors. And the Muslims are just animals, looking for prey. The hostile elite will have a special place in hell.

        • pterodactyl
          pterodactyl says:

          Not pushed as they voted for it. It has jumped off the cliff as a result of their own enemy within managing to become dominant, and telling them to jump off.

    • T. J.
      T. J. says:

      There is no capitalism anywhere on Earth, with the possible exception of a swap meet, especially if it involves barter, bypassing the (((fascist monetary unit))).

      It is marxism that blames everything gone bad on “capitalism.”

      • Curmudgeon
        Curmudgeon says:

        The (((fascist monetary unit))) is a popular myth. Fascism is incompatible with the (((international banking))) commune.

    • Irene
      Irene says:

      The negroification of the West with african music and dancing began in the christian conservative american South. Elvis the Pelvis by shaking his hips turned blackness acceptable – he even dyed his blond hair black!

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        Elvis was never a blonde, Irene. Why make things up?
        Plus, it wasn’t Elvis who made Blacks acceptable to Americans – he didn’t. Our entering into WWII and utilizing black troops had far more to do with it.

        • Charlie
          Charlie says:

          The Negro did not play any role in the military until Vietnam. Until then they were only utilized as labor and in WWII they were weaponized to rape and impregnate the occupied German women. The goal of the jew was to permanently infect the German race with the Negros inferior genes.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            The American people (who are the only ones that count in this question) were told that Negro troops ably carried out the missions in Europe assigned to them. After that, segregation was under attack. The American people didn’t care whether negroes raped and impregnated German women, or what was the goal of the jews. They only knew what their govt. and media was telling them.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          I stand corrected, Irene. Elvis was blonde as a child. Though his hair got naturally darker throughout his teens, looks like he dyed it to make it real black.

          • Charles Frey
            Charles Frey says:

            I sometimes wonder what happened to those German women who quite on their own married Negro GIs during the aftermath of the war.

            In early 68 I was obliged to spend two weeks in Dayton, Ohio, for NCR’s training, dubbed ” Sugar Camp “, quite outside of my immediately preceding, exceedingly busy and happy college milieu years in the US. A local informed me, not entirely in jest, that for Saturday excitement, ” they watched the Hertz cars being rented “: their cultural high-light.

            I asked myself what I would decide if forced at gun-point, to choose to live forever, either in Dayton or then Leningrad. I chose the latter. [ Sorry Irene ! ]

            What must have been the incomparably greater double culture shock of these German brides ? Whether in a Chicago ghetto or in rural Alabama.

      • Andrea Ostrov Letania
        Andrea Ostrov Letania says:

        There is truth in what you say. Black music was sexual and exciting. But it was seen as troublesome ‘race music’, especially at a time when most white had negative feelings about interracialism, even among Liberals. So, they needed a crossover white figure to make black music palatable to whites. And Elvis was that White Negro. If Minstrels were about blackface, Elvis was blackpenis. Through his blackish act, white women could fantasize about ersatz sexual romp with the wild Negro.

        But over time, esp with rise of Rap, white women figured, “Why go for white substitutes when we can have the real thing?” Also, if most people back in the 50s looked askance at race-mixing, today most whites ostracize those who oppose race-mixing.

        • Karen T
          Karen T says:

          “White women could fantasize about ersatz sexual romp with the wild Negro.” You are projecting yet again, and your constant sexual references to Black men are tiresome. I suspect you are a Jewess.

          • Karen T
            Karen T says:

            Girls, like boys, react to the surge of hormones during puberty with an intense and often disconcerting interest in sex. It’s natural. Three generations ago boys had Nudist magazines and girls had Frank Sinatra. Later came Playboy for the boys and Elvis for the girls. Elvis was sexy. He tapped into their awakening sexuality and they reacted. They reacted in an identical manner a decade later when the Beatles appeared. The Beatles conveyed no hint of Blackness. This Black obsession of yours along with digs at women causes me to wonder if you are in fact a woman. Homosexuals, for example ‘alt-right’ pretender Milo Yiannopulos, are notorious for their interest in Black men, much more so than White women.

        • Morrissey
          Morrissey says:

          The trend of white women/black men is because it is pushed on girls through the media. On TV, every black man is charming, funny, has the vocabulary of a PhD candidate, and his pants are always worn properly instead of hanging around his knees. In other words, blacks are depicted exactly the opposite of reality.

          White men on TV shows, meanwhile, are always the pasty-faced pedos, white collar criminals and homos.

          • pterodactyl
            pterodactyl says:

            There are many white girls whose instincts tell her the black thug in the sports car who others are afraid of is a better catch than the boring accountant or maths teacher who wants to settle down and raise a family. Just as in the classroom at school the girls will shun the swots and friendly and kind boys, and cluster round the trouble-makers, full of admiration for their dominance. In other words, the selection process in females is faulty.

            The reason this was ‘allowed’ to become established in the genes with natural selection’s ‘approval’ was that (1) in more recent but still early societies, the urges of the girls were not translated into action as society controlled who they married (ie their families). Now that it is up to the girls to chose for themselves, their faulty instincts are allowed to express themselves. (2) In even earlier societies, the thug was the one who took the biggest share of the animal they hunted, so these types were indeed able to spread the genes of such girls who admired them.

          • Charlie
            Charlie says:

            Today’s modern White man will unashamedly and loud mouthedly in a alcohol fueled brag about his daughters working as a stripper, in the sex industry or anything involving selling herself as a sex unit: “She makes a lot more money than you’ll ever have!”

    • T
      T says:

      The Prostitute is the Template of modern womanhood in the West.

      I’m reminded of two 1929 made in Germany films each starring Louise Brooks as a prostitute directed by a fellow named Pabst. One of these was Pandora’s Box and the other was Diary of a Lost Girl. The commentary provided on the two movies IIRC exposited that Pabst was attempting to promote the underlying idea that the pimp and his prostitute were the drum major and majorette for freedom in the modern world.

      The commentary regarding the films message literally put it those terms and I’m only barely paraphrasing.

      The below is a from a blog coming from a bit of a Marxist/feminist angle regarding an early 1960’s French film (amongst others) having a very similar ‘message’ as the two George Pabst directed productions regarding prostitution and women.

      Meanwhile she works as a shop assistant at a record store, but the job is drab and ends aren’t meeting in any case and then one day she discovers that men will buy her for sex if she lingers on the sidewalk.

      …Nana, a young Parisian woman who deserts the dreary domestic burden of husband and son for dreams of a more venturesome and independent life. She speaks of becoming an actress. Meanwhile she works as a shop assistant at a record store, but the job is drab and ends aren’t meeting in any case and then one day she discovers that men will buy her for sex if she lingers on the sidewalk. Thus Nana enters prostitution. Nana’s character is a composite of canonical prostituted women: her name a reference to the eponymous ill-fated courtesan of Zola’s novel Nana (1880), her sleek black bob recalling Louise Brooks in her roles as similarly fallen women in the silent films Pandora’s Box and Diary of a Lost Girl. These allusions, in addition to announcing Godard’s cultural savvy, foreshadow a less than sunny conclusion for Nana…


      • Andrea Ostrov Letania
        Andrea Ostrov Letania says:

        ’m reminded of two 1929 made in Germany films each starring Louise Brooks as a prostitute directed by a fellow named Pabst.

        Pabst was a great director and Brooks was a great icon of free love and harlotry. While the influence of Pop Culture has been baleful, idolatry is nothing new in human history.

        Look at Cave Paintings, and you often something close to vulgar scribbling in washrooms. As they say, prostitution is the oldest profession. And even in past times, despite all the dressings of culture, women threw themselves at men of power. French women were certainly happy harlots in the arms of victorious German soldiers. And Japanese women were happy prostitutes of US G.I.s.

        In the 1960s, the anti-American radical film-maker Jean-Luc Godard used prostitution as metaphor for capitalism. He found capitalism esp problematic because it universalized the worst vices of human nature.

        Anyway, women-as-whore and women-as-temptress is a theme as old as the hills. It’s there in Trojan War. It’s there in Samson and Delilah. Even in Guinevere. But in the past, it was counter-balanced by the power of patriarchy, family, church, morality, and community values. But under capitalism, all institutions have broken down except the 2 PC’s: Political Correctness and Pop Culture, both controlled by Jews.

        Also, blackness as main mode of entertainment made things worse because black craziness is wilder than other kinds.
        Arabs gave us belly-dancing. Blacks gave us ‘twerking’.
        The combo of Jewish Pornographers and Negro Penis can destroy the West.

        • Karen T
          Karen T says:

          “French women were certainly happy harlots…” “And Japanese women were happy prostitutes.” Only the Israeli Jewess is pure, Andrea?

        • T
          T says:

          People it seems more and more have been mixing up freedom with licentiousness, ie the latter being the abuse of freedom, that is freedom without responsibility.

          Unrestrained Capitalism has broken a great many institutions. Just because a profit can be made and it can be done doesn’t ipso facto make it ‘good’ or something that ought to be done.

          Similarly, with plentiful food supplies available now a person in Europe or the US can literally eat all the time that they’re awake if they wish. Doesn’t mean that they ought to though.

          Commerce is good within certain boundaries just as eating within certain boundaries is good. Unrestrained, either activity can destroy.

          Anyway, women-as-whore and women-as-temptress is a theme as old as the hills….But in the past, it was counter-balanced by the power of patriarchy, family, church, morality, and community values.

          Speaking of someone who was an affront to ‘family, church, morality, and community values’ the previously quoted blogger has an utterly devestating writeup on the Marquis de Sade, a person whom has been something almost like a hero and or personal icon to all too many of a liberal, radical left, or self described ‘progressive’ persuasion.

          The Marquis de Sade spent much of his adult life in and out of prison, which he considered to be a monstrous injustice. So too do his admirers, who are myriad. Notable celebrants of Sade include Charles Baudelaire, Georges Bataille, Michel Foucault, Roland Barthes, Yukio Mishima, and Ted Bundy.


          Donatien Alphonse Francoise de Sade (1740-1814), or the Marquis de Sade if we are to address him by his title, was a French aristocrat famous as the eponym of “sadism” and the author of a number of scandalous supposedly erotic novels wherein women and girls and boys and non-aristocratic men are tormented, humiliated, fucked, dismembered and murdered, in luxurious baroque castle-dungeon-boudoir settings, across thousands of pages, between lengthy interludes of banquet and philosophical rumination, by wealthy “libertine” aristocrats with inexhaustible carnal imaginations and even more exuberant phalluses (some cute names granted the male genital in Sade’s work: “this despotic cock,” “this superb deity”). His novels include Justine, Juliette, Philosophy in the Bedroom, and the tome regarded by Sade’s “more thoughtful readers” as his masterpiece, 120 Days of Sodom, which he penned whilst imprisoned in the Bastille. The Marquis de Sade spent much of his adult life in and out of prison, which he considered to be a monstrous injustice. So too do his admirers, who are myriad. Notable celebrants of Sade include Charles Baudelaire, Georges Bataille, Michel Foucault, Roland Barthes, Yukio Mishima, and Ted Bundy. Guillaume Apollinaire declared Sade “the freest spirit that has ever lived”; the surrealists saw in Sade’s work “an absolute vision of liberty” and revered him as an ancestral comrade in their crusade against the bourgeoisie. Simone de Beauvoir found Sade too interesting of a figure to categorically reject, choosing instead to write about him at length. So did Albert Camus. Gilles Deleuze, too. Although the Divine Marquis has had his naysayers – Camus, for example, understood totalitarianism to be the heart of Sade’s eroticism, and de Beauvoir despite identifying “immense merit” in Sade’s “ethic of authenticity” does take issue with solipsistic murderousness as a solution to hypocritical morality – overwhelmingly, Sade has been idolized by the intellectual and artistic elite as an “avatar of freedom”.


          • PaleoAtlantid
            PaleoAtlantid says:

            Have these ‘aristocrats’ and others of the Davos elite changed since the 18th century?? Definitely not! They still take vicarious pleasure in enslaving and degrading those whom they consider ‘peasants’, that’s us. As I see it, the old money aristos are joined at the hip with the Jew parasites.

        • Barkingmad
          Barkingmad says:

          …because black craziness is wilder than other kinds.

          If you ever see a 1967 film “Point Blank” look for a rather extended scene in a nightclub, where a black “singer” makes continuous sounds that would not be out of place in a jungle full of rampaging apes. Makes today’s rap music sound like classical opera.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        Your comment reminds me of the described conditions prevalent in post-WW I Berlin: particularly in its labourers’ districts: Mitte as the foremost. Impoverished, starving women were welcoming home the remnants of their former husbands, unable to care for their wives or family.

        Some of these women found themselves on Mutzistrasse, where they lined up according to their degree of visible pregnancy, for the super-pervs. These majorettes were pimped out by their drum majors with eastern-sounding names.

        My father, a horseman in his youth, once assaulted a carter of a coal delivery business, who spurred on a pitiful draft horse with a pick. My age kept me from measuring my reaction, had I ventured through Mutzistrasse.

        Hitler fixed all that ! A German proverb says: Better an End with Terror; than a Terror without End.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          “Hitler fixed all that!” Indeed Charles. And who do we have today who can fix anything, even if they wanted to? Donald Trump is actually trying to fix some bad things, but the *democratic* resistance is overwhelmingly against him.

          If all we German-blooded were still in Germany, and we got rid of the Jews and Muzzies, we could do it again there. We really need a re-evaluation of everything we believe.

          • Charles Frey
            Charles Frey says:

            01 It must sound arrogant for a survivor to prefer an End with Terror; but even if I hadn’t survived, having come face to face with death on a dozen occasions, I would still prefer that.

            02 Little did we know, that our own would morph into our own terrorizers.

            03 I despise the average Democrat almost as much as the infallibly predictable stacked panel of The Real Housewives of CNN. But it is not they who appointed Kushner, Haley, Friedman and now, incredibly, Bolton; making it redundant to ask: Yes, but is it good for the Jews ?

            04 Canada bought my mother, two sisters and me on the open immigrant auction market, following WW II, in order to fill its vastness. Though I prefer the American revolutionary spirit, Canada ended up with its trend-setting refugee mousy Loyalists. Despite its leadership, it’s a fine country.

            05 If this ‘ German-blooded ‘ commenter were still in Germany, he would spend the better part of each month in jail for his agitation and opposition — well beyond merely
            ” re-evaluating everything “.
            A I’m sure you noticed the very carefully crafted, initially British statement, that Salisbury was the ” FIRST POST WAR INCIDENT OF A GAS ATTACK — IN EUROPE —.

            Otherwise, the world’s audience might have been reminded of the nerve-gas missiles given by the always righteous American Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, with a televised handshake, to his erstwhile chum Saddam Hussein, to deploy against Iran.

            Made, of course, in Germany, so known for its expertise. Only later corrected to GB and France.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            “03 I despise the average Democrat […] But it is not they who appointed Kushner, Haley, Friedman and now, incredibly, Bolton;”

            That is not as bad as what Hillary would have appointed, nor what Obama DID in the previous 8 years. We were terribly damaged by Obama, and with another democrat administration we would have been finished off. I still support Trump. Look in vain for someone else who could do better.
            I strongly suspect if you had been a U.S. citizen in 2008, you would have voted for Obama, and again in 2012. All based on his foreign policies.

            “05 If this ‘ German-blooded ‘ commenter were still in Germany, he would spend the better part of each month in jail for his agitation and opposition . ”

            What’s so different between Germany and Canada? I’m really curious what you would be agitating against in Germany bc I’m not at all sure.
            Germans are intelligent, law-abiding people who keep their noses to the grindstone in spite of who is in power. As Hitler said, Germans love to work. For that reason, they can make the best of things and succeed under most circumstances. No matter how far down they’re pushed, they always rise to the top, simply on their own merit. Thus they’re not given to radical hand-waving — and are a great asset as immigrants to any nation.
            Of course, if the German type is diluted/destroyed by mixing with inferior blood as the globalists are working toward, we will be lost. Therefore, the most important concern we have, above and beyond worrying about the Iranians or the Palestinians or world peace or fairness, is to protect our own blood.

  7. J-Jalove
    J-Jalove says:

    Camp of the Saints was a cassandra, its fore-warning ridiculed and branded – of course – RACIST. Well it’s now here & now. Who do we get to “thank” for this cultural enrichment? The ones so hell bent on- and influential to – bringing diversity to Western Civ shores. Gee, what group could that be?

    • Andrea Ostrov Letania
      Andrea Ostrov Letania says:

      Isn’t CAMP OF SAINTS essentially the story of Israel?

      Jews first trickled in as a handful of immigrants and then as pitiable refugees… but they eventually took over and replaced the native population through Nakba Pogroms.

  8. Dan Dunham
    Dan Dunham says:

    Where are the British men/dads? The whole UK seems totally cucked in every sense. My advice to all parents is; trust nobody, be they teachers, pastor or rabbi and especially government officials.

    When did Britain die? If your children are the fodder and playthings to be abused by those they do such then such are your enemies, regardless of color or status. Know you enemy, for your enemy has nothing but disgust for you and wishes your total submission.

    • Karl Nemmersdorf
      Karl Nemmersdorf says:

      The British men conceived these girls in one-night stands, or short-term relationships. These poor girls are the offal of hedonism. They mean nothing to the fathers, who often do not even know them. No one has an interest in their protection, but many have an interest in their sexual exploitation. The British illegitimacy rate is about 50 percent. The sexual revolution, whose spiritual tentacles reach into the souls of many “conservatives,” has produced nothing but social tragedy and heartache.

      • Curmudgeon
        Curmudgeon says:

        “The British men conceived these girls in one-night stands, or short-term relationships.”
        Some, not all, but that is irrelevant. Pedophiles are opportunistic pathogens, and will take any opening given them. Most of the 3rd world sludge being pumped into our countries are the same. Their concept of morality is entirely at odds with ours. In the grooming cases, the pedophiles and sludge happen to be the same.
        The real issue in every place where this has happened, is that the “system”, whether social services, the schools, or the police, have ignored all the signs and actively worked against these girls and their families.
        I believe that the problem started when convictions for rape were made much easier by naming everything, including groping, as sexual assault. At the same time, the lash was stopped as punishment along with the prison sentence. It invited false claims as revenge. When the false claims were not acted on, complaints were lodged, so that the police and prosecution became more focused on the dodgy cases as opposed to the real cases.
        As an aside, prisoner attitudes have changed as well. Before the changes, being convicted of raping a child would have been akin to a death sentence, because other convicts, particularly those with children, saw rapists as less than human and child rapists as a danger to society.

    • T. J.
      T. J. says:

      Died in 1694.

      The West died when it allowed the State into education, the State “schools” being the prime method of enslaving the young.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        I don’t know whether British men conceived their daughters in one-night stands or short-term relationships, Karl (do you?), but I do know that the British LOST big-time when it “won” WWII.

  9. Floda
    Floda says:

    I see only one way of solving this: Give all Muslims in the country the means to leave voluntarily, if they don’t round them up and evict them at gunpoint. Those who resist kill, then deport (read dump) their wives and offspring to the shitholes they came from. Use whatever military force required, ethnic cleansing on steroids.

    To do this would first require a state of total civil war. How to initiate one I cannot say, but if what is described in the Mirror doesn’t get the British male’s back up I don’t know what will and then, God help young White women and girls in future.

    I firmly believe this will happen, it has to, not only in Britain but in all Europe and the Western nations with large Muslim populations. These are utterly incompatible with our people and if we don’t get rid of them they’ll do to us exactly what Blacks are doing to Whites in South Africa right now.

    To those who say, what about Britain’s reputation, its relationships with its trading partners, I say don’t worry about it, as they will be doing the same thing
    and may well have started doing this long before. I’m thinking Germany, Italy and France, in that order. I also think eventually European military will be in Sweden and elsewhere to help clean house.

    • T. J.
      T. J. says:

      “. . .These [muslims] are utterly incompatible with our people. . .”

      It is the jews who “are utterly incompatible with our people. ”

      What must be expelled is the monetary hegemon, along with its originators, which makes the muslim invasion possible.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      “I see only one way of solving this: Give all Muslims in the country the means to leave voluntarily, if they don’t round them up and evict them at gunpoint.”

      Floda, this is what the National Socialists did in Germany with the Jews who had filled their cities with pornography and sex exploitation of poverty-stricken German women. But the majority who comment here can’t condemn that German eviction policy enough. Why? Because their dearly beloved British nation fought against it and brought in as many others as possible to join the fight. Oh yes, now they claim it was the work of their “hostile elite”, but when did they revolt against their hostile elite? No, they cheered them and continued to vote for them.

      You are a little late in your ‘insight’, as are so many others. All British should eat some crow, but they are too proud to do so.

      • Franklin Ryckaert
        Franklin Ryckaert says:

        The Muslims have their own countries of origin, before 1948 the Jews had not a country of their own. That is the difference. The Nazi’s “final solution” to lock the Jews up in concentration camps was not morally defensible. A concentration camp is a kind of a jail. You don’t lock a whole people up in jail because some of them have committed a crime.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          “The Nazi’s “final solution” to lock the Jews up in concentration camps was not morally defensible.”

          Tell me whom was behaving morally in the run-up, the duration of and aftermath of WWII? You don’t say it was not legally defensible. It was legally defensible, and the Allies had to make up new laws after the war in order to find the Reich guilty of crimes (while ignoring their own).

          Morality (which is subjective) is usually set aside during a war. The bigger the war, the more at stake, the less morality plays a role. That Jews didn’t have a “country of their own” is their own fault – they didn’t want one, except for Palestine. Now that they have one, they won’t go there because they prefer to parasitize.

          Would you approve now of rounding Jews up and moving them to their own country, Israel?

          • Franklin Ryckaert
            Franklin Ryckaert says:

            “Would you approve now of rounding Jews up and moving them to their own country, Israel?”

            Yes indeed, if it is done in a reasonably human way. The same holds true for all other racial aliens in white countries.

            Morality is not “subjective”, it is universal.
            Not harming other people if it is avoidable, and if it is unavoidable to minimize it and offer compensation, that for me is morality. Quite different from the Darwinian morality of your admired hero.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            “Yes indeed, if it is done in a reasonably human way.”

            Well, there’s the rub … yes? That needs to be defined, which you have never done, probably never even thought about. “My hero” certainly treated the Jews as human, and more so in the beginning when he was trying to get them to cooperate. But their lack of cooperation is the sticking point. Floda said, “round them up and evict them at gunpoint” if necessary. Is that human in your eyes?

            I don’t think so because you don’t want to harm people. Since harm is unavoidable when people are forced to do something they don’t want to do, your position is not serious. Then you have to ask yourself: How human are the goals of World Jewry and correspondingly of the Jewish people? Jews work tirelessly for our destruction yet you put the issue of the harm we might do to *them” above the harm they do to us. This is a concern.

            But also there would be world-wide protests, and the threat of nuclear attack from Israel, and other threats of attack in the event of deporting Jews, and Muslims, no matter how much compensation you gave them. How would you handle that? In our political environment, you could NEVER get a consensus of the ethnic nationals of any European state.

            No, we had our opportunity when Adolf Hitler, through great sacrifice, formed the Third Reich and offered his own toughened people to bear the brunt of doing what had to be done – but people just like you were morally offended then, too, and had to protect the Jews. You would do it again – you are doing it still. You are a Liberal, Franklin, in the European sense of the word, and you think just like the European Union bureaucrats.

            P.S. Morality as you see it is not universal. For example, the rule to “not harm other people if it is avoidable” is not followed by Jews, neither orthodox or secular. Nor by Arab (Mohammedan) and African culture, I would say.

        • Karen T
          Karen T says:

          Not all Jews were locked up in concentration/work camps, only those deemed a
          threat, much like the Japanese who were locked up in American concentration camps. Unknown to most, the majority of inmates in Germany were not Jewish. This I know for a fact, told to me in detail by a dear friend, a Hungarian, an Esterhazy, who spent three years in various German camps.

          • Charles Frey
            Charles Frey says:

            Karin, living in Canada you must know, that Canada
            ” concentrated ” Ukrainians as well, who fought for Austria-Hungary during WW I.

            And @Franklin. While less than a handful of Japanese-Americans were disloyal, ALL were put in camps and ADDITIONALLY deprived of their properties.

    • Vehmgericht
      Vehmgericht says:

      There is no hope of that. Racially aggravated violence (which is when a White person harms a minority person) always attracts exemplary sentencing: they throw the book at you. You would then have the option of converting behind bars to Islam, the vibrant faith of British jails, to obtain better food and to avoid getting beaten up (or killed).

      In my opinion the initially pragmatic and well-meaning immigration policies of Britain and France are shining exemplars for ethnonationalists. Once a certain threshold of afroislamic incomers is breached, the tide can no longer be turned back.

      (*) Google et al are working on ‘de-anonymisation’ — why could that be?

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      Floda – the nonsense cannot be (a) stopped (b) reversed until the indigenous want this halting of the madness to happen, and at present the people show no signs of wanting the nonsense to slow down or stop, as they keep voting for politicians like open-border-Teresa-May in Britain to be their rulers. The sheeple will not think differently until their pampered and safe lives are no longer so. But for now the only problem young people have is whether to buy new trainers (£100) or a new phone. Only hardship and loss of their safe and pampered lives will waken them up.
      One solution later on if/when they do wake up is to open a colony in Africa run by the West, and to ‘give them incentives’ to live there. Then no-one can say we are being cruel or unreasonable as this colony would fully implement all the equality and diversity legislation of the left. No-one who loves diversity can complain about having to live there as it would fully implement the diversity they so much admire.

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        The indigenous vote for Teresa May because they have a limited choice. They voted for Teresa May because they think she will be better than the Labour or the Liberal candidate. The political parties control who the candidates are, and they follow the money. The media push the people around, threaten them, frighten them, bully them. Europe needs a man of the caliber of Adolf Hitler who shows unflinching strength, because the people are cowards and will cave to who they think is strongest. And you can’t fool them on that. Oswald Mosley (as an example) may have looked good but he didn’t have enough toughness or Will to carry through.

        Americans voted for Trump because he didn’t back down.

    • T
      T says:

      I tend to see it the same way Trenchant. They need to get people, particularly in the Anglosphere, riled up to fight Islam in the Middle East. To accomplish that what better way is there than to allow a limited hangout of what’s happening to the daughters of Albion at the hands of Islamics? Left unsaid of course is the massive role their own largely corrupted Anglo-Saxon elites whom are supposed to represent their people’s interest have played in this. Reflective of the long dysfunctional relationship the English and Jewish peoples have had, powerful elements of the elites of the Jewish people have been involved as well.

      Right after 911 in the US it was like someone flicked a switch, and whereas before the event the mildest constructive criticism of Islam was not tolerated in accordance with pc and the multicult afterwards it was for some time just about no holds barred as to what one could say publically regarding that belief system.

      This is just part of the multi-cult’s war against identity, ultimately most every identity, whether that identity is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ making little difference. You can’t have total world power with all these differently minded groups running around acting independently and actually being different besides. French, German, Polish, Russian, pre Vatican II Catholic, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, African peoples too in time, etc, all must be systematically vilified, crushed and ground to bits, ie WWI, WWII, and the upcoming likely WWIII. Then, by diktat, in conjunction with the global ‘convergance’ of Capitalism and Marxism these peoples are to be ‘mixed’ to construct in theory a multi-cultural ‘New Man’ to repopulate the earth whom has no roots or identity in any traditional sense.

      Though they’re perfectly happy to let people in Europe think it, the war the Anglosphere countries have been waging against Islam since 911 is in no way related to the classical defensive struggle of centuries past Europe has waged in response to Islam’s wars of unprovoked agression, but is instead a wholly different creature.

      • Trenchant
        Trenchant says:

        I guess it depends how you read events like 9/11, 7/7, and so forth. I see them as State-engineered false flags or hoaxes, with Muslims as the ideal patsies. Deliberately allowing former ISIS combatants to reenter the country (passed off as bureaucratic negligence) is functional to the strategy of tension. Phonies like “folk-hero” Tommy Robinson (anti-Muslim but totally anti-racist) play their part. Public outrage will be harmlessly channeled through some foreign war to further Israel’s interests. Syria or Iran? We’ll soon find out.

        Inquiries like The Mirror‘s would have been smothered in the cradle were they not serving some larger, hidden purpose. Mr. Langdon is too charitable.

    • Charlie
      Charlie says:

      Syria is ALL about expanding “Greater IsraHell” as the Zionist jews describe it. As well as Iraq, Iran…. all part of the former Babylon. What they believe belongs to them as their covenant with God.

      Isn’t strange that if God is in Real Estate why all of us as Christians aren’t living in Castles on the Hill?

      And isn’t strange that they believe they struck a contract with God on their terms? That a God would succumb to their terms and not his own?

    • T
      T says:

      …and America considers Britain an ally why?

      Much of the US public asked the very same thing in the 1880’s and 1890’s when a strong push was made in the media by US and UK elites to reunify the US and Britain. However, apparently at the time there was quite a backlash against this idea, as after all, since the 1776 Revolution the everyday US citizen had been being taught that the British Empire and England were evil incarnate. To sum it up, people in the US were wondering if the US and the British Empire reunited what then had the Revolution been fought for?

      That was a very good question, one which the PTB had no apparent ready answer. So, for a time in the late 19th century they seemed to back off these plans.

      Then, in about 1900 they went ahead and did it anway, more or less, by diktat with the formation of the ‘special relationship’ between the US and UK, a relationship that is only just short of an outright political union between the two powers. Since that time the US and UK have done just about everything together, particularly in the area of wars.

      Someone ought to write a book one of these days and call it The Secret History of the United States and the United Kingdom . It would probably be a runaway best seller if it could be written and succesfully published.

      The clues are out there.

  10. PaleoAtlantid
    PaleoAtlantid says:

    It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword, perhaps it is but only for those with both the inclination to read and access to the truth. For White people in today’s world of mass brainwashing propaganda and censorship of the truth the pen is a very poor weapon indeed. The chosen weapon of the ‘chosenites’ and their allies is not the pen but the black and brown penis. Why are we so shocked and surprised by the explosion of rape and degradation whenever Muslims enter our societies. The very briefest historical investigation reveals that molestation and rape are always and everywhere the calling card of the Muslim. They are doing exactly what they were brought into Europe to do. The Muslim is the symptom but the Jew is the origin of the disease. We can’t return Europe to health simply by applying a bandaid over the symptoms.

  11. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    The assertion that the Weimar sexual depravity and perversity was a trial balloon for the American 1960’s “Revolution” is valid and very important. Sociology and the other behavioral sciences were effectively taken over by the Chews in the 1930s. I was a Psychology undergrad and threshold graduate student when I bolted for the open road and 1 year of living at the bottom of society. This was in 1971 after 5 years of intolerable stultifying nonsense and moronic indoctrination.

    Look at the main actors and directors that ushered in the Sixties. Chews beyond The Frankfurt School: Abbie Hoffman, Mark Rudd, Jerry Rubin and a long list of unmentionables:

    “Sixty-three percent of the Chicago radicals studied by Flacks and his associates were of Jewish background. [See Richard Flacks, “The Liberated Generation: An Exploration of the Roots of Student Protest,” Journal of Social Issues 23 (July 1967): 52-75.]

    Similarly, in Richard Braungart’s 1966 survey of leading SDS activists, 60 percent of those whose religious background could be identified were Jewish. [Richard Braungart, “Status Politics and Student Politics,” Youth and Society 3 (Dec. 1971): 195-208.]” http://www.jewwatch.com/jew-occupiedgovernments-usa-sds.html

    Perhaps under reported is the influence and drive of Chews in the culture of the Epoch. The entire production of Woodstock was New York Chewish; even the farm where it was held. The impresario Phil Specter promoted Black Music to the White Middle Classes. Bill Graham, the owner of the Fillmore Ballrooms, produced and promoted many rock bands. George Martin and son were the musicologists and arrangers for the Beatles and Rolling Stones and many other groups on both sides of the Atlantic. Brian Epstein was the longterm manager of the Beatles. These bands, aside from the musicality, had messages that were profoundly destructive.

    • What the world needs now
      What the world needs now says:

      But this was all a mere (((coincidence))) surely?
      Like also (((Lord cash-point))) was Tony (‘Miranda’ Blair of the public urinals) Blair’s minder all along?
      My guess- you’ve gotta be seen and recorded f****** kids to stay/ remain as an MP. But must be recorded killing babies before being worth consideration by the deep- state. Before consideration for premier.
      THEY/ IT runs the game and doesn’t permit outsiders. They/ IT must have ‘the goods’ on you/ your family.
      A rotten , dirty , dirty game, that drags us ever closer to WW3 and oblivion, because people are too terrorized to speak out.

      • What the world needs now
        What the world needs now says:

        You sound good-natured, yet young, innocent, and naive:
        The current massive reversal, ‘madness’ and genocidal anti-white (self) hate-psychosis, didn’t just happen- in Britain/ in USA/ in Europe. In Sa. Everywhere in which white European Ethos- white- based- reason and decency previously existed.
        Now. The white folkes cower before their ‘new’ old, tyrant master.And his mad, ancient,deception of faked history, lies and faux suffering.
        Fer godsake. Think of the 20+ million Russian peasants and intellectuals slayaned on behalf of the (((Kunn LoeB))) Jew NY bank. The Holodomor.
        Operation ‘Cast Lead’.
        Psychos with nukes.
        Please consider, whom we might rather possess nukes for a lesser- or greater existence?

      • T
        T says:

        My guess- you’ve gotta be seen and recorded f****** kids to stay/ remain as an MP. But must be recorded killing babies before being worth consideration by the deep- state. Before consideration for premier.
        THEY/ IT runs the game and doesn’t permit outsiders. They/ IT must have ‘the goods’ on you/ your family.

        Sounds crazy on the surface, until a person recalls how Woodrow Wilson had been blackmailed with photos of him with another woman. And that a mafioso whom had hooked up then senator John F Kennedy while on a visit to Cuba with some local prostitutes afterward regretted not having secretly filmed the sexual encounter so as to be able to blackmail the future president.

        Then there was the Franklin Savings and Loan scandal where it was alleged that there was a call boy ring that was being used apparently to blackmail politicians, businessman, and celebrities. After receiving death threats while investigating the case at the behest of the Nebraska state legislature the lead investigator’s personal plane ‘disintegrated’ in mid air killing both him and his eight year old son. When word of that got out the case fell apart as people were too afraid to testify.

        Can I say for a fact that there are pedophile rings being used very possibly by national and international intelligence agencies to blackmail and control powerful politicians and businessmen? No. Can I believe it? Yes.



    • Sam J.
      Sam J. says:

      Agreed. We must get rid of the Jews. Deport them all. Peacefully if we can get it but by any means possible. If we don’t they will eventually murder us all if they think they can get away with it.

      No one as ever been able to peacefully live with them for thousands of years and every chance they had they committed mass murder on whoever they could.

  12. Stan Burns
    Stan Burns says:

    The entrance of any non-Whites into a White country is genocide. The non-Whites become part of the gene pool.

    No non-Whites must be allowed to enter a White country.

    Whites have got to stop being eager to be slaves to non-Whites; in other words, to stop trying to help non-Whites instead of helping themselves.

    Non-Whites never make sacrifices in order to help Whites.

    The very fact that non-Whites cannot help themselves proves that they are alien and inferior.

  13. Destroyfeminism
    Destroyfeminism says:

    Feminism Is extremely dangerous for women’s health. All women should understand that feminism was only created as another mechanism for the purpose of waging social/psychological warfare that we have endured for so many decades.

  14. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    “Those are three stories that I chanced across without specifically looking for examples of this kind of crime.”
    I have seen one or two stories where the story reveals that the victim is a lefty (it comes out as part of the story, eg the victim was a volunteer at a refugee centre) and the experience does not shift their lefty views one iota, nor that of their lefty family, for example in one case the father wanted donations at the funeral to support the refugee centre where his murdered daughter worked.

    This suggests that being a true lefty is very deeply wired and there is no cure. And their urge to bring down superior cultures is much stronger than self-interest.

    “they enthusiastically support such immigration, because Muslims, Blacks and other non-Whites supply guaranteed votes to parties like Labour”

    Perhaps it is more than this. Maybe they support these cultures as they are just obeying their inner wiring, and this wiring makes them hate anything superior or better. And the corollary of hating the better is to always support the lower.

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